What's new in BlackBerry OS 10.2

An unofficial changelog for leaked OS 10.2

By Adam Zeis on 5 Aug 2013 12:09 pm EDT

OS 10.2 hit like a storm over the weekend and lots of users have fired up the leak on their Z10, Q10 or Q5. While it's far from an official release, it's running very well for most users. 10.2 has a slew of new features with it as well. Everything from priority hub to interactive notifications to lockscreen notifications.

If you were wondering just what all the new features in 10.2 are, the folks at BBNews.pl have compiled a changelog of sorts that lists many of the new features found in the leaked OS. The original list was in Polish but Ronen took the time to list it out in English so we have a sizeable list of what's new.

Note that this is not an official OS and thus this isn't an official changelog or list of features. Some of these may or not be in the final version upon release (whenever that is) so this is simply a guide of what's current in the leaked OS 10.2 and what could possible make it into an official version. 

If you find any features not listed here be sure to hit up the comments and let us know!

What's new in leaked OS 10.2


  • Clearly improved system performance, application support (including Android Player) and animation

BlackBerry Hub

  • New "Priority" with the ability to establishing automatic priority rules (For example, based on senders name…)
  • Differentiation between priority messages in the hub (red bar on the right)
  • Shortcut to a list of all attachments


  • New visual notification on the lock screen (just click on the notification icon to expand)
  • The new "fast" actionable notification at the top of the screen (in any application) with the ability to respond and take action without running dedicated applications (mostly)
  • A separate notification for each group of BBM

Home Screen

  • A new quick settings menu with additional buttons and change of appearance
  • Dedicated access icon for BlackBerry Hub
  • New default wallpaper

System Applications

  • Task Manager, which allows such check which applications are taxing your system and battery
  • Weather app with a fresh look
  • Native application Evernote
  • New indicator for data
  • Remember gets extensive improvements including a search option
  • Changing some elements of the Music app’s UI

Default Applications

  • Ability to select and / or change the default applications that run on certain activities / references


  • Displays the total number of contacts


  • You can send a predefined SMS when you reject a call


  • Simplification of many interface elements, improved buttons and sliders


  • This finally is a native app. No more slow adobe AIR
  • Change the look of some of the UI elements


  • A new screen with a preview of the file sharing
  • Ability to edit photos directly from this screen before sending


  • The different sounds of clicks for keys other than letters / numbers
  • Vibration alerts can be activated by the introduction of an automatic change / amendment of the word


  • More than one alarm – for the first time in BlackBerry OS, you can set more than one alarm at a time. Access to this feature can be accessed directly by an icon on the screen watch, which is located in the upper right corner.


  • New shortcut to the location settings geolocation photos
  • Preview transmitted images
  • The camera can now turn on a grid
  • After shooting, just drag its thumbnail in the top and then on one of the display in such case the – delete or share


  • WiFi Direct
  • New categories of tags NFC Smart Tags


  • Ability basic photo editing and to set as wallpaper

Voice Dialing

  • Additional features for advanced voice dialing


  • New loading bar browser
  • Longer holding the "Back" button in your browser calls the abbreviated browsing history
  • Reversible color reader mode (white text on a black background)
  • The smaller top bar 


  • New recordings instructional
  • More instructions on the screen when you first start and configuration
  • New information after a screenshot – the amount of free memory
  • The new interface operations copy / paste
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Reader comments

What's new in BlackBerry OS 10.2



Ok but seriously, just about to install this on my Q. Works ok on the Z, few bugs here and there but it won't stop me!

Posted via CB10

Adam, How about a list of bugs? That would be helpful. I know wifi hotspot has been an issue for many.

Posted via CB10

We know some apps done in-house by BlackBerry already use background services, but what is particularly interesting is that they claim some app partners have already been including this in their applications. What that implies to me is that the current 10.0 and 10.1 device OS already has the support developers need to include background services without the need for a major OS update such as 10.2. All that may be required is an update to the NDK development kit which some select app partners already have access to.

