What's new in OS 10.1 on the BlackBerry Z10 [unofficial]

By Adam Zeis on 22 Apr 2013 09:46 am EDT

Over the weekend we saw a full OS 10.1 leak for the BlackBerry Z10. While the hardcore users jumped all over it, most waited a bit to see just what changes it brought and how well it's holding up. I haven't yet installed it on my Z10 but I know many of you have been using it with no issues thus far.

BlackBerry OS 10.1 will come pre-installed on the BlackBerry Q10 at launch and should be available as an update for the BlackBerry Z10 shortly after. No word on official dates for either but we should see some action within the next few weeks.

So if you're wondering just what's new, we've pooled a list of some of the top features we've seen from user comments and in the forums for your viewing please. Most of these features popped up in the 10.1 SDK OS we saw last week, but if you didn't scope that out then we'll give you a quick refresher.

New features in OS 10.1 on the Z10

  • HDR Camera 
  • New text selector tool - bigger and easier to navigate
  • PIN messaging 
  • Unlock phone with just button (don't need to swipe screen)
  • Custom notification profiles (vibrate sequence options, custom contact notifications)
  • Ability to edit APN settings on unlocked devices
  • Smaller font size in Hub
  • Text highlights green instead of blue (word prediction etc)
  • Updated calculator app
  • Updates to BlackBerry Maps
  • Updates to BlackBerry Remember
  • Updates to BlackBerry World (including promo codes)
  • Updates to Android runtime
  • Type N Go
  • File sharing through BlackBerry Link 
  • Ability to paste phone numbers into the dialer
  • Share screen uses dark theme
  • Updates to volume rocker actions (use for media or notification volume)

This isn't the full list of every update in the new OS but it's a pretty good start I'd say.

Now keep in mind if you are thinking of installing the leak you'll get these new features but also may experience a handful of bugs. Some users are reporting Hub issues, app errors and app update errors among other things, so use your head and decide if it's worth the risk.

This OS should be officially available for the Z10 in just a few weeks - we know for sure it will be on the Q10 at launch so it won't be too long after that we'll see it on all BlackBerry 10 devices.

If you've installed the leak and spot any other new features be sure to hit up the comment below and let us know. You can also head in the CrackBerry forums for more discussion. 

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Reader comments

What's new in OS 10.1 on the BlackBerry Z10 [unofficial]


I keep finding new features every time I use the phone.

Granted I came from the official Verizon OS, so some things may have been added since then to 10.0.10.

Anyways, I have noticed that my sideloaded Android apps seem to be faster. They still need some work, but they don't seem to freeze up as long when opening and they respond a little faster. Netflix is still very slow, but seems to be more responsive and faster (I never use it though, so maybe I just thought it was slower than it is).

Awesome new goodies! Wish they also put the "Add to dictionary" option on the word options popup at the top rather than the bottom, since my thumb has to reach further to select the word I want.

If Microsoft doesn't come through, it's their loss. I won't wait. There are alternatives like Faceflow available now and Oovoo and others are working on video chat apps.

oovoo? Are you sure. On my PlayBook the microphone, speakers are not working + no video is it working on z10?

Please advise

Posted via CB10

Overall sideloads run smoother. Upon first open, they now all have permission screens as if it were native or an approved BB World port. They simply work better.

There are none as been verified by other users and it will be later in the year before the next update comes.

Took 3 comments for someone to bring up Skype. After reading through Adams post and not seeing Skype...why bother asking? ugh.

Posted via CB10

Also, Skype is a third party app not part of Release 10.1. Microsoft wants works to use their free services so I think it will come. So will Google with Google Maps.

Almost seems that JB should be the only update. With the JB update, at least some Android apps won't look that old in terms of the menu styles, etc.

The existing runtime was "updated". Not "upgraded". It is not, as already noted, up to 4.1 (jellybean). That is still to come.

Yep, it's not coming with the update. But Vivek did say it's coming later in the year, either way it'll be great to have it when it does arrive.

