Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10 gets updated once again with new features

By James Richardson on 18 Sep 2013 05:04 am EDT

The popular cross platform instant messaging client Whatsapp has received an update for BlackBerry 10 smartphones bringing some nice new features. With BBM going cross platform very soon Whatsapp are certainly doing all the right things in terms of retaining their BlackBerry 10 users. 

It was only a short while ago that they introduced voice messages to the app - which seemed to go down well with the community. Some more enhancements have now been made as you'll see below. But the question is - will you still be using Whatsapp when BBM is rolled out to iOS and Android? 

New features in the update include: 

  • New UI for sending photos: can send multiple photos at the same time
  • Message previews: shows incoming messages from other conversations
  • Support for sharing contacts from the Contacts app
  • Support for sharing multi-selected photos from the Pictures app
  • Many bug fixes

If you can't see the update just yet keep on checking. It's making it's way around the world. 

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Reader comments

Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10 gets updated once again with new features


This is the end for BBM trust me, you can even edit the pictures with BlackBerry picture editor.....if BlackBerry does not release BBM cross with all functionality we have now they will lose!

Posted via CB10

Lol dude, sorry even basic bbm at launch is better than the fact that whatsapp includes you giving out your personal phone #

When bbm cross platform gets all this and video/voice/screenshare it's going to be X10 better

Posted via CB10

Yes....only when they do that at launch....not when they activate that with a update a couple of months later

Posted via CB10

In the details whatsapp have put 'SAY NO TO PINS' and stated how it's so easy to use without messing about with pins! Wonder what they're referring to?!

Posted via CB10

No, as a matter of fact, I'm not. Anyone who has my number will see me on Whatsapp, see my picture, see my profile, etc. I use my phone for work and personal and many work colleagues have my number so I definitely don't want them to be contacting me on there. Also, anyone who had my phone number in the past will now see me on Whatsapp and the problem is that I don't have the ability to see them because I don't have them in my address book. It's really ridiculous way of managing contacts to be honest.
I much prefer BBM's method of approving someone and if I don't have them on my friends list, then they don't see me, period.

What's the difference if your work colleagues contact you via whatsapp instead of a text message? To me that doesn't make a valid point. And your whatsapp profile doesn't share much info.... but fair enough if your whatsapp profile pic is that important to you.

And for the people you use to know that have your number, the same situation applies once you give out your PIN to someone and you become distant

No. It's not the same.

When someone discovers your phone number by any method, they can create a contact and have you in WhatsApp.

In BBM, if they find out your PIN, then they can send a [B]request[/B] to be added to your BBM contacts. Which you can accept then, and in the future drop.

This leaves you in complete control.

Posted via CB10

You can block numbers, yeah, but unless they message you you can't even tell who has your number or not.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."

I totally agree with your sentiment. I believe that BBM pin sharing method as opposed to whatsapp telephone number, is by far more secure.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 running

Actually I find that WhatsApp feature very useful. There is no need to create profiles and such. Works instantly outside the box

Posted via CB10

I find a lot of you "die hard BlackBerry fans" way more negative than those who jumped ship at least they don't come out to bash the platform they claim to love on a daily basis, anyways bbm is still superior to whats app we all know this

Posted by z10 boss

You must be confused, there was no bashing of the platform or any comparison between apps.

If I think it's a useful feature damm right I'm going to say it.

Posted via CB10

I understand what you meant. Of course they are. They know BBM rocks with its features and it ll definitely spark up competition for them and other chat apps. They gotta retain users in using their app so they re improving it as much as they can.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I noticed that. I mailed them a few weeks back telling them to get this sorted ASAP (Though I doubt they even read my mail! :-P )


Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

As long as BBM is not fully accepted by the Android and iPhone users I won't be able to delete Whatsapp. Let's be realistic here.

Posted via CB10

And yet I will still do it, telling people to contact me on BBM. I don't like everybody that has ever used my number to potentially have me on whatsapp...

Aren't you nice to give the option, my friends can either contact me via BBM or text. And I'll constantly remind them why they're missing out on. Let's be realistic, there is no comparison.

