How to discover what's new on Netflix

By James Richardson on 19 Feb 2014 08:19 am EST

Since BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 was released to the masses, getting Netflix onto your BlackBerry 10 smartphone has been super easy thanks to the simple installation of Android APK's. I favor the app 'Snap' which provides Android downloads straight to your BB10 device, so If you haven't yet given it a try, you can find out how to install it here

I'm quite a big Netflix user and although I don't use my BlackBerry for watching movies most of the time, there are occasions when I choose to for a variety of reasons. The one frustration I've had with Netflix in the last year or two is that whatever platform you are viewing it on it isn't particularly up to date when it comes to highlighting new releases.

As far as I'm concerned 'what's new' is pretty darn important as most folk want to watch the latest movies or TV shows as soon as possible. Maybe Netflix will introduce this feature to their app at some point, but in the meantime there are a few options on the web for seeing what's added to Netflix each day. If you want to be in the loop with the latest and greatest offerings and you are in the UK, North America or Canada the following links will give you all the info you  need. 

Alternatively, MoreFlix will provide you with what's available to watch online from various sources - Netflix included. You've now got no reason to miss the most recent additions to Netflix - making your BlackBerry 10 smartphone even better! 

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How to discover what's new on Netflix


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Netflix is amazing. I recently signed up after loading it on my z30, thanks to 10.2.1.

I love my z30 and Netflix. I can't see myself switching to any other phone in the foreseeable future.

Go team BlackBerry! Go John Chen!

Posted via CB10

Not true, I live in the Caribbean and I have Netflix on my Z10 and it works, there are some programs you cannot see unless you have a VPN setup for the particular country e.g. USA/Canada/UK.

I loaded Netflix from the Amazon App Store. The Amazon App Store, didn't require side loading. That was even easier.

If I can find the link I'll post it, although I think I got it from an article on CB.

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I like 1 mobile. I just browsed to the 1mobile site and downloaded the app store direct to my phone. It let me set up an account and pushes upgrade notifications to me as well as BBW, and if I wipe my phone, I just need to download the app store again and it will have all my Android apps ready to download, just like BBW. I don't understand the desire of CB to keep pushing Snap, which appears to be allot more cumbersome, heavy and feature light.

...Canada is in North America. A big part on in I thought lol

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Would be nice if they told us what they take off Netflix too. Was shocked the other day to find my beloved Peep show missing, more annoying is I was watching through it again :(

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Does anyone know why the current version of the Netflix app available from Snap doesn't include the Chromecast plugin? I have Chromecast installed on my system and, on my iOS and Android devices, it works fine. But with the new version of Netflix on my Z10, I don't see the Chromecast icon. (It does worth with YouTube on a Z10, so it's not a hardware or 10.2.1 issue.)

Love Snap...I can see the whole Google store being available at some point in the near future. The downside to this is that developers may stop making native apps.

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Any one know how to watch US Netflix in Canada using BlackBerry? Is there any simple setups available?

I user Media Hint plug in for Chrome browser but wishes there is a simple solution available

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Netflix is not app that I need on my Z10. It would have been OK for my PlayBook. I AM NOT going to support a company that is NOT willing to support me. Frankly I don't need Netflix: Bell Fibe TV is more than enough for me. Why waste $ 9-10 to watch old movies? There are plenty of channels to watch old movies.

BlackBerry needs to provide a native way to get. Apk files; also to allow sand-bagged Google services to apply.

The Android runtime is a nice hole-plugging temp fix, but until a native. Apk app happens, the nay-sayers have the upper hand.


By the way, when are we going to hear how BlackBerry Maps helps you save lives? (referring to a recent post you made on the Maps update)

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WTF am I doing wrong?!?! Sitting on freaking AT&T's network with a Z10 in San Antonio and its still on 10.1. Evertime I try to update it says I am on the latest update...I WANT MY 10.2 UPDATE!!! >.<

Just take the leap and use Sachesi. Well worth the initial anxiety of loading a leak. AT&T is not our friend when it comes to timely updates.

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