What if Lenovo bought BlackBerry?

By Simon Sage on 5 Sep 2013 01:10 pm EDT

Ever since BlackBerry announced that they’re assessing strategic options, including (but not limited to) selling the company, everybody’s been talking about who would buy them outright or in part. Of course we’re all rooting for BlackBerry and hope that it doesn’t come to a sale, but there are a lot of different ways the next few quarters could pan out. Patents could be bid on by a consortium of manufacturers, BlackBerry could be split up into service and handset businesses, and who knows how much of the company buyers would hang onto or simply liquidate.

Those are grim outcomes that few BlackBerry fans want to face, but that doesn’t make those possibilities any less real. In the spirit of making sure we don’t have our heads stuck in the ground about BlackBerry’s present situation, and potentially discovering some best-case scenarios for the future, let’s take a look at who could buy BlackBerry, why they would be interested, and how such an acquisition would work out. We’ve already looked at Cisco, and now we’re going to examine Lenovo.

Lenovo is a major player in PC manufacturing - number two in the world by unit sales, as of 2012. They’re best known for their ThinkPad lineup of business laptops, but they’re getting slimmer and sexier with new consumer-focused PCs. The convertible Yoga series has been particularly popular in the Windows 8 sphere. Lenovo has dabbled in Android handsets in China, but hasn’t made a move elsewhere just yet. They’ve certainly voiced their interest in expanding into new areas since the PC industry isn’t quite the booming industry it once was. Could handsets be their next direction?

Why would Lenovo want to buy BlackBerry?

Lenovo has previously hinted that they would consider making a bid for BlackBerry, and who could blame them? Both companies have a deep history in building electronics for businesses. Lenovo’s current tagline, “For those who do”, lines up with very nicely with BlackBerry’s marketing. The two got cozy in the past with a partnership to create Constant Connect, which allowed a paired ThinkPad and BlackBerry to keep e-mail in sync with one another. They've even got a common reputation for tracking nubs and excellent keyboards. Lenovo wants to expand their handset business beyond China, and though BlackBerry might only be a tenuous foothold in North America, there are many emerging markets that BlackBerry could introduce Lenovo to.

Could Lenovo afford to buy BlackBerry?

Lenovo isn't able to finance a cash-based acquisition of BlackBerry as it stands today. The Chinese player only has $3.6 billion in cash on its balance sheet, but more importantly, it's current ratio (current assets divided by current liabilities) is only slightly above 1. Lenovo would likely either need to raise money or use stock to buy BlackBerry.

Lenovo only has a market value of about $10 billion, which is double BlackBerry's valuation. If they needed to pay at least a 30% premium it starts to look more like a merger of equals versus an acquisition by Lenovo.

Pros and cons of Lenovo acquiring (or partnering with) BlackBerry

  • Strong workflow integration possibilities between mobile and PC

  • Identical target market

  • Partnership rather than acquisition would mean BlackBerry keeps much of its control

  • BlackBerry may be pulled to the entry level to address established Chinese market

  • Lenovo may drop BlackBerry services in favor of focusing on devices

  • Canadian regulatory bodies may intercede on any bids coming from China

How likely is Lenovo to buy BlackBerry?

Considering Lenovo execs have gone outright and said that they’re considering BlackBerry as an acquisition target, Lenovo’s odds of buying BlackBerry would seem higher than average at first blush, though the financial situation is a tall hurdle. As mentioned earlier, odds of an outright sale are slim to none, and a merger promises challenges of its own - would BlackBerry simply drag Lenovo down? If they’re financial equals, how much support could Lenovo provide BlackBerry? Maybe some added efficiencies on the production side of things, but marketing is BlackBerry’s biggest problem right now, and Lenovo seems to be in the same boat - that is, paying for celebrity endorsements that don’t exactly resonate with the product’s target audience. Assuming BlackBerry does get acquired, I’d put Lenovo’s odds of being the buyer at about 3 / 10.

Any of you guys own a Lenovo PC? Would BlackBerry make a good fit? How could an agreement be structured which would make good financial sense to both companies?

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What if Lenovo bought BlackBerry?



I heard that the US gov't doesn't use lenovo/ibm anymore because it's in Chinese hands... I doubt Canada would allow one of its premier companies to be acquired by them; especially considering their close ties with the US.

However, I do have a lenovo thinkpad and they are nice. They have the best keyboards on a pc I've ever seen. If they hadn't been acquired by a Chinese company then the pairing between IBM and BlackBerry would have been perfect.

Anyone have a rebuttal?

Posted via my Q10

you can thank warren buffet and obama for sabotaging that pipeline, buffet wants people to use his newly bought railroad, so he asked obama not to allow that pipeline.

The Canadian government will not stand in the way of a BlackBerry purchase regardless of who it is. There was no stepping in to save Nortel nor was BlackBerry allowed on the bidding for some of Nortel's patents. Plus, Canada has telecommunication deals in place with Chinese state owned companies. So no, they will not block a deal.

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell

No they do not. Just like the anti virus symantec. It is no longer used because the Chinese now own it. If they bought blackberry the us government would be done with BlackBerry.

Hey! Posted from my Z10 Jack!

You might be thinking of 3Com. Support for those products dropped sharply and all but disappeared in the US after they were acquired by Huawei. For many reasons - most of which had nothing to do with "spying". HP has absorbed them since them if I recall correctly.

There may be some agencies that have taken that tact with Lenovo (though I don't know of any firsthand) but there are MANY government agencies across the nation that heavily use Lenovo products. Mine included. The idea that IBM is a) Chinese and b) no longer in government is completely ludicrous. IBM is still HUGE in government.

