WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 coming next week

By James Richardson on 8 Mar 2013 07:07 am EST

Well, it looks like the wait is nearly over. Many of us BlackBerry 10 users, including myself, have been gagging to get the cross platform instant messaging application WhatsApp on our new device and that time is very nearly here. Yesterday Alex Kinsella from the BlackBerry developer team tweeted the following:

"Prediction for next week - You'll be downloading WhatsApp on your BlackBerry Z10"

To say I'm excited would be an understatement. Sure, there are other ways to communicate with our non BlackBerry friends but WhatsApp just works for me. I've been relying on Facebook due to the great BlackBerry Hub integration but WhatsApp will make me oh so happy once again.

Where it may also be beneficial for Blackberry as a company is that it could make iPhone and Android users think about jumping over to BlackBerry? If they have the apps they need why would they not consider it. After all, the BlackBerry 10 experience kicks butt!


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WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 coming next week


If you honestly believe that, you're sorely mistaken. WhatsApp for BB10 has been in the works for quite some time.

I just installed Openwhatsapp and it does work quite well. Though, its not quite whatsapp when it comes to some feature such as:
- no search capability (just like the crapy google talk app)
- no emoticons
- clicking on someone's profile pic opens another "pictures Previewer" app rather than opening it in the actual app

This is what I've noticed in 5 minute of using it last night

Very nice. I agree, nothing like competition to get the ball rolling... I am extremely happy for the success of BB 10. Keep up the momentum BlackBerry.

Yay... i don't use it but good for BlackBerry to get this to stop people from talking sh...

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soz i,m gonna throw a negative in here ,on all previous bb whatsapp has had issues so much so there are threads and pages about ,have these been sorted is everything hunky dory or is it same old but itll please the masses ??? so hope i,m wrong by the way

And it is going to be free forever for BlackBerry users, isn't it? I thought i had read that somewhere that the annual user fee would be permanently waived for us.

Definitely makes me want to try it for the first time. I've always preferred Touch cause it was free and did more. Can't wait to see this in action.

Derek from my Z10!

Yeah, I was missing this on the BB10. It was like my second most used app on the 9900 after BBM. Hopefully it doesn't hog system resources like on the previous versions.. It used to slow to a drag after a few hours of use - but maybe that was just my phone

Everyone should just get a z10, use the best which is by far BBM, and we wouldn't have to even have to wait for Whatsapp or Skype. Everyone at work is going z10 and they love it. All my friends are almost back to BlackBerry. I won't be needing Whatsapp or Skype.

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I am glad it is coming, NOT because I am such a big fan of WhatsApp, but to tell the non believers that we also have the app !!!!

hi i cant wait any longer im in the Caribbean i want to buy the white unlock version around $800 someone told me wait a lil longer its going to get cheaper went it release in the USA is this true?? really want to buy it now

According to the registration page for the Alicia Keys sweepstakes, the Z10 is valued at $599 if that's any indication of where price is going to go.

That´s true but I love the fact that I get all my messeges in the Hub even if the App is closed like it is on bbm, fb and so on.

Nice, not that I am missing it per se, but certainly handy to have BBM is way way better, but not everyone has BlackBerry, so it does the job nicely.... will be downloading this for sure

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Finally!!! I've been waiting since day 1 for this. Just curious... how will Whatsapp be integrated into BB Hub, if at all?

Can't wait for it. Can now finally get rid of my white bold 9900. Lol super happy.

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Personally I'm not as excited as I prefer BBM over any cross platform messenger. But I WhatsApp because it works over Wifi when I don't have data connection. So I guess its an alternative to have

I totally agree!! I just got my Z10 and I was a iPhone and S3 user. I was going back and forth swapping my son card into both of them. But now I only use my Z10. This is almost the best phone and will be the BEST once more apps are developed for it. Looking forward to whatsapp once again.

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Yesterday i was able to sideload whatsapp android file on my z10. it works but well, u know. i was waiting for a native z10 and this is an awesome news.

At least he didn't tease us and went straight to the point of which app we can expect. Now, I'm just wanting on Skype Shazam, Realtor.ca, and TD Canada Trust. Then my BlackBerry will be complete. Anything beyond that is a bonus for me.

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Great news! I use it to talk to my iSheep friends. Now if Verizon would just sell me the phone that would be awesome news.

#LMOAO I'm in a similar predicament....They might be #iSheep but after all they are our friends... LOLOLOLOL!!!

Excellent News! Should be picking up my Z10 (hopefully) next week: 4G-Sub + 2.5Gb Data + Unlimited Text / Calls. #BlackBerryByChoice

Whatsapp is a great app. Excited that this is finally making its way over to BB10. Developers need to keep on bringing native apps coming and this Z10 will be a massive hit!

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Awesome news. Been using the Android port since launch of phone in canada and it works ok. But can't wait for native as it will have my contacts and hub use finally. Which aren't on port version. Btw. I have a white z10 unlocked version for sale if anyone wants it. Brand new.

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Excellent news, this and a few other key apps are what my Z10 are missing. Great hear we have a time frame, although I bet it ends up being Friday last thing LOOL

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Been using the Android port since the launch in london. It does work, but very frustrating that one can't access contact list.

Let's hope, that it doesn't hog the resources and the Skype and viber get their act together an launch their apps soon as well.

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Has anyone noticed the "Notification" icon not in the hub since the update? My side loaded whatsapp doesn't show icon for new msgs now, can't wait till the native.

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Thanks to many of my friends using iPhone's and S3s, I need Whatsapp for group chatting even though it's inferior to BBM in every way.

At least I can delete the sideloaded version soon.

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That's great news. All I need now is skype, instagram and kindle apps on my Z10. Hopefully they will be made available in the near future.

I used whatsapp all the time on my old BlackBerry.

Hopefully it comes with hub integration or it will just be easier to continue using text messages!

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Don't use whatsapp and no plans to. Don't know anyone that does. What I am waiting for is Touch and Kik. Touch is currently ported from Android and works ok for the most part and kik is a decent sideload but would love to see native versions.

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ever since i switched from iphone to bbz10, i was looking for whatsapp, viber and skype. Now it look like one is about to arrive and the other two? any ways its really a good news for me. Almost all of my friends are in whatsapp........ thanks for the post

I have been using vibe on my BB9900 so what's app is a well worth option. I am enjoying my z10. One of the first three in Hungary :)

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About time whatsapp made a damn app for blackberry 10. Now people can't say "OH, YOU DON'T HAVE THAT APP" anymore.

I really want those notification buttons (whatever you call them) in the picture. Anyone knows where I could get them ?I've been searching it for weeks now...

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Really missing this app because many people left BBM and went to other platforms. Tango and viber should come soon as well.

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BBM is still king but sadly not everyone has a BlackBerry... WhatsApp is the best alternative. Not sure why it took so long though!

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On Twitter, @neerajarora said "yes, finished and almost ready to ship!" when asked if WhatsApp for Z10 was finished!