What's new in BlackBerry 10.1 MR?

What's new in BlackBerry 10.1 MR?
By Simon Sage on 29 Jul 2013 06:05 pm EDT

The gradual roll-out of the BlackBerry 10.1 maintenance release has begun. Hooray! So, what's new?

This is all from the official changelog, but we'll add more stuff to this list if we find any other nuggets. We're hearing from the forums that iCloud sync works now, that copying SMS messages shows a verification pop-up, there's a new Gmail set-up process, and SMS sending status now shows in the Hub. Those of you that are lucky enough to have the new update, what's your favorite new feature? 

  • Next/previous message navigation shortcut: use a simple gesture to quickly move to the last or next message without having to return to the full message list. Within any message in the BlackBerry Hub:
  • Swipe to the right and then down (like an upside-down L) to move forward to the next message
  • Swipe to the right and then up (like a backwards L) to move back to the previous message
  • Keyboard shortcut for last unread message: on the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, pressing the “U” key in the BlackBerry Hub will take you to the last unread message
  • Email synchronization: ActiveSync and IMAP email users can adjust syncing preferences to keep emails on their BlackBerry smartphone for an unlimited time period
  • Two factor authentication for Twitter and LinkedIn: to improve security, if you have two factor authentication enabled for LinkedIn and Twitter, you’ll be sent a verification ID via a text message that you’ll enter into the settings when setting up those accounts
  • Addition of a search field in BlackBerry Remember: quickly search for items in the app
  • Support for simple passwords: simplified password entry from the lock screen and work space authentication prompts. The simple password feature utilizes a reduced keyboard layout containing only numeric characters and allows you to set a numeric PIN for your smartphone or work space password
  • New interactive tutorials:
    • Tutorial topics: swipe up from the bottom to close an app, swipe down from the top to reveal settings
    • Each tutorial provides text instructions and an opportunity to perform the gesture
  • IT policy to separate work and personal accounts in the BlackBerry Hub:
    • BlackBerry Hub Work displays only work-related accounts, like a work email account and enterprise instant messaging
    • BlackBerry Hub Personal displays only personal-related accounts, like a personal email account, SMS, BBM, phone calls and social media apps
  • Input support for “strokes” for Simplified and Traditional Chinese
  • Input and UI translation for Korean
  • BlackBerry World:
    • Ability to view video previews in landscape mode via HDMI out
    • UX enhancements
    • Recently viewed:
      • See up to the last 12 pieces of content you’ve viewed
      • Clear all recently viewed items or remove individual ones by long pressing and selecting delete viewed item from the context menu
      • Enable a private browsing mode that will disable both recent search tracking and recently viewed
    • My Wishlist:
      • Add items to your wish list from a content details page
      • Add up to 48 items to your wish list. When the 49th item is added, the first item added to the list is automatically removed
    • Facebook:
      • Newsfeed UI refresh
      • Ability to create a photo album before uploading a photo and upload a photo to a specific album
      • Ability to tag friends in photos that were previously uploaded
    • Twitter:
      • Content is automatically updated in all tabs without having to manually refresh
      • Improved search for top tweets, photos and related profiles
    • LinkedIn:
      • Import and invite contacts from your personal email address to connect on LinkedIn through the new Add Connections page in settings
      • Easily view the number of unread messages and invitations from the inbox page
      • UI improvements
      • View the details of companies you follow and follow suggested companies
      • Delete and archive messages in the inbox
      • See the most recent updates from your network when the app is minimized in Active Frames
      • Change your profile photo from the You page, the full screen view of your photo or the native picture viewer
      • Search by connection name, headline and company

Reader comments

What's new in BlackBerry 10.1 MR?



Not sure if this will apply to all who download, but the update has messed up my email settings.

You'd think they'd have this stuff sorted by now.

It's the story of BlackBerry. The nearly company. Nearly amazing but always lets you down. My optimism diminishes daily.

Uh, ya you should have to re-enter your password, normal stuff like that. Find something real to complain about next time.

"re-enter your password, normal stuff like that"

I have 10 email accounts on my BlackBerry, and all of the IMAP based accounts (four) were screwed up, including resetting the SMTP ports and losing the passwords. Fortunately I expect this kind of screw up from BlackBerry so I had the settings to hand.

It's incredible they didn't catch this in their testing. But then it isn't really is it because it's not the first time. Oddly enough I don't recall this kind of thing happening with the Java OS updates.

