What must BlackBerry do next?

Thorsten Heins
By Simon Sage on 30 Jun 2013 11:42 am

Following the disappointing BlackBerry quarterly financial results, the CrackBerry community has been positively buzzing with feedback for the company. Call it being an armchair CEO, but no doubt you'll find a few common threads among those discussing what BlackBerry needs to do next. One forum member, Deckard79 kicked off the debate with six bullet points outlining where he thinks BlackBerry's priorities should lie. 

  1. Listen to your customers
  2. Update BB10 much faster
  3. Ditch BBOS
  4. More competitive price points
  5. Advertise like mad
  6. Build better hardware

Now, Thorsten has a lot on his plate, and no doubt he and his team have already looked at most of those issues (in addition to many more we aren't privy to weigh in on), but these are great starting points for discussion and things worth looking out for in the next couple of quarters. 

Of course, this painful start to 2013 may be yet another part of BlackBerry's ongoing transition to the new platform. On the one hand, it feels like the switch to BlackBerry 10 has just started, but in a lot of ways (especially if you look back to the PlayBook), it feels like this process is taking a long time, and it's understandable that less loyal users might not stick around until the changeover is complete. 

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What do you guys think BlackBerry needs to do next? Realistically, is there any advice we can offer that they haven't already considered and planned for? If you had one worry about BlackBerry's future, what would it be, and how would you like to see them solve it? Hop into our sprawling forum thread and weigh in on these important questions. 

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Well what do blackberry do next, I wonder how much it cost to sponsor a F1 team, surly that would set up a few blackberry shops. Yes advertising is costly but the new HTC ad is fantastic almost makes me go out and buy one, but I'm hard core blackberry. Play book being dropped like a ton of bricks, why did they not say sure we are dropping the play book but hey the A10 is here to replace it. And if that is IF they do decide to launch another tablet for heavens sake call it something cool not the fricking PlayBook, call it the black tab and not that rumour of the blackberry forest sounds like a cake. I love the Z10 and wife loves the Q10 staff soon get the Q5 but the adds can improve. Come on Thor do the right thing.

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Agree with some points. I think they need to focus on what are their target customers and what does this segment need. The bb10 is more for professional users. Not for younger generation. Don't market it as it can do everything, it does pretty good in many stuff but not everything. Imo focus on professional users as it satisfies their needs and build a phone for fun with lots apps to the other customers. Stop copying what other competitors do and make something new,different.
Customer trust is low as the company keep breaking deadlines and promises ,work on that.

It seems like there is a plan to divide this company with all the bad media around it. No mercy even with small mistakes.
The hardware is great and the new system is great too, keep it up and don't promise something you can't do, the market is brutal.
Technology is fast, by the time they react or bring something new, the competitors are at least a step ahead.

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1. Accept that they may have to be a smaller company for a while and weather the storm. Eventually people will get over it and the iPhone and Galaxy will become just another phone.

2. Figure out some way to not rely on the carriers to sell and provide customer service. For whatever reason, if you walk into an ATT, T-Mobile, or Verizon store the sales people know nothing about BlackBerry phones and appear to go out of their way to sell something ells. If people have a problem figuring out their iPhone they can walk into the Apple store and have someone explain it to them or just set it up. Try that with a BlackBerry.

3. Sell it cheaper than the completion. A Z10 at T-Mobile (my carrier) costs $531. That price does not give people much of an incentive to try something new.

4. Get BBM on iOS and Android. And get it right.

5. For corporate customers build a hardware server with QNX operating system and real BES pre-installed, relying on Active Sync does not seem like a good idea to me for the corporate environment. The complexity of a BES10 install is silly. I don't know how the shift to cloud computing plays into this though.

6. Do whatever it takes to get Netflix, Dropbox, and a few other important apps on the OS10. they don't need hundreds, just a few.

7. OS10 must be responsive. When I test out an iPhone the thing that strikes me is its responsiveness. When I touch the screen something happens right away. This is a huge factor in user satisfaction.

I haven't spent a lot of time with OS10 devices but I've don a few side by side comparisons to iPhone and Galaxy with my 9900. The 9900 is the better device. If games and watching movies on your phone is your bag then yes iPhone is better, but for productivity 9900. What I'm saying is, BlackBerry has a great product. If they can't sell enough phones to make a living in a global market of however many of hundreds of millions, something is wrong.


+1 on #2, #4, #6, #7


As loyal Sprint user, where is Q10. BB made huge mistake ignoring QWERTY users, and tried to compete with Apple and Samsung. Know your market and supply them.


I would like Thor to personally buy back all the Z10's from those of us who want to sell them with the profits he made selling his shares at $18 back around Christmas.