Posted via CB10

People. Just be patient and wait for the official release. Lol. You can't possibly need any of those features ASAP

Posted via CB10

Funnily enough my share screen is still white...

On a side note, I think there are more applications to share with, I don't remember seeing password keeper or sayit in the sharing menu before.

Posted via CB10

Nice catch. Password Keeper in the share menu is actually very useful. I just tested it out with the browser and it sets up a new password with the url and the title of the password.

The biggest change I heard was the possibility of selecting "Forever" for ActiveSync email accounts.

Posted via CB10

Battery life is poor on this release so whilst the new features are nice to have, there is a downside. Given that this is not an official release and probably has loads of additional code in there for debugging I am not unhappy, but it is still something to be aware of.

Posted via CB10

i kind of have to disagree with battery life. Since this 10.1 leak i have noticed an improvement in battery life.

Can someone see if 10.1 allows USB sync with Outlook? For security reasons I can't use cloud services, and it is killing me to wait to switch to Z10! The minute that is possible I am upgrading!

I wish they bring back the classic way of syncing like we do on bb6 and bb7 with the bb desktop, that way they can give users choice to sync via cloud with their online accounts or locally on their computer.

Im wondering why swipe screen to unlock is changed, thats the unique way for bb 10 i think.. one of selling factor that awakening phone with gesture...

Posted via CB10

I'm probably the only person who doesn't want this feature. haha My old Torch 9860 would unlock itself in my pocket because of the unlock button. But thanks to the swipe-only unlock feature, my Z10 hasn't unlocked itself in my pocket even once yet! Well, technically it unlocked itself once... but that was because the play/pause button which triggered the voice command feature therefore unlocking the phone.

Isn't this already supported in the current release? I believe the option is "Allow gestures when Locked" in the display settings. If you turn that to off, you unlock using the power button.

Posted via CB10

No it's different. As it is right now, the power button will only bring it to that lock screen. Then you still have to swipe up to get into the home screen. By allowing the power button to unlock the device, it bypasses the lock screen and goes straight into the home screen (if you don't have a password set).

Hi, don't worry. the unlock by power button feature is an option. The default is set to what it originally is... which is to unlock with gesture.

theres a bug on the camera. when you take a picture and you open the picture folder thru the camera. it lookd like a 5 pixel pic. blurry... but if you open the regular picture folder you would see the pic clear.. anybody else with this problem after installing the leak?

Installed it yesterday. Everything running smoothly - no sign of any bugs. Early indications are that battery life improved too.

Me too. Haven't any issues yet. Well.... I did have to load it twice, but I think that was because I was screwing with backups.

So tempted to try the leaked version. The anticipation is unbearable! Sadly, I will wait for the official release.

Posted via CB10

Sure wish the API thing or whatever that is would be changed in this release so bebuzz could work (without having to keep it in a tile). I need something for missed call reminders! Also, hoping for a hub reset!!

Sorry...my bad. I meant so it defaults back to the main hub after leaving it, as opposed to going back in to check email but you are still in text message. Sa

Wait... is this for real? I never knew about this gesture. Hmm... I also can't get it to work. So if you're hub is set on say, text message only, where do you swipe from to get it back to the main hub?

There is no trick for getting back to the main Hub, just the regular way. That gesture more or less reboots the Hub, which is mostly useful if it ever locks up.

Wahoo...camon Rogers release this.
fix my freaking emails... SMTP handshake issue is killing me.
Here is a= samp=le of a=n emai=l th=at my
get :(

I agree with boonzer. After three or so exchanges (replies), the third and fourth attached emails are nearly impossible to read as they turn out to be one character per line because of the indentation.

When will blackberry will have a native app for Skype.

Love to get Skype on this device.

Still blackberry rocks!!

Posted via CB10

AT&T cannot make changes to APN settings... and yes my phone is unlocked.

AT&T sync with address book is now there as well

Posted via CB10

1. The calculator app is totally done over.
2. There are more apps to share with .
3. I find text and go to be the best feature on the phone now.

