What was your first BlackBerry smartphone?

By Bla1ze on 2 Oct 2012 04:22 pm EDT

Can you spot it in the video above? If so, what was it? Let us know in the comments below what your first BlackBerry was and what you enjoyed the most about it and what you're most looking forward to in BlackBerry 10. Personally, mine was the Pearl 8100 and I loved that it looked like no other BlackBerry before it. As for BlackBerry 10, I'm most excited about the new OS as a whole.

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What was your first BlackBerry smartphone?


wont forget the day i got my very first 8310!! the guy behind the counter wanted me to get a 3rd generation iphone...but now i can proudly say.......BLACKBERRY BY CHOICE !!!!!!!!
(8310-broke, another 8310, 8900, 9700, 9800.......BB10-soon!)

Hahaaa mks 2 of us actuli..nd I luv mii 9800 in so many ways,.the slider does it for me n tha trakpad is gr8 for smooth
Navigation on websites..

BerryInfinity---BB10 is the future

Yeah! I loved my Storm! Storm 2 was my second BlackBerry and I still use it! I'm super stoked to peek and flow with my next BB10 phone!!!

Storm 1. hardly usable until 5.0 came around.
9630- Broke (well thrown at a concrete wall actually)
9630- Going Strong for 3 years and counting!

My first BlackBerry was 8900 that I received while I was working with Israeli mobile and asked me
BlackBerry introduce the company's customers. From that moment, my life changed completely, all my idea
Efficiency and comfort underwent a makeover. When the fact is that my 8900 died before arriving time and I had to temporarily move Nokia E71 I felt I lost part of my body. I felt like a Nokia phone simply and cumbersome.
So I missed my to 8900. But soon moved to 9800, like the 8900's hard for me to say goodbye
And probably that until BlackBerry 10 is to be close to me

lol my first bb was same 8900 given by RIM when is started working there than when upgrades came up i moved to 9800 and than purchased a 9900 bold when i got let go

patiently waiting for my BB10 cant wait to have it in my hands

My first BlackBerry was the 7105t with the roller wheel, it was a smaller form and fit well in the pocket. in fact I still have this phone, it still looks brand new and works well but much slower than my 9700 Bold.
I am looking forward to the new BlackBerry 10 phones as I feel they will be a solid business phone that I can use everyday. Now all there is to do is wait patiently..........for the next great BlackBerry experience......"Be Bold"

My first BB was the 7105t as well, but we got no love in the video! I had 2, actually, after insane usage the trackwheels broke.

Me too! 957 Internet Edition on Rogers. Used it all the way from 2001 until 2008. Big monochrome screen with green backlight, thumb wheel, no phone, weeks on a single battery charge and Mobitex rules! Still my favourite Blackberry. If my current 9530 was to die, I'd reactivate the 957 in a heartbeat to hold me over until BB10.

No sign of the 7100g, hands down the best made, and and best functioning phone I've ever owned.

Storm 2 9550. Lol I find it amusing that they seem to have left out both the 9530 and the 9550... Coincidence?

Anyway, what I like most about it (still have it) is the SurePress keyboard. In BlackBerry 10, I'm most looking forward to utilizing the QNX-based OS on a phone after loving the experience on my PlayBook.

I loved surepress on my 9530. I would have picked up the 9550, however instead I picked up a Bold 9700 when my carrier began offering HSPA, it became my primary line while my 9530 became my second line.... eventually it got replaced by an Android phone, but my current Blackberry (a 9810) gets far more use daily and I love the physical feedback I get with each button press.

First one was a pearl 8130. Loved the little factor, loved the different keyboard compared to a standard flip phone and the smartphone features. I was alread hooked on new phones, I had 3 different phones between mid 05 and getting the Pearl in 07 but it got me hooked on smartphones and I've been interested in them ever since. I've got the 9900 now and had the 9700 before that. I will be getting the full touch BB10 when it comes out.

My first Blackberry was the 950, then i upgraded to the big screen of the 957. As for my first Blackberry smartphone, it was the 7290. I have had pretty much every other model except for the Pearl Flip and the POS Storm.

Didn't see the original storm 9530, probably for good reason. Since had 9800, 9900, and will be in line the day the QWERTY BB10 is available!

