What happens when you take an iPhone user's iPhone away for 7 days and replace it with a BlackBerry Z30?

By Bla1ze on 19 Feb 2014 08:44 pm EST

That's the question Dan Nessel, the founder of DadDoes.com and big iPhone fan was willing to answer.

The folks at BlackBerry asked if I would do a 7 Day Challenge.  Swap out my iPhone 5 for a BlackBerry Z30 for 7 days and just honestly report on how it went.  Honestly, I thought this was going to be a train wreck for BlackBerry.  I love my iPhone and all I really knew about BlackBerry was that they were that company that made those phones with little keyboards.   Still, I figured a week without my iPhone would make me appreciate it even more.

Unsurprisingly to BlackBerry fans, Dan walked away with a lot of genuine love for the BlackBerry Z30. His only real complaint was one shared by some of the BlackBerry community and that's the lack of apps. Click play on the video above or head on over to the full review in the source link below. Also, Dan took time out his day to join the CrackBerry Forums for some additional commentary as well so, welcome to CrackBerry Dan!

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What happens when you take an iPhone user's iPhone away for 7 days and replace it with a BlackBerry Z30?


Funny he says BB makes little keyboards when the virtual keyboard on the iphone is smaller...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I wish the q10 had auto correct. It makes no sense that it doesn't. It would be perfect with auto correct so I can just mash away at the keys.

Posted via CB10

+3 on agreeing that it does. Had a Q10 before I swapped to Z10 and if you check the Settings for Language/Input it should be there. Operates like the PB's did where it displays the corrections above the Action Bar, so it takes up more screen real-estate, but just as accurate as the flick typing on the Z10.

Sean, go to settings. Choose language and input, keep auto correct off. Turn show predictions on. iphone is the worst phone to type on in the market. It does not have predictions like other o.s's. Bb10 is the only one that learns your vocab and starts suggesting it back to you. Slang included.

this idea to take away an iP and give you a BB sounds like a challenge to the recent TM proposal:
get rid of your BB and we will make a deal by giving you an iFruit.

Apps? Well the guy is right. But, how many apps do you really need and use? If you don't have it, is there a reasonable substitute? .. weather, news, games, notebooks, books, movies, TV shows, sports coverage, and last but not least, flash video?

Since Snap has come out that complaint has become moot! To date I have 98% success rate in loading direct from the Google Play store.

And with the Google Chrome playbook add-on sideloading is as easy as point and click.

Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

Yup, 10.2.1 with on-device Android Installation has solved the app gap discussion more or less. Let's hope BB stays on top of the updates and gets us KitKat 4.4 integration soon.

With 10.2.1 the app gap is mostly gone.

There is really no app that I feel like I am missing anymore.

Not enough apps? What, no fart app for BlackBerry? No childish games? What is the world coming to!!

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This is excellent marketing approach by BlackBerry. I would like to see more of this with influential people.

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Someone should send this to BGR: "How to be a technology journalist 101". They could use a few lessons from Dad.

Let's get him to try it once more but with 10.2.1

Be interested to see what device he is using in one months time, BlackBerry or Iphone

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Does that somehow make the native (free) Sonos Android app work? Android player is a bit buggy to say the least and the sideload stores don't really compare to opening the app store and being able to find what you want and not have to worry about it working properly.

You can afford a $500+ speaker but can't pay $10 for Room Tunes? (Which is a great native app, I use it for my Sonos)

Posted via CB10

Why would I pay for an unofficial version of a free app? I have it already on every other platform in my house for free such as Windows 7, OS X, Android and iOS so why would I pay just for one platform? Just gives a reason not to use the device even though I'd like to. I'm sure others feel the same way.

Someone had to program RoomTunes. Since the "official" guys neglected BBRY, it is right and just to compensate the developers who brought it to Blackberry.

"Someone had to program RoomTunes."

That's part of the problem! Just work with the vendors to give us the actual app not something that kinda does the same thing. I want something that works not workarounds. No excuses..

Seriously? Who cares? There are those who prefer Apple, prefer Android, prefer BlackBerry and Windows OS. There are those who like the Q10, the HTC one, any phone that looks cool and new... BlackBerry users don't need a story like this to convince them and yet the angle will serve to confirm the one thing other users love about other platforms. I phones are similar in structure...the app ecosystem is absolutely essential.. there is no surprise here. sick of the comparisons. That's my rant...and here come the replies.

