CrackBerry Asks: What Would You Think of a Samsung Acquistion of Research In Motion?

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jan 2012 01:58 pm EST

The rumors have been flying around for weeks that some big name companies like Amazon are looking to purchase Research In Motion. RIM's stock has hit an all time low, and with delays on new BlackBerry 10 phones and the PlayBook 2.0 OS, 2011 wasn't exactly the greatest year for RIM. The latest company to be rumored to purchase RIM is none other than Samsung. Samsung is actually in a good position to buy RIM and could do some great things if this were to actually happen. What we want to know is just what you think of these reports. Do you think Samsung should acquire Research In Motion? Would it be good or bad for both Samsung and RIM? Cast your vote in the poll above, then sound off in the comments!

Research In Motion looking for sale to Samsung?!

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CrackBerry Asks: What Would You Think of a Samsung Acquistion of Research In Motion?


I dont know why so many people here slam samsung battery life. My Galaxy S2 and Galaxy note batteries last much longer than my bold 9900.

My Blackberry Evolution: 8800>Curve8300>Bold9000>Storm9500>Curve8900>Bold9700>Torch9800> Bold 9900

My evolution is
Pearl 8100, pearl 8110, bold 9000, curve 8900, bold 9700, torch 9800, blackberry playbook, and now i just got the bold 9900 a few days ago.
I managed to sneak an Iphone 3gs, and a droid in the mix.... didn't keep either one of the two.
I still have the bold 9000, 9700, 9800, playbook and my new 9900. I Love them, battery life on the 9900 isn't great but that's okay

Samsung can save RIM financially but i personally don't like the idea of blackberry and samsung together

What do you mean financially? You talk as if RIM is broke and in need of financial saving when they're still profitable and have no debt.

LOOOL I know that. (Why does everyone think i'm hating when i post comments) I'm just saying it will boost what they're getting as it is.

Good point. From a consumer perspective, Amazon would have had the most to offer. Kindle Books for the PB and access to the Amazon store would have been a huge plus. All one needs to look at is the sales figures for the Kindle Fire.

Creo que sería una muy buena alianza superestratégica contra Apple, principalmente. Sería una fusión fenomenal. Sin dudas.

Saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.

siempre y cuando RIM concerve el BBM y PlayBook exclusivo... como cuando la mercedes se fusiono con chrysler....

de todas maneras es especulacion...

If i was samsung, id steal all the good ideas like BBm, push email, NFC etc and then shut down blackberry. One less competitor to deal with which would cause huge job losses in Canada and abroad and make handhelds cost rise. More competition the better for all of us.

Samsung devices ARE beautiful, in both the outside and inside

And Samsung owning RIM we would have Samsung phones which are already great combined with the good stuff from RIM.... Imagine a big hi def screen phone running Android OS while also having a new kind of BES for corporative use.

I think RIM, with the ability to flex the connection to all the QNX powered devices in cars is really poised to make a move, and I would hate to see that derailed. I don't think Samsung would let RIM continue on it's path. I haven't been wowed by a Samsung device in a very long time. Now there may be some options in a partnership of the two companies, but I would leave it to RIM to make the designs and the goals. The latest Blackberry devices have been quite improved and with some good marketing people would come around to them.


Call me Judas but...

I think the best case scenario would be for Apple to acquire RIM. I'm an Apple hater as much as the next sane person but think about it for a minute: iPhones massive adaptation coupled with RIMs security and other unique features? Companies would be lining up left and right with anti-trust law suits the devices would be so good.

Granted the keyboards we know and love would likely go away but the end result would ultimately be pretty good I think.

It would not be good for anyone. Apple wouldn't make good use of what we love from BlackBerry because they're too caught in their own fence. Samsung and Google, on the other hand, would make much more use of the enterpirse capabilities of BlackBerry since Android is lacking in that regard and Google's previous attempts at appealing to business users haven't been very succesful with maybe the exception of Google Apps. They'll take RIM's expertise at face value and make good use of it.

I still think, though, that if things begin to spiral out of control, I'd rather RIM became an Android manufacturer with better business functionality, sort of like what IBM did to Windows. Great hardware, great security features, and great support on the most popular OS makes for a pretty nice combination (dem ThinkPads). That would be much more beneficial for all of us.

I think it would be the end of RIM as a stand alone brand. A lot of the top tier talent would stay on, some of the tech would be incorporated into Samsung's builds of the Android OS for their phones (mostly security on the back end), and then store up the patents to try and take on Apple.

Blackberry would, IMO, become a pro-centric Android line of Samsung phones. The Playbook would be history.

RIM isn't in financial trouble, they don't need cash as they have a cash reserve and are profitable on top of that. No need for RIM to sell to anyone at this point and with their best products being released and BB10 in development it's only going to get better!

give it some time and they'll regain some market share back from Apple and Androids.

