What's BlackBerry doing to help get more apps on the platform?

Quite a fair bit according to a recent interview with Vice President, Global Alliances and Business Development at BlackBerry, Marty Mallick.

By Bla1ze on 20 Aug 2013 02:53 pm EDT

A few days ago we covered a from the forums post outlining that the app ecosystem on BlackBerry was one of the key reasons for BlackBerry 10, and ultimately BlackBerry itself, not doing so well in the eyes of a lot of consumers. It sparked some pretty heavy conversation for and against the statements being made but I personally still believe it to be true. If there were more key apps onboard, BlackBerry would be doing better. The most recent example of that which I referred to was Windows Phone 8 and that has again come up in the CrackBerry Forums with others noticing as well.

Overall, great conversation was taken from the post, but at the end of the day the conversation doesn't amount to much if we don't know exactly what BlackBerry is doing about it all. We can suggest throwing money at developers, we can suggest BlackBerry offering to build apps for providers, we can suggest making a more concentrated effort to actually have available apps promoted accordingly since that is clearly a problem, but what's REALLY being done about it? What are the people in charge of handling this stuff doing to ensure it's all taken care of? That's a big question for many folks who feel the situation needs improving.

As it turns out, eWeek was asking the same thing as us and ultimately had an interview with Vice President, Global Alliances and Business Development at BlackBerry, Marty Mallick to discuss just that. It's an interesting read that offers some insight into how exactly BlackBerry is dealing with the situation and after reading the article and hearing from several personal sources after my ecosystem article went up, I do have to say I feel a little bit better about it all thanks to the understanding I gained.

"So, to your question of whose end is the issue on, I'd say for the most part ... it's a business decision from those application providers, [regarding] when is the right time for them to support a new platform," said Mallick. 

"BlackBerry is doing everything it can to encourage the vendors, including offering tech support, free tools and "opportunities related to their business," Mallick said. For each vendor, it customizes its pitch. 

"We really look and say, 'What are the motivators, what are the obstacles preventing you?' In some cases, it's marketing support. ... In other cases, it's maintenance," said Mallick. "To be clear, in cases where it's warranted, we do offer funding, to help bring people to the platform."

One thing that stuck out though, were the comments about the apps that are in fact already on the platform. Mallick highlights this using the example of the MLB app. This app was pulled from legacy devices only to appear on BlackBerry 10 as one of the best apps on the platform, and no one was really talking about that. In short, concentrating on the bad never looking at the good. My words, not his.

However, that argument has a bit of a flaw as well because there are a slew of examples put forth where the apps that do exist are not being promoted accordingly even by those who are producing the apps. Why did Slacker Radio, who builds one of the best music apps on BlackBerry 10 put out an email with barely even a mention of BlackBerry 10 support? Same goes for StubHub.

To close this one out, again I do feel better having read the eWeek article highlighting what BlackBerry is actually doing. Realistically, I knew this all along, but it's good to have it reiterated and I think later on it should be reiterated again and again, perhaps by BlackBerry themselves on the BlackBerry blog and blasted out through their social media channels.

Everyone needs to know what they're doing, instead of being left to their own thoughts, which ultimately always seem to go to the dark side and end up with people thinking they're simply ignoring the problem when really, they're not. That said though, there's always room for improvement and I think they still need to be looking at how to improve it overall, starting with the promotion of apps. There's no reason mass emails should be sent out without highlight an apps availability on a certain platform.

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What's BlackBerry doing to help get more apps on the platform?




It really does feel hopeless. All this talk about instagram and Netflix and counter-points about funding innovative in house apps.

Ok. So... Time shift. The bb10 camera app. Everyone I've shown it to is impressed. It seems like a consumer friendly feature. Where is the advertising?.

Hint: there won't be any. BBRY has given up and formally given notice to devs that there isn't really any point. Lots of analyst commentary that purchasers of BBRY would be interested in the bank account, patent library and services business. No chatter about apps. No chatter about dev relationships.

I'm a fan as well but seriously people... month after month of new apps being 'offline driving maps for rural Romania' is bullshit. If that's the best BBRY can do then it really is over.

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Please bear with me until you read points #4 & #5 below...

One would argue that this was what BlackBerry should have done below points all along in January 2013, for *all* markets in the world:

1) BlackBerry trade-in for Z10 (and Q10 later).
More BlackBerry BB10 users would entice more developers to develop Apps for BB10.

2) Aggressive pricing for this *Mid*Tier* Z10.
(Don't price this mid-tier Z10 same price as the Flagship S3/S4 and iPh*ne5 !!)

3) Ensure that all devices have BBOS 10.2 installed in all Z10 devices.
(Looking back, this should have been done back in January 2013).

4) If necessary, BlackBerry should have *paid* some of the top key App developers to roll out native BB10 apps for great momentum. The smaller App developers would follow suit after that.

5) Market BlackBerry World Apps like crazy.
Periodically give away Free Apps to get BB10 users' attention and App developers' attention.
These free Apps sometimes sponsored by App developers themselves, sometimes sponsored by BlackBerry.

Honestly, I don't understand why none of these were implemented back in January 2013...

I tip my hat to your logic and agree totally. The unfortunate fact is that this is mostly water under the bridge, and the damage has been done. BBRY needs to get their heads out of the sand and talk more about (read: market) efforts made to strengthen the platform. We can have all the BlackBerry Jam events we like, but if the average joe on the street, the consumer who actually wants to buy a BlackBerry (or as the case is, doesn't and needs to be convinced) has no clue how much work the company is putting in to grow the platform with quality apps and support, little else will work. The app issue is a big one, and BBRY needs to tell the world that not only do they understand that, but that they're doing something about it.

I wonder, do BlackBerry ever scan the blogs and comments, read the articles and glean any advice at all from external sources? I think at this point if they aren't already, getting ideas from these places would do wonders for their strategic approach. The world already knows what BBRY must do, but does BBRY?

I think you could have done better job for Blackberry than the current management at Blackberry. I would also add couple of more points. License BB10 virtually free and to give incentive to vendors over android, have some kind app revenue sharing scheme for apps sold through vendor devices. Blackberry knows that its main weakness is ecosystems and for that, the only solution is to get more users on board so that app developers take note but this management is trying to focus on margins instead by pricing their devices ridiculously high. What a bunch of mor*ns.

BlackBerry did offer to pay towards the development of native apps that had been successful on iOS & Android, or were associated with a large brand.

This is the public version:


But I'm fairly sure there was a private one-to-one version depending on the brand / app.

But for the really big companies, thousands of dollars isn't worth bothering about if you don't think the platform is going to offer benefits to you.

And the reality is, BlackBerry don't sell enough phones that the effort to porting is worth it for a lot of firms.

The best thing BB could have done was to make the Android Runtime feature complete (better support for intents, drop in replacement for Google services such as Maps, etc.). They could then market the platform as having Android's apps plus BlackBerry's USPs.

Every one of your suggestions involves price cutting. This is the worst way to build a failing brand and the easiest.

Once price becomes a feature, the product becomes a commodity.

The only ways BlackBerry can save itself is by innovating and enter new industries. Not giving stuff away.

Consumers are not that stupid. They know "You get what you pay for" and if a product is great, they would be happy to pay for it.

Point being what, there are well over 300,000 useless crap apps on iOS and android, it comes with the market weather you like it or not.