So the next logical question to me would be - if it's already there then why is it taking so long? Well my theory on that is that BlackBerry is trying to ensure that developers can't go wild and start doing things in the background without the user knowing that are going to be detrimental to battery life. They have to have some safeguards in place so that the OS can limit what an app is doing when it can't been seen.

Hopefully this means that they have figured it out and we should start to see background apps available soon. As a developer I can say the most common feedback I hear from users is that they wish my apps didn't have to be open in an active frame.

Posted via CB10

Download and Install Blackberry Link.

Backup your phone

Close Link

Download autoloader, run autoloader with phone connected to PC

Let it do the magic :D

P.S. I usually never backup my phone but that is YOUR choice.

Run autoloader, make sure your phone is off..then plug it into your computer and turn on the phone..the autoloader will recognize it and then led will turn green.

Leave the phone and let it do it's thing..the phone will reset when done.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10 SQN100-5 w/ 10.2 OS

No, I remember every password I use for every site, app or whatever... and I have 10 different passwords haha

Posted from Uranus, on my Zed10 of course.

Too bad I can't copy the link directly via cb app. I guess I have to open the browser, go to cb, then copy it from there.

Thanks Adam!

Posted via my Zexy Z10, raaawrrr

I don't see anything apart from which networks are available and which network I'm connected to.

Posted via CB10

There is an app for everything. Even one for finding wives if you suspect they are cheating on you.

via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK : OS 10.1) [ Follow me @EHZAY for BB News & Tech Updates ]

This 10.2 update leak looks pretty tempting. But I ll just wait for the official update hehe. Glad to hear there are some great features coming.

Posted via CB10

Agreed! 10.2 looks incredible, but as I use my Z10 an awful lot for work, I would rather wait for the official release then risk something going wrong at the least opportune moment :p

Posted via CB10

Totally agree. Too much having to restore my contacts, accounts, apps and etc. Wish I had a spare z10 to try this leak out lol.

Posted via CB10

This should be added under the list of features for "camera":

Press and hold the auto focus square for 1-2 seconds will lock it in place.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10 SQN100-5 w/ 10.2 OS

Did not know about this. Works on the 10.1 though not sure if this existed before as well.

Oh, and can't wait for 10.2!

Posted via CB10

You need to tell people that it doesn't work for the still camera. It works for video, and should be obvious as to the Benefit of this feature. Unless you like it continually adjusting focus while recording.

Posted via CB10

It even works on the still camera, tried it on the Q5 on and 10.2.1047. On the latter this feature is visualized via a little lock icon. Here's a pic at the end of the thread: http://bit.ly/15UJD9B

"Locked" is a hit generous in still camera mode. As soon as I take a picture it unlocks and moves back to the centre just like before. ;)

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

Does it bring speed dial on home screen on the Q10??

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

It doesn't work on the home screen. But if you go into the phone app and then hold down a letter you programmed for a number..it will call it.

Honestly I find just typing "call Home"..for example on the home screen is pretty much as good imo.

But yes it does work, but only when you open up the phone app.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10 SQN100-5 w/ 10.2 OS

with respect, that's not speed dialling then is it? Its the same as 10.1 and hasn't been fixed then, despite promises by Blackberry to fix it. Marvellous. I'm sure this was announced as something they were going to fix, wasn't it? But then in my naivety I'm still waiting for my bridge to work as on previous BBOS phones too....

Suddenly I've lost interest in 10.2 leaks...... Anyone got 10.3 lying around anywhere?

I take it you didn't come from an older BB like the 9900 where from the home screen without having to go anywhere you can simply hold down the letter you programmed and it'll start dialing? Seriously, why is this so hard? Just fix it already!!

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Oh I definitely agree that they should fix it..its Def a simple fix.

I came from a BlackBerry bold to a touch and then to the Q10 but I never used the speed dial feature. Not everyone does. But your right it should be available on the Q10 just like previous BlackBerry keyboard devices..I tottaly agree. It's a easy fix and should of been incorporated from the get ggo.