And I thought I had missed the POS Storm. I tried to use a 9530 for almost two weeks before I sent it back to Big Red for a 9630.

World Edition 8830...flipped my world upside down. She was as Tough as a $2 Steak. Litteraly went through a wall. As in, through the wall. Only damage was that the battery popped out.

She was a Tank.

Same here.. That baby fell out of my hands many a times. One occasion she slipped out of my hands, bounced down 4 concrete steps, sent the phone one way the cover and battery in opposite directions. After collecting everything and putting it back together she powered up and kept on emailing! Served me well for many years!

They didn't show my Storm 9530! It has a bad rep, but I enjoyed it and can still remember buying it like it was yesterday... I was so stoked! Lasted me the full length of my contract at which time I upgraded to the Torch 9860.

A friend had one of the scroll wheel types, but my first one is the one I still have as in my sig below. I had to hybrid OS to 5.x and so memory leaks cause a battery pull every couple of days. My wife has the same phone and tonight she jumps ship to the iPhony 5, but I'm holding out for BB10! Don't really know if full screen or QWERTY, I have always been partial to the Bold/Curve format. Unfortunately nobody seems to give a useful ownership trial in order to live with the device and see if you like it. Kudos to Crackberry and the membership, always something interesting and useful to learn on here. Something I didn't like on the 9900 was the absence of an accelerometer, not because I wanted the screen to rotate most of the time but because on-screen racing games would be more enjoyable. And BB has a habit of offering the desired features across the spectrum of choice, but no real all-in-one, for example, the above lack of accelerometer on the 9900. The Torch series had that but no NFC.

Yeah, I'm whining - but BB10 regardless looks to blow other OSes out of the water!

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to BB10 soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

My List:
8830 world edition (served me well for years) -----> 9800 torch slider ------> 9860 torch full touch (debating on getting a 9930 until) -----> BB10 full touch on launch date -----> Maybe full qwerty..

Wife's List:
7230 in blue no less (we still have it) -----> 8700 electron -----> 9800 torch slider ------> BB10 full qwerty when released..

The 8703e that I received from work in 2006. I was the first person in my circle of friends and family to have this thing called a "smartphone". They were pretty amazed I can send and receive my work email on it from anywhere I was at...and make phone calls!

I loved that thing, especially the trackwheel. It was a beast and rugged and withstood several drops. I used the 8703e for two years until I was upgraded to a 8830.

I see there is one other in here that goes as far back as I do. BB 950, the original. I have had just about every BB device after it, except the 8703. I believe that is the only one I have missed. Oh and the Pearl flip, never had one of those either.

Blackberry770 my first blackberry is the one I have now the 9810. I am really excited about the bb10. I'm especially happy that there will eventually be one with a physical keyboard. The bb10 os is really awesome in what it can do. It looks easier to use and more powerful than a laptop

Curve 9330

I just can't wait to see what the whole new blackberry experience is going to be like on bb 10

STORM.............and yet I'm a die hard BB user and even drag my wife with me!
Almost gave up after the last push to 2013 but have held on and am excited as hell for the BB10 full touch..........and best of all if a new better one does come out with quad core and a massive battery then my wife will get the launch device and I'll get the new one!
11 Playbooks within my immediate family! 4 bought directly by me (two 64's at full price)
Fits perfectly in my jeans back pocket and have a camera for the kids activities with me all the time - not to mention the kids love using it - 2.5 year old rocks the playbook!
Your my 57 sauce.........BB on everything!

My BB progression:
8100c (Cingular) > 8900 > 9800 > BB10 [upon release]

My BB additional devices:
7200 - 8300 - 8700 - 9000 - 9520

I had the 8520 until last October when my dad knocked it over with a bose ipod dock which landed on top of it. The screen cracked and trackpad stopped working. I tried fixing the trackpad but couldn't and got the first of my 2 9780's. I try not to bring my phone to dart night these days because beer and phones don't mix.

can't believe the 8700 or 7130 wasn't in the video. They skipped a whole generation between the first and second shown, pre track ball.

Got a 9900... love it! I wish it could it be updated to BB10 cause I still have more than 2 years on a Bell Contract and I really would love to play and work with that new OS. Just look superb.

