What would your custom designed BlackBerry look like?

By Adam Zeis on 16 Aug 2013 04:08 pm EDT

Scoping out the hot news over on Android Central I can't help but want to design myself a Moto X. The thought of being able to customize a phone right off the bat and make it my own is very appealing. I've run through various cases and skins on my Z10 but it just isn't the same. Seeing the Moto Maker site honestly made me a bit jealous.

I think back to my old Curve 8330 - there was actually a forums member who was offering her services to create custom paint jobs for devices, much like Colorware (though also much cheaper). I sent off my Curve and had it painted up in Mets colors to make it my own. 

Of course things like Colorware or getting a custom skin are always an option, but what if you could create your very own custom device in the same manner as the Moto X? 

Think about the BlackBerry Z10 or Q10. You could fire up a site then run through options choosing the colors for the front, back and bezel of your phone right down to accent colors for buttons or around the camera lens. It would be pretty cool and make for loads of custom BlackBerry 10 devices.

We know you are a creative bunch, so we want to know just what you'd come up with for your perfect custom BlackBerry. Would it be CrackBerry orange? The color of your favorite sports team? Hit up the comments and let us know what your custom BlackBerry 10 device would look like.



I love the New York Knicks colored Z10. :D

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I don't know why you can't customize the internals of a phone like you can with a computer.

I'd be willing to pay more for a faster cpu, more ram, larger hardrive and so on.

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I second this. The day we can change the internals of our devices such as ram, cpu and ssd memory will be awesome. Would also be nice to have the option of dual booting.

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This could be something BBRY can do to boost sales and continue to innovate. Just like a PC, customise your BB10 Device. WOW.


It's because of money. Most people upgrade to a new phone because of newer hardware. If you could replace them no one would upgrade


He did not suggest to change the hardware on your existing phone but to order a customized smartphone... This simple thing, an amazing USP that could work with mobile phones too by adjusting the supply chain and manufacturing, made Dell to one of the biggest PC manufacturer of the World...

Customers like to customize everything, like cars... where you choose size of the car (phablet... 4"... qwerty/touch... etc), then engine (Hardware), and interior and exterior design (case finishing, colors, materials, etc...)... and pay a premium for that...

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The words "superfluous" and "placebo" come to mind. Mobile devices just don't work like that.


Black and Blue. All day. Z10.

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Black back, Red front And White sides...


A pokeball?

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LMAO!! I wasn't sure what he was going for but then I read your post and can totally see it HAHAHA!!


Should it not be white back, black sides and a red front to be a pokeball lol

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Bumble bee colors, yellow and black.....

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Rayed Siddiqui

Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow

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Nothing like a little quote from Barry Benson. ;) Well done.


You mean bruins colors! Totally agree, black and yellow!

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Mine would be black with silver/gray on the sides to make it look like the Bold 9900 design


I'd go with that. Something subtle and professional.

That said, if I wanted a splash of color, I would leave the front and back as-is and polish the metal band then anodize it, probably blue or red, but most any color would work nicely since it is only an accent.


Silver and black Z10. That's what mine would look like.


Product (RED) edition Z or Q..
Man I'm willing to pay a loot of money for that.. If only..


All black

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Rayed Siddiqui

Be creative

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I would want to have completely white Z10 without the black thing around the screen.

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Honestly, I love how the Q10 looks. It's cool for them to allow customization, but I definitely prefer the glass weave back over a colored plastic any day of the week... I kind of hate how there really is no attention to build quality with 99% of the phones out there, just plastic everywhere...

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The weave is cool, but how about a coloured carbon weave. Generally a colour and black interweaved. Or a carbon kevlar, that's black and yellowy gold.

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It's generally a more complicated process painting these carbon weaves different colours, which is why it's only black or white.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!

Sayumi Whisp

You can laugh... but wanna an Hello! Project or Morning Musume colorful theme "." that would be cool

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More importantly, where'd you get that A-team van?! Lol

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I know, right? Dat van.


Think mine would be 24crt gold plated would look so niceeeee !

