What if BlackBerry had the best devices and BB10 became the best OS in the world?

By Team CrackBerry on 14 Apr 2014 02:29 pm EDT

During CrackBerry podcast episode 114, Chris Umiastowski brought up the reality that it probably doesn't matter if BlackBerry unquestionably had the best devices and OS in the world, because it still wouldn't help them gain market share. The CrackBerry team engaged in this discussion a little but it deserves more attention and certainly makes for an interesting conversation.

Of course within context, Chris is referring to the competitive challenges BlackBerry faces in gaining positive momentum, acquiring new clients and customers, while also maintaining old ones with their new BB10 products and services. Case in point —BBM . Before the WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook, BBM had a market value of zero even though it is widely recognized and arguably the best messaging application in the world right now.

Although the BBM team continues to develop and add new features including video calling, along with its anticipated availability for Windows and Nokia X phones this summer, WhatsApp continues to add millions of subscribers on a regular basis despite their lack of security, outages, and limited features. BBM is growing nowhere near this rate. This reveals an alarming situation and raises a couple of questions about a critical issue — how does BlackBerry leverage its resources to gain more subscribers, clients and customers? What does BlackBerry need to do in order to attract more consumers to their products and services? I can almost hear your thoughts while reading this and they're probably yelling, "BlackBerry needs to mass market!" And although BlackBerry's marketing has been dismal (to say the least), is that really all they need to turn things around? There are other people who would scream, "They need more apps!" Although it's something that BlackBerry cannot conjure up with just the wave of a wand, is this what they require to achieve success?

The reality is that being the best isn't going to get BlackBerry where it needs to be

As simple as those solutions might appear the answer to both is, "No,that's not it". It's not apps and it's not marketing. You read me correctly, but allow me to open the shades a little and let in some light. The reality is that being the best isn't going to get BlackBerry where it needs to be. Because in business it's what effectively sells, not necessarily how much better the product actually is, even in comparison to the competition. Don't get me wrong — BlackBerry will continue to strive at being the best in every one of their divisions, but this isn't the end of the mission for them but merely just the beginning.

Doesn't marketing sell a product and/or a service? If you throw enough money at it, it's likely people will buy into it, sure. Doesn't the type of marketing campaign affect the number of sales? It increases the probability, yes.But consider this: how many times do you come across a really great ad but don't purchase what was advertised? Everyday. Why? It can be for any number of reasons — You don't need or want it, it's too expensive, it's not relative to you or your life, or you simply just don't care about it.

The biggest problem BlackBerry faces right now is that no one cares. There's just no compelling reason for people to buy into what BlackBerry is selling. Security? Eh. Productivity? Meh. Efficiency? Yawn. For BlackBerry enthusiasts, ignoring these things are blaspheme, but for everyone else it's just another Monday.

You want to know what sells? The immersive culture of what we desire, aspire to be, and own.

You see, the beginning starts with a narrative. A story that captivates and romances people far and wide. What I'm speaking of are the spellbinding elements of a product and/or company that drive sales. I'm talking about the way a business builds a cult following due to the effectiveness of the story it creates that encompasses who they are, what they do and why they do it. You see the difference? It's more than marketing. It's a movement. And when it happens people will follow. When people follow, so do developers, apps, popularity and sales.

BlackBerry's biggest challenge will never be in creating the most advanced OS or the most impressive mobile device in the world. It will be in getting people to care about them and what they offer.

People love a great story and they want to be a part of it. They want to be involved and experience the magic of it all because it makes them feel special, empowered and inspired. You know who knew this all too well? Steve Jobs. The man knew how to mesmerize and capture an audience with his vision. It didn't necessarily matter what the product was. He could get it to sell. But this isn't about what he did but about the opportunity that currently lies in front of BlackBerry. Everyone loves a comeback story. We always root for the underdog in many of our favorite films where the protagonist faces overwhelming odds but then somehow is able to be victorious in the end. Sure it's fantasy but considering all the drama that surrounds BlackBerry presently certainly makes for an epic tale.

BlackBerry's biggest challenge will never be in creating the most advanced OS or the most impressive mobile device in the world. It will be in getting people to care about them and what they offer. The culture and identity of BlackBerry remains catalyst if they hope to be that victorious protagonist who defied overwhelming odds. BlackBerry should embrace where they are right now and appreciate it. It is not always in the best of times where the true nature of something reveals what we're made of but in the darkest and toughest moments.

What story will BlackBerry write for itself during these challenging times? Can they create something for the world to believe in again? Deep down inside, whether we admit it or not, we do want to believe. BlackBerry just needs to give us a reason. And so we wait.

Article Written by Jubei Raziel

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What if BlackBerry had the best devices and BB10 became the best OS in the world?



"Can they create something for the world to believe in again?"

They did, it is called BlackBerry 10! Look it up, it's a real thing.

This is a fantastic follow up to your first article. Great indepth thought process, makes you think from an alternative angles.

Blackberry I believe, slowly will get there. For example, stickers, anything which Blackberry aims at the mass market will gain traction. It's word and mouth that will help, because once mass market appeal gains, friends usually follow suit.

Blackberry should continue with this, because apple sales are falling, or shall I say, not increasing and the same will happen to Samsung.

The two have been copying each other in so many areas. Blackberry has been launching new unique mass market features, Channels and stickers.

Again, great article

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Re: your stickers comment

yeah but no... I installed all the free bbm stickers. I sent a bbm to a buddy with a Z30. He showed me how it came thru to his phone on bbm: instead of receiving the cool sticker I had sent, he merely received a line of text saying "sticker received". Not even a "click here to install stickers". And the crowning gap... when you do a universal search on the Z10 or the Z30 for the word "sticker", nothing comes up. Nada.

So, yeah, the author has a real good point, BlackBerry needs to majorly improve their product and get their story out there so people will care and not keep having these WTF moments.

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That is simply because your friend didn't have the updated BBM which has sticker.
Once he has the updated version of the software, he won't need to download the stickers you are sending.

What he is saying is that at least his friend should get a message like "you just received a sticker from bbm! To see it please download the latest version and have fun!" nada, not even that to get you engaged...

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Exactly! Focusing on making it better, instead of defending what it is.

Posted via CB10 with Z30 on

+1. And this too is marketing. I'm distressed with BlackBerry 's total fail in marketing. Yes, they even have to market (e.g. tell all BBM customers how to get/use stickers) to their current customers or they will lose them.

Posted via CB10

Yes... cuz clearly someone inside BlackBerry wrote the code that makes "sticker received" appear... that person or group could have easily included a link to install the new version of bbm... and/or even better, just show the friggin sticker anyway. Plus, so much for the "universal" nature of the universal search.

Posted via CB10

While you guys are completely right, I meant to say that this problem will not be existing for a very long time. Everyone will eventually have updated.

But you are still right on the fact that putting at least a link to download the update or something would've been better.

Apparently you've never met some of the "geniuses" working on these BlackBerry applications. To call them programmers or software developers is an insult to the real McCoy.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

You might know these so called "geniuses" but most people don't know them and simply don't care. What people care about is that when these geniuses do write something, it should be easy to use and understand. BBM invitation process is aweful and some of things in BBM are very confusing. May be these "geniuses" should stop these programs for themselves and start focusing more on their customers.

OMG you jokers, the author is saying "blackberry needs to tell a story" ..... A story where people relate to....one which people fall in love with......one that touches their hearts......one they feel it's their story and they a part of it. A STORY!!!!!

Try to remember the ads from pale when the first iPhone was being launched, it was a story that touched our hearts and the product dint matter.

BB needs a story teller not a John Chen.

I've worked on both sides of the fence (dev and marketing) and this debate is endless when products don't sell as expected.

Engineering says, "If only marketing marketed our products better"

Marketing says, "If only engineering gave me a better product that's heavily differentiated in a way that people care about from what's out there now"

Reality is that it's a multi-pronged problem.

Your comment actually resonates with me. "Focus on making it better instead of defending it". I find that a lot on here people are always defending it when someone points out something that doesn't work. Instead BlackBerry at least should address every concern and complaint until nothing but a truly great product remains.