Single updates through BB an not through carriers. Most of all they need some good quality major advertising. They missed a huge opportunity during the Super Bowl (imagine android people and iOS people fighting each other, they all look up and see a big BB Splat coming down through the clouds Independence Day style to take over the world). Show some real world people doing real world activities and tell people how your device can benefit them! Samsung shows how you can remove unwanted people from your photos, iOS shows people doing things with their phones. The only somewhat good BB ad was done by Verizon. I look at the current BB ads and think "Hey, my phone can change screens from left to right! Yea!". So what. Make some funny, catchy commercials showing some real world examples with people doing things and explain why. It's not difficult, just watch your competition's ads. Have Frank call me, I'll give you some ideas you can run with for free.


1 don't understand the needs for it... but it's coming
2 already there... more coming
3 agree... even though it'll go unused most of the time
4 agree... don't see why not
5 have you tried BBM 10? Just use Skype until it goes cross platform if the need is really there...
6 agree... especially for BlackBerry... security #1
7 kinda agree... app does what it needs to do... active frame is a little weird
8 hmm... the easiest thing to do... you know you can swipe away all layers in native BlackBerry 10 apps like file manager?
9 what if you need to select more than two fingers can go wide? Sounds kinda gimmicky, never to be used...
10 does what it needs to... plenty of alternatives... Google Maps in the BlackBerry 10 browser works like a charm...
11 really?
12 gets the job done... could use some extra features...
13 not true... do you have a BlackBerry 10?
14 works on my device... do miss the legacy options of deleting only device email
15 don't quite understand what you mean with separated categories
16 hmm... better ways are imaginable, wouldn't compute with the current ui
17 nice gimmick... why not
18 really? Like a kid who got a new bike and asking his dad why the bike won't ride itself... I don't know about this one...
19 once again: really?

BlackBerry has still got a long way to go, but they won't be able to cater to everyone's gimmick wish list. BlackBerry 10 is the best new OS to ever hit the market with a straight up out of the box experience that blows away most of the competition when it comes to core features... Other platforms would never survive without the third party support they receive. BlackBerry does quite well without. It'll do even better when third party support kicks in... yeah there are some features we would all like to see coming to BlackBerry 10, but people b*tch to much... Just go and get your iPhone or Android and stop waisting time... y'all be back come your next upgrade!

Cracked it out with the amazing Z


It's the marketing, not the product as I've we've been discussing in the Z10 forum here: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-z10-f254/ok-look-im-marketing-gu...

Take a look, I've even suggested a script for a commercial, I'm that hacked off...


Hell I have already lost all of my friends to other platforms. My BBM went for over 100 to 2 in less than a year that is a very bad sign. I have been a bb user since 1998. Is the writing on the wall?


The really amazing thing is that we pretty much said all of this shit last year when we heard BB10 was delayed LOL.

We have just wasted our time on 3 pages of the same stuff we said already. Guys this is over, No great apps are coming, no better phones are coming and clearly no tablet is coming. Microsoft has solidified third place, do you realize that every quarter BB is losing 4 million users?

BBRY doesn't get it at all, keep waiting on that BBM for Android/iOS.

nicky devriese

in Belgium,i went to telenet and i saw no phones of blackberry,the other giant belgacom sold blackberry
they wante to give 30$


A new Z10 with better:
Battery life (2100 or 2300 mAh)
Faster and better chip
Full HD screen and same screen size 4,2 " but it needs to be a little shorter and less wide and less thick.

Getting the good apps on board:

Two new playbook sizes:
they should be premium looking and feeling with BB10 on them

BB10 can still be better....


"Keep moving"

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Firstly they need to stop carrier based updates and do them centrally.
Second, stop the bs. Personally I'm sick of bb dicking customers around and they should realise that by annoying customers, they are losing them for ever.
Third, get killer apps like podcasts, traffic etc onto bb10. Not to have these apps available for the new platform is ridiculous, especially when bb10 was delayed - what the hell was it delayed for?
Fourth, if companies like Instagram won't build an app, get a developer to do it.
Fifth, keep BIS for developing countries where cheap Internet access is a huge selling point.


Forgot to add: Don't release BbM on windows phones. Make iOS, Android and Blackberry the only options. Make it brilliant but leave off some features to draw people to bb.

Fabi Kieser

Hey guys, hey Thorsten (I hope you sometimes read here,

I originally came from a Nokia mobile phone, my first smartphone had been the iPhone. Second one iPhone 3g.. and third 3GS after that I saw Android running away with cooler features like widgets and so on.
So I switched to a HTC Desire Z after this I had a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 4.
Now I am here and using my Z10 and I really have to say that this is what a smartphone has to be for me. (ok alarms should be multiple but there is an app for it).
I think Thorsten Heins did very much right by the time. Bb10 is for me first real multi tasking device. Furthermore it is flexible in changing battery and having an SD card.

