What's your high score in Flappy Bird?

By Adam Zeis on 7 Feb 2014 10:39 am EST

Okay, I'll admit it — I'm totally sick of Flappy Bird. I'm angry that I installed it, angry that I made my friends install it, and even more angry that I can't stop playing it. It's slowly sucking the life out of me. That being said, I did manage to score 21 today and I'm way more proud of myself than I should be.

If for some reason you haven't yet played Flappy Bird — you need to. Or maybe you don't ... but you should. It's easy to play, nearly impossible to do well but insanely addictive and super annoying. It is free though! And if you're running OS 10.2.1 you can easily install it with no catch so you too can see what all of the buzz is about. I have such a hard time recommending it because it's a true life-sucker, but you should play it at least once. Or maybe twice.

So for those of you that can't put it down — what's your Flappy Bird high score? I've hit 21 which seems to be my max since I feel like it's way too stressful the higher you get. Some members of the forums have gone as high as 40 with a few going over 100 — truly nuts.

Leave a comment here with your high score, then hit up the forums at the link below with a screenshot as your proof. Let's see who is #1!

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What's your high score in Flappy Bird?



Deleted it, 21 was my top, but dying without touching any edges killed it for me.

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Overrated is an understatement. People must be getting pretty bored with mobile gaming if games like this are getting popular

Worst part about it all is that the young kids are now going to refer to those Mario pipes now as "Flappy Bird Pipes". Destroying our childhood :'(

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Was playing this with my ex on her iPhone....my highest score was 11..lol

Q10...Where my fingers dwell

Same. I just wanted to punch that flappy little sonofabitch in the face after that.

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I'm right there with you ...... I was so proud when I got to 3 as well. LOL

I have already given up trying to better that ..... I am weak, and the game has beat'n me :(

Don't know why some people hate it so much lol. It's simple and fun

81 for me. Got a friend that hit 164 and that kind of discourages me lol

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I gave up before I hit double digits. I wasn't very good!

It would be cool if the game difficulty was progressive and started a tad less difficult. I like these sorts of games but I've got to be able to achieve something better than an 8. I think that was my highest score.

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I cheated and photoshop'd my scores, while in a competition with my family. Finally 'fessed up after fake levels 100+ and my final post was level 1,000,000! LoL

Also, I hate that game. I'm frustrated just thinking about smashing into walls.

10+ years. Since Black and White.

Whoever made this game is a genius. It seems so easy. Seems. "Ok one more time" *die* "oh hell no! One more time " *repeat 50 times*. Hate this game. High score only 47.

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I got a 4 than flappied my phone into the wall and now I have to use a Droid cause of my flappied fone. I am sueing somone! :P

I've only played a few times and my highscore is 8, but my ex has a highscore of 109.

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

4 is my score. Didn't give it much of a chance but just not my game.

Thanks for the suggestion though!

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After about five minutes. Then put it down, because we luckily had to go.

"Cowardly " only dared to install it on my wife's little Gingerbread.

Dare not to put it on my Z10 or left alone my Q10. Strictly for business, or my fridge would be oh so empty.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

My score is that it is an r-tard game not worthy of eating up valuable storage real estate.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

So you got a 0 or maybe a 1 by the sounds of it lol

Sorry I couldn't help myself but I haven't played it yet it looks kinda dumb

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I did play it. Basically you are a cheep-cheep flying in between pipes in what feels like an underwater level from a game known as Super Mario Bros. I have a feeling that the developer pulled the game because he stole sprites from a classic game, but that's just me. You're not missing anything.

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Oh Gosh! I went past a 1004 and the game crashed on me. Now the flappy bird is stuck in my world trying to run away from me...


I installed it just to see what all the hype was about. I don't understand how such a low budget developed game is so popular. The graphics are horrible and if you make it to level 100 it's no different than level 1. Its just dumb!

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This is what makes the game interesting. Extremely simple graphics and gameplay and addictive at the same time.

0 - I've managed to not install it yet lol but with all of these posts about it I'm getting more and more tempted...

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11...and I'm playing right now.

Simple game that makes me want to throw my phone out of a window.

Really...really? This is what people find popular and addicting now? To each his own I guess.

I installed it, looked at it, tapped the screen and proceeded to uninstall it.

To those that enjoy it, more power to you. Glad we at least have the option to get such apps now.

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Not to take away from your writeup Adam, good writing, certainly got my attention!

Keep up the great work Adam and CB. I'm addicted to my BlackBerry and to CB, but I'll pass on this game after seeing it and trying it once, it's not my thing.

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Sounds like I might have to try this. The damn game just keeps popping up everywhere! :)

Swiping and flicking like I'm stuck in a bag of mosquitoes!

Hi. Please don't be byrdbrained (lol!), only install it on a secondary phone, if you have one.

