What would it take to get me back to BlackBerry?

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By Chris Umiastowski on 12 Jun 2014 08:49 am EDT

Several months ago I embarked on an experiment. As a guy who'd used BlackBerry since 2000 I had deep experience with the platform along with good experience on iOS. But I had practically no experience on Android. So I put my Z10 on my bedside table and left it there while I moved my SIM into a Samsung Galaxy S4. At the time it was among the best Android handsets available.

I realize I'm in dangerous territory on CrackBerry when I say this, but unless certain things change it is very unlikely that I'll switch back to BlackBerry. I truly wish this was not the case. I say this because overall I think BlackBerry makes a better device and a better OS. I wish a few things would change to tip the scale back in their favor. But as it stands the major factor keeping me away from BlackBerry is app availability.

I could make the argument complicated and tell you that it's about 3rd party apps AND Google services. But in reality the Google services are apps, and they are available in Google Play. If BlackBerry 10 gave me access to Google's awesome apps along with the selection of Android apps available in the Play store, I'd feel like I had the best of both worlds.

Everyone has their own selection of preferred apps. For me I really enjoy using Sonos for home audio control, Audible for audio books, Voxer for push to talk with my business colleagues and the collection of Google apps such as Now, Maps, Gmail, and Calendar.

As much as I love BlackBerry 10, these apps have collectively become more important to me than the overall OS. In other words I'm willing to deal with a poorer OS experience to have access to these apps.

So I have to wonder what it would take for BlackBerry to just sign a deal with Google to have access to the Play store and all of the awesome Google apps inside it. I can't imagine that BlackBerry would actually need to run the Android OS instead of their QNX-based OS. Samsung and others skin the UI anyway,so why would it really matter if the OS was actually Android or just capable of running Android apps?

I suspect BlackBerry would just have to agree to give Google's apps a certain amount of real estate on the home screen. I don't see this as a bad thing if it fixes the app gap. Let's face it … BlackBerry is not a meaningful player in maps, video, cloud storage, voice assistant, etc. It really would be a win-win deal for BlackBerry, it's customers, and Google. Why not make it happen? What's stopping it?

In the mean time I am dealing with Android. There's no other way to put it. The multitasking is slow. The keyboard is weak (even with Swiftkey installed), the native email app is horrible, and I find that it's overall just a pain in the ass to get things done inside of Android.

I want to go back to BlackBerry, but I won't without a total solution to the app gap. I don't this is a solvable problem if they try to maintain their own app store in isolation.

What do you think, folks? Obviously this can be a touchy (and personal) subject, but I'm curious to read your take.

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What would it take to get me back to BlackBerry?



While I do miss Google Maps, Google Drive, google now and gmail, I can sure say that I CANT put up with the horribly slow OS which is Android.

However, if the next Blackberry q-whatever doesnt release fast with a fix for contacts, maps, and intelligent assistant, I would mostly shift away to the next iphone.

Android app performance on blackberry also needs to be improved.

Blackberry really needs to improve their office app as well. I mostly use Sheets to go, and its current version should probably be renamed to Bullshit-to-go..

Search for Place! You should try this app! Uses extended search perfectly in google maps!! http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/53425887

Android is not slow, as a matter of fact my Z10 suffers from a lot of lags. I understand that the BB10 OS is superior, but the hardware sucks. I hold two phones, and had Torch 9860 and Z10, then decided to put away the Torch and get the LG G Flex as a primary phone, man the phone is sexy and cool, amazing performance with the Snapdragon 800, the OS is much more developed than the BB10 OS, and of course the apps. Android Kitkat is made to run efficiently on devices with 512 MB of RAM, so sorry, it ain't slow. What makes it slow is manufacturers' tweaks like Samsung's TouchWiz, but LG's version is much better and is extremely snappy.

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Maybe android isnt slow. Ive used a galaxy note 3 and I just didnt find it as slick as BB10 with the peek flow flick features.

BB10 is just wayyyy too zippy if youre primary use of phone is communications.

Anyway, all of you android lovers, I really envy you'll having Google Now, Google Docs and Google maps.

Its waayyyy superior. BB10 needs to address it for the masses to come to BB10.

I really think people will go ga-ga over BB10 if it can address the google services gap. :)

Search for Place! You should try this app! Uses extended search perfectly in google maps!! http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/53425887

Go to Android Central and you will read hundreds of comments about how Horrible Samsungs UI is. They definitely don't get much love with diehard Android fans.

"Classic" better be a Bold 

Absolutely right! Chris, you're not putting up with the Android mail app, you're putting up with the SAMSUNG mail app.

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Microsoft has all those products a better OS and they don't monitor and record everything you do.

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He is saying the multitasking is slow,there is no
comparison between toggling and multitasking

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Get back to me after you get a Z30 with 10.2.1 and Snap....Z10 is not the same phone.

I have had them both and a Galaxy S3 before them....you are correct on the the issues with Galaxy....you are naive about BlackBerry capabilities until you have a Z30 with Android apps.

You will never look back from BlackBerry again...

Let me know when you make the switch and we will about letting you join "Club Z30"...

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

So..............true I have never looked back from leaving the Z10. They do not know what they are missing if they don't have a Z30 and snap! What much more can you ask for!

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Last time I checked the Z30 misses the EXACT SAME needs I outlined in my article. You perhaps didn't undertand my (admittedly personal) needs. Z30 would be great if it had the apps I need. It doesnt.

That's why you should stay where you are, Android fits your needs, Goodluck with that, my security breach was using an S4 by the way, enjoy it while it lasts.

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Just shows BlackBerry can have the best mobile OS compared to Android and iOS but if it doesn't have app ecosystem they ll never become a popular platform choice for consumers.

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I don't need popular I need security, it's fine whatever rocks your boat and is a priority should guide your decision

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Umi.... not sure what you are referring to - but Sonos, Voxer, Audible, Google Maps are all available through Snap....I checked... but "that's fine"... I use a phone to communicate for my business.... BlackBerry has the best phones - and Android apps.... Apple has the best "ecosystem" which BTW iTunes interfaces beautifully with my Z30 via BlackBerry Link...

Can't wait to see what's next for BlackBerry devices... watched a little Tony Soprano with HBO Go on my Z30 via Snap.... never been able to do that before on any of my BlackBerry devices...

Founding Member..."Club Z30"... the most Exclusive Club in Mobile...

Umi.... not sure what you are referring to - but Sonos, Voxer, Audible, Google Maps are all available through Snap....I checked... but "that's fine"... I use a phone to communicate for my business.... BlackBerry has the best phones - and Android apps.... Apple has the best "ecosystem" which BTW iTunes interfaces beautifully with my Z30 via BlackBerry Link...

Can't wait to see what's next for BlackBerry devices... watched a little Tony Soprano with HBO Go on my Z30 via Snap.... never been able to do that before on any of my BlackBerry devices...

Founding Member..."Club Z30"... the most Exclusive Club in Mobile...

I think Google Now with Gmail integration as well as Google Drive are most important to him.

It works on the passport I have it setup, currently looking at my worksheet on my phone as I type

There is a difference in an app being available and it working fully....