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Rayed Siddiqui


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A maize and blue Z10.... yeah, i would do that...



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For me, its gonna be my two favorite colors, Red & Black. While for my 2nd option would be a 3D carbon fiber all around the entire body & back...

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Oh my!!! RED AND BLACK!! That's like porn for phones! Great options

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I would make my Q10 like this http://forums.crackberry.com/attachments/blackberry-q10-f272/174041d1371...

and then re-engineer it to have charging contacts so I could use a cradle!



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Nevermind just the colors. I still would have loved the BlackBerry Blade design. That look alone would have boosted sales a little higher.

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That's a fantasy device that got everybody wet but would never see the light of day



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Bright pink with green dots.

No more reboots. I love my Z10 again.

R Field

White Z10 made oreo like I already have. If you need most options just get Dbrand Z10 skins

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Some of My choices could be:

NY Giants Blue
NY Knicks combo colors
Some skulls and bones
Metallica Ride the Lighting album cover
Cool Old School Bobber
Cross wrenches
Electric Guitar
Or maybe My Business logo

And the list can go on and on because of My wild imagination :)

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I'm MongezaurioBerry


OMG, the truck in the background... Don't tell me it is B.A.Barracus' vehicle in The A Team. It happens to be very collectible these days, you know?! So jealous! I want the same! Why not set a contest to give it away? :)


I'd like my Q10 to look a bit more like the Q5 with none of those contrasting frets on the keypad nor any of those stupid swept key tops and abosultely no vulgar colour schemes like the one pictured above clearly designed by people who are both colour blind and devoid of taste.


Red and Black :)

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Bright Red with the Raptors logo on the back ;)

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Poirots Progeny

I'd like my Q with a jet black stealth matt look - including the back cover. The glass weave is nice but I'd prefer something plain.

And a black theme with white THROUGHOUT the os!

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Blaugrana :) and a barca logo instead of the BlackBerry logo

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Detective M Downs

I like the NFC clip and desktop dock, too.


I don't know if I could commit to a colour :p I like being able to change the colour whenever I want.


Original factory is the best

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The current Blackberry Z10, but just made from better materials. It has an iPhone pricetag, so can it feel like an iPhone please.


Really, we can't even get the dark theme for the Z10 and half assed on the Q10.

BlackBerry WOW factor = Empty promises & fancy text messages

R Field

Like I already have it Z10 in white made oreo with the black battery door. If people want custom colours or textures get Dbrand skinz

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Dark Purple!!!!! My favorite color!!! :)

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I love my all black. I wouldn't mind playing around with some textures though.


Metallic deep blue

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I'd like the one that will even the apps playing field!


I would definitely make mine Canuck colours haha

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Old Canuck colors of course ;)


I love the look of my Z10. im more interested in knowing if BB is going to be around in the future. Is this Z10 the last BB ill ever have? All this BB "up for sale" talk makes me sad. :-(


Bring back the track wheel! ;)

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haha, nah! It was a chore to clean those things out.


Rich shimmery why-don't-you-come-up-and-see-me-sometime bad girl red....

Jeff Lima

San Jose sharks colours

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bb marathoner

My suggestion: BlackBerry should release 3D models of Z10, Q10 and Q5 covers. So people could dowload them and print in their favorite colors and materials using 3D printers!


I'm not really a big custom color combo type of person myself when it comes to my electronic devices. I've always been happy with the standard black color that most legacy BlackBerry's and all BlackBerry 10 devices come in. Black just seems to have that corporate power rich leading look to it. However, I would love to have custom metals or textures to choose from to customize my BlackBerry and to really rival the Moto X, HTC One & iPhone. For instance, dark or light versions of carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, titanium, how about high gloss or smoked chrome, maybe even wood trims or genuine leather backs too. Essentially, I would like top notch high end materials to choose from so I can custom design a truly beautiful one of a kind BlackBerry that everyone notices, but most of all makes me feel like one of a kind or part of an elite class. It would be like a Bentley in a sea of Kia's. Sure it would cost more to do this instead of just color combinations, but this is something that no one else is doing, not even the Moto X offers materials like that (with the exception of the wood), and this is something I'm sure a smartphone maker will jump in the very near future if Motorola doesn't eventually do it themselves. Would be great to see BlackBerry be the one to jump on it. For people like me who like high end things, I'd buy something like that in a heartbeat. Not to mention the PR that would come from it. We already see lots of celebrities with their Porsche Design BlackBerry's, but think how many would jump on this. Design it to match the interior your BMW or Rolls-Royce, maybe your platinum Rolex, or you want it to look great and have it match your AMEX Platinum or Black Cards. It would be all up to you.

