What is RIM still hiding in BlackBerry 10?

By Simon Sage on 4 Dec 2012 08:44 am EST

During the general session at BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012, Research In Motion hinted heavily that there are still a few parts of the new platform that we have yet to see. Of course, the final software development kit doesn't go live for a couple of weeks still, but the impression is that there's more beyond that. Like what?

It seems likely that something BBM-related is still coming down the BlackBerry 10 pipe. Between the BBM 7 beta with Voice support and its tie-in to BlackBerry ID, the front-facing camera on the Dev Alpha devices, and the prominency of video chat on the BlackBerry PlayBook, it wouldn't be a stretch to expect Video Chat to be among the new features we haven't seen in BB10 yet. Remember, the PlayBook never had native BlackBerry Messenger, so Video Chat was treated as a separate app experience. And video chat on the PlayBook was tied to a user's BBID - not their device pin. Put it all together, along with the fact there are over 50 million BBM users today, and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out something hot is cooking there.  

Pondering it and seeing it in unveiled and in action are two different things, and I think this would be a great feature for RIM to wow us with, whether at CES in Vegas early next month, or if not there then at the grand unveiling of BlackBerry 10 on January 30th.

So that's one potential hidden feature. And I'm sure there is another BlackBerry 10 trick or two up RIM's sleeve. What would you like these hidden BB10 features to be? Sound off in the comments!

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What is RIM still hiding in BlackBerry 10?


As weird as it sounds, I'd love to see native panorama photo taking on it. (chances are it will have it) but It's something which would be cool to use in situations.

Other than that I'm already sold either way. Never really been a stickler for apps or anything. As long as the pone helps me complete my daily tasks then I'll love it

I believe they have shown that feature. If they haven't demoed it, I have seen it in a video in the menu.

Before adding such features as panorama or any other camera feature, the camera itself MUST be good, comparable to the iPhone 5 and SGIII. I find the Dev Alpha is awful handling low light compared to my iPhone 4S. This is one of those things that RIM must get right if it wants to succeed in the consumer market.

I would expect BB10 to have panorama capability, given that all other competitive smartphones have that feature.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

Yes, Yes. Other platforms have it, I want it too. With a super camera that takes good pictures in low light.

While I'm here, I might as well add that I am disapointed that the track pad has dissapeared from the face of BB10. I believe that the rim of the phone is touch sensitive, it is therefore possible to reserve a small portion of the rim to act as a track pad. I just hate to unintensionally hit a link when I am browsing, very anoying

Video chat will be great - but it will only appear to the rest of the smartphone world as a "Me Too" reaction on RIM's part, with FaceTime on iOS & Skype on other platforms having been available for quite some time. They should not expect to wow the world with it though. I'm hoping there is another Ace up their sleeve for a real Wow reaction.

Aaa, but they will have something the others don't, video chat with screen sharing. Imagine not just video calling, how about video calling and sharing a movie or a football match between friends.

Not just video chat but multiple video chat, sharing screens & a whiteboard! A true collaboration tool!

If they implement proprietary video chat on BB10, I hope they do it right, because there is real potential for them to make this a "wow" factor, rather than just a "me too" service.

What they need to do is deeply integrate multitasking into video chat so that I can
a) share my screen when i'm in any other different program,
b) have the option to still see the reaction of the person that I'm video chatting with when in the other program, and
c) allow for simple online collaboration/annotations on the shared screen.

I see two pretty powerful use cases for this:

1) Personal: You took a video of your son's second birthday party, but your parents couldn't be there, so when you're video chatting with them the next day, you play the video for them over video chat, and you're able to talk about the video as it plays. (I actually did this using my playbook, but had to stream the video to my TV with the Playbook's HDMI port, and "film" it over video chat using the Playbook's back camera).

2) Work: You share the screen with the spreadsheet that you're working on with your client across town. You are both able to annotate and scroll through a built in tool similar to an existing annotation tool. All the while you are able to discuss your changes with each other, and have the option of seeing each other through minimized windows at the top of the screen). When you're done you can share the annotated document as a PDF.

I think that both of these could be really powerful "wow" factors, to the point where they would make great commercials. And the technology is there with QNX to make it happen. I just hope this is the implementation that they are going for.