Word of caution the leak OS have bug. A few apps didn't work like Sayit. Also the battery life is poor.

I rolled back to the current version after testing it out.

Posted via CB10

Adam you forgot to include the option for the 'forever' setting for emails in the Blackberry hub. Its not limited to 30 days anymore.

I have an imap gmail account and it is limited to 30 days on the leaked OS. Not sure if it's possible to get 'forever' if you're on imap, but let's wait for the official release and see.

+1 I remember when all us PB users were waiting for that feature to pop up in OS 2.1 (and maybe even 2.0? Can't even remember anymore)

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

I got the update this morning on my Z10 from Rogers but it was only 5MB. Cant see all those new or added features on a file that small. I could be wrong though.

Anyone else get it this morning?

you are probably seeing an update to your current OS. Possibly one of the default apps you deleted.

related: anyone know how to dial letters in the dialler? I can't seem to figure it out or find the ability. Another huge oversight to me.

I mean, if you see a number advertised as 1-800-CALL-BBRY
I don't want to decipher it on the dial pad. On old BB's you could just ALT-Type the letters in the dial screen from the keyboard. I guess I'd like to see a keyboard option in the dial screen instead of the letters next to the numbers. It's not that big of a deal, but was really quick on old phones. The Q10 will solve this. :)

I really like the new featured 3d holograph of Steve Jobs who hovers above your Z10 and waxes poetic about how he could have designed peek and flow if he just had more time.

Posted via CB10

Actually, he would say he invented it but never implemented it because it was too complicated and wasn't as good as what the iPhone has.

"Updates to BlackBerry Maps", eh?. Interesting. So far, I've been using a copy of Google Maps that I sideloaded onto my Z10 instead of using BlackBerry Maps because BlackBerry Maps is missing a lot of the features that Google Maps has namely transit information. In addition to that, Google Maps ran smoother on my Z10 even though it was running in the Android Runtime player. Hopefully BlackBerry Maps will run smoother and include transit information with the updates.

I have to say I reluctantly used BlackBerry Maps the other day to find a location. It was more a lack of options as I always used Google Maps on my Bold 9900, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did the map interface look much better but it actually got me to where I was going. Ok it was off by half a block but unlike Google Maps, it had GPS, with voice direction! I was pretty impressed.

Aside from those improvements listed in the post, there are still a handful of things I'd like to see improve along with the fact that there are some pretty key features that are currently missing that I hope will come in a future update.

Any one know if you if you can do custom notifications on subjects? Does it work on the work side of things? Miss my BlackBerry level 1 messages.

Looks good but I like how large the font size in the Hub is right now. I'm wondering when said "small", how small that will be. And I also liked highlighting blue but I suppose green may be easier for some to see. Wish we had the option to choose which color we want. But not complaining as I'll look forward to all the other goodies in the update.

Does anyone know if the auto off feature is included in this update? And fixes to those who are having problems seeing the BBM video icons for certain contacts?

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I believe the changed font size in the hub only affects the hub menu on the lower left. The one you tap to view separate or all accounts. It was originally pretty large and I really didn't recognize that it bugged me until I started using this leaked OS. It's more comfortable to look at and matches the rest of the sizing in the hub more.

I thought it couldn't get any better. I was proved wrong, cnt wait for the updated OS!

Posted from my zeta diez

How to go to the top of Facebook when you have scrolled down.....

Is there any shortcut like you used in BlackBerry Bold (eg: T)

Posted via CB10

Sorry to say sk8_tor, but clicking news feed doesn't take you to the top of Facebook. I've tried it and it may refresh the feed but leaves you exactly where you left off.

what is Type N Go?

I also hope they fix BlackBerry Link

They need to make a patch to automatically add "BlackBerry Link.exe" into the allow list of Windows Firewall. It added other BlackBerry stuff, but not the actual application. I had problems trying to add/delete files when my phone was connected. The computer would see what's on the phone but couldn't edit anything.

