What tens of millions of Q10 sales mean for BlackBerry

By Chris Umiastowski on 29 Apr 2013 06:42 pm EDT

If you haven’t yet watched the interview with Thorsten Heins on Bloomberg, you should definitely watch the short clip. Adam already posted a summary here and the video is embedded.

“We expect several tens of millions of units”, said a confident BlackBerry CEO on camera. That’s a huge statement to make, and from what we’ve seen of the man so far, he is a man of action. He is not one to exaggerate and make crazy promises.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I think the Q10 is monumentally important as a cash cow for BlackBerry over the next year.  It seems the company is milking that cow a bit harder up front by setting the price point fairly high.  In the UK we’ve seen off-contract pricing at £579, which is about $897. Obviously there is a retail markup on that price, but it’s a good sign that the ASP BlackBerry is seeing here is above the $500 level to start.

I’d originally been told they would price it for volume. I interpreted this to mean they’d be a bit more aggressive with it. But things change. It’s possible their marketing studies showed them an aggressive price would be leaving money on the table.  

Heins, in his interview with Bloomberg, is clearly confident with initial demand (UK sales, preorders, etc) even with the high price point.  He reminds us that the installed base is over 70 million people. And he expects to sell several tens of millions of units.

We expect several tens of millions of units BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins

Now let’s think about this, shall we? A lot of people have waited a long time for this device. Say BlackBerry moves into a one year replacement cycle for its hardware, similar to Apple. The Q10 will then be “the” QWERTY device to own for the next year, until which time as something else replaces it, and perhaps it stays on the market at a lower price point. I give it two years before it’s not selling anymore, having been totally replaced by newer models.

I’d expect the sales to be very front-end loaded. So if by “several” tens of millions, Thorsten means 30 million units (just a guess), then I’d peg 20 million of those to happen in the first 12 months. That’s 5 million per quarter. Also, last week we weren’t 100% sure if the Q10 would launch with OS 10.1, and clearly it has. This bodes even better for a quick corporate rollout.

If BlackBerry 10 sells north of 5 million per quarter (remember we now have the Z10 and the Q10 selling), I think analysts will be forced to massively raise their numbers.

And we all know what that means to the stock, don’t we?

Ready to rock and roll this? I sure am.

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What tens of millions of Q10 sales mean for BlackBerry


Ugh! It means I truly do suffer from premature evaluation. That Q is gonna look real nice next to my Z.

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"First" thing first blackberry for life.
I can picture this the keyboard is what everybody is waiting for. I have a z10 and now I want a Q10 too. Will see where this Q10 launch takes blackberry

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I'm ready. Lets "Sell Like Hell" and I can't wait to see what happens to my stock. I'm in it for the long haul.

I wish I could afford it. Oh well, maybe I'll buy it with some of my share profits when BlackBerry really starts kicking ass.

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The R10 is an interesting point Bobert. The Curve is massive in countries like South Africa, Indonesia, India etc. This will certainly add to sales later in the year. Whilst they may not be "cash cows" the volume of sales should be impressive. "Tens of Millions" might sound a bit crazy if you try and compare to the last two years sales, but it certainly seems achievable.
Go #teamblackberry

$900 is more than just about every major smartphone out there. The heavy hitters, Galaxy S4, HTC One, Droid DNA, iPhone 5...All priced less (much less in many cases). It just doesn't make sense. It's a great phone, but the price is questionably astronomical!

Remember that that is just a straight up conversion from Sterling to the green back The UK price includes all the taxes and whatnot. Just UK vat is 20% so 116 of that 579 base price is just vat.

The Q10 isn't meant for broke consumers. Please leave this device to business users who don't care about prices. I actually wish it was priced much higher and I am talking somewhere in the range of $1500 or more.

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For business users??? Damn stupid BB10 won't even support Asian languages!!!! I can read but can't write. BB don't have an ETA for software update. DMAN BB10!

10.1 for the Z10 has already been leaked and the Q10 already has 10.1 baked in; ergo I'm not quite certain I get your last point.

Dude what?? $1500 are you retarded? Not only would no average consumer buy that I'm hard pressed to believe any businessman could justify this purchase over an iPhone or High end Android. Lol your just talking from your bum dude.

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i agree. its a business tool.
if its priced at $1500, it will still be worth every cent of it.
those with negative remarks, aren't business people.

I disagree. Part of my job is implementing new technology at my organization (and leading the rest of the team that does). Part of that technology scope is enterprise mobility. There is no way I could justify that kind of cost across hundreds or thousands of devices when compared to the competition. If you think that just because "it's worth every penny" actually makes it worth every penny then you, sir, are probably not "business people".

Back in the Good Old Days, a RIM could ask for and get a premium for their devices because no one had a device that could come close to doing what a BB could do.... EMAIL.

Today email is only one small feature that mobile business people expect from a smartphone, and EVERYONE can do email today. Security is the only feature that BB10 devices have an advantage on, so now the question is who has to have and can afford the cost for that advantage.

Did I just read a quote stating that the Q10 should be $1,500? I think someone slipped something into my Gatorade. I see crazy people.