Does anyone else think somthing fishy is going on? I mean, why would companies not put their apps on BB? Its a great platform and hardwrare and there a lot of consumers. Netflix puts their produtNintendo 3DS and Sony PlayStation Vita but not BB? Something weird is going on.

Sorry, a "que sera sera" attitude doesn't cut it in the business world. If it is not working, then find something that does work. Really, it comes down to the number of handsets sold, and the drastic drop in BES10 fees should help the sales, which in turn will help the developers make up their minds for them.

Honestly, while I think the BES CAL fee will help in the long run, there are few businesses that are going to instantly adopt BES just on that basis alone. Even if it did, we might be looking at a few hundred thousand handsets.

What BlackBerry probably needs to do--and what I'm hoping they DO do when 10.2 drops--is cut prices on the Z10 and Q10 to get them out to as many users as possible. The bottom line is that a lot of developers of mainstream apps just aren't going to be interested until there's 10-15 million BB10 users out there.

At this point the only game-changing move is to really up the Android side of things. 10.2's upgrade of the Android player to 4.2 is a good start, but it needs to be matched with radical improvement in the installation process. Put the Android appstore on it or something.

This interview just shows how far away from the reality this guy is. He's trying to suggest that we should be happy with the offering on BB10 because they're good enough. He thinks that it doesn't matter if Netflix is missing because you have PlayOn and Crackle to replace it.

[QUOTE] there's talk of Netflix being missing, he continued, but no talk of PlayOn [/QUOTE]

Why would people boast about the fact that we have PlayOn on BB10, when iOS and Android also have that app and they work better AND they also have Netflix. Why should we be proud to have Crackle when every other platform including Windows Phone has the app. I would understand his point if he was talking about an exclusive app to BB10 that was really cool.

This to me just shows the problem with BlackBerry in general. They don't try to be better than the competition, but just match what others offer. He should not only be matching the apps that both iOS and Android are offering, but also getting exclusive apps to BB10 alone. If I was this guy's boss I would fire him with his "Good enough" attitude.

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+ 1 Totally agree with you on that! That can also be said about their hardware specs. Perfect example z30 aka a10.

Posted via CB10

Are you kidding me? The 1020 has super sensitive screen, sunlight readability, wireless charging with case, has an accessory so that you can mount it on a tripod, has xenon flash, has inbuilt barometer, has offline worldwide navi.... Should i continue? I know you are a BB fan as many here but at least they see the problem BB caused for themselves which is that they priced their devices at the same level as an Iphone, even Nokia with their superior Hardware and build quality didn't do that.

@ Abdul9


When we talk about "pretty much the same spec" we mean the CPU and GPU, NFC, LTE, display res, battery size, ports, noise reduction micros etc etc, pretty all the specs people really care about. And you come up with...

super sensitive screen (NO ONE CARES)
sunlight readability (NO ONE CARES that the Z10 has pretty much the brightest display, instead people buy the SGS4 with pretty much the dimmest display available, so NO ONE CARES)
wireless charging with case (even if this was possible without a case: NO ONE CARES)
has an accessory so that you can mount it on a tripod (again an accessoire no one buys, so NO ONE CARES)
has xenon flash (as pointed out this is camera technology)
has inbuilt barometer (NO ONE CARES)
has offline worldwide navi (here you leave specs completely and begin talking about apps....AH)
even Nokia with their superior Hardware and build quality didn't do that (if big, bulky and heavy means 'superior built quality' then you're right)

Honestly, there's nothing more annoying than Nokia and W8 fans, even BB fans are less delusional.

Apparently someone cares because we are hearing about the device.

This good enough attitude is that has been plaguing BlackBerry and by extension a lot of us in the community since the 9000 days. While for many of us that are already hooked into the experience it is 'good enough' that isn't enough to get people without a BlackBerry to pick one up. When you are behind the competition you can't just match them; you need to surpass them and I no longer see BlackBerry as having that hunger / passion to build something like that.

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Thanks a lot axe50. You are at least someone that one can have a decent conversation with. I'm the same as in i will never tell someone Wp is the best mobile or os heck i even say Wp is incomplete and that MS is taking their sweet time in updating it. Stating a problem with a product doesn't mean one hates it, its the other way around.
@TommysJay Offline worldwide free navi is part of the specs cos specs is not only limited to hardware as many want to believe and there is this thing called value for money and the xenon flash is not part of the camera tech pretty much any oem can put it in their device but hey you are free to call me a fan boy cos i mentioned features that no one cares about but a lot of people complain that some phones don't have. Just to let you know i don't give a dam about wireless charging but many people seem to and i respect their opinion. Feel free to pay more for less but don't try to dismiss my opinion just cos I'm not willing to do the same.

No you should not continue. You should just go buy that phone. Oh you already own one? Okay then go to their site and and play. BlackBerry and BB10 is so much more than specs. The z10 is an awesome device. Can your cell go under water like the new Sony? Oh what shit specs you have! Blah blah blah! The new Sony, well anyone who takes their phone in the water will soon be buying a new one as it won't be long till its on the bottom and lost/unreachable.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Simply saying it's better won't drive Sales. They need a flagship device that betters what the competition has on all fronts. Good enough is incompatible with continued success.

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"Aside from the camera, the Z30 has pretty much the same spec as the Lumia 1020..." That was what i replied to and now you blame me for pointing out what was wrong with his statement. Oh why don't we just dismiss the major selling point that is the most expensive part of the l1020 and say its the same thing as the Z30? Seems legit doesn't it? What i dislike the most are fanboyz from whatever platform that fail to see whats wrong with the products their platform has to offer. BB isn't taking off anywhere as long as they refuse to do something about the prices of their devices, they are overpriced and thats what has been hurting them since the launch of BB10. The sooner you fanboyz realize that every platform has its pros and cons the better for all of us. I love the gestures BB10 has, i love the keyboard ...... but at those prices?
"BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!" Wake up from your dream buddy, most Corporate have already dumped BB and convince a normal consumer that the z10 is better than the iphone. I am a wp8 user and i will never recomend a wp8 device to anyone but i would recommend a lumia wp8 to anyone, you might not know the difference but many that have used do. You can get a lumia for as little as 150 euros but cheapest BB10 device for double the price? Come on you can't be too blind to see where that leads now can you?

I remember when they were launching BB10 they were talking about having the most apps at launch, and having so many app providers lined up, "committed" was the term I believe. It turns out that they were promoting a weakness of the platform as a strength, I don't think this sits well with consumers, it comes across as contradictory, almost dishonest. That's my perception anyway.

Read the full article on eweek not just what is quoted here.

He is basically complaining that people just look at what is missing, but fail to talk about what is available. He mentions Crackle as an example and a good alternative to Netflix.

He acts like we should praise the guy just because he managed to get Crackle, but why would we? Every other OS has Crackle, including WP. I would praise him if he was able to get apps on BB10 before Android and Windows.

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I did read the full article and I definitely did not get what you took away from it. He mentioned alternatives that nobody talks about but I did NOT take away a feeling of it being "good enough" from his perspective. I'm not saying for us to be content per se, but I do think we should not take having "some options" available for granted. I did also not feel like he was looking for praise he was simply noting that there are unmentioned alternatives... I would not try to read between the lines as much as you are and take things at face value

He isn't complaining, he is stating a fact. That all you hear is 'this isn't on BB10, that isn't on BB10' with no mention of all the things that ARE on BB10 at all. Some of which are viable alternatives for people, and in an unbiased reporting you would balance a story of what BB does not have with what it does have. But bloggers are not unbiased reporters and news, in their desperation not to have to work for their paychecks, have taken to reporting what bloggers say verbatim and doing as little research themselves as possible.

