CrackBerry Asks: What would the perfect limited edition Z10 or Q10 look like?

By Adam Zeis on 29 Aug 2013 01:09 pm EDT

Just the other day we saw that the Built for BlackBerry program has been updated and BlackBerry will be giving out even more limited edition BlackBerry Z10 devices. We also spotted a special white and gold BlackBerry Q10 that has gone on sale in Dubai. While both devices definitely have a certain je ne sais quoi, neither really blows me away (though that Q10 is super nice). 

For me, the perfect limited edition device would have a bit more pizzazz. Maybe a gold Z10 with a stainless steel bezel or something crazy cool.

Of course there are always services like Colorware if you really want to make a device your own, but what we'd really like to know is what you think BlackBerry should offer as a "limited edition" device. If it could be anything from an aluminum housing to a diamond BlackBerry logo on the back - what do you think would be the coolest limited edition device ever? It should be something that just screams "special" and could be pick out by BlackBerry fans without a hitch.

Hit up the comments and describe what you think would be the perfect limited edition device. Let's see what you've got!

Image from Colorware

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CrackBerry Asks: What would the perfect limited edition Z10 or Q10 look like?


Guys if any of u own bbry stock, nows the time to short. Just read a report in the wsj that Q1 sales have been terrible. This is u r chance to make money well in advance of the 26th sept earnings report.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

If you are going to continue to spam this news will you at least get the details right. Its Q 10 sales which are reported as poor. Not Q 1.

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I'm with you in this one.

But it's a little more difficult these days with more and more "Carbon Fiber" this and "Kevlar" that and the One's aluminum uni-body.

I'm thinking something very industrial. Not curvy and sleek, but not bulky either. How about a solidly-built all-stainless device. Something that just looks like a big chuck of steel in your hand. Think "ingot with a screen".

I'd buy it.

I think More Glass up to the edges with less noticeable bezels, black stainless steel band, Carbon fiber back.

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I'd love a Z10 full metal( brushed in black) body and last gorilla's glass touch screen and water proof.

Guys if any of u own bbry stock, nows the time to short. Just read a report in the wsj that Q1 sales have been terrible. This is u r chance to make money well in advance of the 26th sept earnings report.

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The z10 and q10 are too consensual devices.

Even the leaked porsche is already old fashioned

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10k Gold Plated Back and Front all around with the BlackBerry logo on the back being diamonds.


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10.2. OS with better compatibility to android runtime. Full access to Google Play allowing the software to convert app without a PC. The Z10 is an awesome phone. This addition will make it perfect.

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Mother of Pearl - on the battery door with the BlackBerry logo inlay as well as the front on the bottom bezel where the BlackBerry text resides under the glass. That paired with an all black coated aluminum housing might definitely do the trick.

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Z10 - Two-toned with bright colors (think the 80's). This sort of color scheme is in with youth and hipsters. They are what will help drive the market.

Both the Z10 and Q10 forms are simple, industrial utilitarian design. Different colour schemes may be of interest, but the form I would like to see (if technically possible) is the Blackberry Blade-coolest looking Blackberry concept out there.

BlackBerry should offer their phones to people sans carrier. Pre- orders only, any color or style you want.

Eventually, they could even offer the ability for people to order completely custom "mix and match" hardware designs as well as colors. Offer specific design templates people can use to submit their ideas directly to BlackBerry for their very own, completely customized BlackBerry device.

Eventually we'll see manufacturing capabilities include crazy ideas like "build your own BlackBerry" for example, by digitally rendering your idea from the ground up and having it professionally manufactured by BlackBerry, directly. So many opportunities in "nano-science" and "quantum physics", etc... that will eventually make it possible to have your newly designed device 4D faxed to your house, right after it's passed it's initial design approval.

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Pretty sure the additional limited edition devices means a large chunk of devs that where given a dev device either

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Whoops premature enter.

I think a large chunk of devs either didn't qualify for the LE Z10 or opted to keep the dev device because the already had purchased a Z10 and BlackBerry is trying to blow through the rest of the 10k made

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I don't really care, because I'm not a developer and there's no way for me to get one.

They should allow us to buy "limited edition" devices from their website directly. I really like how Motorola has the customization options for the Moto X on their website. I would love for BlackBerry to do the same thing.

A Z10 with a Z30-like back, stainless steel housing, or a matte black finish made out of whatever Mac Book Pros are made out of. I wouldn't want anything with diamonds or anything too shiny..but there should be options for that as well for the people who do.

One of the things I've always liked about BlackBerry is that (back in the day) whenever I'd see someone with one, it was always a different kind than the one I had, but it was still a BlackBerry. I know this was a problem for developers, which is why they have "streamlined" their "device portfolio," but device diversity was always something BlackBerry had.

If they could bring that back in the form of customizing a device directly through them, they'd make money and they'd make their customers happy. Win/win.