OK let me see... you mean to say that business people do not value their money, or do you consider them morons? I am responsible for P&L Account in my area and let me tell you, in the current market I would prefer to hit all the extra bucks (say aprox 500USD as per your statement), to go directly to the bottom line and not to a hardware EXPENSE (it is not even an investment added value the 500USD extra). Even if it could be considered as such, the value for money is not worth it.

Business works for money, try explaining to me why if say I have to equip 200 people, why on earth would I spend an extra 100.000USD.... clearly, whoever makes that comment has never been managing anything more than their house finances, let alone a business, and mind you in your house finances you may do as you like, but I would certainly propose you get a financial advisor... give them 500USD and you ll have a great ROI on that investment if this is your line of thinking...

Business people do not care about price... ( I am still laughing on that one...)

Plus, FYI, business medium and big contracts do not work the same way... this price would only be applicable to retail unit per unit sales mostly to individuals or small business owners... who actually pay for the discounts on the large volume deals with contracts regarding update of hardware etc when it comes to private medium-large corporations... just saying.

You are the most stupidest person I have ever come across in the internet world. I have been using the internet for 15 years now and I have never read such a moronic comment in my life. WOW. Just wow, I really hope you have a lot of money forever sweety.

@tw1g_007: Really, what a bogus and arrogant comment.
@500Nm: Business is not the same as usury, 1 should be fair in business.

your right, but its not $900, its £579. that's a big difference.
ask anyone with any common sense in the UK and they`ll express that the price in the UK doesn't follow the exchange rate. lets use an iphone5 as an example. a 32Gb ip5 is £599, so its a little more than a Q10 (apple website price btw) yet the same device in the US costs $749.

so logic and common sense would mean that the apple price comparisons show the true cost difference with import duties etc applied, and that simply popping the price into XE and converting it is a terrible idea. So really the Q10 should be about $700-$750 USD which is what you`ll probably find to be true.

I like how you throw in the 32gb iPhone, not 16 (like the q10). And most phones in the US are basically capped at around $650, including the iPhone, Galaxy S4, HTC One, etc. $700 - $750 is way too high for this. It's like pure greed on BlackBerry's part. And I got that $900 USD figure straight from this article.

And to continue with your logic, both the iPhone 5 and HTC One are price at £499 at Carphone Warehouse...

"Greed on BlackBerry's part...."?? That's rich when being compared with the other fruit company you mention. Why wouldn't they charge more for a better product?

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Regardless of how much we like BlackBerry and the new phones, from a competitive standpoint and value perspective, the q10 is not worth more than the top phones from competitors.

Respectfully disagree. This is by far the best, most powerful mobile productivity device with a full keyboard interface, which is preferred by many people who are well able and willing to pay for that preferred interface. Why sell that short??

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

err what? im quite sure I was clear, but I`ll put it in very simple terms for ya.
using an iphone5 32gb was NOTHING to do with spec or device, simply that the price in £ was comparable, this means that when in $ youd expect the price to also be comparable.

and yes, your quite right, you can use any phone to show the logic, it just has to be the same device in both countries, but using a £499 phone wouldn't be the worlds cleverest idea when we are looking at phones closer to £600.

Seriously? You were clear to point out that the iPhone was more than the q10 in your comment "straight from Apple's website", which is why you choose the 32gb model as the example. And those £499 phones happen to be among the top (and newest) smartphones today, hence why I used them as the example.

well I said the Q10 is £579 and the iphone5 32Gb was £599. cant see how I could be any clearer tbh.
but still, your missing the point, its NOTHING to do with the spec of the phone, I purely chose a 32gb iphone as its price is closest to that of a Q10 on the UK market.

This is so people can see the PRICE comparison, not the spec comparison.

its really not that hard, its simple common sense. if you still don't understand, please ask someone else, because if I have to explain why im using 2 very similar prices rather than 2 dissimilar prices, then you've proved there is truly no hope for humanity

My point has been, this entire time, about how the q10 is priced higher than comparable competing products. It's priced significantly higher in the UK than the competition. I Get what you're saying, but it doesn't have anything to do with my point.

your point was originally that $900 is an awful lot more than the other current phones.

I simply pointed out that it wont be $900 as the way someone has come up with that price is daft. so yes $900 is more than other phones, but the Q10 wont be $900

You're right about that, but I then compared the q10 to the other top phones at CW, all in pounds, and the q10 is still priced significantly higher. Let me be clear, I WANT BB to succeed and I'm buying a q10 as soon as it's available. But I think BB is foolishly overpricing the product and in my humble opinion, it's going to ultimately hurt sales much more than it helps.

You can always lower the original price, you can't increase it. Even if its a few months later, why not capture the high margins for as long as sales momentum is strong? If it is isn't then lower it. Nobody who is buying a Q10 is considering an S4 or iphone 5 anyway. They've already switched.

BlackBerry don't decide the price at the store. The retailer decides the price. So not "pure greed" on BlackBerrys part. Maybe greed on Carphone Warehouse part.

And if the retailer thinks the demand is great enough to charge a premium, and they sell out in 90 minutes, then maybe the price is too low!

