What must BlackBerry do next?

Thorsten Heins
By Simon Sage on 30 Jun 2013 11:42 am EDT

Following the disappointing BlackBerry quarterly financial results, the CrackBerry community has been positively buzzing with feedback for the company. Call it being an armchair CEO, but no doubt you'll find a few common threads among those discussing what BlackBerry needs to do next. One forum member, Deckard79 kicked off the debate with six bullet points outlining where he thinks BlackBerry's priorities should lie. 

  1. Listen to your customers
  2. Update BB10 much faster
  3. Ditch BBOS
  4. More competitive price points
  5. Advertise like mad
  6. Build better hardware

Now, Thorsten has a lot on his plate, and no doubt he and his team have already looked at most of those issues (in addition to many more we aren't privy to weigh in on), but these are great starting points for discussion and things worth looking out for in the next couple of quarters. 

Of course, this painful start to 2013 may be yet another part of BlackBerry's ongoing transition to the new platform. On the one hand, it feels like the switch to BlackBerry 10 has just started, but in a lot of ways (especially if you look back to the PlayBook), it feels like this process is taking a long time, and it's understandable that less loyal users might not stick around until the changeover is complete. 

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What do you guys think BlackBerry needs to do next? Realistically, is there any advice we can offer that they haven't already considered and planned for? If you had one worry about BlackBerry's future, what would it be, and how would you like to see them solve it? Hop into our sprawling forum thread and weigh in on these important questions. 

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What must BlackBerry do next?



It all has been said. But they are stuck in a catch 22. Without the installed base they will struggle to get the premier apps and without the premier apps they will not be able to grow the installed base.

That said their marketing has been poor and the Keys move was just silly.

Samsung rose above the android crowd by offering the best part bin specs and spent a ton on high impact marketing. Think carpet bombing for years.

BB needs a true flagship phone and a new marketing approach. It will be expensive and if done wrong will kill the company. If not done it will likely mean sideways movement or worse.

Also the business angle is DOA. It is called consumerization of IT. In other words consumer specs in a biz context wins. Designing a BB for a business user is a 90s strategy.

PS - People are crowing about their 3.1B in cash. I believe Apple spends $2-3B a year in marketing (WW) and they are a top tier player. 3.1B is nothing when you look at what Apple, Samsung and MSFT spend on promotional marketing.

Throwing cross platform BBM into the mix, I was initially optimistic about this move before the results, now, not so much. I'm not sure if it's still a good idea as it might hurt BlackBerry sales further (the outcome of that one is a lottery tbh).

BlackBerry devices at more competitive pricepoints might be a suggestion. But even with that, what's the value proposition: Buy a BB10 device that's cheap or buy a cheap Andoid device and have the full Android ecosystem, etc.

Not sure what BlackBerry should do tbh. I expected that the demand for the Q10 would be so much more that it was.

I hate to say this, but this reminds me of a company called Palm. Remember them?

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Q10 and Z10) - http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/20352963

Unbearable. It's just unbearable. I have been the typical loyal BlackBerry cheerleader fanboy. The day that the Z10 was made available in AT&T stores I actually raced over to a store where I met two people, just two people who were looking to buy a new Z10 (one of them actually had an iPhone 5). Sad. I was confident that if more people like me, like us, the BlackBerry loyals, would just continue to spread the word of how wonderful this device is then the iOS spell would be broken. Unfortunately, the blind loyalty and unconditional love is over. I feel like I've made a fool of myself because of the dumb decision that BBRY has made.

I thought that entreprise was the way to go. I figured, it's not about how many hipsters get on board the BlackBerry 10 train to snap selfies and add dope filters to their photos of their food but the quality of business-minded consumers that jump on board that would make the difference. I was wrong. The reality is that mobile devices are seen primarily as consumer products that consumers are using to "stay connected" not "Keep Moving". So why hasn't BBRY listened to us, the many loyal users who have tried to remain loyal and share our experiences on sites like this and countless blogs?

The unconditional love affair is over and my blind faith in the company has come to an end. I'm still a fan but now a very skeptical fan.

I hope that CB tries to share the comments on this post and it would be amazing if BBRY would actually read them. Here's what I agree with:

1. They should release an affordable device for current BBOS (legacy device) users to transition to and create an incentive program for people to trade up. FAST!

2. Get a sworm of developers in-house to crank out native apps and work with the big guys to develop awesome native versions of their apps for BB10. And please work on the current native apps, like Facebook, Twitter and the Remember app for goodness sake. NOW!

3. Agressive, blatant marketing strategy. None of this "I'm on vacation and some eager twenty-something is interrupting my sleep" nonsense. Just let people know you want them to buy the damn thing, why you want them to buy it, what's in it for them. Let them know you want them PERIOD! Don't be afraid to go there. Try something new! Stop marketing to yourselves. Do you really think the everyday, average person isn't some banker, CEO or big time music producer or writer.

4. Definitely address software updates and issues in an even more timely fashion. Be "Faster Than" and not "compared to others were on-par".

5. Listen to your subscribers. Listen. Listen. Listen. And when you're tired of listening. Oh well, do more listening. They're the key to your success.

6. React faster. Don't feed us loads of B.S. Most of us are people of actions and not just words.

I went off on a rant. Sorry. I just needed to get that off my chest.

HBB Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10

Here is my 2 cents. First I think you need to look at what do you have that will pull people from other platforms. The Hub is nice but not enough to pull people over. I have heard many complain about making BBM cross platform and I agree it was the right move. People will not switch phones for a messaging app they will just switch apps. By making it cross platform it gives people who want Blackberries and app to use to also communicate with other ecosystems. So how do I present my blackberry as better than others? I need to show people that they can come to Blackberry and still do all they were doing on there previous system and more. Unfortunately that is very difficult right now as both systems are way ahead in apps. Now we can all hide under rocks and say apps aren't that important and it simply isn't true when you are in a room and some guy has his iphone doing a bunch of stuff I can't they are not going to buy my you should switch to a blackberry. This is exactly how Blackberry got in the spot to begin with! So it takes time and money to get apps and get up to speed. So my suggestion is Drop BBOS Give people who have legacy devices a discount and incentive to switch and move forward. Quit looking behind!!!!! If you are going to have a Move Forward campaign then move forward. They need to focus on 10.2 and with it the first thing they need to do is get android 4.2 running. Why? because it gets the apps in the users hands. Sure we would rather have native apps but that will come in time if they see Blackberry moving product. The other thing is embrace it. Don't make side loading a tech thing. Add it to Blackberry link and help people get the apps they need. I lost allot of apps when I moved from IOS to Blackberry. I thought by now some would be moved over and some would have an alternative but that is not the case. I tell you that if the App situation doesn't improve people will not switch. Why would they if they can do more with a different device at the same price? Make it affordable to switch. People need a reason to take a risk on Blackberry, pricing it on the same level as an Iphone is arrogant and foolish and will not get people to switch! The hardware is great continue to stay with a solid course of hardware that is on par or better than what others have out. I have an HTC one through work it's a nice phone and I use it for every app I don't have available on Blackberry but It is slick and hard to hold. I love the Z10 gripped back. It feels solid and safe. That being said you need a quad core to compete. Let the Z10 hold middle ground and go ahead with the A10 but bump it's specs. Here is an example of why people won't switch. Consider most newbies will have no idea of what side loading is. On my HTC one I use daily Starbucks, Chase, Sirius XM, Nook, Spotify,Netflix, My fitness pal, Digifit, My Dlink, Paypal, Instagram, DirectTV, Fanstar. So how do I convince someone else who has 200.00 in there hand to drop the device they have and pick up this one? This isn't even talking about the other things IOS can do such as run you home entertainment system and allow you to control audio zones through your house with an IOS device. You cannot turn a blind eye and continue as normal. First admit you need apps to compete then make it so people can get them on the device. I have heard it said that Blackberry is a better android then android. Prove it! Embrace It then when the numbers are up developers will make native apps to get your $$

I think another BBOS phone is a good idea. It shows that BB10 is going to be a transition over time. They are still collecting service fees on approx. 70 million devices. They won't be getting that on BB10 phones. There is obviously still demand somewhere otherwise they wouldn't be doing it. BB10 is in it's infancy and it is already an incredible device. Just think what it could be like in a year or two. It even took Apple 5 quarters to sell 6 million devices in 2008. The sky isn't falling, I still think Thor has a gameplan.

Heins announced no BB10 for PlayBook is such a big mistake. I don't think making BB10 for PlayBook is difficult to get it done. But his words really hurt and scare loyal customers. My Z10 predictive keyboard still predicts me to type the word PlayBook. Will you delete your product name in the next 10.2 update?

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry seems to be doing all these this (aside from ditching bb10).
BlackBerry's strength is in building a communications device, so that's where they should concentrate to differentiate themselves. Build the best way to communicate, not just as a phone and email system, but from device to device, to car, to your damn fridge if need be. The device in your hands should be a gateway to everybody and everything else.

heavy advertising and APPS. Blackberry should have a target group. Either the Corporate world or the social world ? First, BBRY should start with the social world (ages 16 years - 40 years) and then the corporate world... Get the big name Apps..... its like setting a trap for a mouse.....put something that will entice the mouse to the trap.......Get the apps .....More importantly....BBRYshould at least start every meeting by looking at what BBRY loyals have to say on CRACKBERRY....

BlackBerry needs to get Lebron James to endorse the product. That would certainly boost sales and image

Posted via CB10

In celebration of Toronto this weekend they need to release a series in rainbow colors.

If they don't bring bb10 to bbpb then they need to bring a bridge version that will work with it. This is paramount

Otherwise people will buy an idiot pad to talk with their idiot phone

That said the comment about Nokia buying the company that made timeshift
MS is out to screw bbry. It's the gates way.

Posted via CB10

License the os out so some other phone manufactors can jump in and give some variety to the phones. Then Blackberry can concentrate on os updates, enterprise and new features.

The devices are just too expensive IMHO. I'm a fanboy and I have a Z10 and a Q10 and tbh regardless of the price that would still be the case. However, most consumers just care about price.

The question is this; "why would anyone that isn't a BlackBerry fanboy buy a BB10 device that is the same price or more expensive than an iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy?". The answer is "absolutely no reason".

They need to sell these things cheaper. There is no doubt about that.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Q10 and Z10) - http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/20352963

The Galaxy S4 still retails for around $200 and they're moving. If a consumer wants something bad enough, they'll find a way to pay for it.