So what should Blackberry do? They should come with a brand new idea. The most missing thing with smartphones are fully loaded battery. So my idea is to have battery switching stations at every train station or airport or public place or every McDonalds for example. And Users pay a monthly or yearly fee and just can insert their empty battery and get a fully loaded one.
This would have a real entrepreneur status and perhaps Samsung would fast be interestet in a partnership :) think of it!!
Keep moving with fully loaded batteries!!!

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The hardware is very good. Noone knows

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Thing is, will Blackberry leadership even ever read this thread....and if they do, will they even place any value in it.


The hardware is good but no one knows about it. I'm in Canada, 40 min from their head office and people still look at my Z10 and ask me what that is.


As most in this post have said. Marketing NEEDS to be improved.

People do not know the capability of the new devices. The main line sales reps in the mall that say they are blackberry specialists don't know the features of the phone. This is a marketing and training miatake..

I have gone to Costco cellphone centers, wireless wave.. even Rogers stores in the mall looking for a Q10 for my wife and some accessories for my Z10. When I first approach the sales representative and ask for the blackberry, they automatically direct me to the Samsung. After talking to them for a little while about comparing the Z10 to the blackberry and Iphone, the sales reps did not know what the actual specs of the blackberry are. They only knew the keyboard flicked the words and the peek was kool....

I started to tell them about the DNLA. Flip pictures, video and music to any smart TV with no special apps. , the ability to drop files from your computer to the phone through Wifi without using any special software.. how I can see the bB10 on my smart TV as a media source. Again no special software needed. How I can get files from my computer using link. How I can use my browser in desktop mode so I can see any website in its true for if needed.... so on and so on....

They had no clue.. a mother and her 15 year old was talking to the other sales rep and said they wanted a blackberry so they can BBM his friends. They walked out with a galaxy...

In conclusion...

Train the sales reps.. maybe give them incentive to sell and market the brand at the store level..

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Well Heinz has mandated 2 banks to do an assesment of BBs options. What do you think those bank are gonna suggest? To continue to on the BB10 path and continue to lose stock share till BBs resources are gone? No. They are gonna make Heinz realize that all the departments in BB are worth more if sold off seperately then the whole company combined. Get ready for Samsung or Google to take over. BB10 has no apps and is a fail. Heinz should have listened to his advisors when BB10 was in the dev mode and went Android. Then this entire sh!t storm we are all witnessing here could have been avoided, but Heinz thought he had to be a bad a$$ rebel and screw us all.


What I really don't get is why so many are already assuming the BB10 platform and the Z10 are a flop? I just don't think this conclusion can be made already.

Blackberry needs to :
a> Advertise. I still see very little marketing for Z10 and now Q10.
b> Ignore the noise and focus on positive development and news flow.
c> Focus on the U.S. in particular. Get the Blackberry brand out there!!!


When you get to a financial point where you have to kill the BB10 to Playbook project, things are bone thin. The reason things are bone thin is because Z10 cant cut it, thus the logical conclusion is, BB10 is a flop and rightfully so. SO there are NO resources to do what you suggest.


It's time for BlackBerry to get a new farting Director and start all over again! F**k Thorsten Heins and his f**king mouth

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I meant changing the bad@ss&mouth CEO

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Agreed 100%. Heinz was warned to go Android when Z10 was in the dev mode, but that idiot thought he had to be a bad a$$ and go with idiot QNX and no apps. I even wrote him and told him to go Android as QNX has no apps, no one wants to dev for it, and its a fail. Its an Android and IOS world and thats all devs wanna write apps for. QNX is garbage and Heinz knew this which burns my balls. People should have clued in when there was no Skype at the Z10 launch, and had to side load it like a bunch of losers, which is f'ked in the head. BB needs to dump Heinz...considering Samsung or Google doesnt buy them out first. We are all in this mess because of him.


Well you know Heinz ketchup is gonna hang onto his ceo job. THAT prick makes 10 million a year. So even if he loses his job , hes set 4 life.


Must create native app with the popular apps go with the flow. what iphone and adroid have BlackBerry must have too, meaning act fast, scrap side loading, create native!

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Hello, well what BB need to DO?

- Stop carrier push update and let BB do it online
-Software on computer is just pathetic
- If no updated phone you can't get newer apps
-Not input of special typing feature for HK people
-IF you watch Android and Apple 20 best free and paid apps, you know what you have to put in your market...
-people are now in apple&android WTF coming back to BB will lose so much things.
-No more lies
-Personnaly i dont think that company can survive the environment, i waited for their quarter conf and all was disappointment
- Dont want to sideload and lose all my time on that! i want Native!
-Thinking about giving back my Q10 cause, here in Hong-kong just need BBM (going cross platform) well good point.. Also carrier not update quickly, phone reboot sometime or just bug, doing a share connection make the phone so hot that i cant call and so on and on too many problems that i can't stand anymore
So pissed of to have made 6k more HKD for something like that even the camera is shit and i was ashamed to go to a BB event in HK and get aweful pictures and see people with Samsung get nice and crisp ones once again disappointments...
SO to me after 9900 users for a long time now q10 for 2 months that's my goodbye to BB. thx!