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BlackBerry really can't survive with having this low of a user base. They need more people to adopt the platform. Especially to get developers to create good native apps.

Posted via CB10

Not sure I agree there. Remember - the year that they were considered "on top of the world" when the iPhone came out, they only had 8 million customers globally.

Don't think "survival" is the issue as much as mainstream acceptance vs. "niche player"

Seriously who cares........some people think they need a phone that can do everything. I personally need a serious communication device this is why I have a Blackberry.
As for apps.....I have all I need & when want to listen to music I have thing called home theatre & when want to play video games I have a 65" TV with X box & PS4
Really makes me laugh when I see grown people watching TV & playing games on a tiny screen

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Nailed it!

You just described my average pub night... most tables full of people (who must have met on purpose, or came together) sitting around and starring @ their little screens.

We feel a little strange at our table, talking to each other...


While that may make you laugh it really makes me laugh when people don't understand that mobile media consumption is a thing and a very important thing to many people.

Posted from my TARDIS!

It makes me laugh when a grown man sits in front of his 65" tv, puts on his headset and plays COD or whatever game is popular right now instead of actually going out and experiencing the real world.

So what is wrong with a grown man sitting in front of his 65" tv, puts on his headset and plays COD or whatever game is popular right now AFTER actually going out and experiencing the real world? There is something called chilling out, relaxing, de-stressing....we all do it in different ways. Maybe that is what you are missing? ;)

Ha, my point to the other guy is that there is no difference. He wants to try and knock on people for playing mobile games just because he plays his games on a larger screen.

It's not the size of your screen, its how you use it.

I see where you are coming from but there are many people who used to love BlackBerry, but they won't even give it the time of day now because they think the product is inferior and/or the company is dead. We need to show people that BlackBerry isn't dead and the phone that they once loved is back and better than what they are currently using.

Posted via CB10

People still have that perception because only 1 year ago BB was inferior and still running that crappy BB 7 OS. It is going to take time and they will have to prove that they want to compete with the other device manufacturers before regular (non-BB diehards) will switch to a BB again.
I see the strides they have made but I am not going to switch until they can prove they can consistently be a player in the market.

You've nailed it. Any kind of coverage that honestly states the strengths of the platform--and show it to be a legitimate choice for at least SOME users--is a benefit. The competition between the Wired bloggers at CES is another good example.

This is a good platform, and the Z30 is an EXCELLENT phone.

Agreed. I bet 90% of the people who talk trash about BlackBerry have never even touched one to even see what it can do. If they got one in their hands for a while to see the differences between the BlackBerry and their current smartphone they would be crazy if they still talked trash afterwards.

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...they might not actually switch over to BlackBerry but they would have to give them their props.

Posted via CB10

While I agree with you to an extent we need to think beyond our devises to the company that produces them (still drives me crazy that the company and the device have the same name).

If we want the company to survive they need to turn a profit. The past two years have shown that they are below their critical mass to do this. Even with all of the aggressive cost cutting and down sizing that has been done. To survive they need to have a good hold on the enterprise and get more consumers to embrace their products.

BlackBerry will never (I know, never say never) eclipse Apple but we need more than they 3.2% market share we currently hold. Personal belief is that we need to hover around the 12-15% mark.

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He made good points about missing the iPhone. Two main reasons facetime and sharing photos via iPhone to iPhone. I agree with most of his review on the Z30. One of the best review on the BlackBerry z30.

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BBM video is better than Facetime, though we won't see the full benefit of it until it's available on iOS and Android as well.

Great point sir. I don't think ppl truly understand that Google REALLY tracks their movements and sells the info to 3rd party company and GOVERNMENT.

Posted via CB10

But they're not paranoid. Have you not read the New York Times the last three months. Story, after story after story how the US government tracks, downloads and stores every bit of information from Google (email, maps, Google plus, everything). And the worst part is that Google knew and colluded with the NSA . It's gotten so bad other countries are putting restrictions on how Google can operate within their boarders. Just look at China and how Google services are being pushed out. Time to wake up.