And I'm a BlackBerry lover and a shareholder. What do you think happens to the ordinary Joe in the street when his phone stops working after an update? He buys another phone is what happens.

Minor issues with software are fair enough. I should know I've been developing software for longer than I care to admit. But messing up existing settings is not a minor issue.

It's such a basic thing to check that allowing such a bug to get into the wide world after testing demonstrates BlackBerry testing and quality control is poor and probably not automated.

So it's "real" enough. Especially when their blunders cost me money.

Actually if you are using Google (gmail), BlackBerry has changed the way they access those accounts. I believe it is part of Google's request to make them do authentication that way. This isn't BlackBerry's fault.

I don't mean handwriting / stroke recognition, just any method of entering Japanese. I'd have thought enough Japanese-speaking population even outside of Japan.

But you can enter your English already using handwriting...just change to the appropriate Chinese input. It's just slow.

The reason they never brought Blackberry ten to Japan was because they said they don't have the money to pay for that language on the phone for such a small market.

Posted via CB10

On the face of it nothing to get very excited about then... but it is only a maintenance updatem

All of my text messages with my contacts are gone. No history of text messages. Any ideas???

Posted via CB10

They'll be there but you have to composé à new message to see the history. It's weird like that during updates

Posted via CB10

Yes, my Text Messages are wiped out too. But not recovering with the Compose message action.

Annoyed, I had some details to refer back to with those text messages.


yea mine's really slow too...guess that's because everyone around the world (except US & a couple S American countries) is DL'n the update at the same time

weird. First I had a 157mb update, then a 858mb update....taking forever.

Looking forward to simple password thou, and the next message gesture sounds like a clever idea

Happened to me when I was updating from 10.0 to 10.1. It was approximately 150 mb first and around 300mb after that. Im downloading the 157mb part of the this MR as we speak and hate that I have to wait for another 858mb after that.

can we add a group as a contact like we did in BBOS7, i really miss having the ability to group 10 contacts when i need to send them a text message???

I miss this feature a lot too and it doesn't look like you can make groups in contacts yet even with 10.1 MR.

I hope BlackBerry product dev team will add the feature in the coming update as it is frustrating to send the same sms manually to a bunch of people.

Posted via CB10

The next / previous swipe actions are ok, but only work within the main hub, If I choose text msg it should flow through those when swiping too or any sub folder in the Hub should flow that way....who the heck test this shit before it's released, half assed releases that they should easily see things before they release

Posted from my amazing Z10

Maybe I just Wanna scroll the txt or email, or just bbm, don't want to scroll through everything....lame, refined enough

Posted from my amazing Z10

Ya, I'm going to have to agree. The worst part is, even if you are in the HUB the new gestures work on everything *except* text messages. If you land on the text message you cannot proceed to the next or previous item using the L gestures as apparently text messages are not supported. Really, who tests these things?

Posted via CB10

No I guess you were correct, gets stuck on text msgs. Unbelievable how they release unrefined updates, no damn wonder people get pissed at blackberry. I love the Z10 but come on, WOW me with a real update

Posted from my amazing Z10

I do not mine , the text Frame smoothly moves to the right and I can read the next text, probably will get an update in 10.2

iPhone is the same, no next feature for texts. Why would they not allow the text messages to be L-swiped ? Crackberry / Blackberry any insights

Wow, a lot more updates than I realized, and I've been on the leak for a few days now. But this:

"Input support for “strokes” for Simplified and Traditional Chinese"

Is very intriguing to me. Don't read/write in Chinese, but this is a great addition for users that do. I remember seeing this somewhere before, not sure if it was on iOS/Android/WP8 or maybe BBM on BBOS 7?

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 and loving it!

Yeah there was a leaked video for it a long time ago now.

Btw, why is it simplified Chinese if there's no language called Chinese?

This makes me wonder if there's will be English support for this when the A10 comes out? :) Maybe with the possibility to use a stylus?

Posted via CB10

Google is your friend. Chinese is the same when written in mandarin or Cantonese. Simplified Chinese is used by mainland China and traditional Chinese is used by Hong Kong. I'm not even Chinese either.

Has anyone had any issues? I loaded the updated and reset the phone as it said now the phone only loads to to 99% on the boot screen. Even after 4 attempts. HELP

Hi, i would recommend hooking your phone up to blackberry link and reinstalling device software.

Posted via CB10

Happened to me on my Z after installing vzw os two days ago. From the hub, 4 diagonal swipes from upper right to lower left reset the hub. Did a phone reset and all texts were back. Btw the instructions I read said five swipes but I never reached five.

