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PlayBook Update
By Jared DiPane on 2 Aug 2012 11:50 pm EDT

Earlier today the BlackBerry PlayBook was updated to OS, and initially RIM did not release a change log with the update. The update was not the 2.1 update that so many of us are waiting for, but that doesn't mean this .668 update didn't deliver some noticeable improvements. In CrackBerry's PlayBook forums the members have been discussing some of the changes observed so far. While it's pegged as just being a "maintenance release" which means no real new features, the overall user experience is definitely continuing to move ahead.

Some users pointed out that in the small text of the update they noticed that the update was to address email enhancements, contacts, calendar and bridge improvements, but the update seems to have done more than just that. In the forums users are reporting:

  • Improved Wifi Connections
  • Apps appear to be loading faster
  • Browser loads and moves around faster 

While only a small update, this seems to have done a good amount for the overall performance of the BlackBerry PlayBook, and any improvement in performance should be warmly welcomed by everyone. Some folks are reporting that they are having abnormal battery drain, and others are saying if this is the case give the device a nice hard reboot, and the drain should go back to normal.

So, what has your experience been so far? Notice any changes not listed above? Hop in the forums, or hit the comments below and let us know what you have seen so far!

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What's new in PlayBook OS


Actually, a hard reboot is not just holding down the power button. to perform a hard reboot you must hold down the volume -, volume + and the power button at the same time.

Just holding down the power button will shut it off. You would then have to hit the power button again to turn it back on............although, both methods probably acheive the same results.

I am sorry but what is the point of a "hard restart" vs a restart. The only time a hard restart should ever be needed is if a device is locked up. Doing a hard restart to a device that is working fine can do damage to data among other things. A restart using the software gives the device time to save critical data and prepare for a reboot. If the device, any device for that matter, didn't need that time and processes involved in a restart it wouldn't take it.

This update was much of nothing if you ask me.
I would have been more happy with a eta for 2.1 then a maintenance update to 2.0. I've been using 2.1 beta for 10 months now and it seems very solid. Why has it been in beta so long?

I have also noticed that when I go to create an email, the page opens razor fast. It also closes much faster.

Everything tends to run a bit faster.

I wish that the Play Book would reboot in under 30 seconds. I'm not a fan of waiting.


Ya mine is 5 minutes + in boot up time too. If that other guy has a boot up in seconds he must have nothing on his chip lol
Playbook, the one and only

1. I'm tired of people bitching about the boot-up time for PlayBooks and BlackBerrys. I rarely have to reboot my PlayBook (mainly only with OS upgrades), and I maybe reboot my 9900 once in a two week span. While it sucks that the boot up time isn't quicker, is it really that big of issue....or just another thing to bitch about?

2. Dude...you seem to be making a lot of negative comments. Maybe PlayBook/BlackBerry isn't for you.

These guys " mnhockey .." whatever and " bruva.. ?? " are doing their best to attract people to the Blackberry brand! :)

That's funny, I'm really tired of people only accepting the positive comments, and trying to silence the negative. The negative is there, as with any device. You're point that a reboot isn't needed often is valid...that's a strike in Blackberry's favour. But that's not to say it's never needed. Half the time I get an app update, it involves a restart...and it takes a helluva long time.

And dude...you take the bad with the good. Users are entitled to their opinions. You're not entitled to silence them. Your option, should you choose to exercise it, is to not pay attention to them.

The intent of my comment wasn't to dispel any negative comments, it was merely to point out that if you are going to complain about something, make sure it is valid....just don't complain to complain. The rare PB reboots, while inconvenient, are few and far between for me. I do agree that reboots for BB handsets occur more frequently, and are thus more of a problem....but RIM isn't going to invest any time fixing BB7 and earlier versions to boot faster, plus this is a moot point with BB handsets moving to BB10 (see my comment on PB reboots).

Like you're bitching right now mnhockeycoach99? I'm stating facts. I love my Playbook and am loyal to it, but am not a brainless lemming like many who blindly take stupidity from authority figures without question. If RIM does something worthy of me to contribute to, I will. If they screw up then I will tell them about it. You familiar with free will? You don't like what I post, then f*** off and don't read them.
Playbook, the one and only

I agree...but I also wonder how much do the carriers control the pricing? The reason I say that is look at the 9900 rollout. TMobile had it for $299 and people screamed. When AT&T released it, they offered it for $199 on contract. If RIM was controlling prices, why sell the Tmob 9900 for $299 and the AT&T 9900 for $199? And I didn't mean to sound rude, but I'm just tired of people bagging on RIM. Yes, they have made mistakes...but it is easy to make the right decision being an armchair CEO after the fact.

