What must BlackBerry do next?

Thorsten Heins
By Simon Sage on 30 Jun 2013 11:42 am EDT

Following the disappointing BlackBerry quarterly financial results, the CrackBerry community has been positively buzzing with feedback for the company. Call it being an armchair CEO, but no doubt you'll find a few common threads among those discussing what BlackBerry needs to do next. One forum member, Deckard79 kicked off the debate with six bullet points outlining where he thinks BlackBerry's priorities should lie. 

  1. Listen to your customers
  2. Update BB10 much faster
  3. Ditch BBOS
  4. More competitive price points
  5. Advertise like mad
  6. Build better hardware

Now, Thorsten has a lot on his plate, and no doubt he and his team have already looked at most of those issues (in addition to many more we aren't privy to weigh in on), but these are great starting points for discussion and things worth looking out for in the next couple of quarters. 

Of course, this painful start to 2013 may be yet another part of BlackBerry's ongoing transition to the new platform. On the one hand, it feels like the switch to BlackBerry 10 has just started, but in a lot of ways (especially if you look back to the PlayBook), it feels like this process is taking a long time, and it's understandable that less loyal users might not stick around until the changeover is complete. 

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What do you guys think BlackBerry needs to do next? Realistically, is there any advice we can offer that they haven't already considered and planned for? If you had one worry about BlackBerry's future, what would it be, and how would you like to see them solve it? Hop into our sprawling forum thread and weigh in on these important questions. 

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What must BlackBerry do next?



We need Thor put on disciplinary probation. We also need to have Alicia Keys fired and replaced with Miley Cyrus.

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Marketing is everything. They already have a good product. But one that no one knows about.

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100% agreed

Q10 AVAILABLE IN PORTUGAL BUT .............................. the same story, went to a FNAC store, and i saw the Q10 placed on a shelf somewhere between the older BB´s, no advertising, no "showoff" , NOTHING ......


Yap in Portugal the BB support worths ZERO.
No support to local communities, nothing.
I already contact BB PORTUGAL and still waiting a reply since February!

Im a big fan , i work with bold 9900 and torch 9810 now we have here in switzerland z10 and q 10 but i never ever i see in the tv or radio play a clip of the new phones..... How i know a good product if i never know about it!

I think is the time to change the mentality in blackberry company and put young people with jeans and sneakers ...the era if bankers who buy blackberry is over ...young cool urban people are the future for blackberry too...if they sleep longer the boot is full of wather and it is over..sorry for my english ...longe life for blackberry

Yeah that's it. Let's have Kevin Spacey highlight the BlackBerry brand. On House of Cards. On Netflix. Which won't make a BlackBerry App.

There's something twisted about that.

Why shud alecia keys be sacked. Who is miley cirus like seriously. Im happy a black person has the job so be quiet

BlackBerry Z10 CB10

Alicia should be sacked because she took on a huge role at BlackBerry. The role of Global Creative Director is really serious. Had BlackBerry filled the position with someone passionate about the brand and even more skilled in leading creativity at BlackBerry, we may not be in the position we are in now. I love Alicia Keys but I think she has way too much going on right now with her Tour, Reebok deal, and more.

That was just a fluff position created to improve BlackBerry's public image. It's likely just a hobby for her.

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The roles a joke. Who is Apple's creative director or Google's? I don't know and they're both doing fine.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

Sir John Ive - recently knighted and he is the man who has worked at Apple past 15 years -quite a bit responsible for Apple's resurgence under Jobs with its iconic design products. Never underestimate the power of good design....

Who cares if she's black, white, or any other color. This is not affirmative action, this is survival of the fittest.

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I don't think Miley Cyrus would be the best, but someone with more visibility with their Blackberry in everyday use. The Kardashian sisters come to mind who have a weekly show with built in advertising or Paris Hilton.

Or maybe even Madonna, one of the Kardashians could definitely do it because of the tons of free promo on their show, Kim uses the black, white and limited edition gold plated Bold 9900 and the Porsche Design on the show.

Yeah. Like all BlackBerry needs is nod from someone who's claim to fame is giving a blowjob and getting screwed.

I know a lot of people might hate me for saying this but ever consider Lady Gaga? She has a very large fan base. Also, is one of the most innovative, if not the most innovative pop star to date. Plus she doesn't own an iPhone, the only apple product I know she has is an iPad but she has stayed loyal to blackberry. She has an album coming out soon and she can use the BB platform to advertise the same way Jay-Z has been doing. She has also said she was planning to make an app for her album release and also for her fans website, littlemonsters.com and maybe BB can help with that. I think adding Lady Gaga to the team would help A LOT. I know she seems to have been M.I.A recently but her fans are still there and they will support anything she does, trust me.

Ah. Just what we need. Little bullies. Let's not touch Gaga with a ten foot pole please. Her tour got cancelled for a fake hip injury because, as a totally unrelated coincidence, her shows weren't selling out. Her 15 is nearing a close. Next.

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Had a feeling this would happen. Her fame is fading? Really? Then why was she awarded #2 on Forbes most successful list, right behind Oprah? Her shows weren't selling? She sold out STADIUMS around the globe before her injury. I could go on but then you're just going to label me as one of those "little bullies" when I'm just stating facts. Before you dismiss someone else's opinion please come back with some valid reasons backed up by facts.

