What's On Your BlackBerry's Device Memory?

What's on your Storm's Device Memory?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Mar 2009 09:52 am EDT

New BlackBerry owner? Be sure to check your device memory... you never know what you'll find! Zach sent in the picture to us above which he discovered on his brand new BlackBerry Storm. He was thinking "did I get a refurb?!" but judging by the other Storms and the red/green paper in attendance, we're thinking it's a photo that was taken during camera testing that never got wiped from the device. This wouldn't be the first time we've seen pics like this surface. It's always fun to see pictures of baby Storms at birth!

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What's On Your BlackBerry's Device Memory?


Ok, my only question at this point. How do I find these hidden little treasures? I can't even tell you how hilarious this would be.

Ok, my only question at this point. How do I find these hidden little treasures? I can't even tell you how hilarious this would be.

all the storm are made in mexico! pull out the battery and check it out!.

im mexican and even me i got surprise when i noticed that the storm is made in mexico, go quickly i went to check the www.telcel.com which is the biggest cell company in mexico i wanted to know if even they have the phone.. Guess what!!!
they're not gonna have it...i just think is funny, ifound this

Blackberry Storm will arrive at Mexico with Iusacell
Published the 22/12/08 to 11:53 p.m. by Carlos Gutiérrez

Blackberry Storm is a product of RIM designed specifically for American operator Verizon Wireless to directly compete to iPhone 3G to him of AT&T.

Verizon uses the technology CDMA EV-DO, that is the same used in Mexico by Iusacell and that in addition is the unique Mexican operator who works under this technology.

With those data, it seems than obvious more that Blackberry Storm arrives at Aztec earth with Iusacell, and thus will be.

Still there is no exact date for the BB Storm, only “next”, but we hoped that it is during the three first months of the 2009.

It will be important to see as the Mexican market with the arrival of this cellular one reacts, although with the reviews not so favorable of the Storm, and the great positioning of Telcel, I see very difficult that him 3G can make competition to iPhone.

Link: Iusacell will sell Storm (Matuk)

The Storm isn't only made in Mexico. It is also manufactured in Canada. I've heard and read a lot of things saying that the Storms made in Mexico have had more problems overall than the ones made in Canada.

If you look closedly at the bottom right of the paper on the table looks like its beginning of the "R" from RIM

Ha ha, loved the part about "baby storms at birth" Cracks me up. Myself, had a picture just like this but it was of a sheet with a red square and a green square along with a couple of other blackberry storms just like this picture, i was shocked and upset because i thought my "new" phone was a refurb one. I called up verizon and yelled and them but they went on to tell me thats what all of them do but sometimes don't get taken off. (we will find out if i start to have problems with it)

I love it. I work for the company that packs all of these blackberrys we have had 3 phones go out with our test images. That is the page we use to test the camera

Seriously, I would panic if I got a new BB and it had pics in it! Regardless, they should make sure to erase everything from the phone before selling it.