Case in point the Z30. Why have a non replaceable battery. We are having a meeting shortly to see if our company should switch to something else (a lot of people are asking for it). I could show them the Z30 and say look it does everthing the iPhone does and plus we can hang onto it for a bit longer by reading the battery.

We really need every little thing we can to say BlackBerry is better. Apple can get away with non replaceable batteries BlackBerry can't.

I just lost an arguing point. Plus I truly believe they have to go after kids to like the product. Old people like me Do you need a drive? Probably you are not going to make BlackBerry cool again.

Posted via CB10

I agree with what you're saying.

However I'd like to note that -- with regard to the Z30 -- you can always just say "it has 3 TIMES the battery life of any iPhone".

No one has reported nit being able to easily get through a full day on the Z30.

So that still is a compelling point.

Posted via CB10

The Z30 doesn't need a swappable battery. It never ends out of batteries. Never. It's like the opposite of the Z10.

You will need to replace the battery when the phone ages. That's a concern for a business to not have to upgrade equipment merely because the battery died. (as in no longer rechargable.)

Daniel is right, the same happened to me and my girlfriend - when I would send her a sticker, she would get the same message :sticker received. After she updated, she was able to get the sticker.

Posted via CB10

Having read the above I think he is trying to convey that in the case of "BlackBerry for dummies," there shouldn't have been a dead end after having sent the sticker. The very sending of that sticker should have invited an outdated software to download the latest update/suggest buying the sticker pack/ a preview and a subsequent offer to purchase the said sticker in order to continue using it. This would be a complete advert and marketing episode of that product to a ne customer. C'mon wake up BlackBerry!! Get with it asap. Hope Chen is paying attention to the talking points here.

Man United 4life!!!!

Market share requires a plan for market penetration, which means a plan for pricing, which means a plan for production and distribution. BB has shown an absolute unwillingness to accept the required price points necessary to gain market penetration. The issue was first raised wit BB 7 / 7.1 devices several years back and continues to this day. BB can not compete on specs, or advertising (they no longer have the budget); and while they could have fully utilized TAT innovations to seperate themselves, they have made the decision to not do so. They needed to compete with their price points. Lowering the price, even to a breakeven or a loss to gain market share is not an unheard of strategy. Why do BB7 phones sell better than BB10 phones? Price. And that continues to erode BB's market share because BB7 phones do not have and can not get any of the top modern applications, they tend to be a bit slower and clunkier and do not show at all the amazing things that BB has become with BB10. How many Z30s remain unsold? How much good is it doing BB to have them sit in warehouses aging in the ever fluid and quickly advancing smart phone market? The price needs to drop. BB needs to put them in the hands of decision makers for free. And that includes taking that BB bus to schools from junior highs to colleges and give away thousands of their devices. They need to show folks what the new devices can do, and how to do it. Market penetration and only market penetration will lead BB back to prominence. Then advertising can do some good. Then developers can be persuaded. Then carriers can be persuaded. Then you can build premium devices. Then you can charge premium prices for premium devices. If you think $500 for a Z30 is a fair price - you may be right. If you think it's a good price, you may be right. But if you think it's the RIGHT price for the market - - I won't tell you you are wrong; the market has already done that. Z30 should have at launch and should be now at a $350 price point for off contract. $200 on a 2 or 3 year contract is no draw.

100% agree with you. At the end of the day I'm most upset about the missed opportunity with TAT. iOS 7 would be a completely different OS right now if TAT had full control over BB10 from the beginning. iOS 7 IMO is very inspired by BB10 (especially with gestures). There was really no point in BB acquiring TAT if this was their end result.

"iOS 7 IMO is very inspired by BB10 (especially with gestures)"

Why do some of you keep saying this? I could easily say that iOS7 was truly inspired by WebOS. Gestures and cards.

In fact, the Palm guys even confronted Lazaridis about this at a CES event. Rumor has it, the L lowered his head and walked away.

You're right, that wasn't fair of me. I'm not being sarcastic, I forgot where BB pulled a lot of the Playbook/BB10 features from. Regardless in the beginning I was most excited for new reliable devices and a TAT BB OS. And I didn't get either.

You're absolutely right. I would just add that they have NOT signed a SINGLE BB10 license agreement yet!

Intentional mismanagement should be a CRIME.

As I've said a million times before; MARKETED MATTERS! No one listens to me.... not even BlackBerry..... arg

Posted via CB10

Equally as important as marketing is awareness. I've told some people about BBM for Android and iOS lately who still thought a BlackBerry is required. And that BBM Voice has the best quality for VOIP calls. People have no idea about the good things coming out of Waterloo.

It would be great if BlackBerry could at least tell the masses about the progress they're making other than the CEO's verbal diarrhea in the media.

Marketing isn't everything.. blackberry ads are everywhere here (Abu Dhabi) - (Dubai) and they're well known.
But I don't think that they are so popular like before.
Blackberry should design something 'cool' , thats what people care about.

[URL="bbmc:C001230B6"]C001230B6[/URL] Exclusive HD Wallpapers for your BB10 device.

and wait...

Been a lot of waiting going on in the BlackBerry World. In a world of instant gratification, that isn't a good thing. And all the while the competition is only getting bigger and more entrenched.

You're 100% right about being in a world of instant gratification. Had a Z10 in Aug. and had to switch last Jan. to another platform cause AT&T still to this day(as far as I know) hasn't released 10.2. I felt like I desperately needed the update but didn't want to risk bricking the device in anyway, I'm not that tech savvy(I can't afford being without a working phone cause of my job). That wasn't the only reason but one of the main ones. Going forward I really don't see BB ever being in a position to avoid problems like that one and keeping customers like me loyal. Hope I'm wrong though.

AT&T just won't release it even though they likely already have it.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

"bricking the phone" Sure it's possible but the installation from one of the official releases is incredibly painless and while I may be lucky I've done it a lot and so have the folks on this forum and we've been able to restore a bricked phone if necessary and most of the time it's not a problem at all.

Come to the geek side... it's easier than you think.

Great writing indeed.
Everyone loves a great story, they many BlackBerry enthusiasts out for the company to build a comeback but BlackBerry will have to give them a compelling reason to be loyal and shoot shout BlackBerry name from the rooftops.

Hopefully John Chen has the magic ingredients to make it happen.

Posted via CB10

For my work flow and profession, BlackBerry 10 and my z30 have not only impressed me but also those working with me.

It's an amazing device

Yes it's a BlackBerry. If you have something bad to say... speak to Easton!

Lol, was wondering when someone would say this. The fact is, nobody cares. The general public isn't techy enough to know the difference. What they do see is what is "cool" and popular. And in the age we live in now that's all that really matters to most "normal" people...

The second they hear the name BlackBerry immediately they recognize it as being "uncool" and that is reason enough for them to totally disregard it without even trying it first.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

That just about sums it all up. Apple is cool because it markets itself that way. Blackberry seems that they just can't be bothered to keep up with the trends...... and trends is what sells. I love blackberry and will choose it over anything else. How can you care about a product if you don't create an attachment to it through marketing. People have cared for blackberry once before and it's entirely possible again.............. marketing of all the service and hardware together is what's needed. show it all as a beginning and end solution.

Posted via CB10

I'm starting to get worried Chen maybe a number cruncher and lack true flair for the hardware. Many products have been ruined from number crunching.

Posted via CB10

This is definitely a "make or break" time for BlackBerry. There's really like 6-9 months for the company to get profitable again--and devices May or or may not be part of the future after that...

Blackberry without hardware will be like a chicken without a head. Plenty of meat but nothing to guide it. No more hardware will just send out the message (We failed)

Posted via CB10

Chen has said publicly that profitability won't come until the next fiscal year, sometime around summer 2015. We need to look for the trend to reverse and not only decrease their losses as they did last quarter but to also see revenue grow for the first time in years.

Posted via CB10

In a backwards world where all that matters is amounts of money you mean though, I guess. Because everything about BlackBerry 10 is awesome.