Verizon, Blackberry's largest customer in the USA has started to discount the phones heavily. I purchased my Z10 about 2 months ago for $199. The price today is $49. The Q10 just came out and already its being discounted to $149. This can't be good for Blackberry business. If BB10 was supposed to save the company, then I think they are at on the brink of disaster. Also, releaseing BB Messenger to other platforms is a sign of despiration. Killing off my beloved Playbook will not result in a bigger fan base. It will just drive their most loyal customers who have hung in all this time through the painful transition away to other brands. I'm afraid as well that the competition will continue to be relentless and BB now looks to me like a company all out of gas on its last leg. It pains me to ay these things as a long standing loyal customer but the mounting evidence of bad news cant continue to be ignored or brushed off into the next 2-3 quarters.

Merge and get the capital you need to advertise, advertise, advertise.

It is time for the gloves to come off! Keep moving and save the BB brand!

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 Channel C00106B82

Exactly.. go with Sony quality and almost the USA market.will love them

Also donate a small portion of each sale to something ie cancer research plus lots of free advertisement

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should start developing a phone with S4 800 series phone..put 4 gb ram,5 inches screen...stop saying fragmentation...ppl want big screen...make phones which are faster...other phones should take atleast 1 year to reach this phone specification..do advertisements..put holding...advertise in the channels like hell...then u get ur apps...BlackBerry 10 has lot of potential..but no one knows what's inside the box...

Posted via CB10

What's unnerving about BlackBerry isn't the platform. Its there unwillingness to see that they are no longer number 1. If Apple is priced competitively, you must come under them. If the iPhone is 199.99 at contract and has a huge app base and features people have gravitated to already, you have to be realistic and male your product compete with those numbers. Their marketing sucks... plain and simple. The only thing I dint agree on with that list is #6. BlackBerry has always built beautiful devices.

I wish blackberry would market in par with Apple and Samsung. Their ads are short, but get right to the point as to why you should buy their product.
BlackBerry, on the other hand, spends 1:30 - 2:00 minutes on an ad and at the end, you still aren't sure why you should buy their product.

Just my opinion

Posted via CB10

1. Dump OS10. Biggest complaint is lack of apps. Go to Android. Instantly you have 750,000 apps. Develop a BB Shell. Customize it to the hilt with items like the Hub, Timeshift, etc. make the Android part unrecognizable like HTC did with Sense. Make it a BlackBerry.

2. Compete with hardware. Now you have the apps, that argument is gone, so make your phones true super phones that are ahead of the other guys. Photography is big. Go with fantastic cameras and large screens. With bullet proof build quality.

3. Remember the Nissan Infiniti ads that never actually showed the cars? Disaster. If its an Ad about a phone make it about the phone! Show exactly what makes it better than the competition.

4. Fire Alicia Keys. I think some higher up likes her music and used BB to get close to her. No celebrity spokesman is worth the money.

5. Develop a tablet new from scratch. Same OS, same shell, but make it unique by linking it with the phone like PB did. No one else has that.

6. Link everything like iCloud does and start to develop a family of products tied together through the cloud and a BB ecosystem.

7. Pay attention to how the competition is doing it!

I don't think BB needs to blow a lot of money on marketing as some have suggested. If they make a worthwhile product, people will come to it.

1) Don't do anything to alienate your current customers (well, they already did this).
2) Streamline your product line. Focus on two phones, one of which is primarily targeted for the developed market and one for the developing market. BB needs an iconic product equivalent to iPhone, HTC One, or Galaxy Note II.
3) Tablets are not dead. Build an operating system that can easily be adapted for both phones and tablets. Throwing in the towel on tablets isn't the answer.
4) Bring BB apps to other platforms.
5) Focus on refining the OS to operate more efficiently first and adding features later.

BlackBerry needs to be aggressive, stop promising and start delivering. Get those updates out the door. More effective marketing. Work harder with retailers so that customers can experience BB10 and see how much you can do with this new OS. On BBOS7, execute an update plan with the Q5,Q10,Z10 in the larger markets and have everybody on BB10.

BlackBerry must not stop. They have to wake up, smell the coffee and realize that Android, Apple and Microsoft are not stopping either. Not even to catch a breath of air or a glass of water.

They have and must keep moving, innovating and fighting. Never give up and. Never surrender.

Posted via CB10

The three multi language keyboard has to be demo by real users, the French and Italian saves me. My Greek buddy converted from ip5 on that feature alone before Skype came on board.

Posted via CB10

Educate the public. BB10 is a new concept and unfortunately people have a short attention span. You can't just put your phone on store shelves and *hope* people decide to pick it up and buy it. At the local AT&T store, not one single employee has even used the Z10. Just the other day I walked in to see the Q10 and the associate didn't even know it was out on display.

Posted via CB10

The marketing team needs to show what a power email user is all about. Compare BBM/BBM Channels vs Whats App/ Hang out . My texting is much slower now using the SMS and Whats App . My BBM contacts moved to iP5 . But ask them if they want their BBM back its a big Yes !! Some have come back to Z10 with the Apps improving so things are changing.

Posted via CB10

The device need more updates
The Writing in Arabic difficult (Z10 device ) There must be a distance between the letters or find a solution to make it easier to use.
The number of the letters in the english language is 26 letter .
They are big and perfect in the keyboard of the blackberry z10 . To make the arabic keyboard easy and big like the english keyboard , i want some letters to combine in one button . These are the letters : 1_ ( ي ، ى ، ئ ) in one button
2_ (و ، ؤ) in one button
3_( ا ، ء ) in one button
4_(ه ، ة ) in one button

The selection method is difficult and complicated
The possibility to choose the categories and icons when sending a broadcast message

You can't ditch BBOS...You have a client base reliant on service...my wife for 1 who uses her BB9900 with only 1 year into a 3 year term...sure she wants a Q10...but she is patient..the BB9900 works well and keeps us in communication while I have the new Z10...
Last thing you do is condemn your existing client base...what are you smoking?
Oh..and did I mention my daughter in the UK with 2 BB9900's (1 for work)...also in no rush to change until her #1 GLOBAL LAW FIRM says she gets a new Q10...

Stop writing checks your @$$ can't cash. BlackBerry's biggest issue is stating things with clear deadlines and not hitting those self imposed deadlines, or not even delivering what they said at all (BB10 on PlayBook). This goes back to the co-CEOs and continues with Thor and Alec Saunders with statements that aren't kept. Also if you say you are going to do something for your customers, like BB10 on the PlayBook, you have to deliver, or offer a solution of some sort, not just drop it and let that be the end of it. That combined with all the other BS up to that point has simply been too many second chances and will turn loyal customers of the past into haters very quick. BlackBerry can't afford to be creating a group of anti BlackBerry customers at this critical point in BB10's life cycle, but that is exactly what they are doing. It is poor management and customer relations that is further tarnishing the BlackBerry name. A re branding in the US may be necessary because the name BlackBerry here is viewed very negatively.

Posted via CB10

what about giving BBOS users some kind of advantage to upgrading to BB10. i mean im going to do it reguardless as soon as fcking sprint decides to get their act together

Make it easier for programmers to create apps for BlackBerry.
More popular apps available for BlackBerry.
Reposition the brand.
Make sure people can trust BlackBerry will survive this crisis.

Posted via CB10

Sony please partner with bbry,
Sony design and manufacturing and build cheap dummy tablets, BlackBerry will take care of the OS

Posted via CB10

Like the Advert said keep moving keep moving on invent that's what blackberry must do!

Posted via CB10

Push BB10 phones hard, listen to customers, do not create anymore legacy OS devices after the current one as it'll fragment your market, push the updates us playbook owners deserve and at least bring the best bb10 features to my playbook ie. keyboard, browser, app world, updated interface and etc. Pls bring bridge features back up to par! There's no reason we shouldve been robbed of this when upgrading! Hire new marketing and public relations teams because both seem dreadful as of now! And give Thor some time he's doing his best!

Posted via CB10

And don't forget about QNX and the very important car sector! You must keep this as your domain and not let others take over, blackberry has a head start so keep it! If there are no plans for a new and specialized tablet then make sure there is some sort of docking station for work and home consumers can purchase today bridge the gap! profit is important but growing the userbase may be more important as of now? More customers will help bring big name apps over and increase service revenues as they make purchases for BlackBerry world! We believe please prove us right!

Posted via CB10

Based on my track record, on choosing product I think best...(OS/2, BEOS, iPhone for a year, and blackberry ever since, hp veer for backup phone), news don't seem to be promising. That being said, my z10 is performing flawlessly (especially 10.1 2023)... whoever I showed how it works they all appear to be impressed, but not fully understand....

I am not sure what BlackBerry can do at this point. Rather keep pressing on as planned. It's a solid product through and through.

Posted via CB10

Advertise, advertise, advertise & in case I forget, ad-ver-freaking-tise
Get the word out, flood the market with images, videos of what BlackBerry can do

Posted via CB10

In my eyes they do well.. it's a new platform and they gain faster (and more) apps then windows.. it's just that the history is chasing them.. I hope everything works out and I think they do well, also the reason why I chose for the z10! Goodluck blackberry

Posted via CB10

Man the comments are flying on the CB10 app. Just shows the CB10 App is just the best flowing app period.

Posted via CB10

Thank you for mentioning my post, however I am keen to know why one particular response of mine on that thread was removed... would the mod who removed it please explain why?

Thanks again...

Posted via CB10

Like most have said do better than others sort out the ridiculous 6mb limit on sending video. A four to five second video is 10mb and I can't sent it over BBM. What an absolute joke. What's the point!

Posted via CB10

Blackberry has generally better products than Apple or the others but seem to lack the supreme confidence in these same products. They need to think and act like Steve Jobs and tell people (the mass consumer) what they want. Business people ( the competent ones ), would have appreciated the philosophy of BlackBerry Bridge.

I think that failing to honour the commitment to upgrade Playbook OS is a huge mistake that could have been avoided with a token upgrade to maintain confidence.

I remember the Apple / PC ads and BlackBerry has many features it could use in such ads against Apple and Samsung. Maybe BlackBerry needs to use the same advertising firm(s) as Apple, VW, BMW...... I still remember the 2005 Corvette ads, supposedly now banned, that just gave you goose bumps.

BlackBerry has grrrrreat products but needs to believe this fervently and push, push, brag, brah, fight, fight and fight some more.

All communications need to ooze with fervent confidence and that is non-stop and consistent.

In short, Blackberry, at all levels, must believe they are the best and talk and act like it.

My god how I wish I could talk with Mr. Hiens along with so many others who can share why BB is better and should succeed!

After the PlayBook was criticized for the small size I fully expected a real advertising opportunity for BB but nothing! They have many opportunities to make hey from Apple's miss steps and limitations but.........nothing.

Now BlackBerry needs a targeted and crushing ad program that gets our hearts going like so many car ads.