Frankly, I don't need Netflix or Hulu (or Amazon Instant Video), but I can say whichever decides to come to BB10 first will be my stream of choice. I wont then complain BB10 doesn't have the other.

Because Crackle is on BB10, they are getting a chance with me, and Netflix and Hulu aren't making any money from me until they do.

StubHub is on BlackBerry 10 now?. This is the first I've heard of it. Just shows you how BlackBerry needs to be MUCH more transparent with their customers in getting the message out whatever it is.

PROUD owner of a BlackBerry 10!

It was even on the opening carrusel for about a month around April ~ June. I remember cause I saw it a couple weeks after I got my Z10.

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Not to mention playon is something that I have to pay for and install on a constantly on media serving pc that only works on my home network.

I don't even care about not having Netflix. I have a roku at home and never want to watch game of thrones on a four inch screen. But to complain about people complaining that there is not a Netflix app and say "but there's playon" is retarded. For one, it's not the same. For two, why are you criticizing your customers. Defensive employee attitudes are for taco bell when they get my order wrong. Not the vp on a global company, especially one in dire straits

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So how many times have YOU as a Netflix customer written to them asking them to support BB? As a business owner, if I dont have any customers asking for a product I am not going to carry it, just because the manufacterer wants me to

As a business owner, you shouldn't wait for your customers to tell you what they want. In fact, they expect you to already know that and have it covered when the need comes. Business owners(BB) should chase what's trending, not alternatives.

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

The problem is that outside of this site and others like it, bb10 is not trending or trendy..barely a blip on the radar. So yes, customers should be vocal and speak up if they want something.

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He works for BlackBerry, it is his job to update people about their efforts while keeping a positive spin on it. Do you think he should have said, "We don't have Netflix, so if you want to steam movies/TV shows, then BlackBerry 10 isn't for you."??

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And do you have a better idea of what you would do? It's not nearly as easy as you think it is. he's just making the best of a bad situation.

Remember, if it were just a matter of money and willpower, Microsoft would have every app there is.

Whether they're trying and it's working, or whether it's not working, they HAVE to keep sending the message out that they ARE trying. If the average Joe keeps hearing the BB is trying hard to get the top apps, they might go out and buy a device. If the app doesn't come to the platform soon afterwards, that average Joe then joins the ranks of the hardcore BB fans that email/contact app developers for the apps that don't exist. GROW the user base, keep trying and let it be known!!

People interested in trying out a BB 10 device don't care if BlackBerry is trying their best to get those apps they want. They want those apps to already be there for them to download and use right away. Instagram is the perfect example of one of those top apps ppl want. With all the negativity surrounding BlackBerry it stirs away app developers from spending their resources and time to a new platform who's user base is small and shrinking every quarter. BlackBerry doesn't have the name and reputation to give confidence out there to developers like Microsoft can. Also, it can also be down to the simple fact they are bias to BlackBerry.

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I would like to see other legacy apps ported over/improved on to the new platform. I miss a few.
I was fortunate that an app I used every day on BB7 was also an Android app that I was able to make a bar file from! Thank you BB10! That being said, perhaps a more native way to convert/run android apps and access to Google Play Store may also win a few more people over.

Access to Google Play would be excellent, but might be asking for too much. Many of the .apk files do not easily convert to bar files. There is also the problem of finding reputable sites from which to download the apps from. The average user isn't going to do this.

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I agree with you TDWIM. But if BlackBerry was supporting side-loading more, a bigger, easier and safer environment could be enjoyed by many more. Right now the process is a bit involved, but I'm glad it is an option at least. It saved me from needless frustrations waiting for the developer to upgrade their BB7 app to BB10.

If Google Play were available to BB10 users, there would be absolutely zero reason for developers to create new programs for BB anymore. At that point BB might just as well stop developing its own OS and just skin its own variant of Android.

That said, the Android Runtime is a great shortcut for devs who want to test the waters, and we've already seen apps that entered BB World as Android ports and have since been replaced by native apps (Spotcast comes to mind, for instance).

My own hope is that with the new Jelly Bean runtime coming in 10.2, we'll see the big names like Netflix and Instagram finally come to the platform. The new OS has some appealing new features, and between it and the introduction of the Z30 it's an opportunity for a marketing reboot.

It isn't "hate", it's business.

If you're a dev, you want to hit as many customers as possible. Android and iOS have over 100 million users each. BB10 is MAYBE creeping up on 5-6 million. If you're a dev, and it's going to take you as much time, effort, and money developing a BB10 app as it does to create the same app for Android and iOS to only increase your market reach by 2 or 3%, the sheer economics don't make sense.

I see 10 million users as the magic number. As soon as BB10 hits that milestone, the platform starts getting the attention of many more developers. Let's cross our fingers and hope we see that before the end of the year.

There are allot more developers who don't want to port a crippled app. Do you know how many things are missing from the 10.2 Gold Android runtime?

Not sure how they relate to one another. The android compatibility is a crutch for a lack of native apps and secondly a way to lure in android users with some familiarity.

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If porting to BlackBerry earned developers huge profits, they'd be porting to BlackBerry all day and night.

That's the problem, BB10 is running out of time. If BlackBerry doesn't get the major app devs on board fast, nobody will buy BB10 devices, and the company will just wither away.

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Errr... let's say another 8 months?
Mhhh, no thanks I'm getting old and unproductive awaiting for the miracle.

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In the interview Mark also mentioned an NFL app, that I have not been able to find on BB10. So maybe he isn't the "guy" to talk to about apps.

As for doing EVERYTHING... I like to see him come out and say, "we offered them a bunch of cash, but they said they didn't care about BlackBerry owners". Might force the issue with some of them.

NO need to apologize. I'm right. NFL Mobile has not yet come to BlackBerry. We are 3 weeks into pre-season and IOS and Android have had both the Verizon application and the NFL app and numerous updates since draft day some months ago. Don't talk to me about BlackBerry and plans. I've been in this world too long for that.

Not a whole lot if you ask developers. Android developers are not happy that so many tools are still missing from the Android run-time even in the 10.2 Gold. Some developers like BAM just wish BB would go away.

Missing: Bluetooth, Telephony, NDK, Barometer, Bluetooth, NFC, Proximity Sensor, Bluetooth, VOIP, Google Maps; C2DM, Altimeter... That is just the hardware limitations. The software and media limitations go on for pages.


Hardware acceleration, surface texure and tooling just arrived 8 months in. Oh, and did I mention no Bluetooth support! Which I guess doesn't matter unless you use Runtastic, Endomondo, or any other exercise application.

J TAYLOR are you an ignorant fckwad. It's sad that a six year old has cancer and you are allowed to breath.

Let's not fight and just agree that BBRY is incapable of building the right dev relationships whether they have a day, month, year... or as proven recently... years. years!

Oh yeah: first. There... now THATS retarded.

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Google maps is software not hardware, and blue tooth is on your list a few times too many.

I know you think a lot of stuff is missing, but surely there is more than the previous release? And I'd also guess that the vast majority is in there now?