Yup. The weekend was slow with news so they had to throw something up.

I love how all these "BBRY needs to do this..." threads are so vague and hold no real plan of action to actually fulfilling said suggestions. Not to mention it's the SAME stuff said over and over.

But I guess it's what's getting readers at the moment since nothing exciting is coming from BBRY right now.

But you're both here leaving comments. Nice to have you both on board the BlackBerry armchair QB session!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

I don't think Apple could have been stopped. But BlackBerry could have taken them seriously and adapted quickly instead of taking 5.5 years to counter.


The Z10 would have probably came out a lot earlier and we'd be leading in innovations. Instead we let Apple fool people into buying the same OS year after year, much like BlackBerry did until the Z & Q came along.

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Apple doesn't have to fool people. They convince their users to stick with familiarity. Look how many operating systems BlackBerry has had over the years.

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I'm in chins for work and it looks here like Apple is finished. Samsung phones everywhere.
I think BlackBerry and Crackberry should get Apple off the brain.

One thing will turn heads quickly in the next OS update announce BlackBerry phones run Android apps out of the box.

Add the ability to run app immediately from Google play then makes BlackBerry World a "Trusted" app store. Go there for apps that have been tested for maleware.

This will put the focus on what the phones cab do, like keyboard and balance and off what they can't - lack of apps.

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I'm 100% with the opening of Android on BB10 devices. I don't want an Android device but Android apps running openly on BB10 devices

Android is the new kid on the block, BlackBerry needs to fit in with the in crowd while offering something a bit different ie security and best in class integration with BES10.

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Agree. Samsung is more scary to bbs bottomine and BlackBerry should take tge chineze markrt more seriously; e.g., make a deal with tencent

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Then they must make a time machine to go to the past so they start sooner with BB10 and ditch OS 7.

Yes, go back in time and fix all the stupid things they've done in the past four years, which is pretty much everything they've done.

This is really wrong, BBRY should speed up the construction of their inter planetary space craft and keep moving on to another planet where they can be number one .... Again

Fire "the rock star" Heins and get somebody from the " outside" to run BB. Ditch Q10! It will be a total flop anyway! Concentrate on Z10 and "A10 " and very cheap phones! :)

I'm in the USA and was not a happy camper. That's why I have an Android now. Frankly, I think I bolted more for the lack of respect for loyal customers here than because I would have to wait a lot longer (in fact, I think the Q was *finally* available here only 3 weeks or so after I dumped BB).

Simon's mention above of "less loyal users" not sticking around "until the changeover is complete," frankly pisses me off a bit. I was ultra-loyal for 7 years. In addition to those years of consecutive ownership myself, I had two other members of my household on BBs and convinced 3 friends outside of my home to go with BBs too. BlackBerry didn't always make this an easy sell for me, either.

The lack of loyalty was clearky shown by BlackBerry to me and other of us US Crackheads who were treated like second class citizins this year. The powers that be simply seemed to not care that we'd already been waiting for, what, a couple of years almost? "What's a couple more months?" The end of our relationship, that's what it is.

I still hate typing on glass. It irks me to no end that I had to make a choice I truly did not want to have to make.

You do realize that BlackBerry is not selling their devices directly to you, right? The control is on the carriers, CMIIW.

I do feel sorry for you, coming from 'emerging' countries, I know very well how it feel being treated like a second classs.

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Sorry to hear that friend. I think BlackBerry is in a no win situation, the carriers in the USA have no love for them and are doing much more for there competition. The amount of time that they are taking to release updates is ridiculous. Unless they invent something unique (hence I said teleporter above, dream on, lol) that everyone wants they are going to struggle. It's a shame that they lose good customers like yourself. Anyway you got to do what you got to do, I personally like typing on my Z10 as the words just show up as I type but sounds to me that the Q10 was built for someone like you.. every company has its faults and some have more of a struggle to fight with others doing there best to make them look bad etc, hopefully in time you will get a Q10 and enjoy the feeling of typing with keys again.

Take care.

www.livingtruth.ca www.carm.org

Thanks. It is most telling, I think, that in my hierarchy of phone needs, a physical keyboard tops the list. Yet...

As for the carrier connection, of course it plays a role, but I call bullsh*t on the blame game there. I think it's a spreading myth that the big bad US carriers are all conspiring to squeeze BB out. It makes no sense in the big picture.

What is more likely is that BB can't manufacture the devices fast enough to have them actually ready to go when "launched." Here in the States we've had to wait a couple of months after the rest of the world for both the Z and the Q. I sincerely doubt that's because all of the US carriers aren't interested in the devices. One one of them could have distinguished itself by releasing BB10 before anyone else here did...and yet, while someone was technically first, it wasn't in a way in which it was distinguishable.

The software updates obviously fall in the carrier's domain more, but I think that's a byproduct of what I described above, not part of a continued pattern of conspiracy to shut out BB. The carriers are lukewarm on BB at best for the same reason I left BB. They don't trust them.