Most BlackBerry users have spent a lot of time trying to get things to work on BB10 that they know work on other platforms. Many long time BlackBery users were promised things back when the STORM was so buggy... then they were promised things when the PlayBook wouldn't do what most tablets were made to... then they were promised that apps would come and the BB10 would be great...

At some point you say the heck with waiting and move on. If BlackBerry delivery on those promises then maybe Chris will come back. For now he needs a device that fits his needs.

if people aren't "enlightened" enough to know where BlackBerry is now vs. the Storm era... then I can't help them - nor do I care to ... those folks should stick with iOS - it is very popular with the grade school aged children...

Just for the record, iTunes interfaces beautifully via Link on the Z10, as well. I'm always confused with why people have so much trouble with it in the first place. The only logical explanations would be, the model of the device they are using (i.e. Maybe it's an Stl100-1 or 2, thus making it a regional issue.), or maybe they haven't fully grasped how to use Link (not that Link is always easy to use, but it DOES work if you have the patience to figure it out and stick with it.), and finally, maybe they just don't know what the hell they are doing anyway. Thus, they end up complaining, when in actuality, maybe they shouldn't have a "smart " phone in the first place. As for Android apps, I've no need for them. However, there are plenty of non-Android apps that allow me to do what I need to do for my business. Lack of native apps WILL be BlackBerry's downfall. Most people, especially in the U.S., will go buy another, more well known, Android device if it eventually comes down to BlackBerry depending on Android for apps. They will make the same move that Chris has unless business and security is their thing.

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It's very popular. Period. That's an objective fact.
Are you so insecure that you have to degrade people for the choice of phone they make? If YOU are happy with bb10 and apps that may or may not work lifted from a more successful platform, good on ya guy. But you don't need to cut others down for expecting more for their money. Come on now.

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I agree. Everything seems to be a work-around with BlackBerry . Reminds me of tin foil on the coax cable in order to get MTV back in the 80's.

The biggest problem I have is that BlackBerry doesn't even acknowledge the rudimentary issues with OS 10 (contacts, voice services, maps etc) let alone offer assurance that these issues have been prioritized and fast tracked.

I don't think these expectations are unreasonable yet Blackberry (nor Chen) have expressed one iota of of loyalty to the individual consumers.

Like its not that serious, blackberry was never a consumer product to begin with, why is everyone trying to make BlackBerry one? BlackBerry doesn't need to compete heavy in the consumer market.

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I've got to agree with you Freddy. CrackBerry is looking pretty stupid here when a regular contributor like Chris presents an ignorant article where half of his arguments are so obviously invalid (Sonos, Audible and Voxer are available to anyone that cares for them). "These apps, collectively" are so important to Chris that he didn't even bother to look for them despite his belief that BlackBerry makes a "better device and a better OS" compared to Android's "poorer OS experience"? His holdout for a "total solution" doesn't add up given all the shortcomings of Android he laments. And it's not even the first time an article about Sonos has come up on this site that missed the fact it is available and works ("Trust me - had I known it was fully working we would have posted it ages ago. You think Kevin would have let this slide given his passion for Sonos? - Adam Zeis May 27, 2014). Do ANY of the contributors and editors use BlackBerrys? It's obvious none of them bother to read CrackBerry.

Wait for 10.3.1 more apps coming with 4.3. If you need Google services then you really need to evaluate what you are doing. After Snowden, it was unveiled how much was stolen from them. Moreover, they collect all data to sell you ads. I think you are over thinking Apps. Apps are not your life. I'm sure you just have App Gap anexity thinking that you are missing big name apps. I have tired Android apps, looked at the Google Play Store and I can't see what I am missing. I talk to many iOS and Android friend and they tell me that they need a few apps which I can run on the Z10. I think you need to rethink what you do in a day.

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Agree. There is only one app I downloaded from Snap (Instagram) and I barely use it. Others have used Snap successfully to get the apps they want and use many. But for me, BB10 apps fill what I need and I'd rather Google not be getting advertising dollars every time I do something. I like my information to stay mine, thank you very much.

I hope you enjoy having you life recorded, stored on Google servers and sold to advertisers.
Don't understand why people get ducked in to using Google crap when MSFT has similar productivity products and doesn’t spy on you. Office 365 and done.

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Microsoft is spying on you... they're collect data from your computer, phone, tablet to monitor your habits of use to use it for future software, UI,UX updates.
Based on your browser history you get offers at the Marketplace on Win8, it also requires windows live ID in each application to run or access to certain features which is a great way to store data about you. "One account to rule you whole"

Apple, Google and Microsoft does the same thing.

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I am totally using the combo you are talking about. Z30+ snap. Google maps works fine for me and so do plenty of other apps that I need. Now only Google services is all I need.

People here don't know how to make a work around and simply crib and cry. Androids suck battery. Their os gets slow over time.

I am so addicted to OS 10 that I was so upset what would happen if BlackBerry shuts down.

Please people stop cribbing and shift to your androids and iOS if it pleases you. BB10 has suffered enough bashing and its people like you who are helping other ignorant buyers to further move away from this amazing OS.

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"Addicted" to a mobile OS?

You need your priorities adjusted Abdullah.

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Agreed! I've dusted off the z10 after a nice stint with the s3. Updated it, installed Snap. I'm in love with my BlackBerry all over again. Now if they just keep it up. They will be in the smartphone running for quite some time. I am a pc/phone tech. My son has the iPhone 5, I have tons of time with android and ios. I'm not biased. But BlackBerry has a really young good thing going right now and I'm loving it. I've always been about messaging/email communications, with BlackBerry I find myself once again. Can't get enough now.

Same here. Love my Z10 but once we got the OS 10.2.1 update and Snap it's a whole new animal. I have a number of Android apps and a few games loaded and no problems with app performance at all.

Lovin' BB10!

Oh, it is slow alright. Just give it a few months to settle in and the full complement of bugs, crashes and lags will bless your Nexus 5. I have done the Nexus thing twice and I can honestly say I will never ever buy this piece of junk again. It can be best described as a disposable (burner) phone.

I had 3 friends that said the same thing about the Nexus 5 give it a bit and you will be very passed off!

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Lol. I know. As much as I love the Samsung. I hate it equally. I don't really feel/see the love. And LG? Looks good, but is that's what it means doesn't it?

I don't particularly miss my iPhone. Maybe I'm strange but I don't need a lot of the apps that are available in android and iPhone. I like them and have them installed, but I don't need them.

I do need a mailbox that isn't buggy. Or amazingly like the Sony tablet which autoloaded my email when I signed in to install an app - it belongs to my sister.

I need my cell phone functions call, messaging, emails, calendar, calculator and auto correct. I need to be able to type quickly and easily. Trying to type on the android made me feel like crying. My fingers had parallax error on the screen.

I also like the fact that I can carry my z10 around without a case and have it survive. I murdered an early iPhone this way.

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Not compared I the BlackBerry z30,i understand what your saying, but. Give the gflex time and you will see what we are talking about, I have had my 30 since it came out, no problem s, please check out the. BlackBerry, z30

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Yes, the S4 has the last gen processor in it and when you using Samsung your dealing with there bloated Skin they put on Android. The S5 has a processor that deals with the bloatware but the Nexus 5 is fast as lightning and gets updates right away. Chris you may want to sell your phone and try a Nexus 5.