The 7105t was the first. After that over the years I've had the 8800, Tour (9630), Bold (9000), Pearl (8100, 8130), Curve (8330) and Storm 1 & 2.

First BB was a RIM 950 back in '98. Had the 9000, 9700 and 9810. As to BB10 - I hope it can bring me back. I'm currently using a Galaxy Nexus with CM10, my next purchase will be the Note 2. I'm curious as to what the Nexus II will bring. As to whether BB10 brings me back - I like what I see with the "L" device, not so much with the "N". I look forward to BB10 on my PlayBook.

My first BlackBerry was the Bold 9000. I went for an iPhone 3G, hated it, had Rogers send me a BlackBerry. I had come from a Treo 650.

The original Storm baby! It was different, and I didn't mind the tactile response. Looking forward to BB10, and I truly hope it is a good huge success. The OS has me intrigued at this point. Long wait, but my 9930 is holding me down right now.

Mine was the Storm 9350. Almost made me hate Blackberry forever, but then I decided to try the Bold 9650 and fell in love with it. Now I have the Bold 9930 and loving the touchscreen with keyboard. Putting together the best keyboard ever in phones plus a touchscreen and Blackberry 10...It is the phone I have dream of for years. CAN'T WAIT.

First? 7130.
Pearl 8100
Curve 8900
Tour 9630
Storm 9530
Torch 9800
Bold 9700
Bold 9780
Bold 9900
Torch 9810
Bold 9790

Favorite one? 3-way tie: 9780, 9900 and 9810. ;)

8830 Silver from VZW was first for me onto Storm 1 and 2 now its the 9850 Wahoo for me!!! BB10 long awaited and instantly welcomed!!!! Lets Rock and Roll this!!!!!!

I'm a new user as of last week! My first BlackBerry phone is a 9350. I love the little thing! It doesn't eat through the battery like my previous EVO did. I enjoy both phones and both have their pros and their cons but the Curve for right now is doing it for me! It does everything that I need it to do and I'm liking the change in scenery. It also goes very well with my Playbook.

I'm looking forward to BB10 being something totally new and mostly unseen before! I say mostly because from the demos I have seen some of it sort of carried over from the Playbook OS. I like that there are no buttons and everything stays open and running as you would expect it to... just like on a desktop OS!

My first BlackBerry was the pearl 8100
Followed by the storm 9350
Then the storm 9550
Now rocking a 9860 soon to be replaced by the L-series BB10!
The Aristo is giving me a geek boner so I would have to get it

Evil Otto, BlackBerry enthusiast :)
BlackBerry 9860 v7.1.0.267
Playbook 64Gb
Bell mobility unlimited BlackBerry data plan

Didn't see it in the video but it was a 7100i on Nextel. Before that I had dumb phones mostly on Nextel so you can imagine the difference going from that to a BlackBerry for the first time, being able to email, instant message, browse the Web, plus still call & chirp". I was hooked, had that thing up to my face every free second at work.

Like the first in Blue, it was Nextel 7520 I believe. I loved the "vibrate function". You could actually feel it in your pocket unlike the new ones that are terrible. The only negative on new BlackBerrys is the "vibrate" function, it is worthless. (for me)

This is true. I've missed several calls while my 9900 was vibrate and in my pocket and I was walking. Once those conditions are met, I missed calls!

1st BB was a Pearl 8110 > 8520 > 9860...
Then BB10 as soon as it launches in India... I am gunning for the BB10 to have quad core krait as released in the leak on RapidBerry... :D

You people are so lost. Is it just too much for you to comprehend that the initial release blackberry 10 phone will not have a quad core? No where on the leak did it say it was on the L series, it said A series. Even then, its just a possible spec for future phone. Not, "as soon as it launches".

I don't understand how people get so confused and cannot remember a few simple points about a device without mixing it all up. Guess its something in the water over there.

My first one was a 957 given to me by an attorney who was upgrading. He had to sign and fax a form to RIM stating that the device was being transferred.

As primitive as it seems now, it was a huge step up from the pager system we had at the time.

The original Bold 9000! great form factor and design, looks amazing. reliability, security as well as the new and improved user interface is what i'm looking forward to in BB10... it can only get better.

One second in--the 7230 BlueBerry! Stunned (as are others) they missed my second, the 8700. Milking every last ounce of life from my current 9780 as we await BB10 (and I'm out of contract next month...just in time).