BlackBerry will no doubt receive the same amount whether the price is 579GBP or 529GBP - which the price will probably fall to at the retailer in just a few short weeks.

So if you want a better price all you have to do is be patient. Or you can always buy it on a plan.

You do understand that the Q10 is not competing for the same market as the iPhone5. It makes me chuckle. Might I suggest a career that doesn't involve marketing.

If you think that the q10 isn't in direct competition with the iPhone in the corporate world, you are fooling yourself my friend.

It's not competing with the iphone5. It is BlackBerry meeting the request of 80 million users last summer begging for a qwerty unit. These users are physical key users. If they wanted an iphone, they would have had one a long time ago. I have the z10 and love the new BB10. But I miss my Bold for accuracy. I can type on that baby with my eyes closed and just as fast. I am probably going to buy the Q10. I don't care the cost. I have a lot of emails, messaging to do, and I don't like making mistakes.

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yep. i for one had the means to buy iphone 5 and s4, i bought an HTC One X+ back in January just because i couldn't wait for the new BBs. But as soon as Q10 was released, i ditched iphone 5 and S4 over Q10. i love the full qwerty on q10, now my HTC became a secondary phone to me, but i love em both, nonetheless.

"competition" implies that the iPhone somehow stands a chance against the Q10... it doesn't. So i think he's right. No competition here at all.

Thanks for reminding me I pay VAT every single day as im from the uk.

fyi the apple price I used to demonstate which was £599 also included vat. its called comparing like for like.

So, where exactly is the SD slot on the iPhone5? 50 bucks gives you 64 G of expandable and replaceable memory on the Z10 and Q10. And how much would that memory cost you on the iPhone5. You make me chuckle.

And now the Galaxy 4 also comes with a QWERTY keyboard. Man, I must have been asleep when they announced that. That's quite a change from the previous version. Cool, can I pick that up at the same place their selling the QWERTY iPhone5?

So the physical keyboard makes BlackBerry immune to competition. Interesting...is that why their stock fell to $6 after the 9900, which is the greatest QWERTY smartphone ever? I'm buying the q10 as soon as it's available (in the US), but let's not pretend that the iPhone and galaxy s4, etc. aren't serious threats.

Well yes, QWERTY keyboards appeal to a different demographic. Limited completion in this demographic. Translates into a higher premium. Sort of simple.

The demographic isn't as limited as you think. They've said all along that they're targeting iphone and android users as much as BB users, and that they're trying to make inroads in the consumer market.

"like for like"

There is no like for like.
Apple cannot add extra memory card.
No removable battery.
No keyboard. Etc,etc,etc...

BlackBerry No crappy home button...
The caveman days are gone... Or still slowly dieing for some.
First thing I did with my Z10 was throw in a 64GB card which does not cost that much maybe he should have got the price for icrap 5 with 64gb if they sell it that way.

You're confusing how we like the BlackBerry to the economics in the industry. I like it better than the iPhone, too, but that doesn't mean the iPhone isn't still outselling it...

Based on your logic, the Nexus 4 should be outselling the iPhone and GS3/4. It isn't always based on price as the bottom line but what you get for the price you pay. There are many people who still want a QWERTY keyboard and will pay for the Q10. If not, they will wait for the next, lower priced QWERTY.

@camera, you like giving negative spin to everything about Blackberry, don't you? You have been identified as a troll long before at Crackberry.

Your wrong, I just call it like I see it. Pricing something much higher than the competition isn't smart in my opinion, and will hurt sales with consumers. There's a difference between constructive criticism and trolling. And if fanboys want to call me a troll for saying the obvious, than go right ahead @NotGoodIMO

you do raise a fair point, what is the competition for the Q10?
truly i'd like to know. and please don't tell me a it's full touch is its competition, it simply isn't, otherwise those 2000 buyers at Selfridges woul of bought the Z10 sometime previous.

You seem to think that because the q10 has a physical keyboard, it's somehow above and beyond having competition. Both the iPhone and galaxy phones are making significant inroads in the corporate world. Don't forget that BlackBerry's stock fell to $6 after the 9900, which is generally accepted to be the greatest QWERTY smartphone ever. I plan to get the q10 as soon as it's available, but pricing it well above the competition is a big mistake in my humble opinion.

Yes brother.BB are repeating past mistakes again.High end pricing of 9900 and lack of innovaion have brought them to their current stage.Now they have innovated but again wrong pricing strategy.Why cant they get their acts right together????????

Honestly, save your breath. You're arguing with fanboys. I won't enter a flame war here, but they're not being objective. (Being objective is being a troll on a fan site, dontcha know?)
Just because THEY think the q10 is the best phone ever, they assume the whole world will agree. Not gonna happen! You're 100% correct: if being the best keyboard phone was enough, then BB would not have DESPERATELY needed BB10 to survive the ONSLAUGHT of iOS and android (even in the business/corporate world). And heck, the future of BB, even with OS10 is still up in the air. It's no done deal.
That being said, though BB is being greedy, clearly they can get away with it. Non-keyboard fanatics will just go with the z10 anyway. Most of those who want the q10 will be willing to pay a little extra. It's a dying breed anyway, may as well milk it while they can!
This is being said by someone who can't wait to put the z10 and q10 side by side and get one of them.

