This is what a white BlackBerry Z10 may look like

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jan 2013 03:34 pm EST

Wondering what a white BlackBerry Z10 may look like? These awesome renders from Martin Hajek can give us a pretty good idea. Seen here is a white BlackBerry Z10 hanging out with a white iPhone 5. Although they are only 3D renders, these images bring some amazing life to the Z10 and that white is looking pretty hot. There's no word of what (if any) colors the new BlackBerry 10 phones will available in, so for now it may be just be the black model that we've seen numerous times before. Check out some more images below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Source:  Via: N4BB

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This is what a white BlackBerry Z10 may look like


If only that were true, I'd be very, very tempted to wait for the white :-/.

Why did you show me this...WHY?!

:) Sometimes the lesson in patience is not how long we wait but how long we're willing to wait. Again, :). See you Jan 30.

This render is missing the camera, light, and proximity sensor holes, which would make it look a lot less slick IMO...

Nice render, maybe we can also see a version where the bezel of the screen is white too and Blackberry is "reversed" like a Black writing on white background? Awesome render nonetheless! Good job!

There's a rendering with a white bezel already floating around the forums somewhere. Not sure what color the lettering is though.

It's not missing the camera, light, and proximity sensor holes.
They are in the black part of the upper bezel/screen.
They can be seen in the second to last picture.

There have already been pictures of the white Z10 published. I believe it was on the Mobile Syrup Site.

I know!! I was sold on the black BlackBerry, but now I'm leaning towards the white.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if RIM announced both black and white devices on Jan 30th?

I'm usually not big on white BBs, but that's actually pretty slick.

Maybe it's just that I don't like white buttons, and this one lacks that "flaw".

I am hoping they go with white under the glass like previous renders. But I would still rockt he white, even if it looks like above.

I saw a video on YouTube with a white Z10 render int it that had the glass white too. That is what really would make this a nice looking device. Just having white body but still black glass isn't all that good looking in my opinion. If this is the case then it wouldn't matter to me white or black because I am just going to get a case for it anyway. But if they do white glass then I will definately want one. To me that brings more elegance to the phone.

my thoughts exactly. that black bezel it a real turn off. Anyways I'm a Black blackberry guy so not my kettle of fish anyways, but my lady would luv a "full" white Z10

This may be my first white phone if that is what it ends up looking like and it comes out soon. I don't know if I can wait if it does not come out at the same time as the black.

I'm in the middle of an internal battle deciding to go black or white... This hi-res renders shook my mind :3 So beautiful


The white Z10 should come exclusively with a gold bb logo on the back. Give these phones subtle details that makes consumer "want" that particular bb10.

Your tripn. Not @ all. I didn't say give it gold trim. Just gold logo. Your telling me that wouldn't stand out? Everything is chrome these days. Nothing wrong with something as subtle as a gold logo.

Never had a white BB but if it looks half as good as this then I can say that will be my first white BB. That should of been the real deal.

This is just perfect. Hopefully this is truly it. Can't wait to get it. :)
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I'm going with the all black Z10. White phones look their best when you take them out of the box, but it's all downhill from there if you don't have a case.

So it's white and black really.

Too big too. Will wait and hope the bold one is like the size of the 9900. Not all of us are gamers or watch movies on a phone, that's why there are tablets.

Sweet if true. I'm also very happy that we will have a few $ option to choice of new BB10 phones. The enitire fam will be BB10!! :)

This design has the same problem as the Porsche. Something weird about it. Maybe if it were a bit wider it wouldn't have that fake Star Trek analyzer look. The depth is awesome but where to put the battery?

I want it now!!! If officially released in white, I am grabbing that up in a heartbeat. I haven't ever had a white phone so this will be my first.

somewhere inbetween top Samsung and iphone 5 16gb. Thats a complete guess but its just obviouse thats how its goona play out. There not goona be able to pull an apple and charge 200$ more then the other guy. And there not goona make money going cheaper then samsung.

