WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 now available!

One of the most anticipated BlackBerry 10 apps finally arrives. WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 is now available for download!

By Adam Zeis on 13 Mar 2013 03:11 pm EDT

The day is finally here! After being announced at the launch event at the end of January, WhatsApp has finally made its way to BlackBerry 10. The official app is sure to get a warm welcome from BlackBerry 10 users as it has been one of the most anticipated apps on the platform. WhatsApp brings cross-platform messaging to the Z10 and includes text chat as well as file and media sharing. WhatsApp is available free from BlackBerry World, so go grab it while it's hot. Check out the full press release below.

Press Release

WhatsApp Messenger Launches on BlackBerry 10

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA and WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 13, 2013) - WhatsApp Inc., the company behind WhatsApp Messenger, and BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today announced that WhatsApp will bring a native version of its popular mobile messaging service to the BlackBerry® 10 platform.

BlackBerry 10 provides an ideal platform for social apps such as WhatsApp Messenger to fully leverage innovative new features like BlackBerry Flow, where apps work together, sharing information with each other to quickly lead the customer intuitively to the information they need and to give them the ability to immediately take action.

"BlackBerry has always been about bringing people together in a way that is fast, reliable and impactful," said Martyn Mallick, Vice President of Global Alliances and Business Development at BlackBerry. "WhatsApp is a leading mobile messaging app that connects people to their contacts on several platforms, and we are pleased to work with WhatsApp to bring their service to our customers."

"BlackBerry has been a great platform for WhatsApp for many years," said Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp. "Delivering WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10 devices is in line with our goals of ensuring that our customers around the world can continue to communicate with the most important people in their lives."

In building a native application for the BlackBerry 10 platform, WhatsApp has been able to provide a fantastic user experience that leverages the true multi-tasking capabilities of BlackBerry 10. WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry 10 provides a high quality messaging experience that utilizes real-time push notifications to alert you when you receive messages - even when the screen is locked.

Fully integrated into BlackBerry Contacts, when the customer launches the app for the first time, WhatsApp can automatically scan existing phone numbers in the contact directory and extract the ones using WhatsApp, to help customers build out their contacts list and get started right away.

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry 4.6 and higher is available in BlackBerry World (www.blackberryworld.com).

The app is rolling out over the next few hours, so if you don't see it available for your device just yet - check back in a bit.

More information/Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10

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Reader comments

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 now available!



Wrong. The link is the wrong link, links to the bbos7 version. I just checked, link still doesn't work, yet I did a search in app world and it came up (the proper version for z10)

I Dowloaded it from Blackberry World. Yes it was there.
Problem:- No notification whatsoever, Not in the hub, no red star on the icon, no sound alert, no led light. nothing. I get the message instantly though (comes in quietly). i can reply to message, no problem there. I have turned on all alerts in the whatsapp notification. still nothing..

Anyone else having the same problem. I have written the vender a couple of hours ago, waiting for their responce.

I'm in Singapore on M1

Commented too soon. I deleated the app and re-installed it from bbworld. all works well now.

That's the wrong link I download it by searching that link takes you to the bbos7 version.

Posted via CB10

The link is fine.
For those who are finding that Whatsapp is not available for your device message in BBworld, you have to update your software to the latest version i.e
If your Z10 says you have the latest software available and the version number is lower than you will have to find a sim card for a carrier accepting this version update. Updates are carrier dependant and the carrier has to ok this update for it to install on a phone using their sim card. After updating the OS Whatsapp should now be available for you to download.

This comment is also posted at the end of this comments thread. This is for those who dont go to the last comment

I win, posted my thread in Forums 6 minutes before you, lol, j/k. You actually wrote up info, I just posted the link provided by BlackBerry.

Whatsapp is by far the best cross platform messaging app around. Glad to see their continued support through BB10.

I have to say since RIM booted Kik from their app world some time ago, I've never used them since. I can't say if Kik is better or not. Does kinda lessen the impact of my initial claim of 'by far the best' I guess...

i cant explain why i feel so excited by this but sitting here in my boxers with Z10 in hand i do! :o)

Hopefully comes to BB World soon soon soon :o) would love to download it tonight :o)

Great News! I like that they have shown BlackBerry users respect by building in Native Cascades.
Apps that don't build in native will not get more than 3.5 stars from me and I will tell them why.
Now..bring me Kindle and Kobo... :)


So happy to have this app. It's a little frustrating to have so many apps announced at launch only to find out they aren't available right away. I hope the US launch opens the floodgates and more and more apps become available!

