What type of screen lock do you want to see in BlackBerry 10?

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jul 2012 02:46 pm EDT
 BlackBerry Lock Screen  

I've always been a big fan of finding new lock screen apps for my BlackBerry. I love using apps like PatternLock or Easy Lock Pro instead of the built-in screen lock (with the hardware key) or a password. I've always wanted to see this type of functionality included in the native BlackBerry OS, letting you choose what type of lock screen to use.

We've already seen some slides of what could be the lock screen in BlackBerry 10, where you would slide to unlock just like Windows Phone. What I would like to see is an option to choose your lock screen - pattern lock, slide to unlock, simple password or even face unlock. Something like this would add some more customization to the OS and give it another great selling point. Some options could include:

  • Pattern: Draw a pattern to unlock
  • PIN: Enter a 4-digit PIN
  • Puzzle: Drag a puzzle piece into place
  • Slide: Slide to unlock like iOS or Windows Phone
  • Password: Enter a password
  • Face Unlock: Unlock with your face on the front camera
  • Hardware Key: Use a built-in hardware key to unlock

Which unlock options would you like to see in BlackBerry 10? You can pick up to three in the poll above. Choose which you'd most like to see then hit the comments and let us know why!

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Reader comments

What type of screen lock do you want to see in BlackBerry 10?


Face unlock wtf? I'm not tapping my phone with my face every time I want to unlock it ;) (face recognition presumably?)

so you have to wait a few seconds until your eyelids blink in order for it to unlock... what if your eyes aren't blinking for a while or you wear glasses?

I guess you have to intentionally blink as soon as you bring the phone up to your face so it does it quicker.

It does not work in the dark. What it does then is go to your secondary pass code. I have the nexus and I have glasses. The face reconiziation works great. I like it a lot.

Everyone but me hates BlackBerry at my work.

That's too bad it won't work in the dark. Specially for those people who live a double life must have a phone that works in the dark. :)

What do you mean double life, just having a life you would be surprised how often you used your phone in the dark. (phew great come back, my secret is safe. Wait, did i say that out loud. Damn double life)


No no, I meant either Hardware Key + PIN OR Swipe over the screen (or double tap instead) + PIN. But there should be both options available to choose from.

I agree that there should be both hardware and software. The easy, one handed unlock button on my 9700 is one of the reasons i still use a bb.

Tossing out for consideration a fingerprint reader? After, BlackBerry is about security and ones fingerprint is thought to be truly unique.

I have one of those on my ASUS business laptop, it's a gold-looking horizontal line you drag your finger over. I've never used it because I was afraid the software would lock up my computer and not let me in.

So if you have the fingerprint swipe, but add a bypass password just in case your finger is covered (like gloves or whatever) then it would be cool and quick and reliable!!!

I'm a fan of biometrics.

My four-year-old HP laptop has a fingerprint reader. I can only imagine the hardware has gotten smaller.

This would be a great addition to BB.

Me to for this... just need to find a way to do it that's 'cool'... Maybe some way to touch the screen and for it to work... or keep the trackpad and have it double as a finger print reader.

Maybe the iPhone 6 will have one of these seeing as Apple is currently buying a security company for $345 million that specialises in fingerprint readers

As for other blackberrys, a hardware button + automatic lock when I put it in its case and unlock when I remove it from its case!
When you have this nobody can be faster than you to unlock its phone! no code, no password...
Easy, and ultra effective.

BTW, I also hope the sound profile will continue to take benefit of in/out case, because this is one of the greatest idea dev of the BB had. (once again easy and effective, especialy when you have ton's of meeting: you decide if you want other to annoy you just by letting the bb in its case)

BTW, if you need a password more than a lock feature, then the pin is again the most effective. it's quite easy to see a hand gesture. I don't trust the face recognition (since my wife unlock my computer with her face, and even fingerprint is easy to messed up).

I hope they add a feature to lock the screen during calls, when you have it up against your head....so you don't touch the MUTE/HOLD/SPEAKER buttons with your cheek/face!!!! I have had to install 3rd party apps for this, but then when I actually need to type something I have to always "unlock" the "lock" to type in digits for voicemail and such. What a nag!

They need to have the ACCELEROMETER, GYRO or LIGHT-SENSOR/CAMERA or something else figure out whether you have your phone up against the side of your face/ear, and when you pull it out in front of you horizontally to TYPE stuff on the screen it should automatically UNLOCK the screen buttons so you can type.

Then when you swing it back to your face it should lock up again so you don't accidently hit the buttons with your cheek and face.

So what's up with that? Do I have to PATENT the IDEA first and sell it to the highest bidder, or will RIM get this done! Come on RIM!!!!!!!

there is already a screen sensor on the new OS 7 Blackberry Devices ie. my Bold 9900. The screen goes black during calls and the screen does not sense movement/touching...

I have a 9810 Torch OS7 and without the 3rd party app, my phone constantly MUTES or HOLDS when I put it up to my ear. I had to install something to prevent that from happening.

Maybe I need to put duct tape over my ear? My ears are too conductive.. :-)

As soon as I turn the 3rd party app off, it does it again... annoying when you are talking and all of a sudden person on the other end mutes or starts saying "hello where are you i can't hear you".... then you realize what happened and have to unmute with your finger.

What am I doing wrong? I don't think it's built into my phone, whatever the sensor technology or software, not in Torch 9810.

def built into you phone
try it out make a phone call use your thumb to cover the LED and the area around it the screen should go dark. if it doesnt some thing is wrong with your phone. maybe you have something installed that is keeping the screen active

Its built into my 9800, os6 so it is 100% in yours. Look at the little circle in bright sunlight next to your led indicator. That is it.

