WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 gets a fresh update

By James Richardson on 22 May 2014 07:03 am EDT

While most of us CrackBerry readers will more than likely favor BBM over WhatsApp (and who can blame us) it's still an app that many of us use to stay in touch with our buddies on other platforms and today sees a new version of the app roll out for BlackBerry 10.

As you'll see below, the changes are not huge, but every little helps if you ask me. Sure, I'm all for BBM but I do still use WhatsApp for a few friends that won't install BlackBerry Messenger for some reason.

If you too are a WhatsApp user keep an eye on BlackBerry World for the update. I'm off to test it out right now.

New in version

  • New in-app media browser

  • Improved face proximity detection during voice message playback (10.2)

  • Holding Alt while tapping Emoji on the Q-series now prevents the picker from closing

  • Chat screen settings to change "Send" button behavior and show the floating action bar (under 'Advanced Settings')

  • Improved performance when opening chats from the hub

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Need some quick tips on why iPhone and Android users should switch to BBM? Click here.

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Reader comments

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 gets a fresh update


But for WhatsApp on BB10 it has been true so far, also with this update.

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Say what you will about Whatsapp, but they have made a truly excellent IM client for BB10.

I personally prefer it to BBM for cross platform messaging. I especially love the media browser and ability to set my own backgrounds. It gives the UI a really premium, customized look.

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Indeed! WhatsApp is definitely not being complacent!

BBM needs to fix your profile pic in being more clear and add the option of saving your last 5 -10 pics in your profile so you can quickly change without having to search for one.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

Yes the profile picture quality is really bad.. and the recent pictures idea is actually pretty smart

Posted via CB10 from my Z10STL100-1/

Sad fact is that most of my ios and android friends don't give a rats ass about bbm.
Anything BlackBerry is inferior according to them.

Posted via Z10. All hail BlackBerry

They have to say that so that they don't seem depressed about downgrading from BlackBerry.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

>> I'm all for BBM but I do still use WhatsApp for a few friends that won't install BlackBerry Messenger for some reason.

So SAD....

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

I'll start using BBM more when the pictures I send stop looking like crap

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when you receive the image you may always ask for the full resolution version, the default one is just to increase the performance

It's annoying because the person who sent it has to reapprove the sending of that one, shh not give an option similar to emails? And have a button "always use this setting" as click able.

That and the notifications bug has hurt bbm adoption amongst my friends.

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No, I mean it. Didn't know the option existed since I had not received a pic through BBM from anyone. The more you know what is available the better, right?

The pictures sent over BBM are better than those sent over WhatsApp. All you have to do is request for HQ by pressing long on the picture until the menu bar comes out.

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+1 about low image quality.

No one should have to learn about the HQ option (and 99.99% of Android and iOS BBM users will never learn or even be aware that option exists, making it essentially useless. All they will remember is "BBM sends really bad pictures").


BBM needs to stop putting the responsibility on users to "learn" all its arcane tips and tricks and make these options more easily discoverable.

No one reads manuals anymore. Just have to deal with that fact and not try to fight against the reality.

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Sad is all my friends leaving BBM due to bugs on iOS and Android devices.

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BBM seems to work solidly for my friends on Android. Lots of people on iOS seem to never read their Delivered messages however.

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How about battery drain and memory used in Android? Some of my friends uninstalled BBM for that particular reason.

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But still sending all your contacts to the server (to check who has an account), so the company has a backup of all your contacts with phone numbers?

So what? There is nothing wrong with that. Viber, Kik, Line, WeChat and almost all messaging apps do the same. The users are not bothered about uploading the contacts. No reason to be paranoid!

I'm a huge of fan of bbm. But Would love to have multiple picture selection while sending pics in bbm just like the way it's in what's app

That is probably the biggest fix BBM needs. One at a time is really crappy.

Come on #bbm fix this problem!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I enjoy bbm, sad that a number of my contacts who owns a blackberry won't use it. I use it as much as I can and always amazed by how much it has grown

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Ya I'm BBM for life. All of my former whats app friends either switched to BBM cuz I wouldn't use whats app or I stopped messaging with them.

That's how strongly I feel about the lack of security whats app has...

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I get complaints from my friends that BBM group does not show unread message counts or a seperator as in WhatsApp so they won't use BBM until this gets fixed

Whatsapp doesn't show "delivered" icons in groups either (at least not on BlackBerry).

All I ever see is a single checkmark even after all my friends have responded to a group message I have sent.

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"Sure, I'm all for BBM but I do still use WhatsApp for a few friends that won't install BlackBerry Messenger for some reason". That reason is you haven't convinced them. Or, they're on Windows Phone.