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I repeated BT for emphasis. It's such a big hole. To see everything that's missing follow the link in that comment. There is a ton missing. Android ports are the backbone of BlackBerry World. Most of the games and social apps are all ports. This includes Skype. In fact, the gold SDK actually breaks allot of the games in BBW. Any if the larger 3D games, like Need for Speed, Nova, etc...all broke in the 'gold' runtime.

People figure their code don't stink, but it's all a bunch of BS games people like to play, it's stupidity really. That's all, the world is a lame place and this is one of the symptoms.

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I personally don't believe blackberry have the relationship needed to get the likes of Instagram, snap chat or even Google plus integration on bb10. BlackBerry ceo maybe a great company man but he doesn't capitalise on relationships with those who matter.

He need to tap into silicon valley personal networks yo get things done, imagine if he was friendly with Larry Ellison of Oracle or any of the major venture capitalist heavy hitters. Much more would have happened, it's a shame but, it's who you know that matters in any kind of business whether it's software, hardware or even ice cream!

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BBRY does not build the right relationships. With devs, carriers, tech partners etc.

Same story from 2010. Or 2008. Or... ?

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Agree this company hasn't change at all in the last 5 years>
Thor maybe the new captain of the Ship, but he is still headed where they old captain said to go.

Have you ever seen Marty speaking at a conference? He had the most socially awkward vibe. I can only imagine how bad his dev pitches are.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

If only people didn't rely on so many apps I guarantee you BlackBerry would still be on top. Not only that, but before Netflix and Instagram people did perfectly fine. Sounds to me some of these companies just want BlackBerry to fail, even though there are more than enough BlackBerry users for these companies to make a profit. Nothing but haters.I hope Karma comes back and kicks their asses. Long live BlackBerry.

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Personally I think many companies have an arrogance issue which is why they choose not to support BBRY at this time. It's quite evident by these companies swallowing there arrogance, and releasing the apps we want, it will help BBRY sales which in turn will help them make cash.

I don't get it sometimes. It’s these very companies that are assisting in slower than normal BB10 sales and adoption. Anyhow its great to read the positive in this article, at least we now know BBRY is working hard to get things done. Just keep us in the loop k.

Friend of mine have a company called Smart Layover. They created and app called Smart Layover and they went live on IOS and Android. I convinced them to port their Android app to BlackBerry World. It wasn't easy task because the google map support wasn't there. So they have to find some other options to make the app workable on BlackBerry. They don't see the option going native soon because of the BB10 market share is still too small. I'm sure that this is the reason for many app developers.

P.S. They didn't even know anything about Android Port on BlackBerry.

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Great story. Thanks for sharing that.

BlackBerry is still battling for mindshare among developers. They've put a lot of time and effort into it already, too. I've heard from many devs who say that BB is a completely different company to deal with now than they were two years ago.

Even with that, there are a lot of other developers who just aren't going to pay attention until the userbase gets to a decent size, and that's the reality we're just going to have to live with for a while.

The underlying thing that I'm hearing is that BlackBerry has laid out the red carpet with a valet, VIP passes and an all expenses paid dinner for these developers to bring these apps over and they're turning their noses up at it, while BlackBerry gets the scrutiny. Awesome.

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Why would developers waste their time on a company that's basically thrown in the towel. BB is going to get sold and broken up at worst, or go private and change (to a degree at least) at best. Who would spend time, money and resources on something like that? When BB sends a clear message that they're on the verge of giving up, developers are going to avoid them like the plague...

Going private would be a good thing to help stop bad unwarranted press. Not to mention stop panic day traders from wrecking another Canadian company.

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Going private does NOT mean that BlackBerry simply buys itself. Another entity would take ownership and control, and BlackBerry as we know it would probably change dramatically. The byproduct of going private could be less than desirable.

Sadly I think they will be going private and at a low ball price. I agree with you that it will be a dramatically different company. They'll probably be more software and services company.

I personally would prefer to see them purchase by the likes of Sony or others similar to Sony.

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As interesting as the interview might be, it really isn't nothing new. It sounds about the same thing that was said six months ago.

A year ago, it sounded like they were saying they had an open door for any big name developer to help them bring their apps to the platform (waiting for the phone to ring). when few came calling, they started asking developers to bring their apps to BB10. A few developers have answered the request, but many of the big names still aren't on board. It is still a very passive approach.

What they really need to do is get the apps that will matter to the success of the platform, and be more aggressive with their approach. I'm not saying strong-arm developers, but ask directly, "what will it take to have your app on BB10?" and be willing to follow through.

I really want to see BlackBerry fight for their company. That means fighting to get the right apps on board, marketing that builds interest in the products, and better communication from them about their direction.

Marketing has always been the problem! They have done a terrible job on every front, including promoting their app ecosystem.

BB10 is an awesome foundation, but they really lack insight into connecting with consumers, tackling why former BlackBerry owners are peeved with BlackBerry, advertising their strengths (not just security and a keyboard), future proofing their hardware, couldn't even make a decent commercial!...

The brand is not cool anymore (I like it because it is not, but that is not going to sell phones). How can a company achieve anything when they are concentrating on margins and not giving people what they want and can't even sell themselves. I am hoping 2014 they turn things around.

They were too chicken to vary from their last successful phone Bold 9900 (Q10 is too similar in size and look). They should have came out with a phone with a bigger screen and keyboard, a slider with a keyboard, and an all touch. Then make entry level variations.

I apologize I am ranting, but I do not want this company to die as I personally don't like the alternatives.

Posted via Me on my Z

And speaker of Slacker, which I really like and regularly use, I was very curious why it was not listed as an example of used music apps in CB's survey on cloud use this week. Nor was it listed on a precious CB survey.

Posted via CB10

The lack of apps is frustrating, especially when there are proofs that simply porting existing Android apps could immediately open the BlackBerry market to developers (proof: the side loaded instagram or Netflix apps).

The missing ones that really kill the platform (in my opinion) are the lack of high quality niche apps. Case in point, the lack of quality apps for pilots. Yes, there are some weather apps that do the bare minimum, but that's it. Nothing that compares to what's offered on other platforms and definitely kitting to show off and brag about.

I have no idea how to solve the issue without increasing market share though. A quick thought, write a bb10 app layer for the PlayBook and immediately increase the bb10 app market by neatly one million potential customers. Seems like low hanging fruit to me.

Posted via CB10

It frustrates me that, considering the amount of time they spend on social media (facebook,twitter,etc) they have not got King or Zynga on board and got the top social games across. Tell people they can play candy crush or city ville, etc on the bb10 and you will instantly get an increase in sales.
As others have said there should be no real obstacle to this, even with a port initially (though I am not an android dev). But I see very few Facebook integrated apps on bb10 and none of the top ones.
Come on blackberry...

Posted via CB10

Funny that the article mentions Stub Hub. I've used their service, and I just got an email promoting their app, and all it shows is the icons for availability at the AppStore and Google Play but no BBWorld logo, and yet they've created an app for BB10. This is but one example. Can this be chalked up to not wanting to promote an inferior app experience given it is ported? Our Groceries does provide a direct link, but they are not even close to the size of a StubHub.

Posted via CB10

[QUOTE]I really want to see BlackBerry fight for their company. That means fighting to get the right apps on board, marketing that builds interest in the products, and better communication from them about their direction.[/QUOTE]

I'm in the camp that doesn't have a great need for apps, but I very much want Blackberry to succeed. If that means fighting hard to get apps, then please, DO IT!

it does seem like they are going to slide out of the handset business though. I think they may end up more like Sierra Wireless, something of a back room player, but not in the public eye so much. Unfortunate. I love my Blackberry, the brand, my long relationship with them.