Pearl 8130. Got one for my wife first and could not wait to get mine. Still have it at home along with my Tour 9630. Cant wait to retire my Bold 9650 for my new BB10 L series.

My first BlackBerry device was the Curve 8900 given through work. Loved it so much that I went and got myself a Bold 9000 for personal use. I haven't looked back.

I'm looking forward to BlackBerry 10 as a whole, but most of the the nice new UI and kick ass camera. Bring BB10!!!!

My first was the Storm 9530. What I liked most was it didn't suffer from the problems that plagued 98% of the Storm devices. All in all, it turned out to be one of the most dependable phones I have owned. I miss the surepress too. O_o

Mine was 9530 Storm. HATED that *#*#ing thing. My running joke with Verizon, when I called on a weekly basis (not a joke) was, "Hey, I know why this is called the Storm....because it BLOWS."
If BB had put out the 9850 Torch (what I have now), instead of the Storm, BB would still rule the world....but that's ok, BB got caught resting on their laurels...BB 10 gonna change that!!

Need to qualify my post. At the time I got my Storm, only the Apple iPhone and HTC G1 were competitors. Both were rubbish. Neither had apps - the bb did. The Storm was a wakeup call to Apple. And they handled it very well and woke up.
As a developer, I'm happy RIM is now soliciting people like me, people who were(are still) ignored by the likes of the big A..

Does rolling out 100's and 100's of RIM 850 & 957 paging units attached to MS Outlook count?

Then I held onto a RIM Blackberry Nextel 7200 series till it broke that got a color screen Nextel 7250 unit as a warranty replacement and had that till December of last year.

I was Nextel RIM faithful for almost 8 years. Loved that 7250 with the pull out antenna and a keyboard so big you could type with gloves on.

Had an iPhone 3G, converted to a Curve 8900. Never looked back! Since then I had a Torch 9800, Bold 9900, and soon to be the N-series. I love typing on my phone under the table and not looking at the keys. Very good when you want people to believe you're actually interested in what they're talking about!
Also have a PlayBook 64GB

My second Blackberry was the first one in the video, the 7290.

My first one was similar but without the color display. It was quickly swapped out for a system upgrade early in 2005m

8700c my first. Then moved to curve 8520. Then Storm9500. Then Torch9800. Then great BOLD9900. I miss the torch's screen.. Wanted a 9810 but it doesn't have a .pdf reader does it?? Now awaiting BB10!!

My first wasn't in the video. It was a 7130e. Ah, the good old days with no track ball, touch pad or touch screen. That old roller wheel was awesome ;) At least it was in color!

I had two first BlackBerrys I guess. The first one I ever bought was the Pearl 8100. I only used it for data and texting, as it replaced my Sidekick 3, and I used a Motorola SLVR for calls (Pearl on T-Mobile and SLVR on at&t).

I was like 19 and decided that paying two phone bills was just stupid. So I upgraded to the 8800, and closed my at&t line, making my 8800 my all-in-one device.

I've been using ONLY a BlackBerry ever since then, back in 2007. Love these things.

Had and "still have" my 8800 sitting on the shelf. It was a rock! It gave me my first hit on the "Crack"berry! Now I'm hooked for life!

Mine was the curve 9300 I loved that phone because all my friends used to have the 8520 and this was a nice update, everybody around me wanted, i had it for almost a year, till i changed it for a 9790. #BlackberryByChoice

I got the 7105t (or something very similar) from my employer. It was on the Sprint/Nextel network and had Push-To-Talk as well. I loved that phone! The first time I realized I could go on the actual internet I was amazed! The download speed was pretty crappy compared to todays speeds, but the fact I could do that was awesome!

8900 for me, such a great phone with so many happy memories. Most looking forward too... hmm, I know it's unfashionable, but given that I'm happy with the current BB OS, I'd have to say that (if we get them) probably more useful and enjoyable apps which don't currently make it to BB. And BBM video chat.

Btw - great blog post.

My first was a 7250 and then I moved to a Curve 8530 which I have had for almost 3 years. Its a real trooper. No problems whatsoever. Very dependable. That said I am getting very impatient for the BB10, bring it on!