Get the Nexus 5 the "runner up" to the BlackBerry Z30 in the 2014 Techno Buffalo "March Mobile Madness" tournament.....look it up...

iPhone 5s couldn't get out of the second round.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Lol, do you seriously think those user voted polls mean anything to anyone? How many times did you vote for the Z30?

Can you link to a single one of those polls that BlackBerry hasn't won? Has winning those polls done anything to help their sales? News flash, BlackBerry fans share those links like crazy, brag about dedicating hours of their life into voting repeatedly for the BlackBerry option and encourage others to do the same. We see it all the time on this website.

BlackBerry always wins those poles, that doesn't mean the BlackBerry option is better, it might mean that Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 users have more of a life though.

I have said it before and I will say so again, BB should look for some kind of an alliance with MS and their WP. In the mobile phone sector they're facing the same problem, looking up against google and apple. With one major difference that WP has the funding to make things happen. They could both benefit from each others knowledge and form a strong and secure team. Getting closer to google/android is suicide and it's time to face the fact that the hardware business is no where capable to put up a decent fight. Chen has said several times that BB's future is business minded products. He gets paid for the brand to survive and so they can make money on it when they put it up for sale. As soon as the dead stocks (Z10...), are out I can see him pulling the plug in all sections on the globe where the handheld business doesn't give back, hence the whole west...

"with the horribly slow OS which is Android."

What are you talking about? Try a modern, Snapdragon 800-based handset and you will be amazed.

" if the next Blackberry q-whatever doesnt release fast with a fix for contacts, maps, and intelligent assistant, I would mostly shift away to the next iphone."

Hah, out of all mobile platforms communication & contacts and, of course, maps are FAR the shittiest on iOS... :D

Exactly right - I think this was Chris's attempt to minimise getting flammed by the CrackBerry ermahgerds.

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You would go to iPhone in this day and age? Everyone except seniors and kids is abandoning that ship. Wake up dude, this is not 2009.

130 million new iOS devices sold in the last year.
Everyone. Yep.
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Some of the people here are so far divorced from reality its just amazing.

Do you people live in the bizarro world? I use a 2 year old Nexus 4 and is smooth as butter. Android is smooth and fast. Wish I could say the same for my Z10 BB phone which is gathering dust. The market has spoken. Android with ever increasing (currently 80%) global market share is the defacto standard. Give it a couple more years and it will have 90% market share. Android is ubiquitous. And for good reason. It is awesome.

With time, i've opened up my mind to trying other platforms. Windows is looking more and more interesting to me BUT if BB cuts a deal with ANDROID and we are able to get full google services and apps on 10.3, im definitely staying!

To each their own.

But I'll point out that for Chris, the issue is apps, and Windows phone is not much better than BB10 for apps. Yes WP has more "big name" apps written by the original developers, but the WP are often worst than the third-party versions on BB10.

For example, Instagram on WP has far fewer features than iGrann, and there isn't even an option to run the full version (like BB10 can run the full Android Instagram app).

So a switch to WP phone could only be made if one likes Windows Phone OS better than BB10. For me, WP OS is OK, but not as good as BB10.

For example, WP *just* added a notification center in the recent 8.1 update, and it's still not as good as the BB10 hub we've had for the past year and a half already.

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This is the dumbest article. This is what I'm talking about on crackberry. He thinks BlackBerry makes a better os and better hardware but refuses to switch just because of app availability?

I call bs. You are a sheep Chris. Go ahead and let google data mine the hell out of you and sacrifice having a superior, actually secure OS for some dumb apps like voxer.

I will agree there's a few apps that I have a hard time going without like spotify, or pogoplug for music and my cloud. But have you heard of SNAP? I know that you have, it allows android apps to be installed and updated just like google play. So eureka! Problem solved.

Most of the apps work perfectly. Spotify and pogoplug run beautifully on my Q10.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Productivity matters for him and blackberry can't cut it now.
I welcome this article because finally crackberry are starting to address the issues that is making blackberry decline.

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You can't beat BB10 for multitasking. The Hub, keyboard, and many other little features makes workings on a BB10 device extremely fun and productive.

On that Z30, Best Phone hands down!

But for a device that touts itself as a professional device, there was not ONE banking app available for BB10 the last time I checked. To continually give BB a pass on the app gap issue is to contribute to its demise. You can talk about SNAP all you want but in reality, it's very hit or miss on wether a native android app is going to work and then even a further gamble on if it will run WELL. Additionally, does not hacking an app on the BBOS from basically unknown apk sources compromise the security benefit of using a Blackberry? It's not a perfect solution and BB users deserve better. It's up to the BB loyal to make themselves heard on this issue because the iOS and Android users aren't going to do it for you.

Are you kidding me with your ignorance almost any apk is coming directly from Google and I would say that there is now about an 8:1 ratio of android apps that works.

Posted via CB10

Are you kidding me with YOUR ignorance? If you aren't downloading the app from the Google Play, it's not coming directly from Google. And don't tell me that Google has checked for malware or security issues with 100% of the apps in it's own store because they don't. So my point stands. Side loading Android apps can and does compromise the security of the BBOS. That's why a lot of BB users refuse to do this.

Additionally, there are tons of altered .apk files floating around out there waiting to be side loaded onto devices. And I could care less for your "best guess" on what ratio of apps are working. My experience has been very hit or miss and not all that work run WELL.

Yes, I know how SNAP works and you need to learn to read. I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you....

Actuallygoogle vets apps all the time
If you don't have access to Google services or load from a website the apps will not vet

Google and Apple are the only providers that vets apps after release
Google play services checks your version of the app against the latest version and malicious actions if it was downloaded from Google play

Bbw only vets when you download or the app is uploaded
Snap doesn't because it is not officially supported
You can confirm this on Google

All South African Banking Apps are on BlackBerry 10 and native as well as hybrid html 5 ones

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

Well that's great the next time I need to wire money to a South African Prince so he put his fortune in my checking account for safekeeping. In the meantime, there are no apps for US banks at last check.

Right. So there's ONE app for one US bank. Well you scored a major victory there! Now if I'm willing to switch banks for this ONE app, Blackberry shall rule!

Earlier you said that there was none, we proved you wrong and you still complaining. Wow, some people you just cannot please...

Maybe talk to your bank. If they know there's a demand for BlackBerry they'd certainly be more interested in building an app for the platform.

Posted via CB10

I have. Several times actually and they have told me there's been no demand for it on the platform. And thanks for not responding like a little fanboy bitch like the others here. I'm here because I have a BB, among other devices. And I want a native app and not some port that comprises the security of the OS. You might as well get an android if your GOING TO USE SHODDY ANDROID APPS.

Hey CyberBob! What's the name of the bank you use?

I'd be willing to tell them I want a official Cascades app

We could start a forum here on Crackberry and get the community to send requests in.

Never doubt your Crackberry brothers and sisters. We're a proud bunch and ready to support any effort from a member of our small clan

Dude why are you here... run along to your apple forum.

