WhatsApp pairs with German carrier e-Plus to launch new SIM deal

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By Rich Edmonds on 8 Apr 2014 08:24 am EDT

The now Facebook-owned messaging service, WhatsApp has unveiled a new SIM deal in Germany. This prepaid SIM provides consumers with unlimited access to WhatsApp on top of agreed data limits. It's a milestone since this is the first time the popular service has partnered with carriers to sell a SIM package. If you're a massive fan of WhatsApp and use it on a daily basis, you may wish to read on and keep your eyes open for a similar deal in your region, should one be made available.

The German carrier in question is e-Plus. While WhatsApp (and other tech services/companies) have offered bundled deals with contract plans and SIM deals, this new offer allows power users to use the service they love without having to fork out for ridiculous data costs. Pricing of the SIM plan with WhatsApp starts from €10 ($14). Alternatively, consumers can opt to add an additional €10 to receive 600 credits that can be used for either 1MB of data, 1 minute of calls or 1 SMS.

Should the SIM run dry of credit, it's still possible to connect to WhatsApp and message others. However, there are still questions remaining. Such as: will this plan include WhatsApp VoIP services and will users still have to pay the yearly fee for the service? Either way, it's an interesting launch and one we imagine would do well in other regions too.

Source: TechCrunch

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WhatsApp pairs with German carrier e-Plus to launch new SIM deal


Nice try

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it's a fix rate every carrier has placed it's owned terms and fees I pay about $17 per month that includes BBM and Internet that's the minimum fee the unlimited Internet comes to roughly about $110

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The whole 450m users vs 85m users thing is tiring we need a more accurate benchmark compared to just sign ups. I am unsure what the current benchmark standards are, but are these 450 / 85 active users? Example using the service more than X amount of times per month or week basis.

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Yup, the whatsapp quotes only active users, so that is 450 Million active users whereas BBM doesnt even tell whether its active or total number of accounts.

It's not only active vs. non-active, but I've read that hourly involvement per day in BBM is much higher for the average user.

That means for monetization, the platform might in the end be more valuable therefore.

Sorry, no link.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

If they still use a pin instead of just integrate it with ur phone number, no, I imagine it wouldn't.

Q10 SQN100-3 PCCW Hong Kong (non-BIS)

" Alternatively, consumers can opt to add an additional €10 to receive 600 credits that can be used for either 1MB of data, 1 minute of calls or 1 SMS. " what a deal lol

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Not too bad, that will either make 600MB, 600 minutes, the same number of texts, or a mix of all three to a total of 600 units. That's what I understand.

Why so angry, AngryPerson?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I know some people who work at the e-plus headquarter and there have been going on some rumors about that for a longer time. Facebook put a lot of money into that project. But all in all I doubt that this is a very good deal. There are other carriers which offer monthly: 2GB at LTE, unlimited SMS, calls to all carriers for about 35Euros (about 48Dollars) - so you get "everything" for that money and you are free to chose what you wanna use. (and those net coverage is a lot better)

Laut Deinem Namen gehe ich davon aus, dass Du deutsch bist?

o2 zum Beispiel. Die Blue - Verträge.

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Yep, völlig korrekt. Nun ja, mit O2 hat man leider auf den ländlichen Regionen so gut wie nie Empfang. Da bleibt einem nur die Wahl zwischen den Marktführern, und die haben leider keine solche Verträge. :(

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Du hast recht, es gibt zum Teil noch grosse Lücken bei o2. Vor 2Jahren habe ich auch noch sehr geschimpft. Aber die meisten dieser Lücken sind mittlerweile durch 4G ersetzt worden und ich bin mittlerweile sehr zufrieden, vorallem bei dem Preis. Komme auch aus der ländlichen Gegend, bei Regensburg. Da hat sich vorallem die letzten 6Monate sehr viel getan. Bei Dir ja vielleicht auch?

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nee, hier in Thüringen, Zeulenroda, sagt sich Fuchs und Hase gute Nacht. Der einzige mir bekannte Ort (in der Nähe) ist Jena. Dort sind viele Netze gut vertreten. Mal schauen was die Zukunft bringt.

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Also ich habe einen Vertrag bei vodafone. da kriegt man den Deal unbegrenzt telefonieren, 3000 SMS und 1GB Datenflat für 45€ im Monat. sobald SMS oder Daten verbraucht sind, hat man dann die Option das nochmal zu verdoppeln. Effektiv habe ich also 2GB ;-) Und die 10€ mehr lohnen sich wirklich für die Netzabdeckung.

Now that blackberry released bbm cross-platform it should release BIS cross platform. We'll atleast Android as they dominate the low end.

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I didn't think that was technically possible. But if it is, how would it make it more attractive to customers of other platforms than this that whatsapp the is doing?

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Isn't this like BIS in reverse.

BlackBerry should offer BBM, social and im services with unlimited data on the BIS network for BlackBerry 10 phones

Oh wait that's going backwards. How is it that services that copy the BBM model are progressive but BlackBerry is seen as lagging.

Carriers are s******g BlackBerry over. Faster we can move away

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I don't think this is a really positive move for WA. Unless people like to pay loads for little?

Just my opinion though.

BBM will prevail it's just a matter of time...

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This is the exact direction I previously posted that I believe Blackberry is headed with their BBM, especially after their separation from T-Mobile. This would be a way of proving Blackberry isn't dependent on carrier services. Better dump T-Mobile stock!

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Another move towards WhatsApp dominance. BlackBerry is not pushing BBM enough.

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SMS 2.0 in action (somewhat) BlackBerry.... Where great ideas are born, abused, forgotten about and die...

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It's available here in Saudi Arabia from MOBILY since more than a year

That depend on the carrier itself

Here we have
Free YouTube package
Free BBM package
Free Whatsapp package


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