I would love to see an PC App Store experience similar to iTunes. Granted I hate iTunes interaction with actual devices but the purchasing ease and layout are beautiful. I know we have Blackberry World but I would love to see it expanded into something even greater. FYI I'm typing this from an iPhone 5 that has been replace 3 times in the last 12 days. Rim I need you! (I5: Worst phone I've ever owned)

I would love to see an PC App Store experience similar to iTunes. Granted I hate iTunes interaction with actual devices but the purchasing ease and layout are beautiful. I know we have Blackberry World but I would love to see it expanded into something even greater. FYI I'm typing this from an iPhone 5 that has been replace 3 times in the last 12 days. Rim I need you! (I5: Worst phone I've ever owned)

wait 10 years for the QNX automated refrigerator:

Open up your kitchen app, select the food available in your refrigerator/ what you want to eat, select an available meal with the components available, hit Prep.

Your fridge gathers all the ingredient and begins to wash/chop and prep your meal.

once you're closer to getting home, you can tap the "prepare meal" button and the food is then passed on to your "smart cooker" (smart oven)

you get home to an almost ready meal.

and I agree, I'll take care of breakfast: can't trust a robot to not get egg shells in my omelet.

I would think the media would be busy scrutinizing too many other things like # of apps, specific app titles, hardware and software nuances etc.

True but mainly because its RIM. iphones didnt have flash or cut and paste for years, the media were conspicuously silent on the matter.

Things that have not been announced that I would like to see :
(Or things that HAVE been announced, but I just don't know about)

-Customizable "base" color (overall color scheme for the OS)
-Accessibility options
-Suite of Native apps such as: Voice notes, memo, password keeper...
-redesign of the contacts "app"
-BlackBerry Maps
-Notification customization
-Clarification on OS7 bridge app to BB10 (will I be able to use my OS5/6/7 device and bridge to my BB10 device? or maybe my BB10 playbook?
-shortcut functions

Features that would be too good to be true:

-HTML5 based "bridge" between my BB10 device and my work computer giving me limited access to my device via web/desktop which could include : file sharing (cloud based), BBM, limited or controlled access to the Hub
-like Double_J75 mentioned, house cleaning capabilities

well i am expecting a cross plateform BBM, with limited functionalities on other OS, yes bbm voice and video will be there.
i know one of the co CEO outsted coz he was talking bbm to be cross plateform, but yes.... it will be coming and blackberry will use its NOC for other mobile devices also.

1) BBM voice and Video(pb and bb)
2) BBM will be cross plateform with limited functionalities.
3) NOC support for other mobile devices for mails.
4) Game Center and Music Hub
5) NOC will support VOIP service to various callers from various plateform with roaming all over globe.

thanx keving... i hope i can get +1 for that....:):)

Blackberry addict
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Previous devices: Iphone 5-bold 9000- bold 9700.

I think cross platform would be amazing idea if they did it like this:
BBM became popular because texting was expensive, now its unlimited so that spark is gone. What is now expensive is Data, since you don't pay for BBM because its over blackberry servers not the carriers, it will be the place consumers save money on charges. Now with BBM Money, BBM Cloud, BBM Wallet, BBM Video... etc all on bbm, the consumer saves data charges.

If Blackberry allowed BBM on iPhones and Android, you can video chat for free without data charges on an iPhone and much more. But here is the catch, Android users and iPhone users can't add each other, they can only add blackberry users, and Blackberry users can add everyone. This gives the users the Taste of BBM glory, but to have the whole experience, they need to buy it.

I like this idea! BlackBerry mind share would go way up and make the platform sticky again at the margins where people communicate with people who own BlackBerry phones. If their experience is better than their other messaging experiences, then maybe they start migrating over.

one feature I'd like to see in BBM is the ability to disable broadcasts.

When someone sends a broadcast they should receive an automated generic message from each person that has disabled it like "user25 has disabled broadcast messages" That way they would know who did not get their message (and also have to contend with a host of generic messages which would hopefully deter future unnecessary broadcasts).

this would not be a wow factor but it would be a great gift to us faithfuls

I would like to see a "Car Mode" option. For example if you dock you BB10 phone in your car, the phone will change the interface to the QNX Car 2 interface, but in a better seemless experience.
I hope that will come too =D

this would be amazing! you could even get an NFC tag to launch/start this feature. just tap your phone on the dashboard sort of thing

That's a great idea. If Thorsten is serious about bb10 being a 'mobile computing' platform and not just a phone/tablet OS, I'm sure we will see something like that in the not too distant future.

