WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 now available!

One of the most anticipated BlackBerry 10 apps finally arrives. WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 is now available for download!

By Adam Zeis on 13 Mar 2013 03:11 pm EDT

The day is finally here! After being announced at the launch event at the end of January, WhatsApp has finally made its way to BlackBerry 10. The official app is sure to get a warm welcome from BlackBerry 10 users as it has been one of the most anticipated apps on the platform. WhatsApp brings cross-platform messaging to the Z10 and includes text chat as well as file and media sharing. WhatsApp is available free from BlackBerry World, so go grab it while it's hot. Check out the full press release below.

Press Release

WhatsApp Messenger Launches on BlackBerry 10

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA and WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 13, 2013) - WhatsApp Inc., the company behind WhatsApp Messenger, and BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today announced that WhatsApp will bring a native version of its popular mobile messaging service to the BlackBerry® 10 platform.

BlackBerry 10 provides an ideal platform for social apps such as WhatsApp Messenger to fully leverage innovative new features like BlackBerry Flow, where apps work together, sharing information with each other to quickly lead the customer intuitively to the information they need and to give them the ability to immediately take action.

"BlackBerry has always been about bringing people together in a way that is fast, reliable and impactful," said Martyn Mallick, Vice President of Global Alliances and Business Development at BlackBerry. "WhatsApp is a leading mobile messaging app that connects people to their contacts on several platforms, and we are pleased to work with WhatsApp to bring their service to our customers."

"BlackBerry has been a great platform for WhatsApp for many years," said Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp. "Delivering WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10 devices is in line with our goals of ensuring that our customers around the world can continue to communicate with the most important people in their lives."

In building a native application for the BlackBerry 10 platform, WhatsApp has been able to provide a fantastic user experience that leverages the true multi-tasking capabilities of BlackBerry 10. WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry 10 provides a high quality messaging experience that utilizes real-time push notifications to alert you when you receive messages - even when the screen is locked.

Fully integrated into BlackBerry Contacts, when the customer launches the app for the first time, WhatsApp can automatically scan existing phone numbers in the contact directory and extract the ones using WhatsApp, to help customers build out their contacts list and get started right away.

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry 4.6 and higher is available in BlackBerry World (www.blackberryworld.com).

The app is rolling out over the next few hours, so if you don't see it available for your device just yet - check back in a bit.

More information/Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10

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WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 now available!



Still not available on a UK EE blackberry Z10 handset, any EE customers able to download the application

This is horrible EE are garbage!!!!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Impossible te get it, I M on orange France grrrrrrr
How can I do to get WhatsApp

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EE Are making blackberry 10 experience awful with there outrageous delay of pushing down the update.

Right now it's time for more twitter abuse
I want some answers

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The reason why is coming up as "not available for your device" is due to the Z10 OS We currently have which is 10.0.9.X. It needs at least.

I use EE and was getting the same message. All I did was put a vodaphone sim card (prepaid) which does have the update, then updated my Z10 to the OS FW (size 144MB) and after that the Whatsapp installed fine.

Hope this Helps any of you. You can also try with a TALKMOBILE sim card as it does uses the Vodafone signal and it will be recognized as Vodafone.

If you don't have a vodafone sim card, order one PAYG online for free.



Looks like we are coming up short in the UK with EE. First to get the hardware and last with everything else.

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Very annoying. Now thinking I should have not got this blackberry an just gone for the iphone.

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Available here in Dubai from early morning and it's noon here now..
Working smoothly and quick and not battery hog..

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Tweet to EE
"There are apps getting released for the z10 that only work with the latest OS update which EE has failed to release. What are you doing?"

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EE T-Mobile are a joke, called tech support and was told they did not know there was a software update for the Z10..grrrrr

Posted via CB10

Anyone know if Virgin Mobile UK will release any updates for the Z10 due to them not planning to sell the phone? Still think it's daft though that carriers have gotta approve the update before you can get it

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Hi, I am in india, BB world says whats app not available for your device usind a Z10 STL100-2 OS version,,,,,,,ANY SOLUTION. THNX

Dude I an having the same problem. First I thought it might be due to the fact that i was already using the open WhatsApp app. So i wiped my phone to factory settings. But even after that there us an installation error and there is no OS Update. Really confusing and messy!

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Lucky, update your os and WhatsApp will be installed :) I got mine to. 648 and Whatsap got installed .. good luck

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Hello, I have downloaded Whatsapp fine but I keep getting a message from them back - 'you can safely delete this message' why does this keep being delivered to me?