Mine boots in 2min 52sec after the update. Used to be closer to 4min prior to the update. And I am starting the stopwatch from the time the LED lights up til when I get to the homescreen. 19.7GB free from the 29.6GB total storage of a 32GB. Aslong as they keep shaving something off of the boot-time as each update comes up, I am fine with that.

No ..... what I meant is I would LIKE IT TO BOOT UP IN UNDER 30 SECONDS. I don't like waiting 3.5 minutes. Why so long?

+1.... The one time some people have to wait for it to reboot in 4-6 months apparently is an issue....either that, or people just like to find something to complain about.

The only time I need to reboot is when the Android engine stops responding and I need to get my Word Hero fix on......Wish the Android engine was a bit more stable.

+1 Problems with the Android Player account for 95% of my reboots. I've really try not to run too many non native apps, but at this point there are not a lot of options.

Hope that with BB10 RIM forces more developers to go native and gets rid of the Player. Maybe with the PlayBook tease many of the developers have seen enough benefit to provide a native app.

You don't boot up your Playbook up in the morning when you get up and leave it on all night? My wife does that and it worries me her tablet will have a shorter lifespan.
Playbook, the one and only

This update has been marvellous for me. Previously, I had no Sounds & Notifications section in my options (a known bug) so I couldn't adjust anything to make my PB silent for work. It's back in 668 and working fine.

I haven't been able to add any hotmail accounts to the PB's native email (another known bug). Working fine now (and I really like the native email app!).

Like everyone else, I'm waiting for the "big one" addition of bridge texting, but until that arrives, I'm very happy they released this. :)

Has anyone got hotmail.com working on the default browser? All I got is a blank screen, same for outlook.com

HOtmail was never an issue for me. Mine was the battery draining too fast, and my media not playing till I did a hard boot which solved everything.
Playbook, the one and only

I was syncing some movies into my Playbook and was notified of the update. I went ahead and did it. All day since the upgrade I have noticed 3 thinkgs.

1: Faster app loading which is good
2: Browser is running faster which is good
4: My Playbook is running really warm to the touch, thats bad!!!

Just read here that if I do a hard reboot the battery will return to normal, and I hope thats the case. Will post and let you all know. Hope this isn't a f*** up in the update. Seem that RIM is having lots of luck these days...ALL BAD, and all they need is a bogus update.

Playbook, the one and only

Yup, have my PB in stand-by and usually at the lowest brightness level, and my PB would die within a few hours. I know it wasn't normal because when it goes on stand-by with little to no interaction, it would at least last 3 days, 2 minimum, but definitely not a few hours.

Well thanks for responding about the battery. Make me feel better to know that I am not the only one experiencing this battery problem.

I currently did a hard reboot as suggested and am charging my Playbook in the chaging cradle now. I will know more tomorrow and will let you know what happened. Please do the same. We Playbook users have to stick together

Playbook, the one and only

I did a hard boot and charged my Playbook completely. This has seemed to solve the battery issue for me.

Also before the hard boot, my camera and media player and streaming radio would not work. The hard boot has taken care of this too.

When in doubt...hard boot
Playbook, the one and only

Mine drains in about 5 hours on standby were it would have lasted several days. Have owned my Playbook since April of 2011 and I do not notice any significant changes in browser speed or boot up times....just a very significant battery drain

I have had the abnormal battery drain since the 2.1 beta. I hoped the official 2.1 release would address this. RIM really needs to step it up a bit.

My playbook is experiencing a similar situation of circumstances - most notably being warmer to the touch and increased battery drain during my usual daily tasks.

Hi guys, I was experiencing extremely fast battery drain. After looking online for a while, I took the following three steps to fix the problem. I have no idea which one actually did the trick:

1) Open the video chat application and accept the license agreement (yes, you have to accept it again after the .668 update - or at least I did)
2) Go to the settings menu for the playbook (icon that looks like a gear in the top right corner), choose accounts, and choose gmail if you have it. Choose advanced settings, and change "push" to off. This will allow you to change the sync interval from "Manual" - I set mine to 30 minutes
3) Do the same for Outlook/hotmail, whichever you have.