Mine were in order 7230 first, then came 7510, 7520, 7100, 7105, 7100i, 8830, 8330, 8130, 8530, 9000, 9550, 9650, 9700, 9800.

First BlackBerry I used was my sister's company issued 7290, I remember playing with it during my brother's graduation and got hooked bad. By end of that year I got a 7100t and since then gone through a few BlackBerries as right now I'm on a 9900 I purchased 2nd hand to replace my screen crushed 9700 to hold me until BB10 hits!

My first BlackBerry was the 8320. It was my first taste of a business level phone. I could send and receive emails, it was the most impressive phone I owned at the time. That started the BlackBerry love affair for me.

7100V with a trackwheel. The first hit of the addiction. Still have it - along with the Pearl 8100, Bold 9000, Torch 9800 and Torch 9810.

0:01 !

was my second device (it was a little bit different BB logo (metal instead of plastic) 7230 :)

But my real first bb was an 6230.

over 8 years BB.

First three were: RIM 957, BB 6710, and Curve 8310 -- ALL 3 were not in the video! :( Considering the Curve 8300/10/20/30 were the most popular BlackBerry's for many years, I'm surprised they weren't in the video. ;-)

I'm a beginner. First was 8330 Curve in 2008 then a 9650 which I still have awaiting the release of BB10 in Jan. Oh and a 32GB Playbook :).

rabbitupnorth At work, my first BlackBerry was a 7250, but we soon upgraded to the Curve 8330. It was a fine, reliable mate. My first personal BlackBerry was the Pearl 8130, but when I got my Torch 9800, there was no turning back. I'm hoping the BlackBerry 10 keyboard device will have lots of the Torch in it, because I love that model. BB10 is going to be like magic. I can't wait. I'm doing an early upgrade as soon as stock is available. Of course I love my PlayBook 32Gb wifi to complement my Torch. I'm truly living in the right era.

Don't think I saw it, but my first was a 7520... then a 7100i, a Sprint Pearl 8130, T-Mobile Curve 8320, T-Mobile Curve 8900, T-Mobile Bold 9700, and now a T-Mobile Curve 9360. I was going to get an OS 7 Bold after toying with the OS on the 9700, but now I'm saving up for the BB10 experience! Hopefully I'll have a PlayBook soon.

I started with a raspberry pearl 8110, then to a raspberry curve 8310, and now a black style 9760....and I hope RIIM keeps SureType alive with BB10!

My first BlackBerry was the glorious 8830 World Edition. I still have it in a box with other stuff. It needs a battery though....

7105t was my first. Loved the scroll wheel.
Curve 8900 was my second love the style.
Curve 8520 loved the trackpad
Bold 9700
Bold 9900 - Absolutely love this phone.

Can't wait for BB10!

Mine was 8900, served me well until I decided to jump into a pool with the phone in my pocket. Then I got a 9700 which I still have. I was thinking to upgrade but I got a playbook 64gb instead, and now waiting for bb10. As a person who travels a lot, bb is the best phone to be in touch and productive on the road. I just love it, there is no phone as a bb.

My first BB was the Storm 2. I am currently with a Torch 9850 until I can get my hands on a BB10 London.

Being perhaps a bit younger than a fair amount of you, the Torch 9810 was (and is) actually my first Blackberry. I started with the brand in a time where iSheep ran amuck and Android was growing. And guess what, there has been not a day I have regretted my choice! And Blackberry 10 will be even better!

Proudly a member of TeamBlackberry, and in it for the long haul.

Haha. Awesome. But I had some seriously old ones from 2002. I don't think they were ever in development. It had a jog dial. Monochrome. Size of a palm pilot (actually put it in a palm pilot case). And didn't even have an ear piece for phone. You had to use a 3.5mm ear piece. Come to think of it. It didn't even have data or WiFi! Anyone have any clue which model that may have been?

My first was a RIM 957 on the Mobitex Network, then the Blue 6210 which was black and white screen. Then the BB7210 which was a color screen, followed quickly by the 7290 which added something called Bluetooth!

I still have most of the units. 8700 was next, 7100, 7130, 8300, 8820, 8310, 8100 9000, 9700 and now the 9900.

