Whatsapp down for you again? Tell your friends to go get BBM!

By Adam Zeis on 29 Oct 2013 03:03 pm EDT

It looks like Whatsapp is once again having some issues and is down for most users. It seems to be causing quite a ruckus with users, so if you have any friends that have yet to make the switch to BBM, now may be the perfect time. 

BBM is alive and well on iOS and Android, so all you need to do is point your Whatsapp-loving contacts to BBM.com and then can get back to chatting again right now. 

No telling when Whatsapp service will be restored (or when it will go down yet again for that matter) so #BBM4LIFE!

Download BBM for iPhone and Android

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Whatsapp down for you again? Tell your friends to go get BBM!


Yes they use BlackBerry not windows phone
Cuz BlackBerry has 11% of the market and Windows phone has only 4% of the market

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i would love to see where that 11% figure stands for, i mean i know for US they are more like 4%, but worldwide i dunno.

What i do know is that in just the last quarter 8.8m lumias were sold (lets face it that prob means 9m wp8 phones total sold as lumias are about it), compared to the 3.7m BlackBerrys with `most` of those being BBOS. that alone is a very telling tale.

also, just to give your 11% some lack of balance, Apple sold 33.8m devices last quarter, now even if we suggest they were the only handsets in existence, the 3.7m devices would only just hit 10%. so once we add all the android handsets, the 8.8m lumias and any of the other phones out there, im sure that 10% ent half gonna be diluted.

Like i said, i dont profess to know what the figure is, but simple logic says it cant possibly be 11%

i should add, that the latest reports put smartphone sales for Q3 of this year at 251million units, now considering BlackBerry did their last quarter at under 4m, if they did the same in the corresponding timeframe, then your talking roughly 1.6% or so global smartphone share. and those 9m lumias would put WP8 at 3.6% or so for that quarter.

im sure not all the quarters line up so its only a rough guide, but 11% it certainly isnt.

Ok you can calm down..

As for BBM, 99.99% BlackBerry owners use BBM. If they made it for Windows phone not enough people would be using it. That's why it's not on WP8. Even if WP8 is a higher market share there still isn't enough to but a dent in the cross platform unless they all want it.

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lol i am calm.

fyi when BlackBerry had around 80m subs, only 50m were `active BBM users`, as of last statement from BlackBerry they had apx 70m subs and apx 60m `active BBM users`.

60m out of 70m isnt quite the 99.99% your hoping for i feel lol

To much people quitting at the same time

Android and iPhone fan better thank BlackBerry for making their phone better. I prefer subscribers, not followers.

LOL.... Too much people quitting at the same time :) ;)

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Brilliant! I'm not one to usually take pleasure in another's misfortune, but that's fantastic news for BBM!

I haven't used What's App since I installed it, but I find it a bit hard to crap all over a company that put out a full and functional cross platform messaging service that many on here were crying for at one point. Whay's App brought their service to BlackBerry where other truly crappy companies have not. Can't we thank them for providing a choice of services to the BlackBerry community and then use the best service for you, which for me will be BBM!

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

true! and today only that i got ditched by BBM twice and had to revert bak to others for a while :/

Sorry about your experience but why you replying to me? I am totally looking forward to BBM Becoming the number one go to mobile communications suite and social network by out service providing other services. I just don't need to run the other guy down while I'm out competing him.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Well said and I fully agree.

We should be thankful for their release to a platform when most others developers deemed the BB platform unnecessary. There is no reason to for all the negativity towards the app. Healthy competition however is perfectly fine. I found it rather rude when I saw negative blog posts from crackberry themselves on how bad, slow, or etc whatsapp was when they were pretty much the only cross-platform out there for a while.

Oh and just to be clear, I prefer BBM over whatsapp. I just think we can all be a little better and thankful about it all.

I agree with you. I was happy because it opened the door for BBM, but I never forget developers who support BlackBerry when others chose not to.

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Blackberry users like to keep it simple,straight forward yet effective. No useless swag Plz #noyolo #nohomo

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Every time BBM went down, everybody spewed their garbage hate against BlackBerry...but when WhatscrApp goes down, not a word..

No one likes BB. Some of the articles the media spews are just... tragic if you know anything of what is actually going on. I've seen BlackBerry selectively quoted too many times. That's blatantly purposely bad journalism.

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I keep telling them that BlackBerry and BBm was made to keep you working, not whatsApp.