Steve Jobs was just a person with supreme confidence and they ability to instill that in the masses. He was and is not so unique that BlackBerry cannot find such a front person.

Personally I think that Jim Basillie likely looks back at the time and energy spent on hockey issues with some regret. I know I would.

Updates should be automatic and controlled by blackberry not the carriers. So many features lacking from previous devices.

Posted via CB10

I nominate Kate Rusby to replace Alicia Keys. She's a well regarded British folk singer with class that would be a more appropriate image.

Or better yet, regional ambassadors -- e.g. Kate Rusby for the U.K., James Taylor for the U.S., and someone else in Nigeria.

I think they need to focus on one or two devices rather than making so many when the devices you have need some updating. The Z10 and Q10 should have been the focus for this year before working on any other devices.

BlackBerry needs to make sure the devices we are currently using are working properly and customers are getting the updates needed in a timely manner rather than working to put out more devices when the ones we have need fixing.

I am still waiting for 10.1 to be pushed to my device yet 10.2 is in the works and Aristo and whatever other devices they are working on. We need one or two solid devices before they start making another.

via CB10 on my phenomenal AT&T Z10

I think to attract 'other platform' users, BlackBerry should start with making the most used apps in the bb world available. Then people would be familiar with how superb/ convenient the bb10 os and ui compared to the 'usual' ones. Easy access to the social apps and daily used apps(eg. Maps), etc. + mutitasking gestures = productivity, satisfaction and then loyalty.

Lovin' the Z10...

Posted via CB10

Agree, there are probably 20-30 key apps, they need those before a large % of the population will consider buying their products.

Build back confidence with both existing fans and new customers simultaneously, which is much harder....

Playbook owners (that registered prior to Black Friday) should get a coupon for a $75 rebate on a new BB10 device purchased through the end of 2013. Or give them, if they choose instead, a $25 credit for the BB App Store.

They really need to throw some goodwill to the Playbook owners, and this should have been done alongside the "sorry, no BB10 annoucement."

Get the messaging simple, instead of confusing.

Z10, Q10, Q5 -- what does all this mean to non-Crackberry addicts? -- exactly nothing.

How about simple names like touch basic v1, touch premium v1, keyboard basic v1, keyboard premium v1 -- four phones in the BB10 line, and four phones in the BB7 line should be sufficient.

I don't know what I'd spend $25 on in the BB app store...lol. BBRY, take the money and give it to ESPN, MLB, Skype, EBay, Yahoo, Amazon, Google, etc. to make some real apps. The credit towards a BB10 device would be a start...I wouldn't even consider buying a BB10 device at this point. Why would you buy a product from a company that lies to you?

I love my Z10 but it also has some glitches that have yet to be addressed. I am a stockholder and I have been with BlackBerry since 2007 so I would love to see the same loyalty in return.

Listen to your customers!
Updates should be pushed by BlackBerry not the carriers. They can add their bloatware in their own update.
For goodness sake, ADVERTISE!! I saw about 3 commercials tops for the Z10 and none for the Q10. How will folks know what to buy when they don't know it's available?!
BB10 is awesome. Make it available on more than just cell phones. You want to the over the market then let's take over the industry. We need a BB10 tablet, laptop, phablet, and solid cell phones.

The only piece of fruit I want to see on the back of any of my devices is a BlackBerry!

via CB10 on an AT&T Z10

I believe that BlackBerry has two obstacles to overcome right now to stay viable: 1. The media's presentation of them and 2. The need to develop quality apps for BlackBerry World, as this is the biggest complaint currently.

Alicia Keys is a marketing strategy just like sponsoring a formula one race team is. BlackBerry needs to continue to engage the market (now like they are with BBM for Android and ios) and develop future markets by making BlackBerry a name today's kids want in the future. Apple did it with the ipod. Google got no. 2 by having a similar device cheaper.

If the kids want it it will be the trendy thing that everyone wants.

Posted via CB10

1. BBRY should pack all OS7 features into BB10.....
2. must be aggressive on the market something like LBJ (former Lyndon B. Johnson) who gets into your face to get what he needs rather than being polite to the market.
3.Listen to the your customers and the crackberry community
4. Push updates directly from BBRY, no middlemen or carrier bullshit
5. APPS ! APPS!! APPS!!!
6. Fix all the bug BS and device on and off stuff

The company is doing fine, the stock not so much. BlackBerry will continue to be trashed, defamed, and it's stock manipulated as long as the stupidly monstrous short interests are not neutered. M/A or taken private might be the only solution. It's a damn shame that the US financial sector in this instance is behaving in a manner that is indistinguishable from organized crime.

Posted via CB10

So this is how BlackBerry can fix this crap show:

1. NFC: Head of NFC - FIRED
-BlackBerry will need to push NFC harder and more creatively than Samsung did. Show the power of NFC in many use cases. They would do this by partnering with major Stores, Gas Stations, and Real Estate Developers across the U.S. Showing the power of NFC for shopping , building controlled access, and every day use activities (Gas, Groceries, Driving Ect.).

2. Carrier Support: Head of Carrier Support & Head of Sales -FIRED
-I live in New York City and I've been to MOST stores. (I say most because I'm a Real Estate Agent and work all throughout New York City on a daily basis and take pleasure in dropping into every store I see to find out how much they know about BlackBerry). None of them care about BlackBerry, half of them shade BlackBerry, 90% of them know nothing about BlackBerry. WTH BlackBerry! Products dont sell themselves in the back of stores. Duh.

3. Design: Design Department - FIRED (Hardware & Software)
-Dude, design a freaking sleek phone. You seriously think people dont want something slimmer, lighter, and more sexy? Are you living under a rock? Please design the best phone on the market. Including the OS. The iPhone is still better looking. That is not good, no matter how you look at it. There are many great renderings all over the web. Take a look.

4. Public Relations: Head of Public Relations -FIRED
-Alicia Keys should be everywhere placing the Q10 into the hands of major Influencers across the world. Is she too focused on Reebok?
-BlackBerry should have launched the Z10 and the Q10 with exclusive music from Indie Artist around the U.S. Free of charge. That would have been a first in history, and would have been great. Instead they let Samsung & Jay-Z beat them to the punch. WTF! - its not too late BlackBerry. Launch the A10 with content. Brilliant content.
-Blogs should be included in this PR Blitz. There should be Interviews and Product Placement on every major Blog.

-BlackBerry has to make BBM look like Gold. They need to have about 100 events around US Cities promoting BBM. They need to partner with the Top Local PR Firms to make sure these events are major hit in these cities. These events should range from crazy parties, to executive dinner parties. EVERYONE WILL LEAVE THE PARTY WITH BBM AND BBM FRIENDS. MANDATORY.

6.New York City:
-There needs to be a heavy influence of BlackBerry in the "The Capital of The World". BlackBerry will need to influence the city (NYC) that influences the world. -Ads all over subways, Times Square, SoHo, Central Park, Brooklyn, everywhere.

Overall BlackBerry will need something fresh. Stop being so focused on the Apps and be more focused on how to influence the every day person. How can we integrate the experience of BlackBerry into lives? Apps will come. People are not switching platforms for Apps anymore. That was last year.

BlackBerry does not need to slash prices. A phone cost what a phone should cost these days. Move along. The emerging markets strategy will work.

Need BlackBerry to fix problems in BlackBerry World. I for one cannot post a review. This since February even after OS updates and reboots. Furthermore the search routine is poor. Just do a search for "running" apps and you will not see Runtastic, for instance.

I think we need to see innovative handsets which will push the envelope. How about a rugged phone with a modular hard rubber housing and flexible screen?

What about a device with a "foldable " screen so it can be a phone when you want it and a tablet when you want that?

I think we need to see BlackBerry step up to the frontier of technological innovation.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry needs to add the ability to upload videos to bbm channels, not just pictures and gifs

Posted via CB10

They should have a way better ASSISTANCE & CUSTOMER CARE PROGRAM like apple does. To do so they should open retail stores or have access points everywhere so we could go when we have a problem, needa replace a product or fix it. Blackberry's customer care is horrible. Actually is nule. An iphone has a minor thing going on, new one. You go to the store u get everything fixed, synced and perfect. Blackberry abandons their customers with all the problems as they abandoned the playbook. Feel stupid since i bought the PB at the beginning telling myself that being a loyal customer would pay off in the future... Naive.

Posted via CB10

Tool vs. Toy. Get working while everyone else is playing. Get serious about productivity. Blah blah. I mean, I could come up with a platform for blackberry moving forward. All of us could. And Thor needs to as well. BlackBerry is so polarized right now that I have no idea what kind of tech company they are.

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately and sadly none of the following will be done and Blackberry will probably be bought out for patents. But what the hell, here’s some of my list.
1) Primary marketing focus should be security and privacy (NSA/Google/Russian malware/China spyware will not approve this software). Secondary focus is productivity and a security hardened operating system for desktop/tablet/mobile.
2) Create a QNX desktop, tablet, mobile flavors. Named appropriately QNX-D, QNX-T and QNX-M. BB10 can be specialized mobile for Blackberry manufactured phones (i.e. hub addition etc).
3) For QNX-D, use an in-house developed software to interface with Linux drivers. Port Libre Office to QNX-D. Add a zone alarm type software, sandboxed browser ,runtime exe monitor/killer and with some printer drivers you have a very fast secure Windows XP like computer for web surfing and office productivity activity. Sell at Best buy etc for $25-50 bucks.
4) Hire some xda developers to make and design boot loader and installer for some tablets and smart phones. Again, sell in Best buy for $25-50 bucks. Target high end phones like Samsung Galaxy s3/s4 and HTC One. People can wipe the android off and install secure and privacy protected QNX-M. For people that don’t want to be geo-located and spied on by Google. Gradually roll QNX-M for older models.
5) Purchase or create a web based email service for encrypted email that isn’t spied on or text read for advertisement targeting. Individuals from Yahoo and Google will switch.
6) Buy or port an office suite and put on all systems desktop/tablet/mobile that runs nicely on ARM or x86. For tablet or mobile create a quick toggle to switch screen to HDMI high screen resolution and desktop mode to hook up to big 19 -24 inch monitors. Hook up your cell phone to Bluetooth keyboard/mouse and now you have a functional computer for browser/office productivity.
Note: this doesn’t imply open sourcing op sys. QNX remains closed and proprietary and protected.
Lastly as for Z10 issues:
1) The number one failure is brightness. Put a proper brightness slider and override to turn off auto adjust. What good is a computer phone/screen if you can’t see the screen. Sorry that was just stupid. Furthermore, after five months on the market and still not brightness control is really dumb.
2) Easy to use file transfer from desktop to phone hookup. Really? The idea that it is even a issue is well... an issue.
3) Ability to resize/reposition (top/bottom) and hide the URL (address) bar in browser. Dolphin browser is a nice template with it’s setup like hide URL. And of course, turn off images toggle.
4) 5 inch LCD HD screen with small bezel i.e. like Sony? By the way, would be nice to purchase a Sony ZL and install QNX-M on it.