Posted via CB10

Ask Microsoft. They destroyed the PC market with the best OS in the business back in the day. Oh wait, their OS sucked.

Marketing, marketing, marketing. Apple learned their lesson, will BlackBerry?

Posted via CB10

Why would they learn from Apple...

- PlayBook Launch - incomplete OS, priced above the competition, no ecosystem = no sales.

- BB10 Launch - basic & buggy OS, priced above the competition, no ecosystem = no sales.

Yes, marketing sells, but it's on top of the appeal, what is it that appeals to customers?

Blackberry can start to market, but what has it at the moment that will appeal which is different to other mobile makers?

Keep up the work with new offerings Blackberry, it will happen.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

The marketing can show what is appealing to the consumers. Many ppl have no idea the Z30 even exists. But many are quite impressed when shown what it is capable of. I see nothing from BlackBerry about this phone. Horrifying. All I see is various Toronto Maple Leaf execs that are 'Powered by BlackBerry'. Whoop. I wonder if Brendan Shanahan is powered by BlackBerry. Doesn't do any justice to BB10.

Posted via CB10

I agree marketing is very important!!!!!!!

A year ago they LAUNCHED without a very good device or OS..... at this point in time how much marketing would it take to overcome YEARS of lagging behind and a failed comeback? $500 Million, $1 Billion, $2 Billion...... how much money does BlackBerry have that isn't earmarked for something already?

Never mind the FACT that the whole App Gap is "officially" still a problem - that needs to be nailed down quickly! And before any type of marketing can really begin, or they would get hammered by everyone.

Maybe the fact that a bunch of people had their social insurance numbers compromised - don't let this happen to you choose BlackBerry 10!!!!
Anyway I digress...

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IPhone launch, no push email, no way to copy and paste, poor battery = massive success. Don't act like marketing isn't what sells iPhone

Posted via CB10

Couple of counterpoints to yours:

1) Well, "some" versions of Windows weren't great, but let's fair:
- it was the only O/S out there, so the pressing incentive to be "perfect" just didn't exist.
- more importantly, MS was also breaking ground "back then" with some completely new technologies and interfaces in a rapidly evolving industry and totally open technological (hardware & 'drivers') ecosystem where anyone could - and did! - make and sell something "for" Windows without having to prove that it worked (either well, reliably, or even at-all).
- their TOU and License Agreements were insanely one-sided, restrictive and punitive toward the user, on the on hand extracting HUGE $$-amounts from "purchasers" to "rent" its software under über-strict usage terms while, on the other hand, creating more multi-millionaires than was palatable to anyone willingly paying their ransom.

So, many users were left frustrated by unreliable machines with a poor/lacklustre MS user experience: they just stopped believing AND caring.

2) Sure, Apple figured out Marketing and how to do it effectively, but they did it simply by being "anti-PC" at a time when the PC platform was vulnerable, in ill-repute (the BSoD!!) and its own worst enemy.
And Apple did it by being funny with a likeable actor (Justin Long) beating up on an inept label. THAT'S ALL!

But that created a personal brand culture/movement that its users aspired to be part of.
Simply being "anti-PC" meant you HAD to like choose Apple's computers and people "bought into" the message and philosophy, and started believing ... AND caring.

Then Apple re-invented their proprietary digital music player category that would earn them $Billions in revenue to give them such a high cross-platform profile AND dominance.

Now substitute "BlackBerry" for "Microsoft" and you pretty-much end up with the same story & result.

The BIG difference here is that, in a 4-ecosystem world (Droid, iOS, Win & BB) there are other HUGE factors at play, like "news- & finance-media coverage" and "Carriers pushing other platforms" to drive prevailing consumer sentiment. (BlackBerry pissed off a LOT of carriers early-on with restrictive pricing and terms, just as MS did with its users).

So, despite the countless overwhelming positive reasons FOR going WITH BlackBerry and in ALL areas of consideration no-less, people have just stopped believing (messages) AND caring.

Even so, the market place is littered with the carcasses of countless other category-creators (Eastman-Kodak, Xerox, IBM, Sony/Walkman+Betamax, etc.) who never considered that anyone else could and would swing for their turf and were just too arrogant, inept, monopolizing and distracted to defend their segment. BlackBerry, explicitly, was among the most guilty here ...

The point of the CB article is that you Market and market all you want, even saying the right things the right way to the right people AND at the right time, BUT if no-one cares about and/or believes in the Brand, message and product/service, it's just empty, unproductive talk.

And that's where BB is at "right now." Unfortunately.

TIME - and only time - can give BBRY the chance to rise again, but they have to get EVERYTHING right EVERY time in the meantime and hope that 1 or 2 of their competitors fkcu-up something and somehow enough to shift consumer, industry and market place sentiment. That's called "earning your stripes" and BBRY have to do it again, like they did almost 20 years ago; one step at a time.

THAT'S the ONLY fix as things stand "RIGHT NOW."

Great breakdown, I think this is exactly what the article is saying: people have to acknowledge BlackBerry again. As it stands, they just don't care.

Thanks for sharing this!

Posted via CB10

You mean they're not?

Just cuz the media doesn't like them BlackBerry can't market them properly doesn't mean they aren't....

number one in my heart and in my hand!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

This is what he really means. Because Apple has the best devices and OS. At least they pay people like Jubei Raziel to tell the world so.

Good read thx, they need something that has not been done before, like you said to restart a cult following and that new square phone ain't it!

Posted via CB10

in my opinion. Most of the general population out there could care less about how it works or if it even really does.....it just needs to be hip and cool and suzie down the street has one so It must be all the rage.....lol

I however care about my information and security and that my BlackBerry Device is as kick a#% as always and I just sit back and laugh at all the comments....." god I hate this I phone....it never sends or receives messages until a day later"....etc...add in any issues out there. I have heard them all and I have been mooted about cell phones or my BlackBerry cause my friends are all dumb.....lol jk they just need to learn to listen to me.....that is all.

Although not a great thing for the Developers - IMO BlackBerry should start writing apps themselves. Lots of them!

Not those 'fart' apps or games - but every day useful apps. Health apps. Gas consumption apps. High end photo editor apps. A great unit convertor app. Each with those ads running along the header - you know the ones - the ones you inevitably toggle and mistakenly redirect your browser to occasionally!

BlackBerry travel is an excellent app. Just love Story Maker. BlackBerry Express is good - but Docs To Go us my preference.

If you can not beat them - join them and write tons of software.

Posted via CBten with the Zthirty.

As far as the unit converter goes, BlackBerry has one built in to their calculator if you use the tabs at the top. I use is all the time for everything from construction to baking.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry device and OS will regain market share and become a major player. Half the market runs on android which BlackBerry can support for BlackBerry 10 devices. Security will increasingly become an issue and a demand which again BlackBerry can support and be a leader. The specs on a z10 vs. IPhone 5 are better so BlackBerry is able to compete on devices. As security of information and privacy becomes more concerning for companies and productive professionals BlackBerry will regain market share. Everyone is waiting for the one thing that will push them ahead. It won't happen and it wont be a sprint but a marathon. BlackBerry is getting their stuff together and reclaiming what is theirs.

Posted via CB10

There is no such thing as the best OS in the world. iOS, Android, WP and BB10 all do the same basic things, they just have their own "quirks". There is however the best OS/Phone for YOU.

If you look at all the MobileNations sites, everybody thinks they have the best phone/OS.

Wish there was a like buttoning for comments! I completely agree!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

ridiculous you could say that about anything... no best looking woman.. no best food.. no best country.. There is something called Truth. Some women are better looking then others and some phone OS are better as well.

Didn't you ever argue with a friend about the beauty of women? Some like more women better than others. And yes there are some ugly women, but let's say we compare beautiful women to high end smartphones. Choosing between an iPhone 5s, a Galaxy S5, a Lumia 1020 or a Z30 is a matter of preference. It's like choosing between Scarlet Johansen and Jennifer Lawrence.

