What We Didn't Get at BlackBerry Live: BB10 for the PlayBook

With BlackBerry Live 2013 now over, it's time to look back at some of the things the CrackBerry Community was hoping for and did not get

Hulk Smash!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 May 2013 02:20 pm EDT

For BlackBerry PlayBook owners, it's not looking good right now that a BlackBerry 10 update for the PlayBook is coming anytime soon. Hell, it's starting to feel like it may never come. Just as the word "PlayBook" never surfaced during the BlackBerry 10 launch event in January, PlayBook never made it into last week's BlackBerry Live keynote. This didn't go unnoticed by CrackBerry's PlayBook community, setting off a good deal of our members into a Hulk-like rage ever since.

Thinking back to the BlackBerry 10 launch event in January, word came via a Q&A press session that the PlayBook would be receiving an update to BB10 "later this year." This set an expectation among anxious PlayBook owners that BB10 is coming, and BlackBerry Live would have been the perfect time for the update -- or at least more word on the pending update -- to drop. That didn't happen in a proactive nature. Instead, we had to prod for answers.

My number one disappointment was no PlayBook news. They could have given us some kind of update on the status of the PlayBook development. BBFanatic4Life, CB Member

To be fair, nobody from BlackBerry told us straight out at BlackBerry Live that BB10 is not coming to the PlayBook, but the answers we received whenever we asked about the PlayBook didn't give us warm and fuzzy feelings either. The standard response received was typically along the lines of "we don't have any new information to share about the PlayBook at this time." This isn't entirely bad news in and of itself, given that the last official word was that BlackBerry 10 would make its way onto the PlayBook. In other words, no news could be taken as good news - but you have to keep waiting to find out more.

A less standard response was provided by CEO Thorsten Heins during the executive press session following the BlackBerry Live keynote. Though when asked if BlackBerry 10 was still coming to the PlayBook, he avoided the straight yes or no answer and instead spoke about where mobile computing is going, and within that delivered the message that is where the company's attention is focused. My takeaway from this was that updating three year old PlayBook hardware to run BB10 isn't at the top of BlackBerry's to do list.

Thinking about it from all sides...

Any update would have been nice, whether it was to 2.x or to BB10. My PlayBook feels like it is starting to fall behind, as I will surf on the Z10 instead of the PlayBook while at home. bbqkid8, CB Member

I've gone on at length before about How I'd like to see BlackBerry 10 come to the PlayBook (if you haven't read that article before, READ IT!). That said, when I look at something like this I try and put on all of my "stakeholder hats" to evaluate the situation from every angle.

As a PlayBook owner and as CrackBerry Kevin, of course I want to see BlackBerry follow through on its commitment to bringing BlackBerry 10 to the PlayBook. Or if not full out BB10, at least some of the elements from BlackBerry 10. PlayBook owners deserve it. They've been promised it. A lot of PlayBook owners made the decision to purchase a PlayBook under the impression it would be receiving a BlackBerry 10 update.

I just don't get how a device that was so lamented is now treated like its a brand new device that should be supported forever. hurds, CB Member

If I put on my "BlackBerry shareholder" hat, my thoughts are the opposite. The PlayBook was released on April 19th, 2011. That's over two years on the market. Spending time and resources updating it at this point doesn't make sense, especially given that the number of PlayBook owners in the world is relatively small compared to the total number of BlackBerry phone users out there. Sure, you'll piss off the PlayBook owners if you leave the PlayBook hanging, but right now BlackBerry needs to focus on building out BB10 and selling new devices. Focusing on the past is not going to help BlackBerry right now become more competitive in a very competitive market. They really do need to focus on building out new kick-ass products for the future. 

Putting on my wannabe "Chairman of the Board" hat, it's easy to see how this decision is a messy one no matter what. On one hand, you don't want to piss off your customers and fans, and we know a lot of early adopter PlayBook owners are BlackBerry's biggest fans. On the other hand, the business decision that makes sense is to just end new development on the PlayBook, or at the least put it on the back burner. If you leave the it hanging long enough, the PlayBook problem will resolve itself. Already in the forums I see a lot of PlayBook + Z10 owners saying they use their PlayBook a lot less now that they have the Z10, because the Z10 has more apps, a better browsing experience and is faster all around.


BlackBerry most likely won't feel a huge loss over abandoning the PlayBook, but do they want to earn a reputation for making a promise they never intended to keep? nerdydaddyo, CB Member

Looking through CrackBerry's BlackBerry PlayBook forums, I've seen every kind of post imaginable from PlayBook owners. At this point, some don't care if BB10 comes to the PlayBook or not. Others just want BlackBerry 10 apps to be able to run on the PlayBook. And others want full out BlackBerry 10, no matter what.

One thing that seems to be a common theme, and one that I can't disagree with, is the desire to just have clear communication over the fate of the PlayBook. If the decision has changed and the fate of the PlayBook is to not get BB10, let's just pull the Band-Aid off. And if it's definitely coming to the PlayBook, let's get a little more clarity over what it will look like and when it will actually happen - I think PlayBook owners deserve that.

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What We Didn't Get at BlackBerry Live: BB10 for the PlayBook



The playbook is an absolute piece as is. As one of blackberry's biggest fans, I'm about to stop supporting them. Let down after let down. I use my iPad over the playbook and my laptop but Thorsten thinks tablets aren't important. I haven't turned my playbook on to use in about a year because the functionality is terrible. Browser is horrid. Apps are even worse. No blackberry 10 for the playbook is the last straw for me.

Actually, if you haven't used your PlayBook in over a year, you've missed some significant updates. The browser, while not nearly as fast as BB10, is much improved on the latest version. It multi tasks like a champ and flash sports is awesome as per usual.

Awesome for you maybe, i hate the browser the pull down menu isn't always responsive i can't watch flash video on any and every site. Using that browser is annoying, sometimes i have to switch to dolphin browser (to watch video on the sites that buffered 1/4 of the full length on the stock browser) and i hate that even more. it's a port and not a very good one at that.

Browser works very well for me. Love the UI.

I always have to laugh when guys say they "hate" this or that as if their life is been ruined.

Right, i'm supposed to say i love it ? I have two options on this playbook, both are relatively crappy products. After reading articles here and elsewhere about just how good the browser is, i'm shocked this is what all the raving was about. I'm thankful i never had to pay for this playbook, i have a crappy phone and this for a tablet both from blackberry. I already had plans to toss the phone for an android device so, when this playbook dies it's time to jump ship. At least other platforms have many more alternatives if one app doesn't perform as well as it should. My life hasn't been ruined, but my positive outlook on blackberry products has.

I don't get it. My laptop is heavy duty. My phone (Z10) is on the road and my PlayBook hangs around for instant access to quick touch apps while the kids are playing or I'm cooking or whatever. What is there to complain about. There is a time and place for everything. PlayBook could always be improved but it's handy the way it is.

P.s. PlayBook $150 last year. I pad $500. It's a deal.