Posted via CB10

Do your research. It's public information. Educate yourself before you speak on it. Like KemKev said, there's def some "parrotting" going on. But its mainly coming from those who are ignorant on this issue.

Saw this already. It's good hearing from others who came from other devices give a good word about a BlackBerry. At least he chose it as the device to use 90% of the time.

Posted via CB10

This really should have been done with 10.2.1 by a user with the knowledge that most all Android apps including Netflix work with blackberry 10.

Ya but iOS users don't know much about tech so this is good enough gets a message across.

 BlackBerry Q10 

On his comments on the YT page he said he would do a follow-up video after 10.2.1 makes it to Verizon to try out all the new features.

Posted via CB10

I'll become a temporary iPhone fan for a free Z30! Lol. Never had an interest in apple before now.

Posted via CB10

when are the rest of us here in the US going to be able to get a Z30? What's the hold up with selling them through blackberry.com?

Posted via CB10

Yes I don't quite understand this either. I think Verizon had their little BS exclusivity for 4 months now, which is long enough. I BlackBerry a couple of months ago and the rep said it would be made available but didn't have a date. I'm going to give them a call again tomorrow to see what the hold up is.

Posted Via AT&T BlackBerry Z10

One issue that I beleve Chen has been too silent on. If he intends to move phones, no stones should be left unturned.

Why not just get one via Amazon? I bought my Z10 from ShopBB (for 199) and I'm satisfied with it... but if I REALLY wanted a Z30, I'd just go to Amazon.

I agree with your larger point, though. BB should just sell all their phones via their website. I'm itching to buy a Q5 for my mom but BB don't even have it listed on their site.

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

It is not always clear which phone model is being sold on Amazon... I just looked at 2 Z30 listings and neither gave a model number.

The Z30 model that I need to be compatible with AT&T's 4G LTE is the STA100-1 and that hasn't been made available as of yet. It passed through the FCC in January so I hope it's coming soon.

Posted Via AT&T BlackBerry Z10

This lack of apps is bs. Who finds time in a day to play around with apps when you have so many things to do??? I mean i can understand a teenager with nothing else to do but grown folks with a job and kids???

Posted via CB10

Couldn't find AutoCad apps in BlackBerry World. Thanks to BlackBerry and Snap I'm now able to install from Google play store client and run AutoCad 360 on my Z30 flawlessly.
Lack of apps, no?

Love the condescending tone of many people on this site. Really makes me want to pick up a Z30 and be one of these all-business-no-play people!


Posted from my TARDIS!

Most people I know with iPhones do not use a lot of apps. For them it is just a phone on which they play a game or two, send messages/texts/emails and that's about it. Having an iPhone is more of a "cool" factor, or so it seems.

He did at the end... as a "coming soon" feature. It's ok... side loading is part of the two-week challenge.

Posted via CB10

The problem is that reviews like this are awesome but they're just not reaching out far enough. It's staggering how much people still know nothing about BB10 or their new phones. They're just stuck in the "blackberry sucks/battert pulls/OS freezes" mindset. They need some heavy, well thought out, marketing that will at least alert the masses that BlackBerry has new awesome devices out there that people would want to use. A lot of people I know just jumped ship with not even a second thought of "what new devices does blackberry have"...it's pretty sad.

Posted via CB10

This is sooooooo true! I was able to at least get my mom and girlfriend to add BBM on their iphones! The next step is getting them and others to actually get BlackBerry devices! 

Posted via CB10

I have relatives that live by Apple products but had never tried a blackberry product until they were all I would buy. When I got the Z30 I was asked where the button was to close apps, they apparently hadn't payed much attention to the swipes performed on my PlayBook the past 3years.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10

At least two of his issues will be resolved. The 10.2.1 update for android apps and BBM cross platform to a alternative to facetime

So after that there is little else against the Z30

Posted via CB10

I'm glad he did it :)

BlackBerry should be doing this more, people aren't buying because they have a previous perception of BlackBerry and it's keyboards, and that should change.

BlackBerry Z30 STA-100-2 running :D

Why do we need native apps? The average Joe doesn't know what Cascades is. He doesn't know what a .apk is.

What he knows is that he wants Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix (and all that other useless shit).

