WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 updated - Brings new account management and image improvements

By Bla1ze on 31 Oct 2013 12:24 am EDT

Now that BBM has gone cross-platform it seems as though every messaging app out there has been pushing some sort of big update to pull some of the attention away. WhatsApp is the latest, having now release version onto BlackBerry World. The change log, while small, brings some long awaited features and improvements to the mix that are sure to please users.

  • Large photo thumbnails on the chat screen.
  • Account management features: Change my number, Delete my account

The larger images and changing your number is certainly among the most wanted features and while I'm positive all the BBM users out there can think of entirely too many jokes about why the 'delete my account' feature has now been added, I'll leave that one alone and just say it's a nice addition for anyone looking to move away from the service. The update is live now in BlackBerry World.

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WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 updated - Brings new account management and image improvements


I care. I'll use Whatsapp until my phone dies. I don't think there's a platform or OS version nowadays that does not have whatsapp in it.

I agree. I still have it installed but so far i'm not using it as much since I got a few of my friends who I really talk too on BBM 

At least give them credit for focusing on the BlackBerry platform while other developers don't give a rat's a** about bb.

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Whatsapp is a great app, even given cross-plat BBM. Couldn't have IM'd with my GF (Windows Phone) and Dad (Android) without it for the last 9 months on my Z10.

Many props to Whatsapp! I find it visually looks better than BBM since you can add your own backgrounds. It has its issues (the phone number issue and no READ notifcation), but its always worked perfect for me.

+1 for whatsapp's support to BB10. Oh how we seem to have forgotten the early days of BB10.

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They didn't give a rats ass also,they only doing all this shyt because bbm HaS dropped,FUCK WHATSAPP (I KNOW ITS SPELLED WRONG) I NEVER LIKED THAT BULLSHIT


You know you could probably articulate your message better without all the cursing. Just a thought :)

They have no choice really, seeing how BBM is a much better messaging service. They have no choice but to update and update and update to prevent loss of customers.

They only jumped on it because there was an open source app that was developed first. It was fantastic. Then WhatsApp realized that people actually would use it so they made theirs and crushed the open source guy. I just installed it again solely to delete my account.

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I totally forgot about that. You're right! And to think I was applauding then for releasing it for the BB10 platform.

Playing devils advocate, where is the delete BBID option? One extra feature for whatsapp eh ;)

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There probably is one somewhere on the BB website, but even if not, there isn't really any security issue with leaving your BBID active - it's passworded and tied to email which you aren't as likely to abandon. Leaving your WhatsApp account active if you no longer own the phone number has potential for some significant issues.

I logged into BBID and couldn't see any option to do so.
And regardless of if your likely to, or what info is/isnt on there, there should still be an option to delete.

Also let's not act like second hand BlackBerry users don't get the odd message from people with old PIN contacts. It's rare but does happen

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interesting, seem to imply you need the original email.

still, convolouted at best, if at all possible without that email.

Exactly. With all the security horror stories I had tried to delete but couldn't until now. Which does give me a *slightly* higher view of them.

Meh no matter how hard I try I can't escape this app. My friends keep going back saying that it is easier to use. Apparently they don't value security. Maybe when channels, voice and video are released on bbm I can convince them to say.

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Same here. Friends/family downloaded BBM but they just won't use it. They like the larger selection of emoticons, pics within Group chat, familiar looks, and more text screen real estate from Whatsapp.

On a side note, I can't stand the large thumbnails in the latest update of Whatsapp. Thumbnails are supposed to be small, that's why they're called thumbnails. Or at least make it optional rather than mandatory, sheesh.

Haha I don't really get it, what will happen if you delete the app? Will they stop talking to you?

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I've started replying via BBM when they message me on another platform.

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Exactly, I have iPhone friends that still try to text me and I reply back in BBM. Already told one buddy I won't reply unless it's in BBM because texting is simply inefficient compared to a real-time IM services like BBM.

Plus I want to use my BBM stickers! Lol!

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

BBM video, voice and channels will be the game changer. Until then we can only watch and wait. They better not screw it up this time....and I'm confident they won't. BBM is the one thing the company seems to do right nowadays so better not mess it up.

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I didn't realize that bb10 didn't have the delete account option till xbbm released, and that whats app decided to put it now maybe they want to prove something that even after bbm is available for other phones that still not going to affect their users count.

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`bbm is the one thing the company seems to do right nowadays`

err, miss the the cross platform 21st sept launch did we?
miss the iOS update causing issues with BBM crashing?
miss the update that fixed those crashes then causing crashes on contacts?

im not saying anyones perfect, far from it, but lets not say its been all sunshine for them either.