With regard to Blackberry, I think they could survive with Lenovo but Dell or HP might be better (despite what happened with Palm). IBM wouldn't work because they are too far removed from the consumer market. These days a mobile platform cannot survive on Enterprise customers alone (as Blackberry is proving).

Wow reading all these comments, I guess no one believes Blackberry when they say they can't read the encrypted emails going over there own systems.

Well, if it's Cisco, Crosoft, Google or any else US company, US gov will do the same...

I prefer BB by itself or BB+ a non US, non Chinese company, in partnership.

This is actually what I am shooting for...I think this will be an ideal partnership/or purchase. QNX on playstation and so on...mmmmmm!

= the death of bb. Look at Ericsson. Sony took it, made a few bad phones, and now there are Sony phones and Ericsson is a bad memory.

Posted via CB10

How needs chinese spying? NSA is already present- the difference is that the chinese government never asserted to be "our friends".... And who needs spying when a look into your facebook posts reveals your personal life... Bigotry!
I prefer a working lenovo thinkpad with chinese eastereggs than a nation, which fudge evidents to provoke wars in countrys with raw material reserves, with omnipotence in www. (domains), with an unashamed intelligence services, with greedy fascism-structures in facebook, google, microsoft, Standard & Poors....
Without chinese accommodation the USA were already bankruptcy... fact!

Am I the only one here that thinks the whole "we invade your country for oil!" idea is an immensely simple-minded idea?? Do you guys not realize that there's a whole lot more going on (including but not limited to the politics of oil, which isn't only limited to the USA) or is it hard to think with the tin-foil hats on??

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I dont want to install a dialog to explain you the world, but the springboard was "chinese (tec) spying...". I dont know any (chinese) easteregg, installation or trojan which is able to hack the SSL-encryption of my personal data-traffic- in contrast to the used NSL program "Bull Run"... BTW- thats the reason why Al Kaida uses BlackBerry... But unfortunately they are no good vehicle for advertising...

i agree, since syria has no oil. and neither is the regime of assad a threat to anyone except maybe israel, so scumbag obama has no good reason to invade syria.

How will any of these sale proposals change things for BlackBerry? None of it makes sense, will the sale magically improve device sales or close the app gap? Unless they adopt android, which at this point would be very stupid. Not selling the company isn't why they're struggling, they are struggle cause they take too long to do everything, their marketing is abysmal and their app ecosystem is still poor. Not having sold the company isn't and was never their issue. And if they want to sell so bad they should figure out the things I just mentioned in order to look more attractive to potential buyers. Who wants to buy into such mismanagement and uncertainty? So the only way out of their situation is through it. BE A MAN!!!

Posted via CB10

They need to sell because they don't have the resources to effectively do what you say they need to do. They can't compete against the Samsung apple and Microsoft financial juggernaut. They need help. Problem is if the big boys buy them, bb10 is doomed. With Lenovo maybe not but they will face the same marketing, apps and time to market issues. Blackberry may be able to salvage something, by becoming a small lean company. BBM and BES services across all platforms maybe. But BB10 I think unless it can be salvaged for car systems within the qnx umbrella is all but history. It will be very sad. Lets hope for a miracle.

You're retarded. The NSA has backdoor surveillance methods built into almost every piece of telecommunications hardware & software, EXCEPT the stuff from Huawei. So who's REALLY spying on you?

Oh please. Just because the US has been caught monitoring it's citizens doesn't mean EVERY other county isn't doing the same.

Posted via CB10

And here we find the root of Blackberries problems, the government wants to be able to monitor everyone, and BlackBerry was a little throne.


Bingo! Canadians should stop buying any handsets but BlackBerry ones just so we can preserve BlackBerry and what little privacy we have left. Corporations should do the same. As for the rest of the world, BlackBerry continues to honor such policies. When the NSA was exposed BlackBerry was not on the list of many, however the media did throw a BlackBerry phone in the pile for the photo shoot. Go BlackBerry. Still rooting for ya. Choose your poison folks!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

To my understanding blackberry won't/"can't ". But if you're using BIS your carrier gladly will.

China doesn't need spy. They already have access to all you do, and can shut the internet down with the push of a button. Any one comparing Communist China to the U.S. seriously needs a lesson in how things work.

Really? Maybe what soeasy said about the Internet and a button was crazy but the USA isn't willing to imprison and or kill its own citizens. The worst that happens is America puts you on a no fly list. There is a giant difference between America and china and if you hate your government so much go live in the commy part of china. Only thing worse is people who like che Guevara and think he did something for the greater good. All I do here in this country is pay my taxes. Don't vote for anything just taxes and jury duty because I have a good life and I know the only way the government wouldn't be able to do its job is a Chinese take over. Btw nobody here can either be surprised that their government is spying on them and pretend that if they were in the white house they wouldn't be spying. The government needs to know, that's how they keep people safe. The patriot act might be BS but hey, how else they gonna catch child molesters and terrorists?

I don't get it. Is that what he/she was referring to?

China's been tinkering with an 'kill switch' for over two years now. I thought most folks knew that.




One of our own Senators proposed the same thing here:


Let them believe that the U.S, is the same as Communist China if they want to. Uninformed people are born everyday.

NDAA indefinite detention. In case u missed it we are a police state now. They killed Michael Hastings. Snowden is a "traitor", they spy on the media...literally control what we see on the news. The presidents kill list. Monsanto has employees working in all three branches of Gov. The Monsanto protection act! Fema camps, Fema buying billions of hollow point bullets, the IRS being armed. The United States of Monsanto is a fascist country now.