I think the perfect limited edition BlackBerry should be something that isn't on any other BlackBerry, and would not be on any other BlackBerry. It should be high specs, like 128 GB of ram, quad core CPU and GPU. Removable battery, no plastic (or minimal). Fly ass keyboard, and Limited # edition! But not so expensive like the Porche designs, and a special numbered version for current Playbook Owners that paid full price for buying early.

Posted via CB10 with my Q10

Brushed and coated wood housing and keys (the few of them that there are) on the Z10. Engraved/whittled opportunities on the back or along the side to completely customize each individual Z10.

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i personally wouldn't care what color it is if the UMA was available with it like i was told it was................ the phone is awesome but without UMA not a very productive piece of equipment - may have to go back to the Bold 9780

When I look around and see what phones other people are using I must say that my standard Z10 is already looking like a limited edition........

Z10 Rocking 10.2

Totally right... I have yet to see someone else with a BlackBerry 10 device... Still sporting an all black super limited Z...

From the Z...

Another red edition with the same textured back than the regular black.
Nothing blinking. No extra weight.
Sober and exclusive. The LE2.

P.S: And hopefully, not on sale on ebay the next day.

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Someone commented earlier, but I'd love a clear phone. That would be the ****. Like in movie hackers, the laptop he gets.

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Something like " Maybe a gold Z10 with a stainless steel bezel or something crazy cool."

I though it would have been gold (not read) as in the SDK's going Gold.

My post got deleted.

If the idea is that limited edition means no cap on price, then go big with the internals.

Quad core cpu & gpu, 1080p, as much ram as possible and 3880mh battery. If I'm paying for limited edition, give me the guts not the flimsy plastic outside.

Also, deleting my comment earlier = lame.

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The perfect Q10 would have charging contacts on the back and a companion cradle that worked in portrait mode!

(And software that let me create custom sound profiles too, as long as I'm dreaming).

I was in dubai the other week and everyone seems to love BlackBerry still and want a z10 or q10.. dubai is successful for bb, but Qatar it's waining Abit.. iPhone and Samsung taking over here sadly.

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I don't think the look is what I'd worry about as much. I would want some performance enhancements, unbelievable battery and a massive dose of memory. The limited edition at least for the q should in tail a larger screen.

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Who needs special editions?
BlackBerry should rather fix all the bugs in OS10 and bring back missing features which where available in OS7.

At the moment OS10 is a "Playphone" OS :-(

Posted via CB10 with Q10.

BB10 on a bold 9930 device with a tad bigger screen
keep all functions of a 9930(i.e opti track pad,convenience button silver trim,call/end call buttons,blackberry key,charging contact points)

Bring back the touchpad and the hardware keys of the Bold9900!
Also a little bit bigger (longer) display.

Posted via CB10 with Q10.

I'm wondering if thats what they are going to do with the next installment of the Q series.
Since they have had complaints about it. From what I read on here anyways.

A Crackberry orange/black combo, using carbon fiber for thé Black part and an orange aluminium for thé rest. For the internal Hardware, latest and fastest processor (quad core) a big battery at least 4000mah, latest Gorilla Glass. The internal Hardware specs up would be logical for BlackBerry in their will to make mobile computing !

Completely clear, the front screen darkens when you approach (using the std proximity sensor), illuminating the fingerprint lock screen. The back screen is also glass with a BB logo while not in use. The real estate on the front and back can dual purpose screen/ solar cells to give you a trickle charge to slow battery drain. It would have enough to fully recharge when not in use for 2 hours. With the improved RAM and processor power you can have 8 open programs on the front screen and 8 on the back. (Work vs play if you will) and enough for headless apps not to count against this limit. Because it's fully clear, you can change the theme at the touch of a setting without having to buy a coloured case. :)

Maybe it's just me, but I love the look of my black Q10, as is. Hard to beat the carbon fibre back, I think.

OTOH, I might be tempted by an all metallic BB10 phone casing. Think all brushed Aluminium - including the keys (Q10) albeit with black characters. The aluminium could be anodised into many different colours. Bright blues and reds awaken the jackdaw in me.

Another area for customization is the glass screen. Imagine the areas surrounding the actual display. Scrollwork on the glass would be dramatic. Having my name etched into the surround would be awesome.

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A Z10/Q10 hybrid that has both phones on opposing sides with a removable cover for the side not in use. So you can have a choice between all touch or physical qwerty-depending on the need. That way you have an all business phone with the option to game or watch video's for the long train, plane, and or subway commutes. One battery for both sides should cut down the thickness slightly.

What I would like to see first is the big name Apps on my Z10. Get that right for me first and then we can talk about what limited edition BB10 phones I would like to see as how it looks on the inside is more important than how it looks on the outside.

Started from the bottom with my Z10 ...

Simply changing the icons and background to a fresher more modern look can have a tremendous effect on the phone's appearence itself.