Posted via CB10

I used it all the time. I am going to keep complaining until they get their crap together and fix this. Why take good features out?? Makes absolutely no sense...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Can you help. I'm interested in Lock Screen Message Notifications. Do they show up even when you have the device totally locked i.e. screen is locked AND in its timed out to black state?

"This finally is a native app. No more slow adobe AIR." Hah, I don't own a BB10 phone, but whenever I tried the Z10 out in the shops, I wondered why the settings app is laggy in an otherwise smooth OS. Now I know, quite odd they didn't make something like the settings native from the start.

P.S.: waiting for a cheaper full touch BB10 phone before buying.

^ This. I cannot believe settings in not native to this point. Is this the only non-native system app?

Haha, Im not looking for agreement, Im just exposing my feeling about how things going on... SEVEN months since launched.

Open your mind kid, others opinion may differ from yours. If your fanatism wont let you accept the fact this phone was released on an very early and inmature stage, it's not my fault. The fact is that more than six months has passed and we're still here trying "new" stuff which supposedly should be come right out of the box.
Nite nite.

Posted via CB10

What a loser's answer man!
You're a mediocre customer, sorry. Justify your mistake with others mistakes doesnt make you smarter, it makes you the dumbest.
Thanks your monkey minded, brands like this keep flooding the market with unfinished products...

Difficult to understand? Example then:
- Buying a New Expensive car: no ABS/ECS, no Airbags, no MP3/BT/GPS, no CPU...
- 2Peks1Bird mind: ..."Okey dokey, 10 years ago cars didnt have it..."
Retrograd answer ever.
Hello! We-are-living-in-present...You MUST release an up to date product, not pretexts.


:) it's true what you say, in a close environment like iOS. Not so much in Android. In BB10, just the enthusiasts will try those leaked OSes, and they will report back. That's why BB10 will be eventually a better OS than iOS. Howgh! Z10STL100-1/

Posted via CB10

I have no plans on switching to "iworld" in near future, so Idk how iOS environment works (or not).
I was an happy 9700, 9780, 9810, 9900 and 9790 user (enthusiast also) good old times when smartphones brings solutions instead of delays, bugs, lacks, etc which BB10 is offering me right now, btw.
If I ever was an average customer, and have to stand OS10 as it was released, be sure that it wont lasts me just a couple of months.
Off topic: I.E: sideloaded Instagram 4, trying to hide the 2nd icon (the useless one) guess what? No chance to create empty /1 element folder, neither renaming the damn icon... so all I have to do is survive with this "shortcoming" awaiting for a fix on next leak... great.

Sounds like BB10 is finally here. Hopefully devs can give us a call blocker and resource manager now.

Posted via CB10

They have that. App manager is in the global settings menu, and call blocking is in the phone apps settings (though its not number specific blocking).

Yeah it's pretty useless the way it is. Can't block unknown callers. Can't block specific callers. I have to use my 9900 for my regular phone.

Posted via CB10

Omg! Yes, your right! Someone has got to take advantage of that kind of functionality.

Posted via CB10

Very good that BlackBerry delivers updates on a regular basis and I hope they will keep on doing this in the future. BlackBerry please don't make unwanted changes to fast like the white them change instead of the dark one for the Q10 or give us choice. Can't wait for the official update, not into leaks myself.

CB10 - Q10

It was always here. Open remember, downs wipe down the keyboard, it'll way voice note on the bottom bar.

This is a big deal to me as I record my kids playing their instruments at school and church functions and I have been conspicuously beeping until now! Didn't realize this was changed until seeing this comment.

