Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with enhancements

By James Richardson on 11 Dec 2013 10:02 am EST

While I may have deleted Whatsapp from my device when BBM went cross platform I'm sure many BlackBerry 10 users are still using it to keep in touch with some of their buddies on iPhones, Windows Phones and Android smartphones. The word on the street is that an update has rolled out for the instant messaging application - bringing some enhancements and minor bug fixes. 

Out of curiosity - are you still rocking Whatsapp on your BlackBerry, or like me did you tell your friends that if they want to instant message it's BBM or nothing? Sound off in the comments. 

New in version

  • Lists for broadcast messaging more contacts at once
  • New emojis for BlackBerry devices Z10 and Z30
  • Page emoticons selector for all devices
  • Improved startup performance
  • Fixed a bug with the profile photo by selecting images that are too large
  • Fixed minor bugs

If you're not seeing the update just yet try again in a while - it's making its way around the globe. 

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Reader comments

Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with enhancements


I keep warning whatsapp friends to download BBM to talk to me cause i will be deleting the APP soon! Still only a few ANTI-BB friends have said NO, the rest have actually done it and NOW i actually use BBM way more than Whatsapp!!

I deleted Whatsapp a week after BBM was released for other devices. I still miss two good friends but I don´t care. Everyone who wants to talk to me has to do over BBM :)

My friends don't like me that much :) they are all confused with BBMs group image handling. Ie in its own section not in line in a chat

You should make a tutorial ;) or force them to buy a BB10 device so you are able to share your screen :P

My friends told me to install Whatsapp instead because BBM was so terrible at group messaging.

And they were right. You can't group image share. It just doesn't give you the option. The only thing you can share is a voice message. Whatsapp can. You have to do a BBM Group to group image share and the way it's set up for that is very good for work collaboration, not good for casual chats. And to compound the problem, BBM is really buggy on iOS and Android. There's a lot of unresponsiveness and simple things that don't work. Those problems are not present on the Z10. You can't swipe to view images. You have to click back and pick the next image. On the Z10 you just swipe through the pictures. On Android, sometimes the tabs dont' register when you tap them. You have to tap them like 10 times.

I hate to break it to all the BBM fan boys but it's not good compared to the competition in its current form. They need to fix all the bugs in the other platforms and then fix up group messaging to allow in line sharing of media. And also add stickers. They're behind the game. Since my friends already have it installed though, some still individually message me through BBM.

Yup! So far only one very close friend has BBM on her iPhone because she was a huge BlackBerry fan (thanks to me!) but we both agreed it's not the same. BBM still lacks on other platforms. Hopefully BlackBerry will solve this with a future update!

Posted via CB10

Well said man, I've had a group of about 16 friends that gave it an honest shot. But did not like how restrictive everything is. Also there are times when I do not message my iOS friends on BBM for a while and for some reason they do not receive or get notified of the message. It's great for 1 on 1 IM all of them liked the Group features, but still liked the ease of sending files to multiple people on whatsapp so ultimately they all migrated back. :( once Video, Voice, and Share comes I think people may use it more to keep in touch w their BBM friends but not with other iOS or Android users.

Posted via CB10

I uninstalled whatsapp a week after cross-platform dropped. I have my mom and siblings on bbm now, as well about 9 of my closest friends on bbm. I'm personally not in favor of the in chat pictures share. If I'm busy and some time has passed may not have realized a picture and the comments posted with it. Whereas with bbm the pictures are in its area with all the comments for me to view at my own convenience.

Posted via CB10

I haven't deleted it yet, but I haven't used it since BBM went cross platform either. I am now 2 updates behind but I only have 1 WP contact left that will just have to use text messaging instead.

Same here haven't deleted mine as still a lot of friends haven't bothered to try BBM since they say whatsapp is good enough.

On the other hand I got the ones who I really chatted with now BBM :)

Bbm or nothing.
As soon as I see someone has either an android or iPhone and want my number I'll only offer them my bbm haha

With so many comments like these, gotta wonder why WhatsApp even bothers with native BB10. CrackBerry readers show little appreciation for their efforts.

I sometimes believe a goal of CrackBerry is to push WhatsApp away from BlackBerry 10.

Probably because CrackBerry readers don't make up the majority of BlackBerry users.

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I tried it the other night. Horrible quality. Just raise the limit on bbm. We are paying for the data anyways. And send video is not even an option. Have to send file.
I'm sticking with bbm but when I have a file to xfer it's going through whats app. As for general toys. I got a complaint this morning about emojjis and stickers and animations. They just aren't available to android or iPhone for bbm. The ones I send through BBM work fine on mine but show up as a file on android. As a blurry non moving pos sticker.