I hope they can find a way to pull through this and not fade into the background.

If nothing else, I bet QNX and some form of BB10/Cascades UI finds a place in my technology stack, it just may not be obvious that it's there...

The comments made by Mallick are a joke. Actions speak louder than words. They're sitting on a huge cash balance that should have been spent paying, buying, bribing, call it whatever you want, to get the top apps on their platform. While not the preferred outcome, instead of bleeding cash on lousy unit sales, they should have paid $200 million to buy the best 50 apps. Would have done wonders for sales. Instead their cash is going to disappear with their service revenue. Inventory is going to be written off, which is the great irony - they'll end up writting off more inventory than they could have spent developing apps. BlackBerry's overall problem could be summarized in one sentence. Their image sucks. That's it. Those of us who own/use a Z10/Q10, know how awesome the platform actually is. Addressing the app issue would be a huge success in overcoming their lackluster image.

Competing with Microsoft/Windows is very tough. There's a reason Windows has Netflix. Windows also has this thing called an XBox that provides a quid-pro-quo. BlackBerry lacks this trade off.

What BlackBerry needs to do is to improve on the apps it currently has listed. Has anyone tried BlackBerry Maps lately?

Posted via CB10

I don't particularly like BlackBerry maps myself. Too many features are missing, and the fact that it requires a constant data connection breaks it for me (have you seen the data rates for roaming in the US? They're ridiculous!). Instead, I use something called a Garmin GPS device that works a heck of a lot better than any smartphone maps programme will.

Failing that, I'll pull out a good old-dashioned map (you know, the kind that most people can't figure out how to fold back up...) or an atlas.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!

Apps smapps! If mostly business people and professionals owned bb10 devices, there would not be so many cry-babies over these so-called missing apps.
That sounds mean, but I am really tired of this being considered a main reason for the BlackBerry struggle.

The ones I have offered, can swipe to the next post now, but I would much rather see BlackBerry improve the bb10 UI to at least equal the maturity of features from the legacy OS.
THAT is one of the more pressing issues. The others are over heating, and battery drain issues that the Z10 currently has, followed closely by a suck-@ss sales push of all BlackBerry devices in outlets, and a lean approach to advertising.

Just sayin'.

I agree, but they are still missing some important apps....and I'm sure business folks would still want things like banking apps, stock apps, etc. on the phones, all of which are absent (at least in the states) on the one phone that is supposed to be designed for business. The other thing it's supposed to be great at is email, but there have been plenty of problems with that (gmail) that have yet to be addressed in an update. I still like my Q10 and am not changing anytime soon, but it's pretty frustrating right now being a BB supporter.

How about BlackBerry fires all the dead weight (people like Franck Boulben) whose marketing strategy was a total fail and all the useless middle management. Use the money you save from firing their asses and just pay the fucking companies to develop the apps! If it costs a couple of million so be it. They keep saying they are sitting on $3billion in the bank but all we see is poor execution. I swear I'd do a better job at top management that the idiots currently running the company into the ground !

Posted via CB10

I don't think the marketing is that bad. Just needs to be more of it. Almost every website that has supported adds that I visit on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is full of Z10 adds. They know I'm using an Android device. I'm being targeted. But they don't know that I'm already a BlackBerry fan and just waiting on Sprint to take my money, and exchange it for a Z30 or Q10!

I can't tell you if the individual marketing components are bad...because I've never seen any (except that awful Superbowl commercial).

Invisible marketing IS bad marketing.

Do the Google-plan... bring the phones to the folks! More BB10 phones in people hands means more apps, so what does the Google-plan actually mean Mr. Heins?
Sell cheaper phones, phones for zero money with a contract and phones under 250bucks without... price the Q5 under 250 bucks... just do it... gosh...

Posted via CB10

I think they should stop focusing on begging and chasing app developers down. Why don't they just focus on developing their own unique ecosystem? What about building an app that is better than Instagram and a advertising the hell out of it? I used Instagram a little while back to see what all the hype was about, and found it well, amusing for about 8 minutes.

Different strokes for different folks but IG is huge. I can't stay off of it and when I first loaded it on my Z10, realized within minutes what I've been missing out on. Hundreds of my friends on there and countless of times of feeling left out bc people would refer and talk about a "pic" on IG.

Posted via CB10

The lack of key apps is an issue. The other issue is that many of the apps we have are absolute junk.

The ported Android stuff runs like crap.

The "built for BlackBerry" stuff is all very good. But how many of those apps are there? Like 12?

Shame. The OS is so good. But anyone who has a choice is going to say, "why would I buy a phone that can do less when there arer SO many other choices--other phones that can do so much more.

I'm sad. I love BlackBerry, but they are dying.


Posted via CB10

"I think they should stop focusing on begging and chasing app developers down. Why don't they just focus on developing their own unique ecosystem? What about building an app that is better than Instagram and a advertising the hell out of it? I used Instagram a little while back to see what all the hype was about, and found it well, amusing for about 8 minutes."

@Peter Lee4 - While you're technically right - a lot of people do care about apps and is an important decision when buying a phone. At the very least, by addressing the shortfall in marque apps, it removes another reason for people to bash BlackBerry.

I like this approach - specifically if it is baked into BBM. BBGram. X-Platform, with an easy way to get iOS and android users to sign up, pushed by the 60mm users of BBM.

Well bad news, at least for now(we have to see how the new Samsung actually sells), for the A10 or Z30 or whatever else it is called. Samsung is coming out with the Galaxy Mega, another one of those phablets as they are called. It will have a 6'3 inch screen!

For the rest of the specs...well look for them yourselves...I found the article in the New York Times to be actually decent...

Posted via CB10

If BlackBerry could get some Corp/Gov sales rolling and get the installed base climbing the apps will come faster.

Still hoping to see things continue to roll and hoping for a big 10.2/BBM/Q30 announcement soon!

Posted via CB10

Sign up for the BlackBerry developers blog if you haven't already. Lots of posts there about new IDEs getting BB10 support. It's those IDEs that allow a developer to rollout a BB10 version of their already built app with minimal fuss. Developers aren't going to build native or switch IDEs just for BlackBerry. It's the most important thing they can do. Appcelerator Titanium IDE got BlackBerry support 2 days ago and all apps on that platform can now be easily added to BB10 platform.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry does not do enough. It is quite clear. Even on its own turf. BBM is still nowhere to be found for iOS and Android. I need Viber on BB10. Viber is slow in releasing the application. Not a problem, I could potentially do with BBM to communicate with my iOS/Adnroid people if there is BBM voice enabled client for iOS and Android. What Blackberry does after having BBM for many years - it stretches the definition of "summer". Blackberry has given up. BB10 is incomplete as it stays at the moment. Hell - even Japanese is not supported as a language. Trying to blame the application providers is lame.

I think Thor should go with his 50 million. The quicker, the better.

My voice and messaging app getricochet.com will be coming to BB10. I'll be giving preferred closed beta access to Crackberry members.

