What if your next BlackBerry 10 device was made by LG?

By Bla1ze on 11 Sep 2013 11:08 am EDT

There has been a ton of speculation and rumors out there about the future of BlackBerry and it's likely not going to settle down until some real official news breaks. Even here on CrackBerry, we started a 'What If' series to discuss the hypothetical likelihood of some of the potential interests out there and while this isn't necessarily following the same format as those, there has been one name floating around my head for various reasons that I simply need to put out there to see if I'm alone in this thinking. In case you couldn't tell already by the headline and the image above, that name is LG. Let me share why.

There is an increasing amount of folks out there who believe BlackBerry has, for the last several years, been moving towards being a software company and hoping to offload their hardware portion to a different vendor. Even if it that was never really the case before, it seems more plausible now then ever. The argument is there that BlackBerry is losing money on their hardware sales and totally cannot compete with others these days and to help with that they need someone else building the hardware.

I often find myself agreeing with that notion and can clearly see it as a viable option, but then the question always gets raised, who would want BlackBerry? Previously I mentioned Lenovo but as I think about it more LG starts to fit a little bit more into that area. They're a massive company and in their Q2 2013 financial results, they posted $13.58 billion in revenue and $426.92 million in operating profit for the quarter across all their markets including Home Entertainment, Home Appliance and Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions divisions.

The problem with that? Their mobile business only posted revenues of $2.78 billion for the quarter. That's still an increase of 34.5% year-over-year with record sales of 12.1 million smart phones in the quarter with an operating profit of $54.37 million, which is up year-over-year but it's still down quarter-over-quarter due to lower average sales prices of phones. Needless to say, it wasn't the best for them but it's still an improvement and with their biggest rival being Samsung, I'm sure LG will take any gains they can get.

That leads me into why LG for BlackBerry. LG picked up webOS from HP although they have no intention of using it in smartphones. They're also digging into Firefox OS for emerging markets and Android continues to be their biggest market play right now but as we all know, that market is pretty much run by Samsung so it's hard to gain ground there. But with that being said, they're clearly not short on cash to throw around provided it helps improve their situation and striking a deal with BlackBerry to build hardware could potentially help them gain even further ground in mobile and gain something that Samsung is steadily working away on right now -- enterprise options and the BYOD sector.

Plus, a deal like that could allow BlackBerry to work on improving all of their software offerings including BlackBerry 10 without the worry of burning cash or the need to worry about building hardware. Speaking of that hardware, we already know LG can build fantastic devices when they really want to and the Nexus 4 is a prime example that they may be able to do it all for a low cost, after all LG builds a number of components that go into smartphones, most notably the displays which are one of the more costly portions.

To close this one out, I also have been giving some thought to the whole 'selling by November' rumor a bit and realizing that it kind of makes sense, depending on how you look at it and what could potentially be announced. Let's say for example my thoughts on LG do, for whatever insane reason, turn out to be true, and they do plan on working with LG, they announce it in November. That to me would kind of be a good announcement if it was perceived as being a good thing. It could add confidence for BlackBerry 10 sales going into the holiday season.

"Hey look, we've teamed up with LG and guess what? We're STILL not going anywhere and now we got balling amounts of cash! Wait till you see what we got coming for you!"

Can you imagine it? It'd be awesome to come out with some good news like that and it'd surely raise some eyebrows. Again, to be 100% clear though, I'm just totally riffing here and sharing my thoughts and none of this is based on solid logical information but I had to get these thoughts out of my brain.

Ultimately, it could be any company. As long as someone else is building the hardware, it gives BlackBerry some cash so they're not burning their reserves and allows them to continue building out software. LG really kind of fits in my mind even though there would certainly be some hurdles there, no doubt. I'm not trying to be dark and gloomy here and I hope this doesn't come off that way, I'm just thinking of how BlackBerry could continue to be great but in a new way like we've not yet seen.

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What if your next BlackBerry 10 device was made by LG?



The particular LG phone pictured in this blog looks outdated and cheap (because it is an old phone of theirs). However, I'm not sure how up to date other CB'ers are, but LG has been putting out REALLY nice devices for Android.

If LG can produce a high quality device for BB10 in similar design and quality of their Nexus 4, Optimus G Pro, G2, G Pad, (not to mention their really nice TV's and monitors) etc., then HELL YESSSS! Bring it on!!!

