What would you like to see announced at BlackBerry Live this week?

By Adam Zeis on 12 May 2013 08:40 pm EDT

Kevin, Bla1ze and I are on the ground in Orlando and getting ready for all of the good things to come from BlackBerry Live 2013. We took a quick stroll around the conference center and while things are very quiet right now, in just a few days BlackBerry fans from all over will be filling up the halls and taking in all of the breakout sessions, hands-on labs, Jam sessions and plenty more. 

The show officially kicks off Tuesday morning when BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins will take the stage during the general session keynote, during which we hope to hear some awesome BlackBerry news ... just what that news may be we're not quite sure though.

We could speculate all day long, but what we want to know is what you think will be announced this week at BlackBerry Live. Will we get a US release date for the BlackBerry Q10? Some cool new app announcements? Headless APIs? 

Think on it a bit (if you haven't already) then drop a comment below letting us know what you think the big news of the show will be. 

Don't forget to follow the entire CrackBerry team during BlackBerry Live and be sure check out all of the fun from our CrackBerry Live show all week long. 

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What would you like to see announced at BlackBerry Live this week?



eighth, ninth, and tenth. I want BB10 for PlayBook.

While they are at it, I'd like BlackBerry Protect to have the same back up and restore functionality it does for BBOS devices, and I'd like the same for BlackBerry Bridge with media remote controls added (pause, play, fast forward, etc).

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Yes either BB10 for the PlayBook or an announcement of the End Of Life for the PlayBook and nothing in between.

Either poop or get of the pot.

Add another. It has to happen. BB said OS 10 was coming to Playbook in June I believe at the latest. I also would like to see a 9+" Playbook and if any 7" tablet surpasses the current Playbook, for example, HD screen, then release a tablet that surpasses it with of course an amazing price.

All I remember hearing is "second half of the year." Am definitely hoping it is at least shown this week, though, even if it isn't launched for another couple months.

Don't wanna get my hopes too high :/
I bet they will announce 10.1 for Z10 and finally release Skype and surely a few more apps such as Endomondo, games etc....

1. Something I can connect to my TV to allow my phone to mirror & stream video/audio with ease (e.g AppleTV). I would BUY IT if you release it BlackBerry!!
2. BRIDGE Z10 to PB to be as functional as OS7 and more.
3. APPS: Native PODCAST, HULU, Amazon MP3 & Prime, Bank Of America App, maybe AutoCad?

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It can do streaming via dlna using the playon option while listening to music or watching a video in the player. As well this will work if u have an xbox.

You can already stream to your TV using DLNA connectivity. Think of it as an open license AirPlay. The same connectivity will also let you stream to your game consoles (PS3, for example) and other DLNA-compatible devices. Best part? Don't have to shell out an extra $99 or more to use it!

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

PS3 is not a "Renderer" so you cannot stream or mirror anything from your phone to the TV. What it lets you do is search for your Z10 as a Media DRIVE to play from within the PS3 controls instead... Boring. Thats why I said "WITH EASE". Not sure how this works with the XBOX, but if i already have a PS3, I will not buy an XBOX.

MAYBE if they partner up with ROKU or some other streaming boxes to allow mirroring/streaming our BB10 devices to the TV?? THAT would be AWESOME!!!

That's true. There's also the "Play On..." feature but that requires a physical connection via HDMI. We'll see what BlackBerry has cooking.

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Hmm, that's not the result I got, but I didn't play with it much. PS3 could see the Z10, but not its contents.

I didn't try the 'Play On' from the Z10, didn't realize it was there at the time.

It already does that through DLNA (open format unlike the proprietary apple airplay you're comparing it to).

I can open a movie on my BB and tell it to stream to my XMBC box through the play on feature and it will automatically play on my TV.

I know it has DLNA, however BlackBerry should really look for a way to promote to mass consumers HOW to get this feature to work and as I said, as EASY TO USE as AppleTV!