It's only not smart if it doesn't work for them. You are correct that this phone is in competition with iPhone and S4. However this phone differentiates itself with the physical keyboard some people, not everyone, will want this feature and will pay for it. I've seen the price its more than I was expecting but not unreasonable. Instead of buying it right away for my wife I'll wait for her birthday this summer. I'm sure that BlackBerry has done marketing research on this and they think they'll sell 10's of millions, time will tell but I think they are right.

also the q10 is stil hard to get hold of (which is why it also has a higher price) it took over 4 weeks to come into my local town which is not near a big city and my local mobile phone store still doesn't have it as its a small EE store and I had to travel to the nearest city centre to pick it up

2 Things.
1) People who get a Q10 really want a qwerty keyboard. There's nothing with a keyboard that comes close to the Q10, and Blackberry is the first manufacturer that everyone looks to when a keyboard is needed.

2) The rate at which the Q10 is selling suggests that the price is OK with customers. Also, the monthly contract price is in line with other brand new flagship phones.

Since I have a Z10 that got off contract I'm goona have to find a cheap way to get the Q. Maybe keep an eye on craigslist

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You will probably be better off keeping an eye on your carriers pre-owned devices section on their website. Usually you will have people who have buyers remorse or regret and return the device within 30 days which they will make sure is still in good working order and has no cosmetic damages.

The benefit to other people as consumers looking for the best price is that it is usually $200 cheaper then the current retail price or even lower as time goes on.

I sure hope he's right... that pricing seems crazy. Hopefully their research is right. PlayBook was priced way high too and it was a very hard sell. At least the BB10 hype and experience are out there already. GO BB GO!!!

I'll trade my brand new HTC one for a q10 any day. Don't imagine there would be to many takers on this forum. .

Won the slab in a contest. Required to activate it for a certain length of time. Can't wait to go back to black.

Sad but true berry. (Hangs head in shame.) To be honest, I thought winning the phone would be a good way to help finance a q10 purchase. The one is a slick phone but I'm not impressed with the overall experie 've

very generous of you! however, there may be someone out there willing to pay for this philf. we'll see.

You are crazy, the HTC One is awesome. I loved my z10 and I miss the virtual keyboard... but that's it. And I am sure down the line some developer will create a bb10 virtual keyboard for android :>

Sure its a nice device but it doesdoesn't have a physical keyboard. That's what I am missing. Putting decent hardware in a traditional blackberry form factor is what I've been waiting for a long time.

Have you tried a z10? That has brought me hope that virtual keyboard will be even better soon!

Anyway obviously if you're mind is set to a form factor then for sure theres no point in even trying different hardware :)

My brothers got one I tried for a few minutes. The touchscreen keyboard one the one is pretty good at fixing my mistakes and the screen is amazing. I can't help that I prefer a physical kb over touchscreen. By the sounds of it I'm not alone.

I own a Z10. Saw the Q10 in the store today (I know a bloke, gave me a seek peek). And honestly I wanna own both. This is horrible. They should have both been released at the same dam time.

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I handled the Q10 a couple of weeks ago and I almost soiled myself. I'd never go back to a physical Qwerty device, but damn that thing felt good!

Some used to have an iThis or an AndroThat besides their work BB. I for one will probably have a Q10 for work and a Z10 for weekends and holidays. It's nothing but a SIM swap (and a few minutes BBM sync) !

Assuming that BlackBerry sells the phone at 500 and the profit margin stays at 40%. Then that means they make 200 per phone and if you multiply by 5 million units in a quarter, then BlackBerry makes 1 billion in a quarter. Once you add in service revenue, then BlackBerry will truly be making a lot of money and analyst will certainly raise there estimates and the stock price will go up.

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Welp - since I am on Sprint - I will have to wait for the Q very impatiently ..... And I also heard they willbe getting the next touch screen phone in the 3rd qtr...... Quad core...... Not sure if I can wait that long!!

Wow, Q10. Yes $900 buckaroos is quite a lot. But i don't doubt that there will be a price drop of some sort.

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The legendary keyboard is the driving force of what a BlackBerry is for many people, especially the core market of business customers. A big law firm in here in the UK just ordered over 1,000 of these things already. I believe this device is what will bring them back to their peak.

you guys are forgetting something important about the corporate world: its all about volume buying and volume discount. everything is priced higher in the corporate world and most corporate buyers would buy in bulk with significantly discounted price. I am pretty sure someone buying 100,000 Q10 wont pay 900$ for each.

I need the physical kb from the Q10 to even have a chance to post first! Argggh...

But seriously, $900 off contract? Are you kidding me?! Even the iPhone didn't at any time cost that much!

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You're comparing two markets that have two different currencies and two different standards of living. While £579 is equivalent to around $900 USD, that doesn't mean it's the same as selling it in the US for $900. That's the price the market will bear in the UK (and it clearly has thus far). Compare prices in the same market.