Sprint currently doesn't have the Q10 even available for purchase (obviously I do blame them for not carrying the Z). Are they hiding them, or more likely can BB not supply them with enough? It would be great for BB in a sense if the sales numbers were so great that it's the latter, but the other news of the week flies in the face of that, no?

Well in an ideal world they should have released it everywhere at the same time to not upset their global customers, as we live in a world with Internet and everyone can find out just about everything whether it is true or false.

But perhaps supply and demand would have been to great for them all at once, and with the slower release they could fix any unseen problems in the software. And so it appears they went with country's that they do better sales with to start. Business wise seems like not a bad idea. Unfortunately their customers that have to wait longer grow impatient and feel left out or abandoned which is unfortunate but understandable.

Anyways the USA carriers are not helping from all I see and hear. Pour placement in stores almost as if they are hidden, pour advertising and unacceptable software updates. It makes BlackBerry look bad, all software needs updates and improvements no matter who's phone you buy otherwise people think what they bought is garbage and will let it be known.

No doubt BlackBerry is to blame for some things like taking way to long to get back into the game and making a phone able to compete and also poor advertising, but so do others that control aspects of selling BlackBerry products and service like updates which have a huge customer impact of how they feel about the product they bought. Word of mouth is still the best kind of advertising.

But you have to get what works best for you in the end and what you like best. Sometimes it is unfortunate but yes at times we have to wait. What's the saying Good things come to those that wait! Sometimes it is very true and at times painful too...

BlackBerry is a company just like any other trying to do business, either you really like there stuff or you don't, it works good for you or it doesn't. I really like the Z10 I got. Seems to me the phone for you is the Q10.

You mentioned trust the only one that you can truly trust in is God. All others, companies or people will let you down in some way or another.

Take care Friend.

www.livingtruth.ca www.carm.org

They deserve it because why would you plan to release a phone with OS 7 instead making BB10 for PB. Like windows want to release window 98 again...they piss me off..thought canadians CEOs were smarter then US CEOs..opps US are more greedy then smart.

I liken BB's behavior to that of a teenager. Since a teenager knows everything, as a parent, you can teach them nothing. The same is true for BlackBerry customers. They repeatedly tell BB what they want out of their products, but BB thinks they know more about what a customer wants than the customer themselves. The result of course, are customers migrating to other platforms that respond effectively to their needs and expectations.

There are 3 types of companies in this space:

1. Companies that make things happen.(Apple/iPhone, Google/Android)

2. Companies that watch things happen.(Microsoft/Windows Phone)

3. Companies that wonder what the hell just happened. (RIM/Blackberry)

Just sayin'......

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So developing a whole new and better OS doesn't count as making things happen but slapping a coat of paint on your old OS does?

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It does count but u just dont stop there, you try to improve what I created, and the way they are managing updates is horrible, also their marketing strategy is not really the best, and I understand that this is a new os but basic rubbish like a better Facebook app, tweeter and instagram would've helped a lot since The moment they launched

Big difference. Apple only needs to polish their existing OS since they pretty much own the market along with Google. It has taken BB five years or so to even get in the game for Christ's sake. Even then, the whole process has been severely mismanaged and their sales reflect that fact. Compare iPhone sales to BB10 sales and if you don't see a reason to be concerned you have your head in the sand.

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"thinks they know more about what a customer wants than the customer themselves."

You do realize this was Steve Job's philosophy, almost verbatim? check out one of his books or, "One Last Thing"

+1. If not because of Steve Jobs, apple wouldn't be like it is now. He knew how to make people believe that they need to have one of his products.

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Yes. I do realize this fact. But Jobs was a stickler for perfection and made no moves until everything from market data to user experience to end product was innovative, unique, and ready for prime time. Jobs always had a game plan. BB rushes things to market, has no effective marketing campaign, is slow to update software, builds new old sh*t (new BB7 phone), builds a tablet, kills a tablet, etc., etc. There is just no cohesive game plan.

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They should also start a very aggressive, imaginative, engaging sales program for those who put the products in other people's hands. Salespeople have been all but ignored by BlackBerry, and that's why you're seeing their typical poor performance. Provide some guidance, inspiration and motivation!

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"Aggressive" is the key word here. The z10 and Q10 are badazz devices that blow the competition out of the water. All of us using them have had the moments when people said "Wow! How dafaq did you do that!" BlackBerry needs to show these bad boys off in ads that say, "If you ain't rockin' a BlackBerry, you ain't rockin' jack squat."

Put some swagger in it. Use words like "Power" (powered by QNX) and "Sexy" and "Confident" and "Secure" and "Unique" because that's what the BB10 experience is all about. I know Canadians are polite and understated and all but it's time to show off and kick some azz.

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The theme song could of been no one man should have all this power, showing off the aspects of the bb 10 in a commercial.

Carriers in Canada do this with their sales staff already. I'm not saying it was done with the Z10 or Q10 but it happens. I know from my corporate retail days.

Personally, I'd like to see the US carriers sales structure. I can't seem to figure out why there are so many incidences, where American consumers go into a carrier store and are persuaded or directed to look at other phones and platforms. I can only assume reps are either getting sales spiff's on those other phones increasing their commission pay or, they don't make any commission at all and are selling strictly based on preference.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. My philosophy to sales is never direct a consumer. Ask your open ended questions, find out as much user info as possible and then recommend.