Posted via CB10

Exactly PB is getting worser day by day. I have not turned it on for nearly 6 months and started using iPad. Though I love my PB, I feel pity for it.

I use my PB everyday. It goes with me everywhere. With the larger screen and virtual keyboard it's the best way to interact with my 9810. Using a Z-10 by itself is no substitute.

If you haven't turned on a PlayBook in over six months then you've missed at least two (maybe three?) updates. The latest 2.1 has a pretty decent browser. It's not BB10 fast but it is much better than it was even a year ago. And then there's flash. iPad just a big fail in that regard not to mention the old mono tasking paradigm. I much prefer a multitasking computer over an app launcher but that's just me.

I love PB but the lack of update is really spoiling. I'm commenting here cause I want BBRY to succeed. The honest truth is PB even though is 2 years old still runs like champ but the problem is the lack of interest from BBRY!

And THAT is the problem that BBRY has... once you get use to using an iPad and the Apple ecosystem, why wouldn't you also buy a phone that used the same ecosystem? I don't believe that everyone that uses an iPad is going to be happy with an iPhone, just that it is a selling point that some will consider.

And MANY business are using tablets today, if they are force to use an Android or Apple device this opens the door for their phones also.

For what this is worth I read in the Vancouver Sun just last week a story where the reporter was at BlackBerry Live and found someone from BlackBerry...probably one of the company janitors...who said that BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook was in Beta testing stages and *could* be out by late summer.

Again take it for what it's worth.

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I speculate that we will be seeing a BlackBerry PlayBook update and/or the release of a new 'tablet' in late July or August.
Now I know TH has said tablets are not a good business and they won't exist in their current form in 5 years. However with leveraging QNX properly they should be able to make a shift in how the software works (unlike the current tablet form factor). QNX has the ability to communicate across two devices (distributed processing) as though it were one device. Currently the Playbook would be under powered to run BB10 as we know it from the Z10, but if you link your PlayBook to your Z10 through an update version of BlackBerry Bridge your PlayBook would be running full bb10 off of your phone.
My speculation for the timing is based on the following; TH has stated that BlackBerry will release new products along with OS updates. So far this has held true, Q5 and BB10.1. The BB10.2 road map is showing WiFi Direct with Screen Mirroring due. The developer release is due for late June and BlackBerry seems to give a month before releasing to the public.

Posted via CB10

On the contrary! Kevin always look a way to justify BlackBerry... BlackBerry shouldn't say there would be a BB10 update for the playbook in the first place.... There is no "shareholder hat", I work in a big company, one of the fortune 100 and I cannot believe they can't do parallel work. Just put a team working on that for the next 2 months and then go away if you want.

Shareholder hat? how about putting a early adaptor's hat? I wasted my money on PB, thats the truth! Now I hope Z10 wont share the same fate of PB next year! Sad to see such a great device collecting dust!

I've been wearing my PlayBook out though the only wear to be noticed are the edges corroding after hundreds of hours of use. Still sees use everyday though less now that I have my Z.

Not trollling, I love my playbook, I just want the good BB10 users have. And if I'm trolling I'm sure don't care, because I'm an early adopter of the playbook and I have right now up to 4 playbooks that I distributed within my family and we video chat with them and is great. But we want to leverage what we bought back there when it was released, I had faith that it was going to be a good product I support them as I could, by being an early adopter, paying full price for the first one. Their job is to think about money, mine as a consumer is to look about my money.

He is not trolling. Does saying anything agaisnt BBRY means trolling? I feel the same way too. We want BBRY to succeed!

"I cannot believe they can't do parallel work."

Of course they do parallel work. You think they completed the Z10 on January 31st, then started on the Q10 the next day for launch in April? And Q5 the day after that?

"Just put a team working on that for the next 2 months and then go away if you want."

That in itself tells me that you may work for a fortune 100 company, but not in software.

I do work in software, don't lecture me with all the phases of software development, on the contrary, I believe you don't know how much money these companies have, I mean, you may know the quantity but you certainly don't know what can you do with all that. It doesn't seem a big deal to adapt BB10 to the playbook when it took them from (at least) September 2011 when they announced it on BB DEVCON, then coping with the delay in BBWorld in May 2012 and finally the release in 2013. Enough time.

Its was I, but when I think about it the Playbook has worse specs then the q5 could it even handle bb10?

The more I hear about specs and the lack there of regarding the PlayBook and BB10, the more I think of lowly old Apple and their astounding success running the myriad of apps on 256, 512, and 1 GB of RAM. Yes, that's less than 2 GB on ALL devices built to date. I'm not making this up...go look at Wikipedia (right hand column, scroll down to RAM) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ipad I mean if the amount of BLOAT BlackBerry has baked on top makes QNX run like a dog then it's just a polished turd. In fact, BlackBerry should be embarrassed to release such a "not so mobile or portable" operating system. I'd love to buy into the BB 10 hype, but I just can't when you stop to really think about this...it's bloated as hell.

it needs 2GB to run at optimum performance, who knows just how watered down what's "coming" to the playbook will be.

Amazing how this rumour mill has turned someone's personal speculation into 'fact'.

There is a precedent set with OSes guys. DOwnload Mac OS X Mountain Lion and you'll see it's designed to run on computers for the last four years. Windows 8 runs on older hardware.

Even in BlackBerry 7, the Bold and the Curve don't have the same amount of RAM>

Unless people have seen it, tried it and reviewed the design docs for it, let's please stop spouting this, "I heard PlayBook can't run it because I heard BlackBerry 10 needs a minimum 2 GB of RAM" crap.

I am running bb10 full on, with my Dev Alpha A which also has 1Gb of Ram and comparable specs to the PlayBook.

Posted via CB10

Really? I was sure even crackberry reported it wasn't running well on the dev devicies. Well i guess i may know soon enough.

too funny! Like Kevin counting how many years PlayBook has been out. (edit: Ok, it was 'announced' in Sept 2010, but didn't hit the shelves till April 2011.)

No reason why not. Every SDK that runs on the PlayBook now - WebWorks, Native (but not Cascades), AIR, and Android - all translate pretty easily to BlackBerry 10. Cascades is the only difference being BB10 only.

Amen + 10,000

I really don't care if it's BB10 on the PB, just fix what you know needs to work, like native BBM, issues with the native clock and calculator that have been written about to no end.

I'm not sure about what to fix on the browser, comparing a Windows PC with similar hardware specs it looks close to the same.

BTW there are tons of Cascades apps on the PB just because they don't slip n slide like BB10 doesn't mean they're not there.

I couch potato with my PB every evening after work and love it, from email, to blogs to news to vids, it works great for me.

I vid stream from a HD on my router with no problems all the time. Pretty happy with that.

+1000, I just want a better browser and Bridge to work like it used to.
OTA PC access would be a nice touch as well.

CB10 App, Z10

That's all I ask. Biggest lost to my usage of my PlayBook is the loss of the bridge which I used constantly for emails etc.

