WhatsApp Messenger updated with bug fixes and support for BlackBerry 10.1

By Bla1ze on 25 Apr 2013 01:02 am EDT

Although I'm sure many folks have already grabbed the update, just in case you missed it, the latest update for WhatsApp Messenger is now live in BlackBerry World. If you're looking to update, it should be showing as version 2.9.5773.0. As for what's included with this release, you'll find support for BlackBerry 10.1 along with the BlackBerry Q10 but that's not all, other fixes include:

  • Added ability to add or remove items from the favorites list
  • Added clear conversation action to chat screens
  • Added call action to contact lists
  • Various bug fixes
  • Thai language added

A nice update all around for WhatsApp users and pleasing to know that if you're moving into a BlackBerry Q10 WhatsApp will be supported right from the get-go. Grab the link below to get the update on your smartphone now.

Download WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

WhatsApp Messenger updated with bug fixes and support for BlackBerry 10.1


I'm having all kinds of issues getting this to install on 10.1 - kept getting installation failed errors, so I uninstalled WhatsApp and restarted, now WhatsApp won't install, period.

Seems WhatsApp might not be 10.1-friendly yet. If that's the case, we can expect (hope?) for at least one more update prior to the official release of 10.1

Posted via CB10

Unless you're running 10.1 on a Dev Alpha C, I can see why you might be having issues lol. There's countless reasons as to why I am still running .672 on my Z10 and NOT utilizing any of the leaks. App support is high up there on the list.

Every other app I use hasn't had any problems with 10.1, and I have 30+ apps over and above what's stock on the Z10.

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Say it does not work on 10.1 I can live without that for now until they update it to support calling Nd messaging thru it.

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OS leaks are leaks because they are failed OS's with known issues. these are not gold code OS's that go to carriers. don't put stock into something not working on a leaked OS as reality.

Humorously the description indicates this supports 10.1, but it dies when trying to install on my Z10 with 10.1. It's a good thing the old version works fine.

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Most likely but I wouldn't put the odds anywhere near 100%. Whatsapp devs have been poor with bb10 so far. How many versions have they put out with very little in the way of new features?

I don't have 10.1 yet so I was able to install the update and it's great. But one thing I was hoping they'd fix was the issue with opening links directly in chats. Before the last 2 updates, whenever people sent a YouTube link and etc in my group chats I could just click on the link within whatsapp and it opens in my browser. Now I have to copy and paste the links manually into the browser. Is anyone else experiencing that?

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Really impressed with WhatsApp! They have been great at pushing updates and support for BB10. Probably my most used BB10 app. Keep the updates coming!

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Same here, running an evil version of 10.1, so not installing. Will try when a next leak comes out :)

Love how committed they are to our platform, we have seen so many updates already. The first version was a disaster and they fixed it right away. From there on, it has only got better. Good job WhatsApp!

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I'm just glad the current version works on leak 10.1. Hope it stays that way or else gonna have to opt for Owhatsapp.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I just bought the z10 last week and have tried to update but it won't mm how can I download the official 10.1 as my Os is and software release Please help...I want to use watsapp...

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There's no official 10.1 OS out yet, you can get the leaked version only. It has some enhancements but not worth updating if it won't allow apps like adobe or whatsapp to work on new versions. The 10.1 should be out in two weeks tops, so hang on in there mate.

I'm on and will stay with until 10.1 gets officially released.
But there is a new bug with this update. When you're in the HUB in a WhatsApp conversation and you want to send a file like a pic you click on the 3 dots. When you do that, it brings you back to the hub. Then you have to tap again on the conversation to get back. When doing that, the loading screen shows up, as if this action I did closed the app.... that's annoying when conversations get closed sometimes when you want to send a file.

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I am on OS from T-Mobile STL100-3 and whatsapp version 2.9.5773 and don't have the issue you described above.

Works for me too :) previous version takes more than 5 seconds just to open Whatsapp, now it's getting really fast!

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They need to add multiple delete from favorites, or give us the option whether to auto add favorites or do it manually. I've been asking for this since OS6. I have too many contacts in favorites and deleting them one at a time is much too time-consuming.

Also need to add Whatsapp as an option in the HUB under 'Compose'.

Other than that the app is running really well.

How come i still can't see some of my contact names and just their phone numbers? How do u fix this?

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Come people really your using a leaked 10.1 and surprised your running into an issue. Obviously they mean the official 10.1 release in the notes.

In other news the sky is blue!

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This isn't completely up to WhatsApp. BlackBerry didn't include hub integration until the 10.1 SDK. I'm not even sure if it's there now, but app developers can only integrate their app in the hub like BlackBerry did with for example BBM when that option is released in the Dev tools.

Posted via DevAlphaC on 10.1!

I wish they would add custom chat wallpapers support like Android nd ios whatsapp users enjoy

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Does the new version of Whatsapp permit the chat history to be emailed as an attachment? The version on my 9900 permitted me to attach the chat history to an email--that permitted me to save the chat history. I don't know whether I'm not smart enough to figure out how to do this or whether the Z10 version of Whatsapp doesn't provide this capability. Anybody know?

Yes you can email the conversation. On the WhatsApp chat list, tap and hold to bring out the menu bar on the right.

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There's a lot of negative reviews in BlackBerry world but thanks whatsapp, they 've been updating really quickly.

Am i the only one that has to scroll to the latest msg received when i have like 50 messages in the whatsapp group? And i have to scroll all the way up again when a new message comes in. Same goes to the twitter app where i have to scroll down to the last seen tweet instead of it refreshing at my last seen tweet. I could have worded this better.

What do you mean? If someone doesn't have whatsapp ofcourse he won't be getting the conversations you're sending.

On BB7 the favorites list was populated with contacts that already had whatsapp installed, I suppose is the same.

Worst upgrade, it is not upgrade it is a downgrade.

Now I can't share a picture or an article or anything from the picture itself. The whatsapp option doesn't come as before the latest upgrade. I wanna have the previous one but i don't know how.

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