I agree with you completely. People here can make fun of their and laugh all they want, but LG has been on a roll lately. They keep releasing great phones for all price ranges and have been on a constant upward trajectory while BlackBerry keeps going down.

There is a reason why LG's mobile business is profitable and setting record breaking quarters each quartet now. 12 million shipments is just enough to make "LG" appear in lists while BlackBerry is grouped in with "others".

I hope this doesn't happen though. LG has been making good decisions lately and have been improving. Partnering with or purchasing BlackBerry would be a bad move for them in my opinion. If BlackBerry can't sell BB10 devices, why in the world would LG be able to?

upper range LG (like the Optimus series) usually have better built quality than equivalent Samsung (the Galaxy series)

Personally I don't mind if LG produces BlackBerry phones, but should be BlackBerry designed though

I don't know, I have the LG Nexus 4 and it seems like a pretty cool device. Though that could be possibly because Google was highly involved in manufacturing of the device.

And go where? What other choices do you have?

I keep seeing people's comments about how'd they leave if BBRY doesn't make their own phones, but if you leave you'll just end up getting a phone from a different manufacturer anyway. So it makes me wonder: are CB'ers against LG in this particular comment section or are they against BBRY phones being made by someone else in general, or both?

If it's the first one, well, LG makes REALLY nice phones, and I'd go as far as saying they make better design, fit and finish better than BBRY did with the Z10. If it's the second reason, well, it's moot because if one leaves BBRY for that reason, they'll just end up getting a phone from a different company other than BBRY anyway...

I have worked in the wireless industry for 4 years and have seen MANY faulty phones from LG started with the LG Rumor, remember that guy? LG phones crash for no particular reason not the users fault but the manufacturer. Phones come in with out any physical damage but screens blank, power cycling they make faulty phones and never take responsibility. LG sucks in every way. This is coming from experience from an employee at a carrier store not once but over 50 times

Sent from the Amazing Z10

I appreciate you sharing your personal experience, however two things need to be taken into consideration:

1. Your personal experiences have been with OLDER/legacy phones. The Nexus 4 and Optimus G Pro, in my opinion and personal experience, are outstanding quality. The G2 and GPad look to be promising as well.

2. EVERY manufacturer whether it's mobile devices or TV's has faulty crap. I can think of two people in particular that I know personally who can copy and paste your exact comment and swap out LG's name for say Samsung or Motorola or even BlackBerry. Shoot, I just spoke to service tech for Apple who's been working for them since the 3GS released and he gets a dozen iPhones (4, 4S, 5, etc) a DAY that have numerous problems he needs to fix. On top of that, whenever someone wants asks him to trade in a phone or if he can fix non Apple devices, he'll be the first to tell you that it's a Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc. So it makes no difference...

Regardless of anything I just said, it's no denying that LG's current devices such as the Nexus 4 and Optimus G Pro (and even preproduction G2) are quality devices. And again, I will go as far as saying the Nexus 4 and G Pro are much, MUCH better build quality and have better design aesthetics and fit-finish than the Z10. So yes, if LG were to make BB10 devices, I would be happy.

As long as I can have my BlackBerry I don't give shit who is partnering with the company. As for LG, my very first phone was a Nokia and then I had a little LG, that thing worked and worked and I bet if I scrounged around one of my closets I could find it, plug it and it would still work. (of course back then they were just phones) So yeah, if pairing with LG let's me continue on with my BlackBerry... it's fine with me.

Posted via CB10

I feel your pain. there's some sad souls that frequent this site. My last forum post (ironically about the LG G2 being a Z30 killer) was eventually locked due to asinine comments from crackberry diehards.

The cult nature around here is scary.

I guess if that were to happen we have no choice or go with another platform.

LG is fine for Lcd screens but not for phones

Posted via CB10

I'm kind of with you there. The software is more important in determining the overall user experience.

One MIGHT hope that BB hardware design people might go over to LG to work with their designers (which LG might welcome anyway, if they're smart).

This comment is where it's at.

Phones are cookie cutter with industry standard parts today, as long as it's put together well - it's all about usability, functionality, apps and security.

Everyone failed to realize that picture is insanely old and of a device that existed years ago.

The hardware has been produced by outsiders for years, so this isn't the drastic step it might look like at first glance.

BB would also get access to LG's massive sales/marketing network (which includes a huge enterprise marketing team). I see a lot of win in this idea, actually.

So do I. LG is a very focused company in their mobile division, as evidenced by their year-over-year growth. They make good quality products which are reliable.