At this point...image/perception is everything for BlackBerry. They need change the perception of BlackBerry = Buggy OS 5/6 with spinning hour glasses. People need to know about BlackBerry 10 devices and the power of these devices. They can (out)perform anything on the market right now and look good doing it. They need to become cool again....I understand the focus on business but I wish they moreso pushed them as awesome personal devices as well. Until that happens, it doesn't matter how awesome of devices they put out, no one will know about them or want to buy them. Just my $0.02.

Posted via CB10

Very true. Most people don't understand the new system. They think it's the old os. Lots of people think that the new phones have an inferior browser... which is completely wrong

Posted via CB10

In a world that only cares about image, being the "actual" best product is irrelevant...Apple has proven that hands down. I remember there was a survey about the number one thing people look for in a device, one was battery, the second was efficiency of the keyboard (real or virtual). The real number one reason I think, and people don't have the guts to admit it is "image and peer acceptance".

CB10'n it via da Z...30

Indeed. It's what I have been saying all along.
If Steve Jobs had sold a brick with a suction cup, wrapped in a snazzy Apple enclosure and called it an iFart people still would have bought into it because the skinny hipster friend with the loft Downtown had one. On the other hand, if BB10 could bring about world peace overnight, no one would care, lest we be exposed to those condescending looks because we run with the wrong crowd.
My recommendation to BlackBerry would be to exploit being "wrong and outsider" and cultivate a "Bad Boy" following. "BlackBerry isn't for the cappuccino-slurping masses"

Completely agree. 2 retired friends of mine decided to get their first smartphones last summer. I recommended the Z10. They went with the i5. Why I asked? The guy who bought them said "cuz they look as beautiful as a jewel" and "almost all our friends have them and love them". Grrrr.... how can you fight that with security and efficiency and multitasking? You can't.

Posted via CB10

The other two OS have basically caught up in regards to security, which oh btw is something no one gives a jack shit about. Efficiency? Debatable at best. Multitasking? All phones do this now.

When you're squeezed, what's inside is what comes out.
BlackBerry isn't just lacking a good story about themselves, they're lacking ANY story about themselves. Their story has all-too-often been written ABOUT them rather than BY them.

Who are you? BlackBerry.
What do you do? ....?
Why do you do it? ....?
Why should I care? ....?

Okay I'll go back and read but what do you mean "What if?" I think they already do!

I'm guessing you meant most popular which is an entirely different thing.

Ya if day introduce 10.2.1 5yrs ago dan definitely day r on top of da world but it's too late bcz now is technology world no one can compete each other day r all bosses themselves so do blackberry

Posted via CB10

Very interesting article! This definitely speaks to the whole social psychology as to why people consume what they do. I'm sure BlackBerry has a whole team if social psychology marketing consultants trying to figure out what needs to be done!

Posted via the Z30 on CB10

100% agree with this article. Its not just about having the best OS or hardware or the apps or great marketing. That is currently the case with apple, it is a cult following and that is what BlackBerry had back in their prime. Really wonder how they can turn this around.

This article is so on point and bravo OP, let John Chen read this and understand that people are naturally predisposed to love an underdog. There is nothing more compelling than a story about a comeback from the brink.. people need to want BBRY to win.

You can't bruise your way to the top or buy the market with specs, a story people can identify with will create a positive attitude from the consumer base, now throw in the right products and that's a winning formula.

Hearts and minds first!!

Posted via CB10

Once it's ecosystem builds up and they start making topnotch devices with the latest hardware and design they can but Rome wasn't built in a day a new OS takes time to gain market share

Great writing indeed! My wish is BlackBerry provide everyone a secure BlackBerry Cloud / QNX Cloud. Everyone will start to care!

Posted via CB10

Give us BlackBerry Protect on Steroids

And let's keep working for the hearts and minds of people.

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This is not new. We all look at Apple and try to relate, but think back all the way to the early/mid 80's when the war between Betamax and VHS was going on. Betamax was clearly the superior product, but it ended up the loser in the long run for the same exact reasons we are talking about today. The story is the same, just the products are different.

I totally agree. Betamax was the better of the two formats but VHS won out because of marketing and hardware availability (betamax machines were always more expensive and Sony had control of the market).

I agree entirely, not just marketing, it's got to get people excited and following them again, I mean just look what apple stores do when they have a new device, I know this isn't feasible for BlackBerry but it works, they get people excited, they get the adrenaline flowing and make the release of a new product memorable and special, if blackberry did an event for device releases I think it would really help with sales and marketing, instead of their products being released under the radar and no one really knows about them

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If blackberry would make it back to the top again, watch as apple and Samsung sure the hell out of them over patients that neither own the rights too.

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They could start by doing something about introducing the world to Z30. Which destroys any and all ios devices in a head on comparison. Except no one knows that. That's sad. Best phone on the market isn't even on display in the only provider that carries the phone which is the Verizon. No one will ever care unless people will start realizing there is a better product than what they have.

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I think he means, even with the greatest OS and phones BB needs to create a "cult" to sell something.
I agree .In the latest video ad BB shows a guy who uses a Z 30 praising the great productivity features. That's good, but the ad did not show that he enjoys the phone. He works with that phone, but maybe he thinks this thing is boring like hell and he drops it as soon as possible after work.
Security, productivity, efficiency - thats what BB already stands for, no question.
BB needs to hire a marketing guru to create some kind of "cult" around the products and work directly change the image of an "boring" efficency tool.

I Love Blackberry!!..Great Writing, By The Way! I Strongly Root For Blackberry, AND The Entire Nation. Great Devices, OS, And BBM Is As Good As It Gets! I Believe Better Marketing, And A Strong Movement People Can Believe In Will Change Things A LOT For BlackBerry. I Believe In US!

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Beatlemania ended the career of Pat Boone, BlackBerry ended Palm Pilots and pagers, iPhone and DROID has ended BlackBerry, until they come up with a game changer.

They need a flying car, or something truly game changing, not a snazzier handset.

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As far as I'm concerned BlackBerry IS the best. That's why I continue to buy BlackBerry over any other phone.

I do not agree.

If you want to start a "movement", the first thing you need to do is telling people so that they know about your "religion".

No one cares because no one knows. None of my friends knows a word about the hardware specs of the new BB10 devices, about the gesture interface, about Android compatibility, about performance, security, stability and reliability. They don't care because they don't know about the gesture keyboard, about the fastest mobile browser with embedded flash or the Hub.

I have not seen a single advertisement anywhere telling anything about the new BlackBerry, does not matter if it is mass market or enterprise.This way is very difficult that people buy something. Many people are surprised when they see my Z10 and ask what phone is that...

What movement can be started from ignorance? No one cares because BlackBerry 10 does not exist for them. Why are they burning millions developing new devices and don't show them to the people?

This is why no one cares. No one knows.

I enjoyed your article very much, Jubei. And thanks also for acknowledging the previous comment.

Marketing (including exposure and accessibility) really do go together with Mindset (do I think it's cool?). This creates a Movement (a momentum of people who unite themselves under a common purpose or belief). It's sad to say that we have been conditioned this way, so that perceived value - in effect - carries much greater weight than true value in many situations.

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If? Probably not the best formed question. To me, it is the best. Thank you for asking. :)

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If it was the best they would gain market share.
Bb10 is far from perfect and that's why it's failing. They need to iron out the bugs like the contacts app and link.
If blackberry gets the time to refine and sort out bb10 then it will be interesting to see what happens.

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The Blackberry story is being written now. Once the top, then mismanaged, then hated, led to the brink of destruction, new CEO, new plan, ... the story isn't finished.

When it is it may be the basis of a marketing myth. We're just not there yet.

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This is a really thoughtful article. You are absolutely right about the need for a 'cultural movement', although I do think that marketing is a part of that. I think people also need to be patient. The first hurdle for BlackBerry to overcome is the 'BlackBerry is Dead' issue. Secondly, they need to try to release the best possible products, and, again, be patient. I don't know if anyone will care about the comeback story, but they will definitely be happy to buy into BlackBerry if they know someone to owns and loves one. I've seen about 14 friends buy Z10s as a result of seeing mine. Once the negative pressure of deterrent sales reps and BlackBerry is dead stuff passes, a BlackBerry will sell again, so long as the quality is there.