Posted via CB10

THIS is why I stopped using my playbook. Not because my z10 is faster, but because without the BBOS bridge functions I still need to have it with me in the first place. Bring back BBM and text bridging and I'll pick up the playbook again. If they don't fix bridge, oh well, the PB is still the perfect airplane, coffee shop, and sunday morning companion.

I would add one more thing: an option for NO SCREEN TIMEOUT.

I bought the PB largely for use in my car (media center and GPS), but the short backlight timeout makes this impossible.

It must be a simpler fix, and they just ignore it.

Couldn't agree more! I would use my PlayBook like a motherfucker if I could get the same bridge functionality I had from OS7. Oh and a slight update to the blackberry app world because it's pretty fugly!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

That's all I care about. Actually, I ended up getting my first BlackBerry phone (9810) because of the Bridge function.

Posted via CB10

Granted, I bought the tablet on the cheap. There were only a couple other seven-inch tablets on the market and Apple iPad mini was still only rumored when I bought the Playbook. The Playbook had the best spec package at the discounted price.

I also bought the Playbook in anticipation of buying a Blackberry 10 smartphone when they got around to releasing a BB10 device. I was not in the market for a smartphone just yet and since they had announced a new OS I didn't bother with a Bold 9930. Instead, I waited. Now that Blackberry has released BB10 and I am ready to purchase a smartphone, Blackberry has disabled most of the bridge functions on the Playbook. It makes me question whether or not to follow through on purchasing a Z or Q. I suppose I could buy a new 9930 to enjoy all the bridge features that everyone seems to love but that would be taking a step backwards as a choice for BB smartphones. It would also be annoying to buy the 9930 only to have BB released some form of BB10 to the Playbook.

C'mon BB. You've held people in limbo long enough. Say something definitive so we can "keep moving."

Thanks for the article Kevin. In my opinion, they already know they're not going to bring BB10 to the PlayBook, but if they said that at BB Live, it would have been all over the news, which they obviously wouldn't want. In a few weeks (or possible months) they can announce it and it probably won't make many waves in the tech world.

Yup! I agree. The announcement that they are stopping Playbook development will give haters more ammunition to attack BB.

Not only "haters" but as well as those PlayBook lovers that looks forward and waited patiently to BlackBerry's commitments and promises...

Posted via Z10

Yeah, the AIR based keyboard is unusable. Any lag when using a keyboard is unacceptable. At the very least they need to upgrade the keyboard and the browser. They cannot just abandon the platform and the user base, who did their best to sustain RIM in their time of need. I have 5 Playbooks.

Should clarify - 5 spread amongst my family :) I have two for me - one where the screen dims whenever it wishes so I bought another.

I don't really see how BB10 will fit nicely on the PlayBook. BB10 is essentially designed for Portrait use and I think it would be clunky on the PlayBook. I would like to see the Mail hub always on though and just a gesture away.

I think screen orientation would be the least challenging problem to solve...and a 'peek' gesture on the playbook doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I'm not carrying it all the time, like the phone.

I just want some updated features, browser, keyboard, BBM...oh yeah, and Bridge, now that I actually have a BB phone (bought the PB first, can you believe it?)

Now THAT would be nice (Hub). I keep getting notifications with a mail icon saying I have no new mail. It's weird. I'd rather swipe.

Posted via CB10

You lost the respect from all the community. Now the news about the PlayBook suck
I need the interoperability of. A Z 10 and a PlayBook

Posted via CB10

Tired of waiting so I'm going to do what any consumer can do because we have CHOICE. Move on to another tablet that suits your needs. I still love my PB, but it no longer suits my needs.

Posted via CB10

I'm starting to feel this way. The biggest advantages I had with the playbook no longer exist. I liked bridge, but that is barely more useful than a mobile hotspot with BB10, and since BB10 can do mobile hotspot it's a little pointless.

As it stands, I use my playbook as a portable video player and not much else. I may as well upgrade to another device and reap the benefits of accessing a richer content environment and better developer adoption.

Posted via CB10

I feel you. This is exactly what I use my PlayBook for; my tons of music videos I watch on the go, movies for in the car or on the plane, and music and a bigger navigation system in the car.

But I really do miss having the bridge apps. They made everything so much easier.

Posted via CB10

+1, Already using a droid. I think blackberry are doing all they can but it's just not good enough for me personally anymore. There are just better products out there with better support. I use mine mainly as a reader tbh. I'm thinkin' Lumia 928 or 925 + the pro 2 when its out, to join my xbox 360. Gives one the feeling of all round compatibility and longevity even with the limited windows 8 ecosystem.
As soon as I get a replacement, the PB goes on ebay - keyboard,BT mouse and all.

completely agree. I think if they release an updated nexus 7 i'll just jump on that and have a tablet that is my media machine with all the necessary apps.

BlackBerry should at least announce its intention regarding the Playbook, as many of us are tired of waiting for some type of official announcement. The Playbook owners at least need to know whether or not BlackBerry intends to upgrade it to BB10 and If so, what time frame they plan on doing it.

Unfortunately I am about ready to give up, as I am approaching the point of abandoning my Playbook and looking at the other tablets out there, as I can no longer use it as I did with my legacy BB before I got my Z10.

I really want to support BBRY, but without any kind of announcement, it seems like they are just stringing us along. As a consumer, I can not wait much longer and may be going elsewhere for my tablet, since the Playbook as it is right now cannot satisfy my needs.

Posted via CB10 from my spectacular Z10

I have been supporting BRRY, bought PB and Z10 on the very first day! If BBRY is not going to support PB what is the guaranty that they will support the Z10 after Aristo or Q10? Don't bring the hardware excuse! just look at the iPad!

1. Nice image kev. Love it.

2. I will live if it doesn't come, but I agree with Kevin, just give us an answer.

3. This will be my last bbry tablet either way so it probably doesn't matter. When I need to get a new one, it will be the an ipad. It will be my only apply device though, I'm sticking with my Z.

I just want my browser improved. Yes, some of the BB10 apps would be a plus, but its not the be all and end all.

I do use my PD a little less simply because my Z10 is faster. I understand the reasoning behind not spending more on a platform that will yield little in return, but some bit of improvement on browsing speed and app compatibility would be nice.

I heard from someone at the conference that apparently Alec Saunders has already confirmed that BB10 won't be coming to the PlayBook

I was at the conference and I also heard from two people in the bathroom that the hub was manned by little green men who slide mail in and out of slots. Moral of the story...nothing has been confirmed or talked about really by anyone, so let's not have rumor and speculation about what so and so heard from so and so.

On the serious side of things, at this point (this is said a lot here about the Playbook) it's just not realistic that the full BB10 will be coming to the Playbook. I do imagine they will do several updates especially related to Bridge but we won't see the full deal. Main issue is the RAM. The Dev Alpha's had 1 gb of RAM and had issues with processing and multi-tasking. Playbook's carry the same. I would love to see it...I just don't think we will.

re: issues with processing and multi-tasking. PlayBook also currently multi-tasks and runs apps simultaneously, sans BB10 and with only 1GB RAM. How...is...it...even...possible??

