Neeraj Arora confirms Whatsapp coming to BlackBerry 10 in March as a native app!

Neeraj Arora confirms Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10
By Michelle Haag on 23 Feb 2013 06:18 pm EST
And the Whatsapp saga continues! Many people were quite upset back in December when the team at Whatsapp indicated they had no plans for bringing the cross-platform messaging app to BlackBerry 10. Since then, we've seen some indications that the app would in fact make it's way to the new OS, with customer support emails from Whatsapp citing a March release. Now, some tweets today from Neeraj Arora of Whatsapp seem to further confirm not only that we should see it released "sometime in March", but also that the app will be native.

If you're not on BlackBerry 10 yet and want to check out Whatsapp, it's available for other BlackBerry devices at the link below. Let us know in the comments how you feel about this news!

More information/dowload Whatsapp for BlackBerry

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Neeraj Arora confirms Whatsapp coming to BlackBerry 10 in March as a native app!


Don't care about Whatsapp, but at least all the naysayers can now stop complaining! (Wake me up when there's news on Spotify, then we're really talking)

Spotify is confirmed to be coming! N4BB had an exclusive story on it I believe 2 days ago that said one of their editors had used it and said it was great. Check it out at their site :)

I use LINE Messenger, the android port works. It's a JP product.

The icons are WAY cooler, they make money via selling you "nice icons", rather than a "service fee".

It's also got a desktop client that "real time synchronize" what you type on your mobile device to your desktop :)

It's got everything else whatsapp has plus better by a landslide and not sniffable (unlike Whatsapp, *ahem Whatsapp Sniffer*).

crash? :< u sure? even the android port on bb10 isn't crashing lol...

on bb7 i thought it was damn stable. only thing it was missing was sticker shop, so you can't buy stickers.

That's great! I really liked that app on my Torch. It allowed me to text via wifi to non BBM devices basically for free. Can't wait!

YESSSS! Exciting news :) I love the fact that the Android Player is available and all, but ports will never beat native apps :)

I am more amazed by the likes of Alec Saunders, Alex Kinsella and anyone with any official external relations capabilities from BlackBerry. In this day and age, we the consumers have this outrageous sense of entitlement to information now and we dog on these guys that work hard until we hear what we like or cry wolf online otherwise. I am not surprised if these guys have been having these direct repetitive contact messages filling up their Hub for months. Big kudos for them to do their job and put on a big smile for us.

This is awesome! I've never used the app myself but of all the apps most people ask me about it's this one, which is pretty popular.

My belief is, once all the major apps come on board, ie: whats' app, instagram, netflix etc, there's really nothing to complain about BB10. Because really, isn't apps what the big fuss is all about??

Great news. Whatsapp is perhaps the only big app missing from BB10 that I want right now. I'm content with using the ported version for the time being though.

Once NetFlix shows up, I will stay with Blackberry.
I love the intergrated dropbox, premium Docs2Go, autoFocus camera (returns) I'll be satisfied that even more developers will get their apps onboard.

I think this post is explaining how it is a native app, coming to bb10. No?


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Great news, Before I switched to the Z10, I used WhatsApp on my Torch to communicate with family and friends using other devices. I am glad that it is coming to BB10 as a native app. Kudos to Alex Saunders and his team for all their hard work in making it happen.

*NATIVE* that's the most important bit of news from this, hats off to the developer for caring enough to make it native

Sweet, use WhatsApp for keeping intouch with old friends overseas.

Great news it is a native app as well, when the Z10 hits Australia should have it ready to go :-)

Eway Blackberry needs to come up with apps that people are going to care about and use on a daily bases for BlackBerry 10. These apps are not popular. If blackberry wants to Compete with androids, and iPhones they need to come strong with apps that users want.

I emailed them a couple weeks ago and the response was 'Yes, we are excited to be coming to BB10. Big announcement coming soon.' I have the email from their nerds. I am glad so it's one less thing I have to hear from the app hungry masses.

This is really good to see it native too. BlackBerry is catching a lot of flack for the Android ports even though its the Devs decision. If they can improve on the speed of the Android player that would be great too.

With them going Native it should be no surprise to see a Whatsapp app feature rich and way nicer than all previous builds on any platform.