Posted via CB10

That's all well and good; the fact still remains. How many advertisements have you seen since the supper bowl????? Along with having someone that knows the mind set of what the people want vs the innovators think we need. For instance. It's great that we can purchase movies and TV shows and watch them via the mini hdmi to hdmi but what about the people that have a hull or Netflix account? To innovate is to expand. I see limits. Don't get me wrong I love my z10 and my PlayBook along with my previously owned BlackBerry's but if we are going to claim to innovate do it. I'm not angry just concerned with the way things are being handled and pushed aside for a new product with the same problems


When it comes to a conversation between Mr. Mallick and Netflix for example (not that I personally care about Netflix), I often wonder how the conversation goes or is there any conversation at all?. If there is, does Netflix tell Mallick the reasons they don't want to be on Blackberry? Does Mallick respond with some incentives to Netflix? Netflix provided some comments a while ago that Blackberry is not really an entertainment type device (or something like that). Does Mallick respond and show Netflix that it is a good entertainment device? Do they just let this lie? If Mr Mallick is not having ongoing conversations and promoting BB10 with the large App developers who are missing, then he is definitely missing the boat. I would hope that his team is on the phone regularly trying to persuade these developers and local developers to get connected with BB.

To answer one of your questions, Mallick and BlackBerry does not respond and demonstrate to Netflix that BB10 is a good entertainment platform. At last report, their CEO has never even held a BlackBerry device. They don't do enough to correct the ignorance out there.

I have seen a few cases where Apps are in BlackBerry World bit they are not even listed as a supported platform on the website or TV commercial of the service/app maker.

Posted via CB10

If the theory that "you can only be successful in the mobile field today is if you have a mature app ecosystem (I'm really starting to hate this word)" and the only ones who have mature ecosystems are Apple and Samsung, then by that logic no-one will ever be able to enter into the mobile world!
That makes no sense!

Blackberry needs to stop listening to this nonsense and get the message out there that they have a great OS. Highlight the great things it can do that the others can't or won't do. As an example spend some cash and or buy up a car command start company and prebuild this into the BB10 OS.

If the Q10 and Z10 can be marketed as the only smartphones that also double as command start units also, then there is the "killer app" that will guarantee success! They already own QNX, so developing this ability into cars should be a no brain'er.

This is the kind of thinking required to combat the ecosystem argument.

Yes new smartphones will come out that will kill the iPhone and Android, you just need to think past today and leapfrog into tomorrow. That was basically Steve Jobs ace in the hole and what created the apple empire.

Apple iPhone had good ads demonstrating not only the phones capabilities but also apps that exist on the phone. These are effective ads and should be copied.

Stop showing ads of rock concerts and sliding on grass, these are things that I can do without a phone.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry 10 is still new. Competition is really tough. The app gap needs more attention. Those writing here are writing on the best keyboard in the business. We need to hang on. Be innovative. Keep moving. I really like my z10 and I'm sure others will too. Hopefully the arrival of 10.2 and a new full screen device will mark full entry into competition. I hope BlackBerry can entice a company like HTC to offer bb10 on its phones too. Marketing and reach must improve. If so BlackBerry can survive. Take down the for sale sign. Spread the word that BlackBerry is Back.

Posted via CB10

Great feedback from Mallick. Wish those missing app devs would surprise us and actually show us some love! <3

Hey BlackBerry, push the 10.2 so that more current consumer can be better off. And don't just use BlackBerry 10 as a cell phone platform. It has potential to be used in cars, appliances, etc--so provide services and let people know. Don't just go luxury cars.

Posted via CB10

As with what a lot of others have stated, the NEW BlackBerry needs a lot more exposure. Even here in Canada where it has done well it is still under exposed. I'm constantly showing what the phone can do and people love it. They say things like, "That's really cool!"

"That's really cool!" is not making it out to the consumer who is blindly (in a lot of cases) choosing between the only two current OS they know. BlackBerry tried with 'Keep Moving", but it really didn’t tell new buyers what the phone was about. The new 'It's Time' ad is dry and corporate - BlackBerry already has a stable of corporate clients. It needs on-the-street buyers. BlackBerry needs ads and placement that makes the devices compelling. For instance, the Galaxy ads have been great for at first swiping at iPhone and then making people want them ( i.e. Seen the guy on the plane beating people away who are trying to take his phone so they can use the functions it has?) Yes, apps are a hindrance, but truthfully I have most of the ones I want. So yeah, the push for apps is needed, but people have to actually know about and want the device for what it can do. That has been poorly executed so far.

Posted via CB10

Lol... most people I know use 2 to 5 apps... I think most people are brainwashed into thinking we need 1000's of apps.

To have this phone come out months ago and still not have ACTUAL apps of instagram and snap chat is just sad. The side loaded versions are absolute shit and we need properly made apps to hit the app world. the bb10 is so far behind the other phones it's ridiculous.

Posted via CB10

I haven't read through all the comments so this may have been mentioned already. BlackBerry needs to get mentioned in the ads you see for apps whether it is online, in print, or on TV. Anytime time you see an ad for an app you see the "Download on the App Store" or "Get it on Google play" logos. You know what you don't see? That's right, "Available in BlackBerry World" logos.

BlackBerry needs to get the BlackBerry World logo in the ads for apps that BB10 does have apps for so the general consumer begins to realize what apps are available for BlackBerry 10. The average consumer only sees App Store and Google Play logos creating the perception those are the only places to get apps.

BlackBerry needs to be going to developers, of say, Pocket, instapaper, Evernote, instagram (pick your poison) and say "here is a big bag of cash. Write an app for us. What? The bag isn't big enough? Okay, here's more".

Adam Schuetze

This guy attitude makes me wanna stop advertising BB 10's advantages to friends and family and juss say quote "you can choose any platform you want, they are all the same"

Posted via CB10

Wow. Just wow.

Stop worrying about the little guy hammering out HTML5 or Cascades apps in his basement and get on with paying for API licenses for Netflix et. al. and building BlackBerry-authored apps we can be happy with.

So far BlackBerry has really missed the obvious.

Posted via CB10

"What's BlackBerry doing to help get more apps on the platform?"


Now, bear in mind, I'm not a coder/app writer, merely an end-user, an avid supporter as well.

I'm continually trying to help, by loading leaked OS', giving feedback, doing all that I can. But w/o BlackBerry taking some very firm immediate steps, I fear the worst.

"autocorrect's for the birds" SQN100-2, v10.2.0.1323

BBRY and firm, immediate steps in the same sentence?.

Uhhh... yknow this is BlackBerry right? Used to be known as RIM? The 'in motion' part of the brand was a little tongue in cheek

Posted via CB10

I think they should strike a deal with Google to get into the Google store for apps seeing that we can already side load android apps why not make it official. One way of saving money. That say they don't have to spend much money into developers. The apps are already there and tons. To sum it up. Goodbye apple hello blackberry and any android phone. :)

Posted via CB10

Well he's mistaken about the NFL app, and this is the top guy!

Frankly he's asleep at the wheel and should be booted out for his incompetence. If BlackBerry goes down it will be a direct result if this man's failings.

Posted via CB10

The Timhorton app performs way better than Starbucks. With a few more features it will leap ahead of Starbucks.

Netflix is a thing of past, new innovative and disruptive services are available.

All other apps will disappear in a year or two. Those are junks. True mobile professionals don't care or know them. Also for average Joe BBM alone does all those apps do and more.

BB really need to focus on true mobile professionals and enterprise. The eWeek article is definitely a boost for BB's value for mobile professions and enterprises.

Now BB needs to make the new BB 10 devices and BES 10 as solid as the BB devices and BES before 2007.