We are not at war to just take oil and other resources. We are there to protect the petrodollar. We are there to protect the interests of the wealthy and Israel. Saddam tried to sell oil for gold, then Gaddafi, now Assad. Russia and China have made a pact to use gold instead of the dollar. Once we attack Syria it's the start of WW3, if it didn't start already. Btw we, the US supplied the gas to the rebels who used it on the Syrian citizens not the other way around. Don't think the US could do such a thing, look up agent Orange and see we already have(Monsanto created agent Orange) and we have been supplying arms to the rebels for months if not much longer.

If ur gonna tell others they are misinformed, uninformed it's best to be informed urself.


Posted via CB10

Fema camps aren't real. And if you live in the usa and If it is such a concern then leave if you feel your life is threatened or in danger. And are you blaming the rebels for the attack because I heard it was the syrians attacking the rebels. Which case get informed YOURself and stop being a conspiracy theorist. We all know the usa gave everyone money and weapons. Russia did it and look how they did. On the plus side everyone in africa has 2 ak47s plus a BlackBerry too bbm kony...

Y is that always the response from those that just don't care? Y should I have to leave because I disagree with the Gov? They work for us (lmao) we don't, aren't suppose to lay down and do as they say. If u r an American this should b obvious to u but the brainwashing and fluoride may have a strong hold on u.
Which part of what I said was a conspiracy theory? Everything I said is well documented public information, if u do the research.

@Soeasy no I was not talking to u. I was on my couch watching it go down. I believed the official story for 10 years because I never questioned it. They told us lie after lie and we need the truth. Whatever the truth is we need to have it.

Posted via CB10

Are you talking to me? I was on Wall Street on 911. Stuck in a dark subway car for over 90 mins to then come up through a construction grate look west and then ask myself "Where are the buildings?"

My wife's brother-in-law died that day, but fortunately, my company at the time, Morgan Stanley only lost 1 employee. The Security Chief who stayed behind to make sure that everyone got out. His name was Rick Rescorla. Google him.

Watched a LOT of crazy stuff happen and then walked 12 miles home to Forest Hills Queens.

Tell me where you were and then we can talk about FMA camps, FEMA coffins. Monsanto, JFK, Roswell and the Moon Landing if you like.

I'm VERY well informed. I just don't believe everything I read on the 'interwebs'.

But, as a Born on the Upper East Side New York and American, I respect your right to.

Very well said sir.

Ps to the other guy. My dad has agent orange because he was forced to make sure we aren't speaking vietnamese. Does he care? He says its just part of life.

Thank you. My dad was in the Army. Served most of his time in Europe. He had a saying: "Everyone wants to talk about peace and how they hate the military, until some crazy @$$ starts a fight. There will always be some crazy @$$ looking to start a fight."

Wow- a man who is willing to give up his freedom for safety deserves neither. It is this attitude that allows the NSA to flourish.

Posted via CB10

This was directed at Emu the Foo by the way. God bless all you awesome military people.

Posted via CB10

That's not really fair and somewhat one-sided. There are things going that happen in this world that you and I are so far removed from that we could never understand the scope. I have no access to classified info. I don't know if some lunatic wants to take down a plane tomorrow and have never heard anyone chatting about nerve g@s attacks or the evils of capitalism. I'ma capitalist. As as most Americans. BUT on 911 New York City was attacked by peopl who simpatient care about the families or people they were going to kill. You can't fight this idealis with speeches. The bottom line is that some peolpeople only respond to aggression. Look around you. You'll see this scenario played out on a much smaller scale all around you. There's no negotiations, no olive branches no peace treatises when it come to religious fundamentalism. Freedom is a contrivance. It is something that has been provided to you through the blood of others. The only true freedom is power.

I must agree with most of your sentiment. It is not a pleasant truth, but it is true. While being spied upon places us at a disadvantage, it is somewhat better to be spied upon by your own nation than by an rival or enemy nation. Your own nation could use the knowledge against you, but another nation is doing spying to expressly work against you. The US has been caught, but other nations will be caught down the line. Many people have unrealistic expectations... It may not be right or ethical, but it is the reality and there is a big picture out there that motivates governments to take these kinds of actions.

Posted via CB10

Hello..considering the reliability of Lenovo pc's and the fact that they are pretty "ruggedized" and also meet military specs I would welcome this idea with open arms. I use an Lenovo X1 Carbon touch laptop and it is the best laptop I've ever owned. People don't realize the small things about ThinkPads like the reservoir under the keyboard to hold spilled water or coffee and allow it to drain out the bottom of the pc (I'm serious. Look under your t-series laptop), the trackpoint and trackpad on the system, the legendary matte black material on the outside of the laptop, the rollcage that prevents any body flexing when holding the laptop with one hand, the heatling & cooling system within the machine...I could go all day about a ThinkPad if I really wanted to.

That being said, Blackberry has always been a phone for people serious about getting work done..as the ThinkPad is the same but in the PC world. I just like the idea of a possible partnership...

I have a Carbon X1. Great product. Ranks higher that the Macbook Air on CNET. I would really like this partnership. However, given what we have seen about Huwai and the cell phone equipment and the US not allowing them in this space, I don't think any government or Enterprise would want the Chinese to have access to the NOC or them having direct access to the OS and hardware. I know it is a stretch but it is all about perception. Other than that I think this would be a GREAT partnership, not a good buy.