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+1 to AutoCAD. That would be great, but I don't see it happening any time soon. Been getting in touch with AutoDesk via Twitter with not a great response.
+1 also to better BB Bridge functionality. I'm starting to use my PB less and less - mainly just for Print To Go on a bigger screen then the Zed.

The streaming thing, however, we basically have that already via "Play On DLNA" dont we?

What should happen:

BB10 for Playbook shown off and official exact release date.
A plethora, if not all, of the basic and standard apps.

What I want:

The above.
More personalization and customization on BB10.
More support on BB7 devices.
9+" Playbook.
A mid range BB10 Slider.
A new and improved 7" BB10 Playbook with obvious upgrades.

Re No.1: If you have your TV connected in your home network (WiFi or LAN), you can already do it except direct streaming, but if you connect your BB10 with microHDMI and a 3,5mm to cinch with your TV you stream on your phone and watch it on the screen!

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This is called Cyclone. Well that was the code name it had forever ago. I don't if they are still developing it or not but at one point they were talking about it

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Nobody knows what it means... It's provocative; it's suppose to get the people going! ;)

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lmao! good one..

and I agree, whatever gets the BB people going... this is f***ing awesome!! ;-)

Ha ha Nice one Jay-z and Kanye!

1) BBOS functionality in BB10 for PlayBook at a minimum!
2) Obviously more apps and push or incentive for native built apps e.g. Shazam, Reebee (local flyer app only on iOS), Max Capacity trainer etc.
3) Carrier regulatory system, BlackBerry needs to start holding carriers to a higher standard. To often within this board and others, do we see write ups about how people have walked into a store and a rep not only knew nothing about BB10 as a device, they were also unwilling to entertain it as a viable option.

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this is actually the no. 1 announcement for me. more important than aristo as i'm happy with my Z10!

aristo + Z10 10.1 update date + new apps + BB10 for Pbook + R series would be nice but a 3.85 inch Aristo Spec Q10 phone would be a awesome surprise

Why? Aristo is 50/50, 50% no because Z10 came out not too long ago and it also depends whether there is anything that Z10 can't do because of specs, 50% yes if Z10 is not powerful enough for something.

Z10 10.1 is a given.

New apps is a given IMO because supposedly Blackberry want to reclaim the throne and will have all the apps. What a better place to announce this. Also, want to add, the excuse Netflix used for not having Netflix on Blackberry devices is BS, in case some of you don't know, they said because they don't think they will gain new consumers if they add it to BB, BUT they have added Netflix to 3DS with it's small screen and PlayStation Vita with it's under four million sales I believe.

BB10 for PB is also a given, BB said it will happen in June, again, what a better place to announce it and show it off.

R series isn't a given.

It means we are waiting for the BB10 upgrade for our useless PlayBooks that was announced a year ago or so.

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i wouldn't call the PB useless per say. it has for sure taken a step back for myself. the big reason i used the PB so much way the screen rel estate compared to my 9810. now that i have the Zed10 my PB has gone to the shelf. for me the HUGE differance is the keyboard. maybe is the Zed10's keyboard sucked then id still be using my PB but it doesn't, its a great keyboard!

My PB is now used for games, browsing the internet and my main alarm clock.

I'm essentially doing the same with my PB. Once I upgraded from the 9810 to the Z10 I really never looked back at the PB except for using it for the larger screen size. When the OS is upgrade I'll get more usage out it.

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I keep 1 of my 4 playbooks connected to my Denon Receiver which drives my big screen. The PB turns any TV into more than a smart TV with the z10 as a remote. Smart TV's are not an answer for so many reasons. Mr Heins, give us a BB10 PlayBook and give us our bridge back. That way our remote z10 will scroll within apps properly. It is truly an awesome addition to any home entertainment system. Also gives your phone a larger screen on the fly with BlackBerry Bridge. BlackBerry failed to educate the public on what it really could do. When people come to my house and they see my entertainment setup, they ask How the hell do you do that and what tv do you have. That's when I get to say that is my BlackBerry phone and PlayBook. Yes their jaws drop! Mr Heins you just have to sell it! You are so close to having the ultimate combination that is affordable!