Just sell the co-CEOs to a Cambodian restaurant... They'll eat anything lol.

I think things would very much improve at RIM if we could just get rid of both of those clowns.

I do not like the idea of Sammy taking over of RIM one bit not because of the things mist will point out but mainly because Sammy is in a battle with Apple over patents. This may give them a major out with Apple but it will just bring RIM into the kitchen so to speak. With all of the pieces RIM gas put together I think they could just wait and see what happens then make a decision on what to do, bit Sammy for me is a complete no go.


Jonathan's only source for any legit information is you didn't report this, it is BS!!

Step back.... the Canadian government will not approve RIM being bought. At the very least they would mess things up so much that acquisition would be too painful for Samsung to go through with (endless government reviews etc.)

Given the above, I'm thinking a joint venture where Samsung gets handset assets and the QNX OS, RIM keeps the backoffice achitecture.

This could be good.

Gellar's "trusted sources" are questionable. Why would CB spread rumor based off of a BGR article? I'm ashamed of you.

This is probably a marketing ploy to stall recent good news about OS2 and the positive feelings about RIM actually making a great BB10 device.

RIM is profitable, OS2 looks good, more devices are coming,...why the talk of takeover

If playbook and BB10 phones don't succeed...then you sell the company for parts

I think they will be just fine. However Samsung is probably the only company that I would actually like (besides MS) that would retain what RIM has built.

The next acquisition that they need to purchase is a newspaper or at the very least a journalist. The media just doesn't like them for what ever reason.

Howard Stern and his dimwitted tech geek jon hein were talking about RIM (actually Blackberry) this morning and how their booth sucked at CES. I wasn't there but apperently Hein only thinks of RIM as Blackberry and nothing else. The Porsche (and everything else RIM does) is probably lost on him. Howard said that he was a long time Blackberry guy. Yeah 6 month user ok.

He jumped the shark.

After having an iPhone, BB Tour, HTC Evo 4g, Palm Pre Plus, I would never consider a phone outside of the BB family. However, many people I know would never even consider a BB for two reasons:
1. Ease of use. I have customized my BB to basically crush any other device on just about anything but most people find all the options and choices to difficult to use.
2. Content. Angry Birds and Netflix are two reasons people don't care for BB. I could not care less about those two time wasters but millions of people do.

RIM now has free voice navigation via BB Traffic, it has the most secure devices, the best e-mail and messaging, the best keyboards and the most customizable devices.

I would not go for a purchase but a merger, where RIM remains in control. For all the achievements of others no other manufacturer has been able to match RIM on security RIM has provided from day one.

your point 2 is a non-issue for the new phones.

I really don't understand the obsession with netflix. I had it and there is nothing worth watching on-demand. Every movie I THOUGHT OF THAT i WANTED TO WATCH IT TOLD ME TO GET THE DVD. oops caps switch error.

keep it rim, keep it canadian based

peace, no to samsung


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

If Samsung buys RIM, I would stop using all BlackBerry products immediately. BlackBerry will never be the same anymore. Samsung's philosophy is to mass produce and sell cheap as possible. The security and software quality from a company most of us here love will might as well go down the toilet.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

netflix is wack, angry birds is also wack - but available on a playbook

if all it takes to win a client base is a stupid application like angry birds, it means typical walmart consumer types are dictating the future platforms for smart devices. wow, that's lame, i never thought i would see the day when smart devices become dumb, vicious circle of life on a planet poulated by people who refuse to think at all, it is now cool to be a dumb hipster with a "smart" device and a crystal encrusted case? lame


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Ever stop to think that this is just a ploy by RIM to prove to shareholders the actual worth. The direct competitor for the company I work for did this in 2004. Went out and was "inquiring" about a merger or aquisition when their stock was at an all time low. To this day, they havent sold out or merged and their stock has now stabalized and has grown just because they provided an outside look into how many would be interested in the company.
With all the potential that RIM has, the cash stores it has...I cant see why they would sell anything just yet.

you might be right, let's hope so


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

i think you're correct, this was my exact train of thought after reading it, other than disgust, lol


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

i would stop buying blackberry's if rim decides to sell out, because they would no longer be blackberry's - the whole point of blackberry is BLACKBERRY, lmao, not samsungery

all i would do is get one more bb7 phone and maybe another playbook, then stop supporting the products after that

i would simply go back to just voice on a bag phone and carry around a huge laptop


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

RIM doesn't need financial saving. It's not going broke by any means so lets throw that out the window. RIM does need help in consumer markets that Samsung is currently dominating.

Samsung is dominating consumer phone market in Android's share of the pie, but it's not like they have much going on in the enterprise sector (as far I've read, which is really not that much).

So I don't see why RIM would be interested in selling the whole company off to Samsung, but I can see why they might want to partner up.