I do like Lenovo products, I wouldn't mind this. Much better than breaking up the company for parts.

Posted via CB10

I would rather Sony, or, if not possible, Samsung, even though Samsung makes cheap hardware, they're very well liked by all.

NOT liked by me!!!!!!!. Hate them Looaaathe. Disgust. Not as much disgust as I have for Apple or Obama but it's up there

Posted via CB10

Why so much hate? I honestly don't like them, but they're the most popular brand at the moment. Everyone is getting a Samsung. So, they're doing something right.

Exactly. The same herd of sheep getting them are the same herd of sheep who chose not to get the best phone on earth, a blackberry. Poor choice in phone equates to sub standard human being .

BlackBerry forever!

Posted via CB10

samsung is ok, now if only the didn't use android. as for apple, i like them better when they only made desktops and laptops.

Only apples I like are the ones in my grandma's home made apple pie. If you don't own a BlackBerry there's something wrong with you in my book .

Posted via CB10

Calm down...take a chill pill. Apple and Samsung are very good companies who make products that people (except you) want and know how to market them and make money. BlackBerry could learn a lot from them when it comes to marketing consumer products.

Obama is pretty cool too. But regardless, he has no place in this technical forum.

Are you an American? Obama is a joke, the antichrist, . He's weakened our country and made us a laughing stock. I don't hate Thornton heines but I have no respect. There is nothing vested in BlackBerry, with the takeover he gains. Obama has no patriotism just like th has no die fighting mentality. Both lack the very qualities that a true leader should hold.

Posted via CB10

I really hope that CB would write about what if SONY buys BlackBerry.. THAT is what I'm looking forward to..

Sony has the reputation, the financial strength, the large consumer base, the big chunk of the entertainment industry (movies, music, etc.) and of course the hardware quality is unmatched in the world of electronics.

SONY is the ideal choice in my opinion.. plus they're Japanese soo less threatening than the Chinese?

via CB10 on the amazing Z10

Sony just broke up the erriccson partnership. There is a 0% chance they will get back in one. Besides, they make crappy products anyways

Posted via CB10

But then again if you don't sell the security and keep it as a services business, maybe lenovo will introduce BlackBerry better into the Chinese handheld market.

I mean ask my Chinese cousins... "blackberry who?"

You do realize that your American and Canadian company owned products are made in China - just like the Chinese company products, right?

What might work here would be Lenovo participation in a newly-private BlackBerry. If they picked up a major--but not majority--stake, they could benefit from the "synergy" without triggering a lot of anxiety over Chinese ownership.

BTW, who's to say that BlackBerry will be sold outright, anyway? A strong minority ownership would build tremendous confidence in the company.

From the awesome PHYSICAL keyboard of my Q10

I agree with you there. If creating synergy is intended then Lenovo will bring that to the table.


I have a Lenovo Yoga 13 and a Z10. I love both. That said, I don't see any more synergy between the two than in pairing a BB10 device with any other PC. Lenovo is making great laptops lately, but it's pretty weak in the tablet and phone market. It would be a niche play if they merged.

Posted via CB10

Totally agree Easy-G. How could there be any more synergy with my Carbon than a Dell or a Toshiba...Windows is Windows.

I don't see Lenovo buying BB. They're a hardware company based around Windows, not QNX.

I don't think anyone is claiming present synergies. The idea is that both companies target similar types of consumers and more importantly both target business contracts. If Lenovo and BlackBerry teamed up they would be able to offer the full package to businesses, and I'm sure there are some ways BlackBerry phones and Lenovo laptops could be integrated to offer unique benefits.

I currently use a Thinkpad and whilst it would be a good match the change that Lenovo has done to Thinkpads does not give me high hopes of BlackBerry keeping it high quality handsets. Thinkpads and BlackBerries have a large fanbase but the bottom line is King for Lenovo.

Thinkpad quality isn't what it was under IBM. I have both an IBM T60 (2006, 7 years old!!) and a Lenovo T400 (2009, 4 years old) as well as a new T420 at work.

I've dropped the T60 multiple time and spilled a cup of ramen on the keyboard, still works like a champ (ok maybe not a champ but still works fine). I took better care of the T400 since I was older and more responsible but still had to replace the motherboard when it started shutting down randomly.

I'm a little afraid of what the hardware will become if Lenovo takes over. If it's more of a partnership it might work out.

Posted via CB10

My first notebook computer was an IBM ThinkPad 755CE with an amazing 340 MB HDD, 1.44 MB (2.88 MB) FDD, SVGA display, sub-1 GHZ Intel 80486 CPU, and 8 MB RAM. The darn thing cost almost eight thousand dollars so I took out a bank loan. It had the perfect notebook keyboard but weighed a ton compared to notebook computers these days with significantly higher technical specifications. Now that is old. < cough, cough > Move over grandpa.

"BlackBerry may be pulled to the entry level to address established Chinese market"

I don't know. The Lenovo in that add looks nicer than any current Blackberry and maybe even nicer than the Z30.

CrackBerry ! be professional, objective, and calm.

Stop this what if, buy, cell, whatever it is nonsense.

BlackBerry will be fine. They are just doing much needed ownership adjustment and leadership change. After that they will be once again the No.1 mobile technology company.

Yeah, and in a couple years, Web OS will be second, right behind BB10, and right in front of Ubunta or Tizen lol

Posted via CB10

The BB team definitely needs a rebuild - morale and quality (team and product) are too low. But the BB10 OS is definitely a new generation true mobile first OS that has no competitor. Android has two year life span from this point on (Use an S4 and look at its hardware spec you will know). iOS 3. Windows 0 or 1 (Yes it is still the same old Windows piped higher and deeper). BB10 at least 10 years, whoever owns it or whatever it is branded. I can bet a million on it. Not on the current BB team though.