You guys are good dreamers ;) I'm sure RIM is working on something of the sort. They've been pushing NFC for many reasons ;) Also they've spoken about a mobile computing platform, not just phones but integrated tablets in your hands or in your vehicles. Can't wait to see it all revealed and working on Jan 30th! :)

I would like my BB10 device to have aggressive seek and destroy mode that activates automatically when it is placed next to an android or ios device


Hilarious. It shouldn't be a "destroy" mode though. Just a small burst of disbursed energy that wipes the phone clean....they will never know what hit them...

Sick! Will it also come when you call it too? :) My wife is always looking for her phone. Good thing it rings when you dial the number. Perhaps if you carry a NFC tag on you and you walk away from your phone it can warn you that you're leaving it behind :D

I am hoping they have some surprise up their sleeves regarding NFC on BB10. We haven't heard much about some RIM-made apps that will include NFC capabilities.

I would like to see mobile payments done well. I know that they are launching peer-to-peer payments via BBM, but I think that RIM has a lot more potential regarding NFC.

I hope the UX will have some features not yet demoed.

Well, my needs are simple .... I want it all! Actually, if I can just sync Outlook without giving my confidential data to the likes of Google, I will be a happy camper.

As for the house cleaning ... I am developing an app for that. A flushable house. Every night you simply tell everyone if they want to own anything to hold on to it for a minute because you are about to flush. It will work with Car 2 as well. Soon you will see me doing those late night informercials ...

BB10 needs a competitive Maps and Turn by Turn navigation app - that it built in. All other phones have this Android, Windows, and Iphone. It is a must have.

Isn't that BlackBerry Maps and BlackBerry Traffic??... which exist already on existing BlackBerry devices.


How about a working GPS?

Seriously. 9700 and 9900 are plagued with dead GPS chips. Maybe it was the OS, but mine NEVER worked.

Maybe it's your roof. My Bold 9700 has a working GPS. In fact, it landed me a job! Go figure. And no, I'm not kidding.

BB Maps and BB Traffic are separate apps. They need to be integrated into one. Given the partnership with TomTom, I bet this is one of the features of BB10 that they are holding back!

Native Applications wish list:
1. Skype
2. Google+
3. Amazon (Marketplace, Cloud player, Reader)
4. ESPN (Watch, FFL)
5. NFL Mobile
6. Uverse, TW, Comcast (DVR, Remote Controls, VOD)
7. Hulu, Netflix (any mainstream streaming or downloadable video service)
8. Pinnacle Video Editor
9. QuickTime, MPEG, Windows Media Player with Digital Copy Capability
10. Instagram

from this list, IMHO, the most glaring current missing apps (which is to say, not available on the PlayBook's QNX OS) include:

Skype,Netflix, Hulu...maybe Instagram.

Don't understand Netflix and Hulu, when are you ever without devices that can get these services?? Are you going to watch Hulu on the go over a network provider? If you can afford that then get a nice ultrabook.

Instagram and Skype are already coming... As for quicktime good luck on that one..lol

Who uses google+

Pretty much everything else can be run in a browser so app or not you can still access it. If you want stuff on the wish list email the companies they build their apps not Rim.

... and Skype are already coming

How do you know this? What is the source?

This is a good list. I'm sure every potential *new* (either switching form other platforms or first time smartphone) BB10 user has a top 10 list of this kind. It will be interesting to see how many of these apps are on everyones wish list. Whether BB10 will sink or swim will, in the end, depend on how many of these must-have apps RIM can have natively on release.

1) A next level type of Siri integration.
2) BBM Video Chat
3) Blackberry Balance for consumers where we can have personal side and one side for password sensitive sites like banks
4) InterActive Frames like what has been shown on Jolla Sailfish
5) Themes
6) Faster boots
7) Concepts phones to house the BB10. Here's looking at you Blackberry Blade

I saw someone post that it's 7 seconds... If so this would be amazing. The PB load time kills be a bit each time.

I'm gonna have to chime in with (3) as well!

(7) The Blade is still the best looking phone I've ever seen. Period.

I think a light BBM cross platform with chat , voice and video is my guess.
Other platforms will probably have to download the lite BBM APP for a modest fee with update privileges. That should not be an issue, because deep inside people I talk too love and miss BBM. This would put to rest the Whats Ap APP vs BBM discussion.

The sync of BB10 with a cloud service will be the killer news....thats 100% !!