Us bank works perfectly from snap. My little local banks app works perfectly from snap. Even on my Q10. So go sacrifice your security, hub, better platform and hardware for a cheap Chinese android or iphone.

I will stick with BlackBerry 10 and my Gold Q10 :)

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

See the above. You "run along" you little cunt if you can find a decent app that will give you directions.

Here's a crazy idea regarding banking apps: Use the awesome BB10 browser and just go to the bank's website.

I get sooo tired of people crying about apps because they're too lazy to bookmark a Web page, and type a few things. Christ, does everything have to have an icon for you people??

Posted via CB10

Even if you do need an icon... I had my banking app (installed via Snap) and found the mobile website to be more efficient so I deleted it. It was easy to add to my home screen and I even have the exact same logo that the app had, all through native BlackBerry resources now.

Posted via CB10

Except that you cannot deposit checks from the browser as you can an app. Some of us who run our own businesses take a lot of checks and this is VERY useful.

Then maybe you should switch to a bank that does allow you to deposit via the browser. The bank you have now doesn't meet your need of doing that. I have USAA. A bank that is pretty much all done via the Web. Could be the reason why they know how to do online banking. They do have a app for android and ios, but the browser is faster.

Posted via CB10

Of course I can dirtbag it's called BlackBerry maps.

You clearly know nothing troll and the only cunt going off on everyone here is you.

Run along to you sheep line and pay 1000s for cheap Chinese devices that data mine you I'll stick with BlackBerry

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

"Of course I can dirtbag it's called BlackBerry maps."

Only you would be dumb enough to respond with that.

Is it me or is it getting squished in here. Tight fit.... oh and that 8:1 ratio is BS. Most android apps don't work like they should or at all yet.

1. Ur being a troll......so knock it off no one likes a troll

2. Cyberbob's frustrations are valid and should be addressed in a supportive matter and should not be ridiculed and put down.

That's what the fucking crackberry community is for; so we can help each other out since there are not many people using blackberries (in NA and EU at least)and there for less demand for specific services

Nicely said. It is getting way too heated here!

As to banks, all the Canadian banks have a BB10 app, but that's because there's still some demand (which is hopefully growing) . Did you see that map of all the tweets in the world and what OS they come from? It's a dark map and from wherever a tweet originated, a little dot of light is there. You can see lights for all the OSs. If you choose just BlackBerry, the US stays really dark. It was a little chilling, but it puts the choice to develop for BlackBerry or not into perspective.
As to security of apps from Android, they are not being side loaded when downloading from Snap or Amazon store. True, they don't all work, but many of them are just fine; from my understanding this does not pose any more security risk using them then if you were on an Android. Privacy? That's another issue.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Bank of America is not available to all BB10 devices. I can't get it on my Q10. I can't verify whether it's a carrier or a device issue, but I don't have it available. If someone on AT&T with a Q10 was able to download it, I'd love to know.

Beautifully put......... There are no Aussie banking apps or ANY OTHER freaking BB apps ANYWHERE!!!!
I get where Chris is coming from but I'll stick with BB cos it's still the best communicator

The way I see it blackberry should actually stop trying to please you US customers cos you guys are actually the main reason BlackBerry fell in the first place.. Blackberry should show loyalty to its ever growing Europe, Asia and Africa customers, Who cares if all the banks in the US don't have bb apps..

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Except I've gone bb10 to Android and not suffered at all when it comes to multi tasking.
I've heard that party line so many times but never saw any substance in it. I am more productive on Android then I was on bb10. The only thing I miss the most is the bb10 keyboard.

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Did I just read Android is more productive product than BlackBerry?

Dumbest comment I've heard.

Android has no chance especially with BlackBerry Hub and peek

Go welcome your flying pig buddy

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 30

+1000000000 Ed. I laughed at this one too :) maybe they like downloading 50 apps with Rouge app permissions with no security and clicking and updating each one.

When mine is encrypted, secure and one swipe to the left in the hub. Ty BlackBerry.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

But this is simply not true: Google Maps = Bemaps Pro or Navfree (awesome app), Gmail = built in blackberry email client etc etc. There is a lot of native apps that are equivalent of google apps. Instagram = iGrann , Trapeeze = tumblr , Gnews Reader = Feedly and so on and so on.

While I overall agree that a lot of android apps are available via Snap, not all are and/or not all work properly (and some not having to do with Google services). I have downloaded many Android apps and found most work. However, some of the ones I'd really appreciate and lime to work simply don't. (luckily, for those, I have an iPad, but I'd rather only have to carry one item when traveling and not two).

Overall, I'm not planning on switching phones though. I use my BlackBerry mainly for work and love it for that. I don't like iOS much (I only got an iPad bc the PlayBook couldn't do what I needed it most to do) and can say while I've never actually tried Android, I don't like how Google needs to know everything about you and try and avoid that.

The real issue isn't just some Android apps not working on BB, but that combined with developers not making BlackBerry apps (I know, I know.... if the return isn't worth the work, why bother? But, a lot of these apps are free)

Posted from my Z10/Q10/Z30

I call your bs and raise you open your eyes.

I loved my z10 and welcome the idea that blackberry would invest in a phablet. I frequent both Android Central and crackberry just as much. I'm at the edge of my seat hoping that blackberry steps up.

I agree with Chris. Yes the options are there for apps, you can do updates and even update the os when the carrier won't. The only problem is that there is a lot of work to do to do these things. Don't get me wrong for the experience on blackberry it was worth the work. I am just done giving excuses for them.

Why should I have to sideload an update, apps or anything else? If my blackberry costs as much as my note 3 I should have a nice camera. I should have nice specs on the screen and dare I say it I should have apps available to me.

The z10 was running smooth so I didn't have any qualms with the phone. It was when they left the playbook hanging after so many promises and Three playbook later rendered reminders of broken promises. That is when I felt like I was done making excuses for BlackBerry. If they want to be in the game then THEY have to fill the gaps, not me ignoring my family while I go and sideload this or that. My money still iches for a BlackBerry, the question is how much is the company willing to do to regain my once stable loyalty for them?

End rant.

Posted via my sexy Note 3. Big hands ;-)

Some good points, but other than a leaked OS, once you have Snap, what are you side loading?

I download apps direct to phone from Google Play (snap) or Amazon Store. Now I still spend to much time on my phone rather than with my family, but that is another matter.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

You are so correct. I say that Chris should go on using whatever he is using, as he put it "putting on with the slow running " on his S4. The App Gap and issue is zero for me, with the powerful browser on the BlackBerry 10 you don't need apps. The comfort and piece of mind of security using a BlackBerry device in relation to what's out there currently should outweigh any of his so called app gap issues . Chris keep on trucking dude! You have jumped ship, sail on.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, the apps don't even work correctly and none of the Google apps work either.

Why do you care so much if Google "steals" his information? Are you just sad that he changed platforms for the same reason everyone else does it?

Face it, BlackBerry isn't as productive as it could be with a good ecosystem. Maybe you should try another platform so you can get over your hate and stop calling everyone "sheeps", you're a fanboy.

