What would you name RIM's first BlackBerry QNX SuperPhone?

How would you brand RIM's first BlackBerry SuperPhone?
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Sep 2011 12:33 pm EDT

With BlackBerry 7 Smartphones now available and/or soon rolling out from carriers around the world, in true CrackBerry fashion it's time to start thinking ahead.... to RIM's first QNX BlackBerry SuperPhone coming in 2012! We've already heard quite a few details on the rumored full-touchscreen, QNX-based phone that currently goes by the codename "Colt." With a 4.1" touchscreen it will be a mini-PlayBook of sorts - which means this will be one AWESOMELY POWERFUL phone.

An awesomely-powerful phone deserves an equally awesome name, and with it being so different from previous BlackBerry phones before it we can only assume RIM will not choose to put it into one of the existing product families iike the Bold, Torch or Curve. Already in our CrackBerry forums a couple of threads have popped up brainstorming around how Research In Motion may choose to officially name the first of this new generation and line of BlackBerry SuperPhones. Could it be the BlackBerry Kraken (so Liam Neeson can dramatically announce it to the world)? Or maybe the BlackBerry Bolt or Slate? What about the BlackBerry Stealth? Or heck, just call it the BlackBerry SuperPhone.

Personally I haven't given it too much thought yet, but for some reason kind of feel like the original codename of the Pearl Flip could be fitting here... the BlackBerry KickStart. Afterall, the "colt" will be kickstarting a whole new generation of phones for BlackBerry and hopefully mark a big resurgence for BlackBerry up the smartphone food chain.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Let's get the brainstorming and discussion going here folks.... What would YOU name the first QNX BlackBerry SuperPhone? Drop a comment to this post with your suggestions and ideas. Wouldn't it be cool if we could look back in a few months and see that a CrackBerry member nailed the name?!

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What would you name RIM's first BlackBerry QNX SuperPhone?



Still a fan of "Phoenix".

Or maybe:
BlackBerry Arc (a blinding flash of brilliance and power)
BlackBerry Ark (carrying the hopes and dreams of RIM's survival)

Code name: "ADT"... as in it's "about damn time".

Or... maybe "FLASH" so we can rub some snotty iPhone noses it it!

Here's something we haven't thought of, what if they completely re-brand it, instead of "Blackberry", maybe they would start calling it something completely different, start a new brand altogether. Not that I would recommend abandoning a brand that has served well, but sometimes that works... Call it the RIM X1 or something. That way, it sounds new, people won't associate it with their pre-conceived notions of Blackberry not being "cool" (don't know where anyone gets that, my 9810 is simply amazing, if that's not "cool", then I guess I don't know what is...) They could market it as something completely new and different, without any strings attaching it to prior "failures", or an "aging lineup" in the sight of the rest of the world. What do you think?

The "Rest of the World" is fine with BlackBerry. This "RIM is dead" hype only seems to originate in the States!

I bet they'll end up calling it the Curve... because you know, RIM's so good at naming phone's intelligently (reference to them calling the new touch only phone a Torch).

Torch 9890......because it should be the size of a 9900 and the form factor of a Torch.
THAT.....my fellow crack heads, would be the ultimate berry

I honestly think we have too many kinds of blackberrys. I believe that having all of these "lesser" quality bb's is hurting rim more than helping. I'm not a marketing expert but I've seen a lot of my friends who have had curves, pearls etc leave bb because they felt it was boring or not powerful enough. But had they had the newer bold and torch series etc they would be more prone to entertaining these new bb's to come and the new present bb' (9900 9850 etc). Let's narrow it down to an all touch, touch/keyboard, and touch/slide keyboard form factors and do away with the gsm/cdma code numbers. Make it simple for people and give them something to form a liking to a certain form factor and look fwd to future "super phones".

As cool as I think my suggestions were they were both posted before so I'll try again. The
Blackberry ONE

I say BlackBerry Alpha. for a multitude of reasons. (i do appreciate the pheonix concept, but lets not get to dramatic about RIM's death).

Think of the diverse connotations of Alpha. you know its right.

my preference it to trace it back to " álphō" meaning "to invent," rather than to just go with the obvious meaning of "first." although "first or most significant occurrence of something" would be a very fitting definition of the new BlackBerry.

Either way, right or -wrong- right. its the best name for it.

I just read Dammerung2010's suggestion and really like BlackBerry Jam. It has a cool, funky, double entendre thing going for it. Way more fun than meaningless numbers or rehashed names. It doesn't sound stuffy or nerdy like every other device. A new beginning....


How about naming them after the various elements in the solar system!

Blackberry Globe
Blackberry Jupiter
Blackberry Mars
Blackberry Mercury
Blackberry Neptune
Blackberry Pluto
Blackberry Saturn
Blackberry Sun
Blackberry Venus
Blackberry Uranus...... might wanna stay away from this name though!!!

Sphere... galaxy.... system.... sky.... asteroid... Hercules.... etc. etc.

Let's hope it isn't a squib. In firearms, a squib round is one that is seriously underpowered, gets stuck in the barrel, and make the next round blow up in your face.

The BlackBerry Next

Although I like Phoenix a lot, Mozilla Firefox was originally named that, and they got sued by a Tech. company who had the name first. Could happen again...