Once I did all three steps, the crazy drain stopped. Definitely seeing faster browsing, and improved performance on many of my apps.

I hope this helps.

is anyone else experiencing issues with the calendar application?
mine doesn't open... it just hangs and it has been like this for over the past month.
was hoping an OS update would fix things but it hasn't...

thanks for the tip. yes, I am using google calendar. The messages app works only every once in a while.
I've been trying to use the site, but my calendar still won't open :S.

Uh My side loaded android apps and games are now running in their own windows rather than getting bundled up into one.

No else noticed that?

Yeah, it's the update that was released today about 317 mb. Never downloaded the beta version.

Just double checked. Not all apps/games run in their own window, but I did get 2 games and 1 app at the same time.
They are running randomly, not always the same result

Wow... But, it wrecked my bridge messages app and the rest of the bridge apps work fine. When I open the bridge app it flashes and doesn't open. But it keeps adding numbers on the notification icon. Already uninstalled and disconnected my 9800, rebooted and reinstalled and reconnected with same results. Arrrgh. Sorry.

Got the 3mb update from the dev beta yesterday. Updated and rebooted twice while on the rapid charging stand (once for the mandatory and once because I always do after an update) then left if there to charge to 100% and took it off the stand. That was last night, now it's 6.30 am and battery status is 57%! I used it for about two minutes to see if the app world was any quicker as has been mentioned in here. Other than that it's been in standby. That is horrendous performance compared to battery life prior to the update.

For me the update caused all sorts of problems (32GB PB). Apps were way way slower, painfully so. I also couldn't change my background.

A Hard reboot fixed all the MANY problems I was having after the install. Not only that but my PB is now faster then ever :)

Can't say anything but nice to have my Android back. Was running beta and somehow I messed up my Android emulator.

I had to add all my email accounts, some hang ups but a reboot and zapo everything doing well.

Calendar sync went well.

I timed the boot process three times and it consistently took 2:35 (or 2 min, 35 sec). I'm not sure if this is an improvement since I never timed it prior to the upgrade, but I'm quite content with it. Personally, I think anything as wonderful as the Playbook OS is worth the wait and if you consider what your alternatives are: WP8, Android, or iOS, well that really helps put into perspective. Other then that, the old girl is as rock solid as every.

Maybe doing a hard re-boot will help speed up your boot times (that seems to be everyones cure-all).
I've also noted that while mine is attached to the charger the boot time drops to 2:08, but I consider the time to boot while I'm away from the charger to be the more important of the two.

The Wifi definitely seems to be an improvement. Not sure about the battery drain. And browsing seems to be faster. Good update to have.

The Wifi definitely seems to be an improvement. Not sure about the battery drain. And browsing seems to be faster. Good update to have.

Do I have to physically find the update, or will my PB notify me? I have yet to receive a notification of an update.

In your playbook settings, go to the updates tab, and check for an update. It will automatically install.

Or if you prefer hook your Playbook to your computer wiht the sync cable and start up the Blackberry software. It should prompt you to start the install.

Install takes about 20 minutes. Good Luck.
Playbook, the one and only

I've done the "check for updates" and it just says "You currently have the latest software installed" but it's version :(

I have encountered the same problem with two of the four PlayBooks we have... is there a fix? or a suggestion?

I've done the "check for updates" and it just says "You currently have the latest software installed" but it's version :(

Ya you and me both buddy. I was told to do a hard reboot which will clear the problem. I'm now charging my Playbook completely, and the problem should be gone.

It almost seems like RIM is cursed. They have a good new update and then a shitty battery issue like this happens

I won't ever be downloading a RIM update for my Playbook again unless I read in here if there are any issues with it. RIM's credbillity is going down the shitter a little more every day!!!!!
Playbook, the one and only

What I find funny about your comment is that you are bagging on RIM, yet did you stop and realize that you and an handful of others might be the only ones experiencing issues? I've been on my PlayBook for 2+ hours and still have 90% battery left. Email seems to be working great. Browser seems a bit snappier. Maybe you need to wipe and reload?