I'm sure the Os update will come before the Q10. Cuz they'll want us to big up the new update to new BlackBerry users(incoming)

Posted via CB10

FWIW I'd actually seriously consider switching from my if this mysterious "Updates to Android runtime" would bring JB (Android v4.1) compatibility, giving me a path to migrate my existing 100+ apps from my current Xperia T to Z10 in a couple of days, with little hacking...

Nice! These sound like solid improvements.

One feature I'd like is the ability to edit individual learned words. Here's hoping that makes it in to 10.1.

Overall, I'm still loving the Z10. I fired up an Android phone this weekend for someone and was immediately reminded of all of the annoyances I had with it. Overall, BB10 is by far my preferred mobile OS. Go BlackBerry!

You said if you make the jump now expect bugs like apps not running. Some don't run now anyway so that is not a problem I'm worried about. Downloaded the update and can't decide if I want to give it a try yet. Really want this Z10 to work like I expect a blackberry to but betting this update is not going to do that. They have had 2 years to release this phone and too many things are wrong or missing to think they have fixed them all this quick

I really love this phone.. i would have bought it but i didn't have enough money so i bought the nexus 4 and i really do regret it i would do anything to own one

In addition to the "What's New," any reports on the bug *fixes* the update will provide? I'm hoping it will address many of the rebooting and SMS/MMS issues that seem to be plaguing U.S. Z10s...

It's a shooting mode. So in the camera app, click the overflow menu and it's under the shooting mode along with "Normal", "Stabilization" and "Burst".

I hope BlackBerry will bring back the In/Out holster option. It really helped me back in the past when i had my Bold 9780 and Torch 9860. I can set vibrate only when i have my phone in holster. And have the sound on when the phone is out of the holster.

Posted via CB10

I agree I miss the in/out holster feature also. Would really love to see it.
I'm very happy with the phone and can't wait for the update!

Posted via CB10

After updated Os I am unable to connect my PlayBook with bridge connection and unable to updated adobe reader...

Posted via CB10

Hopefully they remember to add the landscape for the home screen icons. They add petty things like a calculator update but forget bigger annoyances.

Posted via CB10

Downloaded and installed the leaked OS yesterday. I read on N4BB that it's actually a hybrid. Can anybody confirm? Anyway, it's working great. Just to address a couple bugs reported in this feed, from personal experience:

- Short battery life - I actually think it got better for me. I installed the OS yesterday and it's been off the charger since. It did get warm initially as some said as the OS "settled in", but the phone stayed off the charger for over 12 hours and I never even got the low battery warning. That's also including setting up the accounts and downloading all my apps (over wifi), as well as playing with the phone a bit and exploring some of the new features.
- Pictures previewing in low resolution from the camera app - I don't have this issue at all.
- Some apps may not install - I only have two apps that I'm getting errors on installation: 360 Panorama and the Adobe Reader update. Other than those two, I downloaded and installed 30+ apps/games without an issue.

Positive changes in my user experience:
- One of the things that bugged me with the official OS was there was a 1 or 2 second delay when I skipped tracks using the volume buttons. That delay is now gone for me.
- My Z10 used to reboot a few times a day. It hasn't happened once (knock on wood) since installing this leak.
- The hub loads a lot faster on start up. This might not be an issue for some, but when I was getting random reboots, it bugged me to have to wait after the start up to get into the hub. Don't get me wrong, there's still a loading time, but in my case, it's noticeably a lot shorter now than before. But this isn't as big an issue now without the random rebooting.
- I can't really explain it, but the keyboard got better. And it's not just that text selection circle (which is SO much easier to use now), it's the overall experience. It's just more solid.

There are of course, many other changes, big and small, but these are the little ones that affect my every day use and have made my already great experience with the Z10 that much better.