Don't put it on your daily driver, I warn you. ;-)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

9 and now deleted. I dislike most mobile games... candy crush, angry birds, etc.. I grew up with zelda and mario brothers.. these new games can't compete with the classics.

Are these the best posts Crackberry.com can come up with these days, lol?

Do everyone a favor and post information to us on BlackBerry 's latest advances in technology, and what we can do with BB10.

Not games.

Posted Via Z10

3 lol. I'm pretty sure that the dang bird would be screwed up from hitting those pipes so much. But yes, the game is super annoying

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8 was my best..... then deleted it.

But is is amazing how many are playing it these days. You just never know what is going to go viral.

Isn't this basically like the game, "Helicopter." You know, that one where you are going through the tunnel in the helicopter and you can't hit anything? I remember playing that on my 1986 Packard Bell 486. How the heck is this game so popular?

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I can't bring myself to try the game with so many fellow Crackberrians giving phone throwing reviews. I just got those plant producing pipes out of my mind from my long ago childhood.......

Posted via Z30 from C10

Who gives two..

How much money I made this week interests me more.

Posted via CB10 on my Z mfk'n 10!

4!. I think we have hit peak "video games". This one is mindless drivel and I have waaaaaaay better mindless drivel games to waste time on than this turd.

Some of my friends played it. I tried it 5 times. Didn't get any further than 5.

I thought it was a stupid and hugely addictive. Well, on my friends it was.

One of them played all day and managed to get 134.


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A friend asked me what this game was all about, I summed it up in one line: "it's Copter with a bird". That's it.

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Got the high score of 110!!!!!
Too addicting man!!!

Hit via the sexiest phone there is. Did sumone say the Z10?

I can't get past 6 most of the time but did manage a 15 once. It should show what your average score is. But anyways I think I need to delete it before I break my screen. I end up pressing too hard and the screen makes a funny colour around my finger

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Mine is 18. I dont play it too much, but I know someone who got to 331

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A bit random, but if you have downloaded Flappy Bird from Snap, have you noticed that Flappy Bird is EXTREMELY laggy? I've played Flappy Bird in ios and it's extremely fast. Also tried it on samsung galaxy s3, and although it's not as fast as ios, it's still pretty fast. The Flappy bird on blackberry however is really slow, and I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a better version of Flappy Bird out there.


My high score is 78

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How long ago did you install it? I also noticed some lag the first time I played, but it was silky smooth after a reboot.

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This game is like a bad meme. It infected society but doesn't really add anything its completely accidental and detriments the value of really good games.

Posted via CB10

32. Much like you, annoyed that I even downloaded this infernal game.

Posted via CB10 on BB10 from Q10

1.... i got 1 and deleted it soon after. The game makes $57,000 a DAY!!! Its highly overrated

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My high score is Zero! Did not install it. Have no intention to install it! Will only install it under threat of serious bodily harm if I do not.

I think my high score is 10, I couldn't get past two and then I deleted them a friend made me try again and I got to 4 then 6 and finally 10

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I feel bad for BlackBerry since its most popular fanpage is busy talking about a stupid Android game instead of a BlackBerry kinda thing. RIP.

It's a mobile game after all. If there was a native version, people would be all over it.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

My high score is 58 and I doubt I'll get any higher since it seems I may be getting over my addiction of that game.

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I got 19 on my first try! :D now I've climbed to 72.. #100ISeeYOU

Posted From MY #SwagBerry ALL BLACK BlackBerry Z10! #TeamBlackBerry #BlackBerryGang #BlackBerryFaithful #BlackBerryLoyalty #BB10Swag #Z10

Played it for three minutes, delete. What garbage. If you want a difficult, but rewarding game, try sector strike.

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Liars, all of you that get higher than my 33! Let's see some screen shots of high scores. And no Photoshopping as I will use a pixel magnifier and bust your deceitful butts.

They even brought an article on a renowned newspaper here in Europe describing the very same experience of "love-hate-addiction" as you described Adam! So you are really not alone with your feelings :)!

Ferrari ZetaDieci

Whaatttt? Here I was feeling happy with myself for reaching 13. Lol.

Can't even imagine getting up to 100

Posted via CB10

After about 20 mins or so with it on my Q10., (keep in mind that I'm on 10.1 and ripped it from Google Play, converted to a bar file, then sideloaded it onto my Q10 plus my PlayBook) I have yet to make it past 2 points. I keep grazing the edges. In my opinion, is game is crappy. It's too hard to enjoy. But if anyone wants the bar file feel free to grab it from my Save the PlayBook Channel.


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Just downloaded it 3 days ago and I am very proud to say that my current high score is 187. Been getting scores beyond 100 since. One just need bloody concentration.