Thanks BlackBerry for the release!!! :-D

Does anyone (that has this already installed) know if it's compatible with openvpn?

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

All my texts have vanished too!! Lost quite an important one too.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

I don't see 4G anymore in this update. Only 2G and 3G. It shows H+ now instead of 4G. That sucks

Posted via CB10

I think it's a carrier decision on how to label their network. When I travel and roam, it changes

Posted via CB10

You see H+ because that's what it really is. The average Joe was lied by ads and thinks he's using 4G when it's H+

Marketing is everything

I know what u mean dude, what im saying is there is not option of choosing 4G. I only get 2G, 3G and 2G&3G. I used to be able to choose 2g,3g or 4G. Its gone after this update

I know, I just updated mine, thank goodness, now I can enter the password when I'm loaded :)

fixes & updates/grades = good,,, they still need to get on the ball w/ custom notifications among other things...

It was there for about 1.5 hours. Got fed up and did a restore, all good now. Not sure what happened. Could of been because my battery was below 20% even though it was plugged in. Weird.

Is this official update OTA?or do I have to connect through link? I am currently on a leak, will I be getting this update if it is official? Or do I have to load it myself?

Thanks in advance for the kind responses.

STL 100-2 T-Mobile Germany

Did you do it through link? Or did you just spam settings<software updates<check for updates button? Do I have to have a higher Leak installed?

Like right now, everytime I restart Link, it always tells me I have some software update, but I am on a leaked OS version -_-

End of summer for USA? So is 10.2 going to be delayed then? Also, tagging a picture on Facebook after upload is already working on Verizon's latest

Posted via CB10

Wow! And this was just a "maintenance release"?? They packed a lot into it that looks like a little more than maintenance...nothing to write home about but many good changes still :)

How about calendar improvement? There is a huge bug in it when you receive update on a meeting it doesn't update!

Posted via CB10

Don't have it yet but def looking forward to the remember app search feature and improved twitter search...

In 10.2 I really hope they fix the damn music player app though.. that's one of my most used apps and point blank it's pretty bad compared to the os7 music player: no access to the artists albums from now playing; plus artist's albums are in a list so u have to scroll through all of them to get to a certain album... both need to be fixed as they are critical for easy access and efficiency in the music player

And if they wanna go above and beyond they would implement the same type of quick-scroll system as the contacts...

Posted via CB10

If you watch the video demonstration attached to the one 10.2 leak article they show a much improved music player

Posted Via CB10 - Q10

Hi, i just performed the update, then the normal restart option came up which of course i chose. now the phone rebooted and has been stuck on 100% for a good while now. maybe 40 minutes. I am afraid to take out the battery to restart it since i don't know if it has completely finished the installation process. i need urgent help please.

My phone is stuck on 100% too. I took out the battery to restart and it loads up to 100% and that's it. "Maintenance Update" indeed...

If it keeps doing that you will have to restore with Link to factory settings and then try the update again.

Posted via CB10 on my ZedTen!

I'm still not seeing the simple password keyboard on my Z10 after the update (Verizon). How do you get that option as opposed to the regular log in keyboard?

Posted via CB10

Is it just me, or does anyone else notice that sending text messages now seems to be more instant and without delay than before the update?

Posted via CB10

The email L- swipe to the Right then Up or Down Gesture is excellent. Note, the Swipe gesture to the right must be done slowly like a peak gesture then swipe up or down for smooth up or down email reading. I like this feature because I can Peak into my HUB messages to see if I want the next message or just enter the Hub and read any email I have in the Hub. Much better then reading a series of next emails up or down.

Wow...there's quite a bit in this maintenance release. I'm still trying to get the hang of gestures, and I really like the simplified password option. The only snag was having to get my mail working again, but things seem pretty good.

I don't think that the Android Runtime saw any updates, but the first thing I noticed is that my side loaded Snapchat seems to run a lot smoother. So that's nice.

Posted via CB10

Is there an autoloader for this? I am on 10.0 and I really want to have these settings but I am worried I will end fucking my phone so I have been looking for an autoloader. (My carrier will never update the phone since they do not sell this phone z10- stl 03)

Thanks :D


Loving the gestures of how to check "next" and "previous" in the Hub and how it switches apps so smoothly for display!

Super incredible!

Keep it coming BlackBerry!!! Great Potential!

Posted via CB10

When I updated it asked me to re-enter passwords for my email. That I was ok with. But Gmail is now asking to sync calendar and contacts. I do not want to do this. How do I unselect this option?