P.S - BYTD - Bring Your Two Devices !!

I will buy both BB10 Touch for the screen real estate fancy to keep me connected plus the BB10 Qwerky on my side for 24 hours Hyper-connection !!


A BBM cross platform app will never happen. Why people keep thinking it will is beyond me. Can an android user use facetime to call an apple user? NO

Same thing with Rim, want to talk wait for it use SKYPE like you all cry you need.

It's not that we need Skype per se, it's that a cross-platform text/audio/video chat solution is needed if BB10 is going to fulfill its potential. Whether in-house or outside does not matter so much as long as it works

Absolutely. Every time I'm on a web page where everything you touch causes the page to change, I'm always so glad to be able to use the trackpad to navigate without accidentally 'triggering' something.

Gonna really miss the trackpad... Trackpad by itself was limiting. Trackpad + touchscreen is awesome.

I'd love to see calendar sharing between BB phones. And if RIM can share/sync this info with non-BB phones or computers, that would be even better. With the wall between personal and work information, it should be do-able from a security point of view. As it is right now, I need to sync my BB with Google calendar using Google sync, and then my wife has to do the same from her iPhone, just so we can see each others' free/busy time. Pain in the butt.

Calendar sharing is already present using BBM Groups and it is probably the most awsome tool my BlackBerry has to prevent double-booking (which enhances spousal harmony).

Of course that means everyone has to have a BlackBerry which fortunately is the case in our household. When anyone adds an entry to the calendar a BBM notification is immediately sent to everyone in the Group and it is added to everyone's phone automatically, details and notifications and all! The recipient gets both an email and a message on BBM.

I would assume this will continue on BB10 perhaps with even more enhancements...

That sounds great, but it's a little different than what I want. I'd love for my wife to be able to just look in my calendar to see when I'm free if she's trying to book something, without everything I create having to be added to her calendar (and vice versa of course). What you're describing is - I believe - really only useful for events/appointments that the entire Group would be attending.

Maybe the ability to create a calendar group that can see each other's calendars.

Could you not just create a group for you and your wife then only post free time to that group

BlackBerry Torch 9860 and PlayBook

Please, either ditch the android player or polish/integrate it in a way that it flows with the rest of BB10. if android is used, embrace other Google services as well. Rather than fighting them like an enemy, take it in. Google search, Google+, G-mail, Google doc, Google Maps and so many more are VERY good services. take them in if possible!!!

How come Google+ is not one of the default integrated social networks like facebook, twitter, linkedin?

I would guess that google will need license out their services/api.

Actually, is the Google map app on android even open source or just that the app allow 3rd party apps to access the map functionality?

And Google+ sucks!

Keep it simple but surprise us with out of the box features. Battery life needs to be what it once was. A media and speaker system that blows the galaxy sIII out of the water. Keep all native apps except the crappy 3rd party apps that I don't use, if I want it on my phone I will download it. Short-cuts and convenience keys would be nice to have some familiarity. Two led lights, one for phone calls and one for messages or better yet make them highly customizable. Take the BB features and make them 10x better sense other phone don't have them. Most phone look the same keep BB unique so that the suing trend is not apart of BB.

Where's the freaking marketing at....is BB10 so good that RIM doesn't think that it need marketing. People flock to what everyone is buying, either make BB10 phone the greatest smartphone ever or make a strategy to bring customers. Tricks up their sleeves, they better have more than a few to keep them in the game or keep down sizing the company and only make elite phone for the BB faithful and the elite folks that take communication serious. I honesty don't know what I would do if I did not have the option of purchasing a BB.


CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

.. some of the very cool TAT Interface goodies
.. NFR integration for "swipe and pay" opportunities
.. "Slider" form factor - a-la 9810 Series

How about the ability/app to start my car and set the heater/ac temp etc. right from my BB 10 phone anywhere I happen to be with feedback letting me know that its has started. Since most cars now have QNX as the bases to the car computer systems this should be a natural advantage for BB.

this would be up to car manufacturers. i would hope that rim has made it as easy as possible for vertical integration across its qnx portfolio

How about easier/better integration of the built in apps on a local BB device and with other (preferably but not limited to BB) devices. For example; if I want to arrange a meet up with some family or friends, I have to send out a message or meeting invite, wait for responses, did they read the message, do they have a better time to meet or place... Using BBM, I can see if they read the message, use the BB calendar, BB contacts, Twitter account, Facebook etc. and use a seamless method to contact, collaborate, and coordinate the get-together. It’s all about the ease of interaction to get things done (BlackBerry has been strong here in the past and needs to take it to the next level). How to do the things we do but do them better and faster!