Posted via CB10

Maybe I should use another platform? I have owned and tested every single android device on Verizon and Sprint along with several Windows phones. I have also owned every iteration of the iPhone since 4. So I am more then versed on calling him a sheep.

The word "fanboy" applies to blind loyality. Please don't lump me into the same group as iphone users.

I use BlackBerry 10 because I actually care about my privacy and data. I smile when I know my apps aren't data mining the hell out of me and my info is secure. It is bs that most apps from android don't work. Even on my smaller screen Q10 all the ones I use (Kik, pogoplug, spotify exct.) seem to work just fine.

Chris is writing for a BlackBerry site. He should be more then versed on using apps. With the powerful browser and SNAP, it is a lame excuse. You love the hardware and think it's a better platform, yet your still using a cheap plastic s4?

This is why crackberry has lost its passion. This is why Jubie left. He's now at N4BB.com

Some fool whining about his dumb voxer app. Who gives a damn. Use bbm. I converted almost all my friends to bbm and blackberries. From iphone and android. They don't seem to have any problem with apps and they love them. I wouldn't call any of them fanboys either. Chris your services are no longer needed here on crackberry.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

You demand privacy, yet turn over your entire google account credentials to snap? They aren't using a third-party authenticator. They have your google credentials. That's not secure or private at all.

Chris as lazy as the typical android user. That is why he moved and in the process lost security. I'd prefer to be lazy about security which blackberry allows

Exactly john, and it's one thing to have a couple apps from snap and to still have your os and natural apps secure.

BlackBerry does make security easy to handle and with a click I can shut down Rouge permissions that shouldn't be allowed.

This stupid dumb belief that "who cares" if they have your data attitude is exactly why they profit off each and every one of you that use the other platforms. BlackBerry 10 is the only one who protects it's users.

Why let them track, locate, backup and monitor your devices when you can do something about it. They constantly backup your data and info on google. Everytime you do an android update, google backs up over 500 pieces of data to their servers about you. When a wallpaper app on android asks for every app permission and then some on android it suprises me how more people aren't creeped out by this.

Security, HUB, best email client, and masterful typing experience, this is why I choose BlackBerry.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

I have had security breaches on Android, till it happens to you you would sing a different tune, the peace of mind that BlackBerry brings to the table in terms of security I'd unsurpassed. So I say let the DROID lovers stay with their platform let the apple eaters stay with theirs and that's it. When the deck comes crashing down, remember it was your choice.

Posted via CB10

If you are responsible then you won't have any issues on Android. Your "breach" as you call it was 100% your fault.

Really? When there is no control on the permissions? My fault? Really? The Banking institution involved security department advise against using the device. Thanks for your advice.

Posted via CB10

If you pay attention to what you are installing you will have no issues at all. If you blindly install every app well then yeah you will have problems. Hence my comment of 100% your fault.
I can guarantee that you didn't scrutinize what apps you were installing and then wondered how you got "breached".
Permissions are easy, if you don't want something to have access to your filesystem, don't install the app that says it has access to your file system.
Now if you would have made your argument after the recent illogical changes that Google has made to permissions, then yeah I would agree with you but the past permissions were clear and simple. If you chose to ignore them then it wasn't by fault of the OS or the Play Store.

It was a banking app, I would assume if it's on Google play it would be "safe " it was a breach in that app, it was patched sometime later. I will NEVER use an Android for any banking or sensitive information ever again. Google isn't my search engine of choice either. Thanks for your advice. Once bitten, twice shy.

Posted via CB10

You just confirmed it for me. You assumed something was safe instead of thinking about what you were authorizing.
If it was a flaw in your banks app, well then you should really change banks because there are numerous large banks out there that have successfully deployed on Android with absolutely no issues at all.
Don't knock a platform just because you were not doing your part as a consumer and protecting yourself. What's next? Are you going to bad mouth your automaker because you left your doors unlocked and something was stolen?

Right? People try and have an honest and productive discussion on the pro's and con's of all platforms and devices and the fanboys act like you are attacking their bubble headed children or something.

These people are attached to their BB's like I'm attached to my beautiful wife and kids. Jesus people, get something else important in your lives besides a cell phone and calm the fuck down.

Sheep? I agree with Chris. BB10 can be the best thing out there OS wise, and I actually think it is to be honest, but if I don't have apps that I can use then it makes no lick of difference. I continue to use my Z10 for a media player. I continue to use my Nexus 5 for my health needs. I wanted to use MapMyRide, but the options of using the GMAPS Patcher did not work. Will I use a device that not allow me to use what I need, no. If Chen wants to use the phrase of 98% works, then he needs to actually use and show the 98%. I bet a dollar he can't. Until BB can provide a complete and functional android subsystem then he should not advertise it in the least. The 2 apps I use that cannot work are MapMyRide and VNC Viewer. Neither can be patched.

I have to agree this is the dumbest comment ever. If those apps are the biggest problem you have with blackberry then you really are blaming blackberry for your own issues. We already saw the feedback from most when android apps became available on android and they all said the same thing that the apps weren't really a necessity after all. Android unfortunately is not secure and mines too much of my personal data. I would rather go down fighting then switch to that obtrusive garbage. You can have android I'm using it on this tablet that was given to me for work and frankly it isn't anything great. If blackberry still made the playbook I would switch immediately

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

The fact is some people like BB10 some people don't. I tried BB10 twice, the Z10 and the Z30. The Z30 is a beautifully designed device. The antennas and speakers are phenomenal. But I just don't like BB10. I don't like the keyboard or the way the UI design looks. I tried downloading snap and the Android apps just didn't run the same. I use my Android for both personal and business use and works just fine for me.
I will say that Samsung devices have so much packed into them that it does slow down the OS. I now have a Motorola Droid Maxx and it's fast and awesome.
And far as email, I prefer Gmail, mainly because I like how Google separates my social and promotional emails and it has been great at filtering spam, which I rarely get anyway. Each OS have their pros and cons. It's all about finding what fits your needs. I've tried iOS with the 4s and 5s, it's just not for me, I've tried WP 8 and 8.1, it's not for me, yet (with the improvements they're making this may change), and I've tried BB10 twice and it's not for me. People aren't being sheep or just following the pack because they choose something other than BB10. Sometimes it's just that people just aren't interested or just don't like it.
Posted via CrackBerry App

"just because of app availability" ...

This is like saying, "It's nothing, doc. The knife just cut off my genitals. Only a flesh wound."

When you have an issue with your personal information being misused you will really feel like your genitals were cut off,at best wish they were.

Posted via CB10

While it may be true for some, many don't equate Google apps to their genitals. So app availability as a measure of importance is subjective, and it really depends on particular apps that may be missing and their relative importance.

Really? Apps are overrated, my balls are actually pretty important to me. I have had the odd occasion when I saw an app I would like to have, but then I see all the apps I do have and have no use for.

Posted via CB10

I don't recognize the name but the picture from a previous post where you left a bunch of nasty comments to various people. Are you just rude on CB or is this your everyday mood?

Z30 Vivo Brasil

Yes does a lot for confidence in Blackberry when Crackberry writers admit they've jumped ship. Read N4BB most of the time now where I don't have to read these sort of crap articles!