The general concept is getting QNX out there and onto systems from older android phones/MS desktop computers to newer state of the art tech. The more users who experience QNX the more people will see it as a secure and functional alternative to iOS, Windows and Android. With more users, more developers see market opportunity and thus more programs and applications targeted to the platform.

Wow, exactly! There is a gaping hole looming when Microsoft stops supporting XP. Millions of small businesses will be looking for an alternative. Give them something secure that just works.

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another question who makes the twitter and facebook apps for blackberry? if it is developers from blackberry then what the hell are they doing over there. especially twitter when I start scrolling down and it resets itself half way up then I have to scroll down all over again. Since blackberry 10 has launched those two apps have gone downhill not uphill with there updates. Blackberry get your S@#T together!

Now that blackberry is getting so much media attention, get Thorstein out in front of the press. Earned media cost the company nothing. Everyone likes a "Come back Kid" story. Do it now while the fire is still hot!

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They must be much faster with update and changes. It's taking to long to implement anything with BlackBerry.

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Action speaks louder than words! #BlackBerry should not give words that they could not deliver (period)

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To Appeal to Professionals and Business Users: Emphasize the amazing Z10 keyboard which is so much better than any other touch screen out there. The fact that you can set it to three languages impresses everyone who does not have a Z10 and has a real job.

To Appeal to Women 18-25: Instagram and phone colours like pink, red, pearl-tones, and metallics.

To Appeal to the American Market: Tailor your marketing in the States to fit their needs. I don't know what these needs are (cause I'm not American), but many Americans have posted helpful suggestions above. Listen to them.

OK, so I got through the FIRST page before I got tired of doing this...however, here is the trend based on page 1 comments...if you want to add page 2 results to mine, go for it....or, if you have a life...go out and do something fun instead





Do away with BBOS-//////////

Software/timely updates-////////////////////////


price points-//////

Alicia Keys-////////

other celebrity endorsement-//

BB management-//////

Take the company private-//


Two things:

(1) BlackBerry needs to address the retail situation in the United States, but without defining their ideal customer as someone who doesn't purchase phones in carrier stores or Best Buy. At the end of the day, no matter how good or bad mass-media advertising is, it's not going to matter if salespeople tell potential BlackBerry customers things like, "You can get a high-tech, modern device for the same price as a Z10. Look at our most popular phones over there on the other side of the store." or "Be warned BlackBerry might go out of business before you are eligible for another new phone. Don't know about support in that situation." I don't care how good BlackBerry's marketing is when every factor discourages buying a BlackBerry at retail locations.

(2) They need to create a benefit that will matter to people who aren't already BlackBerry users, something that's outside the current Android-iOS dominated discussion. Sure, BB10 is a great OS, but that's competing on features. My father uses iOS devices. He has lots of high quality apps he purchased. Furthermore, he's taken the time to learn iOS and master it; a considerable investment given he doesn't love tech the way his son does. While I'd like my father to switch to a Z10 or Q10, I can't advise it. It's marginally better, but it's basically doing the same things an iPhone does, just a little better in some cases. Are the better features enough for him to learn a whole new platform and toss aside his app investment and time investment? No. But, what if BlackBerry made a device that, with some special mix of hardware and software, allowed him to experience a real benefit of ownership that the iPhone didn't? That would be called winning and I'd tell him to switch. Don't get me wrong, I like competing on features, too. I love telling people that BlackBerry's browser kicks ass in HTML5 implementation rankings and, as a WebWorks developer, I appreciate it. But, a browser that does WebGL is the same thing, but a little better. That would have been a winning recipe when BlackBerry dominated the smartphone market; today BlackBerry needs to provide the same thing, plus something radically different that addresses a real world need and provides a real world benefit. (I say hardware + software solution because that's a bigger barrier to entry. These days software only features are too easy for competitors to borrow and emulate. I think the hardware should be protected via IP and give BlackBerry's new legal department something to make headlines defending.)

BlackBerryfan777 your first point is by far the one thing that is hurting the company the most totally agree! It's probably very unlikely that they can get reps in the retail stores like other brands do (Apple and Samsung own Best Buy floor space) to sell BlackBerry and stop this nonsense because the "Sales Staff" in these retail locations are no doubt hurting the brand and yes the scenarios you mentioned play out every day, with the exception of us the ones that value the product or the "Sales Rep" that uses the product. No incentive for the staff to use or sell BlackBerry equals 0 sales. Hard to swallow but it irritates the heck out of me when people like this devalue a "Best in class Product" like the new BlackBerry 10 platform! Other issues for sure at hand need to be taken care of and they will. BUT WE NEED BOOTS ON THE GROUND!

Posted via Z10 & CB10

Exactly. "Boots on the Ground" AND/OR some kind of direct sales solution. I think opening BlackBerry stores everywhere would probably be too expensive, but you can't even buy a Z10 or Q10 directly from BlackBerry, at all, today. That needs to change.

BlackBerry needs to define what mobile computing means. What is the next step in the evolution of smartphones and computers?
I have any idea how they can utilize QNX and it's relationship in automotive industry. Why can't cars have docking stations for tablets on dash, back of seats. Have them as an option when people order there cars from dealer. That's 3 pieces of hardware in the vehicle plus will create an ecosystem which will lead to others sales and service revenue.

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I don't know how but BlackBerry should be more aggressive in luring the 72 million BB7/legacy owners to Bb10. Conduct fgds with them and know their insight, take advantage of that and find a way to make them upgrade!

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I think that BlackBerry is really weak on marketing, not sure that actual manager (on marketing) is going to do a good job.
Also they could been able to sell a product in much more country at the same time......
Another weak part is to push more companies to build them app for BB10
Finally they also need to sell another tablet (10 and 7 inch) with bb10 os if that one that i have in my hands is not been able to support bb10
I love this compay and i will never change my smartphone with another one

I've yet to see a Q10 commercial in America. And how about when they have a commercial they show the phone and its cool features. I should say phones. So many people I know have no idea Z10 even exists.

Posted via CB10

Rim had great products, they should've exploded the market with BB10 phones equipped with features that grab consumer's attention like the S4's hover, less known gorilla glass, HTC one's infrared sensor or even Sony Xperia's waterproof design, timeshift was great but the Lumia has the anti photo bomber feature i believe

bb10 os is great but the hardware is subpar to what high end phones on the market have, you equip the bb10 with quad core, bigger battery and a slightly bigger screen, (wishful thinking: gorilla glass screen), then you have the powerhouse computing device phone that Heins been talking about. Hopefully the A10 will top the list with it's quad core 1.5ghz, 4.65in amoled screen

the legacy device q10 needed a slightly bigger screen in my opinion, no need trying to be conservative in the US market where the consumers demand the best products , even in terms of hardware and OS, maybe BB could have put up pre-made android apps to be sideloaded for current BB10 devices to make up for unavailable native BB10 apps

what really is great of BB is their ability to have great battery life, their typing experience whether its all touch or qwerty and email system

I think that Blackberry needs to make some strategic link-ups for the marketing that will link them to people who share their brand. I like the House of Cards link in. I would also love for them to support women's professional soccer. It's supporters are international and huge social network communicators. Women's soccer is huge and they could get a lot of bang for their buck from girls who play soccer and the mom's who get them too and from the games. Given their tie-in with women in STEM programs, championing women's sport could pay huge dividends.

Hi to everyone... I'm working Around NYU New York University, and Every Teenager is connected to social network, BlackBerry has to focus on the best Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry need "Instagram", RSS and more social media, and more social networking. And I love my Z10.

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The Z10 and Q10 are amazing devices buh they are way too pricey for people in developing countries,the Q5 was placed at $400 sim free or so, ppl are buying cheap droidsoutchea they just wanna facebook, tweet and make phone calls...what stops them buying a cheap techno droid(Techno) for $100...even blackberry shops here run by proxy/as franchise... Samsung got local artistes here as ambassadors,blackberry kip saying nigeria is one huge market for them,yea that's true buh the need to come to the grassroots...

I know it's a bit late but I would go hard after teens and let them know that BBM is the most secure messaging platform. I would highlight that big bro is watching. Also it wouldn't hurt to let them know that BBM is the messaging platform most common for drug dealers for a reason.

Now let's get serious...

Now that BBM is open, getting the teens will be harder. I would advertise the hell out of their shows. Make BlackBerry look cool in their eyes.

Next, BlackBerry has to go hard at the Point of Sale. Who among us hasn't spent 15 minutes waiting at the dealer waiting for service? A killer demo on the largest allowable tv would completely capture the mind of a buyer at the most critical time.

This has to go with direct training of store reps. Make it so they can sell the phone as easy as selling an iPhone. Many will tell you that the iPhone is not the best phone, but is the easiest to sell. Therefore they can get on to the next sale.

There is no question, BlackBerry has to get the store reps on its side. Without that they will only ever sell to diehards. They have to do focus groups and get in touch with how a sales rep thinks. Then play to that game.

I would even try to recruit some of the top executives from someone like P&G. These guys understand retail better than any other.

That's my $.02.

Posted via CB10

Their ad campaign is money down the toilet. They need to literally speak to their market. Forget trying to reach teenagers en masse by placing the handsets in young people's hands and having funky but vapid ads. Sell them like you would an automobile with densely written information about why BB10 is the platform go with. Be SPECIFIC and VERBOSE.

You need to reach consumers yes, but your market is professionals period. If the phones drip down from there into younger hands, that is gravy. Pick a focused market like New York or LA or London and blitz the crap out of it with clear, intelligent advertising. BB10 will be the best platform out there if the company survives.

And someone has to be a highly effective ambassador for B10. WTF has Alicia Keyes done for BB lately? Either replace her with someone who will speak to the people 24/7 or get her to step up already. Same wth TH - either he gets tightly scripted with the best speechwriters BB can buy or get rid of him NOW. I couldn't care less how smart he is operationally. This is a marketing play now...or NEVER!

And remove EVERY obstacle to sales. Write the software that will allow BB10 devices to be managed by MDM systems OTHER than BES10.1 so companies don't have to upgrade their MDM to accomodate BB10 devices.

And get BBM out there cross platform TODAY why the F should it have to take until the end of the summer. That is absolute BS from a lean, agile company. There is no excuse for the delay. Stop making promises you can't deliver on without extended waiting periods. BBM should have gone cross platform the week the announcement was made. You lose ALL momentum during these endless, ridiculous waiting periods.