I know they let you do that if you delete an app and want it back, but wasnt aware you could do that after a OS re-install. Thanks
Playbook, the one and only

Is anyone having problems with the browser after the update? In my tablet even bing, google and amazon are giving problems and simply not load most of the time. I am sure is not my modem (all other computers and actually most of the apps of the pb like app world work fine). Funnily enough, every time I access facebook with the browser it works flawlessly.
I have tried desabling flash and javascript and also removed cache/cookies all to no avail. No browser practically amounts to having a fancy paperweight for tablet.

Everything smoother. Keyboard language now "sticks" after reboot - it used to default to "English (US)" but now remembers my setting "English (UK)". Even better, videos that used to report "video playback not supported on this device" eg BBC Olympics clips and other sport audio commentaries eg Cricket all work fine now. Dead happy!


I have noticed the following:

1. Faster app loading.
2. Browser is running faster.

The one thing that I did see as negative was that the Free Memory quickly ran low with multiple application was running in "Showcase" behavior.

Maybe not such a big problem, as I was testing it with 8+ applications open at the same time.

Glad I did the "upgrade" to

Thank you, RIM
Bold 9700; Playbook 16Gb 0S

It seems as though everyone is having a unique problem. Mine was battery drainage, but my memory is actually running higher.
Playbook, the one and only

I noticed it ran smoother and much faster straightaway but that is what a maintenance update should do. I can only imagine what it's like on the PB4G with a 50% faster processor.

1. Apps loading faster
2. Browser performing better
3. Boot up time approx. 3 mins and 30 secs
4. App world showed an update on the home screen which wasn't there? That was weird....

But on the whole seems great as of now!!!

Go RIM!!!

just got the update. yes i see a great improvement on web browser scrolling. nice! i love my playbook

I completed the update now my contacts will not bridge. I get an error message stating there is nothing setup for contacts from my blackberry. Before the update I started having problems with the contacts not bridging because they were in the "unknown" list and the PB only noticed "default" list.

I love my Blackberry with the PB. Anyone know how to fix this issue.

I am looking at my PB now and when I try to activate bridge contacts, the message reads:

"There are no active Contact services set up on your Blackberry smartphone"

Any help is appreciated. Maybe I am just missing something.

Bridged BBM updates working much better. Feels like a more phone like experience.

Playbook and Bold 9900....what a team.

After update, PB froze up on me (had never happened before) & excessive battery drain began immediately (was losing 5% per half hour while in standby & 1% per minute while using with screen on). Did a hard reset.....no difference. Finally did a security wipe & then spent a while resetting up my stuff before going to bed. Will see if the problems stopped today & my beloved PB is back to the perfect shape it was in before.....

I noticed on web sites the drop down menu's accross the top work much better. Some sites I could not use before I can now use

One thing I've noticed is I now have access to blackberry app world while tethered to my 9900. Previously appworld was wifi only.

There is a dramatic improvement in the GPS function. It now takes seconds to lock on vs minutes, if at all, before. The accuracy is better and the signal strength inside is much better too. Not just my app (PilotVkew - free in AppWorld), but apps like WhatsUp too. I've noticed improvements in browser and keyboard too.

Hmm, better GPS and WiFi performance and reports of battery drain. GPS uses power, I hear. Ditto, WiFi. Radio signals use juice, boyz 'n' girls.

Am I the only who notice that the browser is more likely to crash? It crashed three times yesterday, for the first time since I've been using this tablet.

I think that when the final update will come , this device will be on vintage status and the hardwear wont be able to support the final version in terms of memory requirements . It sucks to wait for something that should of been there ages ago!

Wll done RIM keep up the good work it aint getting any better !!!!

I don't think so. If you refer to RAM, it won't have problems, cause 1 Gb it's more than sufficient. Ditto for the internal storage that RIM reserved for the OS and its future updates (about 1,5 Gb). RIM announced that OS 10 will be available for PB and so it will be. (although the waiting is so long).

"Ain't getting any better!!!" - I'm curious to what you are referring to here. The PlayBook is 10 times better than when it first came out.. and gets better with each release. 2.1 will bring even more greatness, leading up to BB10. If you don't think so or aren't happy with your PlayBook, maybe it is time to put it up for sale. Just sayin'

Not only the battery drain faster, the charging takes longer. Even after an overnight still only about 75% charged. I have rebooted since. So let's hope the issues are corrected. Browsers, apps and emails loading are no faster than before. So I'm not sure what the upgrade was for.