Posted via CB10

That is a generic screen from Google. If you only have an email account, that is all your BlackBerry will sync. I have several Google accounts with both email and calendar and that is all that is being synced. Contacts are not synced.

Love to see the 'stroke' input for Traditional Chinese finally. The previous handwriting input method works not very well for those coming from physical keyboards like me.

Posted via CB10

Anyone else having issues with. There media on an sd card now? My phone keeps having to index my pictures music and video each time it restarts now. Like 10-15 min before I can access when I restart hugeeeee pain.

Posted via CB10

Oh and anyone having restart issues any time I have updated I have to do a battery pull after it tries to restart the first time it gets stuck at the blackberry logo. Every update i have gotten causes this

Posted via CB10

I have the dreaded voicemail message waiting indicator stuck on again after this update! Does anyone know how to get rid of this?

Posted via CB10

They should have given us an option between a simple password or a more sophisticated one. What if I want a worded password?

Posted via CB10

Looking forward to having simple password but it would be nice to just toggle it on without having to re-set the password. Now my phone wont let me use the same password. I hope I can change it to something and then change it back to my original password. Otherwise it's not so simple :-).

I did have to re-enter my yahoo email address, but all others were fine (outlook.com, work email EAS, gmail).

My text messages are still there. I erase them a lot except for the one for bell. The select service texts are all still there. Odd

Posted via CB10

If your using the APP " Hide Files " the paid app. The 10.1.04 update deletes all your files , pictures and video a real drag

Now I am told if your using this Hide File app your suppose to unhide files before you download the OS, well thank you

Sometimes it works, others it doesn't, i have to return to the hub then enter emails etc to reset the issue.

This is a big waste of time and effort. Really bad idea and execution, maybe just put a button in!

I'm thinking that this was one of the jobs for the 250 that were laid off last week, they should have had this signed off before hand!

Posted via CB10

Input support for “strokes” for Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

This is the only feature what I'm waiting for. Yeppee;-)

Posted via CB10

What happened to Lists from within Twitter? I wanna be able to see, add and remove ppl from my Lists again...

K so the swipe gesture to go to the next or previous msg works on everything but txt msgs? How much sense does that make. Anyone else having this problem, of is this just how it is....

Posted via CB10

Sheesh... why does it have to be the end of the summer for US* ;)

Bet a stable release of 10.2 will leak out before then... can anyone confirm that this has multiple alarms in the native clock app? Gosh I sure do hope so... I know that the beta 10.2 does.

Previous and forward gestures are hard to come by. Only works half the time. Really awkward with the gesture to go back to hub and the precious or forward message.

Posted via CB10

its a slow smooth gesture to the right then up or down. I love it because I can still peak in my HUB.
Not like the rest where you read a series of next emails.

Updating to this new software messed up my phone prom switching contacts around to i cant play the side loaded Pandora -__-

Posted via CB10

Holy snappy batman....my Z is muuuch smoother and faster since the update. Had a slight stutter when going from active frames screen to home screen but not anymore. Everything is crazy fast and smooth now. Even opening the Settings menu is now instant, really fast! Anyone else notice this? Love it!

Posted via CB10 on Z10

If anyone downloaded the Kindle app and gotten the black pictures because of the app. I can verify that after the update, they are gone. I did delete the Kindle app a long time ago and don't plan to install it ever.

Posted via CB10 with my Zed10

Where do you set to have email stay on the device longer? Apparently this is a new feature in this maintenance release.

Posted via CB10

Is it me or did this actually add the return key/next line (shift+enter)? Or am I an idiot and has always been working for a while?

No time to read the whole thread, but I noticed that when navigating back from the inbox the OS takes me back to the tab that I started from. For instance, if I am two pages over and decide to check the hub and read an email, when I go back it now goes back to the tab I was on. That is very welcome!

Posted via CB10

Where is this simple password everyone is talking about? Don't see in my setings?

Posted via CB10

A bunch of problems! Ahh i wish we had Verizon to save us from this crappy update in Canada!

It seriously sucks! Now my phone screws up messages and conversations in the hub after reboots.

Posted via CB10

Seriously hope this is not the case. I love my black theme on the Q10 and wished that all the other areas were also black.

Once you go Black, you don't go back. Q10 baby.

Is their a fix for the quicktype command of "email" where at the moment sees your emails just hang? I'm away on hols now and greatly look forward to getting off roaming to get the update.

Once you go Black, you don't go back. Q10 baby.

