CrackBerry Reminder: What You May Have Missed This Week

By Adam Zeis on 8 Nov 2009 08:50 am EST

What did I miss?

Wow! What a week we had. Between the load of contests, Bold 9700 reviews popping up like crazy and Curve 8530 announcements mixed with some OS leaks, it was almost too much to handle! So in case you missed anything, here is a quick run through of everything you need to checkout before the week is over. We'll have loads of stuff coming next week since we're off to the BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco. Keep it locked to CrackBerry for all the DevCon coverage you need!

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Reviews: Kevin | Adam | Craig | Bla1ze | Roundup | Member Reviews
BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Leaked:
BlackBerry Bold 9700 Poll:
Is the BlackBerry Bold 9700 too small??
BlackBerry Curve 8530 Gets Announced:
Verizon Announcement | Sprint Announcement
Apps, Apps, APPS!: Latest App Posts | BlackBerry App Roundup


The Crack Team will be at the BlackBerry Developers Conference in San Francisco next week. Be sure to check out our Special Coverage for all the up to the minute reports, and be sure to follow the team on Twitter:

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CrackBerry Reminder: What You May Have Missed This Week


This is awesome. I often times wonder what I've missed, but now with this summation I'll be on top of everything.

This is a great summary. Hope to see more of this. It's a great way to catch important announcements.

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