Assuming that you speak italian from your username XD, anch'io noto che la batteria sta soffrendo questo aggiornamento, in più il browser ha più problemi di prima. Le uniche note di merito sono il Wi-Fi più rapido a connettersi e la mail, che finalmente funziona con Gmail. I problemi potranno anche essere risolti, ma solo nel 2.1, che vedrà la luce molto più in là. Rim ci ha decisamente fregato.

I have restarted my Playbook and battery is still draining quickly. I had it charged overnight, was at 90% at 3 AM, went to sleep and woke up at 8 and battery was down to 67%.

Was there any apps running in the background that you were not aware of? Was wifi turned on? Try to turn off wifi and see if it still drops from 90% to 67% when idle for 5 hrs

So I experienced the quick battery drain, which a reboot seemed to fix. I am charging it now through my PC USB, so of course it's charging very slowly. But before rebooting, even while charging the drain was happening!

It seems a little bit snappier... The app world loads a bit faster, but I can't say that I've noticed a major improvement in overall speed.

I used to have this problem of the touches not registering properly after heavy usage. Like I would touch the battery icon and app dock would maximize. Other gestures were all wacky, and I would have to reboot. I hope this update solves that problem.

I am very happy with this update. My PlayBook seems to work faster and the wife connection is much better. I haven't had dropped signal since I installed it.

I also discovered that I can take screen shots without any additional application. I do not know if this could be done in prior versions, but I was thrilled to find it. Before I took pictures with my 9810 to have the information shown on the screen. This is an awesome feature!

Screenshot feature was already there, just hold both volume buttons.
There is a new email notification sound but I don't like it. I wish we could customize notification sounds

RIM posted limited documentation for the update:

It points you to KB31675, and discusses the Adobe Security Updates this software upgrades covers....


The update came with one surprising option, that of a brick!

Downloaded the update this morning, installed and then rebooted. Everything was going fine, had the blue and red boot up screens and then a big fat nothing. I could see that the screen was active as you could see a slight glow when you viewed it from the side. Eventually it powered completely off but now will not power up under any circumstances.

This is my mother's PlayBook and she waits until I can come over before having any updates carried out. She has no apps on it other than what it came with. It's never been dropped or exposed to liquid and is very well taken care of.

Edit: Battery was fully charged.

I don't know how people are having problems. This update has my PB booting up faster at well under 3 minutes and probably closer to 2.5 minutes. Snappier performance overall. Browsing is faster (pages load faster). This is a good update.

My thoughts exactly.....but people will complain since RIM didn't add functionality since our last OS update to make their PB cook breakfast for them or chauffeur them to work SMH

I simply cannot get the download to umm, download. I keep losing connection to the update server and it tells me to try later. Not an auspicious rollout, RIM. Not good at all!

Ah come on, they do OK with these sorts of things. Wanna see some inauspicious roll outs? Go to a tech blog right after a major Android update has been released (IE, ICS or Jellybean), now there are some serious issues!

Yet oddly, I've never had a problem with an iOS update downloading - just the utter stupidity of the alleged "update" when it was installed in all its resplendant glory.

If you're having connection problems, why is it automatically RIM's fault? It might be your carrier, or maybe it's you.


I bought the PB $699 have it since it came out after all they hype and false promisses by RIM Till today its still not running as its supposed to be. I would love to sell it but i dont think that i would get my moneys worth. Its the worst investment i have ever made on a gadget. I invest thousands of dollars every year just to have the latest in electronic equipment because i have gadgetites syndrome I feel i have been let down by A company that i have supported since 2007 and had every flagship device that has rolled out even the 9900 had it for a month and dumped it. my staff all have blackberry and i will be exchanging them by the end of the year to IPhone, reason its just plain and simple made me 50%more productive i am doing so much more for my business. Sorry but this is my opinion after just beleiving in Rim and trying out another platform that i had snobbed off for so many years.

