WhatsApp for BlackBerry Beta updated to 2.7.2115 - Brings revamped UI and more

By Adam Zeis on 16 Jan 2012 02:23 pm EST

WhatsApp BlackBerry BetaWhatsApp BlackBerry Beta

Popular cross-platform message client WhatsApp has received a shiny new beta update. Version 2.7.2115 brings along a totally overhauled UI as well as some minor tweaks and fixes. If you used WhatsApp in the past, you know that the UI wasn't much to brag about, however in the latest beta, the UI looks pretty awesome and is much easier on the eyes. The update also includes various tweaks behind the scenes, so if you're a WhatsApp user (or if you just want to see what it's all about) hit the link below from your device to grab the update.

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Source: BerryReview

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WhatsApp for BlackBerry Beta updated to 2.7.2115 - Brings revamped UI and more


What a huge upgrade, this new WhatsApp looks much much much better than the last. The application works really good too.

Very good job on the upgrade....almost looks better than BBM....hmmm

this update is a beta. If you want it now, follow the link. It will not appear in App World until sometime after this update is official which may be awhile. One never knows with betas.

kinda off-topic, the latest WhatsApp version (2.6.9252) did not appear in my App World. It kept showing the previous version as the latest. I downloaded the previous version through AW, so why didn't it detect an update?

Does anyone know if they will ever add "read" receipts? Kinda of a no brainer in this day and age. Especially now that iMessenger and Kik and LiveProfile all support that.

that feature has been aroujd for awhile now. 1 check means its sent 2 checks means its been read. However that being said it doesnt work very accuratly from my testing of 2 phones side by side, but that was before this update i will take another test soon

That is incorrect, on their webside says... One check mark means the message has been said; two check marks the message has been received by the server but NOT that has been read by the reciving user.

i stand corrected i just recently(7days) started using it and read thats what it is by users of WhatsApp. with the new found info i hope they do bring it out hopefully ince this is out of beta hopefully

did it just say $2.00 per year?! it's no longer free?

is this true for other platforms as well? ie. android and iphone.

I'm confused... I follow the link and have ver. 2.6.9252 but the article quotes ver. 2.7.2115. Is 2.6.9252 the beta mentioned above?

I like this app, but lately have been having problems so I'm hoping and upgrade will fix that

downloading now.. the app size is lot more than the last one... almost 0.5 MB bigger...hopefully they can crunch it and reduce the size by the time beta ends...

I have been using this beta for a few days now... overall is way better than before, the UI is amazing compare to the old one but its still missing essencial features like Send, Delivered and Read... this has been a great app and it just got better! :)

dont you see the tick sign?? 1 tick means sent, and two tick means delivered, but i agree there isnt read notif. yet.

best update ever. looks very elegant and imo, its better than android and iOS version. now i love my BB even more. but i hope there would also be some update for iOS soon, after having this update for BB, the old vers looks so blah...

Do iOS and Droid users pay $1.99 as well? I haven't heard anyone talk about paying the subscription price. I don't mind since I got alot of use out of this app, however it seems like at the least the Droid version has a few more options like custom backgrounds...

Yes, they have to pay too. When I had my Android it said 1 year free trial but the weird thing is that I had the phone for a year and a half with whatsapp always on it and I never had to pay.

I know iOS users also have to pay $1.99, but I'm not entirely sure if they get the free "first" year

iOS users only pay £0.79 in UK, I guess equivalent to $0.99, and get a license for 10 years. For all other platforms, whatsapp charges $1.99 per year after the first year. For iOS users, they have to pay $0.99 to download the app, but no charges for 10 years. What I have done is purchase the app on iOS and enter my mobile number, verify it and then reinstall on BB again to update my account on my BB. Its valid until 2022 now.

Are you trying to tell me that over the course of 365 days, you can not save/find/put away $1.99? Wow, just wow.

i still remember when whatsapp first launched on iphone it was free. but of course, you cant expect it to be free forever. The developer has to earn a living too. 1.99/year is a bargain compared to text messages the carriers charge users for.

Looks nice, is it available for the Bold 9700 on OS5? I currently own a Bold 9900 and would like to update the app for my dad's 9700. Does it work? Cheers!

Mine showed up as 2.7.2239 (for os 7.1) as well

Looking good so far, hope they've improved the notification icon, hated that pixelated little thing!

do the fix the bug with typing on storm 2 when i type a message and it appears after second with a whole word but each letter after pushing on it?

Hello, I need the link for whatsapp version 2.6.9 or so, not the new one. I tried to google it but
I couldnt find anything except for the new whatsapp. can anyone help me and give me the link for 2.6.9 please?

Is anyone else having the issue where pressing enter on the keyboard doesn't send a message? Rather, mine just makes a hard break. If I want to send the message, I have to hit the menu and press "send".


i don't have that issue. Maybe you can also try to download the latest whatsapp for blackberry 2.7.2819. beta.whatsapp.com/ota