However, LG is dialed in with Android right now. They've put all their eggs in one basket with the G2. Not sure they would see the value in manufacturing BlackBerry 10 handsets.

LG also has some WebOS patents. Check their new Optimus G... their custom Android skin uses swipes all over, almost similar to BB10

It will still have BlackBerry 10 -_- just a different "clothes " if you understand.?.

Posted via CB10 app on my Z10 Stl100-1 on

It would be better for one man or even 100 people to jump ship rather than BB dying and all of us drowning. BB needs to get rid of dead weight including lousy wanna-be fans. Go get a yellow iphone dude. LoL

I think getting rid of the hardware business is a sound decision, but DAMN! If they do it, I hope they have some type of say in what the phones will look like. Because that thing up there can BURN!

I hope people realise that the phone shown on the post is actually a phone from 2009. It should not be used as a "OMG if that's the concept I am ova BlackBerry for good!" excuse. It was made to go against the curves and pearls.

Posted via CB10

Finally someone with a brain around here.

I have to say, of all the company names people are throwing out there, an LG powered by BlackBerry 10 is one combination I would mind the least. I think it would be a good partnership.

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.


One of the issues I have with the S4 is it is ugly - like a refrigerator!

Thanks for bringing that up.

Posted via CB10

LG Taking over would be interesting. They do have some good products and there current phone line up is not to bad.

I like the idea and I can see something like this happening. I would prefer Sony but LG makes solid hardware.
It's clear BlackBerry can't compete in the spec race with android, or the marketing dollars of Apple. Let's the hardware manufacturer deal with that aspect of the business and focus on building great software.

Or they could do something like this with LG AND Sony. There's no reason it couldn't be both unless one or the other paid BlackBerry enough to get exclusivity.

I would think that with LG only making $4.50 a phone that doesn't leave much room for paying BlackBerry the licensing fees that would make sense... unless they were using the OS in devices other LG appliances. Like starting your laundry machine via your phone, or being able to double-check that you turned off your stove from the office... I'm sure there are countless uses for LG (and Sony).

to be honest i wouldn't really care as long as LG keeps Blackberry soul ALIVE.

LG BLACK, featuring LG BB10 OS and Legacy BB Keyboard

(i'll never ever get one if they would implement Android for example)

LG stuff is crap. Will never buy another LG product been burned way to many times on way too many different products!

Continue, also. Really nice. Maybe a smart phone or tablet built into the refrigerator.

Posted via CB10

As their competitors are buying up hardware divisions, they want to sell theirs. Doesn't make much sense to me. With all the delays BB10 faced, I can't believe the big apps that people want aren't yet there.

The only thing I wouldn't like about an LG deal is they only make LCD screens and they aren't as good on battery life, at least compared to super AMOLED and dark theme OS.

Deal makes sense though. They want to get into the smartphone game but Samsung controls Android and Microsoft now will totally control Windows so if their G2 phone flops they might think this is there best option.

Posted via CB10

The problem with getting ride of the hardware business is that they make the best hardware out. Their keyboard is unmatched and the Z10 brick is solid so who could come along and make something remotely close to the goodness we already had?

Posted via CB10

LG phones have some of the worst reliability records according to Which? Consumer magazine. BlackBerry handsets were classed in the top 4 by the same survey.

He was obviously high when hour wrote this. Time for mobile nations to institute random drug testing before each blog.

LG can make good devices, without question. I would prefer the HTC design group getting involved with some kind of joint venture, but not at the cost of BlackBerry having to sacrifice their own hardware division. Like you said, it could be any company making additional hardware, but I say that for the sake of the company, let BB continue to make their own 1 or 2 handsets each year- pure BlackBerry.

sometimes you have to take a loss in order to make gains. People need to leave BB alone. sometimes when people tell you your no good and you know your not over time you will start to wonder if your no good. people who are not connected to the company and really have no idea whats going on should stop spreading hate. Just leave them alone. they are fine. they have cash and are making great products. no they don't have 30% of the market anymore. that's what happens in business. ask Sony,apple,Nokia,Motorola. leave them alone. stop the rumors and let the employees worry about what there doing to improve the company and not whether they will loose their jobs.

As long as it keep th BlackBerry built quality n standards n a good hardware I don't mind

Posted via CB10

If anything, with their economy of scale, LG can certainly make lower end phones that would be more affordable for the price sensitive markets than what BlackBerry can do alone.