The Dev Alpha wasn't a commercial device. PlayBook will run BlackBerry 10 the same way iOS 6 ships with the iPhone 5 (1 GB of RAM), but runs on the 4S, 4 and 3GS (256 MB or 512 MB)

Well I heard from my dog's previous owner's daughter's boyfirend's second cousin-twice removed- that BB10 is making it's way to iPhone.

I am super cereal guys!

I don't really care if BB10 is on the Playbook anymore. All I really want is Blackberry Bridge functionality back. There were too many cool features that got cut when I switched to Z10.

I would like to see bb10 on my pb. They said it would come and it should or it will be like RIM of old (failed promise and execution ) and not the new BlackBerry.

I love my Z10 but I still use my pb a lot.

Posted via CB10

If they did bring BB10 to the PlayBook, they would at least receive some service revenue from the better apps, music, games, movies, etc. - especially tv and movies because of the screen. So, it's not as if it is entirely a waste of money to produce the update.
Personally, I'd like to see them update the functionality of the core apps, the android player, bring Cascades, etc but keep the UI essentially the same. Sort of like a BB10 Lite.

Posted via CB10

Yes! Still no Kindle app for PlayBook (Z10 introduced me to the need for sideloading, and I did try that for one or two apps for PB, but it kind of messed things up. Haven't tried Kindle sideloaded on PB, though.)

But that's just one example of I'm sure hundreds. BB10's getting the love from (some) developers now; PlayBook is being ignored (which, as a developer, maybe I'd ignore also, since the 'rumour' is still that BB10 is coming to PB. So why develop for it now, just develop for BB10 and wait...)

That's maybe the mistake I made. My app works best in landscape mode on the Z10 on its media dock, or if they ever release at least Cascades for the PlayBook, that on its charging stand.

Posted via CB10

Kindle, sideloaded, works great on the PB. It's my main reader.

Posted via CB10 ~ visit my photo channel C0011B779

I have been reluctant to buy any music or movies from bbworld because I wouldn't be able to get it on my playbook which is always docked in my truck as my main radio.

Posted via CB10

The playbook lacks the ram from what I'm told it has 1 gig when bb10 needs 2 gigs so bringing bb10 to the playbook seems to be proving difficult unless it gets a extremely watered down version of bb10 but I guess blackberry is all or nothing when it comes to this issue

Correct me if I'm wrong, it happens a lot lol

Posted via CB10

See my post at the top of this thread with regards to RAM and how "others" deal with it...for BB 10 to NOT run on < 2 GB is just poor engineering and coding...nothing else.

Exactly! Hardware is no issue! So the glorious QNX can't handle 1GB RAM? what about PB 2.0, and the Dev Alpha devices? If Hub is a resource hog just leave the email, as standalone apps. Next year BBRY will do the same to the Z10 and we will keep justifying!

And another assumption of RAM being the limit.

Does anyone ever buy a copy of Windows or Mac OS X to run on an existing computer ...?

Blackberry has really become notorious for not doing what they say. Missed deadlines, constant delays, etc. I find it very problematic.

Like I said in a post, we just want a resounding "yes" or "no". It won't change anything regarding the BlackBerry 10 launch because the two main phones are already out there. It just leaves PlayBook owners wondering "why can't I edit photos or use story maker or bbm on my PlayBook?" will it hurt BlackBerry 10 sales if people get an update to their PlayBook? I don't think so.

Posted via CB10

I only bought the Playbook under the stipulation it would be receiving the update. Mostly what I want are the same gestures on the interface, same keyboard functions (like multi finger swiping to delete previous words at a time), BB10 app support. I don't think those would overwhelm the hardware in the playbook. Just looking for a similar interface and feel between the two.

Same here, actually bought several of them given the very low price at one point. There are still decent apps that come out in pb and games...I still buy a few apps now and then. I really hope Thor will hold his word. He said that bb10 was coming to PlayBook. And it will. Well I hope. But now I doubt. But then again we have seen the loading screen of a os 10 running of the PlayBook did not make it past it but at good news...

Posted via CB10

I haven't/wont buy anything on the PlayBook until it's updated. I like that it's bigger than my Z10 and it functions fine, but the UI is just "Old" as Thor said. Not bad, just "Old feeling" when compared to the Z10. I'm ok with getting a very watered down version, but it currently feels like switching to a completely different ecosystem and don't like that feeling.

I think PB's app development will get stalled. There is no point of developing new apps for PB unless BBRY brings BB10 to the PB.

Wow, they are removing your "first" on the comments. I saw the first comment and when I tried to respond to the first I got an error, refreshed the page and it was gone... Anyhoo- I am fine with the PlayBook OS 2.1. I have my native emails, contacts and calendar and they all work great! What I would love to see are the apps that are available for BB10 to available for the PlayBook 2.1. I have to agree with the statement "why would they bother with even trying to put it on a 3-year old device" Again, I am good with the current OS on the PlayBook but I want more of the apps that are available for BB10 accessible on my PlayBook... Other than that I am loving life! My $0.02

For the love of Pete, please everyone who is interested Tweet @saunders and @MichaelClewley

I think at this point the only way to get clarity is with volume.

AGREED! Fill the inbox and let the notifications (re)inspire them to follow through on their word. Carterbits hit the nail on the head ... Let the people who can make it happen know that we DO want the update and it DOES matter to those of us who invested in the playbook and support BlackBerry!

Broken promises are never a good thing whichever way you spin it. Give us bridge now and get some form of BB10 to the PlayBook soon. Communication is the key here and the lack of it will only spread uncertainty and mistrust.

Posted via CB10

They haven't said "yes" or "no" in an "we promise this" kind of way. I'm pretty sure they only said that they plan on updating the PlayBook to BlackBerry 10 at some point. In tech, plans change all the time. The only problem for BlackBerry on this topic, is everybody's perception of how they "do not follow through on promieses" when I don't think they ever actually used the term "we promise" on anything except delivering BlackBerry 10, which they have delivered.

Posted via CB10

Just bridge like before. My high when I first got my z10 was doused when I first bridged it with my playbook. I was like. WTF are you f--king kidding me!?

Posted via CB10

I really don't care if we get an all new PlayBook or an updated OS.

If we DO get an OS update then here is my priority list of features - most essential first:

0. Fully functional bridge.
1. Qt support baked into OS
2. Cascades support on top of Qt
3. Hub functionality
4. Full BB10 feature parity for common hardware.

I count from zero because I'm a programmer, not because I forgot something and was too lazy to edit...

Come on BlackBerry just tell us something and be done with it.

Posted via CB10

Good post, Kevin.

A year ago, I was on the fence about purchasing a PlayBook, voiced that opinion and took a drubbing from some random fan on this site. But I held to my guns, and held off of the purchase, and now I can see it was for the best.