I have been a BB fan for many years now and love the fact they are a Canadian company but at the same time I’m also disappointed they are Canadian. Let me explain. Canadian Enterprises have a tendency to be extremely passive and carry the “Canadian mentality”. They are not pushy or dare to put down a competitor’s product, probably why international companies buy Canadian companies all the time.

BB should have come out of the door attacking when the Z10/Q10 came out. Showing a guy walking with elephant feet in the Super Bowl or having someone going up and down an escalator while showing the peek feature does jack all. 99% of the people out there probably have no idea what a Peek feature is nor do they care to hear about it. All they need to see is how different it is from an iPhone or Android.
Their marketing needs to be a direct comparison of the products offered by their competitors. Show Peek and Hub when compared to Jelly Bean or iOS, show the hdmi feature and how it can connect to a TV to play games or do presentations or watch a movie, show the DLNA feature that can connect to smart TVs, show the GLO screen feature, show the fact that you don’t look like a fool making a call on a 5.5” screen, show the remote access to your “home pc” to connect with files saved on that PC. Showing BB Balance is a bit useless when consumers are not buying into the product.

I realize that this is a new OS and it will take time for the market to accept that BB is here to stay and for people to wrap their head around not having a home button. Samsung spends a billion dollars a month to brainwash the general public around the world to sell their products, and it was money well spent, because most people can’t name more than one Android phone (Galaxy).
I am and will always be a diehard BB fan, I will go down with this ship (hopefully that doesn’t happen) … Long live BlackBerry!!


The only reason why BB10 sales did not equal predictions was because not many knew it exists. This is how bad BB's marketing truly is. If you don't explain the difference between BB10 vs. BB7 and show them how awesome BB10 is, people will buy the phones that are plastered all over the place via advertisements.

Have I seen a BB10 advertisement anywhere? Yes 1 from BELL AND 1 from ROGERS on the side of the transit bus. That's it. Not enough, not enough at all.

What happened when Maple Leafs and Entertainment announced full BB10 support and that all players were going to pick up BB10 Hardware? What happened? NOTHING, not even a front Page add. Something this HUGE should have been plastered all over, head line news so it can stir up conversation, which then would help fuel BB10 conversation, causing a chain reaction, eventually gaining the attention of other Sports Agencies such as the AFL/NFL for example.

There marketing department is sleeping when they should be working 24/7 finding ways to push BB10 as hard as possible such as having the attitude that this is BB's last stand.

I am sure many share the same sentiments as myself. If TH does not fire the current marketing team for complete incompetence and hires people that know how to sell hardware, then IMO I am afraid the next Q will be the same old.


Disagree. BB10 sales are horrible because it is a below average product, not because of lack of advertising. I have never seen a good review on Z10. Top rated Cnet Tv and many many others gave them a horrible review saying there was no app support (no official skype) and the gestures were confusing.

People devour reviews and there were PLENTY on the Z10. No one wants it because it is a 2013 repeat of the fail Playbook, except its a smart phone. I actually bought a Playbook for $600 in 2011 and regret it to this day. Most who bought the Z10 will be saying this soon if they are not already saying it.

Regarding the Toronto Maple Leafs. They are an under developed team so of course they are gonna choose an under developed smartphone like Z10.


Fire the CMO Frank. Fire the tech director and VPs who in charge of ID, industry design. BlackBerry ID is so out of date.

Hire more people for UI and ID. These are what customer can see. Who cares about security or POSIX QNX.

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Robert Burnett

dear Blackberry,
Your CEO is a Thorn in my you know what.
I would have loved the q10, But for 1 main reason, and several more I am returning it.
For the past 12 years I ALWAYS HAD A DESK CHARGER!!!!!!
I know I can charge the phone with a stupid cord, but WHY dosent the phone stay on!!????
For peets sake Blackberry makes 1 step forward and 3 steps back!!
Wheres my native voice dictation? oh yeah its buried several buttons in.
IPHONE IPHONE IPHONE baby. I hate it but what choice do I have?
Also thanks for screwing your followers of the playbook too. Dumb a$$.
That's show great loyalty. bb10 was your last chance, and you got it wrong AGAIN.

Eduard Pertinez

BB10 needs a huge phone even if it has exactly the same characteristics of k10 but with a bigger screen. When you go to a shop and see those huge screens, all the rest look tiny, even 4" or more.