Blackberry just needs to get big titles into BB World. They don't need to close the "app gap", they just need to appear as if they have closed it.

Yes, native apps make for a better experience, but that's not the most pressing issue. The pressing issue is getting BB10 into people's hands/getting big titles into BB World. What's the easiest way to do that? Upgrade the Android Runtime and get devs to port over their .apk

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

I agree. They don't need to close the app gap; they just need to create the perception that it's closed. That means getting all of the most popular names into BBW

Posted via CB10 on my Z10.2.1

Looks miserable on the browser YouTube. Oh wait..
*loads up YouTube apk*
Much betterrrrr.

Posted via my weapon of choice, Z10 running

That's a great marketing campaign, do the Z30 challenge. Start by loaning them to media, tech and business important people and make them report the result and give them a special edition Z30 as reward to passing the test.

Posted on my flagship Z30

That's cuz BlackBerry isn't a toy used for a distraction. It's a functioning tool to get things DONE no apps needed thanks.

The company I'm with took away the Z10 and replaced it for an iPhone 5s.
Already familiar with the iPhone 4, i started testing the device.
It isn't bad and has some cool features, some of which look borrowed from BB10, like the multi tasking panes you have swipe up and close.
But the damned thing is way to small and not impressive, not quite so much as a lot people would have me believe.
So now I am patiently waiting to see when I can test a Z30, which I already know is my preferred smartphone :)

Posted via CB10

I would say he guy was fair and honest. Slowly but surely BlackBerry will gain back some market share.

Good video. Next time send out BlackBerrys that have android apps preloaded.

Call me crazy but I'd like to start seeing BlackBerry stores similar to how Apple has stores.

Posted via CB10

+1 even if it was just major towns. BlackBerry must be able to work out geographically where it sells a lot of phones and get a couple stored up and running.

With bluetooth aptX to high end Hi-Fi demos, movies from bbworld playing via hdmi on HD big LED screens. Remote controlling playbook etc.

Something flashy, say in London that would make me want to spent a couple hours checking stuff out and playing games on Z10 connected to tv via miracast. Listening to great 64bit audio on decent headphones with neutron player on Z30. Getting to grips with a Q10.

As an ex retail manager and troubleshooter for largish retail stores I would be up for the challenge!

Posted via CB10

There a lot of little things that BlackBerry does that go a long way with me. Just one little example is bluetooth. My Q10 has Bluetooth Class 1 built in. Calls on my headset are clear up to 100 meters. People also don't notice I am speaking to them through a headset. Simple little things go a long way.

White on White Q10 Baby!

Doing a similar trial with my daughter. Replaced her Android fog 1 month to see how she likes it. She's on day 2 and already loving it.

...we are all connected...

Good review but I wish someone showed him how to side loading or run third party app stores. Netflix all day long!

Posted via CB10

Of late u guys have been late on new and info. This was on N4BB much before u guys put it up. It used to be the other way round. Buck up guys!

Posted from my SuperHuman Q10

I think by "little keyboards" he wasn't speaking about the keyboards functionality, but rather how non BlackBerry users often describe the device. For those folks, it's also a way of minimizing how great BlackBerry really is, an everything is does well. Team BlackBerry for Life!

This is the kind of thing I've been trying to tell people. If only they'd try it, but they don't want to because a BlackBerry is a "BlackBerry" and an iPhone is an "iPhone"

Posted via CB10

Yes it's sad people are blindly hooked to iPhone's even though they have half the features and small screens

Vtecberry Z10

Now that you mention iPhone...

Don't you all cringe when you hear somebody on TV (or wherever) say something like, "now make sure you pick up your iPhone and check out our website", and they use the term "iPhone" for "smartphone" like when people say "Kleenex" when they mean "tissues"?. That really annoys the he11 out of me. Grrrr..

Posted via CB10

Great vid. I feel more people need to be forced or "challenged" to leave there phone for a little while to give BlackBerry a chance to really see how far they have came and relevant they are in the hardware world. Gotta show this vid to friends and convert them!

Posted via CB10

So simple but significant - text something on an Apple iPhone 5s - then move the cursor to the left and try to delete a character. Nothing happens.

The folks at BlackBerry have figured out that when no characters exist to the left - deletion to the right occurs. Love it!