How about the BlackBerry Avenger! It plays on the movie thats comming out and it ties in with what the QNX phone will do for RIM. Avenge their brands image!

"Blackberry Colt"
"Blackberry Volt"
"Blackberry Titan"
"Blackberry Icon"
"Blackberry Sense"
"Blackberry Nore"
"Blackberry Vita"
"Blackberry Deca"
"Blackberry Alfa"
"Blackberry Sonar"
"Blackberry Ion"
"Blackberry Magna"

I'll update this with more once I think of some :)

I say Blackberry Phoenix, it denotes a new beginning for an old being. Since it will completely Rock! I think the name would be appropriate. :)

Phoenix is over played but I like GENESIS. Maybe get Phil and the boys to reunite..."it's a no fun bein an Illegal Alien"....classic!


Blackberry Bananas

Blackberry Cellphone

Blackberry Cocktail

Blackberry Steroid

Blackberry Slightly Thicker Than The Competitors Phones But Using Thickness As An Excuse To Not Put In A Respectable Camera

I would name it "Unicorn" as this device will almost always be mythical. Perhaps we'll see it just after the world ends in December of 2012.

They should call it the Blackberry Destination maybe. but I really think RIM will end up calling it the Blackberry Bold something

i think they should keep with football themed playbook. Call it the gamechanger,the rookie, QB, Coach, Dynasty. If not then switch to hockey. Powerplay, the great one (gto) and have wayne gretzky promo it.

As a former military member they should name it the blackberry stinger, because it shoots down the competition.

Don't know if someone suggested this previously, but given that the new QNX phones marks the rebirth of the RIM/Blackberry brand, "Phoenix" seems the most cool and appropiate name for it!


Blackberry BOLDEST.


Wait, BB ATT! So it can be exclusive to att since we havent got the 9900 yet. :(

If it is their first dual core, call it the Gemini or even better, twin in German - Zwillig.

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to Torch soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

Whatever the name will be, it'll most likely be a one-syllable word (Torch, Bold, Curve, Pearl, Flip, Storm, Style, etc.)

So maybe... (sorry if some of these are repeats)
BlackBerry Great
BlackBerry Win
BlackBerry Strong
BlackBerry Works
BlackBerry (re)Born
BlackBerry Source
BlackBerry Pure
BlackBerry Soul
BlackBerry Core

and last but not least... BlackBerry Cure

I think Blackberry Class would keep with the poshness inherent in the Bold name, and still fit RIM's naming schemes.

blackberry full
blackberry play
blackberry load
blackberry come
blackberry lust
blackberry tease - i still beleave this will be pretty cool and ironic for us fans xD

The Future has arrived. Meet the new BlackBerry Warp.

Can imagine some great marketing plays on this name .......

BlackBerry Motion

Since it will be controlled by gestures and displays brand's dynamism

I was also wondering the OS official name since PlayBook's is TabletOS will it be just PhoneOS???

I like Colt.

Simple. Rustic. Effective.


(in my best Gordon Ramsay voice)

Or A-game. Cos then you can bring your playbook AND your A-game. I kid i kid.

Suckup answer- The BlackBerry Michaluk

BlackBerry Abba (means Father)

BlackBerry Drive

BlackBerry Fife. (The musical instrument the Pied Piper used to get mice to follow him)

BlackBerry Heir (It's inheriting the BlackBerry name for a new generation)

BlackBerry Jag

BlackBerry Kahn (it's a title, not a name)

Code name: COLT

COLT is young and needs time to fully develop and grow. Once this happens COLT will be a STUD known as:


I'm a firm believe in KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), so QNX1 or Q1. Definitely needs to be something to signify a totally new product breaking its ties with the old BBOS.

Just thought of another name. This phone will be the successor to the Bold, the flagship phone of RIM's line. So what is bolder than the Bold? The Blackberry Brash!

the blackberry last fail

because it will be the last phone they will bring out ,to put the fina lnail in the RIm coffin

I'd name it the Blackberry Blade...

It keeps the two-syllable names (Bo-ld, Cur-ve, Tor-ch, Bla-de...), and is marketable...

The bleeding edge... :)

Call it the "Q"...simple, classic, a little mysterious and ready to become the 1st of "The Q Series". Please no drama or toy names like The Destiny or the Firebrand, etc. Keep it classic.

Blackberry Phoenix... with RIM taking to much heat in the press over the last year or so, why not bring this one from the ashes... i think they would split off and have a Rise series also

The Falcon could work on many levels & allow RIM to offer distinct variations. Personally, It would be hard to pass up a Millennium Falcon (Silver/Gray with the fastest browser imaginable) but I would have to go for the Maltese Falcon ( Black w/an array of Wikitude type Super Research Apps). RIM needs to do a better job of Marketing its Native Apps -especially as they keep getting better.

Instead of naming their different design types Curve, Bold, Pearl etc, they should call them Q, N and X. Q would be full touch, N would have a slide out keyboard and X would have a traditional BlackBerry style keyboard on the front. They could launch with the Q1 and bring out the N1 and X1 shortly after and continue with the single numbers for each new model such as Q2, Q3, X2 etc.

The name should be simple: The Blackberry Phone or bPhone.

I sincerely hope RIM comes out with one single superphone that can help generate long line-ups and buzz leading up to launch day rather than a series of puzzling phones that confuse consumers as to what they are trying to market.