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Warren White

How about this idea for the Z10:

•A scratch proof cover first off so no need for protective covers anymore.

•With that in mind, the entire phone is transparent so u can see and appreciate what goes into making this great piece of technology.

•Now while the entire phone is transparent, the logo on the battery glows in your favourite colour. When it's time to charge, it turns "CrackBerry Orange" while flashing to show "Caution".

•The BlackBerry logo and text on the front panel can be pre-ordered to instead have your name or nickname with an Icon or "Gravatar" on the left instead of the little BlackBerry Logo. So when u tap it, it's actually is a link to all your social media accounts. We all have a few of those! Haha.

•Finally. The transparent cover/phone has that glow in the dark coating that charges in light so when it's bed time for u, its glow time for ur "Baby" ; ).

•The cherry on top would be that in the light the phone has a colour glare to it, a colour or combo of your choice. The brighter the light, the more intense the colour, the darker or dimmer the light, the less the colour intensity. Until as I said it glows in pitch blackness. Glowing in your chosen colour of course.

So that's my 2 cents worth.
Shout out if u can Dig That Idea. U never know, the right person might see it for future use haha. One can dream. Peace Peeps. ; b

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Daym, you just gave away your idea for a patent! Lol


Solid gold baby, Yeah!

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I would put an Apple battery door. It would stop the questions.

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Could happen someday. Oops, wrong thread :P


Well I have already found a way to customize my Q10 on the cheap. But colored glass weave backs would be cool. I think BlackBerry should come out with pink Breast Cancer Awareness versions of the Z and Q. Make them on a LE production to raise demand.

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I have a Z19 orange already.



I'd love to see BlackBerry offer customization, but I'd stick to black. I love the look and feel of the Q10...subtle, classic, professional, understated.

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Make the back look like the front of an iphone. Lol I kid.

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Just my own opinion: Customizing a device would make it look cheap.. Regardless of how "classy" your taste is.. It takes out the authenticity of the original design (including the colors and accents).. Cases and bumpers are enough..



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It'd be black...

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Z10 with hunter green front (Aston Martin green) with grey or black backing.

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Or how the bold always came with a leather backing I'd say all black with a leather or ostrich textured backing.

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I'd go for a GT version. Two white or dark purple strips on the back with a ChromaFlair finish on the sides.

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Red! I want a red Z10 with a bigger battery.

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rizztazz torch

A big juicy (black) blackberry logo on the back with a purple casing. Oowee that would be right up my street.

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A white q10 like mine that would just stop messing up SMS's and hub notifications...


Live the Oreo style

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A Blackberry, no matter what happens ;-)

Made out of graphene so you can drive a tank over it and it won't break ;-) and Canada has the technology :)


I love the look of my black Q10. I can always add a touch of color with my translucent S-line cases.

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Crimson with a large capital script "A". Roll Tide...3 in a row.

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I like my blackberry black


All on gold

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I think the concept is nice, but in reality I don't think we can see that, especially with Blackberry which doesn't have the best financial health.

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Zero debt and billions in the bank. How is that poor financial health? I agree that they probably wouldn't spend the cash on a program like that at this point, but being prudent with available resources and being in poor financial health are two very different things.

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I love my white Z, but the sleekest phone ever was the 9850. Looked like a piece of jewelry.

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the same color as the mina "A-team" van the phone is resting on. joking but love the van.


