WhatsApp gets a color change, Hub icon support and more in latest update

By DJ Reyes on 29 Jan 2014 05:42 am EST

I am a little biased when it comes to instant messaging apps, as I'm sure most BlackBerry users are too. With almost everyone I used to chat to on Whatsapp now on BBM, I hardly use it anymore. But for those still using Whatsapp, it has received a nice little update. It has been given a little color makeover and you'll also find some nice chat bubble changes in there too.

Whatsapp v2.11.325.2 changelog

  • Updated emoji picker for Q-series devices
  • Inline picture thumbnails for landscape photos are now larger on Q-series devices
  • Chat bubbles now support multiple text messages per bubble, sharing and multi-select
  • Redesigned contact info screen
  • Message status icons visible in the Hub (10.2.1 only)
  • New titlebar on the main screen and chat screens
  • Fixed various Hub account related issues
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

You can see a screenshot of the new titlebar change. As you can see, it's quite a nice shade of green. If you are still a user of Whatsapp, take a look in BlackBerry World now to see the update. Are you still using Whatsapp?

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Reader comments

WhatsApp gets a color change, Hub icon support and more in latest update


nice colours and -finally!- the smileys got an interface change. the swipe-tabs used to be buggy.


hey look at me.... I had to make sure people saw I was first so I put a hashtag to look really stupid! Congrats

one of us had something to say about the issue. i give you a hint: it wasn't you.
(and now stop bothering everyone by compensating for some childhood issues. what you're trying to fight is nothing but a mirror of yourself, quicky.)

I just recently became a Whatsapp user - virtually none of the people I know even bothered with trying BBM. And I honestly somewhat can't blame them, since Whatsapp more or less just works and, for Joe Average, it's easier and more convenient to use.

However I still wish some would convert to BBM, since IMO it's way superiour and dependable.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10

Nice app but no privacy. I'll stick with BBM better for now. I'd rather use good ole text sms and keep my privacy.

Posted via my BATBerry Z10

Same here. But I'm really happy that WhatsApp has truly supported BlackBerry 10, not only by releasing their app, but by constantly updating it.

Look at other companies that BlackBerry claims to have a "close working relationship" like Facebook and Twitter. Not only are these apps unfinished, but they barely get any updates (Facebook hasn't been updated in about three months) and no IG or Vine, which they own.

I say Kudos to WhatsApp.

I have given up on Whatsup. Never liked the invasiveness of the App. Given mthe latest revelations in the New York Times that the NSA has infiltrated the App and is mining/storing your contacts/texts, it will be a cold day in hell before that App ever makes it on my z10.

Posted via CB10

Be careful now. It has been so darn cold lately than I am convinced hell is on the verge of seeing some freezing temperatures ;)

They most likely already have all your contacts. The majority of users these days store their contacts on either Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, etc, and you can bet your *** that they've gotten that data already.

Need some bbm updates like unlimited data transfer no more limits on video and audio transfer.

Then I'd get rid of what's app stick to bbm

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Yes. And im going to pay the 0.99 buck for one year in order to keep contacting with friends.

My bbm, please hurry, release voice and video for iOS and Android please!!!!!!!!!

~ it's not a phone, it's a 

+1 WhatsApp is better than BBM for having fun with friends. WhatsApp is superior for unfocused group discussion. Yes I'm using BBM for business. But it still missing some features from legacy BBM. (broadcast to certain group)

Posted via CB10

I mean broadcast for all the members of my BBM contacts group with just a single tick. That feature is available on legacy BBM.

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Go to BB World - My World and just tap on "check for update", wait for 1-2 mins, you should get it.

nice move from Whatsapp team, no more double icon on 10.2.1 Hub, BUT... BUT.. don't get too excited, coz the new BBM is coming up very soon! can't wait for the BBM 2.0 era!

I use Whatsapp a lot, only because so many of my friends use it. But BBM is far better and I'm slowly converting my friends to it!

Posted via CB10

Am I missing something here or what. I seriously can't get it why educated adults in 2014 would still be using a service where it has been documented over and over how WhatsApp is a potentially serious breach of privacy. #notgettiingit.

Posted via CB10

The same reason people still use Google and Facebook. They're very popular and useful, and it's just easier to not care about privacy.

yup, people are lazy. Not caring takes less effort. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to NOT interact with the lazy/security unaware crowd, so I, too, have WhatsApp installed. And I'm uncomfortable with it. But, as soon as BBM 2.0 is there for iOS and Droid, I will be able to convert more and more of my regular contacts to BBM.

The news about BBM becoming available for Gingerbread OS will certainly help in this area too. Most of my contacts use BBM to reach me but there are still a few who's swearing by WhatsApp and I'm just not getting it lol. There is also WeChat that I personally rate above WhatsApp because of the privacy issues but that's just me.

