What PlayBook OS 2.0 feature are you most looking forward to?

By Michelle Haag on 10 Jan 2012 04:42 pm EST
BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0

Now that we know what to expect from the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update that is due to be released in February, CrackBerry wants to know which of these features you are most looking forward to. Is it the native email, contacts, or calendar? Does the BlackBerry remote feature look exciting? Or is there something else you spotted that has you on the edge of your seat waiting? Vote in the poll and let us know in the comments what you think of the upcoming new features!

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What PlayBook OS 2.0 feature are you most looking forward to?


Yea I think they should start working on this next. Once they get their BBX phones out I would like to see them working on DLNA as a way to have your BB's interact with many things, like TV's, lights, therosthats, security alarms ect. the QNX kernal is the perfect OS for the smart house of the future.

i just have one question.

Is Tebow now quarterback for this Blackberry team also?

Suddenly I like this teams chances!

btw I voted for them all. Had they "just" added email, contacts and calendar it would have be easy to vote for phone as remote, but they made all these additions very compelling and unique in the market.

Awesome job!!!

I'm excited by the new OS. Also, I'm hoping that it finally has a Twitter App! Hopefully not just the link again!

I'm really excited for Contacts because it is more a people-manager (like Windows Phone) and not just strictly information. I'm really excited for email because that's the one that will be used the most. But I voted for the BlackBerry as remote. I probably won't use it that often. But I've been waiting for the other 2 for months so all the excitement is down for me. This is a new announcement so it still has some power to impress me.

I second the video store. I think the email, contacts, and calendar look great but an easy "it just works" movie source is what I miss most right now. BlackBerry Bridge satisfies my requirements for the others for now. I actually kind of enjoy not having email barging in all the time on my Playbook unless I decide to use Bridge.

The keyboard with predictive text and BlackBerry short cuts will be nice too. I can't count how many times I have hit the space bar twice on my PB for a period to end a sentence!

Most of my favorites are more specific than this survey, like opening files from my phone onto my playbook and having tabbed email. I guess that's what happens when RIM releases a lot of features like this.

I wish they would add the ability to answer your phone from the tablet. I mean the caller ID is great and all (if the phone is right next to you), but I want to be able to answer the phone in a bluetooth speakerphone mode. For me, it would be more handy than making the phone a bluetooth remote. Not sure if others feel the same though.

They're all great updates, and its cool RIM is letting us see them ahead of time. I just really hope they meet the Feb. timeline.

Good improvements.

Any word on host USB? Will it be able to use a media card reader or back up to a hard-drive?

While the three main product additions seem a step in the right direction, I would really appreciate having autocorrect and SMS functionality. Bridging with my 9900 has been fantastic since Day 1, so e-mail, calendar and contacts have never been a problem.

I'd personally like to see a dock that has HDMI out, and if it had a full sized SD slot it would just make my day! Seeing these presentations and watching them with the tablet laying down it makes it look so sloppy and unprofessional. Come on, can some manufacturer make it already, it's been like a year since the PlayBook came out and still not one dock has HDMI out yet. Also, how about instant messaging Apps so we can FINALLY use the front facing cam -i.e. OoVoO, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Live Messenger etc... The perfect dock would have to have Full size SD card support, Full Size HDMI out and like 3 or 4 full size USB ports so that we can connect a keyboard/mouse and possibly even an external hard drive. Yes, I want my PlayBook to be able to do everything just like a computer because I have faith in RIM and I want everyone else to be impressed at what the PlayBook can do compared to the other OS's.

voted for everything because all of it combined is what makes it impressive. native email or contacts alone is not impressive as thats what the pb should have had from the beginning.

having the ability to read usb flash drives would be pretty awesome as well.

AD2P Bluetooth streaming FTW! Kind of embarrassing that this was left out of 1.0, which is why it's not being promoted as a "new feature."

Yes, I'm with you mavrixx. We need MULTI-PLATFORM VIDEO CHAT apps!!!!

RIM this a great opportunity being missed! Work with Skype!

Idk wtf RIM was thinking not including a native email app. Such a fundamental function of an internet enabled device.

DLNA would be nice. Like Bubbleupnp. I'm not holding my breath