It's these little things in life that make the BlackBerry an efficient device to use.

Keep the duplicate Apple apps - this said Android apps via Snap help widen the breadth of app choices so we should never have to talk about an apparent lack of apps on the BlackBerry10 series devices. Let's move on!

Posted via CBten with the Zthirty.

So I have an iPhone and love it but after a while I reset the whole iPhone and started download apps when I needed them! I started with YouTube , Facebook and Twitter more and more so I ended up with half of the apps and then I checked with my buddy he owns a Z10 and all the apps are almost on his Z10! Things we need to think about do I need so many apps ? Thinking to buy a Z10 now only to have one

That's a great point. I loved the idea of Android Apps coming to BB10. After getting snap however...it really is surprising looking at my app ratio now.
Blackberry World Apps: 92
Snap: 2

Those two apps really made my day though.

Posted via CB10

Get the Z10 you will be glad you did plus now you can get one super cheap. Get a 64 gig micro sd card for 50$ and a cheap micro hdmi cable. I love mine and real world battery life is better than all my friends iPhone's . Granted the Z30's battery life is even better. Plus once you start typing you won't believe how good it works.

Vtecberry Z10

I have recently noticed that BlackBerry to BlackBerry phone calls are super clear. Like they are in the room!! The example I'm mentioning was Q10-Q10. Never noticed it before? Was it added with 10.2.1? Cause both of us were running the leaked OS's and didn't notice this change until roughly when the official came out

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Blackberry will never eclipse apple! That's daft look at both company's history. Every dog has its day and apples day is nearing it's end the iPhone is getting old, who will take top with next innovative product? We will just have to wait and see! As time will tell.

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

Even though I love the idea and I'm glad it went over well, I'm puzzled why BlackBerry would ever give him the phone with only 10.2.0 loaded on the device? I found that .1 difference the biggest improvement since launch. It's not like it wasn't out yet? Beyond me. Anyway, it was still a great idea with a great outcome.

Note: He states he will do a follow up review when he gets 10.2.1 uploaded in his comments below article.

Posted via CB10

Went on carphone warehouse website and they had loads of really good reviews on z10, apart from this one LMAO "I wouldn't recommend this phone to anybody. No back button, had to keep taking the battery out just so I can go back to the main menu. do not buy!!!!!"

Posted via CB10

Good review problem as I see it in UK anyways z30 is very scarce on 3 separate trips to Edinburgh I only saw one in shops that I looked in!!

No surprise there, i've gotten most of my friends to switch from Icrap to Z10's and 1 who got a Z30

Posted via CB10

Great review. Cool to see in action. Would love to do this with my iPhone friends. I need about 30 Z30's for my challenge.

Vtecberry Z10

Everyone I've met who uses a BB10 device for a few days has little to no desire to return to iOS, and it looks like this guy has followed course.

Posted via CB10

Huh a non blackberry user loving the phone and complaining about apps, who knew?

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

nice move to combat the tmo iphone debacle,,, fire w/ fire,,, if they play this right, it could have legs...

The problem is all the bad media surrounding blackberry..and is a fact that a lot of it comes from I-phone users, that they never used a BlackBerry device before, brainwashed by whatever.. so its a positive seeing an i-phone lover taking up the challenge especially when the results are mostly positive..now thats my opinion so feel free to disagree..

I think deep down he is a blackberry lover now, and he is probably missing the z30 but he is too ashamed to admit it.. :D

Commandment No 11 "And a Blackberry owner you shall become" :D

"I think deep down he is a blackberry lover now, and he is probably missing the z30 but he is too ashamed to admit it.. :D"

I am not missing my BlackBerry Z30 at all...because I still have it! The Challenge was 7 Days, but I had such a positive experience, still using it and waiting for Verizon to push 10.2.1 so I can experience even more!

I loved the novelty of being able to run apk files on BlackBerry and I downloaded loads, some of which I've never gotten around to using, but like that it was just a novelty, everything I use on a daily basis comes from BlackBerry world and some things are only available on BlackBerry like remember.

App quantities do not seem to affect the way I use my BlackBerry

He's right we need apps, downloading android apps is a pain, it sounds be available in the BlackBerry world ie Instagram

Posted via CB10

A battle is won but the war continues.....