"But the question is - will you still be using Whatsapp when BBM is rolled out to iOS and Android?"
-yes I think since BBM will not have the full feature. plus they keep their users waiting for the update. im a blackberry fan and using q10 for my messaging needs but....day by day im losing hope with these brand. i keep on waiting always! now im waiting for 10.2. im also waiting for bbm on my iphone. and after waiting bb10 for my playbook, it's now gone. waiting waiting waiting.... fall season is starting. the announcement was end of summer. october target for 10.2? maybe oct 31.or may be if there is oct 35, then we can get 10.2 on the 35th.

Don't you think BlackBerry is rolling out a lot of updates? What's 10.2, the second or third major update since February? I think BlackBerry are doing a good job of rolling out up dates.

Posted via CB10

Whatsapp needs to just go away. All they are doing is delaying their own demise by releasing new features that they should have had long ago. It's stale and insincere support. BBM; one app to rule them all.

I use a BlackBerry because it makes sense

My office colleagues will all download BBM onto their Android and iPhones. No issues there. Most of my friends who matter will also do so. No issues for me to scrap whatsapp. And that is exactly what I will do. The single most important feature for me with BBM and why I use it is the (D)elivered indication and the (R)ead indication.

Until WhatsApp has the ability to load my contacts correctly - this app is USELESS!

hmm, let's see - BB users are typically Corporate users. Corporate users have BES to manage their Exchange email delivery. WhatsApp cannot use the Contact list from a Corporate Exchange environment. Think I am wrong - take a look at their FAQ page.

An no, I am not importing my 1,000+ contacts from my Corporate Email onto my device just to use this app. BBM already does this for me.

Whatsapp will never be as good as BBM. Wait till BBM is released on desktop/laptop. It will take over imessage, Skype and so on. The technology behind BBM is endless.

One of the new features is to send multiple images at once, can someone please post how you do that from the Whatsapp application?

Posted via CB10

Go through it like you normally would, then just before you confirm and send it, there is a little plus sign in the bottom left where you can add a pic...then you can select multiple pictures.

It's easy, you can either choose multi pics in the gallery and share via whatsapp or in a conversation select send picture, click on one and you'll see a plus sign at the bottom where you can then select more

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Let them keep worrying and working... as soon as #BBMCrossPlatform is available for Android and iPhone, WhatsApp will be deleted from my Z10!

No if's, and's or but's... want to keep in touch with me? BBM is the only way!!

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform

I'm MongezaurioBerry

WOW!! SO STUPID! Blackberry should of had that feature from long time ago.. multi picture select. Stupid. Its only available on email. wow

And the battle begins. With BBM and WhatsApp fighting for users attention, users of both apps will "win". No need for a pissing contest, competition is a good thing. Personally I think the smartphone world is big enough for both. :)

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I'd much rather use BBM than WhatsApp, but it really depends on what my friends are doing.

I've got the say though, hub makes it much less painful to use one messenger for some people and another messenger for others.

Around 2008, BBM was the choice of teenagers for chatting. Many left BB for Apple and, since then many left Apple for Android. As of right now, Whatsapp is the only viable cross platform chatting tool. As they leave Apple for Android, iMessage will become less used as they need to be able to stay in touch with all of their friends. It's not like BBM is a new product that BlackBerry is rolling out and hoping that people will discover. There's a huge base of people who used to rely on it and loved it. When these people left BlackBerry, the most common downside expressed was the loss of BBM. It's the BlackBerry devices that lost their appeal among this crowd - not BBM. When it appears in the App Store / Google Play, it will be instantly recognized and is much more likely to be downloaded.

I for one has deleted what's app a few weeks back... I had funny characters finding my number and then adding me on what's app... if I wanted to give my number out to strangers then I would have advertised it on fb and twitter... that's why bbm rocks all the way, safe and secure...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

Ever wonder at what point you started to receive telemarketer calls? Was it by any chance some period of time after you started responding to offers that required you to send a text to a promotion? I religiously never texted an offer to sign up for anything and never received spam calls but then started to let my guard down and the rest is history. I like to keep my contacts on 2 levels divided by those I'm ok to receive texts from, and those who I even like to be able to call me.

This is why BlackBerry and other smaller platforms need to survive!

Competition provides new features for users!

This is why people who want BlackBerry to fail are idiots -- they are just shooting themselves in the foot.

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I ll be using less and less whatsapp, my close friends are on BBM , I will only whatsapp strangers whose number I pick up from their business card, like my bank manager.....now what happen to my loan application?

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My watsapp is not working after update plz help me, I have black berry q10, my watsapp is working fast but after update it's not working, plz give me solution.

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