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I notice Chatting on BBM with my Blackberry is faster than Whatsapp. The msg sent on BBM is faster. Since I am in a Whatsapp group. My phone always get the MSG alert last.

BBM hasn't been sending messages to iOS and Android since about 9:30 am EST for me. is anyone else having this issue?

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It's not a problem with the network, iOS seems to shut apps down when not in use after a period of time. Unless you have it running in the background it won't show that the message was delivered. Even though they get a notification. Idk it's weird.



He's a rapper from Houston whose phone number ended up on the internet (allegedly self-posted.) That above is his catchphrase, if you will.

It was a little slower to deliver and show the D on my gf's iPhone 5 earlier but seems to be flowing now. Bout a three second delay before showing.

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Mine has been sending fine to my friends that have iPhone but long delays to my friend that has Android :-(

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I'd be inclined to say it's an iOS and Android issue. We get email notifications from our security cam, sent to the same email (Gmail account) and received on our phones. I get the email pretty much instantly. My wife gets it on her iPhone about 20 years later. Oops I meant minutes

Installed, never used, uninstalled =ditched

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

I've already brought my most frequent contacts to bbm....and deleted Whatsapp, so I've done my part...

I have removed Whattsapp today. My important contacts now at BBM and the other..
Not so important :)

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Thats belongs all to the plan of BlackBerry. Today Whatsapp, tomorrow the World.

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Yeah..got to do our part...I am out of all Whatsapp groups myself..BBMFORALL#

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Wats app is working perfectly fine.. one thing I fail to understand.. y crackberry grabs any moment to let down wats app.. wats app is gud.. n one thing more.. They all knw tht all the apple n android people who r now on bbm.. r still using wats app.. crackberry is not the voice of BlackBerry... I think BlackBerry is goin smooth..

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Booooo whatsapp...no privacy! any culpeit can msg u wothout a cost ince they get ur number from google! Instagram!

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Respect WhatsApp please. You can tell friends (who experiencing issue) that bbm is an 'alternative ' but don't laugh nor take advantage of somebody failure.

You must agree with me that bbm is no. 1 right. Then even though WhatsApp is strong and healthy (we wish it always will) but bbm is stronger and healthier.

Be nice pp.

~ it's not a phone, it's a BlackBerry

You're certainly right. People can't get too smug because BBM will go down at some point - guaranteed. No service is infallible.

Is it enough to just delete whatsapp off your phone or is there something more drastic we can do to avoid them counting ppl who tried their app as "current subscribers"?

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Which you cant do with the current version , there is no deleting account option anymore.

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Someone asked about this in the forum, and a forum member replied with an ingenious solution: side load the Android app. It lets you delete your account (since it's an option on Android.)

What's APP a hooker infested messenger, thank God I left that scene, my BBM contact list has trippled to 35 . I even have a few friends in Japan using Android on BBM.

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Oh yeah??? Well, um...well, BBM has Sexy Girls in Yoga Pants: C000288CC (that's Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes channel lol)

Crackberry has some serious issues lol. Trying to persuade people to jump ship cause whatsapp had some down time. Are you even serious? If we had to look at things realistically BBM should fail even before it launched on iOS and Andriod. Its 2 months late after its initial launch. I would consider fair play and try and get people to come over to BBM cause its a better app and has better service. But then again no wonder blackberry is selling its business...

Will BBM be made available on Windows Phone? If it is, then it will truly be cross-platform. The last time I used a friend's Nokia WhatsApp was not available as a native app.

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Link gets 404, so maybe it's been taken down. Or I'm an idiot and can't click a link right. Either way, anyone have another link to it?


Single-finger flickin' so good it make you wanna slap you mamma. Zed you very much!

Take it easy guys. Some of you are the same ones that whine and cry when BlackBerry gets bashed by the competition.

Always remember that competition is always a good thing for the consumer.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Don't forget that they were probably also the ones who said they weren't on board with BB10 unless whatsapp was available as a major and necessary app.

Pure nonsense. They cnt even release common instagram and they wanna buy BlackBerry. Facebook should burn.

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It's just bad karma to gloat about something like this.

Just let BBM grow naturally instead of resorting to these tactics.

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I deleted that app long ago, BUT! Not before I got all my family members, girlfriend and the friends I spoke to most to download BBM!! #TeamBlackBerry

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'You can't keep a man down without being down with him. '

BBM has to stand on its own merits not because of WhatsApp misfortune.

BBM has to keep the foot to the metal regarding the roll out of voice and video.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!