It can happen, but I do not see Samsung killing the BlackBerry name.
BlackBerry devices are still widely popular in other parts of the world where Samsung is not.
Samsung could buy RIM but like I said, I do not see the brand name "BlackBerry" being killed off.

i care about rim for some reason. i think it is because they're an awesome company with excellent products. but i am also more partial to rim because if it weren't for this platform, i might not be here right now. rim helped me through some seriously rough times, just by making available such fantastic devices on a world class platform. i have a personal affiliation for this company, i won't explain more, lol, but i will say this; please,.please stay rim!!!!

LMAO, peace


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I believe the bit about "sale of company " is FUD being thrown by BGR in a war of words between BGR and RIM, as RIM in their last response to rumour said that BGR was "uninformed". BGR knows they can get the circle jerking tech "NEWS" world to re-quote crap from them until everyone believes its the truth, without any apparent loss of influence if they turn out to be wrong. Its all about creating HITS on your blog site and all these guys know that BS spin on RIM still creates hits. The only solution is not to hit on those articles. Pass them by and look for balanced, un torqued reporting on RIM. Having said that, RIM is now a platfrom company with a platform to licence, so it only makes sense to try to outcompete other platforms by building the best one and having as many manufacturers building their hardware on it, devs building software for it and getting as much integration as possible for all of them on a stable, secure platform. Go RIM! BE Bold!

Well as a Canadian I want to see RIM stay Canadian. I once had a Samsung phone and ever since that experience I've never used a Samsung product since. For me, if Samsung purchased RIM I wouldn't wait for BB10 phones I would utilize my upgrade to get myself an iPhone and I am not an Apple fan.

A good friend once told me that sometimes you have to blow your own trumpet because nobody else knows the tune. This is what RIM need to do. Here in my local shops I havent seen 1 functioning PB display. I knew (and still know) mpre about the devicethan any of the local staff. RIM needto fix this, maybe hire some staff to travelbetween stores and promote their products. Better still instead of reducing the PB give the sales team a reason to look at the product. Prior to christmas I had to tell the local PC world to remove a "with tariff" offer on the PB!!!!!...... get on the horn and blow RIM blow.

Samsung probably wouldn't keep QNX, BB10 or BB7/7.1. But if they did, they would most likely stick TouchWiz on top of QNX/BB10. Just the thought of it makes me feel sick

I wonder if such a scenario were to play out if Samsung would kill the BlackBerry OS (like HP did with webOS), and keep the hardware (which is still superior) built by RIM but switch all the devices to Android. I am not sure this is impossible due to the talk of supporting Android Market and Android Apps on the PB. But personally, I hope it doesn't happen.

People seem to confuse the fact that they have a lot of cash means they are a good company and are in no danger of being taken over. The fact they have little debt and and a lot of cash means they are ripe for a takeover. Their stock price is driving this whole thing. If you don't make a reasonable return for your investors something is going to have to give soon. The stock price can't keep falling to new lows.

2011 was an awful year for RIM. Now we are not going to see any new phones until 2013. We all know qnx phones are not going to see the light of day in this year. I don't see them making it through 2012 intact.

They should have done this a year ago. Clearly RIM has lost its way. Samsung has always had a clear plan and when they promise something, they deliver generally on time in comparison to RIM which has been full of empty promises for over a year now and as a result my next phone will be a Galaxy Nexus because my contract is up and OS 6.1(and yes I mean OS 6.1 because that's what it really is) phones are not for me!.

For those of you complaining battery life, Samsung's next goal this year is to produce phones with better battery life and I'll take their word for that over anything RIM has said in the last year and a bit. All in all, a Samsung takeover would be great. BBM and the security of RIM mixed with Super AMOLED screens and cutting edge processors would be the perfect mix.

I can't see this happening. The Canadian and US government (by pressuring Canada) won't let it go under the control of an Asian based company. People are forgetting the US government is still a big user of blackberries! Letting their only option for wide spread secure communications under the control of a non North American entity...not any time soon!


It was not a hundred years ago that I heard all the wonderful things that Palm would be able to do once it was acquired by HP. Today Palm doesn't exist, the Pre and its successors are discontinued,uh, "collectors items", shall we say, and webOs is an orphan.

(Yes, I know. Samsung is not HP and RIM is not Palm. But the analogy is too close for comfort.)

Samsung makes giant pieces of ugly plastic; RIM makes some of the most beautiful, well-built mobile devices available.

"There is no shame in being a poor man . . . but it is confounded inconvenient." -Canon Sydney Smith

I think that if Samsung buys RIM, the Blackberry platform will forever be ruined by ugly, cheap, plasticky hardware and I will never ever buy their products ever again.


If they partner up or something, I see the same thing happening due to the fact that Samsung releases more devices in one month than RIM does in one year...

Samsung Makes good TV, If they put their LED Screen on a blackberry oh man thats going to be awesome lol