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The #1 thing they need is more Apps! They are too conservative with their massive cash pile. They should be investing that cash, even if it takes $1 Billion to bring all the top apps to the platform. I seriously could have converted at least 4 people to Blackberry, if BB10 had apps such as Netflix, Instagram & Pinterest. People are genuinely impressed when I show them my phone, but I soon as they find out that 1 app is missing, they just stick with their platform.

Marketing is the issue, not apps. If you dress up a pile of shit and market it correctly, it'll sell... take a cue from car commercials.

Right on! Marketing is the answer! Gotta spend money to make money...er...sell products. I have seen too little advertising. Many, many of my circle don't know that BB is offering new phones. They're as good as anything else on the market. Folks just don't know it. Aggressive yes! Only a portion of the public has to be brought to think they need one.

I'd like to see a researched article about how much a role the carriers in each major country play in marketing. My T-Mobile store was extremely slow to get even a dummy Z10 on display. Even longer for a real display phone. Meanwhile they were quick to slam up a three phone, two meter wide, iPhone display, in prime position when you first enter. I complained to the kids working there but they have no say.

On the product side, more OS eye-candy (TAT?) would be helpful to snag those who are attracted to 'shiney things.'

+1 put the money in Marketing sell the shit out of BB10 and watch the big name apps line up at your door once sales numbers are through the roof!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

You guys think that Marketing is like magic and that just by putting ads everywhere you will sell a product. I'm afraid to tell you that this is not the case. What sells is product satisfaction and word of mouth. Some marketing is good to get the initial buzz going, but BlackBerry has to concentrate to make BB10 better. BlackBerry does not have the same marketing budget than the big boys, so it needs to be more creative in its marketing.

Case in Point: Tesla. They have almost no conventional ads and their marketing budget is lower than all car makers. They use press releases and CEO interviews to be in the press all the time. And they still managed to sell a lot of cars because they made sure they have the best product. There were, and still are many skeptics. People were complaining that you would not get enough miles between each charge. They adressed that by putting bigger batteries that go up to 300 miles. People complained that you did not have refill stations. They set out to build Supercharge stations along all North American highways. People then complained that it takes too long to refill at a Supercharge station. They addressed that by adding battery swap to their Supercharger Stations. The result? People have almost nothing negative to say about Tesla, so they are selling more than they can even produce. If Tesla had put all billions of marketing behind the cars without addressing these issues, they would not sell. (just look at the Chevy Volt)

Marketing is definitely not the only thing that will create success, but historically RIM has been a catastrophic failure in that regard. It's not what I expected from BlackBerry.

You can always find an exception to the rules.

Tesla makes a very unique product and, from your example, addressed each of their failures when they arose. RIM didn't do that and neither did BlackBerry.

Tesla is a part of a niche market and has a unique product. They've differentiated themselves, but by no means are they an everyday product on the lips of consumers.

You mentioned that they built supercharged stations along all North American highways; when I last checked Canada is part of North America. There are nine in the United States and none in this country. How does that make up "all North America highways?".


I do understand that Tesla cars and Blackberry smartphones are different products, but I am comparing the different strategies that each company took to bring their products to market. The point is Tesla was able to generate huge positive buzz around their cars without even a single TV ad. That does not mean that they did not invest. Building supercharger stations is very expensive, but they prioritized over Ads. They knew that investing in their "ecosystem" was better than competing with bigger companies in advertising dollars. BlackBerry should look at every review and make sure these reviewers have no more complaints. The number one thing that people complain about is lack of apps. BlackBerry's priority should be to fix the bugs, add new features and grow the ecosystem (which means paying big devs, if they have to)

As to you question about supercharger stations. This is from a recent Tesla press release: "A year from now, the Tesla Supercharger network will stretch across the continent, covering almost the entire population of the US and Canada."

nope, you won't sell many pile of shit. it will sell just until everybody know it was just a pile of shit then it stops selling.

Now BB is a laughing stock ! Marketing doesn't help !
Fire Heins and the board and get new "fresh blood" from the outside! BB is still run by the same people who almost killed the company 7-8 years ago.
The same arrogance, lies and cheating! :)

TH has been at the helm for one year. Firing him and replacing the entire board of directors after such a short period would send Wall Street into a feeding frenzy and definitely spell the end to BlackBerry. It would signal that BlackBerry really is rudderless and in shambles.

I really don't see how BlackBerry can survive with the route they are going.. they need more!.. getting rid of the PlayBook was a strange move. They need a more complete platform. They are missing a lot of features. BlackBerry needs to make it so users don't have to go elsewhere to get things done..

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I agree with you. I thought maybe they would at least give the option to unlock the playbook rom if they have discontinued it so we can route it

Mwahahahaha it's the Z10

Do you think that would be wise for BlackBerry? They'd have thousands of people abandoning their app store.

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What features are they missing? Crashes and lag like Android or stupid mono-tasking like iOS?