Eduard Pertinez

BB10 needs some easy way to install apps directly from Google Play or at least some major Android shops.


In short youre saying Z10 needs to be full Android. People tried to tell Heinz that when BB10 was in the dev mode. He was to stupid to listen. If Z10 would have been Android thats instant access to 750,000 apps, and BB wouldnt be in an app and OS crisis that may kill the company. BB needs to STOP paying Heinz 10 million a year and replace this stupid CEO with someone who knows what they are doing.

Eduard Pertinez

I am not saying BB10 needs to be fully Android. Not at all. You must have control over your OS (even if it is Open Source) in order to succed and yet I don't like Android UE.
What I am saying is that having the ability to run Android apps in BB10, it is imperative to have an easy way to have them installed in the system. Ti is not for Angry Birds o WhatsApp. But you need it when you want to install the App of your prefered local bookstore or your customer/client who has only sent it to Google Play.


Maybe Blackberry should look at ubuntu OS.


BlackBerry needs to focus on their customers more seriously.

PlayBook should be updated to bb10. We all know this hardware is 3 years old now but something can be done to refresh it.

Prices are simply too high for the units. Q10 is too expensive. Z10 is expensive as well & even if out there is people like me who payed a lot for my Z10 there are tons of people who cannot afford it.

Sometimes sacrifice is needed to get where you want to. "Eat little & live longer"

The battlefield is plagued with Androids, Iphones & windows phones & these companies aren't playing games.

QNX is a rock solid platform. It us capable of doing so many things.

This can be done. We can do this!

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How about an "I'm an apple, I'm a BlackBerry " commercial!

Show them that it's cool to have a BlackBerry.

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What you mean like an Annoying Blackberry?!

'Hey Apple...'


LOL been there done that. Wife got an iPad mini. Its fast and phenominal.


In terms of the US, stop trying to please consumers and instead focus on corporate America, exactly what the phone can do in the workplace. Who knows? Maybe that will work.


Apps!!!!! Appps!!!!! Appppppppppppps!!!! The best apps out there! How the hell BlackBerry ain't got one of the biggest apps of all time which is ' Instagram'

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BlackBerry should stop diluting their brand, in thought they hit a home run when they released the new line of phones but releasing another legacy device is torture and they need to develop a media software and begin a blackberry ecosystem to sync devices together, the death of the Playbook will haunt us

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Sadly to say BlackBerry is following the path of ATI. Both had their heyday, both dropped the ball... ATI ended up being bought out... I feel it's only a matter of time for BlackBerry...

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Yup sad to agree. And Playbook can be upgraded to BB10. The hardware IS fast enough. The new IOS 7 is coming to iPhone 4, and that phones prosessor and ram are no where near as good the Playbook. What does that tell you? No money to do it, or QNX is an inferior OS. Think its the first.


Cut workforce by 50% to boost efficiency and increase product quality.


Or fire Heinz and take his 10 million a year annual paycheck and put it into where it counts...back into the company. No man is worth 10 million a year. Specially a pompous windbag like Heinz.


Pay developers to get High Priority Apps on their platform !


Please everybody - stop, take a deep breath, relax. The 10s are what they are. Many good ideas and suggestions have been put out in this discussion. (See comments about Marketing and the wisdom, or not, of maintaining legacy devices, for example.)

I'm NOT involved with electronics, but I am with automotive roll-outs.

What we are seeing here is a new product LINE in the MIDDLE of the roll-out. We are confounding the product roll-out -with carrier releases -with our wishlists -with market reaction to last-quarter financial results and next-quarter fiscal projections. In other words, a hairball of data without the time, or perspective, to analyse all of it down to useful information.

What really has changed from a week ago? Those who like their BlackBerry still do and those who don't don't. The problems and promise remain the same.

People who search for profit from spinning paper are listing their pros/cons as they have done from the marketplaces of antiquity. There is danger in taking whatever they say; good and bad, too seriously.

Let the current plan play out. By year's end, we'll be in a better place to evaluate the success of the worldwide BlackBerry 10 release.

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Create a BB10 request/suggestion box on the BB website.
Step by step videos of features/functions on the BB website.
Get some consumer test group centers going, testing new product/software ideas, kind of like gaming companies do. Pay different age groups to come in, and test, then take serious note of the results and their suggestions.
Oh, and market, market, market, PLUS get some press releases going out there! Break the silence. The market doesn't like you, therefore, you must start releasing some PR to overcome the andrugged, ipilled analysts out there.
Did I say market?....