What is telling at this point, is go to BlackBerry World on your device and select the "built for BlackBerry" tab. I don't see: twitter, facebook, instagram, netflix, instapaper, Google maps, spotify, Evernote, lastpass, ebay, amazon. Instead I see a bunch of non-name stuff that nobody cares about, and it makes a mockery of "built for blackberry."

Adam Schuetze

The Built for BlackBerry program is a complete failure. It is a human corruption. RIM think it has the best judges. It turns out it has a bunch of corrupted employees. It end users be the judges. Let the ecosystem grow without corruption.

Personally I would be amazed if BlackBerry had all the top apps with only being out for 8 months on a new platform. It would be great news and the stock would be sitting at $20 with a show of support from the tech community but unfortunately development takes time and it's just not going to happen fast enough. Perhaps once they get bbm cross platform and people start promoting their channels and you start to see the bbm logo everyday and every where you will see an accelerated pace on app development for BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10

Honestly, I don't know what to say. BB needs apps to get sales going, app dev's need to see sales to build apps. Whether BB is trying or not, I do not know; if they have been trying, then need a new approach cuz it hasn't been working.
End of the day, BB will fail without sales, app developers will simply build for other devices. It's all on BlackBerry.

What I would like to see is an email address list formed so that a mass email could be easily sent informing the developer of our situation.

Why did blackberry feel they had to force developers to convert their apps to bar files instead of going the rout of amazon and just having used the Apk format.

BB10 is an awesome OS!! but it needs more to it.. It's like having a fast car with no road to drive on.. People will leave this ecosystem because it doesn't satisfy all their needs.. I LOVE BlackBerry but I have to use other platforms to get all the things I need done..

Very well said! That's exactly how I feel about my Z10.

When I get asked how i like my Z10 cell phone, I usually tell them it's not a smartphone, it's a laptop, tablet and camera with a cell phone added to it.

Do you realize as much as Netflix, Instagram, ect don't give a S**** about the apps situation on BB10 ?? They always respond '' we evaluate all the new platform and we will...blah blah blah''. Honestly, don't expect to much from them !

Yes, BlackBerry should advertise the great apps they do have on BB10 devices, including the Built For BlackBerry apps - both productivity and games (FlyCraft comes to mind). All people hear is the "no apps" bs. The public needs to see what great apps they can have. Please, please, please BlackBerry, start marketing with an intention to sell devices and not just to keep the BlackBerry name in people's heads. Your name is in the public 's heads and, thanks to uninformed and sensationalist media, the image is way mostly bad.

Posted via CB10

Netflix Sucks. I could careless. With the ability to sideload, I am very happy with bb10.

One more thing, Screw you apple!

I like your comment that "everyone needs to know what they are doing". I think this is especially true on here so people like us can get the word out. My boss is still sitting on the fence if we should stick with them or not and I really can't say much

Posted via CB10

The app devs and their clients do not advertise that their app is available on the BB platform:

YES: they do say "available on IOS and Google Android App Stores'.

iOS devices are many .. Google Android devices are many .. BB devices are few.
Why should devs bother to even make a BB App? Let along, ADVERTISE it.

Maybe devs and their clients don't bother to make BB apps because they have a mass market perception that BB is a dying device.

That being said, the most important apps that I personally need are ONLY AVAILABLE as iOS and Android apps.

One of my favourite apps is SkyDroid and in their site it says for Apple, Android and "also for BlackBerry World".

Posted via CB10

Sell phones And the apps will come!!! Create badass devices crazy specs that will never be needed or used and make a 63mp camera. People buy that crap it's what catches their interest. Shitty specs on paper next to Samsung HTC and Nokia = no sales you have to compete on paper to sell.

Posted via CB10

I really don't have an idea what blackberry is doing, the moment that they have decided to shift or to have this bb10 OS, I believed they have already brainstormed on its weakness - apps ecosystem

I am happy with Z10 without having those apps but not quite with battery. So here is what I am telling to my friends who are inquiring about bb10, if ur an app addict STAY AWAY u will be disappointed. If u want to be different, hurry up and buy as it may not lasts longer at least u have experienced the awesomeness of bb10 OS.

Posted via CB10

IDENTIFY THE KEY MISSING APPS (the ones responsible for low sales)....and ....


Almost nothing! I saw big players moving away BlackBerry.
We want key and useful apps not side-loads or wan a-be/similar apps.
I want my Bank, my ATM, VISA, Airliner, Bus, Water Company, Electric Company, Mobile Operator and so on ... running natively on my Z10.
At this point I have none, ZERO. All this apps running natively on iOS + Android and few in Windows Mobile.

agreed! surprised nobody mentions those types of apps, especially for the phones that are billed as corporate or business people phones! those are the types of apps that can make you more productive.

Absolutely correct.

The big banks and others have ignored BlackBerry apps

However the savior is that many apps are close to the same company website which I access through browser desktop favorite

Posted via CB10

Thats a big let down. i made a decision between an s4 and the Q10, really took my time while i was thinking. i ended up choosing the blackberry q10 knowing that it lacked on apps but that it had a magnificent OS far more comfortable than android's at least for me. The only thing i regret from changing from android to bb is that there is no Youtube app like the other platforms. i really dislike using the browser to go on youtube. At this rythm, all i think about its just that i wasted my money.

I have the latest youtube app running on my z10 but you'll have to sideload it using 10.2

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

In Europe exist a mass market perception that BlackBerry is a dying device.
Android and iOS are very wheel establish in Europe, the only platform who his growing in Europe is WindowsPhone with Nokia devices. In few countries BlackBerry market share is below 1%, 10 years ago was 86% on smarthphone category.
In Europe BB is dead.

They don't only need the now apps they need the future instagram, netflix, and all that stuff.

The thing is since when haven't you seen a new app hit it out of the park on ios and android? Is a weird thing happening were the top 50 most downloaded apps on Google play and app store have been the same for 1 year

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has a promotional problem with more than apps. They are producing phones with the best OS in the world and many people still think that Blackberry is years behind the technology race

Posted via CB10

If BlackBerry were smart they would come out with their own "killer" app if that's what it is the masses want. If they can't entice app developers successfully then they might as well do it themselves. There's really nothing stopping them from being their own app developers. Look at BBM and how successful that was in it's time. That was essentially their own app. Problem is though that any good has already been invented. They would have to think outside the box. Their (and our) brand would be more sustainable if they spent money on this than in marketing.

Posted via CB10

I'd wager having identical UI chrome in all BB10 apps is a turn off for at least a few Devs, so fleshing out their design guidelines (allowing more room for differentiation while still looking and feeling like a BB10 app) would do them some good.

You mean an app not a game? Does crackberry even review apps anymore?

Aside from the popular ones reviewed from other platforms?

Posted via CB10

To be honest this has got to be the only business in the world that a company ( app developers) won't go after every revenue stream because they feel the parent company (BlackBerry) does not have enough sales of a single platform.

The phrase "No risk no reward" rings a bell. Especially when the parent company is begging for their services. This is like Ford begging Firestone to put a set of tires on a new line of vehicles but because Ford has only sold a few 100k of the vehicles it's not worth it. Where they do that at?