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Wow how soon does the crackberry community forget the bitching and complaining when whatsup wasn't available for bb10...what a joke

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I've got two of my friends to download BBM. One has an iPhone and the other a Galaxy S4. At least its a beginning...

Screw WhatsApp!

Winter Is Coming

Whatsapp was good to us the last two years while blackberry continuously let us down. I'm Team BBM, but I refuse to kick whatsapp while it's down.

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I just took the initiative of deleting the whatsapp from my phone as all my contacts are using bbm now plus I've added new contacts as well to my bbm! Go BBM!

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Whatsapp is better in that more people are on it and it's much easier to get started. I actually don't have Whatsapp but I know people that are on it. I only have a few people on my BBM and I forced them all to get it and they all kind of want to uninstall it because "I have too many already". Some refuse to install it already because "I already have so many chat programs and no one is on BBM". Once they get on it they get confused by it a little. It's confusing to get people added on BBM (until you get what's going on).

On the other hand, Whatsapp has this : http://i.imgur.com/j0CbIMq.jpg Though I'm not sure if they've ever actually charged anyone.

Tried to like Whatsapp and push myself to love it for a week but I just didn't understand the nature of the app. Every message I sent, I felt nervous because the security doesn't feel right.

@mongezaurio: @BBM I'm a BBM evangelist, converting iOS and Android users into BBM's believers!

My BBM contact list already is triple in size!!

#BBMCrossPlatform #BBM4All #IChooseBlackBerry10

I'm MongezaurioBerry

The issue is the fact WhatsApp released an emergency update to somehow combat BBM, and it backfired on them. Well good for them, now everybody move to BBM as soon as possible.

Guys this is so disappointing that you keep posting things against WhatsApp. I get that you want BBM to be successful and so do I, but why do you need to attack one of the few "popular" apps that has actually supported BlackBerry from the very start. WhatsApp has no doubt been YOUR go to cross-platform chat app for years, it's done it's job for you because bbm took too long to get to the party and now look at you. Acting like high school jocka deciding they're not good enough for the team anymore. It makes me sad.

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^^^ This ^^^

--It's not fair play on WhatsApp...and sounds like BBM service never had a downtime !!! Mature up, people !!!

+1 Looking through the forums and see people posting messages saying BBM doesn't deliver for hours (fairly recent). Why don't you report on those issues? Pretty amazing how people were happy to have an alternative for all those years and suddenly they give them kick in the b...s.

On the other hand everybody forgot BBM couldn't even do a proper cross platform release. How ironic.

I wouldn't trash Whatsapp to much for that, we all know blackberry has suffered this before and we look like saps promoting BBM by trashing a service that is suffering from the same thing that Blackberry suffered from. Let's just spread the word about BBM and let other people make up their own minds about Whatsapp. #BBM4ALL

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At least just shows this happens at times and people shouldn't make a big deal. For whatever reason, it's front page news when BlackBerry has an issue?

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Sad to read a lot of comments on this article.

When BB10 kicked off, the whole BB community was crying for WhatsApp, they were so kind to even develop a native app with notification/hub integration.

So even if you don't use and need WhatsApp anymore due to BBM cross-platform success, don't be jealous.

I love BBM but lets remember that it is not the time now to be sure its success is made of stone.

Fairplay, don't Apple.

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I believe that WhatsApp was the first app which supported bb10 and made it to the hub, when even Skype was dodgy...

WhatsApp never trashed BBM... then why should we trash it???

No doubt I prefer BBM over WhatsApp and pursue my friends to download BBM telling them its better. But I don't trash them for some glitches. Even BlackBerry made so many blunders but I have supported them for good.

Even if BBM becomes number 1, WhatsApp is here to stay... and WhatsApp helped me connect with my friends, when there was no other app... I absolutely love BBM, but have respect for WhatsApp :)

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I can't even believe posts like this. Crackberry and the community caused an uproar when Whatsapp wasn't available on BB10 and you had BBM that whole time but they listened and gave it to you. Now users are being encouraged to tell friends to switch. I get it I really do, I also want all my friends on BBM but BBM doesn't have near the functionality yet. I have no doubt it will improve but I have yet to see Blackberry make a promise and keep it. Not to mention BBM has gone down for me in the past when it was just Blackberry and you're telling me it won't happen again while its cross platform???? I wouldn't wish anything bad upon any other service provider especially one of the only major ones to take a chance and actually make a BB10 app. This is just a slap in the face to Whatsapp. The Crackberry community is so hostile it is mind boggling!!!!!!!!!! Always bitching and complaining about everyone else when everyone should really turn around and point their finger at blackberry themselves for all the woes.

