What's the difference between Lock and Standby on the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0?

PlayBook Lock Button
By Team CrackBerry on 13 Mar 2012 01:43 pm EDT

Back when the BlackBerry PlayBook was first available for sale, power options weren't readily available. You could tap the Turn Off icon from the home screen or you could hold down that much-maligned power button. That was pretty much it.

In later OS updates, Research In Motion introduced a popup window to give you more options however. Tapping the battery icon at the top of the home screen would give you the status of the tablet's battery as well as options for turning off, restarting, and placing the PlayBook into standby. These newer options worked quite well with one exception: if you had set a password on the device, standby would almost immediately lock it, requiring you to enter your password before the tablet would awaken.

The new PlayBook OS 2.0 software addresses that problem with a new fourth button on the battery popup window: Lock. If you haven't set a password on your PlayBook, you won't see the new control; but once you set a password, the Lock button will be there. So that begs the question: what's the difference between Lock and Standby?

Simply put, tapping the Lock button will immediately place your PlayBook on Standby and require you to enter your password before you can use your tablet again. Tapping the Standby button will allow you to awaken your tablet with a single swipe across the screen, no password needed. I should note that if you leave your BlackBerry tablet in Standby mode for long enough - from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your settings - it will lock itself and require that password.

So what is your choice? Do you use a password to lock your PlayBook? Or do you just opt for the simple standby mode? Sound off in the comments!

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What's the difference between Lock and Standby on the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0?


I use password protection and I set very strict time out. I seriously dont want anyone to be able to look at my emails.

The annoying thing is that if I lock or stand-by the playbook after os2.0 upgrade, it takes a single tap on the screen to activate it and get promted for the password or if in stand-by just have strait functional home.

Before I had to swipe bazel to bazel - it would be cool to have that back otherwise just picking up the playbook activates it - bad for battery life. I hope is a bug that have to be fixed.


Does standby even work? I mean standby should do more then just shut off the screen right? And the if you are in standby you shouldn't be able to activate simply by touching the screen or picking up the device. I purchased my Playbook the day 2.0 released so I've never used 1.0 but I sure would prefer the swipe jesture to acticvate that Dave mentions.

He who lives the longest will know the most.

When my PB is running on battery power and is in standby or password locked, the screen only comes on when I swipe the screen bezel to bezel. Nothing happens when I just tap the screen or move/pick up the PlayBook. When powered using the AC adapter, tapping the screen wakes up the device.

I have a password. I don't want anyone playing/accessing my pb without my knowledge, doesn't matter if they are family or a stranger. I have dropbox and and other services configured. I like to protect my data

THUMBS UP! Actually I have 3 young ones and 2 of them like playing games on the PB, but being so young I can see them deleting something important off my PB including work related materials.

People that say password protection is annoying never had someone pick up their tablet and go through their emails. When that happens, especially with the new native email, the annoyance suddenly becomes a feature.

well said, the password feature should also be welcomed by anyone who uses a smartphone, it's almost a must nowadays (since everyone has a personal device of some sort)

Use the battery icon on the top right of the PlayBook screen. Don't use the icon in the list of apps. You can just delete that icon as it's not being updated/used by RIM.

I use Lock, I never really though about using Standby after they introduced the new option. It's not that big a deal for me, I can see if you (wisely) use a very elaborate password, but mine is fairly simple and takes a few seconds to type. I can see where this can become a nuisance though.

I usually don't use the password because of one of the more significant ways I use the PB. I preach from it during church services, and leave it sitting in the pulpit until the hymn before the sermon. I don't have a lot of time from when I enter the pulpit to when I need the PB up and running, so I prefer standby. One swipe up turns it on, and I leave the doc open in docs to go so it's ready to go. Having to enter a password at the point would be awkward and embarrassing, especially since I'd probably mess up once or twice due to nerves :-)

Perhaps I should enable the password the rest of the time...it wouldn't hurt.

Whenever I click standby on the apps not the top of the screen option, it reboots. I think this is a 2.0 glitch.

Password lock stopped working for me after updating to 2.0. Would love to get a fix for it to secure my PlayBook again.

I don't use either because TeamCrackBerry has not blessed me with a PB yet, contest 1-nope, contest 2-nope, contest 3-????, contest 4-????
I'm waiting.......

You have to enable and set password in Security or use Development Mode (which requires password) in order to have Lock button active.

I password protect my PB and my phone. I don't care to have anyone go through my emails or texts while I leave my phone or my PB unattended while at work.

Not much choice; if you want to Sideload apps, you have to use development mode...which requires you to PW the PB.

I haven't password protected my PlayBook yet, but I will soon because I want to sideload some Android apps. The annoying thing about Stand By is that it wakes up as soon as there is contact on the screen. Sometimes, I put it on Stand By to clean the screen and it wakes up unintentionally, quite annoying. Someone tell RIM to implement a bezel swipe to wake up from Stand By in the next OS update. That would be greatly appreciated.

I keep a password on my little BB and big BB. I think of it as a little incentive for someone to return it if I were irresponsible. Plus I get to be pretty sure no one has gone through it besides me. I would like to be able to leave a message on the locked home screen like I am able to on the little BB.

As of fifteen minutes ago I didn't use the password protect feature. But because i work with with four guys who DONT have a bb pb, they're constantly picking up mine to check email, fb, etc. Because im such a good coworker(lol). I usually leave my fb up and running which leaves my coworkers with easy access to my fb profile, they write embarrassing status updates and stuff like that. It's good for a few laughs but after two weeks it is annoying. Hence, the new password. Hah to my coworkers!

No password for me... Nothing to protect and no randoms picking up my PB anyways. Password feature becomes annoying when just using at home. In Public password protection is understandable.

Maybe in the next build RIM will come up with PASSWORK LOCK for just email or just a particular application. I would love to be able to pick what programs were freely accessible and lock down what i wanted to. -If a developer is reading this.....

No password for me, but my PB is restarting when I hit the Stand By button.
I tested this several times, but as it takes ages to restart a PB 2.0, I stopped after 3 times.
And yes, it's a known issue according to RIM, they are working on that issue right now.
The help desk told me to use the hardware power button instead for now.