Posted via CB10

"Most of the apps work perfectly."

Lol. I guess that's fine if your willing to settle for that.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I know BB10 is superior than WP, thats why i have a Z10 but i clearly said its looking more and more interesting because they keep adding features and will keep getting better. Also, I'm planing to purchase a Surface Pro 3, which looks like should be a great companion to both WP and even BB10 phones. So, WP is my fall back choice right now if for some weird reason i needed to run away from BB.

Chris, I agree: APPS, APPS, APPS.
The OS10/BB7 do not have the range of apps that iP and Android have.
What is Apple now advertising? How great their apps are (even if they did not dev them), not how great their hardware is.

I use Snap to get many Android apps not available in the BB app store. Regret about a third do not work.

Sideloading an app market for full catalog access + 66% success in running those apps = a marketing disaster. That's why BlackBerry doesn't advertise the runtime.

You really missed it on this one Chris. Not agreeing with you this time.
As much as I would like a better app integration with Google play, I have come to find that BlackBerry maps is not that bad, it does it for me. My calendar and addressbook are perfectly synched with my Google account. Add to it the great integration that BlackBerry does adding more info to every contact with linked in, twitter and Facebook integration.
Keyboardwise I could not go even for a day on an Android device, it just makes it such a pain yo deal with...
I see you use vortex with colleagues for work. That can simply be fixed using Amazon/1mobilemkt/Snap...
Again... I now we can disagree and that's OK. But for me those are just not good enough reasons to choose a poorer platform.

Posted via CB10

Anytime your argument has "is not that bad" your really say it's bad but you're putting up with it. It weakens your argument. (I've been watching a lot of Suits TV Show.) I can say that not having Google integration is a no go for me as well. I got my sister a Windows phone and put 8.1 on it and it's very nice but trying to play with it for a day I could see right away that I just can't do it without my Google Apps. Then their app store has more apps then BB but they aren't updated often. They paid companies to make the apps and then they never decided to update it because they rather put their resources to improving their iPhone and Android apps. With crappy apps and no Google apps I gave the phone to my sister who just texts and im's and that's all. She's fine with it but she missing Google maps.

I noticed the same thing. "Not that bad" is something I hear a lot from WP and BB users and it's crazy to settle for that when you can have so much better.

The app availability on other platforms. Are you even paying attention? If the native navigation application on your iOS or Android device is "not that bad", then you have dozens of other choices that get you "GREATNESS".

The difference is I disagree about Android having bad navigation. I use stock android. I can do anything quickly. If I'm in a app I don't hit the home key and then search for the app in the app drawer. Maybe this is what Chris does. I'm in an app and want to switch and it a button on the bottom of the phone for multitasking and then select the app. 2 clicks.

In this case though, Chris is settling by dealing with what he deems as an interior OS with an inferior keyboard and inferior email, etc. It's always about trade-offs and what you find more important. I think it's crazy for Chris to settle, but that has to do with my preferences, just as your preferences make you think BB and WP users are crazy for settling.

How would you suggest that I don't settle, specifically? BB ... poor app selection. Android ... poor UI and many major annoyances

Seems like we are ALWAYS settling. I would love to live in your ideal world, should it ever exist :)

Chris, we are in agreement on that point. This particular comment was more to counter cyberbob's point that WP and BB users are "crazy to settle for what you can have so much better" by using Android as you are now. My point was that a person's different preferences lean one to settle one way over the other.

I was speaking purely from the app selection viewpoint, and in no way defending the OS or hardware of WP or Android. I can almost see why someone would stick it out for WP since devs are actually staring to get on board. However, the BB app ecosystem show no signs of life.

I agree with you as I have owned BlackBerries for a decade. I am listening and my question is if BlackBerry were to make a possible move to integrate Google services will it compromise security and if so by how much if at all?

Posted via CB10

iOS. Best of all possibilities. Custom hardware (the A7 chip set is the best in the world). Most mature OS engineered by the best in the world. Apps are written for iOS first. Because apple users spend real money on apps that are worth it.

Blackberry is hopelessly lost on all fronts. Apple has turned the game into something bbry simply cannot play.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

The truth is this: I have to options 1- I put up with a "not so bad" OS just because I want Google maps with "my places" on it and the best directions possible OR 2- I get the best OS experience and put up with a "not so bad" maps application. For me that decision is a no brainer.
I'd rather put up with a "not so bad" maps app and really get the user experience I so much love. To each it's own and we all know what's better for us to put up with.

Posted via CB10

"not that bad" is a ringing endorsement

I have no idea why Chris made this post on CrackBerry, it goes against the current policy of staying positive. But he did it, and too be honest... if things don't change before my upgrade comes around I don't plan to stick with BB either. I went with BB10 because of all the promises of future apps and the belief that this wasn't another PlayBook.

I was wrong! It's the PlayBook all over again, and I want fall for promises of future abilities or changes again. I think BB10 is the best OS on the market and that many features like the HUB are very useful. But it doesn't make up for the lack of the apps they I find necessary.

Well said. I am also done trying to make do with BlackBerry. I love BB10, but I want more than whats available. I would welcome full Google Play integration with Google services. Ditch BlackBerry World for all I care.

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C

It was balanced. I was positive about the OS and negative on the app selection. Pretty simple. Obviously die-hard fans see what I wrote as some kind of bash. Not the case, but I'm not going to try to use logic to fight emotion.

For me, I have two devices, one strictly for work, one personal. For anything that is web-related, app related, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. I use an iPhone 5s. My Q10 is what I use for work emails and phone calls. I don't ask much of it, though it is capable of a lot, and out of the box it does enough for strictly work issues. I will say, I think as a telephone and email device it is far superior to the iPhone, but of course that is a little like damning with faint praise given what we ask smartphones to do. The lack of apps is just a gaping hole. There is no other way to say it. I like to think I will stay with BB and I am looking forward to the Classic, but time will tell.

It seems that Google Play integration has become so important that he'll suffer in other areas. It's really the same kind of thing us BB users do, just flipped around. The core features of BB10 (its strengths) are what keeps me. I can't understand why he values the Google apps/services over the hub/keyboard/etc that he finds so superior in BB10, but many Android users likely don't understand us BB users either.

You are not expected to share my opinion. That's why it's my opinion :) I find it hilarious when people thing someone missed something when they simply share a difference of opinion. Oh well. Life goes on.

Bad article.. I have all three platforms too and For

Work: BlackBerry #1, iPhone 2, and Android 3

Personal: iPhone #1, BlackBerry 2, and Android 3

I like Google play and the services but seriously they aren't that special. Email in the hub fine, use waze instead of maps, chromecast snooze, widgets nice but only on a tablet..

As a BlackBerry writer this should be a bit obvious..

Posted via CB10

Clearly you didn't even read Chris' article. "Marketing" didn't fail here...what "marketing" would Chris need to hold on to his BlackBerry? Marketing is only one piece of the puzzle, but many like to cling to it, as a catch-all solution. Like those who blame "society" for negative body image (just who is "society", anyways?).