The perfect limited edition Z10 would look like the Z30... but, with a quad core processor, 3 gigs of RAM, and some kind of way to plug your phone into a monitor and blue tooth keyboard and use BB10/Nuetrino as a full desktop OS! :-)

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My Z10 would look like the phone I was promised 6 months ago. Not a bunch of leaks and promises. (credit to those that bring us the leaks though, thanks for giving us what BBRY won't)

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Nothing too grand or tacky for me.

Just a black Q10 with red frets, a red surround and a red Blackberry logo on a real high gloss but not slippery carbon fibre back.

Why would BlackBerry dump more money into a LE Z10 or Q10 with the lusty Z30 on the horizon? Stop pissing good dollars on dumb shit such as LE refreshes and the 9720; maybe the RED Z10 is poetic since that's where BlackBerry currently is financially.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

They should do a versace edition BlackBerry 10 device. With all the rappers glorifying versace every where, I can see it being really popular

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For me the non-developer. The special edition RED. That is my color. I am considering changing professions just to get my hands on one of the RED Z10'z. That is truly what my custom BB would be if I could choose.

Z10 white with black Diamonds around the edges. Vise versa z10 black with white diamonds.

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I know I'm alone but I personally appreciate the Porsche Design Blackberry devices. I think they're sexy as hell and I hope they make both a Z10 and Q10 model. To this day I still want a matte black P'9981.

lower price, and if your going to keep over charging just because it says blackberry put extras in the box, like a nice case, nicer earphones, gift card to BB world, something to make me come back, love the OS but that is not what drives devices these days.

A special limited edition Q10 would have the TRACKPAD and other buttons found on the 9900/9930!!!!

Black Thinkpad carbon fiber for housing. The BlackBerry logo on battery cover has to light up. And software on the device so that it utilize the Think Cloud for backups and file storage. And a few more added extras. Sold thru Lenovo

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Mine would be a Q10 but with an elongated screen, overall proportions of a Q5 but the screen would be edge to edge and almost no border.

Basically, a Q10 spec with a longer more portrait screen. Slim. And powerful.

Black with steel...think 9900.

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I agree with the Z10 and a stainless bezel, but then make it a black-chrome metalized body around it ... then 64Gb built-in memory.

I think it'd be cool to see different colors! Same sung offers it, and I see a lot of sg3's here! It'd make the phone look appealing, I'd have scooped up a dodger blue one in a heartbeat!

Finger flicking good! Z10

A white Z10, with a kevlar back, and a sapphire glass front.

With the blackberry logo in black. On the back, and in the front white bezel.

Posted from the Shield Helicarrier

A BlackBerry designed Z10 model with built in ballistic style case design (for the clumsy amongst us :D ) complete with charging cradle with HDMI output, USB connector, magnetic fast charge port (as on the PlayBook) and more powerful built in speakers (on the cradle which deactivate when using HDMI) supplied as standard. Leather swivel holster accessory to hold this model. OS tweak to allow emails to be deleted from the handset only whilst still being retained on the server.

It won't be a big thing. Maybe it's better if they focus on giving the os10 devices more improvements. Limited editions should come after making the recent devices near to perfection that anyone would be willing and eager to have a limited edition that they can brag about. Just my opinion :)

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Much needed for blackberry to boots sales. Something radical, some thing different like HTC did with HTC One.

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A BlackBerry logo that illuminated for notifications perhaps different colors and patterns for different notifications. Laser pointer. Maybe tongue in cheek with a blackberry logo.

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For the Z10, I still like olive. Not flashy in the slightest, but it's a nice color and I like it. Sue me.
For the Q10, generally speaking a black Porsche Design version would probably be the most gorgeousest thing in the history of forever. Regarding color/materials, a silver rimmed, leather backed "Classic" styled Q10 would be awesome.

To really entice devs, they should give the Porche design device in all black!

.....on my LE Z10

I don't understand why something like what is pictured isn't being sold. Lime green is everywhere it seems these days...they should be selling devices in several color combos. That would be one way to differentiate from the competition I would for limited edition devices

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Dammit! I was saying, as for limited edition devices, I agree with others that they should really up the specs and charge. Samsung and iPhone type prices for those devices. Sell the hype even though there probably wouldn't be any perceivable difference in performance...

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Crazy idea -- For a limited edition Q10, they can try to imitate the look of one of the first Blackberry phone ever made. I know at first glance, it's going to look ancient but when you try to use, and see it's running BB10, it's going to be like "WTF! That's awesome!!" I know it's not practical and those who would truly appreciate it are the just the BB loyalist, but hey, it can just be a collector's edition item or whatever. =P

Mmh.. alot of thing but... I would like to see a blackberry Z10 with a Bentley design, Bentley logo are awesome and color as well. This is my kinda of special edition

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suitable specs of the current year*.... (*to make it sure for BlackBerry leaders cause their calender loses 1-2 years- I mean 2013/2014)