Were I a PlayBook owner, BlackBerry's treatment of this product would have me angered to the point that I probably would walk away from the brand entirely.

While I agree that it is messy, doing the right thing is never really hard to figure out what to do, but the consequences may not be to our liking. BlackBerry needs to pony up and do the right thing.

If the PlayBook hardware has issues that make it difficult to bring BlackBerry 10 on board, then they should design a product that will work with that software and release it. Then those that have purchased PlayBooks should be given a healthy credit toward the purchase of the new device.

If it is compatible, then bring it up to date. And soon. Not BlackBerry soon, but really soon.

BlackBerry's credibility as a company will be impacted by this decision. In the past, previous management has done what benefitted them at the expense of their customers. Hopefully the current management will distance themselves from that management style.

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As we've always done...we supported "RIM" when they launched the PlayBook. We lived through all the bumps in the road, all the broken promises on fixes and improvements, etc. While it wasn't perfect, it wasn't the worst device either. But we always had hope OS updates were coming. Along came the transformation, "BlackBerry" and BBOS 10. All of a sudden, my Playbook is used less and less. It's no longer in my hands day and night, because BBOS 10 is so much better and richer. The Z10 makes me forget I have it. And although not perfect, BBOS 10 and the Z10 are much improved.

But I agree, they promised it, so we expect it. At the very least, they need to man-up and admit they're breaking that promise. I can live with that decision, I understand the businss case...but it may come with consequences. But it would weigh heavily on my decision to purchase a future tablet from BlackBerry.

if not BB10, can we at least get a Bridge Update to have a better extension of BB10 on our PlayBook?? The thing I LOVED about having a BB phone and BB tablet was that it was an extension of the other. Unlike the iOS and Android devices where they were just the same iteration, in a different size. The ability to have BBM, Texts and Email on my PlayBook was what made me want to get a PlayBook to begin with. Now what am I supposed to do with a "Different" device that almost feels out of place in my arsenal of gadgets?!

I still believe that pb will get the promised update.

If not, Mr. TH should in minimum apologize to the faithful BlackBerry PlayBook owners, and consider some type of give away gift.

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I'd rather they release a new larger tablet with BB10! (This should be a poll option!)

If they don't plan on releasing a new tablet any time soon, then I'd really appreciate some BB10 goodness on my current PlayBookS. Especially the BB10 browser...

Great article.
We have two PlayBooks and love them both. I agree that now that I rock a Z10 the PB has been relegated to a player of the odd YouTube videos gaming and video calls. But hey, still way better than an i (block out the sun) pad.

Posted via CB10 / Z10

As a former fan of Sony PlayStation garbage, I learned the hard way about a company who lies about basically everything. BlackBerry is WAY more honest and reliable than Sony PlayStation ever will be. I know they're totally different, but BlackBerry is like a glowing angel of truth in comparison. LoL, so, we have it pretty good being BlackBerry fans. Hahahaha

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I still love the gestures on pb, and how You can cycle between apps without having to minimise the app, think it's has a somewhat smoother flow than minimise and then click on next active tile. Hoped they would bring some of gestures from pb to my z10. Maybe in future. Still love my pb and people who use it also love the gestures and flow of apps. BlackBerry should maybe also take a note out of how pb app world works cos BlackBerry10 app world sucks. Rant over

Posted via CB10

Love the cycle between apps too, that and showing the top bar with a swipe from the upper corners... wouldn't like to see those removed. As many others have said: bridge functionality, new keyboard and web browser will do it for me.

My needs for a tablet haven't changed since I bought my PlayBook 2 years ago. What would be nice is the BB10 apps. Honestly, there are still things I prefer in the PlayBook OS over BB10. I like app switching WSSY more on the PlayBook.

If I get an app for my Z10 and find that the bigger screen would be helpful, it would be nice to be able to pick it up.

2 cents

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Playbook isn't three year old platform. I just turned two at the end of April. Very RIM-like problem: set expectations of your customers with your own statements then anger them by either not following through, or we'll see if Thor pulls a Jimmy B and says he never said it was coming. They are very good at missing expectations that they set!

And thank you for saying that PlayBook owners deserve to know what is going to happen. I think it better to say now if it isn't going to get it just to get it over and done with. Will piss a lot of us off, but we are used to seeing BlackBerry not deliver. Letting it hang out there will only make the complaining last longer and the explosion when they say they won't do it worse.

Over two years on the market as a consumer product. Hardware platform was built over the months leading up to the release (6+). Put it together, it's ~3 year old hardware.

Ok, I have to pull a camera531 here--is it a '4' month or a '6' month wait from the end of January to the beginning of June? (re Q10 availability from announcement)

'Over' two years on the market, yes, but just. Understood about product development, but the same is true of everything. We don't start aging the Galaxy S4 from when they first started procuring parts for it or writing patents.

IIRC I think that one was a bit more successful, wasn't it?

The iPad2 actually made Apple money and wasn't a huge embarrasment.

Quite a difference.

I don't think this is a fair assessment unless done across the board for any device. BBRY should hurry up with that 10.2 release for the Z10; the hardware is almost a year old, isn't it?

I think that 10.2 will be for the next BlackBerry 10 phone, Maybe a next generation of the BlackBerry Z10 (I'm almost 100% sure) only thing keeping me "Almost Sure" is that they love their supporters and make an effort to get it out.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Even so, the first gen Z10 would still be updated with 10.2 at the same time a next gen device comes out, I believe/hope (or BBRY is going to have a real sh!t storm to deal with).

Hey Kevin, what do you make of this...?

I may be a little late to the game with this comment/reply (it may have been said earlier in the comments and I missed it) but...

I have to say that I want some form of BB10 on my PlayBook, but whether it comes or not, BB is quietly leaking that we WILL be seeing BB10 Tablets in one form or another...how do I know this? Let me tell you. I have yet to pick up a BB10 phone because I have Sprint and they are barely offering the Q10 soon, so while I wait, I have been seeing tons and tons of new apps and games come out for BB10 and so I always click on them and see if that app or game is available for the PlayBook as well...what I see here and there could just be a slip up on BB's part but regardless, when I click on the link to see an app in the BlackBerry World webpage what I see every now and then is a little section on the BlackBerry World Webpage that shows "Tablet: 10.0.0 or higher" under the "Required Device Software" Section...now whether this means we will see BB10 on the PlayBook or a brand spanking NEW BB10 tablet I don't know, but it does say what it says and so if developers are already able to makes some of their apps ready for a BB10 tablet of some sort then it must be coming in some way shape or form :)

If you don't believe me here is a link to a BlackBerry World Webpage for the game "Trid"...the device it is "Displaying info for" is my PlayBook and right next to the QR code is the section that you can see where is says "Tablet: 10.0.0 or higher"


The PlayBook is still an awesome device as is. The only fail I noticed was the lack of bridge features on BlackBerry 10, which is a little bit weird considering it took away some functionality as opposed to adding anything cool. Kind of weird. Unless BlackBerry has a priority of avoiding updating anything "pre-Thor" being that the PlayBook really seemed to be Mike Lazidiris project, he loved showing off his baby! That's not a diss, I think Mike is awesome, and so is the PlayBook. Anyways... I. think I'm going off a bit

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I would like to hear something positive but my business head would say "Drop the PlayBook as we know it and work on a new 4G,BB10 Version" saying that I do use my Z10 a lot for my business and my PlayBook has taken the place of my laptop. Loyal fan and user of BlackBerry.

