What’s Running in My Phone? – Task Manager for your BlackBerry smartphone

By Alicia Erlich on 3 Dec 2010 11:35 am EST

What's Running in My Phone

What's Running in My Phone by LSphone is an app to help with unexplainable battery drains, memory leaks, and overall sluggishness not fixed with a battery pull. Clean up unwanted or problematic applications that wreak havoc with your system by discovering what's running in the background and not appearing in App Switcher.

What's Running gives a complete list of running and waiting apps (including percentages), detects remnants of apps that continue working after deletion, and shows spyware leftover from free trials. It automatically updates to display all currently running processes and can be turned off when needed so as not to put a drain on your battery. You can even force start an app that fails without rebooting your phone.


  • Icon indicator with total number of apps running/waiting
  • Invisibly-running app viewer
  • Background app starter
  • Avoid some resets / battery pulls
  • App module force-deleter
  • Determine which apps run automatically on startup

What's Running in My Phone? is available at the CrackBerry App Store for $1.99 and is available for all touch and non touch devices running OS 4.2+.

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Reader comments

What’s Running in My Phone? – Task Manager for your BlackBerry smartphone


Lovin' the short & sweet review. I really wish there was a way to kill processes on the BB though. That's my dream task manager :-D

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a direct way for 3rd-party apps to do that using the programmer interfaces. Thought of one possible way to do it, but RIM might not like it, so I've asked permission but haven't heard back yet.

If that gets the OK and the method works, then What's Running may in the future be able to list processes by how much CPU they're using, and terminate them without having to delete or reset, similar to a computer task manager.

Hopefully RIM will allow it. If you are able to add the ability to kill processes, then I'll for sure buy the app.

Agreed. For as many "Windows-like" features that BB OS has (multi-tasking, folders, etc.), it lacks a way to kill apps that you don't want running. I think the majority of BB users don't even know what a hard/soft reset is versus simply turning the phone off with the red button. If you think about the only time they probably ever reset their phones is when being prompted after installing/deleting something, there's a good chunk of people who have like a dozen apps running in the background and don't even know it!

There actually IS a way to do that..by accessing the Engineering Screens on the device..and entering "JVM Engineering screens", there you can also see all the running processes on your phone and kill applications accordingly, however, killing the wrong one can crash your phone so be careful.

True, if you don't mind going to the web to get a new unlock code when your escreens session expires. Also the escreens don't give you a homescreen icon showing you at a glance how many processes are running. But yes, what the escreens do is what I would have this app doing if possible.

RIM may have locked us out of terminating parts of running apps (and locked us out of the escreens) for security and reliability reasons. Anyone who's messed with computers long enough knows you can terminate just part of an application or some OS process and crash or destabilize the app or your system.

First of all, you can set the code to last 30 days, which is a pretty long time.

Second of all, it's easily accessible by doing alt+shift+h or just leaving the escreen window running in the background and switching to it

Third of all, the worst that can happen is just a reboot,

Currently you can also get one of these other apps with it at no extra charge; look in Bundles in the CrackBerry Superstore app on your phone:
- Christmas Countdown Homescreen Ornament
- Multi-Click Icons
- Video Flashlight
- 32 Impressionist Wallpapers and Charging Screen
- BlackCharge
- Memory Monster

The best deal is What's Running with Memory Monster, which normally would be $4.98, but right now is $1.00 if the bundle shows in the store. It doesn't always show all bundles.

As a registered user of this app, I can say in all honesty that it is pretty cool but....being able to shut down programs would make it one of the BEST EVER. Nudge, nudge, hint, hint....;-)

Understand. But RIM made a decision to lock users out of the escreens functionality, and I'm not going to publish something that circumvents that without an "OK" from them.

Sure hope she means it helps resolve, identify or something..unexplainable battery drains, memory leaks, and overall sluggishness not fixed with a battery pull.

LOL I had to read it like three times. "Who would want an app that helps with unexplainable battery drains?" LMAO