Why did they start with the 7230? The 7230 was my second BB. I had a 6230 before it. Switched to NEXTEL and got the 7520. Switched again after the Sprint merger and got the 8800 which was superseded by the 9800 and upgraded to the 9810 last month. Waiting impatiently...

My first Blackberry was curve 8520 , i like blackberry for its security , BBM , Spell-Check and keyword shortcuts . And for now i am really excited about the whole new world of blackberry which is called as BB10 . New OS , New interface and everything seems to be soo prefect in video. RIM guys are really working hard . So lets pray BB10 devices don't cost much .

* BlackBerry by choice *
Well it seems that mine wasn't in there. My 1st was the Nextel 8350i in red. Loved that thing. Still have it and still works. :)

I was moving to Florida from California and was bored with my slide up samsung phone so being as teenage-,minded as ever I used up all savings and bought a T-Mobile Blackberry 8100 after being persuaded into it. I had to get used to the sure type style keyboard but after a month of using my BB i was so happy I had gone for it because it kept me connected to my family back in California. The best moment was when I finally discovered what BBM was and wow did that change things! a couple months later my mom, my dad, my sister, & my cousins were all on Blackberries. I am now a proud Blackberry lover and fan. Every phone after that has been a Blackberry. Even in moments of peril and people saying blackberry is dead I still kept my hope and put in a good word for BlackBerry. Although my last Blackberry broke and am using a loner android I still prefer (and miss) my keyboard, my ease of communication, and the professional look it gave me. i am proudly BLACKBERRY BY CHOICE. Viva the 10!

My two boys were using 8330s, I asked them why they needed Blackberrys I asked if Blackberrys changed how they worked, they said, "These change everything". I got one, they were right.

My personal first was a 8330, red.

The first one I ever supported was a client's RIM 857. He then moved on to the RIM 957, 7250, Curve 8310, and then a Bold 9930 (finally).

It was that client's early BlackBerry's that sold me on getting one for myself.

My first was a 7100. Dropped it and it got scratched so I bought another one :). Then I got the Curve 8900, then the Bold 9700, 9780, 9900. Loved the typing and predictive text on my 7100 after coming from a feature phone.

8330, will never forget that day. Still like yesterday. OS4.7
Getting hybrids for OS5.0

Then onto a 9700, switched to another 9700 just because I sold mine and my dad gave me his (got an iphone -_-), then onto a 9810, sold it and got a 9360, sold it and got a 9900, had a problem with the unlock (guy screwed me over), sold it and got another 9900.


My first was a 8520, then 9300. Now, I'm using 9810 and 9860 (well, I'm kinda Torch fans, tough)

Soon, BB10!

Troy~£€€ mine is blackberry bold 9900 but feel disappointed with still not get update for firmware...,Cambodia

Well, its was Curve 8520. Its an entry level blackberry which I bought in 2009 for 300 euros... What I enjoyed most is the fact that this bb is bulletproof! 2 times they pushed me in a swimming pool with my 8520 and it survived!! And of course numerous times the phone faced critical falls! Very tough phone not like the new ones...

8830 world edition. i haven't been the same since. started on the crack and couldn't put it down. can't wait for bb10.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

In former times I was a Samsung fan... I was attracted by the frisky way of performance (sounds and colors). One of my best friends (employee by T-Mobile, now Telekom) was always smiling about my behavior- he was a BB-user. On a boring day he presents me the performance of his Pearl8100. First I was disappointed about the clear and sober surface and colorscheme of his Pearl, but the trackball-navigation in realtime was cogent and impressive. So I purchased a used Pearl 8100 and fall in love instantly with BB. I become the fastest message-pen-pusher of the world with its physical keyboard and suretype....:-) A new era of obsession and addiction was born. I never was naive- BB never was the top of technical capability, but its like to have a Harley-Davidson...its not perfect or the best, but its cult and outstanding.
A half year later I've bought a new Pearl 8110. In the next years a 9000, 9700, 9780, 9800, 9900 and PlayBook follows. And there's NO doubt about it that BB10 will continue to rule my life...:-)

My very first Blackberry: curve 8320, then I got the bold 9700, then I got the one I have now, bold 9900. Looking forward to having BB10!

9700. Got it 3 days before release. Then I got a 9100 as a back up. Now I'm rocking a 9900. Next will be some BB10 Qwerty Device. Although I'm super upset with no trackpad.