Posted via CB10

Got to admit not that fussed for but very happy for all that have wanted this well done bberry they told us we were getting the big apps

Nice. Tired of using two blackberrys. Now I can finally ditch my 9850. Lol. The funny thing is the OS7 has lots of apps. Makes me jealous how the old one is beating the new Os to apps. But thanks to whatsapp for the app. Am through. Add wikitude and I won't bother about any other app

Just did the harlem shake whilst reading this to celebrate!!!! Another marquee app on board! #TeamBlackBerry

Posted via CB10

This is whatsapp, this even gives me more reason to get me self a Blackberry 10 device. Yeppyyyyyyy. All hail The King BLACKBERRY BABY

No, I already tried, you don't need to keep an active frame open to receive a msg. You will receive a notification, led blinking and the app icon also changes.

So ... how many people are in an Appworld search right now for Whatsapp ... and refreshing every 5 seconds? :) :)

The last line of the article ... available over the next few hours. If you don't see it .. keep checking back.

Great to see this finally hit BB10 and also great to know that it is a native app, not an Android port!

I guess some people can't read the part that says "The app is rolling out over the next few hours, so if you don't see it available for your device just yet - check back in a bit."

I don't get why this app is so important. I don't know one single person that uses it. The majority of people use whatever there platforms native messaging is....

Posted via CB10

The same is true for any apps, if you don't use them then they aren't that important, but are a major issue if you do.

Waiting for it to appear on BlackBerry world. I just hope we don't have to keep an active frame open to get the notifications though.

Posted via CB10

Please help... whatsapp not showing up on my device... "WhatsApp messenger not available for this device...m I am using bbz10 STL100-1

Posted via CB10

Oh good. One less complaint from the masses. Maybe there will be somewhat fewer forum postings asking when/if {APPNAME} is coming...or will something else replace that?

Guys calm down! Lol

Oh the heck with its! Let's go check app world non stop til its there!

Posted via CB10

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how many people are camped out at blackberry world website, hitting refresh on the whatsapp search page? i am!

Am I missing something. I tried searching for this on BlackBerry world and nothing. Went to the website and it says it's not available for z10.

Posted via CB10

Agree with that. Downloaded last night and battery falls at a rather alarming rate. I've got very few contacts that use Whatsapp so think I'll stick to email and Facebook messages for the time being.

Now I can talk talk to all the weirdos I didn't want to talk to cause they didn't have a BlackBerry.

Posted on my Z10..... while on the can

And it says "Not avaliable for this Device" when I tried to install it. Had anyone got the same message?

Posted via CB10

Didnt anyone read the article? It'll take a few hours to be fully available everywhere. Dont use the link here, search for it on BB World. Stop complaining, start reading. You've waited this long, will an hour more really be that bad?

Posted via CB10

hey Adam, there is an error in the heading of this article, its should be "One of the most anticipated*" .....Lovely article by the way

Check the screen shots ppl. If it says its not available for your device its cause you are on the whatsapp link to the BB7 and earlier devices. Check the screen shots....

Posted via CB10

Not available for my device. Are we a little ahead of ourselves!! Just little. lol! It will be there I'm sure BlackBerry World is setting it up as we speak. Maybe a little technical issue at the moment.


Posted via CB10

Don't know what time it is for you guys but it looks as if I'm not going to get any sleep tonight until I've got it!

Posted via CB10

I didn't read the last line and delete the Android port whatsapp already...lol

Post via BlackBerry z10 Crackberry App

How did u down load it on ur z10 bcuz its still telling me that it's unavailable on my handset. All I can see is the old one that didn't work

Yes, you need to do a OS update, which has only been released today by TMob. Once that's done WhatsApp should be in app world

Every person who says it's not available is a retard I am sorry but the darn stinking article says it will take a few hours to appear on BlackBerry world. Give yourselves a break and READ wow.
This article is to an ounce that it will be available today bot this fricking instant.

Posted via CB10

Welcome to the "instant-gratification" society we live in :)

The official BlackBerry website says it may take up to 24 hours to appear in the BBW store front.

Just search for whatsapp. The link In this article says it's not available but I'd you search for it, it is available for download.

Posted via CB10

In the UK. Still says unavailable on my z10. I don't have the latest software could that be it?

Posted via CB10

Not available on my device yet. I'm with Rogers Canada. I had the same msg with jetpack joyride when it was first announced on CB but was able to download it a day later.

Posted via CB10

Do you still get notifications if the app is closed? Gonna test that now.

