WhatsApp Messenger rolling out yet another update - v2.9.4951 now available

Another update to the BlackBerry 10 app is now live and ready for your downloading pleasure

Whatsapp BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 10 Apr 2013 02:50 am EDT

To say the initial rollout of WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10 went buttery smooth would be well, a flat out lie. The app appeared to of have been rushed out the door and was initially fully of several bugs that made the app unusable for some.

To their credit though, the WhatsApp development team was fairly quick to issue bug fix updates and once again, it's time for another update to roll out. This time around, WhatsApp Messenger moves into v2.9.4951 and has a short but pleasing changelog to go along with it.

  • Color titles for group chat bubbles.
  • Various bug fixes, including last-seen status and chat screen scrolling.

Have you tried WhatsApp before and weren't really able to use it? If so, now might be a great time to give it another go. The update is live in BlackBerry World and you can grab it via the link below. Sound off in the comments if you happen to spot any other bugs that have been fixed as well.

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Reader comments

WhatsApp Messenger rolling out yet another update - v2.9.4951 now available


Why can't we change our backgrounds like every other platform? And why only one month free? Swindled.

Posted via CB10

Sarah did you previously pay for the app? I paid 69p on my 9300 and on my Z10 it says it's lifetime subscription. Should get passed over if you previously bought the app.

Posted via CB10

Mine says lifetime as well... I never paid for it though. I previously had it on iOS and never once used it since none of my friends did.

Would be nice to change the backgrounds, but one month free? My service doesn't expire until 2014.

Posted via CB10

Sorry to hear about your issues with the app. Fortunately for me, I can confirm that I am able to send a video(my video was only 3 seconds) and the contact list is working.

I wonder why it works for some and not for others?

Posted via CB10

First off we haven't even been able to get the OS update for the z10 here in Nigeria.... so I can't install it. Why is it taking so long for the update to get here???? Frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Ummmm....glo has not released the update yet...and my other sim is an mtn...and it's a regular sized sim which I use with my other phone...don't wanna reduce the size and get no results...

Posted via CB10

How do you know if you have a lifetime service?

Mine just says "Account type: Unknown" and says it will expire on December 31, 1969. LOL

Posted via CB10

I want to know if they have put the option to end your account within the settings, as there is no way to delete your account if you want out.... (you can only do this in an app not on there site..... I think)

@Seun buy an Etisalat sim and it will push the update I used my Etisalat to upgrade. For the whatsapp update I can't find it on BlackBerry world

Posted via CB10

I guess I should do just that....or wait a few days maybe glo would come through? glo is just a mess though uggh 3G gets dropped constantly and need to restart the network to get it back running...had such issues before upgrading?

Posted via CB10

I wonder why nobody complains about WHatsapp on BB10 not allowing for the favourites to be edited. Is that just an issue for me? I'm getting hundreds of contacts in my favourite's list, and can't delete the unwanted, like on any other platform (no, I'm not going to delete them from my phone dictionary!). For me this is a big problem, makes the current whatsapp version on the BB literally unuseable. Could anyone check if that got changed in the latest version?

Totally agree with you about the editing your Favorites. I use to be able to do it on my BB 9800. man I am going crazy trying to find a way to do it. Thank you so much for bringing this issue up.

I use what's App mainly because of my android friends.
But I can't modify my Favorite list.
I cannot add or delete contacts in my favorite list. Even with this current upgrade. Very frustrating because the App selected its own Favorite list.
Eg. My Corner store is on my Favorite list, please fix this

Posted via CB10

I'm not sure if you can edit that list. The Favs list will give you everyone who is in your address book and also has Whatsapp installed. This works the same on the iOS device I'm looking at right now.

Where can people change the background? Because that wasn't a legacy BlackBerry option either.

Sent from Amber via CB10.

Still waiting for them to add the option of changing the wallpaper along with making the app look better than what it looks like now.

Come on whatsapp devs fix this please.

Posted via CB10

good job whatsapp. every update brings better performance. nice one!


@Seun I use glo and I don't have any complains. It depends on where you stay though, I cut the Etisalat sim just cos of the update and its worth it cos my camera ( in low light areas) is much better.

Posted via CB10

Thing is where I stay...my bold5 used to have pretty decent coverage (3g) but it's not so stable on my z10 called customer care and they told me to switch to 2g for the time being..that they are having issues..and im still having issues till date.. hopefully not a hardware fault?.....what do you think?

Posted via CB10

Downloaded. Carrier just pushed through.

The last seen status is now refreshed quicker. But when the Contact is Online, it doesn't show.

Like the coloured titles in group chat.

Posted via CB10

Whatsapp is the stupidest name ever, dont need to give them my address book so I pass, but glad to see updates flowing through

Via Z10

I'm so happy the updates finally has coloured names for group chat! Makes everything much easier.

Posted via CB10

It's sad 3 years ago everyone was scoffing at the idea of Whatsapp. Now it's a necessity for so many users. Blackberry really missed the boat on this. As much as we're proud that BBM is the superior platform, they should have expanded it or at least created a separate app for cross-platform chat if they didnt want to connect the two.

Shame on that company for blocking the release on BBWorld of OpenWhatsApp and on BlackBerry for being their bitch.

Mine works perfectly, not sure what the issue is with people's favourites... my favourites contain only the people that actually have Whatsapp and not random contacts like a convenient store. Don't people's chats show up in chats anyways and never go away unless you delete the convo, so you really never need to go to favourites. My only issue with this app so far is that pictures sent over a group aren't saved within the group like they used to be on the old OS's. I hope they change that ASAP.

Love that the emoticons are larger again like on the bold 9900. Was annoying selecting tiny pictures!! And the coloured names in groups works really well too!

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

Since I was using Z10, this app is always updated more than the native one like Facebook.

Posted via CB10

It's not picking up my contacts at all, the opposite problem I've had in the past. I contacted someone via SMS and requested they send me a whatsapp mag. It came through and then allowed me to pick a contract based on the sender's phone number.

Something is still broken.

Posted via CB10

I've downloaded the update, but my contacts still not showing. Can anyone help me please? I have deleted and installed, but the problem persists.

Posted via CB10

But it definitely not perfect now. Hopefully they will integrate whatsapp more into the Hub with an own icon and not even more this notification icon. And maybe they will add the feature like on the I phone where you are able to show that you are offline or switch off in the settings.

Posted via CB for BlackBerry Z10

Please an answer : I had WhatsApp on my BlackBerry 9320 but when unistall my contacts just disappear. Anybody know if this happens on my z10?

Posted via CB10

Please wait, initialising. How long do you want me to wait? It's been 2 hours I'm giving up.

Posted via CB10

Yet another update? At least it gives us some hope that it will improve unlike BBM10 which is full of bugs and still no update!

Posted via CB10

only able to detect fav from simcard.. list from FB/Twitter not being able to be put under fav.... please fix this, dev! tq.

Posted via CB10