Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with improvements

Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 15 Aug 2013 06:55 am EDT

Whatsapp has been doing lots of things right recently and it seems they are not slowing down. Now that voice messaging is supported (and easy to use) the BlackBerry 10 app has been updated once again to version bringing some nice improvements to the cross platform instant messaging application.

With the roll out of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) coming real soon to iOS and Android it seems that Whatsapp are intent in retaining their presence as the number one cross platform client. Whether they will succeed remains to be seen.

Clearly as a BlackBerry addict I'm hoping that all our friends on Android and iPhone make the switch to BBM, but it's always a gamble as consumers get used to using a certain app. Let's just hope they all give BBM a shot anyway and then it's down to each individual to decide which messaging application they choose to favor.

The changes to the latest Whatsapp update are as follows:

  • Voice message fixes and improvements including audio routing support (headset/handset/bluetooth)
  • Emoji input now supported for profile name, status messages and group subjects
  • Media Auto-Download settings
  • Default maps for opening received locations can now be changed
  • Push notification fixes
  • Various fixes and performance improvements

If you are not seeing the update just yet, fear not, it will come.

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Reader comments

Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with improvements


Bbm will destroy what's app, slowly but surely. It's blackberry's best chance to increase its recognition in the marketplace.

Posted via CB10

I don't think so. I would like to start using something better than Whatsapp, but its userbase is huge, unlike BBM, and it doesnt seems like something is going to change anytime soon.

Unfortunately BB is late to the party once again and taking market share from Whatsapp will be another uphill battle. I like BBM but the question that arises is what makes it so much better than Whatsapp to make people switch?

Yes they will. Just not in the initial release. But it has been confirmed by Thorsten himself that they will be added.

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BBM video and video sharing are two completely different things!

You can't video chat in whatsapp like you can in BBM, you can just send someone a previously recorded video.

Posted via CB10

BBM just has a quality look to it more than Whatsapp. Definitely more mature and has better features

Posted via CB10

I dont disagree, but the issue is that WhatsApp has activity of over 300 monthly users. Over 3 times the total number of BB users globally. The battle would have been a lot easier if BBM was offered cross platform 2-3 years ago. JMHO.

WhatsApp will be fine. They're adapting and responding...something Research in Motion failed to do a few years ago when Apple and Android were on the rise.

As much as I would like to believe that, I can't see it happening. I'm stationed in okinawa Japan so tons of iPhone users. All of them said they don't care. It's made by BlackBerry so it sucks. They should have dropped the BlackBerry name and reinvented themselves. I think their brand is too damaged :/

Posted via CB10

You've talked to them all funk?

You sir are most impressive and thank you so much for your valuable insights.

I read your comment during my regularly scheduled morning BM and i'm happy to see I'm not the only one that is full of s#!t


Ok. iPhone talk wakeup! iPhone has 13% market share. What iPhone users do is irrelevant to the mobile phone market. In fact in fact if in were blackberry i'd announce that I'm not putting out an iOS app because it's irrelevant. They'd get more press about bbm than they even dreamed of from the Apple loving media.

Posted via CB10

That would only make things worse. BBRY is in no position to attempt such a thing right now and frankly, they need all the users they can get on BBM. Which is why I think that they need to get working on a solution for WP8 and desktop ASAP after the iOS/Android release, if they haven't already.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!


iPhone's market share is on an extremely fast pace of decline. As just one example, their marketshare in China has dropped almost FIFTY (!) percent in China since last year.

It won't be long until developers start developing for Android first (many already have). iPhone will be the Mac Computer of smartphones and probably settle with a 6-8 percent marketshare with most apps being written for Android and iPhone being an afterthought.

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When a fake BBM app was posted on Google Play, it was downloaded over 100,000 times in 4 hours.

There was no marketing blitz or advertising for the fake app or anything. I don't know how that many people even stumbled upon it so fast. People must have messaging each other like crazy that "BBM is on Gplay".

But yeah... no one wants BBM...

Posted via CB10

Still appreciate whatsapp's dedication to making a great app for BlackBerry 10! Thank you whatsapp :)

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry better add push to talk, because voice notes just don't come close to PTT.

Posted via CB10

It's better WITHOUT Broadcast messages :|.. When someone notices a broadcast function, they just have to spam it. It's bad enough getting them on BBM all the time, nevermind whatsapp too.

Posted via CB10

Funny that I don't know anyone that uses What's App... in my entourage it was big for about 5 minutes! They Might have many registered users, but who is using it? Found it unreliable and my messages never went through.

BBRY would be best to hype the release and send an easy way for current BBM Users to invite their friends to the service via automated connection to their contact list.

Hi Everyone. If anyone is interested..I have created a nice theme in the app world for OS6 and under device called Simply Yellow. I have not changed anything except the color and put in a digital font with the banner. Looks pretty descent. I have included a black blackberry wallpaper to save battery life. I know its not a premium theme but Im asking for only 0.99 cents because I would like buy myself a Z10 or Q10, have not decided yet. So far i have 1 purchase. I live in Spain and the Z10 is crazy expensive here, I think its around 620 Euros. I only make a little more IN THE WHOLE MONTH! I would be forever greatful to each of you if you helped me out. Just search for my name "Fran Leston" in the app world and it is called simply yellow.