Up to now, the bugs seemed to be with Apps.
- Porter seem to have a weird aspect (zoomed in)
- Adobe does not update... probably not updated yet

Not a bug... change the APN on Locked devices, testing it right now by changing my plan to a PDA plan instead of a Blackberry. (Ok the request at my provider did not go through.. si right now I'm without data... ah well!)

Android is not upgraded probably in the next major OS update ;) ;)

HDR is awesome
normal pics are better too
Text selection and navigation is above and beyond what it was before
PIN's are back!

Still playin'

Despite the x.1 update, I don't see anything for the automatic starting of applications. This is one the developers and users have been looking for. Wonder when that will be coming???

Are you talking about the *lack* of it? Because if so then be happy if it never comes - it's Android's biggest curse, that nowadays every goddamn app is bootstrapping itself...

Using the volume rocker to change notification colume is something I've thought BB needed for a long time.

My old Razr had this feature, and I still catch myself trying to do it on my 9900. It's just so intuitive.

I wonder if Verizon will just wait for this update rather than roll out the version every other network has been using for weeks now (10.0.10.....)?

Posted via CB10

I don't know if it is a bug or not. But for example when u want to choose a different ringtone the phone brings you straight to the sd card. I have my ringtones stored on my phone so naturally you swipe to the right to bring the menu up. But the phone on my current os wont let me swipe to the right. It just feels like as it is stuck. I have to press the menu key eoth the 3 stripes. Not a big deal, but I would like to know if that has changed, cause it feels a bit inconsistent. Overall it sounds very good. Cant wait :))

Posted via CB10

There is also a small circle in the top right corner of the screen when you hit refresh in the hub!
I find battery much better on ATT
If you swipe up on the main screen were all the icons are they all shrink to the middle I don't think it did that before.
When you swipe right and left using the 3 dogs on the bottom of the icon screen it now shows what page you cut entry shipping to a little 3 pops up on top.
Overall it was very easy to update.
I recommend updating if you have updated leaked Os in the past with older BlackBerrys if you won't go crazy if one or two apps don't work and you don't mind beta testing for me the only downsides are 2 aps adobe won't update who card it works fine and flying thumbs a speed typing app disappeared and won't download again.

Posted via CB10

Don't mind "experimenting" and am not disappointed so far. All sideloaded apps (over 30 of them) working fine as well.

What about landscape locking in the video or picture app. Currently can only lock in portrait mode.

Posted via CB10

Another thing I noticed is that when you dial voice mail it brings up the dial pad automatically. Before you had to click on the dial pad button manually. It still does not auto-dial my voice mail password on Verizon.

No panorama? :( I at least want to be able to put more than 16 icons inside a folder

Posted with mah Z10!

No panorama? :( I hope they add the ability to add more than 16 icons per folder

Posted with mah Z10!

The Os bump is great looking forward to the official version but what's up with the ecosystem? Are we gonna succumb to side loading all the time. Where's skype?

Posted via CB10

Does anyone have any idea which changes to Remember are here? I need a "Start Date" option and the ability to turn off the annoying popup reminders.

Another Huh.
Come on Blackberry, what happened to the OS10 upgrade for the Playbook?
It is a QNX OS device you know.

the calculator app has been made ugly, and to me, is a downgrade. Why do they need to show the buttons at the top for tip and converter? They were fine before available as a top swipe down menu item. No-one uses a tip app in the UK and I bet its rare outside of the USA?

How about:

- DELETING charcters on cursor's right side (now working fine only when you write e-mail or use internet browser)
- MULTITASKING for text messages (it's not possible to swap text messages to active apps, you can only return to the hub)
- SAVING text messages in BB Remember (why is it not possible and why BB Remember doesn't remember messages when you remove them from hub)


One thing I would like to see is the option to return to the last app page you were on when minimizing an app.

Posted via CB10

The comment that needs to be said is "download it and install it"

I do hope that BlackBerry does improve the Link desktop software before the new devices are released in Q3 and Q4.

Posted via CB10

I sure hope they could put in a shortcut toggle switch between 2G & 3G... so as for save time w/out having to go into settings just to switch back & forth from one network class to the other... just a thought though but I'm hoping there would be...