I hope Rim can win me back , i will never buy any latest device agin from RIM untill i have read the reviews ;) i have been just let down to often
Sorry Crackberry ;)

Sometimes you have to cut your loses. So since it's useless to you and you already "invest thousands of dollars every year" on gadgets you should be used to a little loss here and there.. I'll give you $100 for yours providing it's in good shape.. Fortunately for me it does everything I need to help me through the day. Bridged with my 9860 and with the mini keyboard it works just fine.. I use it for note taking, presentations, internet etc.. Sorry to hear BB is not for you but I hope you find happiness with iphone. $100 bucks let me know..

I'm sorry to hear that you aren't satisfied with your PB. For the record, my 16 GB PB was purchased full price...and the 64 GB model I'm currently using was purchased for $299. ...so I have over $800 invested in two of them and not one regret for the money spent. I'm curious what things you were "falsely promised" by RIM? While I agree that the PB isn't perfect, it is 20 times better than it was when it was first released and getting better with each OS upgrad. I am also curious how you/your employees are "50% more productive" with an iPhone vs a 9900?

im not sure if its been a feature before but for me, i noticed one change after updating. i thought it was just with the facebook app but it also happened one several other apps that has a "back" or previous page option. when i tilt or shake the playbook a bit, it goes back to the previous page.

i think my battery was fine after i restarted. then turned it off via the power button and now battery seems to be draining a tad faster

To me, this is a key milestone that must be measured. This is the first OS update completely under the hands of Thorsten. He's always said he won't release something until it is ready. So this OS update and the 4G PlayBook are keys that will show us just how sweet BB10 will be. This OS update must be clean, fast, intuitive, with no lag. I like what I see so far but it certainly isn't PlayBook OS 2.1 ;) In other words, no new functionality -- just a maintenance release.

It is definitely consuming more power after update. Battery lasts around 3 hours and the back of the tablet feels hot. I have already powered it on and off many times, so I don't believe it is the kind of thing that a hard reboot can fix. Any suggestion?

It's not QUITE a requirement for ardent BB fans to be Canadians, but it is about 20 times more likely, statistically. BB is becoming a cruel joke among the Silicon Valley crowd in the U.S., and pretty much on Wall Street, too, despite the fact that BB still has a lot of Wall Streeters using their hardware. They HAVE it, they just ain't BUYING it, either the products or the securities.

You might be right, but do you really trust Wall Street guys??? If you do, I've got some good derivatives for you. Special price, real cheap. Lmfao!!!!!

PB & 9800

So far my PlayBook is working great.

browser opens pagers quicker and apps open quicker.

I am getting better battery life than I did before.

I don't use bridge because my company dropped BB support (jerks) But the email app with active sync is working great.

Everyone but me hates BlackBerry at my work.

Update is great. Smoother, faster and gps works like a charm! A little more battery drain. All and all, I am very happy!

No problems at all, was video chatting with my son in Europe and video plus audio was noticeably better after the update.
For me PlayBook has been an excellent purchase, both my kids have one and the video chat alone has been worth the cost.

Thanks for the reply :)

Before i bought the iphone i was a hardcore BB fan when i got the iphone all my friends were teasing me because all i was ever talking about was BB this BB that ... And now you got an Iphone...

Well lets start first with the emails they come just as well with the iphone as per BB , The emails are perfectly viewed especialy attachments the whole experience is a lot more user friendly excepting the push email i thought it would be an issue but apparently it was not.

I quickly take super quality picts of my products in different angles i easily attach them to my email i have an option to choose the picture size and send them ( much easier on the iphone ) dont get confused with the older OS , OS5 is more user friendly.

My accountant urgently needs some slips i take a quick snap of them with the camera at an angle were the light is consistant i use an unscew app , it crops the file as if it were talken from 0degrees and converts it into a perfectly scanned document in jpg or pdf format with all details viewable as if it had really been passed hrough a scanner after i have taken several slips i just attach them to the email and send it off and that is that

I use Viber to free call all my clients abroad an hours chat uses only about 14 mb or Skype to video conference with my art director

I can check my cctv 6 cameras at a time were as on my BB I could only one at a time ( the bb app had no update in ages)

I can edit a word document add pictures and text to it in no time and have it sent as an email or convert it to pdf easypeazy

I can control the alarm of my company premises there is no app for BB For the paradox alarm system i have

I can make a quick movie of a product edit it in minutes add music and text and upload it on blurp get a link send the link by email i have done this countless times tryingto explain defective products problems to my suppliers in china

And countless business orientated apps that i would not like to bore you with that work just much better faster on this platform

If you think you will miss BBM , think that I-message is just as good and i have more friends that own an iphone than a BB

And to top it off a very stable platform with little to no lag and consistent function

And really i get more done! And faster

Why do I lurk here because i still beleive in BB and i hope that their BB10 can match my current phone and hope that it wont be a flop like my PB which lays around on my table because it still has some usage issues and my Ipad works the way its supposed to work from day 1 and i dont need to wait for countless updates to fix issues once every six months and be happy that i just got a text corrector or now i can scroll faster and another update that makes the wifi faster...