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- BlackBerry 10 for PlayBook
- Android Runtime 4.1
- Headless app api's
- Netflix and Instagram android port OR native
- BlackBerry Aristo announced

Pretty tall wishlist but hey *fingers crossed*

Although I think Instagram and its "urinate on my photos" filter is an absolute waste of space, the rest of the list has my approval. :D

I would prefer to get a new PlayBook than BB10 for the one I have now. Something a little bigger would be cool too. I love my PlayBook, but it's been roughly 2 years since I got it, would love a new fresh updated model.

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Really wanting this too. And I want the Bridge features back! The Z10 has the best keyboard and Web browser, and I want the PlayBook to get these features too.

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As much as I would like to see BB10 on my current PlayBook, considering it only has 1GB of RAM I am not convinced it would work as well on the PlayBook.

I would like to see some BB10-ness come to the PlayBook.

Hell I would love to see some more devices, something that will turn heads.

Along with this, I'd like to hear of a newer version of the PlayBook. BB10 on the PlayBook right now would be sweet but I think it would be even better with a sharper screen and faster processor. Booyah!

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And if not...Look for a youtube video of my Playbook being smashed to bits. Sort of like in that movie Office Space.

I think R10 announcement, 10.1 being rolled out, and peek into what 10.2 upcoming changes will bring as well as casting a shadow of future devices.



I want to see a BlackBerry 10 for PlayBook Beta *announced* (though I doubt it will be available)

On top of that: improved Android compatibility in general. So many sideloaded apps do not work properly, & for some of them I seriously doubt they make use of vendor specific Android extensions.

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How about we just start with official release dates for the US for the Q10 from all the major carriers, especially Sprint. Lets hope they are at the end of the week and not next month.

Seconded on 10 inch PlayBook.
Upgraded processor, a lot of device memory, support for 64GB SD cards (and beyond) and an Internet sharing app the uses the Internet connection of an OS 10 mobile device (not hot spotting but specialized proxying).

One can dream.

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"[An] Internet sharing app the uses the Internet connection of an OS 10 mobile device (not hot spotting but specialized proxying)."

You mean, like BlackBerry Bridge? :)

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I would like for BlackBerry to announce the device line-up for the rest of the year and tell us where the PlayBook stands in the future.

Every single Z10 owner I have spoken to, wishes to have BES service email on their Z-10, just like I currently have on my bold 9900.

If BB does not fix that, a dark future lies ahead, what people love about Blackberry is not the hardware, but the good unmatched email service, and that should definitely run together with such a great hardware like Q10s and Z10s.

I meant BIS. What I don't really get is how could RIM (Blackberry) miss a preference that seems to please 100% of the users. Meaning, all users have simply been in love with BIS since its inception. How could that been removed? Or not given an option to have it?!

He probably meant BIS since it provided a more compressed data usage (smaller data plan bills).

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Release of BBOS10 supporting the PlayBook.
Release of new hardware (although I'm still tugging b/w the z10 and q10)
Release of official OS upgrades for both platforms (esp highlighting issues that our CB faithful have been asking/pleading/shouting for)
Release of more 'must-have' apps (for both z10 and q10) to confirm the growing confidence by developers


10.1 for Z10 and Playbook.

Twitter official app that handles multiple accounts.

Tumblr app.

Instagram so I can see wtf the big deal I'd.

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I use to wish for the same. But Netflix is native to every smart tv and you can get a blue ray player with Netflix for 100 bucks. So Netflix can just disappear for all I care now.

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Except I travel a lot for work. I'm not bringing an hdmi cable with me. Just watch on my phone / pb.