Seriously, name a missing feature. I'll name three that BlackBerry has that the competition doesn't for every one you name (but I doubt you can name any beyond Instagram which can be sideloaded in five minutes for those too dumb to figure out the other 8000 ways this thing lets a user edit and share photos).

Posted via CB10

Please reread.....DIRECT PRINTING.

If I wanted to print from a PC/MAC I would. BBRY doesn't offer it.
Print to go.......to another computer and print.

"Stupid mono-tasking"? Really?
How about:
Lock screen notifications (seeing who that text/email etc is from)
More apps. No, not Netflix or instagram, but an app that controls PowerPoint presentations, and something that will auto read emails/texts when they arrive (when you're driving).
For all the tools not toys rhetoric you can get stuff done plain and simple with an iPhone that you can't with a bb10 yet.
One day all that bb10 needs to have and to be might be there (and I hope it's sooner than later) but right now I'd rather have the ability to do one thing at a time on my phone then have the option to have 8 filler apps open that are really of no major use to me.

Posted via CB10

As you can tell, I continue to check in on CB. The apps reviews are something I was mentioning to a friend the other day. They are largely boring (the focus of the review themselves, the apps). If I still had a BB, the vast majority of the reviews are for apps I wouldn't bother even trying. It seems like a bunch of niche and second class stuff by and large.

With my Z10 being used for business, the last thing I want is for clients or the competition to be able to scan over my emails! Just keep the red led flashing as it does.

Rockin a New Z10

Really? Ok I'll bite. And it won't be just one.

1. Multi alarm support.
2. Customized notifications
3. Folders that can have more than 16 items.
4. Updates pushed directly from BlackBerry.
5. Wifi calling.
6. BlackBerry Protect features from bbOS7
7. A real native file manager that won't classify 60% of the available space as 'other'

That's just off the top of my head. Give me sone time to think about it and I'll give you a list of 100.

Granted some of these are slated for 10.2 but until it drops publicly they are missing.

Posted via CB10

8. Right now it's at least a five step process downloading an image and putting it on my memory card.
9. Select multiple emails with two fingers (to delete them)
10. Should have partnered with Waze for the map app
11. Landscape mode for the app pages
12. Better Voice Control app

13. Now you have to do 5+ gestures/taps for almost everything (even making a call)
15. Cant delete Email from device like BBOS
16. Unable to send BC to separated categories

13. The ability to close all 8 open apps at once.
14. Grid option for the camera.
15. Ability to use motion wallpapers, like Android devices.
16. Ability to zoom out from home screen and get a detailed at other tabs were apps are located. Being able to rearrange these tabs (rather than having to do it on app at a time), and perhaps being able to assign a name to these tabs.

Posted via CB10

As a long time BlackBerry fan I am now seriously starting to worry. These bullet points are a good start, but a few of them demonstrate the problems...

Ditch BBOS
Advertise like mad
Build better hardware

For one I still see Google Ads for the BB Bold 9900 why?

BlackBerry could do more advertising than just Defiance on SciFi. Why not get some product placement?

Build something cool no one else has. One of the cool things about BlackBerry originally is they were different and did things differently.

I agree, he is just one year in. BUT in order to turn around a stagnet company should they have hired someone that needed on the job training? I think Thor to be an okay CEO, but I am starting to wonder if he is the right CEO.

The first thing Heins should do on Tuesday is apologize for the PlayBook debacle. Even just "Sorry for the inconvenience" would do. Sympathise with your customers Thor!

Whoever is running their ad department needs to watch how American ad agencies work. Make the ads simple, obvious and show what BB10 does that nobody else does!

Which is what exactly? BB has very few "wow" features (if any) that will tempt others to join the BB party. And if there are any, they are kept very secret

+1 @Saxxman. Yes, we Americans are about "keep it simple, stupid". I like the ads for artistry, but not for selling phones.

@Sherigav As far as "wow" features, they are not secret. I have impressed everyone I've shown my time shift camera to. Not to mention the hub and flow, predictive keyboard, and no home button. One girl commented it was like having a PC in your hand. Another person who owns an iPhone actually said the Z10 was superior to his phone and was true multitasking. People around me are taking notice of BB10, slowly but surely! Now BlackBerry just needs to do a better job of letting the world know what we already know.

Sent from my sexy Z10 in Sin City ;-)

The time shift camera feature is pretty cool, but if I remember correctly didn't apple just buy the company that made it?? So cool as it may be, I'm not thinking it will be on BB's very much longer.

What are you talking about???????The commercia with a guy flying on a carpet or strange color explosions says so much about what BB does!!!

I can't agree strongly enough. Their ad campaign is money down the toilet. They need to literally speak to their market. Forget trying to reach teenagers en masse by placing the handsets in young people's hands and having funky but vapid ads. Sell them like you would an automobile with densely written information about why BB10 is the platform go with. Be SPECIFIC and VERBOSE.

You need to reach consumers yes, but your market is professionals period. If the phones drip down from there into younger hands, that is gravy. Pick a focused market like New York or LA or London and blitz the crap out of it with clear, intelligent advertising. BB10 will be the best platform out there if the company survives.