It's true that the Q10 is selling for slightly more than the S4, but even at that, people are still willing to pay the money for it. It's what the market will bear and what people are willing to pay. They're taking a bit of a gamble, but really, it's selling for $50 more on contract than the Z10 was selling for, and outright for $50 more (at least in Canada - Z10 for $650 off contract, Q10 for $699 off contract). If it's something you can't afford don't get it. There are loads who will (including myself - wife wants a Z10 so she will get mine and I'll get a Q10). I don't think this premium price will hurt BlackBerry at all -if anything, it shows their confidence that the phone will sell, and they priced it accordingly.


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Early adopters always have to pay more. No different here. Please don't tell me all this hew and cry is because you are planning on getting one but don't want to pay this much?

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

You're apparently not familiar with the current market. First of all, the Z10 was truly for early adopters and was priced right. Second, none of the latest "superphones" from competitors are priced over $199 on contract, or over $650 off (at most). I'm not worried about paying extra, but Blackberry isn't necessarily in a position to charge a premium right now, especially one that basically makes the q10 the most expensive smartphone on the market (in the 16gb range).

The Z10 competes in the same segment of the consumer market of the phones you listed and is cheaper. The Q10 is going after a different segment of the consumer market and is priced accordingly lots of people will only buy a physical keyboard phone, some will switch between either and some are diehard full touch. While it's still really early people are buying it at this price, yes some will be turned off by that price but as a company will they make more per unit at a higher price or at a lower cost sell more units. They do lots of research on finding this sweet spot so we'll see.

Thats the mentality Camera ... price the Porsche S4 at the Ford Focus level so that the dealership can have plenty of sales. Right? EVERYTHING sold is priced for what the target market can/will pay for the product. Its simple and basic econimics 101

Love the car metaphor that's what I've been trying to say. If you're looking at buying a truck you don't compare it to sports cars!

We can compare planes, trains, and automobiles. In order to sell the millions of units we hope to see get shipped, average consumers, imo would look at a very high price point and walk away. World economies are still screwed. Average consumers don't have a lot of money to burn.

Or have patience cause it's free and will lower most pricing. We've all been waiting for months so what's the problem to wait some more? Patience is indeed a virtue.

I hope BlackBerry doesn't fall to the trap Apple and Samsung have created by upgrading hardware every year. BlackBerry hasn't really done this on a consistent basis in the past, with having their "New" device stay new for 1.5 to 2 years.

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I think it had a lot more to do with the software. Spinning clocks caused a lot of people to leave BlackBerry. I am a patient person but I was close to leaving.

As you well know they were a little busy building their next gen platform for a while there, which I would say we agree they have executed very well on. Let's at least give credit where credit is due.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Don't get me wrong @Puz_zled. I think they're nailing it with BB10, and the q10 is the home run they needed. But don't arbitrarily stifle sales by charging an exorbitant amount for it!

You do realise that companies have to make money to stay in business?
BlackBerry have to charge enough to pay for the development, over far fewer phones than Apple or Samsung. So if you want one, you have to contribute more to the development costs.

It's a great 5 minute interview, I particular like the part where he says he doesn't know what the reason is for incinuating high return rates but you must base your claims on facts.

I think you ought to say "C" 10 and not Zed 10 when om american telly it would make seem less forign and germanny evil, so evil he speaks with an accent - apart from that he's probably the greatest CEO any company could hope for

And he dodged the question really well about returns,he said they were at the norm for the industry,the norm cld be who knows,20-30%.If he said that, the analysis would jump all over his answer and tommorow the stock would tank 10%.He's definetly had coaching and is coming along just fine.

I have to be a healthy pessimist. Between corporate and physical keyboard die-hards, I don't think we have 30 million or even 20 million people that will buy the Q10. That said, I REALLY hope it does sell at that level.

You say that Heins wouldn't make ridiculous promises... Well, I guess saying the Q10 would be available in April wasn't a ridiculous promise (one store doesn't count)... Or that the PlayBook would get BB10 soon after the launch...

I think the beginning of May should be considered close enough. A lot of delays for these things depend on the carrier.


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If Apple released a day late, would you be so generous? Most here wouldn't, they would shout long and loud about how they missed their release date. I've been on this site for a long time, and I'm no Apple fanboy, but I'm not real happy about BlackBerry's track record of customer support and keeping "promises" like BB10 will show up on the PlayBook either. While I prefer a BlackBerry, right now the better value for what I'm using my phone for, is an iPhone 5. I'll see what the app situation looks like in a couple of years. In my opinion, tech is tech, and I'll take whatever gets my job done the best at the time I'm purchasing. Hoping for BB10 for my PlayBook, but not holding my breath...

Honestly? I wouldn't care if Apple was delayed, but then again, I don't give my money to Apple. Further to that, Apple has a whole lot more disposable income to throw around, so it might be easier for them to ensure that there are no delays by the carrier.

BB10 on PB was promised, but no timeline was given. IIRC, the CEO mentioned that the plan is to get BB10 devices out to the market first and foremost, followed by making sure they work in the manner they want (by pushing out updates and such) and THEN BB10 OS will come to the PB. It's going to take time, and that's what has been said.