Guys, no disrespekt, but all I've seen from BB10 is an exact copy of Meego. The diference is, with Meego you have more innovation, like INTERACTIVE LIVE FRAMES, mentioned in the article.

Check this out

Besides at first BB10 looked a lot like WebOS. Now after WebOS is known buy more persons, RIM changed the UI that it looks more like the unknown Meego.

The only thing I like in BB10 and that i find innovative is the intelligent keyboard. The rest is just copied from the work of others.

And I think the fact that the costumers are forced to use an extra blackberry option at their carrier is nothing, that will help RIM. Here in Germany only few are offering it and only with expensive contracts.

PS: Sorry for double posting this. I was in the wrong topic first.

The video you mentioned shows the Sailfish OS, which is a continuation of MeeGo Harmattan from Nokia. BB10 has its own nice gestures like peek. Plus, BB10 has security build in, what MeeGo and Sailfish (I guess) are missing. Those platforms (MeeGo and Sailfish) are good for advanced consumers only. Developers were not protected there, that's why so few apps for MeeGo and I guess not many more for Sailfish will be available from big software houses (I've read many complains from developers on their forums). As for Sailfish OS do you think it has future? I heard lots of buzz about it but there is nothing really happening there apart brief showcase of the UI on Nokia N950 (N9?)

I think BB10 UI has a better cleaner interface. Everything makes sense, but sailfish sort of makes sense but is nowhere near as good as BB10. Interactive frames are cool but the apps open so quickly anyway why bother with small pieces of information when you can open the app or press the buttons on the side of the phone? that would be quicker anyway. Just sayin

How do you know BlackBerry copied Meego and not the other way around?

BlackBerry has been working on this OS for a long time now.

You are just kidding right? Meego has been there for such a long time.

Besides, I liked the WebOS-(or Playbook-) style look. Is it some kind of option n the settings or is it just like the meego-style now?

I would like to see a seamless cloud based email, calendar, contacts system that would solve all these syncing issues we presently have.

Razzzle dazzle is not good without function. Look at Google and IOS users.

i think bb balance for consumers would be a definite win!! for example for parents with kids they can simply activate another profile if the case is that there kids take there phones they wont have access to all of moms nice photo's **wink wink. or for the cheating boyfriend on the go girlfriend mode....llolol

I like what someone said about bbm integration into calendar etc.
BBM voice and video is nice, but we don't have wifi everywhere so, not a must for me
Definitely led customization a must
Enhanced social feeds integration into hub, including bb news app
Cloud backups like bbm7, easier to change bbs
Better cloud office doc usage
Good video, picture and music media hub
Swappable casing covers in different colours
More HTML5 website apps than native
And lastly Playbooks glowing notification

People! This post is about 'guessing' what features RIM is saving for launch. But everyone, instead, is writing a wish-list! You've to guess what is RIM going to unveil on launch day.

My guesses are:
1. Some major apps (NetFlix, Kindle, AngryBirds etc. Skype with voice is unlikely though)
2. Both N and L series and their immediate availability in couple of weeks from launch
3. BBM video chat is a more or less a given
4. Massive battery life (16+ hours)
5. Siri like voice-assistant
6. Possibly a surprise third form factor (slider?)

i also would like to see bbm combine instagram like feature. maybe each user can upload his or her own pictures onto their "bbm album". BBM video is truly amazing idea! and BBM connected apps. This will make BBM the most amazinggg instant messaging powerhouse on the market today! Screw you Whatsapp!!

If BBM video is all that is going to be available, then NO, everyone on other platforms will not switch back to BlackBerry. Yes BBM is popular in a lot of countries, but not in the huge North American market where RIM has lost so much ground. Start thinking outside the box.

80 million BB users with a vast majority of them BBM users and that's your take? What people need to realise is that while N. America is a critical proving ground, it is not the only one... THAT is thinking outside the box.

The fact is US and North American markets are the most lucrative. So from a financial point of view (speaking as a shareholder), it still far outweighs the number of users in other countries metric. Add to that, the US market has very high levels of smartphone penetration, RIM has to think about convincing people to switch from other platforms to be viable.