1. In General blackberry means business phone, that band wagon has to change from business to personal (consumer) phone.
2. They need to bring solid feeling in hands and good looking not crap like Z10 which you feels like a toy.
3. BBM money has to be extended to all countries.
4. More creative marketing and creative advertisements needed tell about BB10 what is inside.
5. Blackberry don't need Alicia Keys if they have good marketing.


Put pressure on the carriers to get the act together. ATT is holding up software updates to Z10!!

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BlackBerry - Listen to this!

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I think they should change the name of the company to get rid of all the bad association with that telecommunications company that looses market share, looses money and breaks its promises ...

Get an uplifting name ... like Raspberry or Watermellon.


Blackberry needs to stop playing a "nice guy" in the mobile market; Android, iOS, and WP users want BBM, let them have it with a price, don't let users from other platform to download the BBM apps for free!

Secondly, fix the marketing team! The marketing team needs to be able to show to the masses the advantage of BB10 OS compare to other platforms instead of this vague BlackBerry 10 Keep Moving commercial with Alicia Keys or Robert Rodriguez (I'm baffled with what this is all about, truly doesn't appeal to regular Joe or Jane Doe). Hint: remember the Samsung Galaxy S3 commercial that poked fun at iPhone users who spent hours queuing to get a new iPhone only to find out that Galaxy S3 has already had all the those features that the iPhone users wish they will get with the new iPhone. Blackberry needs to do commercial similar to this one, focusing on NFC, security, BBM, Push Email, BEST BROWSER since it supports flash, and other things.

Thirdly: if they decided to go on with the "ARISTO", my suggestion is: GO BIG or GO HOME! Build the hardware that superseded all the phone in the market. If BB is going to touch gloves with Androids, might as well go all in with the hardware spec arm race: 1080p with the Highest ppi (489+ ppi), 4.7 to 4.8 display, Amoled, Curve Glass Display,IPS (In-plane switching), Quad core CPU, 3 to 4GB RAM, Big 3500+ mAh battery, 12 MP Camera with panoramic features and Xenon Flash, water proof up to 2 meters for 45 minutes, Finger print sensor in the bezel, etc. With all these features, if BB are going to charge customers with 700 to 800 dollars price tag for a phone, IMHO it's worth every cents of it for customers to purchase it and there's a market for BB to compete with Android super phone such as Galaxy S4 or HTC One or even the next iPhone.


-Bring back BIS, at least as an option
-Allow download of apps from play store.
-Fire Alicia Keys, missed out on Jay Z, get someone as influential.

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Pls add the Line app!

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Not advertise more but better, so far the commercials I've seen sucked

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For those share holders, you must vote before tomorrow.



I've found that attempting to provide any form of feedback to RIM/Blackberry is futile - For the purposes of this forum, I will state a few points. First, having a device with BB-10 installed is not good enough. The financials are a clear sign of this. What is needed is not a product that attempts to match Android or Apple but that can be at least a generation ahead. At this point, that is not the case. Secondly, and as an addendum to the first point, a more serious effort should be made to also be a generation ahead on the tablet market. In real estate it is all about LOCATION and in this business it is about MOBILITY/CONNECTIVITY/INTEGRATION. Clearly they will need serious funding to do this. I will not solve all of their issue here freely, suffice it to say, they need to a plan to be viable and so far I don't see it. I've been one of the biggest Blackberry fans/users but I am looking at other options. Why? Because I don't have faith in RIM/Blackberry to survive.


As a user who has never used a BB, i think the Price is waaaay too high, im interested in BB10 but id rather buy a other phone for that money.


What about PlayBook???? "Just forget those stupid loyal beta testers! Lets screw them again!"


If BBOS is selling ... and you can make some money and service revenues ... why ditch it?
Build better hardware? I think that it is pretty good.
Advertise like mad? ..... that cost money, and you need to have a healthy balance. Advertise in the right places!


Playbook cost them a lot of money. They need to think of something different. Something that will wow people


The whole playbook things was a bad deal
1.Give the playbook a new UI and fix bridge to work with BB10.. don't discontinue it because it pissed people off and some was buying the playbook for BB10 so they need to do something to save face big time
2.Take a page from Microsoft when it came to the XBOX360 paid for the big Apps(This is a must)
3.Get Google on board no matter what the cost(Google plus, Google hangout and all that junk,)
4.Get off that we build it and the Dev will come thinking. Make Apps in house if need be
5. make your carrier update unified
6. let thor take a seat for a few and get a spoke person after the playbook his trust level are down


Sad thing is Blackberry is in survival mode and are cutting back ALL ventures which have no return. Upgrading Playbook would yeild no profit for Blackberry. Kind of idiotic too as this is the only comapany which has NO tablet to balance out their smart phone line.


BlackBerry must integrate BIS into BlackBerry 10, and should not require users to subscribe for the service unless the user doesn't want true push or data compression.