And someone has to be a highly effective ambassador for B10. WTF has Alicia Keyes done for BB lately? Either replace her with someone who will speak to the people 24/7 or get her to step up already. Same wth TH - either he gets tightly scripted with the best speechwriters BB can buy or get rid of him NOW. I couldn't care less how smart he is operationally. This is a marketing play now...or NEVER!

And remove EVERY obstacle to sales. Write the software that will allow BB10 devices to be managed by MDM systems OTHER than BES10.1 so companies don't have to upgrade their MDM to accomodate BB10 devices.

And get BBM out there cross platform TODAY why the F should it have to take until the end of the summer. That is absolute BS from a lean, agile company. There is no excuse for the delay. Stop making promises you can't deliver on without extended waiting periods. BBM should have gone cross platform the week the announcement was made. You lose ALL momentum during these endless, ridiculous waiting periods.

Time for Blackberry to start being a straight shooter. Not an evasive, non-committed, jumble.

I agree with you 100% regarding the SPECIFIC and VERBOSE statement. BB currently simply is not the best entertainment platform. Its a waste of time trying to compete in this space. BB is/was a brand, thand stands for PRODUCTIVITY. And thats what the enterprise customers AND a specifc group of consumers want and need. That's BBs niche.

But instead of marketing BB as the best productivity platform for professionals, BB is talking about user experience, hub, flow and mobile computing - abstract terms, nobody cares about. And the only eye candy is the time shift camera, which is a gimmick (a nice one).

I want to make some suggestions:
- BB, please create the best productivity apps of the planet. The best presentation apps, the best finace apps, the best calculator apps, the best .... Look what the competition already has and make it better. Be creative. Pay developers to do it, or do it inhouse. Initiate a contest for the best productivity apps. Then you have something to show and to wow for your target group. Then you have something for marketing.

It's not too hard. The great cascades APIs are ready. The invocation framework is your secret weapon. But they need to be used.

And marketing is everywhere. In every official statement the term PRODUCTIVITY needs to be used in every sentence. Not "mobile computing". BB and productivity need to be synonymous. BB needs to be THE PRODUCTIVITY BEAST.

I agree! with the Z10, we needed to see ads showing off how awesome the keyboard is and how great it handles documents, those items being just a couple off the top of my head.

"Update BB10 much faster"
Exactly! For god's sake BlackBerry listen to this, you woke up pretty late, so you need to be much much faster than the concurrence, please hire more engineers if you can't keep up. And UI designers don't forget the designers, because for now you suck at UI design.

God you people are impatient. So far BlackBerry's OS updates have been released just as fast as other Companies. Actually faster than iOS6 updated. What's your hurry?

The issue is fragmented OS updates. Everyone should have the same update within 24 hours of initial release, depending on where the user lives. The way things are right now, it's pretty pathetic.

We also shouldn't have to wait for a tech savvy dev to break code and release something BlackBerry should.

Blackberry need to control the os updates in the same way as apple do and bypass carriers. I also believe that Blackberry is pricing themselves out. For pretty much the cost of a Z10 Q10 a customer can get the latest and greates devices from samsung htc and apple.

Blackberry have to remember they are trying to compete with an unproven os and specs that are far behind the competition for the price range.

Top priority need to be getting the devices into the hands of the masses to bring in app developers.


I think they don't realize how bad there brand name is in most people's minds. This goes from the people selling the devices to the average consumer looking. While I know it is an excellent device but it does lack apps that puts it on a different pedestal then say an S4 or iPhone 5. If priced more competitive it may have a chance to move more and then increase app support

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In all honesty their biggest issue is the name BlackBerry. I know so many people who won't even take a second look at my phone because it's "just a BlackBerry," and I'm pretty sure most developers are feeling the same way when they talk about developing for the platform. The phones need to be marketed better, have better specs (I'm sure the A10 will be fantastic) and be very, VERY aggressively priced, maybe even to the point where they're losing money on every phone sale. They have money in the bank, they'll be fine for a while; they just need to do whatever they can to get their phones in people's hands.

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This has been said over and over again it sounds like a record skipping. It would be nice if BlackBerry would at least acknowledge that concern. They have no effective communication with their customers.

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BlackBerry 10 should have kept all the features from OS7 instead they bring to the table a stupid IPhone look alike without the Apps. Sack that stupid bitch Alecia Keys and get someone else who can relate.

"and it's understandable that less loyal users might not stick around"

We want to be loyal, but the exec team needs to deliver. How long can you ask for blind loyalty?

What they really need to do is really push on the app front.. its all good we have tone of games.. but that's it.. no banking apps and not a lot of useful apps.. I love blackberry but I'm wishing I kept my Samsung s3 because of the banking apz.

2ndly - don't wait too long to put out new phones.. timing is everything and the market keeps running past BlackBerry every time they put out a phone.. don't let past habits mess up your future

3. Def too expensive for a phone that doesn't have much apps... be clever sell cheaper= selling more = more company app makers come on board and make aps

Lol I can go on and on. Fix up blackberry for heavens sake

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Agree that they need banking apps. Disagree strongly that they should drop the price. You could not pay me to switch back to the flimsy, crashing, horrible battery overall "Yuck!" experience that Samsung delivers.