I still have hope that RIM can do this. We will have to wait and see.

1. A SEARCH OPTION!? I use the 'universal search' all the time on my blackberry 9780, no way im gonna find my apps within all my homescreens.

2. EXPANDED BRIDGE! Bridging over computer, so you can acces your desktop and turn on the music when your too lazy to lift from the couch.

3. MUSIC PLAYER! really important, i listen to my music on my ipod now because my crackberry doesn't read my memory card anymore. either way, back when my music DID work, i used it 24/7. yeah i got no sleep when my musicplayer works. :-)

4. BUGS. i hope the one thing they won't reveal or better said, won't ever be available are bugs.

3. Ever think of getting a new removable SD card, putting the music on it, then listening on your phone?

I just recently upgraded my microSD card to 32 gb and loaded 1,518 songs on it. Still have 20+ gb available.

Proud member of the BlackBerry community. 9670 Style and PlayBook owner.

The FASTEST browser experience on any platform, desktop or mobile. Html 5 is nice but I don't want to wait 2 seconds longer than phone X.

It might be BBM turning into a VoIP app.

BBM + BBM Voice = BBM7 + BBM Video = BBM 10 + Landline/Mobile Dialing over WiFi = BBM 10 Communicator (Charge a monthly fee for landline/mobile dialing, revenue generator, increase stock price). Carriers would hate this, but....

Now that's the WOW factor. This would eliminate the need for SKYPE or VONAGE.

One App, multiple functions, ease my daily task and possibly save me money.

Oh and  10. For Tablet OS OTA ready and shown running on another OEM. Liscensed to Samsung :D. Better yet a HTC BlackBerry10 Tablet.

As I said would love to see some RIM Sweden inspired stuff. The things TaT comes up with are visually stunning to say the least. Its time to see the Teasers of Torture implemented into the OS in a grand way!

I hope they can do something about the dreaded boot time and hourglass. Honestly, for something meant for mobile, such a long boot time is barely acceptable.
And I hope they've done something about the dreaded hourglass too.

hourglass = java OS so you wont get that on BB10

boot time has been greatly reduced on the new Beta build for the Dev Alpha. don'T quote me on this but I heard 8 sec. boot time for BB10 devices...

No WAY we get an eight second boot time! If it's under a minute I'll be surprised! Not that I care much, I've rebooted my playbook maybe five times in the last year, and three of those were OS updates.

I actually did hear the same thing about the 8 second boot time, but "time will tell" how long it'll take. On that note, my Torch9800 is rebooting faster these days for some reason... like under one minute at times. Weird.

my 9900 also boots much faster these days. reboot frequency overall has decreased significantly come to think of it.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

I want to have native PGP and S/MIME support out of the box with no chains to BES or anything else. But I might be dreaming...


I understand BB10 will be available for Playbooks as well, but we were informed that PIM/BBM would not be available over Wi-Fi on BB10. What does this mean for the current Wi-Fi playbook?

Forget about Voice Assistant (Siri), that was so 2010. And, vocalizing commands is a major security and privacy faux pas.

I want BB10 to take it to the next level. Don't talk. THINK! Introduce Miri (MInd Recognition Interface)... BB10 needs to be able to read your mind and if you can conceive it, BB10 will achieve it.

How's that for thinking outside the box?

I'll ignore the sarcasm and add that voice recognition is ridiculous. It's quicker to open an app. Granted, setting alarms or quick notes, but how many times does it take, on average and in a noisy environment, to successfully recognize the voice?

Not true. If you drive a lot, Siri does have advantages. Not everyone texts and drives. I don't.

Well, for me, I hope they do something bold. One thing in particular actually. While the playbook browser is ok. Its far from great and arguably its the one thing they have to get right. In fact, its my biggest gripe with blackberry all together. I think RIM should acquire Opera. This will give BB a great web browser and would show the world how serious they are about having a world class OS. Its also a great revenue stream for RIM too as it in itself is a profitable business and could bring in more revenue from analytics as well. This would also give RIM a different tool to analyze their competition too as it is already muti-platform.

I want this most of all. C'mon RIM. Be Bold.

Sorry, the BB10 browser is better at HTML5. I'm not sure about raw speed but the BB10 browser looks flat out awesome!

Regardless of speed, and HTML5 not quite day to day surfing, I don't have a nice browser experience on either my phone or the playbook. If it was predictable or stable, I would be happy, and I have yet to see those.

