WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 gets updated - Get it while it's hot!

By James Richardson on 2 Apr 2013 02:34 pm EDT

Good news for you WhatsApp users on BlackBerry 10. The app has now been updated to version 2.9.3997.0 and along with it comes some nice fixes and improvements.

I for one have been using WhatsApp a ton since we got it on BlackBerry 10. For me it's the perfect way to keep in touch with buddies around the world that for some strange reason still use another OS. I also seem to recall seeing something in our forums regarding Verizon now supporting WhatsApp too. Lots of happy BlackBerry 10 customers!

Updates include:

  • Added many context menu actions to chat messages and contact items
  • Added 'Add' and 'Block' actions to chats with unknown contacts
  • Added 'Email Conversations' feature to the chats list contact menu
  • Improved Send Location feature
  • Various bug fixes, including blocked contacts, profile photos and contact status
  • Added languages - French and Italian

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WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 gets updated - Get it while it's hot!


Dose the whatsapp work on ur verizon z10? mine says there is no new update os yet i just tried... how did you get urs to work?

pretty stupid how the z10 does not give you a notification that there is an update available.. you have to open app world and click on the application...

buts its the 10... typical

Um app world is not horrible. These things will be addressed in future updates i'm sure. I always get immediate updates on my PlayBook, sometimes days in a row. So BlackBerry don't need to look at apple's system, because I can use my PlayBook to perform simultaneous tasks while the OS is updating.

Uhh...it does, just not right away. That's how every single damn OS works. It polls every few days to avoid bothering you with updates, which are not necessary immediately. The level of ignorance on CB is just mind blowing sometimes. I mean, if I was going to make a claim, I'd at least *try* to verify it before posting my ignorant opinion all over the web where clueless users like "hamletz90" will just agree unknowingly.

wrong. ios and android both notify you as soon as you boot, it syncs, or open the market place. they both provide a notification you can click on to update. it's not required to open the market, open the app just to see if there is an update. the least blackberry could do is when you are viewing apps in a list tell you that this app is already installed and if it is installed and there is an update provide an "update" button in the list.

That's not true at all. My previous phone was a Nexus 4, and it NEVER gave me notifications right away. I'd have to go to the play store, hit the overflow menu, click "My Apps," and that would cause it to refresh the update list. Otherwise, it takes a few days. The same is true for iOS.

In BB10, you do get the notifications in the hub, even if you don't check, it just takes a few days because that's how often it polls. Again, just like Android/iOS, it makes no sense to bother a user with updates 100 times a day. Updates usually are not absolutely crucial and can wait most of the time, so it doesn't really matter for the average user if they get it a few days later. The benefits are that they will not be bothered with something unnecessary, and it also saves server resources since not everyone will be downloading updates at the same time when a popular app updates.

Not to keep this running too much but I have a nexus 4 as well and it will check on startup without needing to run the play store. The problem with BB world is that it only checks about every three days apparently for updates (apparently) while Android will check at least once a day or on every start up. So BB needs a better interval.

Yup, we have 2 iphones , and they get updates at boot up, and throughout day if there are some. And when it tells you there are some, there are, and ready to download. Unlike my Z10 that tells me nearly everyday I have an update, but when I go looking for it, there's nothing there.

I actually got the notification right away in the hub, what we have here is some ADHD folks who want the notification IMMEDIATLEY, relax people they have to upload this first for everybody in the world! It takes a little time to populate sheesh, why is everyone all impatient for BlackBerry stuff suddenly? How long did we faithfully wait for this phone? Just a question

Posted from my Zed 10*CA*

So did I, and I am in the Far East. Actually got notification in the hub before it was reported at Crackberry. WhatsApp is now a lot more responsive.

Posted via CB10

Exactly, this feature works perfectly well, BlackBerry World pushes update notfications...

Geeze man do your research before posting garbage.