Check out the article on bloomberg:
BlackBerry to lobby Canadian government over foreign takeover rule.

I choose BlackBerry and proud of it!

I'm well aware of the whole Lenovo/Chinese thing, but I prefer their quality over LG...hell, I'd take an HP-made Blackberry over an LG phone.
Although, if I was running things up in Waterloo, and this hardware deal needed to happen, I'd focus my efforts on HTC...they need a little recovery effort themselves, and Blackberry could just be the right fit for them. (I'm not up to snuff on their financials, so that may impact things, but I'm of the mindset of 'where there's a will, there's a way')

LG makes much nicer devices than the one up top. I don't think the idea was that, that would be the next BlackBerry 10 device if LG and BlackBerry partnered up. I think it would be a good partnership and even help BlackBerry expand their QNX platform into other ventures besides mobile phones and vehicle entertainment systems. LG does appliances and home electronics. However, I have another thought in my mind, how about Sony? They have Hot phones that are water resistant but can't seem to make Android work for them. Imagine the new Sony phones with BB10 in them. Sony also makes home electronics and car stereos, yet another opportunity for the QNX platform.

Posted via CB10

I actually think that the article was sound. LG does make sense really and they can make quality products. Yes they have had their share of dodgy products but so has BlackBerry.
I would prefer a partnership with Sony.
It could have worked well for both companies.
Play station 4 powered by BlackBerry 10 would provide a nice reassurance over security after the hacking last year even if it is a token gesture and BlackBerry get some quality and lovely devices out there

Posted via CB10

I agree that Sony would be a good fit from a tech standpoint (god knows they need the security technology) but BlackBerry 10 doesn't even sell in Japan so it might be a stretch to think they would take on a brand they can't even sell at home. However, if BB got Sony to make the devices like LG and ASUS make the Google products and install BB10 on them that would be cool.

Yes I have been saying this also. PS4 with BlackBerry 10 would be sweet.

Sent from The Legendary Zed10

Probably a dumb idea but, if Samsung wants to enter byod and enterprise, then wouldn't a Samsung BlackBerry partnership make more sense. Then they wouldn't have to bother with Knox.

Posted via CB10

They've already poured a lot of resources into Knox. It comes standard with the Note 3. Can't see them abandoning it in favor of an alternative.

I like the build quality on the Nexus 4 I am forced to use at work so I'd be okay if it's like that.

I don't care who makes it as long as it looks good, works good, has lots of support, has a portrait keyboard and meets my needs.

Posted via CB10

Maybe BlackBerry should have their own line of outlets like Apple. They don't seem to be pushed out in any of the phone retailers in the UK.
People should be educated in how good the new BB10 OS is.

Not so happy anymore.

Interesting, if a media outlet uses pictures of an older or lesser BlackBerry there are many posts decrying 'why don't they show the latest phones'

Yet we have a LG article without the G2 picture and that's OK for everyone?

Pics don't bother me, bias does.

Posted via CB10

I say Sony with Ps4 coming out it would definitely knock out Microsoft... especially if it can be integrated with the system that would be awesome!

Posted via CB10

Never been impressed with the stuff LG puts out. Had an LG Optimus before moving to the Q10 and never been so happy. I would really have to think hard if I'd want to stay with BB if they team up with LG.

If the phones looked like the one pictured I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole, however LG makes the Nexus 4 and that's a pretty smart looking phone so maybe. For me it's all about the software. If it has BB10 on it then I'll take a serious look. I personally hope the plan is to go private and keep plugging away out of the spotlight of the media death watch.

A licensing deal would make sense here with LG. Over time, ones with Sony and Samsung make sense too. Leave Qwerty phones to BlackBerry. I don't want to see BB10 on phones disappear!

Oh! Plz!!! Not LG!!! Look how high the return ratio of Nexus4 made by LG! Look how Google dump LG away and hold Asus in arm!!! Looks Good(LG) but not a good product!

I actually wouldn't mind. They clearly can make good hardware if they want to. I had the Nexus 4 and I love it's design and built.

Posted via CB10

As long as blackberry could take control of designing the phone so it won't lose the blackberry feel and let them worry about the specs then I'm all for it!

Posted via CB10

I see everyone saying they would jump ship. Really, because of upgraded hardware specs STILL running BB10? you would move to iOS or Android??