Time for Blackberry to start being a straight shooter. Not an evasive, non-committed, jumble.

Why ditch bbos when bbos got everything? More apps than os10. Here in my country people will get bbos for their budget phone instead of a cheap android.

Posted via CB10

I think they need fans that don't let the profitability of the company let it influence their opinion of its technology. Seriously, what kind of person would think this was going to be smooth sailing during as difficult transition as this one is? In my opinion they have the best base os out there now and this means there is still hope. I guarantee they still have tricks up their sleeves.

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As an American and proud owner of a Q10 blackberry needs to

1. Learn to market their product. So far never seen a TV spot or any phone company say they have it. It's aways hidden in the back. Only people who search news site would know about it.

2. Use some of their money and GET some apps. Intsagram, netflix etc

3. Take back the "software upgrade" from phone companies and push it yourself like apple. use your BBLink.

4. Make the phone look as premium as the 9900 series Bold BB

5. Can't make mistake like the battery and reboot issues on the Z10.

6. Don't release 6 phones in one year. Focus on the Q10, Q5 and Z10. BlackBerry are known for keyboard and a great message and social phone.

7. Focus on its social aspect. That's what's the phone was made for.

8. Cut the middle man out. Sell them on your site unlocked for all careers and release them in color. ( I would love a white Q10 but Verizon has it while I'm a tmobile. I'm not spending 800 for the white one.)

9. Make phones to last long cause BlackBerry user tend to use their old BlackBerry Curve and they still love them.

10. Listen to us CB and BlackBerry users.

Posted via CB10

Does anyone actually watch Netflix on their phones?

Maybe it's just my bad eyesight but I prefer to watch a decent size TV.

You're right about the marketing though. Big fail.

Verizon and AT&T won't sell devices from BlackBerry if they sell them independently. And ask yourself, where does the average person in the street go to buy a phone?

I am so proud of using my z10 (and my previous BBs) because it says something about ME, it says something about YOU. There is a connection at a tech level but also on an emotional level.

There is a strong message there that BB needs to articulate aggressively. Who are the people who use BB and does it say about them?

How about getting Leonardo diCaprio, kevin Spacey, Madona, and any other celebrity who is a BB fan/user to talk about what using BlackBerry says about them? This could be a series of ad campaigns featuring them individually or two or a group of them talking to each other?

This is not the time to issue a death sentence and donate the organs!

I sell cell phones for a living. I carry a z10! The one thing I can't overcome is marketing. Apple and Samsung has everyone brainwashed. BlackBerry needs to have a commercial where they show how cool there devide is. Have an onslaught of them. Like have someone playing music on a jam box, then answering a call from Skype, moving to playing a game. Then switching to playing a movie via hdmi. And the tag line be "not the BlackBerry you remember?"

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More aggressive and innovative marketing schemes. I think the "Get things done" image of BlackBerry doesn't get across most consumers esp ones on other platforms. Works spot on for me though coz I experience the value of a BB. Others want to be sold an image or an ideal. They wanna see BB as cool and trendy. That on top of it having ALL the apps they need or want then BB becomes golden. BB should get this done quick. Focusing on enterprise is top priority but the normal consumer I think can solidify the image of the brand, create following and provide word of mouth recommendations which is invaluable. Let's keep pushing and believing in BlackBerry!

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BlackBerry marketing focus needs to be almost 100% focused on existing BlackBerry users. The customer you are doing business with now, is much easier sell than the one you are not doing business with now. Word of mouth will bring others around.

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Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps App Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps

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Better advertising...shine some light on the fun/beneficial features..screen share etc..

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Stop announcing something officially if you're not going to bother releasing it soon.

now that Q10 and the Z10 is now out, there shouldn't be any reason to wait for anything now, now that developers have a device to develop on.

Im sick and tired of this waiting and it was always the same with OS6 and OS7.

It was awesome when we first saw bb10 in action but now that its out, it feels like everything else (almost)

If you're going to go after a market especially in larger devices (5 inches) its proven to be successful and people seem to want phablets. Get them a device in the 5 inch category.

I'm already tired of seeing prototypes for cars and for medical uses. How about get it done?

fdsjsfdkjlsfdjk c'mon BBRY, no wonder no one wants to buy your stuff. were always waiting.

What does BlackBerry need to do? How about just stay the course. Thorsten has a plan and I like the sounds of it. It's a 10-year plan so we're just getting started.

BlackBerry has made its mistakes...now it's time to show the world it's serious about getting things done.

Posted via CB10

Think they need to roll out the OS update by their own and BB10 really need more native apps, especially those that ppl requested for long time ago.

Posted via CB10 from Q5

I also want Blackberry to improve the mail. Why BB OS 7 have re-size image attachment function but BB10 don't have, it's kinda bad experience for old BB user....

Better battery life like come on the z10 is 1800 mAh battery and the q5 your low end device is 2100 something mAh smh i have high hopes for blackberry with the A10 hopefully it sports a 1.9 or 2.0 ghz quad core processor

Posted via CB10

BTW, I love this community.. if BB listens to nothing else other than the comments in this article .. they will have a hit with BB10. Great comments all around CB members!

Now BB .. what are you gonna do about it now for the next quarter and beyond!?

Every thing from the post above should be taken in to consideration. As well mostt important to me is the post from a day ago. Of the playbook being put to rest. I am a current user of the PlayBook. And to here great things of the q10 aa business phone. To kill one of the main thing that can benefit the new phones is stepping up the game with the new phone being compatible. And not letting the PlayBook go to its death. This is a main issue that may lose me as a customer and into a apple IPHONE user

I have two Playbooks. Have to say they work pretty well with their current OS.

I'd like to have seen BB10 on the Playbook, but not if it kills the performance. BB10 needs more than 1Gb of memory.

If they could drop the BB10 browser onto the Playbook I'd be happy.

Push out the updates a lot faster!!!

Fix the bugs and add new functionality! We can't wait until end of summer for os 10.2....

Work crazy overtime but get the updates out asap!

Posted via CB10

They should ditch BB OS.....can't go backward. And the next Qwerty device should have physical buttons i.e call, end & trackpad. Without them, it ain't blackberry. Adding extra row above keyboard is possible even in current Q10 if they move screen up to ear piece.

first off they need a new tablet that runs bb10...
and if we have learned anything, price sells things...stop pricing thing like apple. no on except the die hards will buy them. at $500 the playbook flew off shelves once they dropped the price. start down there or in the mid point...
come out with phones that are leading in specs. not behind..

the more product you get into consumers hands the more devs. will develop apps the more product you will move... don't know why that is so hard for berry to understand..

if they would have priced the z10 in the $275-375 they might have sold a lot more. people might have been more willing to try the new bb if they could buy it out right cheaply instead of being locked in to a 3 year deal if the phone sucks..

how do you suppose they do that? wait til developer create them and then release it... all while developers wait on their 'investment' to happen once BBRY are happy that they've got enough apps?

Just like every new eco-system, they don't magically appear. whether its a new console or when google first released their tablet

Unfortunately, delay after delay of bb10 didn't help but the way BBRY approached developers was the best way. If you've paid any attention, BBRY launched their new eco-system with the MOST apps than any previous mobile platform.

There's only so much pushing at developers doors and giving them a huge amount of cash isn't always an option. A developer should really see the platform as viable and BBRY can only do that if they release their devices on time and keep up with the market

"Bad Strategy to launch BB10 devices with so few app"

They had over 70,000 at launch and over 100,000 when it launched in the USA.

Have you worked your way through them all yet?

First Quarter Financial Results: of all the numbers that bother me the most is the 4 million lost subscribers. Either they all died or more likely went with another phone. Shame on BlackBerry. You have killer phones now and failed to convince 4 million of your followers to stick with you. If you had just convinced a quarter of these defectors, you would have crushed Wall Street's best street projections. Stop the defections now, and you will be in great shape. Marketing and everything thing you do going forward, should focus on your existing users. Forget about those who have already left you, they are collard with new 2 year contracts.

Posted via CB10

I'm not to sure if they lost 4 million users exactly. I think the number is like 1 million. Subscribership is based on BIS accounts and since BB10 devices are not tied to BIS then the 2.7 million users won't register as subscribers so it'll look like a huge loss. I think that why BB said at the quarterly they're not going to report subscribership anymore cause it's not a viable metrics anymore, only phone sales just like Apple and the other mobile device manufacturers do.

QNX team, now we have seen your power, now let the design team come up with a smooth phone and QNX make it happen.

7 things:

1) BBRY needs to stop announcing things and then release them SIX months later. That's like an eternity in today's fast pace mobile age. Examples: Q10 many countries still waiting, BBM channels... still waiting..., cross platform BBM... still waiting... Android 4.2 Jelly Bean runtime... still waiting.... BES 10 was announced so long ago and only just finished the testing phase. Still waiting... for the ability to manage Android and iOS. Waiting... Still waiting for a halo device (A10). Why do we have to wait until the end of the year for this when the technology is available now ? Waiting for... Mobile computing... still haven't a clue what this is all about... and the role BlackBerry will play.

2) Do a better job in helping enterprises running BBOS transtion to BB10. And do it NOW. Because BES10.1 doesn't support BBOS, companies will need to run two servers in order to support the new BB10 devices. Most companies don't want to run two servers so they are either sticking with outdated BBOS6/7 or abandoning BB all together. This needs to be done NOW, before Z10 and Q10 hardware get old. Otherwise we'd be back to enterprise employees carrying two devices because BlackBerry has become dated compared other platforms. Which would put us back to where we were two years ago. Speaking of two years ago,

3) Learn from the past.

4) Plan for the future.

5) Better marketing. BlackBerry's marketing needs to be improved. I don't like ANY of their current commercials. None are very effective in showing off how BlackBerry's features are not gimmicks. In a 30 second commercial spot they probably stitch together about 10 different clips that jump all over the place. At the end of the 30 seconds I would have seen all the BB10 features then forgotten everything I just saw cuz they all zipped by so so quickly. BB ads need more Focus!! I see BlackBerry trying to put ads everywhere, but nothing is targeted. For example the Much Music Video Awards commercial, targeted at teens, showed BB's ability for task management and getting things done. Duh, teens don't care about that. They want super fluid access to Twitter, Facebook, BBM, email and SMS (i.e. the Hub). They want instant sharing of photos and videos in one fluid swipe. Show BB can do that !! They want to comment on their friends' pics and videos in one swipe. That's what the ad should have communicated about BB. Getting things done, superior security, speed, ability to integrate with existing infrastructure. That should be communicated to the Wall St. / Bay St. crowd. BBM Video should be targeted at grandparents. BlackBerry needs to show there's something for everyone, not put out generic ads everywhere and hope that the target audience will see the 5 second clip within one of the 30 second commercials that interests them.