I think 30 million units is very reasonable over the course of two years. There's still a market for bb7 devices and those have sold well since its debut back in fall of '11

Sounds good but let's not get cocky.

No doubt A LOT of people are waiting for this phone. I think if BlackBerry can sell 10 million Q10 phones this year I would call it a success as it's really just 6 - 7 months or so of selling time.

Personally, I was waiting for this but I am so happy with the Z10, not going to switch.

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Hi everybody!!! Im sort of new and I must say I enjoy the comments... my first blackberry was the pearl 8100 now I have a curve.. I will get the z10... I must say Blackberry is definitely Back!!!!! I send my condolences to the apple sheep...mmmm remember where blackberry was two years ago... mmm ppl thought blackberry was dead... well apple.. how does it feel... no steve jobs.. no new innovations..no WOW factor. ... mmm that good ol karma... #BB10Believe :)

I sure hope so!! I hope US companies catch on too. I'm so sick of BlackBerry being dismissed by everyone here.

Given the pent up demand for the Q10 I don't think customers who haven't had a new phone in several years will object to a higher price. It's not that Q10 owners traditionally upgrade like Samsung or Apple owners. I see people with 5 year old models all day every day so they have saved their $. My bigger worry is how long til trolls on Wall Street intentionally damage stock value again to cover Apple losses.

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The price may seem high and never forget that the price can always be lowered, but it's awful hard to raise after release. I say go for it

Posted from My Smith Carona using a tin can and string

I think the pricing makes perfect sense. Whoever is still up for premium QWERTY devices/BlackBerrys these days, will pay nearly any price for it because he personally doesn't see any alternatives for it. So why not milking these guys?

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I aggree... Plus let's not forget a 10 M number is just 13 % of existing base. 2 years of pent up should would be way more than that...plus also the additional sales Z10 is picking up in Canada, UK, Indonesia, UAE and US...its going to be fantastic for BBRY...

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The z10 was released first to announce that blackberry is back in the game and to show they have a competitive mainstream product. They wanted anxious BlackBerry users to buy it instead of the q10 which many would have picked instead if we had a choice.
The q10 is out to satisfy those of us who prefer the Blackberry experience to anything else out there. It is targeting a relatively static market. I went to the gs3 last year and did not like it. I bought the z10 because I had to have it. I will also get the q10. BlackBerry wins with me by staggering the releases . Q10 will get very few converts from iPhone or android.
Next will be a series of phones priced to satisfy the emerging market loyalists as well as those who are price sensitive. Nothing new though on the feature front.
I speculate that in December that blackberry will release a product that will get big time attention from the big boys. I speculate that it will give us a taste of the BlackBerry mobile computing vision. I believe it will come with a cradle which will allow it to easily attach peripherals. I believe it will also project a virtual keyboard to any surface and hopefully even do some sort of display projection when out of the cradle. We have already seen some of this technology from hp and canonical, but blackberry has the user scale to bring it to market. I hope blackberry knocks the socks off the competition in Christmas. It will be interesting what apple will have by then as well.

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That doesn't make any sense. Why would BB want to force customers to buy the Z10, when they preferred the q10? Why not provide the model they really want?

They are not forcing anyone to buy anything. If someones really wants something they will wait or go somewhere else (probably hedged their bets on this). What they were doing was to try and get blackberry diehards who would have normally purchased the Q10 if they were both released at the same time, to give the new touch product a chance. Otherwise, there was a chance that the Z10 may have fallen flat on its face and could have killed Blackberry's longer term plans. Blackberry needs to get some penetration into the growing touch market and I believe they did that in a small way. They don't have to work that hard to get the true keyboard holdouts who were going to wait anyway. By doing it this way they gave the Z10 a chance to stand on its own for just a little bit before the big brother Q10 comes in and overwhelms the Z10. I would be very surprised if the Z10 can generate decent sales numbers from now on, but they did manage to prove that Blackberry now has a pretty decent true touch product. Blackberry will need to wow us in December for sure. That is my take and the staggered release makes perfect sense to me. It seems like good business decision and a crucial one. I am sure they have a short term 1 to 2 year calculated plan in place.

I live in NZ where the Z10 isn't on sale yet....dont ask me why not....but I was walking past a Parallel import shop and saw one solitary single Z10 on display....and was among heaps of Nokia, Apple and Samsung products...so I rescued it...gave it a home and charge it every night next to my Note2 and iphone5. I really like the phone. I hope this new R10 Curve has a bigger screen....5 inch would be just fine please Thorsten. Oh...Z10 was $960 big ones....bread and wine for rest of the month. Go BBRY.

Hi Chris,

"Say BlackBerry moves into a one year replacement cycle for its hardware, similar to Apple. The Q10 will then be “the” QWERTY device to own for the next year, until which time as something else replaces it, and perhaps it stays on the market at a lower price point."