This is what we need temp Android ports but most of all Native BlackBerry 10 Apps. Temp Android to tame the people that are dying for who knows why apps? and then get the Native's out.

I was about to say the same thing. In 10 minutes they could have an Android port out with a splash screen saying we give you this to use while we are writing the native version. We let them off the hook to easy for not doing that.

BBM should have gone cross platform a long time ago.

However, very glad that Whatsapp is going native - use it alot and it is great to chat with my iphone wielding folks versus SMS.

This is a great news. I use whatsapp more often since no one is left on my BBM. I always thought that BlackBerry should make BBM cross platform. whatsapp won't be needed . make a desktop version also, so Skype won't be needed . I really think that combination of these will work. Anyways, I am happy to see native whatsapp coming and wishing same for Skype as well.

Don't use it that much but the best news is that its going to be native. I wish more developers would make native apps. Ya I know its easier to just port, but it just seems like that is the easy way out. What do I know. I'm no programmer so perhaps I should be happy they even port it :s

Yesss its going to be native..

can't wait use it a lot on my old bold 9900. i wanna be able to put it down but cant at this moment due to whats app with this i'll be able to put it away and just keep 1 bb z10 and then get a second android or iphone fone.. not decided yet. lol

Yesss its going to be native..

can't wait use it a lot on my old bold 9900. i wanna be able to put it down but cant at this moment due to whats app with this i'll be able to put it away and just keep 1 bb z10 and then get a second android or iphone fone.. not decided yet. lol

Awesome news! As soon as a blackberry with physical keyboard and a non amoled screen is released i will move over from os6 to bb10. This is good!

Awesome news! As soon as a blackberry with physical keyboard and a non amoled screen is released i will move over from os6 to bb10. This is good!

I have side-loaded the android What's app on my Z10 and I asked a friend to send me the contacts that I use most. Each time I new contact writes me an message I ask him to forward me his contact through the app... this should work for me until the native app will be released. Any news about Viber?

Even tho its a like a downgraded social fix to BBM, this is a pretty good addition. Shows flexibility to other users that if they leave and come to Blackberry, they can still contact those others who havent made the switch....think its a smart thing and good for the company

This is fantastic news! I already own a Z10 and installed a BES10 for our company. The Z10 & BES10 are really great, but the lack of WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10 forces me to carry around my 'old' 9790 in addition to my Z10. WhatsApp is a crucial issue and a real dealbreaker here in Europe! 100% of my friends and business contacts use WhatsApp.

I remember trying Whatsapp when it first came out on the Torch, but quickly abandoned it because of the horrendous battery drain. Has the app improved substantially to make it usable now?

Whether you use the app or not, the best news from the article is that another big name app is coming native. More will follow as the z10 is a great device.

BlackBerry just tweeted about it coming to BlackBerry 10

Guess what’s up #TeamBlackBerry? WhatsApp Messenger is coming to #BlackBerry10 in March ^DH

Thank the Lord. I'm using a sideloaded version for android, and it doesn't do push very well or integrate my contacts. Native app can't come soon enough. :)

I follow Blackberry every day, watching my stock and reading the news feeds. When I Google BLACKBERRY NEWS. I usually only get the negative feed when using the Google search engine. To my surprise when I BINGED BLACKBERRY NEWS, received all the news feeds no matter how negative or positive.

I wonder if Google is playing fair.

Negative feeds

Negative news that is reposted as new news on Google if the old news is republished.

The largest search engine in the world should play fair. I guess this is why Microsoft started Bing. I just started using Bing again, the new look and features are HOT!!!

It will take time to build and rebuild apps for a new OS. It is so nice to hear that Whatsapp will be making their way on to Blackberry 10. I just think it to be a bit unfair to knock any new OS that lacks apps. Blackberry made the right decision to change their OS and line of phones and as each passes you hear of more and more developer that build apps or rebuild apps for BB10.

This is awesome news! Majority of my iPhone/Droid users user WhatsApp which is great since I'm basically THE ONLY one in my circle of friends who still uses a BB. Bring on Instagram!!!

Could barely wait for the launch of BBM10 in March in South Africa, so last night i went to get my new BBM10. What i did not know was that whatsapp is not available on my new phone!! Please, include this gt app on the BBM10