What's Up for the BlackBerry PlayBook gives you all the stars in the sky, and more!

What's Up for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 18 Sep 2011 04:08 pm EDT
Anyone who is in to astronomy will appreciate this well done application for the BlackBerry PlayBook. What's Up shows real-time positions for the sun and moon, major planets, and 5000 of the brightest stars in the sky. Set your current position by GPS or zip code, search for constellations, stars, planets and more even if you're not sure of the exact name, and view them all on the star chart. The basic functions of What's Up don't even need an internet connection, which makes the app perfect for stargazing at night when you're away from the city lights, especially when you consider how portable the BlackBerry PlayBook is!

Additional features include:
  • GPS support for setting geographic coordinates
  • Advanced text search including phonetic search
  • Multitouch gesture support for zooming and panning
  • Innovative "Quick Links" providing seamless integration with Wikipedia articles

You can grab a free trial of What's Up that will give you full functionality for 5 days, after which pinch-to-zoom and search will be disabled. The full version is just $.99 and definitely worth it if you ever look up in the sky and wonder what it is you're looking at. My kids especially love it, and I think it's an awesome tool for teaching them about all those mysterious twinkles in the sky. Download or purchase What's Up from the links below, and check out a few extra screenshots after the break. (Unfortunately, the screenshots don't really do the app justice due to the reduced size.)

More information/screenshots and to purchase What's Up
More information/screenshots and to download the trial of What's Up

What's Up for BlackBerry PlayBook

What's Up for BlackBerry PlayBook

What's Up for BlackBerry PlayBook
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Reader comments

What's Up for the BlackBerry PlayBook gives you all the stars in the sky, and more!


I have seen a similar app to this on the iphone which is great! I hope they bring something like this out for OS7!

Highly recommend this app! It works great. The developer is active in our forums and is responsive to feedback. I know as soon as RIM gives him the tools (!) to enable the magnetometer he'll implement it :)

A++, and well worth the cost.

Been waiting impatiently for Starry Night to come out with a BlackBerry version (they've had iPhone forever). This is promising, but it would seem to me that there are more people with BlackBerry phones than there are with PlayBooks.

I wonder why RIM won't give him access to the M? I think they shuold be helping developers make top notch apps not holding them back.

To the comment above it seems the phones are harder to program for and probably couldn't handle an app like this. Maybe the news phones can. For sure QNX.

I downloaded the free version, and the star names are so small I can't read them without a magnifying glass. I don't see where there is an option to enlarge the names. I even tried to zoom in, but in doing that the lettering stayed the same.
Has anyone else had this issue, or am I just blinder than a bat...? LOL

Big deal. How about delivering the Android player and email/PIM app RIM? Cutting the "end of summer" promise a bit close, don't ya think? I'm done with this company.

Great for a young person or anyone having both distance and close up vision. Not good if your close-up vision has deteriorated. The red font against the dark background makes it difficult to read the names of stars and planets. Only two font settings - 'tiny' and 'large'. I looked at Mars tonight, knew where it was, pointed the device at and could see the 'dot' for Mars. But I could not read it, partly because the 'a' in Mars was covered up by another star. But it is a strain to read anything on this app and that takes the fun away for me.