Preach brother I'm with you an I remember my iphone getting on my nerves sending me updates ever other day an nothing really be updated not noticeable anyways so I like BlackBerry way of notifying me for updates

White blackberry z10

Actually will have to disagree.... Android tells you within minutes of the new update being posted..

It does...however folks on here tend to jump on the updates asap before BB World has had a chance to complete an update cycle (I think every 24 hrs)

That's a hub notification telling you that an installed app has an update. Within blackberry world there are two lists: one for installed apps and one for available apps (apps that have been dl'd but deleted) blackberry world will notify you with a spark if there are 'installed' updates and 'available' updates. Only 'installed' updates push to the hub.

Posted via CB10

Don't know how you have ur z10 set up but I get notifications in hub then decide what I want. Keep the faith people its a new platform

What r u talking about. I get notifications for all updates via email that is associated with your BlackBerry ID.

Posted via CB10

I got the update notification in The Hub within Notifications. Are you signed into you BlackBerry World or not?

Still there is no way to:
transfer between phone numbers - this is available on previous BB models.

BB world DID prompt me with the update this morning. not sure what happened to your Z10...

so.. with this build, does it mean that anyone with the 10.0.9 OS build can download whatsapp?? GREAT!!

meanwhile James, the new build is 2.9.4662...

Thanks for not posting first ^.

I hate how BlackBerry World takes extremely long to send a push notification about an updated app. Even if you go into My World, it still doesn't list WhatsApp as an available update.

This would probably be fixed in the 10.1 update one would assume. Always liked the small BlackBerry app world icon appearing on my Bold 9900 when a new upgrade was available.

Posted via CB10

Cool! I wasn't really having any issues to begin with. Great to see Whatsapp committed to bringing a great, quality app!

Mine doesn't drain? I don't leave the app running through I merely use it through the hub. Unless I have to start a new chat of course.

Posted via CB10

BB10 is pretty much bb1.0. Calm down and stop comparing to app store which had been around for awhile

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10

The battery drain issue was fixed in the first update for the most of us.

BBRY world does notify you when there is an update. As others have said there is a waiting period for it to refresh on your device. All OS's operate this way.

Posted via CB10

Version 2.9.4662.0 is getting the battery to become hot. So hot that I can feel it as I hold the Z10, STL 100.1, running with OS 10 0.10.648. Got only BlackBerry World and CB running in parallel.

Posted via CB10

I got a notification this update was available. You do get them they just aren't install the as updates roll out region by region

Posted via CB10

I already got this update long before.. I notice we like to whine so much. Let's not forget our roots, should be thankful we are getting updates. One at a time people.

Posted via CB10

The new message notification (red asterick) does not go away from the Whatsapp icon and there are no new messages. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Why hasn't anyone noticed the "Notifications" section in the Hub. All app update notifications are posted there. And when you select the notification, it opens and there is an "Open" button that takes you straight to Blackberry World/Relevant app page to download the update

Posted via CB10

I can download it now but still I can not install it given my OS cannot get update. BlackBerry...help please

Posted via CB10

Man I hope they added the option as to whether user wants to auto-download images. Simple feature that was available in WhatsApp for OS7 devices. Annoying that it throws every image posted in a chat onto my phone.

Oops sorry about the above.

On my older BlackBerry I used to get message count, block contacts etc. Even with this upgrade all I seem to get is messages, groups and favs.

Same for everyone?

Love the z10 exciting to see it develop everyday. Good to be on board at the ground floor!

Posted via CB10

Anyone know if voice notes is updated or fixed? On all other devices I hit the send voice note button, it invokes the voice recorder. I record my message and send. With BB10, you have to record your note first, save it, then when you invoke the voice notes button it asks you to find it from where you previously recorded it and then add it and send it.

Has anyone found a fix for msg on whatapps goes to notification unlike the other ones that goes to their own folder

Posted via CB10

I got a notification in my hub, plus appworld icon was showing the sparkle, to me this is a pretty good way to let me know there is an update available. :)

Posted via CB10

Who Else thinks that one of the main things whatsapp is missing is a ping - like feature? Or is that too copyright?..