The browser (uncheck) is the most important core function after being a good phone (check) and mail client (check). Missing this would be, will be disaster.

If I remember correctly, the video chat will be more than two way. I forget the number of concurrent conversations but you can have a conference video chat. So the girls can get together and chat.

i'd like to be able to use my BB10 phone as a contraceptive. hear me out... my pesky little swimmers are always causing me trouble. it would be nice if there was a space invader style GUI so i can blast my sperm away in a retro gaming format, complete with an arcade style point system and worldwide leaderboards. Make it PvP so my girlfriend/mistress can compete against me for the right to get pregnant.

hah! how's that for a contribution to this ridiculous thread.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

What's missing?

* Maps with full navigation and street view?
* Voice commands, like Siri?
* BBM Video
* Improved DocsToGo for more serious document support, including password protection compatible with MS Office.
* Skype & Netflix
* Multi-calendar Google sync (CAN I SAY THAT L O U D L Y ?)

It would be nice to have the ability to sync e-mail, calendar, tasks, and so on, cross platform, and not only via a MS or Apple based OS, and with different types of hardware, like laptops, desktops, PBs, BBs.

We do not want to be restricted to Outlook. I definitely do NOT want my info based in a cloud environment, because that is a "Big Brother"-scenario.

Since recieveing & sending SMS Text messaging on our Playbook with the support of Bridge. It would also be nice to be able to recieve and make a PHONE CALLS using Playbook. I hope this feature would be included on Blackberry 10.

*Cisco VPN client app or equivalent
*a flexible SSH client
*a rich remote desktop client
*a trackpad
*keyboard shortcuts
*Google Maps
*a 7 band graphic equalizer
*fix the issue where contacts get duplicated so I no longer have to use convoluted tricks, tips and blog posts to fix it repeatedly.

I see lots of suggestions about already existing apps and things that have been done already on other devices. That is good and if someone has already done that app then designing/porting it for BB10 would be great. But what will set the BB10 devices and OS apart from all the rest of the "crowd" will be the things they do that no one else has done! The OS should make the device work for you, quickly and effortlessly, instead of taking 5 or 6 steps to complete something. That is what I am looking for and between the developers of BB10 (including QNX, TAT, RIM, ++++) I think these guys should be able to get it right!

BlackBerry by choice!

Hi everyone, I hope this won't sound to cheesy, but I am very excited about the new BB10 . I am currently in the UK and have a large online retail shop. I have some extra funds I would like to invest in an App for BB10 and wondering where is the best place to support developers who need some start-up funding kinda like kick starter for Mobile apps for BB10 ? Any help appreciated.

Be Bold

Any help appreciated

Maybe connect with developers over at RIM's Developer Support Centre in Slough (?) You can probably find out from them if there are any University or tech college programs where RIM is providing resources and training to help get young devs schooled in the Black arts of BB10. I know they are actively building out these programs at schools around the world but I haven't heard of any yet in Britain.

New and improved icons... the current ones they are showing (even the latest "new" ones) are crap and look like they are from Windows 3.1..

Every function/shortcut/native BB application available on BB7 Releasing without BB Travel, etc would be VERY dumb.

I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but BBMcentric features don't really mean much to me since really, none of my friends own a blackberry anymore. I mean, I have no more BBM friends, so what does it matter?

Aside from that I would love to see a simple to use podcast app. The current app is very buggy, will often lose a podcast I have subscribed to, and trying to find a particular podcast is a VERY hit or miss proposition.

That's my 2 cents

We are your only real friends. Get rid of those good for nothing other garbage friends who left you high and dry, and left you for dead. You call them true friends?

They would sell you for a red cent.

I'm afraid I have to agree with you! I have no friends with BBs any more. They all have iPhones or GS3. Even most of my family. So BBM is no longer useful for me. Unless I can convince all of them to come back to BB.

Sorry to bust this in here. But does anyone know: Will the playbook get BB10???? Is it confirmed. I've seen several articles stating it does but no real quotes from Heinz or any of the other doods. So.... Anyone?