Posted Via my second Z10

I prefer BBM 100 times over WhatsApp, but the only reason I keep it is cause one of my best friends, who messages me all the time, refuses to use BBM :( she used it once, kept it for a month and then deleted it l because I was her only contact in BBM :(

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Same here, the only difference is that all my friends refuse to use it... ;-(
Dutch folks keep rejecting BB...

Still using WhatsApp. The family group love to share video. Until BBM X platform gets that...

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately still use what's app since most of my Finish family is supporting WF and Nokia :(

Posted via CB10

It is one of its strengths at the same time. You do not need any extra detail from the other party to communicate with them. i.e.: You can instantly start free messaging a friend from a different country without having to text him in order to get his pin.

I deleted it, however most of my friends are trying to get me back on Whatsapp because they say BBM is lacking. I do agree with them. However I'm still holding on hoping BlackBerry will provide worthwhile updates soon. Whatsapp is at this time still superior, you can talk about security all you want fact is the everyday user really doesn't care about that as they aren't gov't officials and aren't sharing imperative info via these social conduits. I think BBM usage will start to go south soon if they don't match the features Whatsapp provides.

Posted via CB10

It's not about what you have to hide.

Once the government has that much involvement in our lives, they have complete control and can force us to do whatever they want.

Case and point: NSA scandal. Apple, Google, Microsoft COULDN'T say no.

I got most of my friends on BBM, deleted whatsapp and for the ones not in BBM we use Facebook messenger, this way I have one less app running.

BBM has to step up with group chats which are better in whatsapp.

I deleted Whatsapp about a week after BBM x-platform went live and all but one of my contacts transitioned over.

And I haven't looked back! BBM rocks and will only get better once it's fully unleashed in iOS and Android.

Posted via CB10

I solved that Hub issue with a re-install. However, Whatsapp doesn't load all of my contacts now, only 1/8 is loaded and the rest shows numbers instead of names.

No, actually it doesn't solve it. The problem happens again after a while. I wish I could fall back to an older version.

I wouldn't recommend it. But the only way is to perform full device restore from your earlier backup I believe.

Hi Guys, having same issue tried restarting Hub, disabling two Whatsapp account on Hub mgmt still same issue this sucks! :(

Posted via CB10

Whatsapp is pretty well dead here, my daughter is in high school and she said BBM went viral through her school! Everyone was scanning pins, group chatting ect. While keeping there phone numbers safe.

Posted via CB10

Deleted it. BBM needs to up its group offering just a little bit, especially when it comes to alerts for chatty groups for IOS and Android users. Once that is set, and video/voice is released...game over man. I bet that's what the billion dollar investment was for. To beef up hardware to accommodate bbm video and voice!

Posted via CB10

Deleted it the day BBM went cross-platform. If people try text me, I reply that I only BBM. It's worked a couple of times now. I do have a couple of friends that got BBM and then deleted it because nobody else was using it. Obviously, they were not close friends.

Whatsapp still the one, as I only get additional 5contacts since bbm went croSsplatform.

Posted Via CB10 with BlackBerry Q10 2AEFCF1A

My contact list went to about 30 when BBM was released for iPhone but has since decreased to 9 as people don't find any compelling reason to keep it. Most have deleted the app, can't really blame them though as the features are lacking and other apps do the job.

Posted via CB10

still need whatsapp due to file sending is better than the size limitation set in bbm

Posted via CB10

Good update! I still use WhatsApp as my main messaging app si it's nice to see the app improved every certain period of time.

BBM rocks, WhatsApp sucks!

You can bet I unistalled whatsapp the day BBM went live. Tough luck for those who didn't download the best chat software available BBM!!!!

Posted via CB10

Whatsapp pisses me off with the phone number lock... especially when people change their numbers...


I deleted Whatsapp, but my girlfriend will welcome this update, as the bug made her crop every pic she wanted to use as profile pic..

C000F331C channel

WTF...... after updating it's not integrated into the HUB...please Help :(

Posted Via CB10! Z10STL100-1/!

No more Whatsapp for me.... BBM or nothing!

Still don't have many friends back on BBM yet... but, it's not for lack of trying!!

I told everybody that I'm leaving Whatsapp. So I use bbm a lot more now. All my essential friends have bbm now. So this is finally the day that Whatsapp is no more on my Z10!

Posted via CB10

I have WhatsApp but BBM is my preferred choice

Simply enjoying my Z30 - - - - Channel # C000E218D

BBM or nothing, I was soooooo happy to delete that app on every phone I own or could get my hands on.

Posted Via Q10 Super Phone

every week whatsapp is not working and message's take sometimes a while to get delivered, Blackberry messenger is quick and yes sometimes the message is also deliverd after 1 minute but still it's quicker the 5 or 15 minutes like whatsapp.

BBM is still sorely lacking for ios and Android, since then Viber has had two or three major updates. BBM hasn't added anything of value, so ppl were very "meh" to it. I can't say I blame them, group chats on BBM suck, the navigation of the app sucks, sending of pics, sending voice notes.