Chris says it best when he stated, simply "Everyone has their own selection of preferred apps." this is true. Some here like to ask "how many fart apps does one need", but that's truly disingenuous. It's about those 2 or three apps (often tied to external accessories) that are really important. Like Sonos. Like many of the fitness bands. Like many of the remote control and other toys. Take a jump over to Connectedly...this is an issue that's only going to get worse for BlackBerry. There are more and more "connected" things coming out everyday. And more and more BlackBerry faithful will make the move if BlackBerry isn't a part of this.

It always makes me wonder why isn't BlackBerry pushing marketing campaigns through the Boardcasting Channels on BBM. Considering they claims that they have over 70 million subscribers.

The man with executive ability wins always in business.

That's true but there are a ton load of people that have left BlackBerry but haven't forgotten...

Even to this day, I would love to come back to BlackBerry, even though I've had an iPhone for the past 3+ years. The thing I've been waiting for though is a physical keyboard device with a tall screen, not a square one... Doesn't seem like BlackBerry sees that as a possibility though so, I guess they'll keep wandering in the desert...

Are you serious... iPhone has the worst email UI out of all of them. it's useless

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Dude why are you here then... move along to the apple people who are living in the clouds. you are obviously a sheep too.

You will never convince me for a second that apple has a better email client then BlackBerry. I have used it even on a 5s and it's embarrassing at best. Then hub in BlackBerry 10 is unmatched by any other os available.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

I disagree. Apple's unified inbox is actually quite good. Unusual at first but once you get the hang of it it works quite well. In fact, going from a BlackBerry the iPhone is the closest in terms of usability and function to a BlackBerry. With some of the changes coming in iOS 8 bringing it closer to the BlackBerry experience and the rumoured large screen devices plus Apple's build quality I am considering a switch as well.

Posted via CrackBerry App

Dude, I will. Had the z10, z30, 9900, 9780, 9700 etc etc etc.... I've given BB enough of my money I think. The z30 can't even sync appointments with Outlook on my enterprise server. Sad fact.

Awww... that kind of makes me upset. I always pictured you as one of the ones that would be with us until the end. :(
I guess everyone has a tipping point. *sigh* *tear*

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Though I still love my Q10, I too have been seriously thinking of what my option would be should BlackBerry no longer be a player. Food for thought...

Blackberry always.....

My first BlackBerry was the Z10, liked it so much I also purchased the Q10, love them both. The app gape you mention has no meaning to me, it is security that matters.

Posted via CB10

I agree BlackBerry is a security provider
We all know Google and their motto "don't be evil"
That's enough for me - they are like Facebook - if they can they will make money out of your data.

And if you don't care about it than please tell my why you have a password on your wifi PC smartphone etc.

It seems you care about it but not that much - isn't that a Paradoxon?

Either you care or you don't.

I care and I don't want anyone access my data without me knowing

Some people might call it freedom I call it Privacy!

Posted via CB10

Let me explain Google.

1. Some of their products are totally free. Things like Google Maps.
2. They had to create things that not only help customers but make them money to pay for things.
3. Their killer App Google.com is the BEST search engine which is free and at the same time they sell ads to pay for things in #1 and other things they make like Gmail that work like #3.

Google may make most their money on Ads but they DO NOT SELL YOUR DATA! The lock it up in their vault and cross reference the ads they sell with the info they have of you in their vault. Google then smartly sends the ads they sell to customers they think are most likely to act on it based on the data in their vault. This is what they do. I for one am not paying Google a darn thing and they should be paid for their hard work that goes into Maps, Gmail, Android, and other things like Google Now. Their don't be evil has to do with keeping your info / data safe and not selling it. They keep it in a vault so that they can assign the ads or use the data in their apps. If they were selling or making your data unsafe it would be on the news and kill their rep. You have never see Google caught selling your data to people. It will never happen.

The best part is they take their money and give it to smart people to develop magic like a self driving car, Google Fiber (which has caused companies like AT&T to stop screwing us and actually put in Fiber in some areas that they are worried Google will put in Google Fiber) and other stuff like their Solar projects and investments in startups that help them get off the ground. They can make a lot of money on the start ups but at least it's another place to go for that. I think BB is great. I question how much they can do with the ever shrinking employee base. The amount of updates the BB can do to BB10 is going to pale in comparison to what MS, Apple, and what Google can pull off. Thats means you keep falling behind and with BB Store not making an developers money you'll never have a strong App ecosystem.

I for one do not want my data in there vault. If they want it they should ask and I should get compensated for that.

Posted via CB10

You are being compensated; every time you search Google for free, check your Gmail for free, spend hours travelling the world through Street View for free.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Yes, you are compensated as HaberNik said by getting to use the product. Tell me how Google is going to give this out for free and pay their employees. Hell lets ask BB to do the same. BB please give away BES for free. Muddberry thinks you can make money this way.

Yeah, I think some of us aren't so deeply entrenched in Google's world. I ditched them for Outlook.com and the email experience is so much better now and works so well with my Q10. And I no longer rely on Google's services for anything.

Going from Google to Outlook and thinking you just solved your privacy issues? They are both the same!

Posted via CB10

I have a gmail account and a hotmail account. MS, to me has done such a better job with email through outlook.com, I simply can't understand why anyone uses gmail. I absolutely loath the UI of gmail. It's no where near as user friendly as outlook.com, for me at least. To this day, my hotmail is my main emal. gmail just sits there...

-1. I have a hotmail / outlook.com account for ever and it sucks compared to Gmail. Gmail filters my mail perfectly and the Gmail app for android is great. Outlook.com has an app I don't like for android and I find it sometimes filters important email into the spam folder. I almost missed a very important email from the bank once. I don't trust their spam filtering and the Gmail is just to much better.

Amen john. You my friend are not a sheep in the herd. Some people actually give a damn about security.

look at a wall paper app on android, it wants access to every permission on your device. So it can data mine you.

Look at BlackBerry it will ask for maybe one if that.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Many a blackberry app wanted access to suspect permissions.
Not once has anything bad happened to me while on Android.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

App permissions are set by the app maker. Google has nothing to do with the permissions the app makers ask for. You choose not Google on the apps you install. How many wallpaper apps are in the Play Store? I bet there are some that don't ask for all these permissions. You are 100% in charge of what apps you use and what you install. Don't blame Google for that.

I'm referring to native blackberry apps wanting suspicious permissions

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

You then are Golden. You never got use to using these products so you don't know what your missing. It's like my uncle who drinks expensive wine and alcohol. I'm fine with the cheaper stuff because I can't afford to waste $50 on a shot or try a $50 glass of wine. I rather not experience that because I start to see / taste the difference. To make money you have to sell to a lot of consumers and Apple and Google have shown most consumers something and now they are use to it. If you can't provide that along with your "gotta have it" additions then they will get it and return it within days. This is just how it is. If you take someone fresh from a dumb phone they have no expectations and will love BB10.

