WhatsApp Smartphone-to-Smartphone Messenger Now Available for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 28 Jan 2010 09:32 am EST
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WhatsApp has been available for the iPhone for quite some time, but it is just now making its way to BlackBerry as well. The app is still in the (very) early stages, so the UI and features leave a bit to be desired, but WhatsApp is delivering free smarthphone-to-smartphone messaging. What this means is that you will be able to send messages to all of your iPhone toting buddies for free. WhatsApp uses the phone numbers in your address book and works over your data plan, so you won't incur any additional SMS charges. You can send "a million messages a day" and it won't cost you a thing (aside from the $2.99 purchase price). The app definitely has a way to go in terms of design and function, but its a good start. If you have a few friends who refuse to convert to BlackBerry, you may want to give WhatsApp a go. While the price may be a bit high for some ($2.99 in App World vs. $0.99 in iTunes) it may be worth it if you're a message hound. Check out WhatsApp in BlackBerry App World for more.

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WhatsApp Smartphone-to-Smartphone Messenger Now Available for BlackBerry


bbm for everybody? Kind of? I would use this if it was incorporated into bbm somehow. Like if it would pull all my contacts into bbm so that I wouldn't ever have to use the mms/sms folder again. Sorry, brainstorming... ><

Hopefully down the road it will "kind of" be like BBM ... but as of now the UI isn't that great. It has loads of potential and should be improved over time.

Gotta agree with Adam...ive been using it on my 9700 and its an ok app...i use it to stay in touch with my friends who have iphones but its buggy to say the least...sometimes it doesnt connect and comes up with errors etc etc.

Am hoping the dev for this app gets off their backsides and starts to improve it...ive had it since dec and no updates or improvements from the dev...quite shocking really as it needs alot of work done on it ie for one a more consistant connection. But for $3 its not a bank breaker.

One point though. How does it know if the person you're talking to has a smartphone? Do I ask all of buds, "Hey do you..." You know what I'm saying here?

If it works over Wifi on the Ipod Touch, why can't they make it work over Wifi on the BB ( without a data plan )

If you have OS 5.0, threaded texting comes w/it. This App seems to look pretty similar. You can incorporate your non-BB users into your BBM quick-call list and their texts will display just as a BBM conversations. The only difference is that you are not paying for individual txt msgs. But who doesn't have unlimited texting w/a BB or any Smartphone these days.
I'm trying to understand the purpose/concept of this App and how it differs from regular texting. Can other Smartphone users get instant music, voice, and pics like BBM users via this App?

It wouldn't be smart to assume that everybody has unlimited text plans. So this might be a good alternative for them and anyone else who wouldn't mind cancelling their text plans all together.

for unlimited short messages when with most data plans req'd for "smartphones" you can/must pay for unlimited long messages (e-mail).

It's just sounds like a less functional instant messenger of the Skype, AIM, hotmail. Any reason why someone would want to choose this app over a one of the aforementioned?

Just to make it clear... WhatsApp has been available for BlackBerry for quite a while ...
WhatsApp developers are obviously taking development very seriously as I am getting updates on AppWorld almost weekly.

If you really had to talk to your friends that have an itoy or other smart phone, why not just use google talk or yahoo messenger? They are free and work fine when I want to chat with non BB friends

Why do apps cost so much less for apple than for BB??? I would assume there are more BB users than iPhone users making it possibly more profitable for companies to sell apps to BB users... I guess I am missing something... Oh well maybe one day I'll be able to afford apps for my BB.

It's simple. I have unlimited txt and bbm but if you don't have a blackberry don't txt me. Lol
before me and all of my friends meet up we have a group bbm chat. The ones that don't have a blackberry feel left out the whole night because we make references to the earlier conversation. Lol

Been using it for a while to talk to people in other countries. This eliminates the need for the international texting.

Also its better than other instant messaging programs as it uses push notifications instead of staying connected to a server and killing your battery life.

Its a great little program that just works. Not the prettiest but good still.

Ummm, ok, that was kind of a dumb question now that I think about it, lol.

Here's a good one tho... does it work with v5.0 OS???