*EDIT* - works great! Keep it closed :D

yes, but it doesn't seem to show up on the lock screen, the LED definitely starts blinking when you get a message from whatsapp when the app is closed. Unfortunately there's no dedicated whatsapp inbox like there is for twitter of Facebook, etc

FINALLY!!!!! :D :'( :D
Not available for me yet but i will be checking every minute for it *Plus its Native?? OMG!!
Thank YOU :3

Posted via CB10

Correction. I just installed it. Went to the blackberry world and searched for it. This link didn't work for me. UK, EE

Posted via CB10

Restart your Z10 and then search for it in!BlackBerry World. Worked for me. Let me know if this helped.

Posted via CB10

I'm stuck at sms verification stage. Call me option also failed. Hope this is due to traffic. Or do I have to uninstall my openwhatsapp fir?

Posted via CB10

I installed but it doesn't work..SMS verification failed..
Calling also not working, ends on the Support request of WhatsApp....:-( nooo

Posted via CB10

do these steps:
1. close the app
2. go to the settings menu, on the security & privacy, tap on permissions
3. make sure that WhatsApp is allowed to access ALL permissions
4. relaunch whatsapp
5. if no 1 to 4 don't work, just perform a reboot on your phone and you should be up and running!

seems there is a slight bug in this build so.. bear in mind. but Z10 lovers, let's show WhatsApp our love so they will support us more and come back with future updates & bug fixes!!

Just downloaded but unable to activate.. both SMS or Call not working.

edit: now verification working! :)

Loving it so far! Not sure how I feel about the hub integration yet, but I'm sure it will get better with updates.

Posted via CB10

I got it first attempt verified no problem took 20 seconds only to set it up

Posted via CB10

Searched in app world. Installed. Then I get text fail and call fail. Go back to app world and says not available for this device?!

Oh dear!

Posted via CB10

Guys, when u have downloaded WhatsApp, restart your phone and the WhatsApp will work :) have fun whatsapping

+++ click on the 'more from what's app' link at the bottom of the what's app blackberry world page and it bring you to the z10 version. I just downloaded it even thought I couldn't find it via search.

The link on the CB post is for an older version.

Posted via CB10

TheStoof 12 min ago

Do you still get notifications if the app is closed? Gonna test that now.

*EDIT* - works great! Keep it closed :D

Finally here and so much better than openwhatsapp is/was but hey it did the job while waiting

Posted via CB10

Really?? I am not seeing that. Are you seeing it as a separate account in the Hub or just referring to the generic notification (the bell icon).

And folks. Yes it does have notifications IN THE HUB. And NO it doesn't have to be left open in active frames. It works just like bit shud. Awesome. All working like the older BlackBerry 's

Posted from the best phone ever my Z10

It's now all works. And it's awesome and fast. From bbworld and on Rogers network folks. It's up and ready to download

Posted from the best phone ever my Z10

The new messages are showing up in the HUB but just under the "notifications" tab. Not available to add to the hub on its own so far. I do however, get messages when the app is closed.

There is hub integration. The notifications appear as an alert.

One issue that I have noticed soo far is going from landscape to portrait with the keyboard up seems to leave the keyboard up with the wrong orientation.

But apart from that it works fine for me on z10 in UK.

Posted via CB10

Edit. Seem unable to reproduce that error now. So its all working fine for me now! :)

Posted via CB10

Finally downloaded and working smooth. Would be nice to see the hub integration but the notification is alright for now....

Posted via CB10

Ok, I'm in. Il You Have problem with verification Just keep trying!!! BlackBerry Z10 Best smartphone ever!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Had to restart my z10 only then the hub integration works. No need to be in active frame to receive msgs. But once closed from active frame it will take a while to reload and show the new messages.

Posted via CB10

O so nice to have it back!! I sent my husband a message (with what's app) and he sent back "Finally! " (he left BlackBerry for a S G3 last year...I couldn't believe it! )
Yay! I can now communicate more adequately with those without BBs again!

Posted via CB10

Got the app, and I can't talk to a bunch of people I used to talk to because they aren't showing up as people I can talk to. WHAT?
And if I look them up in the Contacts part of the app, it just gives me the option of opening up their Contact profile in my address book thing.

Same problem, the work around for me was to add them to my favorites. Once in there im able to start a chat. Some bugs that need to be worked out here but very happy to have this back.

Thanks! But how do I add people to my favorites? I started with 38 favorites and 0 contacts. I refreshed them both and now I have 0 favorites and 38 contacts. LOL This is not working for me. Maybe I should reboot my phone (again).