Am I the only one curious how they got that BlackBerry symbol in their names to be like that?

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The man is promoting BBM folks. What's the issue? I don't think WhatsApp is too concerned about our feelings if it came down to it . It's competition. Oh and BTW, I respect WhatsApp for their support but at the end of the day, they have just as much to gain as BlackBerry

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For those in favor of WhatsApp just stay away from the CrackBerry forums... It's BBM or nothing, for years We BLACKBERRY Nation had been using that App because we didn't have BBM Cross Platform available but now that we have BBM the BEST MESSENGER IN THE WORLD it's going to be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform #BBM4All #IChooseBlackBerry10

I'm MongezaurioBerry

This BBM fanboyism and WhatsApp hate is really getting annoying. CrackBerry should really learn to curb their enthusiasm a bit.

Posted with CB10/Q10

If we don't protect and defend Blackberry they will be drawn, quartered, eaten alive and disappear. So suck it up buttercup.

There is nothing as despicable as the torrent of abuse, misinformation, manipulation and lies perpetrated against Blackberry. None. Not even close. I don't defend all the comments on this blog, but do defend the ones that are truthful and defend Blackberry.

Those in glass houses should not throw stones. BBM is not infallible either. Wasn't it down for several days at one point a couple of years ago ?

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Just a friendly reminder before you delete Whatsapp delete your account first if you are brave enough. Check Whatsapp.com for info.

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Bit low to point the finger at WhatsApp like this. As much as I love bbm and it my first choice. Its not like the servers have never been down for us now is it. Blackberry all the way but don't make silly articles like this. Blackberry is struggling enough as it is!

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^^^^^ agree completely

And when someone dare bring up negative news about any company or app other than BlackBerry, they are crucified.

It's brutal how things are.

I for one am open to all news good and bad on ALL companies.

But like others say, it's only news when BlackBerry trips up

There was so much news about the fake reviews on bbm on the Google play store, but at the same time Samsung was fined $300,000 for hiring a company to give their products fake positives and their competitors fake negatives.

Funny world we live in, but the almighty dollar makes people and corporations do funny things.

Maybe one day we can a get along and be happy for each others successes and help others failures.

But then again, I guess we would have nothing to talk about if that were the case!

Have a good night

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One of the reasons ( not the only one obviously) that blackberry is in trouble is it s lack of ruthlessness.
In business you exploit the weakness of others and use it to further your own ends
Promoting bbm at the expense of Watsap is just good business.

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If I'm not mistaken, much of whatsapp is essentially Blackberry IP from an ex Blackberry employee. No tears shed from me.

FUCK WHAT APP,THEY DIDNT WANT TO HELP BlackBerry, THEN THEY RAN THEIR MOUTH about having 350 million users,and told BlackBerry to get like them. Then they ass crash,,is it me or is every other app trying to beef up their messaging app,dont. Get scared now,,, so. Fuck. Whatsapp,(i spelled it wrong on purpose)

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Whatsapp is ok but I just find it some what childish compared to the more adult like BBM but obviously thats only my opinion,but we on os 10.2 have the full bbm, I'm sure most people are comparing only less than half of bbm vs the full whatsapp, with channels and video coming too all soon whatsapp will be left in the dust of BBM

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Ok, we've had our fun, including me, now let's get back to reality. I'm glad that BBM is proving to be a success for BlackBerry and I hope it continues to be so. Hopefully the user base increases and more people get to use BBM.

We bristle here on the Crackberry boards when some niwit has even the slightest brainfart about BlackBerry and we get upset when others piss on BlackBerry while they are down!

So let's not become douches ourselves and do the same. I'm not familiar with WhatsApp, but if as other people here say, that they took the time to develop a native app for BB10, then let's thank them and think of this as friendly competition, not a chance to gloat and become the very people we complain about when BlackBerry is in the crosshairs !

Remember that the success of BBM is just a small victory in a long and protracted war for bare survival. BlackBerry is nowhere near out of the woods yet. In less than a week we should find out what BlackBerry's future will look like, especially since the deal with Pringle Watsahisname and Fairfuck Financial is not looking to promising even to the average Joe Shmoe ...plus the fact that we have Thorsten Heins Ketchup who appears to have disappeared into thin air and is proving more mysterious than the Bermuda Triangle!