Posted via CB10

-Smart reply (priority calling) txt/bbm when ignoring calls
-shift send for line break
-updated copy/paste automation
-priority list in hub
-updated playon. Stream vids,pics,music and bbm video wirelessly to your smart tv
-android 4.2 player
-updated maps
-toast notifications quick reply
- remember app now has toggle to switch between tasks and notes. Also Combines photos and voice notes
-application manager and kill processes
-picture organization and date tab
-music organization and "all songs " playlist
- videos organization now has albums
-instant previews of msgs on main lock screen
-Multiple alarms and timer enhancements but wish the alarm options would open the clock as it used to by default.
-From deep within main settings you can now pull the screen back to main settings without clicking back a few times.
-screen select above search now has a hub icon.
-tasks from remember now in calendar
-mobile conferencing in calendar
-"i will be late message confirmation " in calendar
-calendar improvements in general
-SHARING: now remembers recent apps or people you shared to for quick sharing
-BBM groups has separate notifications
-now has visual voicemail. (need to be subscribed)
-email opens all attachments without having to open each file individually


How about proper sync of Contacts, calendar, task and NOTES with outlook? this used to be a strength of blackberry and they dropped the ball with BB10. This is the kind of update I am more interested in. Any news on that?

If the official 10.2 OS update is gonna be bug free, than it is gonna be awesome, looks to me, that this update might really push the usability of BlackBerry 10 devices.

Posted via CB10

Can somebody explain "The new interface operations copy / paste", this is a big one for me.

Posted via CB10

When you highlight a word the tools bar pops up above. No extra step to hold and get the side bar. It's now quicker and easier


Missing the new camera mode "low light", and if it is anything like the youtube video I saw that mode takes awesome low light photos

Posted with mah Z10!

Is it me or does the dedicated Evernote app not work? Id love to use it. I know its still baked into the Remember app but I'd at least like to try the app on its own. I can sign in but then it takes to me download it via BB World where it then tells me its unavailable for my device. Is there a fix that I don't of?

You will be able to use it once the official update has been released or a more up to date OS leak.
I too can't wait to use it.

Posted via CB10

No, it's not you....the calendar parts of my remember are there, but the evernote parts are gone...only bug I've found in 10.2, but it's kind of an importantone for me

Go to accounts and set up your Evernote account there and your notes should reappear inside the Remember app.

Posted via CB10

No...In accounts it says "It is currently not possible to authenticate your account with the Evernote service. Please try again later."

I'll be waiting for the official release. However, I am curious...

Does the task manager allow you to fully shut down and exit BBM or is it really just a task viewer?

Why would I want to do that... because I don't use BBM and I don't want it constantly running, forcing a data connection, needlessly sucking my battery dry for every minute and second my phone is switched on. Seems simple enough to me. It's a bit like switching the lights off in your house when it's not dark and you're not in the room. I know that's a radical concept for some people but that's the way I do it. Now do you actually know the answer to my question?

I can't say from experience, but I did read someone say that it allows you to kill processes, so it sounds like it does allow you to do that....

Posted via CB10

Reading this, I really want to download it. Especially since my provider hasn't pushed or something. I'm still on and I want to 'keep moving' ;)

But what are the bugs?

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Just do it. I've been using it and only noticed two bugs but I think they were network related. 10.2 is amazing. Love the quick reply option.

Tempted to go back to 10.2. And retry it. Wonder if they fixed the link issue when upgrading from 10.1 to 10.2

Posted via CB10

It's more stable than the previous leaked 10.2 where the PIN was watermarked everywhere. I would say, give it a go!

Posted via CB10

What about headless apps???I haven't heard much of nothing on this feature. Really would like it to be on the 10.2 update. Could anybody confirm if it's already on the leaked 10.2 or not ???

It's probably there, but it's up to devs to make their apps headless, which won't happen until 10.2 is official...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I was wondering if I was going to make it all the way through before someone mentioned this. ;)

The colours available right now sick, and it would be cool if it would do the background instead of the left side bar only, but it's cool to see it in there. :)

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

There should be a whole post based on this. It's really a spectacular feature! It's almost as useful as colored LED notifications!

The camera can now turn on a grid

Anyone know what this is and how to turn it on?

Posted via CB10

Classic "rule of threes" grid. Google "rule of threes" if you need to. :)

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

Hehe.. show's how long ago that lesson was for me ;) we didn't have thirds back then, just threes! Lol.