Soare you basically saying you only use BlackBerry for the hardware and it has nothing to do with the OS at all? this may be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! The best thing BlackBerry could do is go private and have another partner build the hardware and bank all the cash from the hardware sale.

I will definately ditch blackberry... LG is like micromax or some other local brand...we are using and talking about premium brands...LG comes no where near blackberry...

Posted via CB10

PW and LG as partners would make a lots of sense. LG has a good name in other fields of technology. The Canadian would approve of the deal in a blink as long as the development is done in Waterloo

Assembling smartphones it's not technology. Designing them and the OS it's technology.

Posted via CB10

Let Hon Hai to do the tinkering, and BlackBerry to do the OS. The prime reason for huge margins in Apple products it's that they are still using slave labour.

Posted via CB10

Once the hardware is gone from BlackBerry the OS will be gone for good. No other manufacture will want to use BlackBerry as their OS as it doesn't offer the same flexibility as the other OS's. And I don't see BlackBerry going down this road as it leaves them with little to no control over the hardware on the device, so they will be a the mercy of the manufactures own hardware choices.

Crazy to think that we're heading to a place where we count on appliance manufacturers to make our phones. Kudos to these companies for diversifying so broadly, quickly and successfully.

Posted via CB10

Good analysis. I -may- give it a shot, but most likely would end up flipping a coin: Xperia or Nokia. Never Apple.

I hope that you are just joking... Not cool, not cool at all!

And I know is not April fools...

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Don't get me wrong, I love my LG LCD TV and I think LG makes decent devices...but I'm not interested in a qwerty device that looks like the one in the picture.

Posted via CB10

The problem with this scenerio is security. BB does hw supplier audits to ensure everything's good right down to the silicon. They would lose that here. Maybe they could license BB10 to LG/Sony/whoever for consumer, and keep making phones themselves for enterprise. IMO, BYOD is overrated. Once you consider the TCO of BYOD, the case for it diminishes.

I think Bla1ze must have some inside information and want to put this out for a test. BlackBerry is probably called Bla1ze and asked him to put this idea out for the test to see if they have enough supports. Just kidding Bla1ze!

And most likely they will. In fact, I don't think you will see any crazy announcement that truly change anything.

Posted via CB10

"I'm just totally riffing here and sharing my thoughts and none of this is based on solid logical information but I had to get these thoughts out of my brain."

Enough said. I'm getting tired of all the speculation. Leave it be. It will be what it will be.

Posted via CB10

I believe that LG would benefit more from licensing than hardware. This would give them leverage against Samsung.

I would rather see ACER strike a hardware deal. They have more production power and market presence.

Also, it would be cool for ACER to also adopt the bb10 OS, as they seem to be 'floating between windows and android.

Just a thought.

I think Dell would be a good fit and ironically they are also looking to go private so they can reposition themselves and they have nothing in mobile now at all.

Posted via CB10

Announce in November and you likely end up with the Osborne Effect. Hey, LG makes nice phones, I think I will wait until they build a BB phone. Sales crash and then you are in deep %^&*!

I flirted with an LG Nexus 4 and I found the build quality to be excellent. If it had BB10 OS and battery life that would last a full day, it might have been perfect.

Posted via CB10

Honestly, I haven't really dealt with any LG hardware besides the Nexus 4 I have as my secondary phone, but if I could get that phone with BB10 instead of Android, and just add built-in hdmi output like my Z10 has, and I'd be there in a heartbeat.

Posted via CB10

Nice picture Bla1ze.

You couldn't have chosen the nice Nexus 4 to use eh? You had to use their 3 year old low budget LG GW300 eh?

You clearly don't get it. It looks like a BlackBerry. Why in all the hell would I show an Android device with no keyboard to a bunch of keyboard loving BlackBerry users?

Bla1ze, are you talking about LG purchasing all of BlackBerry or BlackBerry selling it's hardware division to LG and then licencing BB10 to LG? Out of all the possibilities (privatization, complete sale, etc.), my preference would be for BlackBerry to licence BB10 to a hardware vendor rather than going private or sold in pieces. This way, BlackBerry would remain largely intact and be able to continue to market BlackBerry software products (BBM, BB10, BES) as BlackBerry. I also think (and hope) that a licencing deal with a large hardware vendor would bring more developers to the table for those much needed missing apps. I have a Z10 but am not necessarily married to the hardware. I am more interested in the experience and BB10 works great for me. I am not too concerned as to whether the phone is made my BlackBerry, LG or anyone else.