At first I wanted white, but now that I've calmed down I don't care because I want a skin. Now, if it was like my 9800 which is skinless with just a leather holster I'd want white lol.

i should have waited for a white 9810. the silver chipped like anything once taken out of the box. bloody oxygen molecules

I would snap that up in a second! Although it will probably be Rogers who would get an exclusive deal for a Red BB10 and I'm with Telus...

The ads should be to Michael Jackson's Black or White and near the end show Michael doing one of his belt/crotch grab moves with his other hand in the air holding a white BB making his "hoooooooooe!" noise, wind blowing his shirt back etc...

But sneriously... it doesn't matter if it's black or white just give me one-aaaah!

Or... they could play Back in Black for the start and introduce the black BB and then a record scratch and music stops and they reveal the "all new" white BB... aaaand now I'll start my days work :(

needs a white bezel
kinda looks silly next to the white iphone without it.
makes my choice to get black easier though.

looks like a BIG and passionate "B vs.W" debate here ... and the FIRST thing ALL of us will do is put a colo/ured silicone or 'other' case/protector on it that will perfectly protect AND cover up said case and colo/urs.

What "WOULD" be cool - regardless - is a full carbon-fibre case in either or "ANY" of a dozen colo/urs for that matter (unlike the Bold's "carbon-fibre battery-cover only").

... and this revolutionary new water proofing already built-in!

the same guy did a rendor of a white z10 with a white bezel which looked better imo. if it were white on white, i would consider it. otherwise, sticking with black.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

loks pretty cool to me .. cant wait to see final hardware and software :)

is it jan 30 yet !@# heheh

I have mine reserved can't wait !@#


I like the white one more, it looks much more like the BlackBerry London prototype, which I liked at the time! Jan 30th, where art thou!!!

OMG. I have not had a blackberry in about 4 years and I can't wait to see this phone. The one thing that has drawn me to android is the streaming capability. Does anyone know if you can stream Netflix on the new blackberry 10?

Black....white, I don't care! I just need me a new BB10 phone! Let's go already!

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Whoa, This looks Amazing, its a fresh new look that look different than a iphone.
I still can't accept the fact its full touchscreen tho.

I just don't get why the inner bezels are black and not white. :(

I realize this is just a render, but I do hope the real one has white bezels.

I'm def getting this one instead of that ugly X10(Bold Version)! I'm so excited for the announcement at the end of the month!

Should add a galaxy S3 next to it. Looks more like the s3 then a iPhone. Wonder where vzw will add there oversized logo at?

Why would people wanna compare iPhone to Blackberrys. I love both (We should appreciate that with technology we get choices) I've got iPhone 5 and definitely going to get BB10. not sure which one yet. Z10 or the X10.

Anyway, this one in white looks so beautiful.

That is looking great. Good for a doctor and important people!

Get this:

Robert Scobie ( the worlds Biggest Rim Basher / Hater who wishes death and everything bad to them ) just tried the NEW BB10 smartphone. He said, " He likes it a lot".

There you have it people. If you are, or were a Rim hater and basher, once you try BB10, you open your eyes, and all of a sudden you become a Rim lover and supporter.

These phones are going to sell like crazy, and a lot of people know it!

Front: Z10 is way better than iphon5,
Back cover: Material Iphone5 is glass and is much heat resist than plastic, my 9900 is too hot after 2 hours of BBM chatting and music/video playing, so Iphone5 won.
Logo on the back: Apple mark is bit on top, Z10 blackberry mark is inthe middle of the phone, so when i hold the phone for making a call, people will think i am holding an andorid, so on the logo side, iphone5 won.

Anyway, I just want a Z10 asap, cant wait and show it off to iSheeps and ask them to eat the humber pie. 2 years waiting is too much.

Is it me or doesn't the new BB10 look much better than that iPhone? RIM must have put in a lot of time to develope a sexy looking phone.

blows the so called smartphones at apple and sammy.....daddy is back kids.... this phone is the most good looking phone ever made..go on RIM
make a kill out there.

RIM, crackberry and other BB fan sites need to stop highlighting the iPhone as BB10's only competition, actually stop showing the iPhone period.

Compare the BB10 models on their own merrit and evaluate in pictures just as that.