I stand corrected x2

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

Maybe like the arrows from legacy OS when there is a data connection in work? Can anyone confirm?

We have all heard that with 10.2 we will also have the ability to run headless apps. I not expert in this field, but from what I understand headless apps are apps that can run and perform their tasks in the background without being open all the time. However does this also allow for inter app communication? For example with emoticon apps. Can we call the emoticon app when in BBM to add their emoticons to our msgs without ever leaving the BBM app (obviously provided the app dev does the necessary tweaking to their app). Im particularly interested in the virtual track pad app.For all those who want it, Imagine having the option of having a trackpad in every app which works with text input.!! Would be brilliant.

Can run 4.2 version Android apps instead of just 2.3 as in 10.1 OS.

Posted via CB10 on my ZedTen!

OS 10.2 will basically streamline the important improvements which had to be incorporated to make bb10 experience much refined and more user friendly.
keep moving bb waiting for BB11 device

I've been running the newest leak all weekend and I didn't know MOST of this list. If I had two requests, one would be to make it so that the instant notifications also turned on the lock screen so that I could see the message if the phone is locked. The other would be to make it so that the instant notifications would stay on the screen longer. Right now, it's about 5 seconds and I don't see an option to expand that time.

Otherwise, LOVE this OS!!

Posted via CB10

I never tried a leaked OS before, even on legacy BBOS devices, but with this one I took a leap of faith, and I must say... it's impressive.
My only complain so far is that when restoring my 10.1 backup, the accounts on the hub were all messed up, and somehow none of them allowed me to reconfigure, so I had to reinstall 10.2 again, get my contact list and calendar from my outlook.com accout (still missing BB Protect), and re-download all the apps.
Sadly BlackBerry link do not have the option for a custom restore to specify the restoration of PIM data only. But the guilty is not the OS 10.2, but the crappy BB Link software.
Anyway, this is a very stable release, and hopefully BlackBerry will keep making improvements.

Posted via CB10

This is the best leak ever. BlackBerry just stepped their game up big time. Thanks Thor.. never doubted you from day one. Unlike those damn trolls and co

Posted via CB10

10.2 is an amazing update. It's so simple to install the leak.... Everyone can just go ahead and update to it.... I'm wondering if blackberry is going to add any more features when finally releasing

Would be nice if on the time shift camera you could keep snapping pictures and it would save the entire frame. Then go back and select your favorite picture from the frame

Posted via CB10

The ability to play headless apps has been here since BB10.1 The issue is Apps that can use this feature. With the 10.2 SDK BBRY is opening up the headless app API (though it will still be limited to approved apps)

Posted via CB10

This might be minor to some, but it's kind of important to me...any word on EMOJI's!? I'm so sick of seeing those little x'd boxes when someone sends me something.

Yes they work fully now at least they're all showing up in Blaq and the newest instagram apk conversion for me

I am going to re-install today. Did it before this last leak and had to revert to 10.1.x

Features I would love to see are;
1. In the phone log when you delete a call it should delete all calls for that contact ( just as it works in OS 7.)
2. Removal or the ability to prevent the saving of local contacts when creating a new contact. Again just as how it works in OS 7
3. Faster synchronization of PM and email with Exchange, just as it works with OS 7. This is a big disappointment, it sometimes take up to 15min to synchronize changes. This is how BIS works and that's why I never used BIS. With BES it was always real time. This is not an active sync issue as iPhone and Android works fine. It is not as fast as BES with OS 7 is but it is much faster than BES 10 with OS 10 is.

Posted via CB10

Hate that you need an actual Windows PeeCee to install these leaks. Same for beta zone software.

Getting tired of missing functionality and having to install leaks to get missing features. Makes me want to just get an iPhone since it just works.

Also at least in their universe the closes things to leaks are the jailbreak hacks and those run on windows and macs.

Posted via CB10

Some of these I don't see in my installed version of 10.2 on my Z10STL100-3/ .. also looks like I have balance turned on despite not being hooked up to bes but I can't change my profile.