BlackBerry needs the perception they will be around a long time. My customers won't buy anything BlackBerry right now because they believe what the press says. Even though Lenovo is not big in any businesses I work with, they have a good reputation and no one thinks they are in financial trouble (which they aren't). The belief BB is protected by a strong partner would really help a lot.

I agree, the uncertainty is lethal right now. One might hope that any deal for the company will include some kind of provision for customer continuity.

If Lenovo partnered with BlackBerry to design and manufacture the smartphones and tablets running BlackBerry OS 10, plus BlackBerry developing a version of BlackBerry OS 10 to run on their notebook computers, the future might look brighter for DingleBerry...sorry I meant BlackBerry.

I used IBM ThinkPads for over a decade. It was only 2 years ago I switched to Acer when it come time to replace my IBM ThinkPad X31.

When it comes to aquistions and take overs, never assume that the status quo will remain. Lenovo could buy BlackBerry and dump BB10 for WP8, anything goes!

I'd have a hard time supporting the brand if head office is transferred over to Beijing.

In this scenario, if the only option is a foreign held hand set then I'd be more inclined to support the people in California and migrate over to iOS.

And from that point on I'd take very little interest in these types of forums or any particular interest in any manufacturer after the ride we've gone through so far watching a premier Canadian industry crumble.

I'm still holding out for a home grown solution to buy the company the time it needs to bounce back.

Posted via CB10

Business and government don't have any problem buying Chinese made iPhones, computers, copiers, or anything else. I agree China will very likely put spy code in any phone they sell. I assume the states and their puppet Canada already force phone makers to do that. Which is worse, China knowing everything or the US knowing everything? Trick question, what the US knows, China knows.

"Trick question, what the US knows, China knows."

Yup, very true, communism is NWO controlled opposition, like a thumb is used to grasp object, the only ones not under their contol is Islam.

I believe that BlackBerry and Lenovo would be a great combination. Having used both for years it would almost be a dream come true.

If Lenovo bought BB I would not stay. The commies will hack everything even more that obama and his pukes are doign now. at least right now BB has the best security in phones

I can definitely see the synergies with the target markets. However, if Lenovo were to make a bid I think the Canadian government would step in. If they didn't outright block it then it would be under heavy scrutiny

If BlackBerry sell it should be to a company who wants to keep BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Messenger. Selling to a company who will scrap BlackBerry 10 isn't right and shame on the executive if they do that.

Sent from The Legendary Zed10

Ok enough is enough. I want the Mobile Nation's team to buy BBRY. I'll donate my last $10 for the cause. :)

Contests have driven around 10k posts
.. for the z30. That probably sums up a large percentage of the Mobile Nation user base.

Ain't enough.

Posted via CB10

Lenove is popular because of their ThinkPads? We have a ton of those at our school and they're absolute junk. I have a teacher whose ThinkPad died on him in the middle of class and it never woke up again. It was less than 3 weeks old.

I hope the quality doesn't rub off on phones!

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

There is no way in hell that BlackBerry is selling itself to a chinese company... i know BlackBerry won't spoil it's Legacy by selling itself to a chinese company...

Posted via CB10

Never going to happen. It's one thing to buy the IBM thinkpad line which was already well established and remarkably popular, another thing entirely to buy a tarnished brand that is collapsing in on itself and think you can turn it around in this current market. Lenovo could pump out android or WM devices for far less investment. The BB brand is dead. No one is buying.

I feel that all the rumour, speculation and uncertainty is just adding to Blackberry's woes.

Just how many ('000s) of potential buyers, both new and upgraders, are deferring their decision making to see whether (if?) Blackberry survive or are subsumed into who knows who?

We need some positive spin on this and some positive signs from Blackberry, unless their positive message is "Blackberry are positive that they will cease to exist!"

Has anyone Ericsson on the list?
Perhaps a bit like Cisco but with the previous Sony experience.

Is anyone feeling mentally exhausted from this subject like I do?

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

I am too, but here we both are. Maybe we all just avoid CB for a few days, may put us all in a better mood (sorry Kevin et al.)

I hear you - it's a long road, and there's an overwhelming amount to be said about what's going. We're certainly trying to pace our editorial pieces on strategic options, but when relevant news breaks on the subject, it's our job to post about it. We cover BlackBerry through thick and thin, after all. 

Oh I appreciate the effort you guys put into the editorials, through good and bad times.

I just felt like spilling how I feel.

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

You are not alone!! Lets keep our fingers crossed that one day our beloved BlackBerry will get over these humps.
I predict it either goes private or forms a strategic alliance with SONY or MSFT buys it.. :)

I know Simon, I realize a truly good site has to cover it all, after all it would just be a fanboi site if you didn't. I imagine as uber BB fans yourselves, it must be tough. Keep up the great work, and the faith!
I still think it goes private with Lazardis and Prem owning a big chunk, with the CPPIB snapping up the rest. That wouldn't be subject to the Investment Canada Act either, as it's still in Canadian hands. Speaking as a tech guy within the Canadian gov't, the politicians will be the last ones you'd have to pry the BB from their cold dead fingers. They would crap if they lost pin to pin. Add in another election in 2015, and Ontario being crucial to retaining power, they'll do anything to not lose BB. They are still stinging a bit from people reminding them of the Avro Arrow, and that happened before most of us (and them) were born.