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Yes to everything mentioned above but I would love a surprise announcement on a new bb10 tablet (I know th said tablets are dead)

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I would love to see the iPad killer Aka PlayBook be able to compliment my z10. Right now it's a nice coaster on the end table.

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I want to know what their strategy for the future of mobile computing is. Thorsten has gone on record saying that in 5 years they will be leaders in the mobile computing world. I really want to know how.

I would also love to see some announcements about Google apps coming to the OS, but I'm also preparing to be disappointed.

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I don't think thor said the tablets are dead but will less important in 5 years. Either way the PlayBook is dead now and many of us have been left stranded with a crippled tablet.

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that PROPER keyboard shortcuts will be ready on future OS updates: nothing fancy, just what was available on previous BB phones.

Please bring back the in/out holster option in sound profile just like in legacy BlackBerry. Official Instagram would be nice. BlackBerry 10 OS for PlayBook. And yeah games and more games....and jellybean upgrade runningtime so the android port apps will be smooth.

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I think announcing a big name app would be great...an official instagram, Flipboard and or vine app would be great for the BlackBerry ecosystem and we could finally stop have the "Where are all the app Threads" in the forums lol

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If they announce a 10.1 release for the z10, instagram, viber and a few other apps to appease the mob, US q10 dates and some more future road map plans that would make quite a few people happy.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

I'd settle for a good Blackberry ereader for both OS 7 & 10.
(Not someone elses ap) Longer term- A OS 10 phone with both a track pad and keyboard.

BlackBerry desktop.
BBM cross platform integrated
Headless app APIs
BES10 and secure space released
Updates sales numbers.
Just to start things off.

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If BlackBerry made a computer I would buy it in a heartbeat. Or something that turns the Z10 into one. Something like the shell of a laptop with connectors to use the phone as the guts. That's what I think Thor has been hinting at un regards to making BB10 an all in one platform, so hopefully we see some of that!

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I think so too. You're desktop, car, tablet and anything else that your BB10 phone can take advantage of the hardware for and utilize. Your phone carries all your personal information and everything else becomes a peripheral.

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We've been reading the rumors on this forum about the allegedly good things to be in the works from blackberry. I'd like to see some previews of what's in store. Plus I'd like to hear what features they will be adding to bb10. Lastly, it would be nice to hear what other big name apps will be coming to bb10.

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PlayBook update to BB10, 10.1 for Z10, announcement of the R10, and some new app announcements, hopefully Instagram, Snapchat, and a native YouTube app. :)

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Yeah... I'm not sure I even want a standalone YouTube app. The Mobile site on the BB10 Browser is just beautiful and pretty much handles all of my needs. We really shouldn't be brainwashed into thinking we NEED an app for every service if we can get as good or an even better experience using the web.

In this regard, what I'd like to see is more integration of YouTube into the Hub (if users choose to include it). We can already directly share videos to YouTube from the camera/videos app but if we could get notifications, messages, etc. in the Hub then that'd be great. And the ability to open video links directly from the Hub, similar to how Facebook opens pics directly from there.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Once you realize what a proper youtube app is like, you'll quickly change your mind. The ability to download videos is just one added benefit of an app

Meh, I'm not personally into downloading videos off YouTube but I can see the utility in such a feature.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Well the youtube app for android is not very good, for example I have a video that was blocked on mobile, so I do not see it on my youtube app at all. However from the mobile site I see it, and when I press play it gives me the option to save it for later viewing. So the youtube app is worse than the mobile site!

PlayBook BB OS 10 plans AND an enhanced, battery operated, BlueTooth 4.0 APT-X audio codec packing music gateway please and thank you...with sprinkles and chocolate on top. Oh, and native BBM on PB.

Tip to all you CrackBerrians down there in Florida...bring lots of change while driving on the highways. There are toll booths everywhere and have strange price differences depending on where you try and get off the highway...it's kind of like a game actually, very annoying one though.