Posted via CB10

i always get notification in hub. but battery life is still sucks even on expecting better battery back in next update. wish to get next update quick with jelly bean support.

Next update will NOT have Jelly Bean support. According to a tweet from a BB official, posted in the forums, that is for later in the year.

Wondering why people keep jumping into these updates to complain. This is to notify people an update is out and that's it. If you have an issue with how bb10 works generally take it somewhere else. No one here will solve your problem or cares. Would you go into a pet shop and kick off about the price of petrol? As far as I'm concerned I get a notification about an update on the hub which takes me to the download. If I lm bored ill go to app world and see if there are any updates. Jesus christ I honestly don't know what people want, it's like dealing with kids. Do these people that complain stop wearing shoes because they have to tie the laces? I hear in the next bb10 update that Thorsten Heins is going to turn up on your doorstep the second an update is available with it on a silver plate and a red Rose between the cheeks of his arse just to keep people happy.

Posted via CB10

Whatsapp keeps showing me as 'online' even when I'm not online, does anyone else experience this on their Z10???

Posted via CB10

What i hate is that for Kevin BB10 is the best phone till it comes to this, apps and lots of stuff that are wrong. BB needs major improvement in general. Im glad im thinking abot getting a bb10

This Whats App, I can't delete or add favourite contacts, its like it took my last favourites I contacted and made them my favourite.
Does anybody know how to add or delete fav contacts

You're not the only one experiencing this.

It's ok because when BB10 offers me:
Share multiple files to another bbm contact at once, not one at a time,
Share calendar items,
And a few other things then I have no reason for WhatsApp any longer those people will deal with my version of the middle... it's called sms.

Posted via CB10

This is the second update (and yes bb10 did notify me) of this app. I still have people who happened to him on my sim card listed as favorites when I barely know them. I cannot add a real favorite. It cannot seem to sync or add from contacts. All in all a useless app on this state. Also, it seems no matter what the comment, good or bad, in bbworld, everyone registered 5 stars. Makes no sense to me!

Posted via CB10

Developer says "Added 'Add' and 'Block' actions to chats with unknown contacts"--warped definition of unknown and known contacts--my favorites listed are people I really don't know but happen to have the "I use whatsapp" message enabled and so the app assumes I know them, whereas people that I know well and are actually in my contact list/sim card who I know use whatsapp cannot be added to favorites or even contacted via whatsapp until they contact me first and then are "unknown"--like I said, useless in this state...not that I am a big user of this app anyhow--but this is my "feedback". oh and the "add" button for the unknowns does not appear to work, it just launches the contacts list and hitting save, after I select the "unknown" contact does nothing in terms of making them "favorites" or adding them to "favorites".

Favorites, are contacts in your phone that use Whatsapp! Kind of like switching to BBM Video Contacts inside BBM. It shows you what contacts have BBM Video.

Did anyone notice that when you try to send a voicenote, it doesn't immediately record, instead it looks for a pre-recorded voicenote. That's pretty dumb, considering trying to respond, but having to open a separate app to record a note, then going back to Whatsapp to select and send it.

The only BIG complain I have about Whatsapp on Z10 is the sync of the contacts, it's really, how come I have 1678 contacts in the 'whatsapp contact database' when i have only 224 phone numbers in the sim card memory... and worse than that, they appears duplicated in whatsapp and i cannot even delete them. It's extremely frustrating... Anybody else suffering the same?

I don't know what everyone is talking about. I got my notification this morning. When I went in to my Hub it said "What app" has an upgrade.

People whine so much. Why not just be thankful we are getting updates? Leave some room for improvements.

Posted via CB10

What's going on here? I just updated to version 2.9.4662 and none of those features are present.

Posted via CB10

Is anyone else getting an error when trying to download this app. I have tried few times and still kept getting the same message. Any help??