Thursday 14th March 0943 - UK - WhatsApp doesn't show up on blackberry world as yet... h u r r y u p!

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Actual message is 'whatsapp internal use. You can safely delete this message' and also has a reference number. What is this?

How can I get the new software update as T-Mobile say they have not got permission to push it out for another 2 weeks... somebody please help...

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It's 11am here in Paris and Whatsapp is still not available. This really is ridiculous, I mean if it's a pre-req to apply the OS update then BlackBerry should say that instead of blindingly releasing an app!

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Things you missed:

-Hub integration
-Active frame: did you see how cool the active frame change when the message came in ?

I'm in South Africa using Vodacom and I updated this morning (14/03/2013) already without any issues!

Hi, how did you get your Z10?
It is only preorder here.. Kpn, vodafone...Or not? I am waiting for t-mobile, but they don't have preorder yet....

Ik heb de telefoon vanuit Engeland laten komen, enige nadeel is dat mijn provider (vodafone) de updates nog niet uitgeven verders kan ik wel alles doen..

I got the phone from England come, only downside is that my provider (vodafone) updates yet not spend Verders I can do anything ..

Ik heb net van blackberry ondersteuning reactie gekregen om hem toch al te update via de website zelf vanavond even proberen

I'm tired of BB Z10, they announced that whatsaap is OK I do not work ...

Can anyone tell us when will come Whatsaap for everyone?

Can someone tell me how to send voice note on what's app, it's just giving me black screen...

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Hi Adam,
Why in Singapore, I am not able to download whatsapp? The appworld doesn't display the app. Can you help me? Thanks

"This app is not available for your device". Thank you Orange France. How about allowing us to update to the latest OS so we can actually move forward and download new apps as well?

I'm in Mexico, app is available, download is smooth, NOT ABLE TO INSTALL!!!!!! Very frustrating, any ideas as of why? Is there a thread of available options for installing?

Already tried app world, scanning from a computer, deleting, several reboots, even a back up and complete restore of the device and still NOT ABLE TO INSTALL!!!!

ok guys...problem solve...just want to share...must update the software to 0.10..after i update the software..whatsapp available to download...just want to share..thanks :)

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Mine software is on Unlocked with T-Mobile US will this work to download WhatsApp and be installed or ill need to wait till T-Mobile decide to push the update???

Posted via CB10

mine is. 10.690..after install the software n reboot..whatsapp available to download..

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backup ur data...remove ur sim card..n update use blackberry link..update twice..first is 0.9.348 then reboot then check update again..the 0.10 will show up..install..reboot..then whatsapp will be yours...:)

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Needs to bring back the old colour coding and grouping of messages they had for different people in group chats. This version looks like a slipshod version they rushed out, but hey I'm not complaining

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Do you have the last os update. It's finally been released. I just downloaded whatsapp

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It's great to see that Whatsapp has finally arrived for BlackBerry 10 but I wonder what the status is for Skype and Instagram.

It's probably already been asked but I just restarted device after downloading whatsapp and all my contacts have disappeared. Has anyone resolved thus issue yet? If so how?

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I downloaded the app today, but can't see contacts at all, no notification and there is no Whatsapp in the Hub. I have enabled all the permissions, so the app should be able to connect with my contacts (all my contacts are in Outlook which sits on the "work" side). My device runs on a corporate environment (not sure if that matters, but I read somewhere that contacts may not work in Outlook)... I used to have no problem with older models of BlackBerry, so I'm not sure why the native Whatsapp wouldn't run on my Z10!!! Does anyone have similar experience?

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i have a z10 os stl-100-1-india ..i keep getting the error installing application message! how do i sort it out!!!HELPPPPP!! any info welcome!!

i am on SO and cant install whatsapp :( tried all network of Pakistan and they didnt pushed more then that version feeling so sad :(

it s unbelievable , i cant believe what s happened !!! unable to update soft ,unable to get Whatsapp ,such a big stupidity ....

The link is fine.
For those who are finding that Whatsapp is not available for your device message in BBworld, you have to update your software to the latest version i.e
If your Z10 says you have the latest software available and the version number is lower than you will have to find a sim card for a carrier accepting this version update. Updates are carrier dependant and the carrier has to ok this update for it to install on a phone using their sim card. After updating the OS Whatsapp should now be available for you to download.