BES 10.1/2.
10.1 for Z10 roll out ending this week internationally.
Q10 perception of sales thus far.
M2M business launch with new services and BIG partners (hint Canadian Tire is already an M2M partner with Rogers Wireless; that why BB10 launch was a no brainer) - this is a $1Billion/yr business for 2013 alone!!

More advertising for BB10 devices; a sneak peak at Aristo that cool cat.

More partners to launch applications.
BB10 exclusive license partner for specific region: Japan.

Those are my predictions, the last I'm not expecting, no te do I wish it to happen. I think BlackBerry van pull off their own success itself.

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LoL why are people confused by the request for OS 10 on playbook? It's gotta happen - would make for an unbeatable combination!

We have to see the "run in background" API get exposed for our developer community!!!!

Give whatsapp some help (their app sucks juice like a baby seal pup on mama! Or is it their protocol/API?)!

Let's have another portathon based on the highly demanded apps.

There's a lot we could ask for ;)

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App-wise, I can't wait for Endomondo as well as Shazam/SoundHound finally hitting.

Posted via CB10

My predictions are update on sales and carrier support (given), More apps (most likely), updated/new API's (most likely), BB10 for playbook demo (hopefully), BB10 dev preview download (I'm really hoping), new low-end devices like the r10 (don't really care for, but still would like to see)

I can say what I would like to see annoucede at BBW but what I think will happen is totally up in the air. TH and his team at BBRY have always come out with some great info at these things and will take anything I can be given at this time.
What I want to hear:
1) Confirmation on a OS10 slider. I just want to know that one is or isn't being made. Even if they say we will make one but have no idea when it will be out is good enough for me
2) Date for OS10 on PB. Don't need to know what it will have just need to know when I can have it.
3) Official OTA of 10.1 for Z10... self explanatory LOL

I want the 10.1 release for my Z10, great apps coming like Instagram!. Know about the future of BlackBerry 10 OS and know that Z10 and Q10 (maybe R10 too) would have love for a long time so we can have a great bunch of updates in the future and obsolescence doesn't come soon!

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I would absolutely love to see a phone that can be somehow attached physically, or that uses NFC to integrate with a larger screen peripheral - this is what I think Thorsten means by 'eliminating the tablet'. The blackberry OS would have to somehow support larger resolutions. This is what I think Blackberry is ultimately leading up to. Furthermore, would love to here progress on the Connected Car front.

Also, I think Blackberry should dump $100 million into building their own really cool, incredible apps. I hope they are not relying completely on 3rd party developers and strategic alliances for their apps and games.

NFC can only open a connection (think of it like a conversation-starter between two devices/data points/etc) so they would have to have Bluetooth connectivity working in the background. Or, Wifi if that's faster (can't keep track of how fast bluetooth is now). But I get what you're saying.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Well, if BB10 is not announced for our Playbooks.. you will be able to get one for 50 bucks on Craigslist an hour later...sorry, I really hope this isn't the case, but I'm starting to not trust Blackberry... thinking of jumping ship to the Google Nexus 7.

I just generally excited about the whole event. Hopefully some new device announcements, some new APIS. But most importantly I would like to heat about the general direction as to where BlackBerry would like to take BlackBerry 10 to. We've been heating a lot about mobile computing, bit not seen much a out it just yet.

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Sound Hound or Shazam
NFL NY Giants
Red Box
CVS Pharmacy
Interval International
Bank of America
Dish Network
Doral Bank
EA Games
Apps, apps and more apps!!

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BlackBerry 10 or 10.1 on my playbook would make my day. Cmon BlackBerry you cannot afford to alienate 2.5 million potential phone buying customers, I personally will not buy a bb10 phone if playbook doesn't get updated

I don't. It practically already is running BB10. It was/is the incubator for the Q10, Z10 and soon to be released R10...