These are premium devices -- best in league at the moment -- and they should be priced and marketed accordingly.

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As far as the pricing goes you have to keep in mind that only 20% or so of people in the market for a phone actually know a thing or two about different devices. So a casual customer who comes in and sees a z10 for 199 and an HTC One for cheaper obviously isn't going to buy a Z10.

Listen to your customers; yes, give the people what they want.

Update BB10 much faster; yes, plus update Blackberry Link faster

Ditch BBOS; no, they should keep BBOS for people who want it.

More competitive price points; yes they should be in all price points just like Android, including an ultra low priced BBOS phone.

Advertise like mad; yes with ads that show BB10 strengths put up against the the competitions weakness.

Build better hardware; they're already doing that, just keep up the good work.

> Ditch BBOS; no, they should keep BBOS for people who want it.

No they shouldn't, the faster it disappears, the better, because maintaining this OS costs a lot of resources and money. QNX and Java devs are not the same, and you need money to pay two different types of devs.

I'm flexible on this one. I'll agree with you if they can bring to BB10 some of the legacy features BBOS users miss the most, and can work with BB10. So I guess if they can update BB10 faster (included more features that people want), than ok.

All the missing features can be reintroduced into bb10 - they just need to get on it.

I think bbos needs to go. It's a matter of perception and confidence.

If BlackBerry are not confident the enterprise sector (and die hard BlackBerry fans) won't move to bb10... well how does that look?

Fragmentation is a killer if you don't have the resources for it.

The consumer does not want to see a confused BlackBerry.

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You have to realise that the majority of the tens of millions of subscribers is still on BBOS. How would that feel if they said they completely abandon this platform?

That said, BBOS is certainly a mature OS that can't go much beyond what it's already doing, and support should be minimal.

As long as they don't have a cheaper BB10 phone, they can't ditch BBOS. That's why they will be releasing another BBOS phone: to update pieces (not necessarily specs) so it can be cheaper to build compared to previous ones. A smart move, considering they know they will sell it in emerging countries.

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Ditch dual core systems and focus on quad and octa core processors! (I'm not saying this would solve the problems but customers always look at specs and want a device with the latest and fastest technology)

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Wp8 (the third ecosystem) doesn't have quad core processors. Nor does apple.

Though I agree perception of super specs are what matters in the market; hence the "two times faster" etc claims apple pushes every year.

Those claims may sound trite but they generate the kind of buzz BlackBerry wishes it has, and sorely needs.

Yeah, BlackBerry 's advertising is lacking..!

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It's not about the size of the engine when it comes to speed. Nascar cars have much bigger engines than Formula One cars but they're much slower.

Similarly, the Z is far zippier than the S4.

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BB can never truly be competitive until they bridge the app gap. They've got some big names now but it still is not enough.

I really tired of Blackberry.. i ll stick to my z10 till iphone6 launch. If still no improvement from BlackBerry by then, sorry i gotto move on to another platform.

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You know i was thinking the same with iphone 6. I love my z10 but I think as many ppl already stated that BlackBerry came a little too late to the game with their BB 10. Android and iOS have such a lead in the market that most companies will just develop for them. And Microsoft is such a power house with its resources and money that it won't go bankrupt anytime soon. BB 10 is a great first generation OS but it's still very new to the market. Plus BlackBerry is still doing many things wrong like with its hardware (z and q10 have last year's specs), pricing (q5 priced to high I think) and marketing!

Also if their not going to release BB 10 to the Playbook at least update the browser, BBW, keyboard, android runtime 4.2.2 and etc for ppl who bought it. They definitely can do that

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I think ppl have been loyal enough waiting for Bb10 to finally arrive after numerous delays and etc. And I think ppl had it with things their still doing wrong like their pricing, marketing and etc. Ppl want to see BlackBerry succeed and be successful again but the way their going about in doing some things ppl are starting to get annoyed and pissed. BlackBerry is in a situation they can't afford to make mistakes and piss of their remaining loyal customer base which I think every quarter we re gonna see the subscriber base shrinking more and more.

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The lack of financial apps, banking apps and the fact that I can't use open vpn - this is a killer.

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Nothing at all. Well, not entirely nothing. Continue to make strides with BlackBerry 10. Kick BBOS to the curb. Let TAT loose on the UI. Easy.

Ya know, they either need to use TAT, or sell it off. Seems like the new management still is scared to step forward ahead of the competition.

Keep carrier support - I think this is crucial. If the phones aren't stocked and promoted at point of sale people won't buy them. Already my carrier in the UK (Virgin) has told me they probably won't stock any new BB10 devices. This is a major pain as I don't want to have to change network just to get a Q5.

Did you take that higher up? Because if it's untrue the person who told you that should face disciplinary action.

True.. cheaper phones

Better battery life ( you will have a big edge as all the other phone makers have shitty battery life too)

Quicker updated and phone realises

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Simon, you nailed the points but my order would be a bit different.
Build better hardware
Advertise like mad
Listen to your customers
Update BB10 much faster
More competitive price points
Ditch BBOS

I think listen to the customers and updating all the bugs are the main things they need to do.

Also release all the relevant APIs a lot quicker!