So let's say BlackBerry kept it's OS but sold it's hardware to LG. As long as LG produced a keyboard (a good one) and produced a good quality product. I have no problem buying a BlackBerry styled LG running BlackBerry OS10.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

Unless LG kept the jobs in Canada and continued to use the build quality established by Blackberry, then I do not see good things happening. The already eroding user base should be expected to accelerate.

Being a BlackBerry fan since 04 "before the boom" a BlackBerry with LG on it would make me JUMP SHIP immediately. Blaze you must have been high writing this

Sent from the Amazing Z10

I liked my LG before I had BlackBerry LG 570 I think it was. It had a fm transmitter wish BlackBerry would do that. Anyways, BlackBerry 10 on LG or any other devices is a win for BlackBerry I think

Sent from The Legendary Zed10

Being a BlackBerry fan since 04 "before the boom " a BlackBerry with LG on it would make me JUMP SHIP immediately. Blaze you must have been high writing this

Sent from the Amazing Z10

Please no. LG makes terrible devices. I would love for BlackBerry to stay open but I think if they needed to sell to anyone I would like them to sell to Lenovo. It's a real business/productivity oriented business just like BlackBerry and they make some of the best tech out right now

Posted via CB10

I am so used to BlackBerry "build from the bottom" system a bit more better than any phone that I ever had, though I must admit, I understand what they are doing from a business point in order to survive the market, but if that were to happen, I think I would have to choose another phone, or keep the #10 until it doesn't run anymore!

Posted via CB10

I'm with any company that will do good for bbry... it's better than them going bust like palm...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

LG bought webOS?! Wow, then if BB and LG partner-up, it will mean BB and webOS would be teaming up. WebOS definitely had some nice features and potential that BB10 could borrow from, and since LG is already in the TV business, they could work on integrating a QNX/WebOS environment into living rooms. It would also help bring over some old loyal HP/Palm/WebOS users that may actually still have some of those devices haha

LG wouldn't be a bad partnership. They make fairly solid phones. The chances of LG buying BlackBerry outright are very slim I would think. The chances of a partnership are much higher.

I think people are assuming that if BlackBerry got rid of their hardware division and contracted out, that they would lose control of what the hardware looked like. BlackBerry has patents on their keyboards and would definitely have to approve anything before it went out. I don't think we would be losing the soul of BlackBerry in the least.

I think in any partnership we see we'll end up seeing the other party make the all touch phones. BlackBerry will scale back their manufacturing to just be their keyboard phones. Now that I think about it they may even partner up and allow the other guys to build the whole phone, but BlackBerry just makes the keyboard and ships it over to them for installation. That way part of it is still controlled by BlackBerry.

Yes and no.
I have an LG blue ray drive but that's it.

While in would prefer for BlackBerry to produce their own hardware, a select cooperation with third party hardware manufacturers would benefit both BlackBerry and the market.

However select is the key - if BlackBerry 10 were available to any manufacturer, I an sure it's reputation as being secure would suffer because someone will mess up key bots of the hardware - say the bootloader for example.

Posted via CB10

I've had very bad experience with LG (microwaves, tv's and refrigerators), would like another partner for hardware, but I don't know how are LG phones, does someone has experience with LG phones that can state more deeply into it?

I'm not a fan of them at all...
I've had 3 LG devices that still have pending updates.
I can understand if they can't update due to hardware limitations but they updated their flagship in Korea only and ignored everyone else.
The other one they just didn't want to be supported.
And one they did months after 4.2.2 got released. It's a gingerbread model.

...wouldn't even look at it, LG doesn't make good.....anything...I had a LG phone way back before I came to BlackBerry...biggest POS I have ever owned...LG...Lots of Garbage...

I despise LG! I don't care how well the device is built or how well BB10 runs with it I vowed a couple of years ago NEVER to do business with LG again. I was treated like garbage because I had the nerve to own a lemon. I had to threaten to sue them just to get them to take a look at it. To top it off their CSRs are probably the most ignorant I've ever come across.

Put me down as a maybe ;) /s


Well... that would something absolutly strange in fact.... If it happens...
Because my previous phones were from LG. lool

I don't deal with hypothetical situations. I'll wait for announcements of what is really going on. So when that time comes, I'll decide then if I would use another manufacturers phone running BlackBerry software.

I've never seen an LG product that looked interesting or appealing, in all the years they've been making phones (remember the Chocolate, the EnV?)