Lenovo is the Apple of China. It's government backed and it won't go away. It's got more potential because it's in China they can expand by building a few more factories dedicated to different products. If they do buy out BlackBerry they can get their hands on much valuable patents that will help them break into western markets and bring us phones with premium quality at a lower price. I think Lenovo is and will be a major player among Apple and Samsung. It took Samsung a while to get to where they are today and I believe Lenovo hasn't had its 15 minute fame in the tech world yet. When it does, BlackBerry won't want to miss it. Riding with Lenovo seems like a great option for BlackBerry.

Lol this made me laugh. We could use some humour here and there.

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

Hey, everyone talks about another company acquiring BB. It is just as likely for BlackBerry to be the one to buy/take over another company that would give them more leverage in the market. They have next to zero debt, that gives them a lot of power.

Who says Lenovo would be the one to take over, even in a merger? Think of BlackBerry merging with lenovo with BlackBerry maintaining corporate control.

Posted via CB10

China will not spy on anybody. People are forgetting about IBM for goodness sakes. lol
I can see Lenevo or Samsung buying up BlackBerry and ensuring BB10 becomes the next popular OS. Mark my words, the last thing Microsoft wants is somebody to buy up BlackBerry, such as Samsung, because if that ever happened, Samsung would not only command the consumer market, but also the Enterprise.

Remember people buy Samsung phones, because they are Samsungs, not because they have Android installed on them. And this is a FACT.....

I would disagree with your last point. Consumers are getting smarter by the day and they know it's the OS and the apps that it come with, is what makes the phone.

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Lenovo is my ideal pick to buy BB. I'm a hardcore BB user (only smartphone I've ever owned), use Lenovo Thinkpad for business, and I work for the company that Lenovo bought the Thinkpad from (shouldn't be too hard to figure out)... if the gubment allows it, it will be the ideal partner with BB. Primarily because if an Asian HW manufacturer like Lenovo bought BB, it wouldn't be to dump BB 10 - it would be to embrace it. If Microsoft bought BB, say goodbye to BB 10 - they are already invested (billions $) into WP8 and would just take the parts that are useful. Lenovo knows how to made profitable HW, BB doesn't. If they team up, us consumers and fans will only benefit... Consider how effectively the Asian companies churn out hardware. We're waiting for the Z30 still, which has already been dwarfed in the marketplace (in terms of specs). Just a few thoughts.

Lets make it very clear its IMPOSSIBLE for Lenovo to buy BB entirely even if they get a green signal from the Canadian government. Only thing that Lenovo can leverage via Blackberry is a partnership. Very few enterprise would outrightly allow Lenovo as a preferred choice for smartphones and tablets. But they would surely not mind a Lenovo Phone or a tablet with Blackberry approved security or OS BB10. This is what could be a possible thing.

We all speculate on what may happen with BlackBerry. The fact is that we would not be having this discussion if execution of the marketing campaign was targeted to younger consumers and not just for business work..

The keep moving campaign should be scrapped. I know that BlackBerry has a reputation as a business class work device and thus this discussion about lenovo purchasing or merging with BlackBerry. BlackBerry should be looking at what features the device has and what it can do for the student market. College and university students that choose Iphone /Samsung devices because they don't know how BlackBerry will be a better tool for their academic career.

I can get into the advantages of the z10 over the Samsung / Iphone but that can be left for another post. The main concern is that we have a new platform that can do many functions but no one knows it.

As for the Sony aspect, I think that BlackBerry needs to not sell assets or patents, they need to make strategic partnerships with companies that already have the consumer market cornered. Panasonic / Sony and lenovo do come to mind. They need to take an page from apple. Apple used that little dam connector and had almost any body that made a stereo have it integrated into the product. BlackBerry can use the QNX angle and maybe try to have companies like Nintendo or Sony integrate the platform to do some kind of m2m integration that will make the products stand out.

Last part of my growing rant is that they need to look at all aspects of the home / business market. I'm in the home integration business and I see a growing interconnection of the security systems with remote conductivity via the smart phones. This is usually just an app but many of the manufacturers that make these products use some old software to make the products talk. QNX based devices that are installed in the house can have a better m2m link. Companies like Honeywell /tyco and GE should be approached since they Re the 3 major players.....

I hope they don't sell and find a way to integrate what they have..

Thanks for reading. My thumbs now hurt

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It's clear to me the BB board is done with BB. They are just trying to find the best way to get out of there. Right now, potential suitors are waiting for the board to get desperate enough to give it away. Unless it goes private (unlikely), the company is done. QNX might be spun off to continue auto entertainment. BBM might be spun off to try and compete in the IM market. The rest is scrap.

In the event that Lenovo were to buy BlackBerry, then I'd save a little money compared to buying a new phone by going over to the local Chinese consulate and handing them over my passwords, email accounts, bank PINs, etc.

Security is key. I also don't see why BlackBerry hasn't pushed privacy in their dismal marketing to consumers . I don't completely buy it but it is true to some extent. I definitely care about privacy and security See below:

Consumers: Forget Screen Size, Cameras; Sell Us Privacy
Consumers are now more concerned about privacy in the use of their mobile phones and apps than they are about screen size, brand, weight or camera resolution. That's according to TRUSTe's 2013 Consumer Data Privacy Study, which polled more than 700 U.S. smartphone users. Only a phone's battery life topped privacy when users' prioritized their concerns

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You and I and maybe one other care about privacy. The number of people posting their lives in Facebook should give a good indication that not nearly enough people care about it to keep BB alive.