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When the iPhone was released in 2007, BB asked their users to "be patient" and wait for a killer new system. That was 7 years ago, and BB is *still* asking people to "wait for the next one". How patient do you expect BB fans to be, much less the general public?

I have a brother who works for a Canadian Bank and another who works at a Canadian Hospital. Both, after trying out my Z10 a year ago, tried to upgrade their phones, iPhone4 and a legacy BlackBerry, to the Z10. Both were told Bb10 is not supported by the IT departments so both were recommended to go with an iPhone, neither did. They continue to wait, 14 months and counting. These are companies in BlackBerry's backyard and they are not convinced.

BlackBerry must get its corporate relevance back before even thinking about retail consumers.

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Same here. I saw a guy in the checkout line at the grocery store with an old BB, so I showed him my Z10 and said it was a gorgeous new BlackBerry he would probably really like. He said he wanted one but it was a company phone and they were migrating everyone to iPhones. But he didn't want an iPhone. So he was keeping his old BlackBerry for now.

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There are a lot of things that the BB10 devices do great. The company needs to highlight those attributes in a great marketing campaign. they need to make BB cool again. give it an edge over the competition. That use to be getting your email on your device and the ability to run applications. They need to find a new edge that others will have to copy in order to catch up. and be able to evolve that Gimmick so that the followers will not have a chance to do that properly.

Let me weigh in! Marketing is key! Period! From what I have observed, Half the people with IPhones and Galaxy phones or whatever! don't understand the full functionality of their phones, they do know what commercials are constantly plastered in their faces daily tho! Hell I even consider the new Galaxy S5! Just yesterday, but then I woke up outta that nightmare! slapped the S.ugar H.oney I.ce T.ea outta myself! And fail in Love with my Z10 all over again Lmao! Wish I could get the Z30 tho but no thanks to T- Mobile US! Well you know the story!

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Very well written. The true fickle nature of the consumer is revealed. BB10 and my Q10 work best for me. They provide the most productive platform but when I talk to either friends, co workers or my kids, most are concerned with the "new" colours of the 5s etc.

The perception that BlackBerry is no longer relevant may come to be it's ultimate downfall.
When a company is struggling relevance and innovation are very costly commodities.

I hope they can get it right.

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BlackBerry needs to maintain its loyal user base by keeping BIS and continuing to sell and support legacy devices. In Africa, Asia and other emerging economies, BlackBerry has a strong following because of BIS. For these markets, they need to continue selling devices that are popular there. For developed markets, BlackBerry needs to bring out better designed phones with killer specs and features. Look at what HTC has done with its latest phone which is competing with the Samsung Galaxy S5. Those are must have devices. BlackBerry has lost the "must have" factor.

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If BlackBerry could come up with a killer feature that no one else could touch, maybe it could mount a comeback.

Barring that security is all it can pursue. Sadly BlackBerry will always be a niche player down the road.

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Best new hire in mobile nations. What a writer!

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Good read but it'missing a logical argument for the rise of Samsung for example?

I agree people love comeback stories. Every now and then I imagine BlackBerry suddenly becoming ubercool and taking off. Like the Hush Puppies shoes story that Malcolm Gladwell talks about in his "Tipping point"...Chen should give it a read, I'm sure he can distill the advice there to make a company/product tip.

As for Jobs I don't really agree that "The man knew how to mesmerize and capture an audience with his vision. It didn’t necessarily matter what the product was." Yes, he was an excellent presenter and speaker and yes, he had a first (but not in the CB forum :)) but the first product in a couple of new markets.

Always take any case staudies, business success recipes and the like with a grain of salt. Why? Because no one can give you the exact % weight of l-u-c-k in a certain success story. The "unknown unknowns" as Donald Rumsfeld famously called them once.

Consumers have a hunger for a clear message about the the determinants of success and failure in business and they need stories that offer a sense of understanding, however illusory. And I think the author has fallen in that trap a little bit.

This obviously does not eliminate the need of hard work, analysis and intelligent approach to the business. Yet again, a study of the correlation of the success of the firm and the quality of the CEO in the US produced a result of 0.3 (!)

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Jubie, first I would like to thank you for this great write-up. I am impressed and agree with you on each and every word.

From the beginning, BlackBerry's weakness has been marketing and they still suck. What's the point of making a device like Z30 (which is effing awesome) but don't advertise at all? It gets advertised only when the price gets dropped! They really need to get their sh*t together in marketing aspect else who cares about BlackBerry!

Btw, I still love BB and want them to succeed

Great blog from the new guy!!!!! So the big question is John Chen the guy to build this narrative? Many of us think he is, BUT like you said we just have to wait and see!

I think he is, but I rather suspect it'll be a narrative that not many CB users like (three words - enterprise, services, and keyboards)

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Agreed. That is exactly what John Chen has said repeatedly.

If BlackBerry is going to be a consumer player again it's going to be through its halo as a business tool.

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give me BlackBerry company to me I know how make BlackBerry company bigger than apple like early years ago

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No marketing no blackberry as simple as that. You want to sell bb? Make ads. Do a pr campaign. Show ads. Atl btl both. Nokia X has marketed itself a first to launch android apps on a diff platform. Issue is bb failed to tell that

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Bbm should have settings for users to allow their BBM profile to be open for invites via phone numbers. The option should be (optional). By having this, people can easily connect with people in their contact list. This is one reason the other messaging apps are taking market share. When you start up Whatsapp, it can easily add everyone in your contact list....this forces people to become contacts. If a user on bbm wants their privacy by using pin only, then the option would be there.

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One thing to think about when marketing - you're not selling the product. You sell an idea, image, lifestyle.
Apple's most successful commercials didn't really extol the virtues of the product, just bullshit ideas that people like as a concept : striking back at Big Brother, Think Different, etc.
Is there anything that is less an embodiment of thinking different than an iPhone?
And Mr. Jobs was Big Brother, wanting to control every aspect of your life.
But it works.
So, BlackBerry take note. Make people want to identify. Give them a catchphrase. Prey on their fears and insecurities. Be the underdog striking back at the evil monoliths...oh, wait - that last one is true...


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I agree with all you said here. They need to capitalize on their "underdog" image and make it relatable to the masses somehow. Everyone loves a good comeback story, as others have said here before.

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Very nice writeup and good read. I feel Blackberry is caught between 2 worlds. The slow changing business world and today's ridiculously fast trends, which @ the moment caters to the youth. How can Blackberry shape its identity when one foothold is in enterprise while the other tried to grab the trend of the youth oriented mobile world. Imo, this is why steve jobs tried to stay clear of enterprise, he understood the trap, but the overwhelmingly popularity of iphone forced him to deviate from his ideal path. In a sense, steve jobs had an easier time convincing consumers of the ideals of iphone. He already had an established loyal fans to convinced, and the business aspect consisted of the creative fields. It was a prime condition for the intro of iphone, which I strongly believe, steve envisioned. Blackberry, I feel, has a much more difficult position to satisfy simply cus its roots were all business. I think even with steve's showmanship and focused vision, he'd still have a very tough time trying to relay blackberry ideals simply cus the" right conditions" are not there. How can Blackberry create ideal conditions when their continually trapped between these to worlds; corporate and consumer.

In the end, Blackberry will find its true purpose because it has enough foundation to grow into something we cannot see until it presents itself, and Mr. Chen IS envisioning it now.

Just my 2 cent rant.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

BlackBerry is like Two Face aka Harvey Dent! On the good: Hard- & Software! On the Bad: Marketing & Management! That's it!

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This could happen and AT&T still wouldn't offer their high end phones or release oS updates!!!

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Madison Avenue knows it! Barack Obama knows it! Apple knows it ! EMOTION sells! IDEAS sell! Specs are secondary. They rationalize and confirm the already made decisions.

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What story will BlackBerry write for itself during these challenging times?