It may not be able to open so many apps or tiles at once compared to a 2 gigger but for basics including web browser, yup...it can do it all. They may have to limit things a bit but I don't think this is such a big deal. QNX's big strength was how it can be flexible. Time for RIM to show us just how flexible it can be.

I'm not sure why this thought continues to perpetuate. Although they put 2 GB of ram in the Z10/Q10, BB10 doesn't NEED it to run. Like the other poster said, it might not have the same multitasking capabilities as the phones but it will work. In addition, Heins has stated that he doesn't want the tablet experience on BB10 to be a bigger version of what's on the phone so I definitely don't expect to see the Hub in its current iteration on the PlayBook, which would free up a tremendous amount of ram right there. Plus, no need for phone services, unless possibly through Bridge connectivity to give users the option for telecommunications through the larger screen.

Heins has already explicitly stated that it is coming to the PlayBook, why keep fighting it?

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

BB10 for my PlayBook, enhanced Bridge, and Jelly Bean for BB10. Perhaps a better glimpse into Thors future for the platform, to help spike the stock for the next year!

Posted via CB10

1. BB10 for playbook
2. official skype for Z10 (i know it's getting there.. but still, it's getting there oh come on!)
3. headless apps API
4. official rollout of 10.1 OS for Z10
5. updates to more apps e.g. BBM!! Facebook!!

let's LIVE!

I am pretty sure we'll see a Blackberry R10 announcement. There have been quite some leaks now and first pictures appeared late 2012. I think it is about time they'll make this device official.

Other than that, I think the US will surely get release dates for the Q10. From what I've read, Sprint will be there with demo units to test.

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BB10 Update for playbook is what I am most looking forward to, followed closely by a Verizon announcement that 10.1 for my Z10 is now available.

Netflix doesn't want our $$$$ because we own a BlackBerry. They are the idiots losing money though. If I owned a business I would want my app on every platform so I can make more money. Considering the huge amount of BlackBerry owners. Did someone pay off Netflix to stay away? Hmmmm

Posted via CB10

For now anyhow...Netflix was using Microsoft's Silverlight technology so my guess is the big M paid them nicely and no, I don't mean McDonalds. They are going HTML5 though and then if they BlackList BlackBerry, you'll see them get some anti-competitive love. The irony is that Microsoft already knows how this feels...

What do I want to see at BlackBerry Live? Announcement of new form factors of BB10 devices, that's what I want. Realistically though, R10 will become official and get announced and that's about it for new devices.

I'm really itching to get back on the BlackBerry train again but I need my physical keyboard... BUT, I don't like the screen size of the Q10. Hoping they release a 4.0-4.3 inch screen device with a physical keyboard and just give it the same screen resolution as the Z10.

1. An 8-9" tablet that just runs BlackBerry 10
2. Netflix native.
3. More major app announcements
4. OS 10 upgrades past 10.1

Would live to be surprised. Shocked even better. Bring it BlackBerry.

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Instagram, Skype, themes, snap chat maybe.. Better whatsapp support. Apps to be able to run in the background without a live tole. Oh and an official rogers update for the Z10 :)

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BB10/PlayBook/Car integration docking with Bridge, all of them working together. With connection to the cars computer and house integration.

Posted via CB10

Would like:
- some definitive app announcements on missing major apps.
-Future OS plans. (10.2?)
- some teases on future hardware plans
-Some more tidbits (teases) on future plans for mobile computing platforms.
-Potential license deals.
-Possible sales numbers (provided they neat expectations)

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Z10

Let's see...
* exFat file system for mSD card
* a non-BES10 variant of Balance for consumers
* headless APIs
* a dual-sim device! This would be a killer when paired with Balance.
* a return of Protect to its former utility to backup data such as PW Keeper data, browser bookmarks, etc.

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OS 10.1 for my Z10 & OS 10.1 for my Playbook . Fix Bridge for Z10, seriously, make it work it's useless as is

Remote keyboard for the Z10 user who doesn't want to give up the screen, but still wants the awesome BlackBerry keyboard.