I really don't know if I'd want a BlackBerry with LG branding.

Posted via CB10

I have had a couple of LG phones. The LG 10000 was one of the best phones I have ever owned.

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I agree with you. At first I was skeptical of LG's build quality but after using the n4, I'm convinced that they can produce awesome handsets. An interesting thought.

The way BlackBerry has developed this OS would make my next device any other brand but anything related to Blackberry...

Posted via CB10

I'm sorry, I use my Z10 because of the platform, who builds it is irrelevant. If you research any electronics you will find the same manufacturing facilities building for everyone. Foxconn is a good example, they beat the crap out of Apple for that relationship but never mentioned HP, Dell etc etc who Foxconn builds for. Sell the hardware and focus on BB10 and BBM.

Posted via CB10

Sell by November? BB must be close to finalizing a deal as there is no other reason for engaging with the Canadian gov't on foreign take over issues.......

Ew no, I would literally buy an iPhone, and ditch BlackBerry, those phones are horrible

Posted via CB10

Remember, the default answer to any web blog post that's posed as a question is:


If you wanted to post a representative photo of a current LG device, you could have posted the Nexus 4 or the Optimus G2. The build quality on those is really excellent. LG has made great strides in the last couple of years.

I wasn't looking for a 'fair' response I was just looking for 'a response' and let's be realistic here, if you're basing your response on one single image then you clearly have no intent on giving a fair response in the first place. The image is there cause it looks like a BlackBerry - nothing more nothing less - people should be concerned with the information, not the image.

Hope you're not talking about my response because I gave you a fair response, yo.

Anyway, I applaud the idea of bringing LG into the mix as it hasn't really been tossed around.

This idea of dropping in-house hardware and licensing out the OS is the same fantasy that HP had (has?) for WebOS. The thing is, how much could they actually charge? I'm sure it's not anywhere near the margin they make on each handset. Look at Apple, for all their iTunes stuff they make almost all of their money on hardware sales. The software is just a hook to get you to buy the hardware.

At the moment, I wouldn't buy another BB10 device as it is right now, and I certainly wouldn't with someone else making the hardware.

I just hate that LG logo.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!

Even if BlackBerry becomes just a software company, it will need mobile devices of some sort. What good is BES without secure devices to attach? Secure Workplace can only go so far, especially when you consider DoD contracts (which already have BES approval).

I can see another company making handsets. I don't think it will be a strictly licensing arrangement, but possibly more of a partnership. BlackBerry has a lot based on security, so any company that partners to make handsets would need access to that security back end.

Maybe that means LG makes the handsets and BlackBerry loads the software, then distributes. I don't think it is feasible to open all of the security features to a company in another country.

One thing I'm sure of: BES = Security = Government Contracts + Secure Corporate Contracts. For BES to survive, it needs handsets. Handsets need BB10, BBM, BES, and the ecosystem to make it all work (it's pretty much expected on a BlackBerry). For a handset manufacturer to take that on and be profitable, they either need fairly expensive devices for corporations and governments only, or they need to keep distributing to consumers.

Under the present situation, I believe just about anyone in the business would lead BBRY to a better place. LG is not a bad choice, given there might be no decent taker of BBRY.
The worst is "investors" manipulate this to take BBRY private etc, leaving no immediate benefits to us, users. I do not hear any sort of stories regarding the mad dash to the sale of the chopped up company so that the failed management could share undeserved millions. That's insane, but that's what seems to be happening. Someone please take over BBRY and pick up where they left off, and show us the way!
Time is of essence.

personally, I dont like LG. I can not say why and don´t have any good reason, but this kind of feeling that always says "awww... don´t buy it".
So please do not choose LG as manufacturer.

If past experience is anything to judge on, then the hardware will be of lower quality than we get from BlackBerry. I have been using a BlackBerry for the past four or five years and have been very impressed with the hardware quality. In a similar span and earlier, other family members have owned LG phones and they were simply not durable. Unless LG has picked up their quality game, I would not be happy with that move.

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I'm surprised at the amount of negative reaction to the idea. LG is capable of making high end devices and may be just the right partner to help BlackBerry push out products on a larger scale. I personally would prefer BlackBerry to continue to manufacture their own hand sets and I hope BBMX and Channels will help increase revenues enough where the profitability of the hardware business is no longer an issue, but I guess that's not always how business works. Very nice choice for the pic by the way. Classic!

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