Like the people that say, "hey look at me I am going on vacation and will be away from my phone and all the goodies that I have posted pictures of are sitting in my house unprotected." meh that is just a smaller percentage. :)

Lenovo is not really a true "Chinese" player. They are more international with a Board of directors made up 50/50 Chinese and American. They have already addressed security concerns with purchase of IBM Think pad division.

They supply Govt and Military around the world.

They are best hope to keep BB10 alive.

None of my e-mails and messages flow through China if I own a StinkPad. Having my location, call, and data flow through China is not something I care to entertain.

HP is a better candidate with a strong presence in Canada already.


HP did wonders with Palm and WebOS.

Nothing stopping Lenovo from buying and KEEPING BlackBerry here in Canada.

They are looking to expand in NA anyway.

Read the link I posted.

I recently got my first Lenovo Laptop and I LOVE IT! The build quality is great, and they design for people who need things to work well. I saw in the WSJ the other day a graph that showed how BLackberry has lost it's dominance in the smartphone market. It showed that while everyone else had grown in units, Blackberry still had about the same business for the last 5-8 years. I know it's important to grow a business, but clearly there's a subset that are dedicated to the phone. I think Lenovo could grow this, especially with BB10 being such a solid product.

Actually BlackBerry could continue for a very long time as a boutique supplier of high-end phones. For whatever reason, the board does not wish to do that. Some will argue you can't attract developers without a large enough customer base. That is not entirely true. Anyway, BlackBerry can address that by making it trivial to load almost any Android app. In the meantime developers may begin to understand BlackBerry customers are willing to pay a premium for high quality apps.

They would be dumped by a many of governments around the world. So if the goal is to keep BlackBerry prosperous in third world hell holes and China then go for it.

If a Chinese company buys BB, it loses all security advantages that BlackBerry is known for. All governments will drop BlackBerry handsets, and I for one will also move on.

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Partnership is fine but not buying. I don't like my BlackBerry phone to be made in China like iPhone.

If partnership between BlackBerry and Lenovo will take place. We could penetrate China market. Because chinese are patriotic and they support their products. China alone has a billions of population. This will be a win win for BlackBerry and Lenovo. This is a big market. But don't let China handle the security, I don't trust them. And there will be a lot of censorship in apps if we will entrust this to China. Maybe BBM video might be blocked too.I'm not sure if Facebook is still blocked in China.

Just partnership only but no buying....

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Have you actually looked what components Blackberry uses? They are using the same components just like apple, samsung etc.

Woah.... how about this to pick your brain...

What if lenovo and BlackBerry merge... with BlackBerry being the manufacturer of laptops and phones.... m2m bam done...

Problem solved....

People won't think of the Chinese spying on them anymore...

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I'm warmly up to the whole Microsoft- BlackBerry idea. I really like WP8, but they really lack in features that I find useful. Imagine a BB10-Windows 8 mix. WP8 with BB10 keyboard, hub, and multitasking, along with way more gestures.

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This idea that China will intercept all your communications and connections borders on silly. Of course they will, just as all other governments try to do. Some of you seem to think China is worse then other states. To me you're asking which is worse Hitler, Stalin or Mao Tse-tung? I don't want any state to have my data but that ship has long ago sailed.

I have a house/office full of Thinkpads and haven't bought anything else for 10+ years. I love Lenovo. The drain under the keypad, the trackpad, the rugged feel. I don't perceive a quality loss over time w/ them. They are a big name, the name resonates w/ stability and ruggedness and "getting things done.' I mean Thinkpad vs Airbook. China is here to stay. This would be the best of all possible mergers for my money. Yes, marketing still an issue on both sides. But to have synchronicity between the thinkpad, the BB10 Device, and maybe a new pad would be awesome. And, they would have much better access to the Chinese market.

I'm not exactly sure who at "Crackberry" makes the decision about what topics to post for discussion, but clearly, the decision to post this topic is clearly devoid of any intelligence in my opinion. So with all the comments made so far, what's gained, or who's been helped? Like anything anyone says here in this forum really matters. On the contrary, the very existence of the topic on a popular site such as this can further erode confidence and consequently sales of BlackBerry devices. The fact that you own a website called "Crackberry " should not translate to mean that you should sound off on every topic that crosses your mind. I would consider your post a disservice to the blackberry company.

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This is a BlackBerry community. It's purpose is to discuss topics, help each other, and point out flaws in a company we love. If we don't do it, someone else will, in a much more negative manner. What you see here isn't negativity, it's people that are passionate about the brand. It's not always sunny you know.

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Personally I don't care what happens to BlackBerry anymore, it's not my company, I don't own it or do I have shares in it.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!

I'm all for a blackberry / lenovo deal. If blackberrys technology is so important than why is government and enterprise turning there backs on blackberry. The government had no right to block a sale to the Chinese if they are interested.

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My Lenovo Ideapad Y410p just came yesterday and this thing looks slick as hell. No problems with software yet.

Looks and feels so great, just like my Z10!

Sure there are all these spying rumors and what not... but if Lenovo can do for BB10 what it did with the IBM Laptop business... well... why not?

Really don't understand the financial point. Lenovo has a net cash of 3,2 BnUSD with an EBITDA of roughly 1 bnUSD which means that they could theorically raise 6 bnUSD of debt assuming Blackberry isn't losing a lot of money in order to respect a Net Debt/EBITDA of 3. They are perfectly able to manage this kind of acquisition...

I don't think Lenovo can do any better then blackberry on the consumer front in established markets. They have the same problem with name and brand appeal.