Posted via CB10

Hmmm... you bring up an interesting point. I have yet to see if the BlackBerry keyboard for the PlayBook works on the Z10. I'll have to try it out when I get back home in the morning.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

We keep hearing about how there will be more news about Thors mobile computing vision, I'm hoping this means they announce a lap dock for BB10 devices.

Also, I want what everyone else has said.

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#1 - BB10.1 for PlayBook
#1 - WiFi calling on Z10 for T-Mobile (I know carrier needs to push it).
#2 - update Android support to 4.1.
#3 - Native Skype, not Droid port.
#4 - Z10 style handset with slide out keyboard (best of both worlds). On screen is great, but more productive with a physical keyboard. While keeping the Z10 screen size.
#5 - A blue Z10 with a TARDIS wrap. :)

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I would like to see the 10.1 update for the BlackBerry Z10, headless apps API, Jelly Bean upgrade for the Android runtime technology, and some more big name apps.

Posted via CB10

The BB10 Bridge (Z10 / PB) to be at least at the BB7 Bridge level (Torch Touch / PB).
Two (2) way Outlook calendar sync.
BB10 BALANCE for regular customers, not just Business.

>>> out on a limb "want", one (1) phone that has two (2) phone numbers. ;) (just so I dont have to carry two (2) phones anymore)

The BlackBerry PlayBook is running a close version of the Z10 software

The swiping motions were created on the play book

I don't think you could run the same software on the playbook that is run on the Z10

PlayBook only has 1gig of ram don't see how they could make the playbook run the same software.

Legacy units were refined with all the time they took to tweek what the users wanted to see on thier phones

BlackBerry 10 is young and needs tweaking.

Time and programing is the key to BlackBerry future

10.1 is already showing some of the cool features of being able to access files from your PC From anywhere

I find that I am using my play Book less and less now that I can do everything on my Z10

API control is the next big thing to come
App makers are limited to what they can do at the moment

Posted via CB10

Reading the weekend coder blog quickly i saw there was something mentioned about making apps for QNX cars. This is probably the new announcement blackberry will elaborate on. Last year they showed a car on stage, this year we will probably see what is inside it. Personally i would love to see some dev tools that can read ODB codes. Even android has these api so I think bb10 should not have any trouble getting them.

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It is my humble opinion that we will see some big app announcements along with a release date for Q10 US and 10.1 I can dream can't I ?

Like all or most BB10 for Playbook release date, then
Announcements on:
Apps count update - let's see the momentum as Q10 releases into USA
R10 release date into key markets
Teaser for fall premium smartphone
Tangible item in M2M to get buzz started
And any high profile app partnership

New tablet with full blown Bridge, similar to legacy Bridge app (not what we have now on BB10).

I would like to see the home screen go landscape mode on my Z10 just like on the PB and more apps let's get the ecosystem Going baby!!!

From my Z10 A.K.A knight Rider.

1. Announce and release Blackberry Link version that enables sync with Outlook e-mail, contacts, and tasks
2. Announce and release official 10.1 for Z10.
3. Announce me as the winner of a contest!

I am pleased to see them as well. I STILL use mine (almost daily) for multiple things. I am with the rest of the group ... the update would be welcome news. Well, that and a deal with US Cell that shows that they are now selling modern day devices other than an Android ... now THAT would be some news!!

A commitment to better quality apps. Don't just flood us with D quality apps. Ask developers to make a commitment to make the apps all A quality. It's a premium device. The apps need to be premium quality!!!!

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I expect to something on the 10.1 update and their low/mid range phone. Getting instagram, spotify and a few other marque apps would be nice, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
More importantly though, what I'd like to see something more transformative, like a major partnership or more clarity on what their plans on mobile computing are going to be. I don't think it will be product related, something would have leaked by now if that were the case.