Posted via CB10

Nice. I'm personally waiting as I don't want to screw my phone up or anything.

Posted via Crackberry Z10

Please more camera options (size, light options, manual options like iso, exposure...) like BlackBerry os 7. If anyone can talk to BlackBerry developers please ask them for anyplace rotation, it's really boring can't write on landscape mode on bbm,

Tks crackberry for keeping us updated

Posted via CB10

this is brilliant. great job BBRY, KEEP MOVING!

can't wait to the official release. i have telstra/optus/vodaUK sims and whichever carrier releases the update sooner, i'll rock it on my Z10 and prompt the OTA update!!! WOOHOO!

Two things I want to know about :

Is there the "Delete original message text" option when replying to an email we used to have with Os6?

Is it possible to copy a password from Password Keeper and paste into system password fields? I realize that pasting into system pw fields might be a security hole but if the Os knew it had come from a trusted source (as pw keeper is) I'd like it to be allowed.

Can anyone fooling with the leaked Os try these two things and report?

Posted via CB10

Overlapping transition effect in the app grid looks different. 2nd page used to "cover" the first. Now the first Uncovers the second.

I was wondering if they update the phone and we can makes on the calling the video call like the android devices.. as a 3G calling.

Posted via CB10

I would be good if they update the video calling on the phone so we van use it as a 3G calls.

Posted via CB10

These updates features sound great. I am waiting till the Q10 is released and if the update isn't out by then from Verizon I will install this leaked version on my Z10.

Ya know what, they should just remove the bluetooth toggle switch on top shortcut menu then replace it with a 2G/3G toggle switch... i think it'll be more useful that way...

Posted via CB10

How about screen shot? I have small hands and can't push both volume buttons with one hand? I look funny using 2 hands on the side to take a screen shot!

Posted via CB10

The update may be available soon for the Z10 but how does this fair for Verizon users? Will Verizon push the update out at this time also r take their sweet time as usual?

Doesn't anyone remember that this OS is a Hybrid!!!

So many tweaks that you notice may not be found within the Official 10.1 update.....

Posted via CB10

I don't know if anyone else has noticed but they added "Delete Prior" when viewing the results of a search in the hub. That was definitely not there before

Hi all anyone noticed audio player volume drastically reduced I feel it's not same as before and would like timer on native audio player

Posted via CB10

Overall for this update I give 7/10 very impressive with HDR!!!! First time using this option...

Posted via CB10

Did the update along with a friend of mine who is on Verizon. Giant leap ahead for him and he is much happier with his Z10 now. He was having filed messages showing in the hub, that is now fixed. Also his wifi was consistently dropping, fixed also. Things are definitely showing improvement!

Posted via CB10

What about the volume keys when the phone is in landscape mode? They should be switched.

BBM, add a button to select all contacts when sending a broadcast message?

Battery meter on the home screen?

The browser, ability to hide the url bar (it's too big and ugly), swipe right and left for navigation (back & forward)

Posted via CB10

Forgot about the keyboard, Arabic keyboard is too damn slow after the update (not 10.1)

Posted via CB10

It depends of yo ir Carrier, isnt It? Im on Claro Perú, and they never update the OS of the cellphones. Thats crap of them.

Posted via CB10

Can we please please please have the option to adjust volume when using bluetooth? Has to be the biggest hassle ever to get up and change the volume on whatever device I'm streaming to which is usually to my computer which doesn't have a remote (just for those who continue to tell me to use a remote). The whole point of media through bluetooth is to not have to deal with any device other than my phone.

Posted via CB10

Is anyone having issues downloading apps through BBWorld with this update? I've restarted my phone a couple time and every app I either try to update or download give me an error. =/ just curious to know if I'm the only one.

Posted via CB10

I downloaded this update. Some of the updates are cool. The biggest downside is that the text messaging app is screwed up. I am receiving messages from people and it says that it is from someone else. I have a Verizon Z10. That is a big bug. I am down grading today!