BlackBerry Q10 is in a one year replacement cycle. Current BB devices are already beyond their 1 year warranty cycle for the majority of people that bought them upon first launch - those under 12months have that long left before BIS emails is shut down for good, globally, along with corporate roll-out for said existing devices will see no value keeping older devices when its still free to migrate existing CALS over to newer BB10 devices and trial for BES10 extended to 60 days ( into a production and trail server deployment) - we're not sure on BES10 pricing vs BES5 though - its a no brainer this IS a 12 month upgrade cycle incentive and hard-line. Moreover many corporations or large business' have ActiveSync enabled, have most likely relied on existing MDM competitive solutions that have more than likely caused a bit of headaches or less than expected results on performance and reliability ... it only makes better sense to switch to BES10, drop BES5 do a massive roll-out for users that are still on legacy BBOS devices 7.1 or lower, and migrate them to BB10 - these are the users that have either denied or even tried iOS and felt un-inspired, neither wowed and really didn't improve their productivity only to find their roaming costs have skyrocketed! Many Gartner reports of this - and I've personally seen bills from $5/mth to double that for roaming of less than 2wks for Canadian users, imagine the USA or smaller countries in Europe or S.America where large business are still global and have to have users roam - part of doing business.

If a corporation can afford to drop BES5, upgrade to BES10 and upgrade existing users to BB10 while still offering security, productivity, modern media and server resources access - which we all know is up to par with existing devices (Android and iOS), while lowering or controlling roaming costs for existing and future application requirements ... is this not a no brainer? Many MDM's using iOS cannot specifically control Emails lower than 1 or 3 months or Unlimited - you can provision this, but you cannot restrict a user from changing this - due to iOS provisioning limitations even in 6.1 ... and think some users have mailboxes over 10GB ... should a profile get updated, or a bug in iOS cause the device to begin re-downloading that mailbox and their set to unlimited (or their at 1 month yet the user needs emails beyond this and manually changes it themselves not knowing/thinking/caring about roaming costs) ... BAM the provider will say with your next monthly bill "how does it taste!" ;)

There are many more factors and most of them come down to productivity for the value of the dollar per user that is paid vs consideration of the cost of doing business. Both can balance each other out; yet much better with BB10 and BES10.

Huh? 12 months until BIS is turned off for good? I'm not sure where you heard this one, but if you have I'd love to find out where you learned it and how credible the source is. Here in Canada there are still OS7.1 devices retailed (the 9320 namely), and as far as I could glean from past discussions there would still be OS 7.1 devices manufactured and sold in developing markets, meaning BIS would actually have to remain functioning beyond 12 months to facilitate this. Just my own two cents there...

Apologies ... correction. BIS is 12 months use only when you migrate to BB10 and thereafter no further. Source is from BlackBerry (blackberry.com/btsc) and providers that provide the service indirectly via BlackBerry through their documentation. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for noticing my error.

PS: I doubt BlackBerry will keep BIS services working once very cheap BB10 device alternatives make it to all nations where BlackBerry is currently or previously offered before using the legacy platform. Not concrete just my assumption - bad I know - but that bandwidth is costly for BlackBerry and I'm sure they can use that bandwidth and NOC to much better use into the future.

BlackBerry's pricing of the Q10 is based on pure demand supply curves.

The first Z10s (from Canada) sold for as high as Rs. 90000 in India (via eBay) that's around $1640!!!

So based on such facts and with the huge pent up demand for this Qwerty device it is only fair that BlackBerry milks some part of super normal profits that the first devices will bring to the resellers!

Master stroke from Heins and whoever came up with the decision to price these phones this high to start off!

Disclaimer: I'm super long on BlackBerry stock

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I could vouch for a minimum of 5 million BB Q10s being sold in Saudi within the first 6 months (due to stock availability, and this is for Saudi Arabia let alone the rest of the GCC and Arabic countries surrounding it accounting for many more Handsets in the Middle East. I can only imagine how much they will sell in a year WORLDWIDE.

Also, I strongly believe that the price was set higher due to many factors but mainly that the Q10 is not an Iphone competitor as the Z10 is but for the die hard fans that Waited this whole time just for a keyboard and would give up their second child for a Qwerty, lol. Thus feeling very safe about raising the price as the die-hard qwerty fans would definitely pay that extra 50 for keyboard use. Its like raising the price of crack to addicts (s/he wants it so bad he doesnt care about the extra dollar) ironically im one of those BB addicts.

They just do ... what you did ? And if I refer to you signature, you didn't ditch it since we last hear from you. Pretty confusing, w/o offense.

So, pricing 101, you launch a new product at an inflated price, all the early adopters pile in, suffer the glitches, Blackberry fixes the bugs and then drops the price. Just like every other smart phone launch.

He's dreaming, unless corporate clients get it at half price. BB's largest customer base has a Curve and they're being lured away by cheap Facebook and Whatsapp phones.

Unfortunately then truth and then demise of unlimited BIS in emerging loyal economies like South African is seeing many ports to Android.

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I actually think that TH coming out with even rough sales figures like this for the q10 is more indicative that they do not expect the qwerty device to be on a yearly upgrade cycle, the form factor has far less need for a spec bump or have as much room to increase display size which are the primary drivers of upgrades and more important for the all-touch models since they are more directly competing with others rather than having their own defined audience.