Posted via CB10

And still since 1999 blackberry refuses or forgets 20 years In a row to include landscape mode for the music player.

Have you heard of car mounts for your cell phone. I'm pretty sure blackberry sells them. It's like releasing a new car without seat belts.

Posted via CB10

I believe that will be in the afternoon. I remember reading in an article somewhere 4 years ago.

Posted via CB10

But still no improvements to "Bedside Mode"? At the VERY least they should give it the ability to automatically turn on when charging :(

Posted via CB10

True !
For bedside mode, we need :

1- automatically switch to bedside mode while charging

2- ability to define time slots for bedside mode

3- automatically stop radio while in bedside mode.

Thx BlackBerry !

Posted via CB10

Woow never installed a leak but I think this will be my first one! Backing it up now

Posted via CB10

I'm waiting for one upgrade & that is to use the voice control button for dictation as the current button is just too difficult to access. Most of the time I keep getting full stops instead.

Posted via CB10

New drop down menu? I thought that was only for Z30.
It is the same old menu for me on my Z10

Posted via CB10

I want to install the 10.2 leak but I can't backup my application data via BlackBerry Link because it fails once it gets to 90%. Can someone help me?

Posted via CB10

I had the same problem and then turned on airplane mode and tried it a couple of times and it worked.

Posted via CB10

Other than the Facebook issue (which I'm currently trying to resolve via the forums) I have noticed one other problem.
If you make a call and the is busy, when you press end call it takes an eternity to hang up. Even if you close the app you can still hear the "busy" tone sounding out.

CB10 on my Z10

There are indeed. Very surprised to find Afrikaans now supported after looking at the other input changes.

Kudos BlackBerry, this is looking very solid and much improved

Posted via CB10

Why is there an icon for the Hub? We already have the 3 lines at the bottom of the screen that takes you directly to the hub... sounds like BlackBerry are pandering to the "home button crowd"...

I'll end up stick in it in the same folder I put the settings, phone, search, voice control, and camera icons that i don't need.

Posted via CB10

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a settings section in display that you could permanently hide all of those redundant icons?!?

The hub icon is A B S U R D...!

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

The camera should give the street name of where it was taken. A small but effective feature, in my opinion.

Posted via CB10

For the browser, you don't need to long press the back button. You can swipe the back button up to give you the history.

Posted via CB10

annnnnnndd... this is exactly why I read all the way through these comments.. for the one tidbit that proves valuable.... just like this one. ;)

How long has that been around and how did I miss it!! :D

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

Apart from the red bar on the right for Priority messages, you can select a color for each of your email account and that would appear on the left. Helps distinguishing messages from different accounts.

The camera can now be silenced as long as the phone profile is on silent.

Hub allows you to colour code your email accounts giving distinctive coloured bars that sits on the left side.

Posted via CB10

You can also hold the shift key then press enter key to create a new line in text messages.

Posted via CB10

Where is the new quick settings menu? On my Z10 it's the same since I got the phone.

Love 10.2 :)

Posted via CB10

Completely rebuilt, but looks the same. It is now a cascades native settings app. ;)

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

I just want blackberry give us a choice for the background of BBM. I have a Q10 and I just love dark color of it.

Great os but there are still a few bugs

I did but there are a few issues such as not able to use BBM wifi calling.. contacts disappearing, call log not populating, Microsoft active sync not working.

I'm going to reflash... if it doesn't work I will downgrade

Great OS but still need some work

Posted via CB10

Anyone else not able to use Evernote? All I get is a message stating there is a new version in BB WORLD but that version says not available for this device. Kinda bummed

Posted via CB10 by way of the SUPER SMARTphone Zed10

Got to settings/accounts and add an Evernote account and your Evernote entries will populate in the Remember app.

Posted via CB10

Overall absolutely loving the new OS though. Fracking great shtuff

Posted via CB10 by way of the SUPER SMARTphone Zed10

I think I will the camera addition where you get the low light. Feature. I saw it on a youtube video and thought I would receive it in the OS. Update. All in all the update is really nice. No complains so far.