I will only post this once and hope i dont get into any trouble for spamming..If I have done wrong i sincerely apologize but i dont know what else to do and i really want the Z10! Thanx everyone.

Sorry man :( I don't have an OS 6 phone anymore. Upgraded to a Z10 and traded it in. Hopefully you have people purchasing it. Or you can try to win one at the CrackBerry contests. Good luck man.

Posted via CB10

Yes updated and was good to actually SEE the emoticons. Whatsapp is very popular where I am and has a huge user base HK.

Posted via CB10

I never used BBM, and I still don't, so I really don't know why people say it will "kill" Whatsapp. Could anyone explain in detail whey people tend to say this?
For what I see, Whatsapp is awesome - specially on iOS and Android - and is already cross platform! There are so many cool features that I think it's going to be hard for BBM to make people switch.

Uhh you are wrong completely.
A fake BBM app was in Google Play Store store for a day and 400k downloads in have 18hours it was up and it was "the" top trending app.

Everyone I know won't stop talking about it that switched from blackberrys.

Look at blackberry beta zone/imore/android central about how many people are trying to get a hold of buggy betas. BlackBerry might be dying but everyone that's had a smartphone for 6+ years knows that BBM is the best IM client. With the most features of any other IM client.

Posted via CB10

For me right now the features are fine. Although like Skype dialing a phone number for long distance calling on Wifi would be cool.

I'm sure tons of people on the forums will have more features they would like. It's up to blackberry to come up with more with they wanna completely control all IM market share :P

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Whatsapp is ok. I hate giving people my phone number though. Try BBM. Whatsapp is nowhere near as good. When Whatsapp gets video chat and REAL voice chat maybe I will change my tune.

Was hoping that Whatsapp would put the letters of the alphabet guide on the right side to guide to the name. Alas it hasn't happened!

Posted via CB10

One of things I hate on BlackBerry is really slow distribution of updates...

Nothing in CZ

Posted via CB10

BBM should be updating like this. Like PTP hold down one of the volume/mute key for like 3-5seconds to make voice notes soo it can be used as a walkie talkie which is good for a construction/landscaping/any outdoors job and many more features

It will be big when it goes cross platform but that doesn't mean they don't have to update it to be the best it can be.

Posted via CB10

BBM what BBM??? First they said it would be out at the beginning of summer then the end of summer...guess what it's the end of summer and still no BBM...I think it's an urban myth!

Posted via CB10

I know a person at BlackBerry and they said I'll be released sept-oct.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

I'm afraid that BBM had their chance but there to slow out of the gate. Whatapp has stepped up and secured their position. If BBM came out in the beginning of summer it could of been another story!

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I think BBM missed their chance to go cross platform. In the beginning of summer, all my friends on iOS and Andriod were excited for it. During the past few months, WhatsApp has gotten better and more reliable, and my friends don't care anymore. Once again, too little, too late BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

BBM on ios and android, that's awesome!!! The truth is that the majority of my contacts only use ios or android devices, this would be really cool ;-).

Posted via CB10

They need it and soon. Should have, could have, are all pointless to talk about. iOS and Android release are crucial, those need to get out of the door first and most importantly HASSLE free!

The moment people find it difficult to move, BlackBerry is finished on this BBM cross platform. And someone mentioned about WP8 and Desktop. Yes get it there. Once that is covered.

Make it the best communication tool and it's gonna take them far. So far none seem to get a mix right. It's either one or the other. Skype great on desktops, average on mobile. WhatsApp awesome on mobile, unavailable on desktop (unless via emulater). Hangouts neither here nor there. Facetime and iMessage (fragmented).

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

I agree with you. Nothing they have done or not really makes difference now. Just bring bbm the best it can be and continue the hard work. No one can change the past, but can work harder for a better future.

Posted via CB10

This will be great for social networking in general as the King re-enters his kingdom to dethrone his ambitious son.

These two platforms will tussle for the top spot, but Whatsapp will prove formidable and challenge BBM for ever user and market mind share.

I look forward to two greater platforms emerging from the battle, who ever comes out on top.

LOL at BBM as king, Whatsapp has 300 Million Active users when compared to only 60+ Million BBM users and Whatsapp is crossplatform app in a true sense with availability on Android, ios, WP7, WP8, BB7, BB10, Symbian and even Nokia Asha S40.

People i know often use whatsapp and its BB which has become a laughing stock in the eyes of general public.

And yes the numbers will always be in BOLD as there are 300 Million "active" users, the total userbase will be much higher.

Is there anyone else who is experiencing this problem with there whatsapp, when i go to favourites and try scroll through my contacts it keeps going back to the top, its seriously annoying. Hope that this new update will fix this issue.