Any story is better than the current one they're telling which is simply 'we're not dead'. While that's an important message to get out, there needs to be more than just that. That's a lead in. 'We're not dead and HERE's what we're doing' is a better one.

Wow. That's a piece of an editorial.
I guess we'll have to be patient as the shortcoming is not aimed to consumers but enterprises. Yet you nailed it right. Thanks, it's brilliant.

Wow great article once again and I agree with everything you said it's time for BlackBerry to put forth the vision and act on it NOW

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Look, I agree with that, they need a culture image, something to drive the people to them, but I don't think that will make the trick

Look, BlackBerry keeps getting bad publicity, sometimes by them own fault (like the issues with the lunch of BBM in other platform, saying that they are looking for buyers, etc); others by the media who love to kick someone when is down

They have to stop making these missteps, and star collecting triumph; everyone love a winner, a brand they can feel proud to own

BlackBerry is doing something right, focusing in the enterprise side is a great strategy; in that area they have NO equal, so if they can star winning big contracts that will make them a stronger brand, people will star to say "wait what, that company is using BlackBerry services now and that other one too"... then people will star to pay attention once again

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This site sure loves fantasy talk, the most crazy topic get the most response.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Excellent article.
But marketing does help. Take into account the case of Samsung. In 2010, they were just like BB, a company that wasn't cool and unimpressive. But what did they do? Flood the market with their devices and market them as if it was their last breath. The market got new devices for every possible price range so that anybody could get their own Samsung. And with the advertising, wherever you go, you see the same brand. And lot of people using it. And it gets in your head. Maybe it isn't that bad. And suddenly they just get to the top of the market. How do you think the mass movement here began?

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I would have to agree yet disagree with this article.

Yes, I agree with the point of the whole create a story aspect of this article. This is very true

But what I don't agree with is the marketing bit.

What's the point of an author creating an epic tale if the author never publishes his book? How is anyone going to know about this epic tale if the tale never leaves the walls of the authors house?

Marketing is key for BlackBerry. They need to let the world know about their epic tale. They need to create their own story and come back and pop culture. Isn't that what Apple and Samsung has done?

Yes, every day I see advertisements for items I don't buy, but the majority of people are sheep and they need to be told what's cool and what they like. If marketing didn't work, it wouldn't exist. Companies wouldn't spend millions if not billions on it a year.

Let's take Tmobile USA for example. Look at the barrage of marketing they just went through for the past few months. They spent millions, but they also won millions of subscribers over.

Marketing is KEY. otherwise, how is the story told? How are people to hear about this epic tale? Let the media and competition tell the story? Yeah, we see how that's been going.

It's up to BlackBerry to create their own comeback story and share it.

It's all about perception. Right now BB is allowing it's competitors to write and tell it's story. A company will have whatever it tells it's customers it has given that they tell it right. They need to get it out there. The only story people know of BB is the story the media has created. And this is BB's fault for not countering.

Also, I do enjoy your articles. Welcome to the CB team Jubei.

I have posted the following comment before and I'm sure I'll get an ear full this time. The US market built Blackberry and the rest of the world followed. Why is BB not at least putting up a fight here? Zero marketing, zero public carrier support and they couldn't even setup a BB event here on the west coast. Do they really think emerging markets (whoever that is) are going to be the future? You want to compete in the high end business arena then go where it is, the rest will follow. A measly 10% of the US market would make a huge dent, but it will never happen with the current BB road map.

This blows my mind too. The market they need the most is the market they are forsaking the most! I just don't understand it.

They actually spent $90 million on marketing in the US in 2013 - with no impact.

Marketing is not creating the funniest ad, the most thought provoking ad. Marketing is more about revealing the character of a company especially in difficult times. You see that is what difficult times do, they don't make your character, they reveal it.

There is a compelling BlackBerry Story that needs to be told. Marketing is each person in all departments buying into that story and living that story. Conceive, design and produce a product that meets needs, then get that product into the hands of all who can benefit from it. Sell the story not only to the carriers, but to the everyday salesperson. Incentives, real in the hands incentives plus product plus story will equal sales.

Don't spend millions for one ad, spend millions for every carrier, every store point of purchase penetration. Hire locals from each area that buy into the story to share the story, not demean the other products.

Marketing permeates conception, design, promotion and sales. Take a page from the Disney University and apply it to BlackBerry.

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Me neither, but he explains why all of this editorial is 100% wrong... it's like Simon says, from the wrong side out.

BBRY Message:
We believe in security, and reliablity
That's why we use the best OS in the business QNX, which powers things like your car, and the space shuttle
Which makes our phones second to none:

"Want to buy a phone?"

Although the masses follow trends, they do eventually grow tired and bored. Inevitably, there comes a time when people start looking for different things and suddenly, flock to another item, what was once old, will be 'cool' again.

Long Live BB!

I try to get people on BBM .. I have three ppl that have subscribed and don't seem that interested. They have other phone brands and don't see the use of it. I also call my family and they don't see the need. If I could do a voice call to a phone number (mobile or line phone without the PIN ) I could sell it to them to put it on their phone or PC when it would be available. Then, I would need to be able to do a video call on a PC or mobile phone. If we had these options, I could sell it more easily tell them.
Now that it is easy to get in contact with them and they would probably get on BBM with a PIN for security purposes. And I am sure they would probably do the same afterwards get their friends to join.

Could blackberry rerun apples famous advert? Would that be totally illegal? Because as it stands blackberry is throwing the hammer; breaking into the worlds that is android and apple. If done well, that could really get people thinking. Imagining a world where your secrets are not secret. Big brother is in control. But one organisation has developed the tools to fight back. Etc. Etc. #quickthought #potentialbrainfart

It should show that the person who once threw the hammer became the screen. Now, someone else needs to throw it.

Speaking of impressed I've really enjoyed both of your editorials that I've read; thoughtful yet easy style. Thank you, keep up the good work . . .

. . . and great hire Kevin ;-)

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BlackBerry 10 is the best OS. But the problem is Starbucks liberal libtards and Millennial Generation and Generation Y that live with their parents all the know is Apple and twitter. They got no live except living of the mommy and the government. GOD BLESS AMERICA LAND OF THE FREE!!!

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I like this article and is very true. Most android users kinda run with the culture they are people who are running ahead of the pack. The pack being apple users. Apple users are people are believe they are creative and clean cut. BlackBerry should advertise truthfully they are the underdog the misunderstood. The most secure yet underestimated. Could bring about a movement of people who support going against the grain

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Get Drake to promote BlackBerry.. he's creating so much buzz with the toronto Raptors in terms of marketing.. Drake will be a better ambassador than Alicia Keys

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I think its too little too late! I cant even get friends to download BBM because they came from a BlackBerry and it was so bad to them that they dont want anything to do with BlackBerry anymore! Figure they might have to start doing battery pulls again if they download it! LoL!

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BlackBerry needs a bunch of famous, relevant Canadian celebrities to promote the brand, A homegrown brand, native celebs expressing loyality and attachment to the Canadian tech icon, BlackBerry

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Great and honest write up.

They need a killer app that makes people say, "wow, I need to do that! And I can only do that on a blackberry!"

What that is, I don't know yet.

Seamless transitions from device to device is something that comes to my mind.

The Z10 has won numerous awards, even just last month! It has also garnered a lot of attention from a design and build perspective - more reason why BlackBerry should not get out of the handset business! What's wrong with handset sales is a problem plaguing BlackBerry - expecting carriers to sell their handsets. We see that carriers like T-Mobile don't care about BlackBerry and many others, I suspect, don't have any real desire to generate interests in BlackBerry products. The cash cows are Android and iOS, but BlackBerry has to respect and appreciate that even after 1 year on the market, the Z10 is still winning awards!

True that simply producing a great product is not enough - but, Get into the black (financially), so that the doom machine turns off and continue to make a great product and sales will slowly come.

IPhone won't be cool forever! Does anyone even care about an Ipod anymore?