No one here can't say that new apps have not come it's just the same ones that have be talked about for years that haven't. Rembert it takes two to complete any kind of business transaction. Some failures in business is very much deserved but a lot of them are not. This may just be one that is not.Just my. 02

Posted via CB10

I think they ought to pass this marketing idea onto the marketing guys:

Build a BB10 that can fit inside the case of an android or iOS device. Man-on-the-street pass the phone to real people in real places. Tell them it's the newest replacement smart phone. Show them how to use it, apps on the platform, etc. Then voila, it's actually BlackBerry 10!

Or maybe a bb10 app that emulates bb10 features.

Or maybe a bb10 keyboard on Android. With a BB key to load up BBM.

Posted via CB10

I work for AT&T at the store level, use the z10, and supported BlackBerry for couple years now. I think the bigger problem is on my carrier it's definitely iPhone land & Samsung land!

Majority of sales reps are just not confident in recommending the z10 simply cause your limited to apps like instagram, official Pandora, Netflix etc... the reps assume the buyer is going to use or want those apps eventually during there next two years of owning the device. So it's too frequently common for the average rep to say stick with android or iOS despite the many things that are better with BlackBerry 10.

I wish they just had those big hit apps, and sales reps can go back to selling phones for what they really are design wise and not just famous apps they offer in there app store!

Truthfully, if they just had instagram and rhapsody I would be completely satisfied, even without Netflix or official Pandora app.

Posted via CB10

I think there's a lot of hype about Instagram. I can't say I know a lot of people who actually use it. Same with Rhapsody. Besides there's EasyTune which I find is great. Also you can sideload Rhapsody (which I did and then deleted in favour of Sonza & EasyTune) and Instagram (which I had no need for). Maybe you can stop drinking that AT&T KoolAid and tell people that BB10 phones are on balance the best ones to get. I'm happy with my Z10.

Posted via CB10

I have been a heavy ios and android user the last couple years. Gave the z10 a shot. The hardware is awesome. 10.2 is awesome (10.1 ok). The biggest win is the performance of all the android apps in 10.2. The issue for consumer penetration is I had to side load 5 daily drivers. Fine for most of us, but not the masses. Especially ios users. Port or native, have to be available in the store.

Posted via CB10

So InstaGram & NetFlix are not avail for BB10..who gives a shit about that.?? I mean really, are those two apps that important as to assign life or death status to a smart phone.??

No. BB needs to market their strengths.

In a world increasingly security conscious and one where we are all being spied upon, you'd think they could leverage the effects of the Snowdon Leaks to their advantage. ??

BB needs a world class quality marketing program to get that message out.

Personaly, I hope they go PRIVATE!

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

Why not CB team take this job from THOR, they have direct contact with THOR and fire with all cylinders for at least 6 months and change the directions of sinking ship, take the water out before it sink. No one doubt ur capabilities. just a different assignment. BIG opportunity, may be CBKevin can earn a position in board.

Posted via CB10

At launch I actually thought they did a good job for a new platform. since then it's been some progress but somewhat disappointing on the big apps.(he points to games which I I do think has been very good). So yes kudos for the games bb. However, If I'm going to sell like hell I need to point to the big apps. If the packages and presentations to the big app makers aren't working, then who's accountable and what are the next steps? Like one of the earlier posters I just want them to strive to be better than the competition whatever it takes.

Posted via CB10

Not having certain big name apps isn't that big of deal for me. But unfortunately having these popular apps has become a standard expectation often too many times when it comes to the "modern smartphone lifestyle" for the hyper connected/social, and tech savvy movers.
I'm just saying having those apps at the gate will open up the barrier to confidently push BlackBerry 10 by reps in stores and in regions where the app factor matters.

Posted via CB10

I personally love the apps for BB10 I just can't fit all of them on my Z10! Due to all the games I brought! LoL!

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Google is not! I repeat! NOT on blackberry side! As soon as blackberry does something amazing!!! Google counters! We shouldn't need google for OS leaks! That's why some BB10 apps work for some and they don't for others!we all have different OS's! And depending on what carrier you're with! Will determine what your phone can and can not do! BB10 should be controlled threw "LINKS" and links only! We should be able to manage are apps there and get OS updates there also!

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Probably it's just me but I think the "lack" of apps in BB10 is overstated. Get over it all you haters. I actually Googled "top 50 Android Apps" and after side loading the ones that BB10 didn't have and were good, I was only left with two: Yelp (for which Foursquare is a decent alternative) and Umano. Again, I'm not big into apps and it's probably just me.

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The funny thing is its not on you. There is a whole host of people just like you out there but they want something to botch about. Most these people that have an issue with are the same people that has had an issue with something BlackBerry has not done in the past.

You want an updated OS, BlackBerry gave you maybe the best OS since Web OS. You want a touch screen phone that is just as easy to use as the iPhone, here is the Z10. You want the ability to run better apps, they gave devs every way possible to get apps on the platform. But yet most of us still bitch about not having maybe six apps.

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I think there is an other reason for the weak adoption of BB10 internationally. For me the Apps catalog is already quite nice and is not a problem.
The problem is that Phone Carriers do not support Visual Voice Mail on BB10. This is really a step back compared to the daily experience on my iPhones especially for a professional Phone.
I tried hard calling many times my phone carrier here in France and nothing moves. Why can't Blackberry negotiate that with the phone carriers. I ended creating a petition on change.org, http://chn.ge/1934fzo

Not sure why having Netflix matters so much. I don't have time for watching movies so I don't have a Netflix account.

Even if I did I would rather watch them on my big screen streamed from my mac than trying to load them from my mobile.

As for any missing apps the only real big hole in all I see is banking apps that's let you do check deposits by taking a photo of the check. That is a productivity enhancing feature that should definitely be on BlackBerry.

I see blackberry phones as a productivity enhancers and less of a consumer consumption device. Games and movies are cool and all but if the phone can save me even a few minutes a day that is value right there.

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"Not sure why having Netflix matters so much. I don't have time for watching movies so I don't have a Netflix account."
I'll try to help, close your eyes, now imagine that there are other BB users, so far so good. Now, imagine that these other people have different wants/needs than you, still with me? Now here's the tricky part, believe it or not, those other people's needs/wants matter just as much as yours when it comes to BB's success! I know, mind blown right?

What they did? Scaring away users and developers with their stupid Playbook decision!
This company is a loser in how they handle things...took me a while to understand it.

That apps are more important than the quality of the phone itself.....????
A read so many reviews about the z10 which state that it is a great device, great OS. But it is all about apps.....

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If your trying to compete with iphone or androids? androids and Google are in business together! and iphone is established with apps! Iphone was out for years!and didn't do to many changes just more apps! BB10 has been out for only months! And they have a bunch of devices! Tons of different OS! And great apps! But? not enough to compete! The carriers are not Budging! Until blackberry flys straight! And gets a solid OS! With mobile industry standard apps! And blackberry better get Google on board! For real! Or iphone,android, and Google(HTC!one) will continue to attempt to squeeze blackberry out of business!

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Getting the Android run-time version in BB10 fully up to date and some-how getting access to the play store solves this issue in one, in time developers will be able to understand the strengths and power of BB10 and develop native apps. Giving users the best of both worlds, by offering all the Android apps from the play store that they can use alongside native BB10 apps and functions, this sells devices.

How do you feel better? Knowing that BlackBerry has done everything and still yet to receive those apps? It makes me think BlackBerry is done because if they have went that far with no progress what makes you think things will change?
Did he really mention MLB? I guess next we will see a golf app. I'm loosing hope fast

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