Broncos blue and orange, or an all dodger blue! Either would be superb!

Finger flicking good! Z10


Just before the London (aka Z10) came out, I said I wanted it in olive green (and just my luck the Moto X comes in that exact color). So, it'd probably be that, maybe with white glass.


I think u should just get to pick from a list of like 5 colors. I also wish the Z was built a little more heavy duty like a Q10 or 9900

Kevind (dnivek)


A custom enclosure you can order with, say, a family photo on the back.

BBM_BlackBerry Moe

The colors of my favorite sports team are the exact same as your Mets! I'm a Knicks fan myself!! So i would definitely go with the Orange and Blue however I would make the battery door in the form of z Jersey with my name and favorite number on the back! New York Knicks Orange And Blue - Moe Ali - #15! :D #OoohYeah #LeEegGgoOo 

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A Canadian flag edition would be cool. Or simply a flag of your choice.


What about a Mercedes Amg themed Silver and Green theme?

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Drew Oswalt

Clear/see through

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Carbon fibre does it for me!!!

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Black and Yellow ! Go Steelers


I would defintely go with a Crackberry Orange and the Crackberry logo on the back for my Z10 !
And a Dark Yellow Black combo for a Q10 ! For the Q5 the red one does it for me ^^


I like plain black. So I'm perfectly happy with my current Z10. The square kind of shape also has my preference. (which is why I think the Z30 is not to pretty) The only thing I'm missing is a black theme, but that's a software adjustment.

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Edit: not so pretty*

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More so than customizing the outside, I'd be more interested in BB bringing themes back. I have a white Q10 and the only thing i'd consider changing on the outside is possibly changing the colors of the back lit keyboard to match a wallpaper or device theme.

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Lime green and
White would be a pretty sick Z10

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Royal purple is my favorite color so the back with that color would be great. And I would move the logo higher so it's still visible when I'm holding it.

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Though the Q10 is already of a great build, I'd love to have a heavier version with more metal/ glass (not too delicate though) I'm thinking more of the back. Sometimes the back of my Q10 moves ever so slightly or make a bit of a clicking noise so a heavier back tightly fixed when in place would be awesome.

christopherk67 2B0664C3



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Black Q10 with trackpad and with the usual keys from 9900!


Hunter green front and back, brushed chrome on the sides and top/bottom front.

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Alllll blue everything ;p


Blue and white. Leafs baby!

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Mmickel Abraham

Black and gold all day.

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Why not suggest that THE CASE manufacturers customize their offerings. Most to all users will have protective cases for their phones that would cover up customization. Why not customize cases with team logo or other suggestions and cause efforts such as Cancer awareness to name a few.

At present BBRY Marketing can't seem to be able to think outside of ANY BOX regarding design or promotion like color case selection offered to carriers. So why not collaborate with case makers who have more flexibility to do so.

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I love my black Q10 for the same reasons others have given: understated and classy.

OTOH, I could go another way with a plated frame: chrome, black chrome, gun-metal, silver, gold, and so on.

Going completely blue-sky custom, I'd buy a true custom Z10 sized screen on a Q10 keyboard. I'd like a phone that could fit in my pocket. I'm not big enough to rock a phablet without looking like I'm wearing thigh pads.

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My custom device would be purple with a Batman symbol on the flashlight...In case of emergencies!

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Make it so....

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a slider with a keyboard the same size as the q10 and screen the same size as the z10 ... the 9810 was great but the keys on the keyboard were too small


To custom what? The back cover, the tiny pieces of plastic? Yeah cool, go for a vynil.
Wake up Blackberry, give us real UI custom options.


Like an iPhone.

Shuuut uuuuup. i'm kidding, love my Z10 :D


Colors and their own languages ,they just lot about their personality.


Wow that orange one is looking pretty cool... remove the blue though.


My custom BB would be a black flip phone like the 9670 Style with a 4" touch screen and OS7. That's all. No whacky colors, no use as a t.v. remote control, no kevlar, no 41 megapixel camera.