I still however love my D and R and it comes in very handy with staff. I was able to get in contact with my BBM ppl who refuse to use whatsapp and viber.

I tell people bbm or nothing. Now I only have 1 person left on Whatsapp. Thank goodness, I can finally delete this silly wannabe bbm app.

Posted via CB10

I had a hard time giving xbox my phone number for xbox live let alone some random messaging application that wants to data mine my phone. Facebook still ask me everyday and I say hell no. People wonder why they get random phone calls from south Africa. It's **** applications like this. BBM is the only true safe keeping international cross platform messaging application I would feel safe giving my email to.

Posted via CB10

I still use it. For some of my friends I do not want them to know if I have read their message. So I use WhatsApp with them. Get it?

Posted via CB10

In my case, all my iOS/Android friends are deleting BBM.
So WhatsApp will continue my main message service, second Skype, Twitter Third, Fourth Facebook and fifth SMS.

Deleted it a long time ago when I found it if u or anyone u knw changes their fone#. Whoever gets it next instant will have all ur contacts and all the messages u've written them. That's safe :s

Posted via CB10

Why would I feel left out if my BBM contacts list went from 12 contacts to 53? :)

For my luck, people naturally follow me.

Posted via CB10

Come on BBM, update all your versions: Bug Fix for BB10, voice and video call for iOS and Android and finally BBM for WP, then whatsapp can go home!

Deleted whatsapp, right after changing my status message to "BBM me @ <pin>

Most of my friends switched.. some refused (one) so we just txt now...
More recently, told him about the bubblepop2 or whatever app that was stealing/selling whatsapp convo's.. i think he's going to switch :)

I still use whatsapp with family and friends. I tried convincing a few who used ios to install BBM but half the time the messages weren't delivered so we basically gave up...BBM works great between BlackBerry devices but they still have some work ahead of them with regards to the other platforms !

Posted via CB10

BBM, removed Whatsapp after BBM went cross-platform, I still respect Whatsapp a lot for bringing the app native to bb10 unlike other crappy vendors.

Posted via ZCB10

I like the updates! I use whatsapp for some contacts & BBM for others. My personal preference is BBM, but Whatsapp is still more popular and relevant.

Keith H. via CB10 on Z10

I can't delete it yet, although I don't use it. Other than one group chat with some coworkers

Posted via CB10

Deletes What's app the day they requested me to pay for continuing service. Its BBM or The old fashion texting.

Posted via CB10

I had deleted it initially but got it back because of those stubborn friends that weren't willing to switch over haha

Posted via my Z10 keyboard!

BBM is much better on an actual BB10 device.
In my view the DROID and iPhone versions needs a bit more work.
I still use Whatsapp. Also, I have one or two folks on Windows Phone.

Posted via CB10

BBM or nothing here. Since cross platform was launched I can say that my BBM contacts are multiplying daily also.

Posted via CB10

BBM may be fine for BlackBerry but for ios and android it's a mess and so far behind whatsapp and wechat it's almost impossible to use. No group sharing. No emojjis. Stickers sent from BlackBerry to android and ios don't move.(file format?) voice memos are more work than I want to do. 6mb limit and the high quality photo request system just suck.. Ok for groups, the separate area for sharing pics is fine. If it's a permanent group like I have for family but for short term group chats..pics need to be sharable in the actual chat room.

That being said. Get moving BlackBerry. I'm staying but I'm not delete g whatsapp and wechat until you stop turning my videos into low quality crap.

Posted Via my second Z10

My son is an iPhone user. He loves BBM. It is easy to install and it does not reveal any information from his phone. Doesn't Whatsapp reveal phone numbers to your chat partner?

Has anyone updated their Whatsapp to this? My hub keeps freezing when I try to do anything Whatsapp-related in the hub. If I use Whatsapp in the app, it doesn't freeze. Ugh.

Using Q10

I still have to use WhatsApp as I need to use if to communicate with my family. Nobody in my family will reply my BBM only WhatsApp

I also used it to spam people's to subscribe my services

Posted via CB10

Deleted what's app the moment Bbm went cross platform and convinced my contacts to use bbm. There are still a couple stubborn isheep who still refuse to use bbm but that's their loss. Good riddance.

Posted via CB10

This update is more of a hindrance than an improvement.

Whatsapp in the hub now hangs for over 5 mins before I can use it since this update

Posted Via CB10 running OS

Yup. This is happening to me too. I don't even try to access Whatsapp from the HUB anymore. Hopefully there's ANOTHER update to fix this.

I uninstalled Whatsapp once I has my contacts download bbm. Not missing it at all. BBM is a so much better quality app.

