What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas.... Except this Picture of Me Kneeing a Droid Bot in the Nuts and Bolts!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Mar 2010 03:32 am EDT
Android Knee to the Nuts and Bolts!

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What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas.... Except this Picture of Me Kneeing a Droid Bot in the Nuts and Bolts!


You keep kneeing that giant blowup...it seems that's RIM's focus, hitting competitors where it DOESN'T count! Android and Apple will just keep kneeing RIM's pocketbook!

Yes RIM should be shaking right now what are they going to do when HTC release a.....Dare I say it.....Touchscreen Android Phone!!!!!!!! Please I would rather rock a 8320 with a Java error

your at the ctia show , and android is the talk of the town so far. you dont hear anything from rim these days . if they keep this up , theyll be making a android phone. the bb os is tired . i picked up the storm 2 when is came out , truth be told , it was the same os as my first bb . the 7250.

they keep bringing out a new phone and wont fix the issus with the os .

with that said , its gonna take more then a knee from you to help bb

It's more like Played Out Blurry BB Cam = 0... lol

Good thing he didn't shoot a video... we'd need a microscope to view it. :p

That may be what the pic details show, but the native esolution of the 5MP camera of an N1 is NOT 600x800. :p Someone fugged up a little... lol

stop hating on the droid. The best thing going right now. I'm getting me one. Feel free to hate on me.

Frustrated BB user

... soooo kev, why is that anti-(an)droid photo taken with an ANDROID phone (nexus one)?!?!?! ;-)))

well, at least these phones are good for taking photos :-)

Haha. I love the pic. But as pointed out, it is quite ironic that the picture was taken using a Nexus One :-P

Right click, save pic, hover over pic and you will see:
Dimensions: 600x800
Date Picture Taken: 3/22/2010 4:39pm
Camera Model: Nexus One

However much you think the Droid rules (and you may be right) they will still not take over the biz side away from RIM and they know it. When that happens, I beat you'll see RIM trying their darnest to put out a kick-@ss consumer device.

Lol. Yeah, since I was in the photo it was phil nickinson of androidcentral who took the photo on his nexus. No worries though, after I beat up the droid I took a round out of phil and tossed his nnexus in the pool.

I love the picture it gives you a good chuckle to see a man in a suit trying to knee the Android...LOL The Android is where the smart phones are heading. I have mine and I wouldn't change it for the world. I did the blackberry and it was fun while it lasted..Blackberry is the one that needs to get with the program before the Droid completely crushes themn. Go Android...

Don't be fanboys, because Kevin for sure isn't... Remember his smartphone needs pyramid? He seems to be the kind of guy that would never pass up a cool photo moment, and that my friends is one! Bet he didn't get the bot into a head lock because there wasn't a ladder around!!!

Yeah, that Driod is junk (in my opinion from what I saw). Touch screens of any kind will never find their way into my pocket, no doubt. I still LOVE my BB, and am starting to think about getting a new upgraded one. I think I'm a life-er.

But I have to say that perhaps it's more fitting for the Android bot to go up to a Blackberry and kick it in it's berries..I'm just saying :-)

Why? Let's just admit it..Blackberry is far behind when it comes to innovation of any recognizable sorts (in design, features, etc.)