Double the market share then people will start to notice the difference.

BlackBerry could do a funny commercial starting with a rainy funeral scene in a cemetery in New York with people saying goodbye to the old BlackBerry and a grave stone with Research In Motion written on it.

Everybody keeps saying BlackBerry is dead. So let's have fun with the lie.

The grave stone is struck by lighting and two people ; a man and a woman step out wearing brand new clothes marked with the BlackBerry Symbol and the number 10 they start walking replacing everyone's existing phones with BlackBerry 10 phones showing all the flaws of the competition. Using lightning special effects.

Finally when they have replaced all they are transported away to a different location on Earth. Show the next location at the end of the commercials .

The mad genius has spoken.....

BlackBerry...Get it done.

Posted via CB10

Great vid. He was telling it like it is in his opinion. Just strange how he was calling it the Z10. Ip here in Canada we call it the Zed 10.

Posted via CB10

Great idea. I'd like to see BlackBerry do something similar for SMBs that also blog (lawyers, consultants, restaurateurs, retailers, etc). There are lots of these kinds of users who have defected, and if BlackBerry wants to regain lost share with enterprise and business users, outreach to this group may help.

Blackberry Z10: STL100-3, OS

BB10 wasn't great out of the gate. Honestly, if they had done this with a Z10 when it launched I don't think it would have gone as well. Now that the OS is much more mature and feature rich it can turn heads and get people to convert. The biggest barrier for converts is going to be the apps. If you have owned an iPhone all along and bought all sorts of apps you will be less likely to switch because you have already made your investment. Android users are a bit easier with 10.2.1, but it is still an uphill battler to get them to change over and try something new.

Review should say to be continued! No mention of 10.2.1 update, or even the fact that this update gives us BlackBerrians! more options for Apps! Oh and BBM Video, remember BBM did go cross platform! Mentioning Face Time was pointless!

Posted via CB10

Good points, and based on comments all over, will do a follow-up when Verizon pushes 10.2.1 on Z30 in the US. I did install BBM on my iPhone, the problem is no video chat BlackBerry to iPhone (people say that is coming soon), which is why I bring up the FaceTime thing.

Watching this video I can't help realize how good the Z10/Z30 are. BlackBerry's problem is a marketing one. If any one of those features were advertised correctly to a wider public , BlackBerry would have been in a much better position. As it stand today few people knows what the Z10/Z30 are capable of. BlackBerry has to make their phones desirable again.

Posted via CB10

Great stuff. I'd say BB10 needs longer than a week to get accustomed and fully appreciate its awesomeness (unless you're a power user with 10+ hours on the phone/day :)

 Q1o

Would have been wicked if he had 10.2.1 available, but besides a very cool review.

Posted via CB10

1. BlackBerry Z30 has long lasting battery life!
2. Good and high efficiency Paratek Antenna!
3. Big screen!
4. Could adjust brightness and one thing I love, is the warm white color that let me feel comfortable all the time while using all day with it!
5. Nice natural sound!
6. Love its text prediction messaging capabilities and I could type with just a single finger for some time....
Well organized BlackBerry hub!
7. Button less! No button in front of the screen! Futuristic feel..
8. Swipe gesture, no need double tap...
9. Super Amoled!!! I have set up a plain pitch black wallpaper that really save the battery life! Iphone has short battery life!
10. LED notification! I just love those LED blinking at certain interval and notify that I have incoming mail..
11. Push and push notifications!!
12. QNX... the myth of RTOS! I just feel that it is reliable and could be used forever... a feel of I just wanted to have this Z30 forever..
13. Clear call sound...
14. I could recall my phone calls with call tap!! One of the best productivity apps!
15. Side load Android apps... subway surfer.. fb.. kakao.. skype.. temple run, Google maps... all running smoothly but with a little bit more battery life consumption! Recent update fb for android is better now!!! Yeah!
16. Easy to multitask compared to iphone, samsung, nokia! Bb10 is the best for multitasking... highly effective, low ram usage and microkernal! keep it going improve and improve! I could really tell you all a quad core and an octa core samsung could not even win BlackBerry 10! Android response time is slow! And slow... and slow.. ! BlackBerry 10 is fast and smooth! Responsive! instantly! This is what I want! But for side loaded apps and buggy apps they may lag a bit.. but still in par with samsung! BB10 is the best and the most responsive RTOS!
17. The feeling of different from other smartphone users! Look! I'm carrying a BlackBerry Z30! No one else own it.. I was being surrounded mostly android and ios users...