Posted via CB10

I don't think security and privacy to the majority of users out there is as big of concern as some people make it out to be. I mean nobody really cares, if Billy broke up with Kim etc.

For those who say they are concerned but still keep using it then are they really concerned for their privacy? Just your usual people complaining just for the sake of complaining.

Whatsapp works - its easy. Hundreds of millions people use it.

Speaking for myself, yes I am concerned with security which is why I am uncomfortable using this app. Peer pressure is the only reason I use it at all.
But only for the unimportant chats. No sensitive information at all, although I would still much prefer to have a more trusted method (for me, that's BBM) available.

As for your argument that it has merit because of the large user base: that doesn't convince me; hordes of people prefer iPhones, but that doesn't determine my own preferences...

True that hundreds of millions use it but how many are informed, how many believe that's it the best thing out there? I'm sorry but your argument that the masses use it really does not validate your point. Do you really know why it is so simple to set up? That's because the app does all the work for you.. having full access to my contacts list before I can use the app just does not go well with me, and if in not mistaken that flaw was fixed for iPhones but remains for the other platforms.

Posted via CB10

I've tried downloading the new update twice, it downloads, and installs then my screen goes black and the phone reboots and I still have the old version, can someone tell me why?

Posted via CB10

I'm with you on that. Well I had it at one time but since BBMx went live I see absolutely no reason whatsoever to even go near whatscrap.

Posted via CB10

It's a nice update. I like the new shade of green and the title bar with the status message. But I still haven't received the update 10.2.1 so can't comment about the status message icon in the hub.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I just received the update jan29 2pm.
While everyone i know received it yesterday.
Hang in there it's on it's way!

STL100-1( from STC)

Downloading the update right now.
And if there are updates for LINE /Badoo/weChat or whatever is out there i'm gona do it!!! ****you all

STL100-1( from STC)

Nice! I use WhatsApp everyday. It's just worked. I have converted my friend to BBM, but they said BBM is to slow for their device. Some of them using iPhone 4.

Posted via CB10

Yeah I'm still using it on my blackberry... To many issues with Android and apple bbm

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Still no way to hide the "last seen" status. I don't care about minor interface changes that much, all I really need is that frickin' feature! C'mon Whatsapp, bring it on.

Posted via CB10

The people that use what's app. How is the battery life on your device? Any device that uses what's app battery life drops 25 %. Not kidding. Anybody else agrees? Bbm and I message are a lot better in that respect. And battery life did it for me and my groups. Too important.

Posted via CB10

Love whatsapp! I hardly use bbm at all, because I have just one friend with bb remained. The other have switched to other platforms years ago. To use it more i wait for the iphone/android version to be updated with video calling and then I will use it more. So far is giving problems, used on other platforms and my friends use all whatsapp. At this point I cannot switch to bbm anyway fo far!

My awesome Blackberry Z10

Just a quick question.. you are waiting for video calling on BBM, so it is fair to assume that this feature is present on whatscrap?

Posted via CB10

I would love to use BBM but nobody of my friends uses it, so I have to stick with WhatsApp

Posted via CB10

I've un installed this app from my Z10. BBM is by far better and who wants to communicate with me can install BBM and use it. I don't want to use other platforms having our best messenger.
So I recommend to all of you to do so. Even if in the first moment all of your friends will be surprised: what happened to you? What's your problem with What's app ?, every body is using it....and so on.
So I wait to see BBM be the best in market and every BlackBerry user do like me.

Proudly Z10 owner !

+100 on that. If you need to communicate with me then it's BBM. If for some reason you have an older android with gingerbread and can't help it I will consider WeChat but definitely not WhatsApp. I'm not gonna be one of the "everybody" who's stuck in the sheep mentality.

Posted via CB10

A lot of my friends have not switched to BBM. And I use WhatsApp for audio and video sharing. WhatsApp also allows you to send multiple photos. Wish BBM would integrate all of these features.

A couple of people still prefer WhatsApp. Crackberry, when I enter comments since the update sometimes it never posts...just hangs.

Posted via CB10

Keep talking..with the very slow improvement and update for all platform..say bye to BBM.. BBM 100+ whatsapp 2? Lol buyers..

Posted from my large Z30 with CB10

Yeah totally agree BBM is better BUT ( really a big But) Whatsapp is used by everybody and that's a fact

Posted via CB10

Not everybody. I for one don't use it anymore and I do know a lot of people who has better value for their contacts and data transmitted. There are a host of other services that's better than WhatsApp if someone is resistant to BBM. Just do a quick search on WeChat vs WhatsApp and see what's there.