I'm confident they will. History repeats it's self when it comes to BlackBerry launching anything. Smh

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Well I installed on my Zed 30, leak, and all was good until I sent a group message first one went got a couple replies then all my group got the little red clock beside their names.

So I sent a test bbm to one of them with a BlackBerry and one to a iPhone on regular bbm and worked no problem but still have the red clock.

Tried a restart which caused the theme to revert back to white and didn't get rid of the red clock, after three tries got the theme back to dark but no luck in sending the essay to the group


Posted by the Zed 30 of rockivy

Ignore above post wrong place but CB won't let me edit or remove the text :(

Posted by the Zed 30 of rockivy

Since I have friends (people that have my number) with Andorid -2.3, I will still use Whatsapp (only 4 them).

Down to 2 contacts on what'sthat,plus 17 on BBM, like delete account nice addition

Posted by the Zed 30 of rockivy

delete account option is a good one, we'll see if bbm really has a major impact on them, if any.

& we really shouldn't flatter ourselves. whatsapp has always been consistent with their updates, atleast on android, regardless of how poor/good BlackBerry has been.

Posted via CB10 with BlackBerry Q10

I emailed them and asked how I can delete my account, because the instructions on their website says to click a button which didn't exist inside the app. I guess they fixed it now.

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Folks, do you think by deleting account, the account will be really deleted ? I bet they will just flagged it as deleted. The accounts will still be there. I know since I'm a software developer.

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Really? That defeats the whole purpose of my deleting the account so that they wouldn't have my phone number...

When I went to delete it asked for feedback saying "did we do something wrong? :(" and I almost couldn't do it! I'm the biggest sucker for the sad face.

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Whatsapp doesn't have your phone number, they have a checksum of your phone number, the same way xBBM doesn't send your IMEI to their servers, it sends a checksum. Even if you delete your whatsapp account, people that have your phone number can call you, although they may not be able to see you in their whatsapp contacts. If you don't want people to see your status in whatsapp or to message you, the best way is to delete the app. Then, if you don't pay your $1, your account will be closed automatically. This doesn't count for the initial iphone accounts that were supposed to be free forever.

I only had one contact using Whatsapp and I don't really want to talk to her anyway. Delete account will come in handy.

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They have also introduced 'Change my number' which should address most of the security concerns people had after they had changed their number.

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...when it works...I guess this is a good thing....buy time for everyone to move on to BBM!

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Like others have said at least they are supporting us so stfu all you people who say delete it. Yes even I think BBM is way better but give whatsapp credit

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I think that what's app should be honorably discharged from the BlackBerry App World

Posted via the amazing z10

Was replying to a whatsapp message through toast notification available before or it just came with this update?


Love BBM a whole lot more than whatsapp. But.... anyone just wondering why EVERYBODY has whatsapp installed?

1) It has been xplatform since day 1
2) ... and this is the real good one... u don't have to add your contacts, they're simply there.

I'm afraid bbm needs to forget the pin thing and roll to an "i'll get to keep your contacts on my server" thing.

I applaud them towards supporting BB10. There's something to be said for that. They're many developers who ignore us altogether.

who cares I delete my whatsapp and people sending sms now :) and I don't repl. they get BBM now.

Thanks to whatsapp cybercriminals know my number.

Some of you act and talk like kids, ive been a BlackBerry user for the past 7 yrs and it was the only smart phone company I buy my hpones from, im happy with bbm and its reallly the best! Always will be!, but where as for whats app they r trying to get to bbms level, but they cant, bbm is much secure in terms of messaging emots etc, bt atleast give whtsapp the credit for caring abt bb10, unlike other developers. Whts app is handy sometimes.

#bb4life #bbm4life

I really hope blackberry keeps up the hard work and hope to see them on top of all again!

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My whatsapp usage has gone way down... the way I've got my Android and iPhone folks to engage with BBM, is to for a group... and get the social going... they have all admitted the BBM groups is way better than whatsapp.

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Ok folks, just a quick add to this. When removing your account, you have the option to leave a message.
I believe it'll be fair to salute WA's early adoption of BB10.
So, this is what my message was (like):
"Thank you for porting WA to BB10, but now my only IM is BBM."

Who cares?
I put the sim in other BlackBerry to delete the account and BOOM! No whatsapp!


Posted via my beautiful red Q5

Please stop the WA bashing! They are big supporter of BlackBerry 10.

Before BBMx it was the best way for instant messaging! And there are millions of people out there, that can't even use BBM on their device! Yes some guys use Windows Phone or a 2.x Android!