Agreed. I can say pretty much the same, except I went to a z30 instead of a q. I did it for security. These are the only 2 BlackBerry I have ever owned and they are great. Banking app? I use the browser for that but the android app for my bank works on my z30 just fine. I get more information just as fast using the banks website vs the app. I have to admit that BlackBerry maps sucks though. They need to get on that.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry maps do not suck. It gets me where I need to go with nav just always. I even use it to search for businesses or restaurants (the usual stuff). There have also been occasions where I had to use BlackBerry maps because the drivers maps couldn't find the place. Not saying it's better, saying it sure doesn't suck for me. It worked for me in Texas and it does now in NY and NJ.

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

I have to tell you that the maps app couldn't even load my location since the last update and when I bought my phone it didn't covered the area of my country. IT SUCKS. But when I need to find something I'm using the browser for Google maps, the browser is still faster then a DROID port.

Posted via CB10

I would certainly be in favor of them cutting a deal with Google, but in my heart of hearts I don't see it happening. My guess is they eventually come to some sort of deal with one of the lessor players like Amazon (not that Amazon is all that less, BUT unfortunately they don't solve the Google Services problem), or 1Mobile.

If it means more revenue for them, why wouldn't they? But BlackBerry would have to offer something more in return.

I really hope they stay away from 1Mobile. That place is a cesspool of seedy apps.

Sit tight what you just wished for is coming!! Mark my words!! The native BlackBerry app world will be replaced by the Android Google store.

Posted Via my  Q10 

While I agree with Umi's viewpoint (as can many), this is an extremely irresponsible perspective. There is a 0.00% chance that BlackBerry will "cut a deal" with Google to get Google Play services. First, they have nothing but carrier presence and patents to offer in return. John Chen doesn't seem willing to play those cards. Second, Google would need to make an exception to the parameters of the Open Handset Alliance and have the other members agree to it.

CrackBerry should report on if either of these prospects are feasible. Otherwise, it's just a pipe dream. It's time to debunk this ridiculous theory once and for all.

You don't seem to get it (that's OK, I'm happy to help).

What exactly do you think Samsung or HTC offers to Google to use Android? BTW anyone can use Android as BBRY does now. But if they want to get the parts I'm talking about here they need to sign a deal as others have. There is a give and take and it has NOTHING to do with patents or carriers.

If they want to achieve what you envision, it will only be done with a BlackBerry Android device that is fully compliant with the rules of the OHA, plus removing the runtime in future BB10 updates.

I enjoy your perspective Chris but you're really causing a stir without providing proper information.

Samsung and HTC offer compliance to Google's terms for Google Play services. BB10 can never meet those requirements due to how they implemented their Android run-time on top of QNX. So if Google Play were to ever be officially available on BB10 devices, it'd only be due to Google making an exception. Now if Tizen phones officially got Google Play, then that'd be an exception and give precedent that a similar deal could happen for BB. It seems Google is tightening the restrictions on Google Play to reign in on Android divergence, so I really don't see Google Play coming to BB in any official capacity.

For what its worth chris - your article is very well written, its also accurate.
The app gap is disturbing - people may say that the blackberry OS is superior to android
OS and call it slow but that just ignorance and plain fanboism. (Try Sense 6 on the HTC one).
Tbh the app gap is just one feature where BB is poor. There is also the quality and design of the devices - which is not premium feeling at all.
Don't expect reason, logic or common sense from the "BB fans" on here - they're unrealistic about BB's shortcomings and will never admit it. They'd rather use abuse and ugly language to back down anyone who points out the truth. Just look at the posts.
Please keep highlighting whats apparent - we love you for it.
The BB 10 OS is just about ok (peek and flow won't sell devices) but the hardware and apps are well short of the competition and frankly unless they step it up the only way is down. I'm surprised they are still here tbh.

How do you know this?

Pretty much every inside source (from BlackBerry and Google) have said that this will never happen.

I hope it does, but as of now, it's just wishful thinking without a single shred of proof of any kind.

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Anyone that uses the words "trust me" or "don't ask me how I know", is someone that you can generally disregard as having any inside knowledge of anything. That's just wishful thinking taking.

I hope to no end that BlackBerry World does NOT get replaced with the Play store, as an additional option? Sure, but solely android apps...no thanks! the only way that would be an acceptable scenario would be IF (and this is doubtless) we would still have control over the permissions in the apps.

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I think a good 1080p phablet with seamless Android app access would attract a ton of people.

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Yes it does... the NOTE line is selling very well.
Don't see a BlackBerry with an extra $100 in cost being able to compete against it.

I've tried 5s for couple days and it was a nightmare... Emails and Keyboard on iphone are nothing like BB.. If they go under, then windows phone is my next plan

Agreed, I have a Lumia 925 now, along with my Z10. If BB folds or ceases to produce handsets, I'm Window Phone all the way. I love the platform, UI, and 8.1 is a God sent. Hopefully, MS will continue to produce top notch hardware like Nokia has. I can't see myself using a WP from any other OEMs.

It all goes back to Jim and Mike.. on the conference call when they touted there leapfrog the competition and "we dont need apps with our browser" is still Blackberrys Achilles heel.. mind you I do love my snap app that allows me to get all the google apps I need but not everyone knows this I guess

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I think the fatal flaw in the argument for Google / Android on BlackBerry devices is that the Google business model is based on the extraction of as much data as possible from users to share with advertisers and unknown third parties whereas the business model of BlackBerry is based on privacy. They are fundamentally opposite objectives. All of the benefits of android are not free, you pay with your data.

Not really, as long as BlackBerry gives a user the option to not rely on Google Apps (which it obviously does,.. since we don't have any right now!), then it is up to the user whether they hit the "download" button and chose to receive free Google services in exchange for their information (which a fair amount are OK with).

There really isn't any conflict of vision or strategy,.. the name of the game is 'control'.

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When my son was 2-3 years old, we were at the beach and standing in the shallow water when he saw something shiny on the bottom a few feet out. He immediatly ran to grab it and before he realized it his head was under the water. Luckily I was there to pull him out, but many device users are unaware of what they are getting into until it's too late because they want the shiny object.
I guess we can agree to disagree on the conflicting objectives, but it seems pretty clear to me.

Well said.

My take on this is:
- Yes I do want more apps
- Am I willing to trade in my data for it, no I'm not.

I want native apps developed for BlackBerry, with BlackBerry standards and not google ones.

So a deal with Google it's not what I would hope.

I would rather have BlackBerry to sell more phones and regain market share, that will bring the apps.

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That would be the ideal, but the reality is that they cannot sell phones without widely used apps, and they won't get widely used apps if they can't well phones.

At this point it's like making a new car that runs only on ethanol. It could be the nicest car around, but no gas stations are available to fill it up so no one will buy it. Since no one is buying it, no one will build gas stations for it. So they have to compromise and make the car able to run on both conventional petrol and ethanol (and perhaps a mix), even if it means adding extra weight or having to tuning the engine to a less than optimal performance level to achieve that.

The key would be to let Google apps come in (with as many privacy controls/warnings as possible), but still keep native development environment open. People will see that they can get all their current android apps, and won't be scared away from BB10... as more people buy it, they will appreciate the value of native apps and grow to prefer them. As the number of users increases, the number of users that prefer and request native apps will also increase,.. smart developers will see the differentiation potential of a smooth native app and will take a look at it, and perhaps make one to replace their Android app, resulting in the long term growth of the native app catalog.

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