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I just bought a new 64 GB PlayBook last week - couldn't pass it up for the price. I bought it knowing full well that it is virtually dead as a platform and may never receive another OS update again. And I'm okay with that. I figure if I get at least a year of faithful service out of it as my primary tablet then I will have gotten my money's worth. If BB10 comes to it - or the ability to run BB10 apps - all the better, but it still doesn't diminish the value I feel I'll be able to get out of it.

The main reason I care about BB10 on the PlayBook is for marketing reasons - My PB does just fine for what I want it to do, but what better way to give the masses a taste of BB10? I work on an internet support desk, and tons (I mean tons!) of people bought PlayBooks when they went on sale. As the only PlayBook owner on the help desk, my knowledge of it was in high demand. If BlackBerry were to put BB10 into the hands of those people, it might sway them into trying the Z10 and Q10 phones as well. I'd like to see BB10 on the tablet as well, but I don't know why they'd miss such an opportunity to put BB10 into the hands of the masses.

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Cascades *was* close to being possible in the Native NDK; heck, it still is when you link to some static libraries you have to assemble manually.

Expand the Native SDK to include Cascades, QML, QT, and supporting runtimes and libraries built into the OS. Give out all remaining PlayBook devices to Dev Alpha holders with 3 or more apps already in the AppWorld.

Update Momentics to target PlayBook.

And I'd be happy. Oh, and update the Browser and how the Android Runtime runs within. And fix keyboard lag (significantly reduced in 2.1, but could still be better).

I don't need to run the whole BB10 environment. JUST the Cascades/QT and QML frameworks.

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It is also not BlackBerry's fault people made their decision to purchase a PlayBook based on something from the future that has not happened yet and may not happen. So, the PlayBook is useless? I don't think so, I'm pretty sure the PlayBook is quite useful as it stands, right now. It's still a great tablet without BlackBerry 10. Just bring over the functionality. Like BBM for Pete's sake.

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If Blackberry doesn't want to support the PlayBook fine, unlock the bootloader and allow me the option to install say Ubuntu Touch if its ported for the PB.

I still find my playbook more useful than my z10 for my business. I would like them just to upgrade the bridge so my emails and other messages will come thru to the playbook. I have times when my phone isn't near but the playbook is. Might be laziness but I don't want to have to search for the phone.

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Sucks to have paid 500$ for a device that we had some much hope for and now it just there dead beside my computer. So much app I've paid for that won't be used anymore. Huge disappointment.

PlayBook users all over should be upset that there is no BB10 for the PlayBook as promised. My PlayBook needs this upgrade to make it useful and relevant again. If BBRY abandons the PlayBook and leaves users hanging, what does that say about their commitment to future products? I'm afraid I'm seeing no strategy for the PlayBook or any other tablet at BBRY these days. As much as I love the PlayBook, it desperately needs an upgrade. If BBRY cannot get it to work with the present 1 GB RAM in the PlayBook, produce a tablet that has 2 GB RAM. I'd buy one today!

If I could only have one feature from BB10 to keep my Playbook relevant, it would be the BB10 browser.
I'd love to upgrade from the AIR browser to the awesome Z10/Q10 browser (with flash of course).

I think your right about the clear answers, one way or another if the company needs to make a statement and stick to it. never get back on top with shades of gray.

If they don't update the playbook to feel like my Z10 then I will never use it. I wonder if it would be cheaper to give every playbook owner 25- $50 in blackberry credit then it would to fully update it. Can't ask for more then that, shit i only paid 120$ for the damn thing.

If they come out and say we're sorry but blackberry 10 is advancing so fast past the playbook that it's not feasible to include the old hardware. I imagine they have things going on pushing the Z10 to its limits right now. And before we see an updated playbook we could see updated z10 hardware.

Again, let's not assume "they can't". Unless you've been in Waterloo and seen a bunch of engineers throwing their hands in the air and saying, "I give up!!!"

I just want:

BB10 Browser.
Some app support.
Fully functioning Bridge.
Android JB support would be a bonus.

Above all I just want the truth, one way or another.

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This is totally Blackberry's problem, promise then spin, not deilver go quiet and wait it out...
Wait long enough and you can say the product is too old, or end of life....etc

have been playbook owner from day one a great tablet, the problem is Blackberry said it would update
playbook to BB10, why not say sorry no update to BB10, but minor updates to flash player etc,
now Blackberry have been ( economical with the truth ) would you trust them again?,
would i buy the new Z10/Q10 not now plenty of other systems/ makes,
might try windows phone nothing to loose.

the Bridge is not important any more, I synch mail and calendar individually. and Remote Control works fine. the PlayBook still has the best speakers of all the tablets. I upgrade my phone every 12 to 18 months, so getting a new PlayBook after 2 years wouldn't break me neither.

Posted via CB10

I agree, the sound is impressive, front facing speakers. Makes the PlayBook a powerful media and presentation device.

Posted via CB10 - Z10 Vodafone NL

I'd really just like to have Bridge back. That's the main reason I don't use my Playbook anymore. An update to 10 would be excellent though.

Perhaps they cannot commit to a yes or no yet. As they refine BB10, they will probably then start to see how and if they can make the PB work with BB10. Personally I want Bridge back or perhaps give me the option of turning my PlayBook into a phone viewer via blue tooth. That way I would have 1 set of apps, 1 place for messaging, I would have my awesome z10 browser, etc. What was so great about the PlayBook was the bridge...ie seeing my phone and connecting it to the big screen with my phone as the remote. just give me that!

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giving the playbook have ALL phone functions, the hardware IS capable, would revolutionize AND rejuvinate 2 MILLION billboards...

Let it go guys, let it go.

All it will be is different looking versions of the same functionality but new bugs and missing bits on an old bit of hardware.

Just let the Playbook drift off into the distance in peace.

Don't make me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry - The Incredible Luk (Michaluk)...nice pic Kevin...super cool...

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Basically. We. The PlayBook owners are mostly the BlackBerry faithful. I keep my promises and am teaching my son those values. The abandoning part. BlackBerry needs to keep in mind. That goes both ways.

I NEED my PlayBook. When in meetings it is vital that I don't look like I'm playing on my phone but being productive on my tablet. Even though I may be playing games or watching YouTube. I still have my memo pad open and taking notes. Which shoot right to my Z10 for use back in my store. It is not optional for BlackBerry to update my PlayBook. And BB10 is not mandatory. Just any format of updates is expected. Send me more QNX goodies for it!