Posted via CB10

So true. Besides, it seems like such poor form the bashing going on when they to my knowledge did not pill an LG type move.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I had deleted Whatsapp, just re-insalled it and deleted my account. All friends moved to BBM, even the one guy with a Nokia Windows phone who went and bought a Z10 :)

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after everything has been said and done... bbm allows us to transfer files of how much size... yes 6 MB, what is the size of file which is allowed to transfer via whatsapp... yes, that's the things bbm should look into next. also they should work faster on introducing voice and video calling along with screen share over wifi and/or network both. additionally bbm channel should be there as well. until these things come many people who use other devices (non bb users) would not have any real initiative to switch to xbbm.

my blackberry cant open whatsapp due to a connection problem inside and outside the firewall which is not allowed by the IT policy..why??

Great to see they are trying :) still appreciate the effort they have done to support BlackBerry when everyone turned their backs on them :)

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BlackBerry fan boys and fan girls are funny. All you do is trash the competition without understanding why they still manage to achieve larger user bases. Imessage links chat and sms into the same interface and handles it seamless most of the time. WhatsApp have clients for more mobile platforms than most can count to. Google Hangouts can be run in a browser and has support for video chatting between multiple participants at the same time. Etc...

BBM still isn't really better for a lot of people out there. Just so you know.

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Only feature that still missing is the 'Last Seen' stuff, that you could set it up in order to keep private that you don't want to answer to somebody

Proudly Z10 owner...

we need full thumbnails in BBM and full quality images so people don't have to always request HQ.. all my Android/ios friends think image quality sucks because no one knows you have to request full res!

Maybe "delete my account" was added because of so many people contacting customer support to delete their account.

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Today I was on whatsapp and a random person appeared in my contacts, i asked who are you? To which they replied, it's your dad, I doubt it I replied he's dead, obviously I deleted them along with whatsapp. Never will I downloaded such an unsecured app again, this would never happen on BBM

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Great to hear there is an update. Quite honestly, I don't understand the hype with regards to BBM. While I do wish the company to develop and build lots of nice new phones I simply can't understand where the added value of BBM is.

Whatsapp is easy to handle and automatically integrates with your existing contacts. No need to circulate a pin or whatever.

Everybody I know uses it. Everybody. 350 m users are an asset. I checked my address book: out of approx. 1,000 contacts more than 300 are using it. My number of BBM contacts: zero. Nil. Nada.

Whatsapp is truely multi platform also covering Symbian and Windows phone.

In know there are security concerns but under the light of the latest press releases I think I can live with that.

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Whatsapp is not save in august/september: using mobile phone at work to get spam and we all think because it's whatsapp because some numbers are company numbers for internal use and only connected by whatsapp before. So these numbers get spam we know enoughThat;s why i have delete whatsapp private and allready in our company whatsapp may not be used. I get spam private like win or lotery. This happens because in my mobile i have almost 150 people and whatsapp connected everyone in the system also some internal numbers. That's we know it's wahtsapp because we using these numbers only for data/sms and no voice.

They've also added a "delete my account" feature...I believe it's sort of a "fuck u BB, even people delete their accounts, were still ahead" sort of thing...cant wait for bbm to pass whatsapp downloads

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I know that blackberry priority right now is to keep bbm on ios and android... but they really need to give us a update for current bb10 user. like the color background, Push to talk, emojis, multiple pic sharing, larger display, add a "view button" when you receive a picture or video.. and it sucks the limit is like 8mb to send files. when whatsapp is 16mb. .

So if I have to download and install just to delete my account, are they going to count that as a download and active user, then post those results.


BlackBerry fans: two-faced.

Rewind 8 months: omg we got whatsapp and it's integrated into the hub!! Woo-hoo! Let's make appreciation threads!

I'm all for BBM but you guys are worse than Judas.

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I got some issues after updating to this version! When i receive a message, it shows in my hub, but when i open the conversation, i can't see the message. Swipe back into the hub and i see the msg, but when i open it up again, i can't see it!

The truth is Whatsup had its 15 minutes of frame but it is done. With out the capacity for voice or video development it is a slow steady decline into oblivion. Sorry but it time to move on.

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Instead of bashing Whatsapp, we should still be supporting developers that support BB10 - even if they conflict with y'all 'precious' bbm - which both bbm and whatsapp have no real viable business model. Whatsapp is cool, bbm is slightly to moderately better due to security, speed, and groups productivity features (shared tasks, calendars, pics).

Posted via Z10, via CB10, via my fingers

"Delete my account" feature is actually important feature at least for me and for someone like to change their 2nd number frequently. Lets say, if my Whatsapp account is still registered with a number that I want to get rid of and I got no way to delete my account. After I get rid of the registered number and other people use my old number in the future, the person can use my account and act like me.

I let you imagine why we like to change our number frequently. Anyway, I don't use whatsapp if they don't allow me to delete my account.