My first was a red pearl 8100, then the first version Bold, onto Torch 9800. I finally brought my wife into the Blackberry family when we got our Torch 9850's. Cannot wait till 10 arrives. Also running a 32GB Playbook.

i had a taste of the pearl 8120 and i loved but, alas it was a refurbish and very dodgy. i was determined to get a blackberry after this, so first one was curve 8520, i didn't like the rubbish camera so i swapped for a 8900, and i was in love, i loved everything about it, and probs spent £100 on accessories for it. i love my bold 9900 now but, i do miss my little 8900, especially the phone strap loop! i am looking forward to blackberry 10 cause it deffo seems stylish :D

Blackberry 6710 Monochrome Track Wheel - email only and phone was my cherry......
currently Bb Torch 9800 with slide out qwerty keyboard and Bb Playbook 32gig....

Blackberry by choice!

Sold the BB 6710 when I upgraded after 3 years for fifty bucks - gotta luv it!

Blackberry Storm 2, i loved the SurePress technology, it was very sweet, now im on Torch 9850 BB FTW!

I watched the video 3 times, and didn't see the 8300 series at all. But I digress...

Pink 8330 was my first (it was free, no complaints), then 9530, 9550, and now a 9810 recently coupled with a 64 GB Playbook.

BlackBerry by choice, indeed!

Pearl 8130 -> Curve 8330 (best phone RIM ever made!) -> Tour 9630 -> iPhone 4.

Sorry I had to give up on Blackberry when they put so much time into the PlayBook and neglected the phone line. My Tour was dying, and I wasn't willing to spend two more years on a Bold that was basically the same phone with a trackpad instead of a trackball. There are things I really miss about my Berry, but they blew it putting all of their resources into the PlayBook. They bet the company on a tablet, and they lost.

My 1st was the original Storm, then the Storm 2 and now the Torch 9860. I am all about the touch screen. Can't wait to bb10, although, I am going to miss the trackpad. The trackpad is one of the futures I love the most of my current BB.

Apparently I'm old....first BB was a company-issued 6230.
If I recall correctly...
6230 --> 7250 --> 8800 -->8320 --> 9700 -->9900 + 9810

Mine was and still is the 9700. Such a great phone, I'm hesitant to give it up as it does what I need perfectly.

I guess the "Storm" isn't considered a real BlackBerry.. I didn't see it in the video.. The Storm was my first BlackBerry.

7100t (which I hated due to the keys being multi-letters) ---> 7510 (which was ok), then to a 9700 which was awesome (then thanks to a 2 year old) ---> 9800 (worst piece of . . .whatever. I HATE IT AND it almost made me switch to the i-universe) ---> 9900 (yay!).

Bold 9000>
Bold 9700>
Bold 9780>
Bold 9900>
Bold 9700 + Bold 9900>
Bold 9780 + Bold 9900>
Bold 9900 + Bold 9790>
Bold 9900>

"To BB or not" Is it a question??

My first Blackberry phone is the Dev Alpha.

My first Blackberry device was the Playbook though.

I know I'm a bit late. :-) But I looked into the BB10 SDKs and I like what they provide to the developer. I also like to go back to coding in native C++ because of its awesome performance.

Pearl 8100...made all of my friends jealous because they still had Motorola Razrs...loved the phone, hated cleaning the trackball...

genius borders insanity...welcome to the line in between...

My first was a 7700 series, I remember trying to find a car charger for it. It had some special plug, man was it hard to find one for it. Thing was a tank though, loved it.

For some reason it wasn't showing my 6230, but it had the younger brother, the 6230. Good days... totally innovative company, doing its own thing in its own way.

Loved it.
You know, taking a look, I've had one of practically every generation of berry. wow.

Blackberry pearl 8130, bold 9700, now bold 9900. I know a number of blackberries had the condensed qwerty early pearl keypad layout, alas with trackwheels. I wish I had gotten one of those back in the day but I was broke. Lol

Style- miss it so bad. Dropped too many times. Then Torch 9800 - got free from my boss but couldn't get used to slide to type. I can't type on touch screen to save myself & I use keyboard shortcuts a lot. Now Curve 9360 - so far so good. Wanted to save money for bb10. So got myself a used Curve.