Apps apps apps, make it happen and buy market share. I wont pay big bucks for a BB product. Be more like Hyundai and Kia, good products great features and great price and value for the money spent. I recently bought a I-phone 5, I have used Android extensively, the I-5 just always works has the best apps. " Make it so Kirk"


What Blackberry needs to do is grow a pair. This is 2013 not 2002. Blackberry is about to go back on life support if they don't wake up. In the digital and media age visibility is EVERYTHING! People follow what is "hot", different, and provides some sense of status. I'm so tired of waiting for BBRY to get it. Enough has not been done to get the Z10 or Q10 into consumers hands.

white shirt only

#5 advertising is very easy to say from a consumer point of view. But BB is doing its best. In front you have Samsung throwing money to show its products, that even the cash cow Microsoft does not compete with.

BB has to market the brand selectively to make it viral. Lots of people here are bashing A. Keys but this is an excellent move. BB has to reconquer Hollywood. A BB device in a blockbuster is worth half of dozen of TV spots.


Leak some devices...even if they are decoys. Get people talking and looking forward to what is next. Perhaps ditch the current branding format as well. Tis a shame that iconic names such as Bold, Torch, and Curve did not carry over to the new platform...but I hope they can get a bit more creative in that aspect. Would open up more opportunities to play with words in advertising and perhaps stick in folks minds a bit better. That's all I have for now.

Truthful Noble

01 - Android should run on the Playbook using QNX to salvage Blackberrys reputation.

02 - Updates should come faster and with you the consent of the carriers

03 - Reasonable pricing for devices. Acknowledge that you do not have the same brand values as Apple or Samsung

04 - Your phones are used by more than just business people. Let TAT run wild on the look and feel of the OS so that BlackBerry can LOOK as cool as all addicts KNOW it is.



Some good points. I always though BB10 shold have been Android based. If it was then we wouldn't be in this S*** storm we are in now with plummeting stocks and everyone complaining BB10 has no apps. You go Android and thats instant access to 750,000 apps. Heinz was an idiot not to go Android. But we have to deal with the situation as it is, so that means getting devs over to BB10 and thats not gonna be easy as no one has given BB10 a great review, so no one wants to dev for it.


Robust marketing
Target young generation. That's where the money is
Add more new features & improve UX for BB10
Z10 battery life sucks. Require immediate fix


feel like they have hit the same stall as when the playbook came out. good start in a positive direction and then they run out of steam. if its playbook all over again, i will be getting very worried, very quick.

George Richardson1

I am a blackberry user for the past 5 years personally i dont have to many problems with how they do things how ever i do agree with the updates because i could use some of the newer updates i have heard about. also i do agree with the adverts but at the same time i feel as if it could be a waste because companies over advert and it bothers me. as for hardware i feel as if you shouldnt even talk because honestly the z10 is amazing in every way. Same with bb10.

Teh Yang

Hey Blackberry, here's one piece of honest advice: stop listening to the self-claimed BBRY "fanboys" on this website. After reading a lot of the comments here for the past few months, some of them seem to ridiculously biased and blind that it makes me suspect there are members here who were secretly "planted" to give you horrible advice and opinions, ie the exact opposite of what you should be doing to succeed. Maybe they were planted here by Apple or Samsung, who knows. But anyways, my best advice to you is, avoid all fanboy website opinions, do your own polling and market research.


BB can't take their face down, even the price, so cause the bad and lack of apps. have fucking chance to survive if they could't take his face down. Fool and full of bean curd!


Say what you do and above all do what you say.

BBRY still has no clear target market - their offerings are hamstrung because they dont include core funtionality that enables either home or business use.


Totally agree !
Update BB10 as fast as possible and advertise advertise advertise !
I want to see BlackBerry and BlackBerries (10) everywhere in France !

Sergio Camara

Blackberry should show why they differenrt and better by maybe having 3D on A10 and wear blackberry 3D glasses and they must do it fast because many friends in my class say they leaving blackberry but I won't because I love blackberry and wana see them better than apple and samsung

Peter Lee4

1. Sell the hardware division and with the money focus on software/ecosystem.
2. License their OS out to other vendors.


BBM cross platform will make more and more people to leave BlackBerry.
I already know 2 corporate massive buyers who will leave BB in September, less 8.000 BB costumers.
"If BBM will be available on iPhone, no reason to continue with BlackBerry."


BB needs to gain app support fast! What good is a piece of hardware without the software you need to run on it? No, the browser is not a replacement for missing apps!


I've always thought they should step outside the box and hire as their spokesman...
the legend... wait for it... dary.... Larry the Cable Guy.

Blackberry helps me "Git 'er dun"!


Well BB don't have to do alot just listen to the bloody customers, because they can't go forward without us


Fire Thor and get someone with a pulse running the company.