Posted via CB10

Yes. I use BBM for business and WhatsApp for group chat with my friends. WhatsApp is better for unfocused discussion. It's fun. My WhatsApp process 1000+ message everyday. No kidding.

Posted via CB10

Let's be honest. Why many people still prefer Whatsapp? Why BBM does not support all devices? When you find Whatsapp every where including windows phone, symbian, all android versions, and even simple OSs, what do you expect? Amazing emotions arranged in a good way, easy to send voice, easy to send multiple emotions, and bigger file upload, what do you think? I hope BlackBerry improve BBM to be no. 1.

Posted via CB10

I do like the whatsapp app on BlackBerry world. Seriously. It seems like they put a lot of effort in it. Since it's a popular cross platform Im, sincerely appreciated. Although i Prefer bbm ofcourse!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

I still have it hardly use it. Problem with BBM on iOS is my msg don't go through unless they open the app

Posted via CB10

That was an issue with most of my friends on ios. I don't know if it defaults to "No" for push notifications but all they have to do is change that to yes for BBM and that issue will be solved.

Posted via CB10

Do I still have it, yes. Have I used it in the last 2 months, perhaps for a total of 3 minutes.

Posted via CB10 via the power of " Q "

I do know some but you bet I won't communicate with them on that crap. I still can't grasp why?? Like seriously this on NOT the best and greatest thing since sliced bread and there's obviously some serious breach of privacy and some would say security here. I know I'm beating the same drum over and over but I will continue to beat until the masses hear. Like wake up people!!!

Posted via CB10

Even on my Q10 I actually prefer whatsapp.
- multiple picture sending
- push to talk by pressing the spacebar
- prefer the group chats with pictures in the chat
- bbm on iOS is terrible
- I have 1 bbm contact and 100 whatsapp

Asking them to switch to a product that overall isn't better would be rather egoistic.

Sent from my Q10

Great article DJ, however I haven't touched Whatsapp since my Blackberry Bold/Torch days ... and I don't plan to anytime soon.. At least it looks a little better than it did when I last used it. :)

After the software update most people had a double WhatsApp icon in the hub that wouldn't leave . With the update it's now gone. (Atleast that's what I think they mean haha)

Posted via CB10

I really like how Whatsapp supports the heck out of mobile platforms especially BlackBerry 10 which most devs shy away from. I only use it on my Bold 9900 tho, my Z10 is strictly BBM

Posted via CB10

Dropped whatsapp the day BBM went cross platform....u want to reach me BBM me...

Z10 still going strong!!!

I find people are slowly moving to bbm after they sham themselves on Facebook. It usually goes like this. Ok everyone lol I took the plunge add my pin... then the comments read i will never have bbm, people still use that? One comment explaining how useful it is... and then a few pins from other people.

Posted via CB10

I upload using Instagram but browse through iGrann. I have an existing iGrann issue that can't be resolved right now "linking fb to igrann"

SQN100-3, Manila via CB10 App

Dont judge me. I'm supposed to comment on the iGrann post instead of Whatsapp. Even my Crackberry App is now going crazy.

SQN100-3, Manila via CB10 App

it still sucks...as the message bubble still covers the entire screen... the whatsapp wallpaper (background) is hardly visible..!! now that chat bubble supports multiple messages.. it is as good as not keeping background...! i was hoping they would solve this issue in 10.2.1 update...as android and IOS versions of whatsapp are way ahead..!! anyways would wait for next update..!! :)

Don't like the new colours. It conflicts with my chat background wallpaper.

Wish we had an option to change it.

Posted via CB10

FYI: I have to use whatsapp since my gf has a windows phone.

But -- other than not having read receipts -- it's a better cross platform messenger than BBM (IMO of course).

Posted via CB10

I wished more companies would support BlackBerry 10 like WhatsApp does. Thy update the app regularly making the native experience everytime better and better.

Thx, WhatsApp Devs.

Posted via CB10

Yes, still using it , have now more contacts on BBM than before but still most are in whatsapp.

I had one friend left on it after everyone moved over to Bbm again. I told her I'm deleting and to come back to Bbm. Still waiting to see how this will play out. I'm holding my ground. Haha

Posted via CB10

Too many of my friends are having problems with BBM, therefore in still on Whatsapp.. I like it to really tbh

Posted via CB10

Why does there have to be this attitude of BBM OR WhatsApp?
Surely our phones are capable or having BOTH installed?
As for the whole security argument, if you're not involved in any criminal activity and have nothing to hide, are the likes of the NSA et al really going to give Average Joe a second look?

Posted via CB10

Rarely use bbm.. even few friends who has bbm on android still prefer to communicate by whatsapp, even wechat..

My bbm is greatly underutilised

Posted Via CB10 with BlackBerry Q10 2AEFCF1A