After trying whatsapp for z10, i must say they really did a bad job, too many bugs, no backup option, and the contacts and favroites get lost many times and need to restart the device, and this is on a blank device that was reset to factory default without any other programs running.

i went back to OpenWhatsApp, much better and no bugs at all.

i guess we will need to wait sometime until we see a stable version with no bugs.

Solution To why Whatsapp is Unavailable for some Z10's

i has the same issue till the morning, i am in india and had the unlocked version of Z10. i was on firmware
the first thing you need is to upgrade the firmware.
i was lucky i had a deactivated UK sim, i took out the india sim and put the UK sim, obviously it didnt work but then i went to update via wifi and boom: i got a notification of new firmware on this firmware the whatsaapp is not only avaible but works the best without any bugs. u can try to takeout the sim and use wifi without the sim, or try to use some other sim.
whatsapp is not available for the old firmware.
Hope it helps.

I am having issues with my contacts, I have many contacts that use whatsapp but only 3 show in Fav list. Anyone knows how to get around this?

Well, I can't download WhatsApp on my BlackBerry z10. It display error during installation message. Really disappointed.

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Folks, here is the official reponse from the support ticket I opened with Whatsapp this morning:

We apologize for the inconvenience. In order to install and use WhatsApp Messenger on BlackBerry 10, you will need to have Software Release, otherwise known as BB OS Version for your BlackBerry device.
You can check your BB OS version in the BlackBerry Settings:
BB Settings > About > [Category : General] > OS Version
If your BB OS version is less than, you will need to wait for a device update from your mobile provider.

So there you have it!

so how do u add a contact to whatsapp do they have to add u , or is there a way i can add some one out of my contacts, cheers

@thekidshop - you need to add them as a contact in your native contacts app. Refresh you Fav list in Whatsapp and it should be there.

First off, great that Whatsapp is finally here. The first true cross-platform messaging app is finally available on the Z10. Have been facing some problems though:
1) After a while (few hours), my contacts seem to have their names disappear in my Fav list. Can still see photos and statuses, but the names just disappear. Have it happened thrice to me. Only way to solve is to delete and reinstall.
2) Profile photo disappears after a while.

Everything else works fine. The contacts thing is a pain, but better than no whatsapp at all.

Ive had the same exact issue and have had to reinstall twice. I even shut off the phone and pulled the battery in case it was a software update thing as suggested to me. Now tried to put my contacts into my sim card and still the same issue. Have to delete and reinstall...again. I might go back to sideloading the android version again.

atacon, this why i delete the whatsapp, i had the same issue.

now i'm back on OpenWhatsApp and it works much better then the original one.

Yeah... am contemplating sideloading openwhatsapp again as it does seem that it works better than the original whatsapp. Surprising though that Whatsapp could have gotten this wrong.

Don't know if it's been said, but if you copy your contacts to your SIM Card, WhatsApp works perfectly fine for people whose contacts aren't showing up.
That being said, the bubbles are really much uglier than they were on my Torch .. It's not much of a big deal, but when there's no colour difference in a group chat, it gets hard to see!

My whatsapp isn't giving me notifications, and messages only come in when app running in background. Anyone else experiencing this?

I'm from South Africa and just got my Z10, but NO WhatsApp!! Where can I download because on CB10 it takes you straight to bb world and there it says : not available for your device!!!!

I'm from South Africa and just got my Z10, but NO WhatsApp!! Where can I download because on CB10 it takes you straight to bb world and there it says : not available for your device!!!!

I'm from South Africa and just got my Z10, but NO WhatsApp!! Where can I download because on CB10 it takes you straight to bb world and there it says : not available for your device!!

i have downloaded whatsapp on my bb10 it was installed properly on my bb but my contacts when they change there display pictures it still the same picture and it didn't change is there anyone out there facing the same problem.

My OS is and can't install whatsapp. They said eror installing application. What's wrong?

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FYI PPL - Whatsapp Gets UPDATED

WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry 10 has received a pretty big update. The new update version 2.9.3997.0 has the following changes:

Fixes for contacts and notifications
Media sharing improvements
Localization improvements (English, Arabic, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Turkish)
The new WhatApp update should get pushed to your BlackBerry 10 device.

Hey please someone help me:/ i got the new blackberry z10 and i can't download WhatsApp :( plz help!

How do i erase a WhatsApp conversation on the new blackberry Z10?

And how do I change my profile picture on WhastApp?


i own a BB z10, about whats app,please tell me how i can put a picture in my profile, in whats app, cuz i dont know how, i wish to add a profile picturebut i dont know use the whats app option in fact i dont even know put my picture.