Why can't we have the Q10 keyboard layout on the virtual keyboard of Z10? For those who are used to all the keys and Alt functions of the physical BB keyboard, it would be so much faster to type -- and not switch from text layout to number and symbols.

It would also be a best of breed, of sorts. Have the same layout as Q10, and flick it out when you need the screen space.

Posted via CB10

Formated text option for Remember is awesome. Still need Due Time (not just Due Date) support. I don't understand why word suggestion in green is better than blue. I know I'm missing something here. Please explain. Thanks.

For some reason any interactions on Facebook never appear in my hub until I open Facebook. Anyone else experiencing this?

Posted via CB10

really hope they sort out the duplicate group text/text issue and put the option to call straight from text screen. more than 30 day sync on exchange email, background apps...few others

Few issues I have so far with z10. Why isn't the date on the home screen? Why is there no voice recorder app and why when I delete an app it reappears after a reboot? Is there a way to hide apps like on old bb? Another thing I realized is that after a reboot the profile shortcut is between normal and silent rather than vibrate and normal

I think something that should be updated is different wallpapers for lock screen and home screen

Posted via CB10

ActiveSync is not working for me after I upgrade to 10.1. Can't complete setting up my job exchange Email. need help please

after updating on my Stl100-2 2G network option is gone.. now i have 4G/ 4G&3G /4G&3G&2G / 3G/ 3G&2G
im living in a country where 4G isnt available but 3G and 2G are ..before the update the option to choose 2G only.. i prefer that way because im always next to wifi and when i need any downloading if away from wifi i manually switch to 3G that way if im on 2G im using way less battery...

Unacceptable BlackBerry. Literally you HAVE DAYS remaining with me as a loyal customer. I can't take this lack of support and blame on carriers. We all know carriers are terrible, and you promised updates via BlackBerry and not carriers.

Sadly my Dev Alpha, software wise was far more superior than this crap Z10 LE BS. From lack of features (Contacts Groups, screen rotation) Buggy OS (RIngers and other settings never save) Poor battery performance, lack of apps, (Real apps like BlackBerry Navigator, Traffic, not that shit BlackBerry 10 Maps BS) big ugly bulky design down to the shitty touchscreen keyboard.

The Z10 is an embarrassment, I hide my phone constantly, not like my Torch 9810 which I would proudly display to anyone.

Thank you BlackBerry for taking the worst features and designs from the top phone makers and rolled out a steaming pile of shit that you slapped your name on.

I want to move forward but BlackBerry apparently wants me to move on.

I have been a blackberry user for 10 years strong. I loved the BB button on
all the phones. I like the Z10 better than the Q (tried both) but it takes getting used to -

* I want an option to turn OFF taking a picture by tapping the screen !!
I absolutely hate it, the screen shakes when you have to touch it.
I DO use the volume buttons but i want to turn OFF the touch to capture -
* Also want to be able to PASSWORD lock the phone from the sleep button
on top of the phone similar to iPhones.
* I want the option to unlock the password with a gesture (like droids)
* I want the ability to send a TEXT from the call screen !!!!! So frustrating
* I want one button to clear the phone back to 0, meaning I dont like
that the Z10 takes you where you last were all the time. Id rather have the ability to
bring all the internal apps back to neutral state as if I just opened them rather then having to
keep finding the (back) button and clearing myself.

is it xmas yet?

I wish BB would have kept all of its old features that we all used to love and or got used to and rolle3d em into this phone with an updated twist of just new and intuitive ways to do new things, Not chnage the way we were used to doing things. I dont see why BB chose to reinvent a wheel that was so perfect for all os uf in our own unique way. I see they had to up the ante and get into the game, they could have done this by just upgrading the phones features that everyone raves about. But not the internal navigation, shortcuts and convenience keys and etc. I really MISS my BB button on the face of the phone. That was my savior. I have 10 more days of trial on my Z10. Fingers crossed.