Um. Is this because of the app update? I can't open WhatsApp on the hub. How to fix this? I am running

Posted via CB10

I still have Whatsapp. It does some things better than BBM. Multiple pictures upload is one of them. I have added three people into my BBM

Posted via CB10

You unfortunately can't sell BBM based on features at the moment. My sell pitch is privacy and security. I told them I came to realize my boss was checking my status without me knowing (true story) which bother me a lot. I uninstalled WhatsApp and told them the reason. That did the trick with most of them. The only one that absolutely refused is not that close to me so I did not care.

Posted via CB10

Still use WhatsApp. Tried very hard to ask friends to use BBM. Only 2 tried and BBM was sucking their batteries. In the end went back to WhatsApp cause it's easier to message ALL friends in one place. The current WhatsApp does not work properly in HUB...so the developer need to fix and then update ASAP.


This app caused so many problems with so many phones BlackBerry and otherwise, we my friends and I deleted it and used email until BlackBerry went cross platform.

Posted via CB10

Still use WhatsApp religiously... I jumped from 1 contact to 7 and out of the 7, only 2 people still use it. BBM is still not up to par with WhatsApp and until it does + a little more, I don't see my 70+ friends I talk to on WhatsApp switching over.

Posted via CB10

I'm having issues when trying to share something after updating, my hub gets frozen with the circle and nothing happens, is any of you having the same?

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

What's app frozen in hub after update...hard reset fix it for awhile... then it's frozen again....

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Hub is crashing on the Z10STL100-1/ How to downgrade to prior version? I don't want to upgrade to 10.2.


I still have Whatsapp, since I know more people with Iphones verses BB's.
Also, The pics and video sharing is gr8 on Whatsapp

Posted via CB10

With this new update, I can't open Whatsapp from the Hub. I solved that by a re-install. But now Whatsapp only loads 1/8 of my local contacts and the rest of the conversations show as phone numbers. Is there a solution?

I've tried checking Whatsapp access to contacts permission, "Refresh Contacts" a few times and re-install a few times already. But there's still no luck.

regretted updating
in-hub replies went crazy and stucked. refuses to change to another conversation.
need to open the app to reply conversations

Seems that, when u close whatsapp within the app manager and restart it, it solves the problem

But still it shouldn't be like this

Posted via CB10

after upgraded whatsapp, its freezing from the HUB...a lot of people having this problem on leaked Os

This version is buggy. Simply don't install it if you haven't yet and wait for further updates.

Posted via CB10

I was a BBM fan until I'm recently having a small delay to deliver the message and some of my friends on android and ios wont get the messages unless they open the app. whatsapp is more robust on these platforms

I'm a BB fan, but not a fan-boy. I have no problem with Whats App. or BBM. Being in the UK, Whats App. is far more widely used, or certainly in my contacts at least, despite my encouraging people to get BBM. The fact is they already have, and use Whats App. ,and see no reason to change.

Yes indeed hub issue, it is not able to retain messages from a user also while change from portrait to landscape some times it just stretches everything on screen to fit landscape view. Please a quick fix is required. For now the only solution is to go in app see new messages and respond.

Posted via CB10

Won't open from the Hub at all, I have 2 'What's Apps' within the Hub for some reason?! Having to use it via at active frame, no notifications coming through. Poor. This may switch me over to BBM now.

Do we have a fix?! Can we reinstall?



I now have 2 Whatsapp icons in my hub... lots of other bugs. do jot download. Just stick with BBM

Posted via CB10

Not working in Hub. Works normally if opened separately. Deleted/installed and restarted the device. This is how I got rid of the app icon.
Sucks big time ...

The hub is completely screwed up.
Cannot compose NE chat from the hub.
I will have to go to the application and start a new chat.
I just cannot explain all the weird things happening in the HUB with respect to the what's app entries.

Please reload the older version into the app world so that we can download it.

Posted via CB10

If you don't update you cannot use it anymore. Gee how bad is this thing. Glad BBM is cross platform now.

Posted via CB10

Just received an email in response to my email on the HUB issue from what's app.

A new WhatsApp update -2.11.240- is now available for BlackBerry 10 smartphones!

I'll try to install it now, let's see if this fixed the HUB issue..

Request all to test and reply

Posted via CB10

I just installed the update from the aftermath of this update, this update had terrible hub integration issues, and I noticed today that my battery drained so much more than usual, it was like an android port rather than an exclusive bb10 app, so glad There's an update to resolve the hub issue, if anyone else is experiencing the issues There's an update available now.

Posted via CB10

I deleted it the day it came out, and I went from 7 friends to 47.. I like the group msgs because the pictures are sep from chat, and when u comment, u know what picture they comment on, Can't wait till they have Channels.. Channels will beat out Instagram..

Posted via CB10

Update made whatsapp unusable from the hub. If I look for my new message from the hub, my screen goes black.

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