Thanks for reading and hope not to offend anyone

I'm running the 2.1 beta and the 3 Meg update does pretty much what the article above says for the update.

Wifi is much less likely to disappear. Way more stable.

Keyboard comes up way more quick; like instantaneously.

Browser seems to be opening more slowly on first startup but then is more stable and quicker.

Gave me issues with my hotmail and battery draining but these have been addressed by the forums here.

Nice update. Thanks RIM. Hoping 2.1 is near!

/Device agnosticism or bust!

I still see a lot of checkers in the browser.... Wonder if all these "improvements in speed, etc" are not just hallucinations of an overly eager consumer who is continuously disappointed by RIM.

a hiss sound when i use video chat the a recording pop up on top of the screen . happen this after upgrading my pb . anyone similar happen to this?

just noticed that my computer picks up my playbook again. Hasnt been working for a couple months now...ive gotten so used to putting in the ip address that i was wondering for a couple mins why it was asking for my password lol

RIGHT!?!? I forgot to check on that! I plugged up my Playbook (USB) and it's setting up the NEW Desktop Software along with NEW Drivers!!! SUPER!

I think it's important to consider this: How many of us are having problems, that have the 2nd generation of Playbooks (These are evident by the bulge in the back) and how many of us have the 1st generation Playbooks? To test which one you have, sit your Playbook flat on the table. If it doesn't sit FLAT then you have the 2nd generation which wasn't produced with the Quality of the 1st. I have the 1st and I NEVER experience any of these ODD problems. Since the Maintenance Update my Playbook is running MUCH faster, especially the BRIDGE apps. The EMAIL being the BEST for me! My major gripe was that the images didn't load as fast as the Native, which is big because only the Bridge Syncs email across all 3 apps (Blackberry, Bridge & Native). But now, I'm MORE Productive than ever! "For people that DO!"

Doing a hard boot cleared all my problems. So I have the second gen Playbook then. Thats good to know. I wasnt even aware that there were 2 gens of the original Playbook. Guess thats why I paid only $300. Thanks
Playbook, the one and only

Yep! Many don't know this because they didn't roll these out until after they started doing all these Sales. So the 2nd Gen is the only Playbook that most have known. I found out because my best friend FINALLY got one and his was having all kinds of issues that were foreign to me. While examining it, I noticed the bulge & told him, "mine isn't like this!?" He said, "Oh...I just assumed that's how they're built?" We took it back to the Office Depot he got it from and we also noticed that the screens were different. His had a Blueish tent, mines Black. We assumed that maybe it was just a bad handset, so we had the clerk bring out another from the back. It was the same. That's when I realized that RIM was shipping crappy Playbooks! Disappointing, I know. My friend decided against getting one and got an iPad and I couldn't blame him. Leaving the clerk, who was of the Tribe of Apple, with tons of Ammunition and me, without a Playbook Video Chat partner :(

I notice that I don't need to turn on my wifi connection or tethered it to my BB phone to surf the web and receive email on playbook as long as it stay bridged with BB phone.
I noticed it when I went to college where there wasn't any wifi coverage... but oddly my playbook still received email (it's the playbook native email)
This update is a big improvement.... but yes.. it drains the battery a little bit if i keep surf the web through bridged. That's OK!

Haven't see the update appear on my PlayBook...yet.

Checked with Software Update in Settings but I get the message that my software ( is up to date. Anyone else fail to receive an update notification or receive the above message when checking manually? Thanks.

Same with me. Software update says is up to date as does Desktop manager when connected. No update for me.

Thanks for the feedback. Strange. I've always gotten update notifications for my PB apps as well as for OS 2.0 and my current OS version. Then again, my 9930 is slow to receive update notifications as well; sometime a week after I hear about them on CrackBerry or the like.