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Funny I thought most Playbook owners were bargain vultures that saw a cheap gadget to play with!

C'mon be honest. Blackberry would still have 2 million+ of the things in storage if they had not dropped the price to next to nothing.

How about those who paid +500 dollars for the lte version just a year ago were they bargain hunters as well???

Posted via CB10

Oh you mean the two dozen or so that bought one?

I'd just say a tad over-eager. Plus after a year if they hadn't realised the Playbook was a flop and decided to pay $500 for one then well...more fool them.

I paid full retail and had a friend bring it over from the US to Holland. Still glad that I did, as it has served me well, but the wait do 2.0/1 was long and old school RIM execution. I'm glad that you find it so easy and enjoyable to use hindsight to call me over eager.

Posted via CB10 - Z10 Vodafone NL

I paid $500.00 for my 64GB WiFi PlayBook, on sale. I've gotten a lot of good use out of it, but I would like to get more.

YES! I'm glad someone else said it. It is better to use tablets over smartphones in meetings because it looks more professional. People assume you're texting when you use your smartphone. They assume you're taking notes when you use a tablet. It makes no sense, but it is true.

I love my Playbook, it still does things that BB10 can't, try adding and Kijiji ad and attaching a picture on your Z10, won't do it, but the Playbook does. I don't care what they plan to do with it cause lets face it, it's old now by tech standards and they don't make it anymore, there is no money in an upgrade for BBRY. BUT, if BBRY were willing to start hinting at what it's replacement will be (if it's near term), I think that would help to difuse current angst and get people thinking about the future.

Mobile computing, what is BBRY doing to build that, the next 'tablet' might be a first extension, built cheaply and taking full advantage of BB10 phones. Think about it, when the phone gets an update then all the peripherals can immediately use that update, be it a printer, large screen interface to the phone etc.

Forget the past, lets think about what's coming next! Speaking for myself, that is way more interesting and important than updating the Playbook (and I have 5 of them in my home).

the "M-Series" slider device was to be a 720x1280 16:9 device. And, the TaT folks discussed that screen resolution in the beginning of JAM027 ( https://bblive.blackberryconferences.net/2013/connect/sessionDetail.ww?S... for those who couldn't make it) in addition to 768x1280 (5:3) and 720x720 (1:1). (screencap here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BK06ceRCMAElrQJ.png:large )

PlayBook is 1024x600, which is also a 16:9 aspect ratio (though far less pixels). No PPI was discussed... PlayBook is 169.3ppi (Z10 is 330ppi, Q10 356ppi)

But, in that JAM session was brief talk of the importance of designing for tablet, as well as the Master-Detail design pattern as a tablet. That was about all the mention of "tablet."

Mystery! But, somebody somewhere knows something important.

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I agree. I would love to be using my PlayBook again. It collects dust with my Z10.

I think BlackBerry needs to also consider the PlayBook users who don't own a BB10 device. This gives them a taste of good things.

Posted via CB10

yup,,, lots of legacy users waiting to see how they handle this & the issues BB10 has in itself,,, they need to take BOTH very seriously or risk losing ALL credibility...

Early adopters shelled out at least $500 for a PlayBook that didn't have apps on the promise that it will get some. Email was supposed to come "60 days" later. We all know how that went. There were way better options out there for the same price or less. Point is, BlackBerry shouldn't screw over their customers because RIM made a bad business decision. But in the event they don't deliver anymore, they should stop beating around the Bush and just outright say it.

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Well it would have been kinda weird for thorsten to claim Tablets won't exist in 5 years and question the future of tablets in mobile computing at BB World and announce BB10 support for a tablet!

I still use my PlayBook a fair amount though my Z has cut into its useage quite a bit. Oddly enough, I find the 2.1 OS to be more refined than my OEM Verizon BB10. Flicking away apps is sweet, bezel scrolling us brilliant, multi tasks like a boss.

Just need BB10 browser, full bridge functionality and app capability. Don't need the Hub especially if you have the legacy bridge suite.

C'mon BlackBerry, tablets are extremely useful and the PlayBook is still a dandy device. Please update it.

I really want BB10-core on the Playbook for the following reasons:

1: BB10 is so much smoother and responsive than current PB OS 2.1
2: BB10 apps are more up to date / working better ( Email, FB, Twitter, BBM, Browser)
3: BB10 on the Playbook adds 2 million+ possible BB-World shoppers to the excising ones.
A bigger target audience increases pull to get more devs. to the BB10 platform and increases potential revenue streams for devs and BBRY.
4:BB10 on the Playbook unlocks Bridge-Extreem features like; using your Z10/Q10 as an in-game remote while your PB hangs onto your tv! Play multiplayer games between BB10 devices either versus or co-op gameplay. And of course get all your hub notifications on your PB, share content to your bigger screen in an instant, make chances and send it back or leaving a comment.

* They should drop the whole hub itself and shortcut stuff. More or less what Windows did with W8, a really stripped down version that gives you a butter smooth experience with the more limited hardware.

They could reduce the number of open windows, make a bunch of memory performance enhancements, refactor the hub etc.

Honestly, if they tune BlackBerry 10 to work on the PlayBook, we'll probably get performance improvements on Z10 and Q10 as a well.

People are getting way too hung up on the RAM thing. It is true that PlayBook will likely not run BlackBerry 10 as well as a Z10. But if it's a substantial improvement over BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1, why wouldn't it be a good thing to bring over?

We need something positive from BlackBerry in regards to a tablet soon, definitely a weak area for BlackBerry

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I'm going to sound like a troll here, but whatever. With bbm being announced as going cross platform (which I do support), BlackBerry is more busy developing for iOS and Android than their own tablet.

If they can't be bothered to support their own device, why would any other developers?

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Blackberry needs to keep their promise to us. It's not just about pissing off PB owners, but it's about creating and maintaining loyal customers. BB needs customers to be ambassadors. Pissed-off PlayBook users good ambassadors do not make.

I'm okay with my PlayBook getting the OS10 upgrade by December 2013. IMHO it is almost OS10 now as it already is running QNX ;-)

Posted via CB10 v1.4.2 on my Zed10 on Rogers

I see the lack of support for existing playbook users, and the lack of any new and updated models of the playbook to be a pending huge issue for the success of the company. No matter where Thor sees the future of tablets going, right now there is a huge demand for them. If BlackBerry will not support upgrades to the PlayBook, or release a new updated version of the hardware, people that use tablets are going to be forced to switch to a tablet supporting another ecosystem. Driving users to another ecosystem would potentially lead them to switch there smartphones to a matching ecosystem. Dropping PlayBook support, or the design of a new PlayBook model could lead to driving your customers away. At this point, I do not think BlackBerry can afford NOT to continue support of a tablet.

I think part of the problem is the internal memory of the original device. In most peoples mind's they see Thorsten as saying no to tablets but I think if you read between the lines maybe we will see a device that you will plug your z10 into that is tablet screen and the Z10 is the brains. Since it has HDMI out it will allow a nice tablet resolution this keeping the cost down and one app only needs to be purchased. I think that would be a better way to go. No more two devices instead on brain two screens

Maybe next time.. BlackBerry Just needs to get a little more capital, then I hope a new PlayBook will come out..