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What the hell u talking about?? How do u know he hasn't tried convincing his friends to use BBM over Whatsapp??
Alot of my friends don't use BBM even tho I've convinced them but they soon left due to the buggy nature of the app on ios and Android.

Until Bbm gets their act in order, no one will use BBM over Whatsapp. BBM seems to work flawlessly on BlackBerry devices but is a mess on other platforms sadly.

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He didn't say he hadn't tried. He said he hadn't convinced them.

You convinced your friends to try BBM, but you didn't convince them to use BBM.

I have convinced some of my friends and family to use BBM. They can use that, or they can use text messaging. Yes, they are on Android and iOS, and yes, I'm a stickler about it.

I made a mistake a few years ago and gave Plaxo access to my contacts information. I learned that you should never trust anyone else with that type of information. So BBM and the PIN system is the best option for me.

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Why should we customers convince / canvas our friends to use BBM? It is BlackBerry's job to market BBM! First BlackBerry should fix the bugs in BBM, second include phone number as an OPTION so it is easy to find friends.

This is a proper response.
If BBM think their previous fame going to help them to win customers, they are wrong.
I have friends using BBM on android and iOS, they are not really impressed by it yet.

I've tried my best to keep friends on BBM but truth of the matter is Whatsapp is way better than BBM at this point. Really unfortunate.

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Don't think it's a lot better.. but the truth is there's a lot if inertia for people to leave something they have so used to of.. besides most people are on WhatsApp.. Majority kind of always wins.. one may love BBM, but whatsapp can't be ignored..

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Lol I've had Whatsapp on z30 for over 6mths and have never ever suffered bad battery drain. At the moment it's using 0.03% of my battery.

Delete and reinstall, must be a problem with ur installation.

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Was using the beta WhatsApp and they are improving the product really quickly...

BBM need to improve on Android devices a lot!

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Sad fact is that most of my ios and android friends don't give a rats ass about bbm.
Everything BlackBerry is inferior according to them.

Posted via Z10. All hail BlackBerry

BBM cant even send videos to my ios/android friends yet. Its sickening.

Hurry the f up BlackBerry!

Meanwhile whatsapp is consistent, reliable and has the functions you actually use.

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

I think with this new update it doesn't scroll as nicely as before,

I use bbm and whatsapp, don't care either cuz it's all integrated in the hub...

Oh, and all my (4) BBM contacts are also on whatsapp, I only will send them a message specifically in bbm if I want to know if they read the message,

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The behaviour of BBM AT sending attachments is a shame! I am a bis fan of BBM and got this app running on several Android and Apple devices AT family and friends. But sending pictures via BBM is a pain. So, in the meantime, many of them (including me) use WhatsApp again. Sad to say this. Only between "real" BlackBerry devices the messaging with attachments is okay, at least much better. But only when the other BlackBerry is not turned off! :-(

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There is a toggle under Settings > Advanced Settings: ‘Enter is Send' to reverse the function of the enter key. It’s not very practical though without enabling ‘Show Action Bar With Keyboard’ also.

I still don't get it what's so good about WhatsApp? U have to use it because I need to spam people & my family & some friends refuse to use BBM.

WhatsApp is not reliable, has no features & cannot di si many things like;

- share music
- share Pdf files
- share excel filed
- share presentation files
- make calls
- do video calls
- share large files

Most of all WhatsApp drain my batteries & finish up my data really quickly.

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So how's the update working for those of you who've downloaded it. Was going to update, but decided to hold off when I saw lots of negative comments on BBW complaining that the app doesn't open after latest update

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BlackBerry dropped the ball when they released bbm to ios and android. First it was the signing up to get it and then all the bugs. Convinced a lot of my friends to change from whatsapp and they were all disappointed. We've gone back to whatsapp since.

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People are complaining that whatsapp stopped working after latest update! Read the reviews in BlackBerry World. What a bummer |:/

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We have discovered an issue that affects users on OS 10.0 and early versions of 10.1 that will prevent WhatsApp 2.11.604 from launching. We've already submitted a fix to BlackBerry World, which we hope will be approved shortly. Once available, this fixed version will appear as so look for 2.11.605. Newer OS versions are unaffected by this issue.

When is it gonna be repaired >.<
Dafuq is going on?
Its not working since yesterday.
I regret buying BlackBerry.
Shit! >.<

Whatsapp all the way for me I only use Bbm Once in a while this is excellent update to whatsapp

BB Z30!! Running OS

Are there any comments actually related to if the update actually improved anything noticeable? Everyone is talking about how bbm needs to improve...

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