6) Better execution and shorten timeframes. The roll out of the Z10 and Q10 dragged out for way too long. Updates to 10.1 is taking way too long. Updates to 10.2 MUST be faster. Work with the carriers to push this out as soon as it's available.

7) Fix the image in the USA. Most of the media clips I see when BlackBerry makes the news show outdated Curve, with the trackball, or the old 9000 model with the trackball. They make BlackBerrys appear as dinosaurs. Produce some nice media clips of BB10, Z10 and Q10, stock photos and videos with close ups, and give them to the media free of charge.

They need to twist arms and get the major apps. That's the reason sales are underwhelming is folks generally won't switch because of lack of certain apps. Period. So all of BlackBerry focus needs to be on this. BlackBerry has made great strides don't get me wrong, and personally I'll wait for ever but others who are not tech enthusiasts will not.

Posted via CB10

I'd love to see them pay developers at least 100k for developing native apps for BB10, just as Microsoft has done.

Regular and universal OTA updates are a must, regardless of carrier politics. I as a customer would really appreciate and value the company more should they begin to do that. OS fragementation would not be found. Updates should include features that will further enhance this awesome BB10 experience.

Amazing hardware made from the finest materials would be amazing.

Posted via CB10

I'm sorry but I can't go through 500+ posts. Personally I'd like to see them kick the US carriers' assets. They are dragging their feet and not supporting the new devices with knowledgeable sales people. I lay this at the feet of the US carriers.

Posted via CB10

I think we can all agree that app selection was single handedly the killer of the PlayBook. And I predict that BB10 will have the same fate if BB sits back and lets the same thing happen. BB needs to get in the mindset in that if they cant land a big name app then they need to find an equivalent alternative. No Instagram?? How about something like Snap Chat? Or Vine?? Or how about implementing those ideas right into BBM?

And BB please don't launch a watered down version of BBM when it goes cross platform, just go full in at launch.

Have you seen BBM Channels yet? Somewhat better than Instagram. And shortly iPhone and Android users will be able to use BBM.

BlackBerry isn't sitting still but they won't launch substandard product with their new CEO. And he's right.

How is every BB10 device not a substandard?? For the price range BB10 is inferior to all most everything it competes with. Just my opinion.

I have checked out channels and I like it but I feel like its too big and too much to take in. I really don't think it will go viral, Twitter and Tumblr are way better.

You're entitled to your opinion of course. But in many respects the Z10 is light years better than current Android and iOS devices.

Largely due to its vastly superior multitasking. Problem is that is one of those things you don't notice until your need it. Check out this link for a few examples...


Channels is simple enough once you get into it. I imagine Instagram has people scratching their heads for a few minutes when they first encounter the app.

Your going to have to expand for me how the Z10 is light years better than every phone out right now. No offense but after reading that article I don't really have a further desire to go out and buy a Z10 over an HTC One or an iPhone especially if the Z10 is going for $199. All phones now-a-days have good enough RF service and are fast on LTE. The HTC One has a very similar feature to BBs Time Shift but has a much better lens and takes better picture, besides I don't think anybody is really going to buy a BB10 device specifically for that gimmick. BB also isn't the only OS to offer Excel etc.

BB is truly on its last leg and if it wants to stay in this game they'll really need to make a device that is undeniably superior to every device on the market in every single way. They've pussyfooted around long enough.

They have to carry on doing what they're doing. Except maybe they'd better start advertising BB10 in the US instead of relying on disinterested or disinclined carriers.

The only people "disappointed" by the results are the people that are too dumb to hear what they're told by the CEO.

Thorsten Heins predicted the sales numbers and guided caution at the last results announcement.

And he's predicted a loss for the next quarter. (But there'll still be fools who believe otherwise).

This is all part of the rebuilding of the company. If you're long BlackBerry, then do not expect to make an instant profit. It's not going to happen. Sell up and go follow some other stock.

Now if you're asking me what could they have done better in the past - that's easy.

They could have released Dalvik on QNX and supported BB7 on Dalvik - their 40,000 Java developers wouldn't have had to change tack and they'd have had BB10 product to market a full year earlier.

They could have enabled BES10 to support BB7 devices and made the server a straight upgrade rather than making corporations decide whether they want to move to BB10. (One of my clients has already decided not to bother with BB10).

And they could have learned from earlier mistakes and not relied on US carriers to push BB10 following the launch (they're clearly being fooled by AT&T and Verizon at least).

I agree with you. BES10 should have supported BBOS 5, 6, 7 out of the box.

Then eventually with each successive version, BES10.1, BES10.2, BES10.3 etc., gradually drop support for older versions of BBOS, or at least drop features.

Along the same line, BB10 should have supported some BB OS apps.

BBOS and BB10 are so divided.

Mark it ++1K^^ - Great marketing suggestions, and they didn't even put all their ideas in the blog...

And drop the damn price, BB won't move any Z10s for $199 on two contract here in the US. Not especially if the HTC One and iPhone is going for cheaper. I guess common sense isn't common.


Yes, you claim a powerhouse OS, bring it....and not by snail mail method, but in the rapid fire of the tech world today, tomorrow.

as I was reading the comments I came across some of the people to promote blackberry. I know I will probably catch flak but here it goes. Everyone saying miley cyrus and other celebrities. Well I posted earlier that Alicia keys is a joke for blackberry. The two people I would go after who I don't care about at all and everything they stand for but the mass population follows is #1 Justin Beiber who could bring in all the teenagers, but blackberry would have to get instagram and vine as he posts his intoxicated videos to his teeny boppers. and # 2 Kim Kardashian. My Wife used to watch them all the time and I have seen it a few times also and every time they are on the phone its a blackberry. I know that most people hate the kardashians but look where they are. people who hate these people follow them like drones. Back in the old days of crackberry when they posted photos of celebrities who was always there? Kim Kardashian. Even though I despise them both you will get the majority of people. The younger crowd with bieber and hate to say this but as a business family, the business world! maybe some aspiring reality stars also!

Yes, sadly, it seems, especially in the younger crowd, copy what they see their 'idols' do, so sign the 'idols', get their followers.

BB 10 by itself is not enough to get people to "switch back".
Apps Apps Apps. And by Apps I mean whatever they have on their other phones right now.

Posted using Z10 via CB10 on the Fido network, Toronto.

Try very hard to licence bb10 os....

Around the clock focus to get os 10.2 out on z10 and q10 and q5.

Sell q5 at cost...get massive sales and market customer base in emerging countries.

Make sure bbm cross platform is amazing!!

Release an amazing A10 before christmas.

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Yes, A10 is going to have to be several steps ahead of the competition, mind blowing to say the least, and they'll only get there with paying serious attention to consumer needs, wants, input, and if they ignore it, it won't fly.

If I were a BlackBerry executive I would have been working or brain storming during the long weekend instead of vacationing in a cottage. Desperate times need desperate measures. They need to execute fast, on time and effectively.

ChannelX C000D3759 We review channels

I agree with above posters work round the clock and bring in people like Bieber and Kardashian which are popular. I don't know who makes decisions are BlackBerry.

ChannelX C000D3759 We review channels

MY biggest issue is waiting on OS updates which I may ad I am still waiting. You guessed USA. With that said apps would be nice. But my Z10 or Zed 10 is good outside of that.

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Bring back classic features from BBOS to BB10. Everything. I think they weren't left out on purpose they just didn't have time to out them in in Jan.

Fix all the small little things like contacts, copy and paste (options should pop up once you select!)

Add even more things that iOS and android don't have.

Clean up app world at some point once they have the big players on board. Numbers matter but so does impression.

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I hope BlackBerry will review all of the comments on this thread as there are some really great suggestions from everyone.

Two more suggestions:

1) Move up timelines: BBM should go cross platform at the beginning of July to attract people to the BlackBerry brand. The halo device (A10) should be launched at the beginning of August for back-to-school.

2) Allow orders of unlocked phones directly from BlackBerry. These unlocked phones could be exclusive models, released ON TIME, and updates pushed out directly by BlackBerry. Set up stores within stores at Best Buy and within other high traffic stores where people would shop for electronics. Staffed by BlackBerry sales force who are given good training, and given good incentives to sell.

3) Future OS updates and features should be marketed.

4) I don't care how many Fortune 500 companies are implementing BES10. What I want to know is why that number isn't 100% ?? Why is it not 100%??? Figure it out. Are they staying with BB7? If so then BlackBerry needs to help them transition. Are they using a different MDM for BYOD? If so then show them the benefit of switching to BES10 to manage BYO devices. Have they not switched over to smartphones? I would imagine a Fortune 500 company would already have data management but if they don't, then these companies are ripe for the picking and should be the easiest sale for BES10. One company at a time. Go figure out why each company is NOT implementing BES10, and offer them no excuse to refuse such a secure, scalable, manageable platform.

Ok, that was more than 2 suggestions.

Stop counting on me and other loyal BlackBerry users as your marketing plan! We as individuals can only do so much - and as far as that goes, stop counting on CrackBerry to be only ones showing what BB10 features are!

Marketing: BOOM - Bust Out Ongoing Million$.

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Alicia Keys association shows how far out of touch they really are. It's an odd move by some middle aged corporate types. BlackBerry needs to hire a real advertising team. Take a look at the new Lexus commercials. Now that's a way to market a product.

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Yes, they have got to come of age in their marketing, and wow people, aggressively where they migrate.

Wow. Apple was a nobody in their market for like 2 decades to the point where their biggest competitor had to bail them out financially, while BlackBerry has 3 bil in the bank and the best mobile platform period and it's less than a year old, and there is panic over results covering 3 months of business to the point that we have to engage this panicked mass and make them think their feedback is going to be helpful or needed?


Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

The panic is BB's perspective of becoming irrelevant quickly. Yes they have cash and 3 billion seems like a lot, but if the perspective out there is that BB is not going to make it.. No one will invest in their products. If that's becomes the case, they will burn through that cash in no time and they will cease to exist. That's why they need get the traction now.

Wasn't that during a time when technology wasn't moving at the pace it is now though? Today, one must be rapidly responsive or be left in the dust.

Update BB10 faster..? Ya think? Like get on with it for christs sake!!

As for advertising..BIG TIME. I get weekly flyers from all the big box electronic stores - have yet to even see Z/Q10 devices even offered let alone prominently displayed. Same seems to go for Telus/Rogers stores...No one using BB10..they've all got droid units seems like.

Need to change that.