Mike Rau

APPS APPS APPS! Break a deal with Google and get all of their apps (created by Google) running on BB10.

Also, get a real creative director for your marketing. I know it's just a token credit to appeal to a certain demo, but come on guys - step it up.


I would love to see a trade-in program for our old PlayBooks when buying a new OS10 device. Or simply a discount (cashback) for all PlayBook owners who bought one the last 6-12 months.

Elty Aguiar

celebrity endorsement?

Kenny G Jr

Make a new smartphone (with no keyboard), that doesn't look like an iPhone.

Elty Aguiar

I've gone through people's comments and my own searches and recognized the following as legit features

1. apps ( Shazam+TinyChat+TimePlay+Instragram+SPotify)
+ add tic-tac-toe gaming in BBM :P
2. blackberry replacements, keep that in, include spare battery as a bundle?
3. faster, bigger screen, better battery life
4. 2GB + of RAM
5. faster OS updates ..the in-built OS was very glitchy with text-messaging JAMMING i.e. unable to send texts until you

restart the hub...
6. get 3D apps+ Google Play store integration
7. show how to restart the HUB in the tutorial
8. make BBRY stock recover
9. Better testing of the Blackberry link . Luckily I have 3 laptops and finally one of them decided to back it up...
also a progress bar of "Loading Device" would be nice.. as I just stared and waited for it to finally let the "Backup" and

"Restore" options become available.
10. Hire super innovative programmers to make an addictive app exclusive to Blackberry
11. develop a blackberry cloud
12. drop prices for 1 week by say $100
13. better hardware
14. better OS
15. maybe OS themes? maybe a windows-like theme. or a one touch hub, opening ability, like the start-menu
16. get us no-cover in Toronto clubs when we have a Blackberry! LOL
17.Multi-notification icons, 1 mini icon near the top beside the little bell etc. where we have facebook icon, twitter

icon,WhatsApp icon and more with a mini number showing # of messages and ! means more than 9 messages
18. set default browser for apps..
19. Blackberry widgets


Stop making smartphones and start making mobile handheld computers. Bring this "new era of mobile computing" to market. Show me why I don't need a tablet.

They have often alluded to a whole new era of mobile computing. They need to drive to that point. Everything else is just treading water. And, treading wather is better than drowning, but it's not going to get you where you need to go.


What I'm doing next: buying another 9900 as backup


Market the hell out of BlackBerry 10. Just when they think they have marketed it enough, market it some more. Get some hilarious commercials out on the airwaves, rather than these very esoteric ones.

Teh Yang



The real Question ... What must CrackBerry do Next ?
Do they have the power to influence BlackBerry to make better decisions ?


Virtual Trackpad w/ the BlackBerry next to it like the old days. This could be turned on / off as an option in settings. If on, then it would magically appear as we hover our thumbs near the bottom of the screen. There's my two cents.

Posted via CB10


3. Ditch that CEO rather than BBOS, many people switched from bb10 back to bb9900. i think they should come out with something similar to q10 as from hardware point of view just running os7. q10 from hardware point of view is pretty good, especially the keyboard. the software is pretty bad, you can read my resume in support blackberry forum.


Oo ohh...I dunno...maybe make a user friendly device with every app available and that not only competes with iPhone or Samsung, but leaves them in the dust! It's called thinking outside the universe , not just outside Waterloo, and Indonesia.


At the end of the day it all comes down to app availability. The consumer wants to be able to have some, if not all of the same apps available to them as it was on a previous platform they were on. Countless people have been interested in a new BlackBerry 10 device but get turned off by the lack of apps (i.e. Netflix). People do not want to have to sideload apps all the time.

You can have the fastest and greatest hardware, but if you lack in the app game it will profit you nothing. Let's hope BlackBerry can close the app gap eventually. I love my Z10!


Stop ditching hardware that folks pay good money for...and make it right for what we own. I have the Blackberry Playbook and the Z 10...both were worth the wait...but the way you have made the Playbook obsolete after I have paid a substantial amount of money for it...just doesn't do me as a consumer any kind do of justice. Listen to the needs of your consumers. We are your corporate bread and butter now.


BlackBerry needs too !!!
-Ditch os7
- update bb10 a lot faster and also put more effort into the design of BlackBerry 10 devices and not shitty plastic hardware BlackBerry needs to improve screen resolution. blackberry needs to work on publishing more apps, music. I have a blackberry z10 and considering switching to an I phone but I love black berry and they need to step it the fuck up or BlackBerry is going to go down the drain. BlackBerry needs to be more like apple iPhone

Posted via CB10


Blackberry needs to ditch BB10 and go full Android. The main problem BB is having is horrible app support. Apps are everything. With Android BB would have instant access to 750,000 apps...problem solved.