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Well, too bad I'm from heart of Europe, because I see no marketing in here. Carriers don't care and Q10 is one of the most expensive devices on the market.

They need to move as much customers to new platform as they can and slowly discontinue OS10-. Stoping PB made me sad, but it is understandable.

BB is not forsaken. Its progress is slow but it definitely is.

Keep calm and be bold!

Forget about the "missing" features that a lot of people are whining about. This is a mid tier phone. It should be marketed as such, and the focus needs to be on marketing. A status quo A10 phone will not cut it either, and it needs to impress the users on a large scale to be relevant. If BlackBerry responds to what the users want, how can they not succeed?

Sent from the future on my Z10.

Agreed. A10 needs to be hot and not behind. It needs room to flex the power of QNX/ BB10. Your spot on.

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Just work on getting big name apps. No matter the cost. People love my phone but with no instagram, netflix and severe lack of top name games people won't switch.

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If BlackBerry doesn't plan to spend money to properly promote their new lineup, they're surely not going to waste resources to convince big name app developers to work with them. We've already seen that with Netflix.

BETTER HARDWARE! Sound quality while recording at concerts/nightclubs on my Q10 is garbage. When the bass quicks in the sound starts to distort and cut out. Doesn't happen on the iPhone 5 just saying.

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Yea I was hoping for sound similar to the PlayBook :( oh well maybe in a few years when I buy my next phone.

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I would say first step would be not to screw over their loyal customers like they did with the playbook. I have never seen a company with such disregard for their customers.

Agree. I have seen very little advertising for the new BB10 phone. Not one carrier in the states shows it in there TV commercial. The Z10 is better than all the phones used in my circle.

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The 6 points are good.

There's a thread in the forums where I agree with the Op, BlackBerry needs to do something truly disruptive like Apple did with the iPad. They have to create a whole new category of something.

Considering the BlackBerry community's obsession with battery life I think that the should work on bringing out the first modern smartphone powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. A phone that can go a couple of weeks without replenishment would be awesome.

- They don't have the resources to introduce a new product family right now.

- Even a solar powered battery charging system would be cool.

That battery comment is a good idea. The Hardware itself is fine, the OS is good but Z overheats and runs low by mid day with light to low usage (that's with the official file case to conserve battery time). I understand that the update is not BlackBerry fault (thanks ATT) but quality control should have caught the triplicates and random restarts so we wouldn't have to wait for the carriers to correct. Having the top name apps is a given and I'd also like a quad-slider to offer the best of both worlds. (And maybe one that's built to be waterproof???)

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I've said it already but without the social (and better fb and twitter) apps they will never get the teens and 20 somethings..thats a mighty big market.

Z10 :)

I wud say knock the phone price down 60$ from the competition, selling is what they need to do, make it attractive..and a few more gimmick features in next update.. more adverts, show off timeshare.. and for god sakes, they have amazing youtube commercials, throw them on TV!!!

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Agree with "update BB10 much faster" and focusing on making android apps available for the BB10 or make android market accessible thru BB10 if possible. The current BB10 apps are significantly lack in quality amd most of them is utterly useless...

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Yup, lack of landscape for one, even from the BBM app. Would be nice to see YouTube get access to the Hub for a complete 'Inbox' as natural as the website too. Also, ability to reply to comments placed on ones video, as one can do on the actual website, can't do it now. These apps need more depth.

I think the three most important points Deckard79 made are: "Listen to your customers", "Ditch BBOS" and "advertise like mad". Why oh why is BlackBerry investing on a new OS 7 phone? Push, push, push BB10! Update the PlayBook! Even if it's not entirely with BB10 give us loyal customers who send our hard earned cash somewhat of the BB10 experience on our dying tablet. Why turn your back on those who have supported you. Why do I see such great Windows commercials out there and NO BlackBerry comercial. Perception is everything and you can only turn around all the negative perceptions of BlackBerry by showing consumers the great products you have in BB10!

There are millions of "loyal users" that have not moved to BB10. They have also supported BlackBerry. Their OS should be completely scrapped in favor of the currently fewer bb10 users?

Yes. The idea is to look forward, to the future. Give them new options and let them know why they would be happier with the new os. But that's why you need a good advertising/marketing team as well as a good sales team to push the new os. It doesn't make sense to support 3 different operating systems, os7, playbook os and bb10. Concentrate on BB10 at the minimum throw PlayBook owners a bone. Supporting two os's based on a QNX platform has to be easier than supporting the two and the old platform running off JAVA. If Heinz is correct and tablets will be out of the picture in 5 years, which I think he's wrong about by the way. Updating and supporting PlayBook not only gives you an opportunity to asses that theory but also creates good will with blackberry fans who purchased the PlayBook despite the reviews.

Hire grassroots blackberry people and not that soft spoken joke of a CMO. Z10 and q10 are way too pricey, they did the same crap with the playbook. Get rid of Alicia keys and hire Kevin. Get rid of Heinz ketchup, can't be trusted. Push out BB10 lite to the playbook, ffs at least improve the browser and GUI. Get to work on OS11, nobody cares about blackberry in a car. Release better spec phones, how effing hard is that?