Lets get BBM going on the other OS - You,ve been talkin bout it long enough? Sign the deals!!!

Comon BBry...

W/my Q10 that needs 10.2

Hire Charlie Sheen, BlackBerry and Charlie can implode together in a night filled with hookers, debauchery, and drugs....all that to mask the pain of what's really going on at BB...

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Blackberry needs to update all bb10 phones to 10.2 immediately, they need to charge less for there devices, advertise like crazy, and also use big brand names in the advertising!!

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I love my Z10 and have used every single platform and new device and ill tell you what, I've tried some amazing AMAZING devices. But I keep going back to my Z10. It's just my opinion so anyone with negativity they want to throw I can really care less. But I do agree with one big thing from the readers here. BlackBerry need to flat out listen to their consumers. Their distribution channels will sell it either way but they need to REALLY LISTEN to the consumer. Without the consumer, they have no product and they whill "Loose the Game" if you will. As far as apple is concerned, I think they are amazing and have amazing products. I do know is that they also listen to their consumers and will attest to that. And look where they have gotten. BlackBerry really can make a HUGE turnaround and impact on the market. They do have a great product in my opinion. Software and hardware. Combined together they can really become a BIG THING again. They just need to listen to the consumer for a little guidance. With insight to the consumer wants and needs in a device and platform, they can truly make their good product and name STAND OUT AGAIN! I'd like to see them attempt to make their updates available to the majority as they become available and through BlackBerry Link. Apple is great for this and and so can they. BlackBerry in my opinion isn't dead, but I agree, they are taking their time and time, in their case, must be used WISELY.

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Yes, like the gaming industry, get the consumers involved from the get to in design, listen, take notes, quickly respond to issues and yes, get those updates out, be highly responsive, and to it through Link, completely agree.

Oh...and DO the right thing for the PB owners that bought since the "bb10 is coming to PB" promise.

For the rest of us PB owners...I'd be happy with a native BBM that didnt require bridge.

But have faith y'all, this is only the beginning.

W/my Q10 that needs 10.2

Focus on competitive and affordable prices.Software Update should be fast and good.Apps like instagram, path, line and again trends should be provided as soon as possible.It is very important for users.And remember when other countries sales slumped blackberry, Indonesia still loves blackberry with users reaching 40 percent and keep up with the newer blackberry 10.Keep cheer up n good work!

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Everyone knows Lindsey Lohan, give her a free blackberry and let the media do the rest free of charge.

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BlackBerry needs to get their shit together before all hell breaks loose.....their hardware in z10 is inferior to other competitors...but then BlackBerry was never really about the hardware....but there's simply too many problems with the bb10 software....look into it and fix it pronto....else nistradamus predicts a downfall it can hardly ever recover from.....amen

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There is definitely synergy in having a phone AND a tablet from the same company, so creating a BB10 tablet will increase phone sales as well.

Yup..but what is their actual reasoning behind no tablet? Some have actually come to agree with him on this, but why?

Our business here has an app designed specifically for it, for tablets only, not designed for phones, and not for Blackberry, only Apple and Android tablets. They won't make one for Blackberry, unless there were more Blackberry tablet users, so there goes more cash into the hands of the competition because the competition is willing.

Who the f*ck is Miley Cyrus? Or the b*tch named Kardashian? You Americans are so poor cause you can think only in the range of the borders of your own nation! But (thank God!) the rest of the world didnt think in the american way and not all people of the world have a small horizon educated by MTV or Pokerdotnet...(Cliche- yes I know)... The only person I know which works international is Obama! Who cares in Germany, France, Russia, India, Nigeria about Miley Cyrus? Advertising has to work global!
BlackBerry has to advertise more offensive, aggressive and not so plain. Customers want to purchase a cool device which contains the possibility to have much more sexual intercourse than last year (carrying an unsexy android-phone or an iOS-Phone which makes you infertile!). The customer is emotional and the advertising has to be emotional... Nobody of the iOS (infertile Optional Scientologist) users bought an iPhone cause of its outstanding specs- they want to have sex (the first tim in life...not alone....same species if possible) by showing their apples....

Harsh and cruel but true. There's an entire planet out there eagerly waiting to spend money and Blackberry only cares about America and Far East

Fire all Non-enterprise-related US personelle; time to really right size the business. Take the listing off the Nasdaq pronto, weekly options are killing it. List on the NYSE and LSE and probably Singapore. That would cut down on large amount of negative news. Then just keep working hard.

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Produce a 10' bb10 tablet to drive app development... i dun take much notice of apps personally but it seems like most people do so a big tablet is the way to go ... make it a 1920x1080 res so all the apps go straight from the phones to the tab

When i show friends at work what my Z10 can do they are surprised, but never consider making the switch. The main reason, apps. Anywhere you look you can see an ad that shows "get our app, available for apple and android". Until that also shows BlackBerry, most people will not switch and will remain thinking BlackBerry is down and out.

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I don't agree with competitive pricing they need to rethink there 6 model phone range.I think the Z5 and Q5 need to die they are just a waste of money in long run.

They need to take this app thing tremendously serious.Having certain apps available would of covered up the carrier update issues and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Marketing needs tremendous work stay away from the artsy ,concept garbage show real things.Dont know what alicia keys does.But if they wanted an ambassador should of got one of rev run or russel simmons,or Diddy who is educated,and knows how to market well.He could of gave BB a whole bunch of marketing idea's and even pointed BB to the right marketing firms.

So much wasted potential just sad its like BB not even putting up a fight.

I do not want BB to fail. Pricing is a big factor which is keeping me away from a new Q10, I wish to join the BB10 club one day, and give my humble servant Bold 9700.
Apps like Skype, Pocket, Google Maps is something we all need as soon as possible.

BlackBerry has to get a tablet or two. It's an ecosystem and branding thing.. plus fill in a few apps - people use them. Add a little extra battery life and a lot of marketing and we're good :)

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1. Push updates without bothering to get approval from carriers. It works for Apple. it should work for BlackBerry.
2. Open up the device so that one can install applications without going through the AppWorld. I'd like to install applications which have not yet been released on "the market" or might have been pulled because of some silly restriction (for example OpenWhatsapp/Wazapp).
3. Start selling on more markets, i.e: Sweden... Hello?
4. Less Cascades more Qt, thanks.

I think they should start pushing the heck out of electronic wallet transactions etc.
Push for the adaptation of things that they can do that other phones, or iPhones, cannot do.
I should be able to go to major stores in Toronto and buy things using my phone only.
Try getting that working and build out from there.

Marketing - Justin Bieber for his Bielibers :p
CEO - I think Thor is just not a right candidate. His comments on the extinction of tablets proves that he fails to understand what consumer really wants and explains prematurely ending the life of the PB. A vote of no confidence against him should share price drops back to its record low of USD6.22 per share
BB10.3 - Partition phones to run both BB10 and Android?

That's not a bad idea...Samsung is releasing a tablet this year that will run both Android and Windows 8...I suppose the same could be done with a phone. Would need to have double the built in memory to store two operating systems on the device, though.

Bring Back Push to Talk, Don't believe the media hype that a celebrity will bring back your product! Dont waste your money, never will be an Honest Representation! I'll take blackberry any day over Android!

Make BB10 devices truly laptop replacements. Improve delivery schedule of OS updates. Support Miracast and USB host mode for all mainstream peripherals NOW!.

And STOP making promises that can't be realized, please!

Not because of creative director but because of lack of applications and hardware power. My device z10 had heating issues bother me everyday. This is the main cost people not buy blackberry device

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Heating issues means the device either has insufficient processing power or a hoggy, inefficient operating system. If your heating issue is due to the former, there's nothing you can do about it. If it's due to the latter, then BBRY needs to update and streamline BB10. Don't hold your breath.

Has anyone seriously looked at the economics of the BlackBerry platform? There must be some bottom line reason carriers and hence retailers prefer the other phones and promote them. BlackBerry takes a price for access to its system. The old os used to trim mail and certainly qwerty machines do not encourage high use of Internet. Why would they promote BlackBerry? Only for large corporate buyers who want effective e secure messaging. That's all.

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People buy BB products expecting to get all they apps they can get on iOS or Android, are disappointed, and then return the BB devices. So the retailers don't push them. Why push something people are just going to return? The hardcore people who know about the limited app availability but will buy a BB device anyways are the people that will buy a BB device...and those people don't need to have BB promoted to them. It's all about the apps.

BlackBerry don't have any reliable strategic plan,
Alicia Keys? Formula 1 sponsoring?
Good sack go to School BB Marketing and start all over new!

I'm sorry that I do not have time to read everyone's comments but here are mine.
1. Thor is a great salesman but does the CEO HAVE TO participate in earnings calls? He puts his foot in it way to often for investors.
2. Are carrier relations as good as claimed? Only Verizon seems to be pushing BB. ATT and T-Mobile, not so much. Sprint will not commit to ANYTHING and is losing customers.
3. Why is BB10 not being licensed in the emerging markets, there are plenty of hungry OEMs willing to make inexpensive touch screen phones.
4. That's all for now, gotta work.

Here's some advice:
Find out what the most popular apps are on the other platforms and do whatever it takes to bring them to bb10 natively. Make all apps searchable in BB world for the average person. no sideload 50,000 step crap. search and install.

Improve th battery
better n stable hard wear
Lots of app especially high end graphics games n release dm on time not after every ios n android user gets it
Other Dan dese I'm pretty happy wit th new os n th camera

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I have said this so many times in so many comments and forums.

Their marketing sucks! Frank needs to be fired! Need to hire real advertising companies that are cutting edge, and need to hire people from the outside looking in perspective. And please get some younger blood on that board!

BlackBerry just sold this many phones from mostly word of mouth from passionate BlackBerry customers selling the phone for them! That is pitiful! I should not have to let people know it is out, let them know what it can so, let then know why they might need it. That is BlackBerry job. Word of mouth is only for extra buzz.

Also, may I add BB10 is an awesome platform, but at the same time, I don't see BlackBerry swinging for the fences like HTC and their One. Specs do not mean everything, but what BlackBerry failed to realize is that specs are a marketing tool all itself. Quad core sounds better than dual, no matter if it needs it or not.

Margins are important, but really they should have concenetrated on having a product that sells itself so that volumes are sold. But they took the let's test the market with the z10 and Q and see how they do instead of swinging for the fences. If your back is against the wall, you better come out swinging!

They must also release the TAT! Everyone was excited when they got them and was expecting some cool things, but what we got was a very functional phone. Function is boring without exciting form! Some people stuck with BlackBerry for the function, but they sure as heck can't keep people with function or sell. TAT was held back, and now iOS7 will have these type of features built into their next OS! Smh Never and I mean NEVER hold back creativity!