Heinz and others have confirmed BB10 is coming to the PlayBook. I suspect it will not be quite as full featured due to performance of the HW but its coming (sometime after the launch of the L and N Series).

how about a fingerprint scanner that can unlock you phone?? a panorama picture setting (much like the iphone),

+1, but take it further! Use compass and accelerometer to set coordinates on the photo, gps for exact location, stitch in the sky so you can pan not only left and right, but up, down and across too. When viewing photos, have an automatic option so that when the phone is facing north, you see north. If you turn to the left it pans to the west. If you hold the phone over your head, you see the sky, or someone base jumping off a building. Integrate it with maps application so you can view others' photos, wipe Panoramio off the map. Let viewers rate the photos, put aside 10% of app revenue each month and pay it out to the week's top 10. Go RIM!

I love to see more partnerships from RIM allowing better access to major players that provide digital content. I know they've shown a few off but never the software to access it and how we will have it all tied to our blackberry accounts. I just don't see RIM coming across as a major player in media-centric content.

I loved to see RIM just pull out the guns and say we've got a partnership with sony or nintendo for exclusive gaming, grab support from steam and allow indie developers greater access.

I've never really liked the locked down nature of the app store though Blackberry world in to a point be the same, I'd love to see portals giving access and tieing our accounts to external services like Steam etc.

1- an accurate and fast full function voice assistant.
2- a good fisical camera that includes panoramics, with a native photoshop alike app.
3- video chat, not only for BBM but for other non BB users too.
4- Blackberry maps or a really good google maps interaction.
5- Augmented reality functions like, measures, trasnlations, etc.
6- lots of accelerometer funcions

There is a lot more to come :

1 - Solar charging - no need to ever plug your BB in again. Battery charges by the light

2 - Fingerprint scanning - Unlock your phone with your finger print

3 - Folders for your pictures

4 - Free cloud storage

5 - Unbreakable glass

6 - Scratch resistant

7 - Use it as a remote

8 - 3D Hologramming

9 - Full fledge GPS

And so much more


How about:
- custom keyboard for bridge remote control that integrates virtual trackpad and full mouse click capability
- citrix app that displays apps/desktop via hdmi out while phone display is in custom keyboard mode described above
- virtual desktop nicely secured in the BB NOC accessible by citrix app mentioned above, for reasonable subscription price. Partner with MS. Who needs a pc?
- killer music app that levers bbm to suggest multiple playlists based on your music and lists created by others

If I was a developer, I'd be hard pressed to get any sleep before January 30.


RIM needs too focus on the basics and start offering a competitive browser. HTML5 scores are great for devs, but consumers need more features than what's been made available so far. People who do don't want their experience too be slowed down by ads per example.

Implementing BBM video is a waste of time. Most BlackBerry users left who will be able to afford the new devices will have most of their contacts on other networks. Release BBM video along with the curves.


I want frontrunner - a kickass multimedia cascading app and all the previous awesome cascade demos, so that it would not be annotated as a vaporware.

Re: the "Blackberry Blade" that lboogie_1971_ mentioned.... thanks for reminding me of that!


My fantasy is that RIM licenses that design or just buys that Canadian design company Pixelcarve outright, and produces that phone exactly as pictured. (Perhaps without some of the old-school buttons - though I love me my BB buttons.)

What an amazing design that thing is. Totally leapfrogs Apple's now-tired iPhone design. Classic BB keyboard too... whew!

They might have to figure out how to build curved circuit-boards though..

Well since this turned into a wish list thread, I'll add my wishes.

*A native printing app that allows for wifi or hardlined connections.
*BBMoney that allows direct linking to multiple bank accounts and PayPal.
*Pictures folders.
*A trackpad!! Be it on an N - series or on a slider form factor.
*MLB at bat app. Full version with full video viewing options.

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How about wireless HDMI to a dongle attached to the TV or eventually integrated into big brand name TVs? Samsung excluded :)
So you connect your BB10 device to the TV by an NFC tap and then start showing your screen contents on the TV or monitor. Or you can connect VIA Bluetooth pairing.
Currently we have to have our Playbook attached to the TV via a HDMI cable.

Along with all the new features the most important feature to me will be a satble working device with no major issues at launch. BB10 can't be like the Storm launch it needs to be a fully functional device that wows the consumer for it to be a success.

I'm already very excited with QNX.. But I would also like to be able to take screenshots of my screen so I can send it further to my contacts through every single socializing app.. Maybe BB10 already has it, maybe I overlooked..

The launch event is 4.5 hours. I'm pretty sure there'll be tons and tons to show (they can't keep showing just the Hub and the keyboard...people have seen enough of them by end of January)...