BlackBerry can't afford the amount of marketing it would probably take to truly convince the American consumer that BlackBerry is cool again. IMO, BlackBerry just needs to right the ship financially, carry on, and allow people time to forget the BlackBerry negativity.

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Apple was a $5 stock back in 93, and reaches as high as $700. Blackberry is in the same situation Apple was in, and they are going to take off once people realize BB10 devices are more powerful and 2/3 cheaper than an iPhone. The hub alone will sell these devices, but the public needs to see it to believe it....a little advertising wouldn't hurt.

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Are you being sarcastic or not, can't really tell. BBRY isn't going to "take off". Why do you guys hide behind a distortion field here, always believing that no one has ever heard of BB10? Most of my friends, all on Android devices, iOS devices and WP8 devices have all thought about BB10. And then dismissed it.

Why? Let's see.
No apps.
No ecosystem.
No cloud system.
Uncertain future.
No real developer support.
Lackluster and dropping carrier support.
Purchase full price? Yeah good luck with that, BBRY is not Google.
Inferior build quality, no matter how much you want that to not be true. Yes, we touched and played with it. It's plasticky and finicky. At least the Z10 is.
Hub? How is that going to sell anything? What can the hub do that 99% of people need? Nothing that they can't easily substitute from another device, plus have all the advantages that BB10 doesn't.

Look, it's nice that you guys love BB10. It's even totally ok that you think it's going to be no. 1 and push the other guys totally off a cliff.

But please. PLEASE stop with the complaining that the media, NSA, Obama, Merkel, Europe, carriers, retailers, resellers, tech staff, sales persons, Alisha Keys, Burger King and whatever else you guys like to blame it on is at fault here. It's like watching a horrible soap opera with a conspiracy theorist who is so far over the edge he's going to need a very long rope to get back up.

Again, please don't think the majority of smartphone buyers are uneducated sheep who know nothing. We know very well of BB10 and what it can't do and it's quite a long list.

Try and imagine iOS was in the same situation with the above mentioned reasons i mentioned. You would be here explaining the reasons to the decline and lackluster sales of iOS were the exact same things as I listed as the problems of BB10.

Actually not just lacking on most of the things. They also slow on everything.

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

Excellent article. It brings back memories of when Apple was laying off people and PC users didn't care about Macs but the cult-like following was strong. I agree that BlackBerry should appreciate the Crackberries all over the world even if they only make up 1% of mobile users.

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They need to pay verizon att best buy etc to promote their products to the customer and not ignore it

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Good writeup. I'm enjoying your op-eds so far. In my honest opinion CrackBerry has been pretty stale as of late and you are definitely bringing in a fresh style that is fun and engaging to read. I agree with the points you presented. The only thing that I would also say is that they do need to improve their QC and address some of the core deficiencies of their key products.

For instance, I would like to use the same BBID on my BlackBerry and Android devices for BBM. I have a lot of communication with my wife where we shared pictures of our newborn that is all stored on my Z30 in the BBM chat history. These are memories that I would like to keep. However, BBM won't let me do that. The moment I switch the ID is the moment that my entire history from my Z30 will be wiped and vice-versa, making it impossible to switch back and forth between two devices. At this stage I'd settle for the history just not to be wiped out, but being able to move it to the other device would be that much better.

It's seemingly small issues like these that add up to larger negative perceptions around the quality of the products. This too needs to be addressed if BlackBerry is to succeed.

I don't think I really have much else to add.

Times have changed drastically since the BlackBerry Boom Days of 2007 -2011, consumers demands, perception and there 'ego' determine even the smartphone they use.

People see leaving BlackBerry as 'upgrading' to a new world, which is true if your moving from OS7 to say, iOS, Android or WP, notice how I don't mention bb10 as most users moving from older bb's are skipping OS10 altogether.

Sadly, BlackBerry 10 has become the phone that is either passed down to you, given to you out of choice ... not many people set out with the intention of going and buying a BlackBerry Z or Q (UK observation)

BlackBerry has some Q's and A's to do before they start making the P's!

With that said I enjoy my BlackBerry 10 and have done so since the UK launch, it's a shame the OS hasn't caught on because it's everything you would ever want from today's smartphone

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I don't know, do people *really* like an underdog?

When people see an underdog in a film, do they root for her or him because she or he is facing "great odds" or because they anticipate a typical Hollywood convention, namely that the underdog will achieve some actual or moral victory by the conclusion of the narrative?

I think people often like winners not necessarily underdogs.

My second opinion (yet on the same theme) on these matters.

Since BlackBerry is located beside a major university.

Since the major university has a cooperative education (meaning every 4 months a new crop of bright minds are continuously available)

Since computer/software engineering and math is a strong entity at this university.

Would it not make sense for BlackBerry to hire all 100 + students on their four month work program and start the app writing competition?

I would use the apps as the marketing tool!

Make the best apps. Again lots of them. Make expensive apps for the medical system. Blend in the NFC tags and other methodology to use BlackBerry fill potential.

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It is the best OS and the Z30 is one of the best. It is the ecosystem that is lacking

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BlackBerry is a great product but what makes it fail are all the little details they've missed.

That's why most do not care.
Those that have never tried a bb10 and base their decisions on those who have and don't like it for whatever reason, the reputation is made.

June's announcement killed all hopes for the playbook and now Chen's announcement is like a final blow.

You can only blame BlackBerry and no one else for the misinformation.

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Very well written piece.

This was the first thing that came to my mind after reading it.

As quoted by an online dictionary:


(s) marked by a lack of interest; 'an apathetic audience'; 'the universe is neither hostile nor friendly; it is simply indifferent'

This sums up a lot of things in the world that matter, but people don't care enough about.

Im not saying the world should care about BlackBerrys plight, but it is paramount, that BlackBerry creates a feel good factor, and aligns with its customers, corporate and consumer alike.

BlackBerry needs a 'Virtual Personality'

It needs a strong visual presence.

It needs a honest narrative of its current situation and a reachable vision of its future hopes and goals.

This connot be achieved by the trustef long tetm supporters alone, this can only come from deep within the heart of the company itself.

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Great read, Thank You.
Definitely a wise choice of Crackberry to bring you aboard.

For myself, I see some of it like this:

-DO NOT let Enterprise customers go. NO MATTER WHAT. Mr. Chen and his team traveling the world is great to see. I've always felt that locking and gathering new Enterprise Customers is the first step in getting out of this mess. If you look back at the history of this company, BlackBerry virtually had no marketing from the get go. Working parents would bring their devices home and it would spark up conversations around the dinner table. This is how BBM exploded and devices were sold by the truck loads. It can happen again.

- Hold off on wide spread marketing until you have the coolest looking devices with at least 10.3 loaded. Even then, create a better relationship with carriers and work TOGETHER on marketing. Also, pick wise partnerships like BlackBerry has in Maple Leaf Sports and Formula One right now. Always get the best for your buck.

- Hire a HUGE team of young and older tech wise bloggers to fill the web with excitement over BB10. Intercept B.S. Stories and control the conversation in regards to this company.

- Get the price point down no matter what. Even if you just break even. Word of mouth is not effective with the current amount of BB10 customers.

- Hire a team to get free demos and phones out to Tech Sites, Schools, Businesses, TV media etc. Once you have a device like the Z30 for a week, anyone would be hard pressed not to retract past ignorance towards BB10 and BlackBerry. In return, this would be announced.

Powered by BlackBerry

I agree. Those are some pretty important points. Albeit small scaled, but plenty helpful in gaining organic momentum.

Wait till everything works well and then go overdrive on outreach.

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Amazing read! What an addition to CB!

You're right. BlackBerry had its momentum time ago and let it go. Now it will br harder to people desire something of the company again. I mean new people.
Is it worth fight for? Sure!

Is it possible? Absolutely!

Is it easy? Not at all!

Is going to happen? We really don't know and can't say at this moment. But, I know world os crazy. Things go up and down everyday. So, if we don't try, we will never know!

I will keep a BlackBerry supporter till the end! :)

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You'll keep a BlackBerry until you're end not BlackBerrys they will make it

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Sadly...the ship has sailed.