All, software has done what's its designed to do; make life easier. So much easier in fact that it promotes ignorance and sets expectations that things should work like "I expect". For those who aren't bothered by not getting an update notification in the hub, don't worry about those who complain about not getting a notification or not getting one when they expected.. Those who complain are going to complain no matter what.. They complained about not having WhatsApp, then got it. Complained about not having all the functionality, now that its updated they're complaining about not being notified right away.. When people have "forum", this is what they do :-)

got the notification for the upgrade, started downloading and now its gone... upgrade disappeared... strange..

Posted via CB10

working fine now 4 me all but 1 thing I still can't see all of a status msg ov contacts wondering if it's just me or any1 else?

Posted via CB10

Help guys.... mine is saying no new upgrades am i missing something i want the whatsapp so bad not funny i have the Verizon bb z10

I can't speak for others, but I got a notification that an update was available. I opened the message from the Hub and was seamlessly directed to whatsapp and simply downloaded the updated version.

I'm in Thailand and I woke up to the notification this morning. Thanks for that!!

Would still like to see the ability to create Favorite lists on my own as well as the ability to delete people from my favorites.

Keep those updates coming!!! :-)

It.is.a.brilliant.update.get.it.as.soon.as.you.can :)

It basically brings all functionalities of my legacy BlackBerry Curve 3G WhatsApp experience. :)

Posted via CB10

I can never update any of my app including whatsapp. There always seems to be an issue with the app world with the z10 and always closes the application....

Posted via CB10

Hi I want add instagram but not download in my z10 are I have problem or normal blaz answer me tankyou

Posted via CB10

Jayd Davis that's a problem on your network or with your micro sim, have you tried over wifi?
Also make sure your device software is up to date.

Everyone, just for the record, the whatsapp update notification pushed through to my device perfectly yesterday, before this thread started.
The little bell popped up, I went to the notification tab in the hub clicked to open the notification and it redirected me to the app update in BBWorld. Downloaded perfectly.
If you are genuinely having issues that you we're not having before the update contact the dev's and let them know, complaints on BBworld reviews solves nothing

Posted via CB10

There is a bug in this version of what's app where it doesn't scroll to the bottom of ur msgs when u receive a new message

Posted via CB10

Ok, I can see significant battery efficiency since upgrading to the new version. My phone was unplugged at 7 and with my usual heavy usage, only used able 20% after 5 hours. Thanks whatsapp!

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know when Australia will get an OS update for BB10? I've been using my Z10 here since the Canadian launch and I haven't yet received any update so some apps can't yet be downloaded. Thanks!

Posted via CB10

I got a $2 simcard from Optus and it allowed me to download and install OS I then popped my Telstra simcard back in and I was good to go. The Optus sim doesn't even need to be activated. Easy.

The new update does not seen to refresh profile pictures and status.. is anybody else experiencing the same problem?

Posted via CB10

i still dont understand the purpose of this app. !?! why do people want it? most plans now a days have unlimited texts, and you can also use BBM... google voice... how many sms apps do we need!?

WhatsApp or Kik Messenger is a great way to instantly send photos, video, contacts, etc to another user. Unlimited characters and plenty of emoticons.

For long conversations, I prefer WhatsApp because I have my W/A set for no sound effects. This lets me converse back and forth with someone without having to switch my phone to silent lest all I hear is bing, bing, bing, etc. Furthermore, the group chats are a lot of fun, you can share pictures with everyone simultaneously, etc. Its cross platform nature is fantastic and keeps me in touch better with iPhone and Android traitors (err I mean friends).

As long as there is no possibility to set your status as "Invisible" this App won't be good...

Posted via CB10

These bastards have blocked the release of OpenWhatsApp with the help of two-faced BlackBerry...

Yeah man, first they did away with BitTorque, now OpenWhatsApp! I'm really getting annoyed now because I even hate the look of the "Q10". I'm thinking of returning my Z10 to get the SG3/4 now. BB is really annoying me lately...

Every time my what's app downloads and says installing then it says error installing app is there any way I can get it to work I'm in despite need.

Posted via CB10