I did the update and for some reason my battery life isn't very good. Seems like my battery life is draining really fast anyone having this problem and how to fix it?

Posted via CB10

I had the same, but it's gone today. I felt that this was caused by some re-sync from all your accounts. I did another reboot and its ok yet.

anyone experiencing the same? When I try to reply to an email and I change the From to i.e. Gmail the help ends up in Outbox and won't be sent. Very frustrating I just got used to OS 10 now this s... happens with an update.

Posted via CB10

Settings - security - device password - it's just underneath change device password

Posted via CB10

I guess it's country specific. I do not see this setting in Security. I changed my password to just 4 numbers and restarted my phone. Nothing.

I'm Using a z10 STL 100-1 operating on
I keep Clicking on check for updates but it says you have the latest software..
How do I get this MR for my device? I'm on Vodafone, Mumbai, India

Posted via CB10

I think if you got your phone by contract (i.e. buying the phone from Vodafone), you'll have to wait for them to release it.

no one facing the issue, that forwarding emails from Gmail account doesn't work anymore????

Posted via CB10

Has this pushed by the carriers or blackberry?
if by carriers that was extremely fast by EE's standards

Posted via CB10

My text history seemed to be gone, but loaded after a few minutes and composing one message. Having to sign back in to my dozen-or-so emails was an unexpected pain. Finally the "U" shortcut. Big help.

Posted via CB10

It seems that the new version of 10.1 is having a serious and unexpected side effect.

If you haven't already installed the 10.1 MR update, then you might want to hold off as a number of users have discovered that once the BlackBerry restarts, there are no longer any text messages in the BlackBerry Hub.

If you are updating, make sure that you backup your messages first or at the very least make sure that you have all of the important details from your texts!

I lost all my text msgs as well. Tried the hub reload and phone reset, still nothing.

Posted via CB10

I have a Q10 on Vodafone UK. Received the software update today but no Simple Password option is present.

Just updated my Z10 (STL100-1)....Update was simple and device restarted within few minutes...Everything is present and working...

Not sure if this will apply to all who download, but the update has messed up my email settings.

You'd think they'd have this stuff sorted by now.

It's the story of BlackBerry. The nearly company. Nearly amazing but always lets you down. My optimism diminishes daily.

I just updated to 10.1 on VZW yesterday (finally!). I already have SMS message sending status in the Hub since that upgrade. Was this unique to the VZW 10.1 release?

New update and battery life gets worse. After one hour from full charge the phone dropped to 75% battery with very little usage.

Posted via CB10

Glad I had a look here before installing the update. News of reduced battery life is a no-go for me. I'll wait a while and see what else pops up (or wait until 10.2 is out).

I may have gotten lucky, I have a Z10 on Verizon (STL100-4) and downloaded the update via OTA (I also had my wifi on) and while it did take a long time, I had only one minor issue. After I did the update, I was prompted to do a hard reset (battery pull), which I did, but shortly thereafter, I noticed many apps couldn't connect to the web (I had my wifi off) like they normally do over the network. I did another battery pull and have had no problems since. I did not have any problems with losing text messages or emails or anything. The HUB did take a long time to reset. I'm psyched to explore some of the new features.

Is is my imagination, or did the max volume level for youtube videos and other audio/video content increase???

What happened to sheet displayed from page bottom. A great UI metaphor destroyed.. Unless it's configurable. I don't think there was any need to change this!!!!

Posted via CB10

Yep defo going back to the previous version and waiting for 10.2 instead... this version slow and also drains the battery quickly...

Sent by Bbry Z10

Another improvement I don't believe was mentioned in the OP is the ability to adjust the notifications volume with the physical volume buttons. And the text selection and cursor positioning has been improved.

Via Z10 & CB10

I am using a leak
Do I need to downgrade to previous version so that I can get the 10.1MR?

p.s. I am using Q5 (Network: 3HK) and Q5 not officially sell in Hong Kong, is that means I need to wait forever?

Posted via CB10 from Q5

Downloaded. It. Messed up my Gmail settings, text history gone. And still hasn't fixed my contacts problem. If I edit a contact and add a company name it creates a new contact.

Posted via Z10

anyone using Yahoo mail on their BB10 an applied this update? I have friends reporting their yahoo accounts error out now, even with removal of account an adding back in.. Im trying to get more info now but was hoping i could save some time if anyone else had any issues

bluetooth issue with Nissan Connect on Q10 is now resolved, thankfully

assume this will also apply to other vehicles which had the same issue