I fail to see the point of this app.
RIM provides an application for each of the most used chat protocols out there. We also have solutions like Beejive or Nimbuzz (broken atm).

The iPhone also has IM apps, so why would anybody need this?

I don't think everybody really understands or maybe it's just me, but it appears to me that this app is meant to be used by anyone wanting to text to other phones (smartphones OR dumbphones). And you will not pay any extra text plan fees, because it's going over the data plan. And you dont have to sign up for any third party IM clients. Let's all wake up and realize that not everybody has a smartphone like an iPhone or a Blackberry.

Just went to App World and read the details. I have to admit, they almost had me sold. So it requires for you AND the person you're texting to have this app. If it meant only having to buy the app and then you could text 'anybody' than it would be a winner, but this is worse than having to invite someone to become a buddy on MSN/Yahoo or whatever.

This Is like sms. U clowns see anything new and jump on it. There is no different between this and sms beside u gotta pay for it. Everybody has im and unlimited texting so this is useless. Another dumb bb app

to be honest, all my friends have bbs. one's that don't I send sms/mms. Iphone people are not in my circle of friends :)

The way i understand this is, if you have friends that have BB and friends that dont have BB's you can all, chat using BBM???? I think this is pretty cool. There's five of us, 4 BB and 1 Iphone user ths would be great.

This app is just like bbm. At times, it is FASTER than bbm! It is different than msn or google because it is always on in the background like bbm. This app is going to make it big. Yeah the UI is shit as of now but I heard that was the easy part to work on. They are just getting the backbone down!

So how is this better than Google Talk?
From what I understand, iPhone can support gTalk through some software (beejive?) and for me as a BB user it lets me use it from desktop/laptop and BB all at the same time.
How does WhatsApp improve on that?

I posted this in the 3rd party software forum, but has anyone gotten this app to work using any version of OS 5 on a Tour? I download it, it works, but as soon as I reboot (soft or battery pull) I get an error message and the app won't get past the TCP/BIS Check screen. I've emailed back and forth with WhatsApp support and, despite trying about 5 versions of the app, have had no luck.

it's not working for me either, i'm using OS4.7 still. some of my friends who are using the Tour and Curve 8900 say they have the same problem. Please let me know if/when you fix this.

I am insulted that they would charge Blackberry owners 3 bucks and iphone users 1 buck when its the same damn halfbaked app! I bet this type of isht happens all the time to us because we settle for it. This pisses me off!!!

I've had this running on a Bold 9000 - - for two weeks now. Its great as a replacement for BBM with my iPhone friends. The one thing I've found is that is KILLS the battery. Absolutely KILLS. I have to recharge by BB twice a day now. So close, yet so far.

What abut international texts? Does any one know if those are free as well. They should be if going over data but does anyone know for sure?

I am not sure what went wrong with whatsapp and mobihand, but sure sucks for country who has no access to paid app world application. We cannot get constant update of this fine application!!

Whats the use ? Doesn't anyone text message anymore ? Blackberry needs a better browser not a better way to text message :/

Hi, but when my friend on the other side see my message what will they see everytime? A new thread like the way I use email to send a message straight to their nmbr ?

This is basically the apple iPhone version of BBM. But the problem is, where as we get BBM pre-installed on our handsets from the go, iPhone owners have to buy this app, and BB users have to fork out more for it... but where the real problem lies, is that inorder to use it, you have to make sure the other person you want to contact has installed the same app too...crap! however there are already a handfull of developers who've created similar apps... so what are you supposed to do, buy all of them??? FAIL

I've said it before, the only way this will work, is if Apple implemented their own standard app.

Hi guys,

I'm living in Sultanate of Oman (Middle East) and BB AppWorld does not allow non-US users to download WhatsApp via AppWorld. Atleast users in Oman cannot download it.

Can someone host the .alx / .cod / .jad on a file server and pass the link?

Thanks in advance.


Hi all,
Sorry if this question has already been asked. I want to use my BBM overseas but think I need to get an international add on for my plan. I'm sure it depends on which network you are on but can anybody give me a ball park cost for a month for international? ]

Someone please repost a valid Link for WhatsApp COD files.

I really need to install it via AppLoader or BBSAK.