Thanks, done hard reset, not fixed so now will try delete and reinstall. Thanks

Posted via CB10

I'd like to use WhatsApp since it's cross-platform and so popular, but here's my problem with it: it automatically adds everyone in your contact list with WhatsApp. What's the problem with that? Well, I have over 4,000 people in my contact list, most of which I never intend to IM thru WhatsApp, or any other service. I much prefer to add IM contacts via invite, like BBM does. Unfortunately, until BBM goes cross-platform I can't use it b/c none (and I mean that literally) of my friends/family have a Blackberry; everyone has long-since switched to Android or iPhone. I'm hoping BBM, once it it released cross-platform, can replace my defacto IM, Google Hangouts.

Bingo! That automatic adding of contacts is the reason. I immediately deleted what's app, as soon as I noticed it. I don't want people IMing me out of the blue because they notice I use the app. I would find that annoyingly intrusive. I can't believe more people haven't expressed that concern. Also that type of association through common contacts seems to serve more as a data mining tool, than a user convenience.

So is BBM actually going to go cross platform sometime soon... like as in the next few days?

Posted via CB10

when are they going to give me the option to delete my account....? I only keep this app on my phone as you can not delete your account on there site... crock of ****....

Put iPhone on the back burner when it comes to BBM. Samsung has put out an amazing press release promoting BBM and last time I checked Samsung has a bigger user base than iPhone.

iPhone users will come around and download BBM because it's much more powerful than any other messaging platform in existence. Until iPhone puts out a positive press release like Samsung then much of Blackberries energy should be channeled to Samsung.

I know some will say that this is not a good plan but it's time to take the gloves off.

Posted securely by BlackBerry Z10

"Attention Walmart Cattle. We're currently having a special on McNuggets, please check your iWhore app for instructions on how to coral your fat, lazy *** herds in the direction of the deep fryer smell, that'd be great. Promotional codes will be text to you, have the McDonald's cashier scan that for the free McNugget meal." - Dennis

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If it's still not possible to disable the "last seen" status I will definitely delete what's app and switch completely to WeChat
... it's available for BB10 and it works fine...

Posted via CB10

Anybody know how to modify the profile on WhatsApp? I only see the status opion.

Posted via CB10

Not sure what improvements occurred, but it sure has done a number on my hub. For the first time ever I had to restart my hub!

Posted via CB10

One of the main problems with BlackBerry is that they tend to announce things to early. There is no point in letting the world know that BBM is coming to other platforms 3 months before it is actually laughing. Technology moves very quickly, so those "coming soon" calls do no good to our beloved BlackBerry. On the other hand, the clear way for BBM to really stand a chance of beating WhatsApp is that cross platform BBM launches with All if not more features than those on BB10. Voice and video call, screen share, channels, ppt, a desktop solution, call to landlines and few to none bugs are a must if BlackBerry is really attempting to make BBM the no1 choice in every platform.

Posted via CB10

I don't have a single BBM contact, everyone is using WhatsApp here in Germany. Even those people I know using Blackberries do not use BBM as those are 99% company phones and they simply write mails.

The thing with WhatsApp is that it is so easy to use. I do not have to add a single contact because they are already there. If I have to persuade every single contact of mine to use BBM this simply will not work - at least in Germany. Additionally, WhatsApp is the only true cross platform messenger. It is even available for WP and Sambia plus on some feature phones. Those guys took the right approach by replacing SMS.

Posted via CB10

I have an issue at the moment where whatsapp contact details don't show up, only people's phone numbers. I have emailed them for support but don't reckon this type of problem will be present in BBM.

Posted via CB10

I think bbm with fail cross platform if they don't incorporate bbm video and audio on DAY 1

Posted via CB10

Ask anyone on an iPhone and Android what is the only thing that they miss from BlackBerry and the answer is BBM . Of course Bbm will destroy whatapp

Sent from the Amazing Z10

The only thing that BlackBerry need to do is making more and more improvement on the BlackBerry apps world. Cause now, what people see in the smartphone rather than the design, specs, screen, etc.. The most important thing is apps.

If BlackBerry 10 can make the BlackBerry apps world as good and as much of apps on apple & android, I believe BlackBerry has a big chance of opportunity to have at least same levels, users with iphone and samsung.

Like example in my country, Indonesia, almost all the people who used smartphones, they're using path and line messenger, instagram.. but because its not available yet on BlackBerry 10 apps world, so a lot people choose iphone and android..

Sorry guys if its a bit out of the topic, I believe BlackBerry 10 will keep on moving forward and also improve on the apps. Have no complain for my BlackBerry Z10, I just hope that my Z10 has a bigger battery capacity so then it can last longer (but never mind, i've bought power bank, and car charger), and for sure.. more and more apps.. so, I believe after bbm are available in apple and android, hopefully will make bigger changes to BlackBerry..

Other than that, BlackBerry 10 for me is just flawless..

Thanks Guys..

Posted via CB10

even with this new version, Broadcast is not available... too bad.
where can I find Broadcast on my BB Q10?