We still have no idea if BlackBerry will even be around by this time next year, or if it is, what exactly it will look like!!!

PS How about releasing an update for the Crackberry App, because against my better judgement I upgraded to OS 10.2, and now the app is twitchy as hell...for example when I scroll through the messages it keeps jumping to the next page on its own...

Winter Is Coming

I think BBM for android is down too. Can't send or receive anything. No recent updates. About for 4 hours and still down. In Indonesia. Does this happen to any of you guys???

I totally changed my WhatsApp status to "No longer using WhatsApp, contact me via BBM Pin: xxxxxx. Download for iOS or Android @ BBM.com".

It felt great to do so!

Unlocked Z10 on

Yes! So happy. I think this was a strategic move to keep existing BlackBerry users on and to spread the brand. Much above 10 million downloads! Great move.

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Many of my friends have switched over to windows phone...so bbm needs to get out for Windows platform quickly!!!

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I know some people who are sticking with whatsapp thats why iam keeping it on my Z10 but most of my peeps have moved to bbm. Lets hope this can help BlackBerry gain something

Posted on my Z10 via CB10

It's time when bbm can make strong position for itself in IM game as it has all the good thing going for itself

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I have a Q5 with the latest OS version. How can I delete my Whatsapp Account? The way described at whatsapp webpage does not work.. If I delete only the App, I guess my account will still be there and people will still write me on whatsapp. Thanks.

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What a crock of **** whatsapp is working fine what a negative post, degrading another app us not the way to make blackberry better.Please if you gonna write an article write a positive one and something to do with blackberry. Do reviewers actually check before something is published. Dissapointing really.

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Adam, it seems you've been given and have enthusiastically taken up the task of being BlackBerry's number one fanboy cheerleader, but perhaps try to do it with a little more objectivity and class?

What a misleading, negative post!!! Even if you can't compete, you have to get some respect for your competitors. BB for a long time has made good money for people using their messaging app which only works with BIS.

How can I delete my whatsapp account? The help talks about older versions. But nothing about how delete account on q10.

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Phone s are like cars each one has a different use. When I'm moving out side I take z10.good battery life good size good day light readability good pocket sized..indoor I use s4 because I can be close to plug

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If I may play the advocate of the devil for once...
It's funny to see that everyone is bashing WhatsApp now because of their lack of security and service outages, while back in februari, before it was even known that BBM would go multi-platform, BlackBerry was almost begging WhatsApp to make a BB10 app...

I am planning to use both, thanks to them for all their help when there was no other cross platform,
whatsapp for general public and bbm for near dear and important ones,
i want bbm exclusively for contacting me.
What do you guys think?

my messages are constantly delayed on bbm, so whatsapp isn't the only one with issues, of which is have experienced none

I have a delay problem sometimes when I'm using wifi and the signal is weak. Soon as I take wifi off and use only LTE it's back up to speed.

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How do you get the BlackBerry logo in your name like I see on the picture there? And are there similar icons for Android and iOS?

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BBM is certainly not "well" on iOS: it's buggy and incomplete. It drops messages (that I've received notifications for), displays messages out-of-order, frequenty doesn't update read/delivery receipts, etc. You really notice what it's missing when you chat with someone who's using BB10 (e.g. video, trying to receive a map location, etc.).

Bbm iPhone is not much of a challenge for whatsapp. Tried messaging or pinging an iPhone and we get no response. The reason is the user can't hear the notification. It's totally in audible, but the android version is spot on with customizable ringtones. Not much different from whatsapp server down as both will not respond. The iPhone lacks LED so chances of noticing incoming MSG are nil. Imagine when bbm rollout the voice n video calls, the ringtone (iPhone) is so pathetic that no one can hear. The android bbm wins but iPhone bbm is no match for whatsapp. It's this little things that counts, whether the app is usable or not no matter how secured and powerful the servers are.

Bbm at this moment is a contender to unseat whatsapp. Whatsapp is convenient for users to engage in casual non critical stuff. These users are not overly concerned with security or privacy, it's the convenience in finding contacts and chatting with them. Messages delayed, no big issue they can wait. Security is also not an issue when it's hair problems discussed or which supermarket has the lowest priced vege. Bbm is attractive to a different set of users but still needs the core functions to be deployed to rule this space.

welll...simply put..bbm looks and is garbage..and is no contender...the only time it will be used is when whatsap is down

BBM messages often delayed for long periods to android and ios users. Yet another blackberry fail.

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