Posted via CB10

Seriously tempted to try this...

Some of the issues that I have with it (lost SMS) will hit with 10.1 MR, so I may take the plunge.

Posted via CB10

I had 4 rebooting z10's before getting a perfect one so I've been hestiant to do anything that might start that up again, but I don't think I can resist this one...

Awesome news... now it's time to wait for the 10.2... I hope it's sooner than longer...

Sent by Bbry Z10

Absolutely amazing, this OS is by far the best BlackBerry OS ever !

I'm a huge fan and BlackBerry owner since 2007, BlackBerry once, BlackBerry always !

The only actual phone which I would buy if there is no BlackBerry anymore is the HTC One in polish silver Edition, but only because of its exterior, I'm not a big fan of Android OS, and Apple ? What is Apple ? Cheers Dude

Sent from my BlackBerry® Z10 Titanium Device.

Oh god finally they added something very important for me...
In your exchange account settings, you can now sync more than 30 days of email!!
Now you can go as high as infinite!!! FINALLY!!!!

Can you keyword search within an entire folder that has several files in it inside file manager yet?

I'm loving this update! been running it now for 24hrs and I recommend everyone with a BlackBerry 10 device update if you can.

¤ pin:2ABDE35D ¤ ~ Posted via CB10.

This made my freakin' Monday!!!! Thank you thank you, a million times thank you. Kinda miss the dark theme in the messages, but it's a small price. The OS 10 still has a ways to go but I'm very impressed with the rapid improvements or updates and the developers' enthusiasm to keep making it better in any way possible. Keep truckin' kids!!

I didn't want to take the plunge, but I said with (I can always reload). This was one of the best move I did with my Z10. It's truly a huge difference. Before when I swipe down and select settings, the screen would go black for a couple of seconds, now it's swipe down select settings and boom it's there. Super fast. Great job on providing this information!! You know what would be great CB... if we can start rating post from you guys ( and ladies)...

Posted via CB10

Z10 has the PIN code for unlocking too. Q10 doesn't really need that I guess, because Q10 10.2 doesn't have this option.

Posted via CB10

I would like the ability to have Hub Management on/off selection for Priority HUB . So if I want to look at my Priority emails I can conveniently select Priority HUB and see them all. Just another fine tune feature.

There is no obvious "turn on wifi direct" setting. As usual, it still just runs in the background.

Apparently wifi direct was supposed to be changed to make it more evident to users that it's an available "feature".

Really good thing I checked wlmy sentence because I originally tried telling ya'll how:

"it still just 'rubs' in the background"

Good catch on my part, I don't want wifi direct rubbing anything, foreground or background. No rubbing.

Okay in done.

Posted via CB10

To use wifi direct just delect an item to share, a photo for example, and the last option will be wifi direct

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Because hi have a poor english i write this in spanish sorry guys so there it is: Instalé la nueva actualización y esta increible pero despues de un fin de semana en mi Z10 he descubierto algunos problemas, sobre todo de conectividad. Estos problemas incluyen dificultad de transición entre la antena 3G y 2G, cosa que hago mucho debido a la diferencia que hay en la duración de la bateria, la opción de wifi router esta completamente inservible y no se me activa, las ventanas activas de mensajes no funcionaron para nada. A pesar de estas dificultades, el OS esta muy bien, pero estos problemas me han hecho volver a la versión anterior, a la espera de que esta nueva actualización se oficial. Greetings!!

Yo tuve algunos problemas tanto de conectividad como de funcionamiento, finalmente decidí realizar un security wipe y todo funciona excelente. Lamentablemente haz vuelto a la versión anterior, hubieras intentado a ver que tal te va.

I've learned that I simply cannot type nearly as good on a virtual keyboard. As evidenced by my last post, full of errors. LoL.

Love the BlackBerry virtual keyboard, don't get me wrong, but I got so used to the Q10's physical keyboard hotness and it has me hooked.

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