I do not want BB10 to re-invent the wheel (copy any other platform's shhh). So, bring something new like the BB10 OS or like the BB10 Keyboard, etc. "NEW and DIFFERENT" let's really give the media something to talk about...

I like the bezel to bezel swipe to unlock on the Playbook but judging by the times it has unlocked in my back pocket, I would like a second step made available (and not a password).

For example: Swipe once from one bezel to the next and your screen turns on. On the screen you see this type of "cover" imgae (that you can chose) you touch it and then drag it to the bottom or top or side (you can pick this as well) and then it unlocks your phone. selecting the wrong side would just simply put your device back on standby.

As for putting it on standby, I'd vote for the old request of a two finger bezel to bezel swipe. either that or have a standby button available on your notifications panel (like when you peek)

A standby button would also be nice but I think RIM is trying to stay away from hardware buttons, no? (even though a few keys are always nice)

my 2 cents

How about top to bottom then left to right or however so that every side has to be touched in order for the screen to unlock?

I just hope they leave the option to unlock with just a hardware button if you don't want to have a password. The most annoying thing about the iPhone is that I can't unlock the phone with the same key I use to lock it. Why do I have to press a button, THEN swipe to unlock? The lock key doesn't ever get hit accidentally, that should be enough to unlock the phone if I want it to.

I guess what it comes down to is options. Don't take the Apple approach and give us one way of doing stuff. Give us options that we can change if we want. There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution to these things.

Didn't they do some rhythm-to-unlock patent? I would like that. You tap different portions of the screen to a certain beat that you made. Maybe have the face detection as a backup or something.

maybe a fingerprint reader in the bezel, something that you can't really see obvious but a region that will detect it... that would be cool

Hard to do though. You would need something like Microsoft's surface (by which I mean their old Surface product) which captured fingers via cameras instead of touches.

I really like how the PlayBook bezel wipe works. I think there should be two options for locking; one that is low security and easy, then one that is higher security. Then you can choose depending on where you are that day.

KISS. My 9900 works fine. Password unlocks it. I can make calls without unlocking it. I have a hardware button to lock the screen during calls to avoid accidental touches........ Same again please.

*in one fluid motion*

Swipe from bottom bezel to top bezel and then hover your thumb over the front facing camera. The front facing camera should then be able to "read" your thumb print within a second.

That sounds really cool. Id like to see a voice lock. Would give the Playbook a very Star Trekish vibe.

Playbook, the one and only

Password or fingerprint.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

How about all the above? (As long as they can successfully skirt patent trolls)
Then each BB10 device will be set according to the user?
We all have different security requirements.

Voice recognition lock of course!! Only thing I hate about my Playbook is there's no decent voice recognition lock, search or commands. Make it so RIMPIRE!!!

Playbook, the one and only

How about you do something useful like trying to solve the "media processor is busy" problem that plagues these phones when using a bluetooth headset or plugging an auxiliary cable into the headset jack? Seems a bit more functional to Blackberry life than this topic.

Where's the "no lockscreen because they're a pain in the ass" option...

Edit: nevermind I see there's a hardware key option.

Apparently pattern unlock is so secure that even the FBI couldn't unlock Android phones with this feature. Since we all know that BB is all about security - this must be included. Or something that goes past fingerprints right down to DNA. As long as my sister couldn't unlock it wait never mind.

Hardware key to toggle unlock, and then (configurable option to) swipe fingerprint, or enter passcode, or swipe a pattern, or slide to unlock. Also key is that the lock screen covers whatever is on the phone screen.

Also needs a leather pocket to work in conjunction with this similarly to holstering.

PIN unlock because I don't care about fancy. I unlock the screen to gain access to my device. So don't need anything fancy.

Really nice ideas coming along on this thread.

Just would like to add that I would love it if I just picked up my phone from standby & the accelerometer detects that & brings whatever unlock mechanism I've chosen on the screen. Recently used a friends Samsung & it gives the option between slide to unlock, pattern lock or face unlock, which is quite an arsenal, so maybe multiple options would be a good idea.

I am a huge fan of the physical unlock button on my Bold, but I think its time for a change. BlackBerry is getting screwed in the market not because they make shit phones, but because people have the wrong notion that they don't innovate at all. This is the perception they need to change. They need to incorporate every feature from iOS 6, Windows Phone 8 & Android Jelly Bean, & then go a few steps further.

I just thought of an idea. You can draw "symbols" to unlock the screen. There would be 10 different symbols: up, down, left, right, clockwise (CW), counterclockwise (CCW), bottom-left to top-right (and reverse), and top-left to bottom-right (and reverse). Depending on how secure you want it to be, you can choose the number of "symbols" needed to unlock it, as well as the number of attempts. For example, if you wanted to use the word "cat" as your password, you would draw it as...

1. CCW (c)
2. CW, CCW (a)
3. down, right (t)
1. CCW (C)
2. bottom-left to top-right, top-left to bottom-right, right (A)
3. right, down (T).

I hope this all makes sense! LOL!

Keep the password or include a PIN. This is handy with keyboard Blackberry devices. This is my preference.

Sans keyboard, you may want to add a less tactile method.

I don't wanna lose my Beloved Magnetic Lock =o. Having my BlackBerry locked by the close of a lit is awesome!

I don't find this feature very important, but I want to be something that can't be made by mistake. My personal phone is a BB 9810 and the lock button is pretty sensible. But I played a little bit with a BB 9900 and the lock button there is pretty solid. I don't think you can unlock by mistake.

If the Lock key would be more like the convinience key than I would not have any problem with it. For me the extra step that you need to do with Slide to unlock will be a minus :)

But that's just me. Don't need something fancy just something to do the job ;)