I think they should have also made a phone that is truly cheap, $300.00 max. Make a true affordable phone. Make the best phone A10. Keep the Q and Z as high to mid level. Make the phone that true BlackBerry people wanted, big @ ss screen with a keyboard! We all saw the renderings done by BlackBerry fans, yet when BlackBerry came out with the phone, be honest, we were a little underwhelmed.

I could go on and on with directions they need to make or should have made, but one thing that I know and everyone knows is that BlackBerry gets my sh! t done! That is the marketing line right there that everyone knows. Have fun and get my sh!t done, BlackBerry.

They have made some great initial changes, but in this industry if you are not evolving quickly and innovating once in awhile, you are done. If I could see these issues from the beginning (see my marketing rants in the forums), what does that say about the leadership there! Time for them to get some fresh blood (experienced) and young blood (new ideas). That is what they needed to do and still need to do!

Posted via me on my Z10

Steve Jobs quoted Wayne Gretzky as saying, "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been." That is innovation. You can't just be playing catch up all the time.

BlackBerry has to eat some humble pie and approach Samsung and offer to license their bb10 O/S to them. Once this is done Samsung can then flood the world markets with the BB10 licensed O/S (this is a perfect fit as BB10 runs android/native software, a seemless transition for Samsung and break away from Google as Google will eventually make their own hardware too!). But this has to happen and happen now!! Great Leaders must make tough decisions and this decision has to be made now!

The concept is simple. Get as many smartphones with BB10 O/S in the hands of as many people as possible.

Marketing is very important..especially on the feature that can be used daily the most...camera or prediction keyboard...gotta show them the feature and not just on how the device look.

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More apps is better than licensing the os to others. So the key is how to make the developer to be interested in making the apps for the BlackBerry 10 platform...

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Make sure the phones don't randomly reboot (?!?). My 9900 does it all the time whenever it's plugged in. Now some Z10's are doing it.

They are in the process of releasing a new OS, a new MDM solution, new phones, and new app world all in the past 6 months so they have their hands full already.

But, being a certified armchair CEO, my opinion is that they need to get more hardware out there at different price points to give BB10 more exposure. That's basically it. Nothing else can happen without more users.

BB is not Apple and cannot get by on one device, and they are not Samsung who can pump out 30 different phone models, so they will need to be selective.

If BB does (3), they would not be doing (1), unless they make (mostly) all BBOS apps available on BB10. Eliminating BBOS native apps that loyal customers used on a daily basis is absolute rubbish.

Get back to updating the Playbook! Bring the bridge back and update the OS. And stop posting off the loyalists!

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Scrape off the excrement that are the financial analysts and economists from the bottom of their shoes then...fart in Apple's face and kick Samsung in the nuts!

That makes for a good start!

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Absolutely, without a doubt, marketing. The better marketer, gets the better of the market. If you want consumers, market, market, market. Marketing on the front lines, at the providers, is terribly lacking, missing completely in some cases. Also, get with those front line sales reps who are Android, iPhone finatics and show off what you have and where you are going with this new OS. Many of them, have no clue, and if they express negatives, or what may be missing from your product compared to other platforms that their customers require, listen, take note and act upon it aggressively without delays. Get with the program, or get off the stage.

Also, target the big apps people have said they must have before even considering moving to BB, make them native to flow and function 100% with your OS.

Unless you have something else coming down the pike, don't forget and leave behind your Playbook users.

Think ahead of other platforms, take everything to next level, 'quickly', keep them guessing, pull the carpet right out from under them with 'rapid' innovation.

Top 10:
1) Stock buy-back and go private so you remove all the negative "noise" from the comeback attempt.

2) You need make one enterprise server for both BBOS and BB10 so you are not forcing enterprise customers to make a choice. From what I understand there are now other viable security options that are available for enterprise customers. Don't force your existing customers to choose between new and legacy devices or open them up to looking at your competition.

3) If you do force them to make the decision you need to ensure all the apps they use on BBOS are available for BB10 and offer them trade in programs for their old devices. Again, if you are going to force to them to do a bunch of work they are going to look at all the options and solutions, not just a BB solution.

4) Pay Netflix and Instagram to write BB10 apps. This seems to be a huge issue with people on the forums so resolve it by either paying the companies to develop or hire your own guys and place them at these companies to write the apps. You are not going to get teens (especially younger stars that use Instagram as part of their marketing/branding) involved with you if you don't have a native app. While I know you can side load it, there are lots of users that don’t want to have to sideload apps. One of the reasons iOS is so successful is because of its ease of use. If I had to explain to my Mom how to sideload an app I’d shoot myself but I can easily explain to her how to go and download the app from BB World.

5) You want a steady source of revenue? Let me, a personal user, pay for BES like services so I can have dual profiles. One for mom and dad, one for the kids when they are using my phone to play games. Let me pay for data compression etc. I’d pay a couple of months for these services.

6) Even though BB10 is not coming to PB, at least fix bridge so my BB10 device and PB play together the way my BBOS and PB did.

7) Create the best productivity and business related apps in the game. If your comeback plans rely on business you need to have the best apps. At this point I have more games on my Z10 than anything. IT has proven itself to be a great platform for gaming but I am still searching for the business related apps.

8) Remove carriers from the update process. Everyone needs to get the updates at the same time. I look at what just happened to the developer of Blaq. They did an update and then because not everyone had 10.1 they had to scramble to make things work on 10.0. Here you have a great developer that all of a sudden gets flooded with complaints because the software rollout for 10.1 is so fragmented. They couldn’t just say update to 10.1 and the issue is fixed because that was not an option for everyone.

9) Marketing! People do not even know BB is still in business in the US…that is just plain creepy and an illustration of the failure in product marketing.

10) Ego, you can’t let your past successes lead to your failure. At one time BB was the “it” device to have. You need to realize that this is not the case anymore. It reminds of an athlete that is always around people telling them they are the best, if you only surround yourself with “yes” men and @ss-kissers, you lose perspective and will eventually fail. Doing things the same old way and relying on current BBOS users is not the path to success. Yes you need us, but you also need to have something that will woo people away from iOS and Android. Be innovative, stop talking, and start executing. I’m not a spec guy but if Android people like specs come out with the phone with the fastest processor, best camera, most RAM, more internal storage and still have the external storage. For iOS people that like pretty icons etc, make them! The new OS is great, but as we have seen with webOS a great OS doesn’t mean anything if you cannot get people to look at your device.

Your point 7 is exactly what I think. BB stands for productivity, that's the niche, thats where they should be number one. They could do it by developing the best productivity apps inhouse or pay developers do do it.
BB could initiate a contest for innovative productivity apps. BB has has everything in place to do it. A great keyboard, hub, flow, Cascades, and the invocation framework.

And when they focus on productivity, the direction for marketing is clear too. Show the super apps and use the term "productivity" as much as possible. BB and productivity need to be synonymous. Not "mobile computing".

With this strategy BB will not win the average customer, but a special kind of customer. And theire corporate customers. And that's good.

PS: Someone should write a summery of this thread. Lots of good points.

What is all this nonsense about Netflix and Instagram?

Does anyone actually use Netflix on their phone? If so I'd love to have their data plan.

As for Instagram, there are so many other apps out there that do the same thing (often better) that I struggle to understand the issue. When BBM is released for Android and iPhone the issue goes away anyway.

The problem with the net is that comment is cheap, and lots of people latch on to easy to repeat garbage without thinking it through.

BlackBerry 10 devices have well over a hundred thousand apps. If that isn't enough then what is?

If you download one every 5 mins during waking hours it will take you two years to complete the task.

Have another phone with a bigger screen (maybe same resolution) and then manage to make google play install directly apps in the phone without needing to sideload. That last one is the most important one and must be done whatever it takes.

Give YouTube access to the Hub to allow full YouTube Inbox capability there, and yes, update immediately the Facebook and YouTube apps to outperform with more functionality, you surely can make this happen.

I think
1 get the word out and market bb10
2 get those apps!!!! Pay then whatever amount!
3 listen to customers and the consumers.
4 bring o's updates faster and bigger.

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More contests, more giveaways, and prizes for the best fan-based posters, youtube videos, and whatever else is out there. Blackberry needs some MEME action to raise its profile. I understand this whole "professional" thing, but lets face it. Professionals want to laugh and have fun too. I think a bunch of cash prizes, giveaways, and other soft marketing campaigns like that would go a long way. I mean I haven't even seen any "we'll fly you to the (city) grand prix" or "win tickets to alicia keys in LA!" .

This is just getting rediculous! I'm not going to even consider giving advice to any tech company! How hard is it to learn from your past mistakes improve on your strengths and then execute to the fullest. Put all your resourses into the company or fail. I'm a little tired of voicing my opinion only to see negative results. Good luck BlackBerry!

I am glad to see that the first BlackBerry store was opened I the UA, that is already a good sign as it will contribute to the marketing part, but, can I suggest that BlackBerry also start opening stores in other countries and innovate from a support point of view. I am an absolute BlackBerry addict (and I know most of you here are like me), I would like and always wanted to partner with BlackBerry to create a program so that the regular user on the street can get more attention when and where they need it.

Secondly, BlackBerry 10 OS is a great new product with a lot of exciting features an I enjoy my Z10 so much but I would like to see more useful stuff e.g. secure cloud storage, better management tools on BlackBerry.com, BlackBerry Protect and BlackBerry ID.

From hardware point of view I would onky change the battery life as it does get annoying if I have to charge my find on my way home in the afternoon. Don't mind if my battery dies when I get home but it must at least last to then.

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Lack of Retail Outlet in major cities, is a killer for BlackBerry products. BlackBerry should set up retail stores, display all products, come up with newer hardware devices, accessories, service center and this will also create jobs for that location. In turn, the city and country will support BlackBerry product. They should become their own reseller, rather than selling their product with only Phone companies. A good example is the latest store in Dubai. Show me, Show me!!!

Well after thinking about it maybe the first thing is a press conference. If you read the press BlackBerry is dead. If that is all people who are looking for a phone see then next quarter will be worse. People need to know that blackberry will be around and supporting the product. Thorstrn needs to stop the bad press and show a definitive plan for the next 5 years and he needs to do it quickly.

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I work with a lot of people who have gone from BB to the iPhone and what they're telling me is that the iPhone is not good for a business person. I don't know everything about the iPhone, but two people mentioned how you can't attach more than one thing to an e-mail on an iPhone. That's important to a business person apparently. I believe BB has veered away from the business platform somewhat to reel in the non-business population. I want to see BB up there again. It used to be what every business person wanted. It does everything a business person wants and more....much, much more. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.