I had a Z10 the day it came out. I forced myself to love it. Now I am running a N5. I don't have to force anything. Everything just works.

Do I miss the Hub..yes. Do I miss having to boot up my PC, loading chrome, getting development mode on, copying a BAR file over. No

Do I miss loading an app only to find out it doesn't work, No
Do I miss loading an app, wondering why my battery died in 2 hours, only to found it it launched in the background with no notification? No
Do I miss having a secondary app store, VPN Access without a complicated setup, etc. etc. No

I loved the direction BB was taking, it was the right move but I think it failed. Yes a lot of applications work fine, a lot do not. Some don't work as expected and others just hide killing your battery life.

Someone said, if the latest version was out 5 years ago it would be fine, I agree. It would have matured and probably be successful now. They are late too the party, sadly.

I can even update my OS, unofficially without having to format everything.

It just seems like forcing BB10 to work has gotten to be too much work these days.

Totally TOTALLY agree!! Create a better consumer oriented narrative. Make people care & BE the brand people want to aspire to!

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I learn this who have the media have the upper hand, so it don't matter what you say are people say the media is the big question mark

Taste the Fruity Goodness of a BlackBerry

I love my BlackBerry Z30. The keyboard feature on BlackBerry devices is best in class...for now...but BlackBerry needs to devote resources to building a world class voice recognition/ authentication personal assistant protocol to complement their devices. This would be a fabulous move as that's the futures at. Not just harping on the one trick on the devices.

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BlackBerry OS 10 is already the best OS in the world. People just don't know it yet.

It does so much more than other OSes.

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The end result will be buyout by private or public entity. The have what many companies want.

End of story!

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The road to success in this game is very difficult. I do believe that people in sum will choose the best for them. But face it, BlackBerry is a risk. IPhone bears no risk whatsoever. When you do not know, go with do safety. Go with the crowd. BlackBerry is not there and now maybe it is too late to try. Cell phones are expensive. Take the less rocky route and go with what you can afford. The worst thing in the world was BlackBerry management saying they were for sale. Something the other day when Chen said he would Stop selling devices. Just mention this and you are dead. Forget the rest.

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Creating a story is part or marketing. Making people feel a connection to the story is key and is why apple has stolen so many customers from blackberry all those fun, heart felt commercials that I can see right through but the general public eats right up.

Make old and young feel like they need the product in their life is key.

Blackberry can do this, and I think Canada, (me being Canadian could be a good place to start) I think Heritage Moment. Maybe it's a dumb idea, but I could appreciate it.

But secondly, people don't know the z30 exists, they don't know what bbm channels is, or that bbm is cross platform. How can this not be common knowledge!?!

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"If you buy this phone all your wildest dreams will come true. "


"Vote for Pedro"

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I don't know in what waters captain Chen guides us to but BB10 looks like a perfect way to a much desired come back
First post via CB10 !!

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It's all about design people.

People are more design conscious about the look, feel and interaction of a device.

BlackBerry needs to reinvent itself.

1. Have a new website called www.blackberry10.com

2. Strip back the BlackBerry wording to just the start up symbol with a small 10 inside the rounded . Save a huge amount of money on lettering. Example Apple and Nike. Just an apple symbol without multi coloured symbol. Just the swoosh for Nike.

3. Who is the creative director of BlackBerry? It can't be Mr Chen.
There needs to be a creative direction for BlackBerry. No corporate people allowed..Sorry Mr Chen and Mr Sims.
We have seen enough concepts to see what is out there. BlackBerry is not sexy. Have a ' Built by BlackBerry' competition

4. Let TAT off the leash. Let the Astonishing Tribe get crazy.

5. Marketing and Merchandising . Outsource the merchandising and marketing contracts . BlackBerry are poor at marketing (time to admit it Mr Chen) . You can't be good at everything so let someone else handle it .

Who needs full scale advertising, massive billboards. We are talking Guerilla marketing. Subliminal messages. The start up symbol I wrote of earlier. Put on Flyers. Distribution outside an Apple store and Samsung stores. Check the legality of it first. We both know Apple and Samsung love litigation.

Apple keeps you a prisoner .. BlackBerry will set you free.

Android can't protect you from Malware...only BlackBerry can .

6. Get the pricing correct. BlackBerry is not as popular as before and the demand isn't there. So the competition is setting the price for budget and premium devices. Follow suit and undercut the competition by $/£50

7. Bring back BlackBerry Jam. Who needs work space you can do a live broadcast from Waterloo. Just get developers to register. Developers need love too not just Enterprise.

8. Listen to your loyal fans....I mean REALLY LISTEN!!! and respond.

9. Retrain those earmarked for redundancies, reinventing a new sales force who know BlackBerry inside out. They may be on a wage cut but they could solve alot of the technical and software problems which BlackBerry has been suffering with . I'm sure you can get a tax rebate from training programmes.

All this has not cost a fortune and maybe saved a few bucks.

Myself and countless others care about BlackBerry and want it to survive.

What are you going to do Mr Chen?

We are like a small band of resistance fighters against an Evil Empire which wants to destroy individual freedom privacy and choice.

There is no time....or BlackBerry becomes a myth.

Tell me what you think?

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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It is hard to imagine this scenario because BlackBerry is so unorganized. If you can't get global roll out of your OS updates so everyone has the ability to be on the same level you can't win. Also,if you always have to do work arounds for apps it makes you products look cheap and undesirable.

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What BlackBerry needs is the advertising company Chrysler is using after exiting bankruptcy. It needs buzz, marketing, targets, devices mean nothing if there is no Buzz...

Absolutely right, feed the masses what they want to hear... build a better mouse trap and get tied up in court defending it. Tell people it's better and make them believe it? That's thinking like the competition...

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It would be gratifying seeing BlackBerry widely used once again considering how valuable the company's contributions to the mobile world have been. They're currently 'unpopular ' for all the wrong reasons.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

This couldn't be any more spot on. What some people are failing to understand is he is not saying that they don't need marketing, he's saying that they need something to identify with which can go hand in hand. I believe I saw a post earlier that said someone bought a Z10 because of JC's I hate BlackBerry video. This guy bought the phone because he identified with with something about the video. Think about back in the day when Black berry's were toted around in various hip hop videos and the name was thrown around in a couple of Jay-Z songs. People need something to identify with and sometimes it can be better than any marketing campaign you could pay for. And please don't misunderstand, this is in no way a recommendation for BlackBerry to hire another "creative director " though I do think that there were much better choices than Alicia Keys. But that is all in the past, I hope.

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I work for a cellular company in the States and I see blackberry come back all the times with problems. Mine works great buy seems a lot of people have issues with them... maybe that's just what I'm seeing though

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Why does my Q10 not send the message when I press enter, just randomly? Just a few times a day? Not always, just randomly. Why does that happen on a brand new device? This should not happen.

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The vision is in the midst of emerging, has been for some time now and will continue. We all wished it was going to be as easy as launching BB10 but its bigger then that. Will take the appropriate amount of time to commence.
You need a wide angle lens to view the bigger picture. BlackBerry is past the half way mark. The future needs to secure the financials of the business. Then build out, marketable features abound!

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Blackberries of old had one advantage over the rest of the competition here in South Africa, in my humble opinion: BIS. And since BB10 arrived that's when market share dwindled and waned, because there was this new gesture-based OS to learn, and very little of what we all loved about BlackBerry, to motivate us up the learning curve! I am no expert, and I am just an average enthusiast who just thinks that perhaps their decision to be rid of the number one thing (okay, maybe the awesome QWERTY keyboard is number one here), that had everybody and their mama using BBM and BIS, was a bit too rash a decision to make. You don't improve by taking away the best bits about something, but you add more good bits and keep the good going and going and going...

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BizBravo - I always enjoy hearing experiences from outside of North America. Can you elaborate, please, on how BIS gave BlackBerry an edge?

Here I had a $5 charge added to my account because of BIS, so I didn't always appreciate it as much as I should have, I'm sure.

Thank you.