I'm not sure if the update has been pulled?

I have a 32GB that I have already updated to (battery drain issues with this one no matter how many "hard reboots" or other reboots I do).

I also have 2 x 16GB PlayBooks for my kids. One showed the .668 update available and the other didn't. I restarted the one that showed the update was available and manually checked for updates again, now it shows "you currently have the latest software installed" on both 16GB units.

I was thinking the same thing. I just realized that I had not opened my PB until yesterday evening and it hadn't been connected to the Internet for a 2-3 days since I left it behind while traveling (oops). Of course, I had my 9930. I considered that BB may have suspended the update.

Thanks for your feedback.

Definite improvement with the browser, wifi seems to be more efficient browsing faster with a slow network than my PC's on the same network, boot time improved, apps loading faster thing not really sure, its still slow compared to other tablets, but mail seems a tad bit faster to load, just a tiny bit.

No problems with battery drain or heating up wouldn't know if it was here in the first place as i did a hard restart right after the update restart. Browser definitely much better!

All I've noticed is my browser still crashes far too often and my Bridge icons still disappear whenever I connect to my phone.

Great news.

I connect the playbook to a VPN with a Cisco ASA using IPSEC, group psk, and a LDAP username/password credentials.

A few updates ago it stopped working. I did some rudimentary research, trying to figure it out, but never got anywhere. With this update, it's working again.

How do I get back to .358? This new .668 is draining battery at a rate of 15% per hour on standby. Even after hard re sets and complete battery charges I barely have enough battery to last half a day on standby.

Hmm .... no problem with everything above, but now my KOBO only loads if I am connected to the internet! No more reading on the bus or the beach ... Talked to a guy working at Staples where I bought it and he said "same thing with his". With the new update, the tethering connection has been disabled?

Was advised to go on my computer and reset to version Anyone out there know how to do this? Please let me know!

The 668 update was pulled from RIM's servers several hours ago... I guess you can draw your own conclusions over the reasons for that.

If you wanted to revert to 358, just run the DM software on your PC and connect the PB (via USB cable, not wifi). Restart the PB (hold the power button and select restart on screen) with the PB still connected . On the DM you will BRIEFLY be offered the chance to update the OS (be quick, the dialog will go after a few seconds). If you select update, you'll be offered the latest OS to download... which is 358 (again).

Go and have a coffee... it'll take up to an hour to complete.

I just downloaded it, I heard the boot times are supposed to be faster, but if that's true, the difference is not noticeable to me. I'll be eagerly waiting for a real OS update, hint hint, OS 2.1, where art thou?

I have noticed big differences in sound quality. The sound seems to be more spacious. Others may also notice, especially if you commute and listen to music very often on the playbook using your headphones. Even without the headphones you would notice it’s more detailed. It’s much more noticeable with High Definition headphones.

There are many factors that may contribute to others not noticing the difference. The file format of your music, MP3, WWA, etc, The quality of your music files, thus, 16bit or 24bit ripping, the quality of your headphones. I use Shure E530 headphones. My music is ripped directly from CD in WMA format using dbpoweramp. Those that are not familiar with this software go to http://www.dbpoweramp.com/

Has anyone noticed any differences??

I have noticed big differences in sound quality. The sound seems to be more spacious. Others may also notice, especially if you commute and listen to music very often on the playbook using your headphones. Even without the headphones you would notice it’s more detailed. It’s much more noticeable with High Definition headphones.

There are many factors that may contribute to others not noticing the difference. The file format of your music, MP3, WWA, etc, The quality of your music files, thus, 16bit or 24bit ripping, the quality of your headphones. I use Shure E530 headphones. My music is ripped directly from CD in WMA format using dbpoweramp. Those that are not familiar with this software go to http://www.dbpoweramp.com/

Has anyone noticed any differences??

My playbook is running great
No issues at all with 668
Battery is great about 60% last night at 11pm 48% today at 10 am

Newbie question. I have a PB under the old rooted.
Shld I update to the new - will I lose the Android apps that I have side loaded .... or can I still sideload 'bar' files.

Hi I have the same bug like the previous update: I use hungarian virtual keyboard and the special characters (like áéóöőüűú) are in a pop-up box, but the top half of that box is hidden.