Posted via CB10

I thought it was a good review since he tried to make use of all the features. I was surprised he showed off the NFC music streaming but not the speakers themselves. I tested the sound using my Z30 with a HTC One and a bunch of people at the Xmas party agreed that the Z was better and louder.

Verizon didn't release the 10.2.1 update yet? Too bad he didn't have Snap or Amazon/Aptoide installed. 10.2.1 is fantastic!

Posted via CB10

Who gave this guy a Z30? In the video he says it came from Blackberry. If it came from the company, does it mean that they have not totally abandoned marketing to consumers?

The app argument doesn't make sense if your coming from android.

However, an iPhone user has access to better apps than both blackberry world and google play combined.

Posted via CB10

Firstly, he/she would think Z30 is an Android phone. Then he/she would love to use Z30 while discovering the high efficiency of the phone. But finally, he/she would tell you that he will stick with Z30 because it is the best Android phone he/she ever use.

Posted via CB10

I did this almost a year ago when the Z10 came out. Still using the Z10 and loving it! would upgrade to a Z30 in a second if I could find one for sale!

Keep calm and blackberry on

So there we have it. Blackberry still makes great phone hardware and software but lack app ecosystem. Personally I don't use Netflix so that wouldn't be a problem for me.

As I said in the Forums, the best evidence that the BlackBerry OS allows you to be more productive is that you guys can manage to leave so many comments and still have a life :) Reading all your great comments - really appreciate it. Looking to do a follow-up video once Verizon pushes 10.2.1, since I now see that is clearly a major update. You guys are passionate, love your product and defend it...funny, remember when that is how people described iPhone fans :) Tables can turn quickly in this world.

I phones to me personally don't rate the z30wins hands down it hasn't got the amount of apps so what

Posted via CB10

I don't understand why BlackBerry users are constantly comparing our phones to the iPhone. Both offer features that other's doesn't have. It depends upon what you're looking for that will determine which phone is for you.
As far as I'm concerned the Q10 is more efficient than the iPhone or the Z10 or Z30.
Want to make a phone call or perform a search on th Q10, start typing.
On the Zphone or iPhone you have to bring up the keyboard first.

Can please someone give me a link to download the wallpaper that this z30 has? I want it for my z10. Thanks.

Enjoyed the video and thought his assessment was right on. I have a Q10 and an iPhone 5 and really my only complaint about the 10 is the lack of just a few apps. With that said, his point about being able to just use the websites instead of using an app is true, but being a Sprint customer (not going to switch, like my rates and unlimited data) that is stuck with one option for BB10, the full web version is not always the most enjoyable due to the smaller screen of the Q10.

As a BlackBerry fan, its hard for me to say this, but BlackBerry need to just die. Why am saying this. lemme explain. I live in canada and i went to the three big mobil stores for to inquire about a z30, as the smaller carriers unforgettable dont carry it. It was a surprise to find out that there is this stupid thing only with a z30 that if u get the phone, then u have to get a plan of 70 dollars a month or more. To me that's just bs considering that an alcater phone with better specs than a z30 is very cheap compared to a z30. I was like for a company that going down, this is not the way to treat anyone, especially ur die hard fans. It was just too bs.

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I read the comments in the video page and wow
I'm amazed
These fans of BlackBerry are simply smart and mature in a way.
I saw only intellectual comments every where and it was damn damn impressive to see we have a set of customers who know what they bought and it's real value!

Doc @ Z10

This girl on fb just posted time to ditch S3. She got 20 comments saying iphone or galaxy's. I said support Canadians get a bb. And she's like "uuuhhh no..."

Gwad! Did we not just have an Olympics!

Did we not just win Gold!!! Are we not the best!!!

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Two days ago I saw an add a guy wanted an IPhone so I traded him my IPhone 4S 16GB White for his
White Blackberry Z10 who do you think got the better deal