But the goal is to abandoned the consumer front, at least for the next few years then it might make sense.

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Why sell to anyone? BlackBerry DOESN'T have any DEBT!!!

The problem is perception. People believe BlackBerry is dying therefore not buying BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

You need to hang in there, soon people will be tired of the duopoly and need a change.

Use the time to REBUILD the brand again.

Now is the time to IMPROVE the smartphone landscape and DISPROVE the critics.

Do everything 10 times BETTER !!!!!!!

Even if it means a change of thinking, BlackBerry is not as big as it once was but it doesn't mean it can't again.

Your job Thorsten and Frank is to change that perception.

Have you succeeded or failed?

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Lenovo is a good manufacturer, but it makes no sense for them to merge with BlackBerry since they have the same weaknesses. It would be similar to the HP buying WebOS disaster... On top of that nobody is looking at BlackBerry for their hardware...don't be silly.

Still hoping bbry hires a real marketing director. Bb10 is tops; problem is, only us BlackBerry fans know about it. It's the best kept secret in the tech world.

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I just want BlackBerry alone following its own path... BB10 is great... and I bet there are lots of good surprises for us BlackBerry users... these options are "fait divers"...

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This is one I would vote for. I have both work and personal Lenovo machines and have found them to be my non mac favorite. Solid work machines that have started to work well at home as well

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Well, were it to happen; as they say just before the plane hits the ground "put your head between your knees and kiss you a.. good-bye"

It was already stated by the committee at BBRY that they are looking for a quick sale of BBRY by November of this year, what makes you think they are still assessing strategic options? Do you not pay attention to what's going in the real world? DUH!! :)

I just don' t see it, but that's not to say it couldn't go that route. My personal preference would be to see Amazon make a move. I see it this way: Amazon has tablets and apps to access their media already. What they need are handsets. BlackBerry has handsets and can run Android apps. Amazon gives BB the apps and general ecosystem it needs; BB gives the hardware and some services to Amazon. You keep BB10. You keep everything we love about BB. Just with the addition of Amazon integration. And Amazon gets more devices in more hands making them more money.

This is what I had been hoping for, their marketing and target market seems (on the surface at least) to be a good match.

I have a ThinkPad and loves it, but I thought Lenovo was bigger and had deeper pockets than they actually do. Too bad...

Wow, so much hate towards China even after Edward Snowden exposure

What if BlackBerry sells 1b phones every quarter?

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As far as spying you can't trust ANY company because if they have not been compromised by government they will be soon. I don't trust any US company anymore than a Chinese company. Neither have my best interest in mind

With that said I'm fine with Lenova but I'd love to see Cisco.

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I bought someone a Lenovo P780 android phone that was imported from China by an eBay seller and they love the phone. It has unbelievable battery life. If they bring some of that magic to BB10 devices then I'd be all for the idea of them buying BlackBerry out.

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I'd like to see Lenovo expand BlackBerry usability on PC platforms and integrate a resurgence of the PlayBook.

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Selling the device division to Lenovo may help BlackBerry pivot into the position they need. And it may also help grow BB10. The govt still use Thinkpads. I see them all the time. BBRY maintains the software biz. No issues. They compliment each other very well IMO. Just my thought

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Is there a reason why the most private and secure mobile platform is being destroyed!!?????
Feels like one big conspiracy theory to me. Why can't we just give BlackBerry some time to further develop an already remarkable new platform??????!

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Totally agree. Any company that doesn't hand over private data is being pushed out. Obama tried to hire Google guy in white house.

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I'd stop with Blackberry if it gets bought by Lenovo. Used to be a fan of the ThinkPads until Lenovo bought it. They should just stick with what they do best... copy. hahahah

Demobigen (Powered by Blackberry® Q10)

Who cares if they put spy chips in their devices. This is Amerika!! We have the NSA watching out for us daily to ensure our safety....pffft Chips or not. Big Brother is still peeking in.

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Two possible options,
1. Rakuten, Inc (who bought Kobo in November 2011) and BlackBerry would make a good partnership.
Kobo-owner Rakuten's CEO Hiroshi Mikitani has additionally stated that Kobo is "number one in France; they’re ahead of Amazon in Japan, partially because of us, and Australia and New Zealand as well.
2. VIZIO + BlackBerry=would like to see!!!
VIZIO’s® vision is to be the industry leader in consumer electronics by consistently delivering the latest technologies at the most affordable price.

I would get rid of all the BlackBerry devices I have. After the experience I had with there customer service I will not deal with them again.

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There is no reason to sell berry that makes sense to me at this time, didn't th say it will take time
To transform the company?

Well their phone looks awesome, as long as they keep the new BlackBerry 10plat forma then I'm ok with it..


BlackBerry + Lenovo: I would most definitely buy more of their products if these two companies teamed up together.

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I hope to see BlackBerry remain Canadian and be acquired by a Canadian private equity fund or something of such, it is an iconic brand despite its lack of sales due to poor marketing and failures of the past.

HP should buy Blackberry.

They need to get back into the mobile sphere, and given their enterprise/consumer business model, they'd be a great fit for BlackBerry.

Failing that - IBM. They gave up on personal computers because the market was waining... mobile would be great for them... as would BlackBerry Enterprise model.

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Why not IBM?

I don't say that with any business reason except for the amount of employement IBM has estabilished in Canada already.

There is no way either the Canadian or US governments would allow any Chinese company to have any type of ownership of BlackBerry for security reasons

So why go on with this nonsense


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