Posted via CB10

I want some form of BB10 on my Playbook and that's it. It has to happen. In the same way BlackBerry is supporting 7.1, I think if they show some love for the Playbook it will go a long way.

what I know from Blackberry they are trying to get more ram free and you also can see it back in the OS 10. It's hard to get there so they need other solutions.

OS 10 light with only 4 open apps and they can could take out balance, so you must choose how to use it. They also can make the playbook BB10 compatible and upgrade the OS.

They also can make a swap drive in the internal memory and i think about just 2 Gb. I hope they will come with a upgrade even with OS 10 light with BB10 compatible apps and later on jelly bean.

Other thing is a new playbook beta 250 dollar on the market with a 1,2 Ghz and 2Gb ram and 16Gb and memory expandable with 32 Gb. Let people pay 200 dollar and give them 32 Gb memory card for free.

I would be happy with a OS fix and maybe the possibility to run BB10 apps. It's an aging platform and BB has other more profitable things to do.


Pi$$ing off lot of BB lovers with false promises. Wont trust them again

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me

My biggest question... Is the PlayBook still being manufactured? If BlackBerry is just selling off inventory without replenishing stock, then I am inclined to believe they have NO intentions of improving the OS. If they are still producing the product, then it would appear that they have something in mind but just haven't finalized plans yet.

BB10, a mobile competing platform! Let me bridge my Z10 on to the PlayBook screen, or any screen (with out HDMI) and use the power of BB10 that way, and then we can call it a day. If they can pull that off then there's no need for update.

Posted via CB10

What's a PlayBook? I agree BlackBerry should cut ties with it and focus on bb10. Say sorry and move on.

Posted via CB10

As a shareholder my PlayBook is already stored carefully to resell it on eBay in 10 years from now... 30000 $.

Posted via CB10

I've chosen a wait and see attitude towards buying a BB10 phone because they have, at this point, failed to deliver on the Playbook and I purchased this as an investment in RIM and a way to show MY support. Been a RIM/Blackberry customer since the Pearl...

Doesn't need to be 100% BB10, but there should be enough parity to run an application and not care whether is it Playbook, Z10, Q10, etc, etc.

I'm kinda at a crossroads. I bought 3 X 32gb PB's, both my kids enjoy thier PB's, but the ipad had better stuff on it. Mine, well, thats where I kinda lose my cool. I'm on my second, My first one went in, because it wouldn't do anything, not even turn on. I got a new one, now my second one is in a constant state of boot. It won't go any further than the initial colourful boot screen. I don't know if I should cut my losses now that BB has no REAL plans for the PB and is a state of lingo or a holding pattern if you will. Kinda pisses me off, It could be a wicked, wicked tablet!

BlackBerry would get more bang for the buck if they were to put BB10 on the phone. Those of us that own one have shown it to many people some actually have bought one. Good products sell it they work right.

Posted via CB10

The play book has broken software that BB broke. As a service provider you do not want to leave Broken software out there for your device.
The mantra has been we will fix it in a later Build.

Where is our Build?

As a PlayBook owner straight out of the gate (64GB, ouch!) I have accepted the death of this device and moved on as should all PB owners. The PB community simply served as a paying beta-testing community for the development of QNX in to what we now know as BB10. We did RIM (back then) a great service and BB (now) should simply thank us.

Okay, my Torch touch + Playbook was a great business asset I had going for me. The bridge feature by far saved me countless times. I got a Z10 when released but could not activate it right away due to the Torch touch was the only phone approved for me to send and receive emails on, hence why the Playbook bridge was so important. Now, well I activated the Z10 and even to this very minute, it is harder for me to do my job. I CANNOT add the email accounts and contacts to my Playbook due to the Government Contract I currently have. It was almost an act of congress just to be able to utilize the Z10. PLEASE at the very least make the bridge feature FUNCTIONAL again as was the case between the Torch touch and Playbook.

Torch 9850 +playbook=best phone/tab combo ever,,, 'cept maybe Asus' new padfone infinity,,, THAT'S lookin' rrreeeaaalllyyy nice right now...

I would be and I am thoroughly disappointed that the PlayBook hasn't been improved upon. If it's BB10 great! But it need to be able to be comparable to my z10 in performance, I was an early adopter at a high price and I've invested in playbooks 3 times since then. I have been expecting the same experience and I still do. BlackBerry should be able to work on more than one thing at a time so it should be a no brainer. Who cares about future sales they need to service those who have invested in the platform from the beginning period.

No statement just means that it is greater than 90 days away. i'm confident they will honour their commitment, but it cannot be a business priority for them right now. Hopefully we will see it get rolled out along side the release of their larger BB10 devices later this year.

BBRY needs to at least do updates to the software, many paid full retail, then some (me) got a discount, the rest got bargain basement price, BUT we all bought it fully expecting support for a period. So how about Tablet 2.2 or 3.0, restore Bridge, update browser, BBRY DO SOMETHING.

If BBRY cannot make BB!0 work on it, fine, own up to it. If there will be another tablet or a new phablet great, give us PlayBook owners the option of a trade in discount to try to make amends. But if BBRY is going to let the PlayBook die, then just say it, BBRY YES OR NO?

What brought me to the fold of BlackBerry is the Playbook. I'm a none gamer so this tablet is at par with what's in the market even after 2 years. Never mind updating BB10 to Playbook, in the eyes of the owners of Z10, BB downgraded our Playbook by taking away the bridge function. I would have been okay if there were no words of expected upgrade and even better if BB would have warn in advance the future Z10 owners they will lose the bridge function with the Playbook months before it was launch. The lack of communication whether is intended or misstep is the worst part. While many waiting and being string along and hoping for the update were deceived into clearing out the remainder Playbook inventory. The longer it take BB to clarify it's intention the more damage the company is doing to it's fan base. The company is battling on the front to reestablish itself in the mobile phone market. It can ill afford to alienate some of it's existing customer base. 2 million playbook owners is nothing in the world of i pad and Samsung galaxy but It is something in the world of BlackBerry, the company simply cannot ignore the rumbling within the Playbook community however small it is. As someone who has a little investment in BB, it's better to have a clear decision than dragging one's feet. How can BB focus on the future of mobile computing when this playbook dilemma is causing distraction? A very simple direct communication would have been suffice.

It all seems to come down to money they will make all they can off the new gen phones first, not enough money in PlayBook for the to release the time to produce the upgrade. Piss me right off. twats

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As a latecomer to the Playbook, there is no chance I would've bought two 64g Playbooks without knowing (well, hearing from BlackBerry) that BB10 is coming to the Playbook. I got the feeling, I'm not the only one. BlackBerry need to follow their words, I don't care which side you look at it from, Ethically it is the right thing to do.

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