Perhaps we will get the top of the line qwerty models on an 18 month upgrade cycle or even see a 24 month cycle with a slider alternating with the top qwerty, if it is the former then who knows maybe they would be aiming for a 9 month cycle on their top of the line all-touch as seems to be the case with one being expected before xmas, although we would need to wait and see when the next one after that came out to see if they were going to try a 9 month cycle or merely shifting their 12 month cycle to pre-xmas.

10's of millions? Sorry won't happen. If people were that hungry for a QWERY device, then HTC, Samsung, et la, would have a QWERTY device. This device is for RIM die hards, that's it. Delusional CEO.

I tend to disagree. Companies stopped making QWERTY devices because of Apple. BlackBerry floundered not because of their QWERTY devices, but because of their dated OS. There is a correlation between the two, as they occurred in essentially the same time frame, but the one did not lead to the other. Apple's boom did not lead to BlackBerry's bust - they are related, but not intertwined.

Apple's boom came because they were different - at that time, many phones were still running on T9 for text messaging, with other full keyboard phone available. Many companies that started making QWERTY phones (LG Rumour, for example) were made more as an afterthought and as low-end devices (non-smartphones) as opposed to smartphones. BlackBerry kept updating the same, crummy and slow operating system (you can modify a Honda Civic all you want, it will never be a Cadillac), and people left them behind. Apple was the antithesis of this (full touch, smooth interface, fast internet, etc) and the carriers catered to this. All the other smartphone companies saw the success of the full-touch iPhone at the same time as BlackBerry was in decline and jumped on the full-touch bandwagon. BlackBerry still did not move forward and sunk even further behind.

Flash-forward to now. After two years of development, BB10, built completely from the ground up is now available, and a lot of effort has gone into making this marketable to new customers while remaining loyal to those who have stuck with the company this long. These two devices have the potential to really turn things around for the company (and that process has already begun). It won't put them back on top (yet), but it makes them competitive again, something that hasn't been able to be said for BlackBerry in a number of years. I don't think it's a stretch for the CEO to believe the Q10 can sell tens of millions of units, and if it's able to do well, this could be the beginning of the return of QWERTY devices as a real option in the smartphone world.


BlackBerry will have to drop the price for both Z10 and Q10 because not so many people would buy them! They need to get more users back instead of ripping people off

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They aren't ripping people off at all. That is UK pricing. the North America/Canada pricing will be allot lower.

Hopeful of "tens of millions" by end of summer (3-4 mths post release) and BlackBerry certainly needs such sales to survive. But, sorry, just not likely to happen in first quarter post release, if ever. The only shot for Q10 (in multiples of Z) is to have what remains of BB Corp base buy in. I don't see a COO or CIO of a major Corp, however, jumping too fast on the Q's. It's OS10 that they will (should) be leary of for a few more months. For now they'll stay with 9900's, or other BB non OS10 devices, running on 7. (Yes, they'll be some exceptions. ) Look for possible Corp sales end of year only if satisfied with the then current OS10rev.

Unlike the Corps, the AVERAGE (non Corp) remaining John/Jane Doe using the BB at this time is probably not waiting for Q10, nor a keyboard, per se. Rather, they'll change to the device that allows easiest transition, albeit perhaps in marginal preference to a BB, but will also look for additional functions at an efficient price. It is these 30-40mm that BB must look to coax and retain a high % with its new OS10 - - whether Z or Q phones. The very most loyal BBers, at least with any sort of pocket cash and desirous of 2012 functionality, already changed to a Z (even if preferring Qwerty)...simply to finally breathe again after 2-3years in the dark.

Q keyboard is tempting, and for some so is a clutch in a car, but doubtful that Q sales can surpass by multiples the Z. A better question might be not whether Q outsells Z but what if Z undersells Q (by multiples)?? No doubt some early Z users will also support Q sales but if Q outsells Z in multiples, then BlackBerry may be in a bigger financial quandary than already apparent....I think that we'll see Q price (ave intro - $200 w/2yr) drop pretty quickly by summer's end. Units sold is almost as important as revs for BB and it must maintain 75+mm user base going forward.

All these marketing and CEO releases, of course, are puffery supported mostly by smoke, mirrors, and wishful investors: We'll know the reality of actual numbers soon enough. But absolutely would like to see those multiples in sales .... A minimum 15mm Z/X's ordered prior to Christmas or the Bears may grow fat feasting on late Fall Blackberries before settling in for Winter.

Until then, we can all be extra supportive of CB (and thereby BB) by assisting with reporting and helping to resolve any Z/Q/OS problems...

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i see a lot of people complaining about the price but my carriers site (Fido) says that it will only be 650 CAD, thats no where close to 900 ;)

I believe this will be the case.

I know many users who have NEVER used a BlackBerry who are excited for the Q10.

Too bad Australia seems to get everything last.

Blackberry Faithful

I have Z10. It's my first fully touch screen smartphone, bit I absolutely love it. Can't wait to get the Q10, though!

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I can't wait to actually get the q10. I ain't a diehard at all, but I whole-heartedly support blackberry and everything about them. Fantastic smartphones and a great tablet kicks ass!!